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Card solutions for Spain and Latin America


Oberthur Technologies manufactures, personalizes and distributes a wide portfolio of Advantis products. The Advantis EMV smartcard proprietary technology is owned & developed by SERMEPA, the largest Spanish processor. Advantis platform is designed to support both financial and non-financial applications on a same card. Advantis Operating System also features the SERMEPA 3DES e-purse, known as TIBC.

Oberthur Technologies and Advantis

Advantis products distributed by Oberthur Technologies are best-selling products in Spain and Latin America that cover most of the current market requirements. They are split in two main ranges. The Advantis range, featuring entry level SDA products, is the technology-of-choice for many VISA issuers who migrate to EMV across the Latin American and Caribbean regions. The Advantis Crypto range, featuring advanced multi-application DDA products, supports the DDA migration in Spain.

Advantis key benets

Common personalization Advantis and Advantis Crypto cards can be personalized as either Visa or MasterCard (NMC and M/Chip4), for credit and debit functionality. Advantis and Advantis Crypto cards are secured by DES and 3DES cryptographic algorithms, enabling external and internal authentication, data encoding and secure messaging The Advantis technology features a standard ISO le management to support non-nancial applications such as access control, secure data storage or loyalty Advantis Crypto range features a PKI application Dual interface migration is supported by Advantis technology |

Why work with Oberthur Technologies?

Trusted partner Reliable image in payment industry Recognized security records Recognized expertise in cards, secure software and key management Recognized capability to manage mass production processes, coupled with a comprehensive range of added-value services such as card personalization with cardholder photos, instant issuance, etc. Global presence sound network of personalization centres

Enhanced printing
Oberthur Technologies is recognized for its expertise in advanced printing techniques. Printing technologies developed at Oberthur Technologies include a wide variety of visually appealing, innovative cards, such as translucent, thermo-chromic, uorescent and customized-shaped card. With its expertise in printing, Oberthur offers a signicant competitive advantage to its customers.

Advantis personalization
The personalization of Advantis product is fully supported by Oberthurs global, scalable personalization system CPS. This system enables Advantis cards to be personalized anywhere in the Oberthur Technologies global network of personalization centres in a very short time, ensuring a fast deployment of new Advantis solutions.

Advantis products distributed by Oberthur Technologies

Advantis (SDA) SDA Platform VIS 1.4.0 M/Chip 4 (2H11) NMC (Spain Only) EEPROM: 4K & 8K TIBC e-Purse Advantis Crypto (DDA) SDA/DDA Platform VIS 1.4.0 M/Chip 4 NMC (Spain Only) EEPROM: 8K, 12K & 16K TIBC e-Purse PKI

Oberthur Technologies respects the environment. The number of printed brochures produced by the company has been signicantly reduced to save paper. Printed documents are produced on FSC-certied paper using aqueous inks to reduce environmental impact. Datasheets are available in electronic format only.

Electronic documentation can be downloaded in PDF format here:
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