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Assignment Assessment Report Campus: Mumbai Year/semester Level: ACL-II Assignment Type Module Name: Sales Assessors Name

Students Name: Chintan P. Joshi Reqd Submission Date e-mail id & Mob No Actual Submission Date Stream Marketing Submitted to : Certificate by the Student: Plagiarism is a serious College offence. I certify that this is my own work. I have referenced all relevant materials. Expected Outcomes Assessment Criteria Grade based on D,M,P,R system General Parameters Clear understanding of the various concepts of financial services industry Ability to analyze the problem realistically Accuracy in solving the problems Concise& clear thinking along with presentation Subject Specific Parameters Market / Online Research Conducted to collect and analyse information. Analysis of Company & Product details to formulate Sales Plan. 2011-2013 A 8/04/2012 08/04/2012

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Clarity of Concepts Analytical ThinkingAccuracy in calculationsFormatting & Presentation-

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Grade Descriptors A Pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined. Identify & apply strategies/techniques to find appropriate solutions Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking.

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Ans.1: Top Three Brands: 1. Apple 2. Samsung 3. Blackberry A) Channels: Apple Has a Different way of Promoting & Selling its Products, so thats why it has a Unique Demand. It has created A Perspective in the Customers that Apple is A Status Symbol.

Some others are annoyed that Apple chose to keep iPhone sales to themselves. In the education sector, Apple has been dealing directly with many customers. When sales were more modest, it didnit matter. Once again, however, Appleis growth is leaving some channel partners behind. "Obviously, itis harder than it used to be," said Bob Young Jr., president of ComputerTree, a solution provider and Apple channel partner in Winston-Salem N.C. In other ways, however, Appleis sea change is floating other boats. Mr. Young noted that Appleis strength and sales have generated a halo effect, and many Windows customers have come into ask about Macs. However, he also noted his disappointment in being left out of the iPhone sales. Apple is a company that has a unique ability to reach out and connect with customers. As Apple continues to be successful, channel partners will likely always have a mix of conflict and halos. How the channel partners avoid conflict and cash in on the halos will likely remain a key component of their success.

Investing and Innovating for Our Partners Samsung reinvests almost 10% of global revenue to furthering product innovation. Dedicated to the channel, we are the only broad-line hardware manufacturer that does not have a direct-to-consumer sales force. Our partner relationships are purely consultative and solely focused on creating the best solutions for your customers.

Strong Foundations for Growth As the leader in business technology, Samsung offers the most exciting and dependable line of Innovative products and solutions backed by a passionate team that is dedicated to building dynamic relationships. Critical Support at Every Step Easily acquire sales tools and marketing collateral, including an image and asset library, white papers and case studies. Newsletters keep our partners on top of special offers, product transitions and exciting launches. Plus, take advantage of training opportunities including chat-enabled live broadcasts and our on-demand webcast library. Innovative Programs to Improve Your Bottom Line Take advantage of deal registration to protect your margins and increase profitability:

loyalty rewards and demo programs Samsung Hope for Children CSR partner awards asset recovery recycling and trade-in programs

B) Sales/Marketing Persons: Apple: Aman Channel Sales Manager at Delhi Currently Working in U.C Info system for Apple Computers. Satya.D Head Sales at Apple Bangalore

Samsung: Himanshu Karnik Channel Sales Manager India Sandesh ghotge Regional Sales Manager at Samsung Electronics Mumbai Area, India

A key area for BlackBerry Channel Partners is the new Channel Resource Center, which offers a wealth of business information in a convenient, one-stop location. The Channel Resource Center brings together the very best of RIM's channel-focused expertise, marketing know-how and in-house resources to help our partners build stronger businesses with BlackBerry. Staffed by RIM specialists, this is the place to learn more about the global opportunities for BlackBerry, find out about no-cost programs RIM offers to help you succeed, and leave with marketing strategies that help you deliver results and generate more customers. What can you learn?

How to build customer loyalty by offering BlackBerry service and repairs How to take advantage of RIM's existing in-store collateral and fixtures to cost-effectively create the most powerful BlackBerry experience for your customers Approaches to guiding customers through the BlackBerry Trade-Up Program, which can add value to your business and increase sales and retention Best practices for presenting a consistent BlackBerry brand at the store level so you attract more consumers

BlackBerry World also offers additional unique opportunities for BlackBerry Channel Partners:

Get hands-on with the complete BlackBerry solution Gain access to RIM executives and BlackBerry product experts Take in all of the great Breakout Session content with an abundance of sessions, you'll find the information you need to take your mobile strategies to the next level Get the tools you need and walk away ready to execute download sales tools, and learn about upcoming programs to help you market and sell Learn how you can bring more value to your customers with the BlackBerry solution Customized sessions to show you how to sell, market, and support the BlackBerry solution at every stage and in every market segment Connect with your best customers and meet new prospects Network with other channel partners and BlackBerry Alliance Members It's a unique opportunity: the only place to connect with the entire BlackBerry ecosystem customers, channel, and experts worldwide

C) Consumers of Top Three Brands "Tablet PC market in India is quickly picking up the pace in terms of adoption. Analysts were projecting the tablet market in India to be a mere 250,000, as recently as two months ago. However, the government of India is hoping to put between 10-12 million devices in the hands of students across India by the end of 2012,"

Ans.2: a) Brands and Models Apple: I pad, Ipad2, Ipad3 Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 730, Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 Blackberry: Blackberry Playbook, Blackberry 7 OS b) Sales Volumes and Sales Revenue Apple: (Apple) said it sold three million I Pads in the tablet computers first 80 days on the market, a performance that cements the devices position as a driver of the consumer electronics giants rapid growth. Sales of the touch screen device, the first of a new category of tablet devices aimed at consumers, mark another triumph for Apple, which has successfully redefined the mobile market. The figures trump analysts initial estimates for sales of roughly 1.7 million I Pads in the quarter ending June 30.

Samsung: Samsung hasn't exactly been forthcoming with how many Galaxy Tabs it's actually sold, nor has the company offered any comment to address Lenovo executives' claims. Samsung first said in early December of 2010 that the seven-inch device, the company's first foray into the tablet market, sold around one million units "faster than expected," was the phrase representatives assigned to the tablet's apparent popularity. Samsung ended up increasing the sales figure to two million units in early January. But here's the kicker: On a company quarterly earnings call in late January, Samsung vice president Lee Young-hee explained that Samsung's sales figures didn't represent the number of consumers that actually bought the device. The figures of one, then two-million devices sold weren't indicative of the number of Galaxy Tabs that consumers actually purchased. Rather, these "sell-in" figures represented how many Galaxy Tabs the company had itself shipped to retailers worldwide. Blackberry: Market analysis firm NPD reports that total consumer technology sales for the 2011 holiday season were down 5.9 percent compared to 2010, accounting for some $9.5 billion in revenue for the five weeks ending December 24. NPD notes that 2011 broke with recent patterns in that sales of both TVs and PCs were relatively flat compared to 2010, rather than losing ground as they had in previous years. However, theres a bit of a caveat to NPDs numbers: they exclude mobile phones, E-readers, video games, and tablets. The numbers would seem to confirm recent reports that the popularity of Smartphones is cutting into sales of devices like GPS receivers, MP3 players, camcorders, and point-and-shoot cameras.

c) Features, Advantages and Benefits Apple: The Apple I Pad 2 is thinner and lighter than the original I Pad - meaning it's great for looking at on the go. Powered by Apple's dual core A5 chip, it offers nine times faster graphics, which is a major boost if you love your apps. And if Face Time is your thing, the I Pad 2 comes with two cameras to help you get the best from video calling. The cameras capture all footage in glorious HD too, so your mates will never give you stick about the quality of your films. The battery also gives 10 hours usage, making it easy to keep the children entertained during long car journeys. The Advantages of Apple I Pad 3 Specs A retina display was widely predicted for the I Pad 2, but of course the current I Pad doesn't have a double-resolution display: for now, that's something you'll only get in the I Phone 4 and I Phone 4S. Could an I Pad 3 Retina Display be on the way? It's the very first thing on our I Pad 3 wish list.

Samsung: Galaxy Tab features Froyo, Googles Android 2.2 platform, bringing you great performance and speed for browsing Adobe Flash Player compatible websites. Samsung's new Media Hub app brings your favorite entertainment to the Galaxy Tab. The Tab makes creating and sharing images and video fast and portable with its two cameras Transform your digital living experience by enjoying your content on multiple screens, anytime, anywhere. You can wirelessly stream your movies, music and photos from your Smartphone, or tablet to your Smart TV, PC and to other DLNA Certified devices. Samsung All Share seamlessly puts your music, memories and videos in harmony. Tab Galaxy model is perfect for people always on the move. Using the latest operating systems, the new galaxy offers eBooks, video calls, free Google maps and a phone book ingenious. The operating system used in Samsung Tablet PC is extremely easy to customize and responds to commands very well and it have a very fast browser which can access any website in record time. Gadget presents a standard form and has 7-inch diagonal display with touch screen and very high resolution. With a nice appearance and a 1 GHz processor, looks like Tab Galaxy S Series is much better than a smart phone. Blackberry: BlackBerry Playbook clearly not just a device that enters the arena of battle tablets without a weapon. Various features such as multi-tasking and browsers and be able to perform optimally Playbook differentiator with its competitors. Unfortunately, the vital basic features such as email applications, contacts calendar is also not available by default and can only be obtained after connecting Playbook with BlackBerry Smartphones. Camera with video recorder 1080pBlackBerry Playbook Advantage can also be felt through the browser features.

d) Brand Equity Apple: How strong is Apples brand? Count the numbers more than 3.3 million I Pads sold in the past two months. Apples Brand equity? There is probably no company on the Planet right now who has more equity in their brand than Apple. And Steve Jobs. If you want a good, olfashion cry about the success of free enterprise, read Fast Companys current article on Apple. Youll find out why Apple epitomizes the best of American ingenuity, creativity, business success, and why the Apple culture is to be emulated.

Samsung: Samsung has become one of the most valuable and recognized brands in the world. In the latest global Inter-brand ranking, we placed 19th, ahead of a host of well-known names. In 2010, we maintained a profitable balance sheet in our major areas of business with 2010 consolidated sales of US$135.8 billion, driven by our semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital

convergence technologies. Office environments, improving storage solutions for consumer electronics and networked business applications, and accommodating the accelerating convergence of digital technology.

Blackberry: BlackBerry is flourishing, despite technology failures and a plummeting share price, says UK managing director Stephen Bates. After a torrid month, the company is still struggling to regain trust and its brand equity.

e) Customer Profile demographics and psychographics Tablets are a Risky and Considered Consumer Purchase Consumers, regardless of demographics and psychographics, share some common behaviors. When they are posed with a risky, considered purchase, they are looking for reasons to reject products and not look past their warts. And tablets are a risky, considered purchase. For a time, tablets started at $499, well above the starting prices of a notebook, desktop, or smartphone. Tablets dont run programs or content like the PC that consumers are familiar with. And they are very fragile when compared to other devices. Consumers Research to Mitigate Risk As I said above, when posed with an expensive, risky purchase, it is considered, meaning they will research it or find a brand which buffers the risk. By researching it, I dont mean doing a masters thesis. I mean doing a few web searches, going to a recommended tech site, asking a few geek friends and tossing a few questions out on Twitter or Face book. What consumers heard back were some positive and some negative things about non-I Pads. Even more importantly though, is that very few if any negatives ever came back from their I Pad research. Worst thing you might hear back about the I Pad is that it doesnt run Flash, it doesnt have SD memory upgrade, and its expensive. So was it some conspiracy that the negative things were being said or were they just the facts of what actually shipped at launch? The fact is, the clear majority of non-I Pad tablets at their launch suffered from many issues as it related to the I Pad, which established the bar of a successful tablet. Tablets Lacked Convenient, Paid Content at Launch Many media tablets launched without a whole lot of media: Lack of video services like Netflix, Hulu, movie rental, or movie purchase capabilities Lack of music services like Pandora, Spotify, or music purchase capabilities Lack of book services like Kindle or BN Reader f) Price, Discounts and Promotions Apple: The new I pad Starting at 499$, I pad2 is down from 449$ on March 1st to the Lower Price ever of 399$. Education Pricing: Students, Faculty & Staff saves up to 200$ Apple may be preparing to include a $200 discount on the I Pad as an option for those participating in the promotion.

Samsung: Vodafone is offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pre-sale. $0 upfront on $39 Cap + Free shipping too! Plus, check out our coupons page to grab an extra 10% off monthly access fees.

Blackberry: Days after the Blackberry Playbook tablet's price dropped to $200 and up, something strange is going on: Retailers are removing the Playbook from their online catalogs, and some Best Buy customers say their orders have been canceled. g) Quality of product and service Apple: Apple quality and value are not that hard to find for those who look. Whether they matter to you is another thing altogether. Different people want different things. But to state that, say, Dell, is making the exact same thing at half the price is laughable. Another example of Apples differing approach to quality is to consider the recent move by many manufacturers to the 16:9 screen ratios (cheaper due to being used in TVs) that further reduces the already too-small vertical size of a screen. Apples great customer support, and support system of the Apple Stores, to consider. The total experience of all this is quite compelling. Samsung: Quality Priority Management: Securing product quality is a priority task at Samsung Electronics. To promote quality awareness and instill this culture throughout our organization, we newly declared our Quality Vision and Quality Pledge in 2009. Through quality accountability and prompt handling of customer demands, we will cultivate lifelong customer loyalty. In an effort to detect and eliminate potential quality defects, we operate a reliability lab. Equipped with cutting-edge analysis equipment, the lab allows us to develop safe products from the initial development phase. Customer Satisfaction (CS) Talent Management A vital component of quality improvement activities is fostering quality professionals. Samsung Electronics offers systemized training programs to reinforce our quality competitiveness in the global marketplace. In order to ensure function-based/grade-based job expertise, all CS related staffs are required to complete a mandatory course on quality management. Blackberry: Blackberry Products and Services Now Offered Nationally By Consumers who are experiencing Blackberry cell phone problems or are in need of accessories can now turn to for assistance. The company provides a robust selection of

Blackberry Products and Services including refurbished phones, replacement parts, repair services and more.

h) Warranty, Guarantees and Upgrades Apple: Apples warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below: Apple, as defined below, warrants this Apple-branded hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser (Warranty Period). The quickest and easiest way to make your Apple run faster and more productive is by simply adding memory. You dont need to buy a new computer to become more productive! Save time and money by installing a 100% Guaranteed Compatible Apple Memory upgrade and feel confident you have the exact memory you need the first time. Samsung: The warranty period of this product is 3 years on-site warranty from the date of purchase, which includes both labour and parts. However this shall only apply where the dead pixels exceed more than 7 dots. The following items are Not Covered by this or any other warranty: Blackberry: Mandatory Statutory Rights. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Warranty: RIM warrants to the original end-user purchaser of a new BlackBerry Playbook (YOU) that the BlackBerry Playbook hardware manufactured by or on behalf of RIM will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period that concludes one (1) year from the date that the BlackBerry Playbook was originally purchased by YOU (the Warranty Period).

i) Apple:

Logistics and Supply Chain:

At a time when supply chain managers are cutting back on inventory stockpiles and moving more and more to Just-in-time practices, Apple is going the other direction, and is showing strong returns. Apples supply chain prowess is becoming a little too powerful, however, as seen in the tablet market. Apple has been able to dominate the tablet industry thanks to an omnipotent supply chain that is hurting its competitors ability to compete. Companies like HP and Samsung are struggling to compete in the tablet marketplace, and one source says that Apples dominance of the supply chain is to blame. Apple has put a ton of work into building a supply chain and technological prowess that is second to none, a report on The Next Web said. This has made competing with it an incredibly difficult proposition. HP has discontinued its Touchpad tablet, further strengthening Apples position in the tablet industry. Apple has many inherent advantages over its competition in the technology marketplace, thanks to a wealth of cash reserves and an investment portfolio in the manufacturing industry that puts its competitors at an extreme disadvantage.

Samsung: While these changes within Samsung have generated both expectations and apprehensions across the industry, the channel partners seem to be quite unperturbed by it. For them its a natural course of business. According to Vinay Dugar of Kolkata based Supreme Technologies, the company is moving as per the current IT trends in the market. As notebooks take lead in driving IT hardware growth, he feels this renewed approach will help Samsung to strengthen its market position. Samsung being heavily focused on the components business so far, it was necessary that the company enhanced its product portfolio and enters into different market segments to sustain its growth, he says. With the new product line of notebooks and a new team to drive this business Samsung now should focus on this segment to its full potential, he added Blackberry: DB Schenker Logistics is making mobile shipment tracking even more convenient. Clients can now use BlackBerry smart phones to check the status of their shipments. The DB Schenker Tracking App is available as a free download on the BlackBerry App World. The app offers the same convenience that has made the recently-launched Version 2.0 for I Phones so attractive. Clients can use more search criteria to track shipments, including all references entered at booking, such as the delivery note number and invoice number, as well as the air waybill and bill of lading.

j) Apple:

Dealer benefits and company support

Price-fixing laws only apply to competitors -- in this case, Apple only sells through people who agree to sell for the given price (this is actually true, heard through a friend who works at an Apple store). You can sometimes find cheaper prices through online retailers, but never by more the $5-10 -- have I assumed they get away with this by classifying the discount as a coupon or something. This has been the source of some historical trouble between Apple and Best Buy, since the Best Buy customer base typically goes for the lowest price, Apples haven't sold well in that venue (they pulled the Performas and later the iMacs out of Best Buys). For example, Apple could award higher commissions and faster restocking to resellers that make deals to sell, say, 10 or more of the new X-serve servers. Or it could offer a special bonus for orders placed through resellers by large corporations, a target market for Apple. Samsung: Before this purchase, I specifically and repeatedly asked M/S Shreejitronics proprietor about the Samsung discounted special price (festive offer) in view of the ongoing festival season. He assured that present MRP of this model TV is Rs 49, 000/- and after heavy festival discount selling price is Rs 44, 399/- only. He also claimed that no other dealer can offer less than this lowest price in whole Mumbai. He even gone further claiming that if any dealer giving less than this price (Rs. 44399/-) he will immediately return double the difference amount Blackberry: Blackberry Tabs have been considered among the very best of ... it offers the customers the benefit of enjoying the both aspects at their best ... the deals so that the Blackberry contracts could reach the customers

k) Payment terms, demand and supply constraints, billing and MIS to dealers Apple: Fortune summarizes a pair of analyst reports out today suggesting that Apple may be experiencing some supply constraints on the I Phone 4S during this holiday quarter. The company has obviously been working hard to demand for the device as shipping estimates through I Phone carrier partners and even Apple itself have at times been lengthy, but beyond high demand the new reports suggest that Apple may be having some trouble meeting its own production goals for the device

Samsung: Manufacturer's warranty varies but can be up to a 2-year parts only warranty. See product specifications for details. Warranty is strictly between Manufacturer and Distributor/Dealer. Warranty covers defective parts as determined by Olson Bros, authorized Samsung service center or Distributor/Dealer. Warranty does not cover the cost of supplies, shipping, labor or installation of warranted parts. A list of Samsung recommended service centers is available HERE. Your equipment is shipped directly from a Distributor/Dealer Authorized to handle warranty part claims on commercial products. Blackberry: Smaller, more efficient, sharply focused: thats likely the RIM of the future. Having gone head-to-head with the giants of the Smartphone industry and received a battering in financial and marketing terms Research In Motion will likely emerge a specialized company that doesnt compete head-on in the consumer phone market with Apple or Android devices, analysts said Friday. After releasing dismal quarterly results on Thursday, the BlackBerry maker announced plans to rebuild itself, while opening the door to the possibility it would consider a host of corporate options, including putting itself up for sale. The RIM that emerges from that process will be leaner and likely more focused on the things it does best like catering to businesses that value bulletproof security and efficient enterprise software. Ultimately, what I think RIM ends up doing is becoming a smaller company, said Ever core Partners analyst Alkesh Shah. l) Apple: I Pad. Apple shipped 15.43 million I Pads globally during the quarter -- that's up from 7.33 million -- a 111 percent -- a year earlier. Sell-through to customers outpaced sell-in to the channel by about 200,000; Apple ended the quarter with 4 to 6 weeks of inventory. Through the end of the quarter, Apple has sold 55 million I Pads. Cook doesn't see lower-cost tablets, such as Amazon Kindle Fire, affecting I Pad sales. He described I Pad as a class unto itself and called 2011 "year of the I Pad" despite predictions it would be year of the tablet. "People that want an I Pad won't settle for a limited-function [tablet]". Samsung: Electronics and consumer durables makers are cutting dealer margins or rolling back schemes for retailers to protect their profitability as costs increase due to higher input prices and weaker rupee - a move that some retailers say will make their business unviable. While Samsung India has slashed dealer margins by 3-6% across categories, market leader LG India will follow suit within 10 days as makers of Stock Turnover, ROI and Profit for dealers

televisions and refrigerators stare into a tough year because their sales have slowed and consumer sentiment remains low, two senior industry officials said

Blackberry: BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion today slashed prices of its handsets by up to 26 per cent as it looks to grab a bigger share of the Smartphone market in India. The reduction in prices of handsets comes after the Canadian company cut prices of its tablet PC Playbook in December last year. "RIM as a brand has moved from just an enterprise device to as a more consumer device. Be it our services or the product, we have seen a strong uptake by the youth and therefore, to get the devices into more hands, we are cutting the prices," RIM India Managing Director Sunil Dutt said.