Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association

June 6, 2012, 6:30 PM

Board members in attendance: Jonathan Brandt, Erika Palmer-Wilson, Scott Vala, Jed Roberts, Terah Beth Balzer-Varga, Lisa Anne Ross, Dan Portis-Cathers, Marcel Hermans, Meghan Humphreys (all members present) The general neighborhood meeting started at 6:39. Community police officer Norman Staples gave his report. Largest problem is theft from cars in the neighborhood, not as many violent crimes. Around 4th of July, the Fire Bureau will be dispatching special officers to write citations for illegal fireworks this year. Jeannie from Mt Scott Community Center – highlighted summer camps, for kids ages three to 13, are available at the center. On June 17th at Lents Park, Portland Parks & Recreation is offering a $5 5K running course, and kids 17 and younger can run free of charge. Portland Public Schools – Jim Owens from PPS – passed out demographic info about the district, and budget information. Marysville K-8, which suffered a fire, is starting to rebuild. PPS is expected to bring students back to Marysville by Jan. 2013. In the past 6-8 months, the district has been looking at needs for capital improvements and long-range facility plans. The district held public forums, and found support for the idea of making improvements to school buildings. The next step will be a Board vote regarding moving forward with capital improvements, then a public outreach process, and a possible bond measure to support improvements. Ellen Wyoming, project manager for the Portland Mercado project – Hacienda Community Developent Corp. asked whether a Latino market would be a feasible project in Portland. There is a similar project already in Minneapolis, called Mercado Central, which has incubated or expanded 47 businesses in the past 15 years, as a collective ownership site. The group surveyed potential Latino business owners at locations in the Rockwood and other areas of Portland, and 82% of them were interested in starting a business in the new Mercado, including food preparation businesses, and wanted culturally specific produce, products and brands that are hard to find. (Identified potential shops (butcher, flower, and grocery and hot foods, among others.) This site would be subsidized, and would make it more affordable for business owners to start their enterprise. The group has a board of directors and larger Asamblea of interested folks. There is a fund to match business owners’ Individual Development (savings) Accounts at 3-to-1, up to $125,000 total. There are also a lot of other funding opportunities, including federal grant money possible. The group is interested in building on the southeast vacant lot at 72nd & Foster, or possibly using the existing building. The group wants to launch a public involvement process to identify ways for others to participate in the planning. is Ellen’s

contact email. The next step will be an RFQ to architects this summer, and then (if the federal grant money is awarded) possible construction could be later in 2013, with possible opening in 2014. A member of the neighborhood may have opportunity to serve on the design review committee and hiring of architect. The group took the following questions back to answer: • Question: why this market is geared toward the Latino community only, and the answer is that there will be ways for non-Latino business owners or entrepreneurs to partner with the Latino market site? Question: How will vendors be selected? There will likely be a third-party review group to evaluate business ideas to be included in the site. Criteria for selection will be developed, with input from the community, soon. Question: What will be the operating hours? Probably open 7 days a week, with hours extending into the evening, with all the businesses open at the same general time. The site will likely interact with the sidewalk area, like an arcade, with access from the street as well as the parking area. Question: Access to local / organic food products is something lacking from the neighborhood, and do some business plans have interest in that issue? Yes, some did indicate interest in that. Question: possible violence that has come up at Hacienda CDC residential sites, would there be efforts to prevent that at this site? Question: What are potential barriers to people who could be business owners at this site moving into this neighborhood to live?

• •

General Neighborhood Concerns – Rental property on Harold & 69th has had large collection of items in yard and on the street. Anyone who wants to engage with these residents can talk to Erika Wilson to try to address the issue. Park transients – some have moved on, but there are still possible drug dealing problems in the park that seem to be ramping up this summer. Scott Vala said there is a group of neighbors around the park that wants to organize a regular foot patrol in the area; if anyone wants to join in, to contact him. Holgate Library report – June 20th, 6 pm, there will be free class with a professional barbecue chef at the Holgate Library teaching people about grilling. The library noted that the recent levy passed, and the library will be open six days a week, with some reductions in hours. SE Uplift – Scott Vala reported on the June SEUL board meeting. Sierra Club left information about the coal trains possibly coming through Portland. A recent survey of neighborhoods the top priorities were bike/ped safety, infill development. The

SEUL summer ice cream social will likely be held at the Our Happy Block location in August. Our Happy Block – Work party June 16th at 10 AM – finishing up project at this event. The volunteer needs are to spread mulch, pull weeds, lay irrigation system. RSVP to Terah Beth at Friends of Trees is seeking a neighborhood coordinator for Mt Scott Arleta area -anyone who wants to help is welcome to volunteer. Wikman Building – open house / visioning meetings, at 2-4 this Sunday, June 10th and 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Monday, June 11th – site is at SE Holgate & 63rd. Next month’s neighborhood association will have a presentation from this group. Alleyways – if anyone has a neglected alley or similar space, there is a process for helping you fix those spaces up. Talk to Jonathan Brandt or visit the neighborhood blog to learn more. Foster Road – Marcel Hermans reported that the City is getting input on how to improve Foster Road, and MSANA is working with Foster-Powell to bring safety concerns. Wed. June 20th, at 6:30 p.m., there will be a meeting at the Mt. Scott Community Center about the Foster Road improvements, presentations from the BTA, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, and other organizations. Wed., June 27th, the City is hosting an open house to show the Foster Corridor investment strategy, at Mt Scott Learning Center from 5-8 p.m. Info about both events is on the neighborhood association’s blog. Survey to the neighborhood residents is being written right now, and there will be opportunities to volunteer (canvassing your neighbors to get surveys returned) soon. There is a tab on the Neighborhood Blog called “Survey Project” if anyone wants to see what’s in the process. Arleta Triangle – Wants to host (if the cut-through street could be temporarily closed) the site for our neighborhood’s Block Party for National Night Out in early August. The Triangle project would also like to start a process to replace the gravel plaza with bricks, perhaps with a “Buck a Brick” fundraising project this summer. General meeting ended at 8:40; Board meeting continued Treasurer’s Report. The MSANA has $3,800 in the bank. The Neighborhood Cleanup was a success, and we had an increase in cars coming through. Brought in $1749 total for both NAs, and not all bills have been paid. Jed has put together a new reimbursement form for events; Jed will email to all board members. Also, communications funds are still available and should be spent by June 30, 2012. There are projects pending that the communications committee can approve for expenditures.

Action items – Jonathan Brandt moved that Jed Roberts (Treasurer) and Erika Wilson (Chair) be added to the signers’ card for the MSANA bank account. Scott Vala seconded. Motion passed unanimously. A motion was also made to remove former treasurer Matt Iverson from the bank account signers, it was moved, seconded and passed unanimously. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to spend $25 for Quickbooks software for Jed to use for the accounting purposes. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm Minutes recorded by Meghan Humphreys

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