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post-paid packages at banglalink, we understand that your needs and usage patterns are unique. this is why we believe in giving you choices so you can pick what you need. rather than offering you the same solution as everyone else, our banglalink postpaid packages are tailored to serve your exact purposes and give you the best value for money. banglalink offers four post-paid packages » banglalink inspire » banglalink business » banglalink sme

banglalink inspire banglalink inspire brings special new features for postpaid subscribers with remarkably low monthly line rent and call rates, along with the lots of fnf numbers and many other services and facilities!

this exclusive postpaid connection includes:

         

no security deposit is required for auto bill pay subscribers. every new connection comes with 300 sms/month to any operator, 500 mms/month, 100 mb/month internet, amar tune subscription fee and news service subscription fee free for the first 3 months monthly line rent now only tk. 50, waived if usage exceeds tk. 500 50 minutes of free talk time every month to any mobile operator up to 15% loyalty discount on usage 7 fnf numbers to any mobile operator: 45p/min to banglalink fnf numbers and 79p/min to other operators’ fnf numbers all fnf and cug rates have 60 second pulse. only 0.25 paisa/minute on 2 supplementary numbers. only 0.45 paisa/minute for 24 hours within the same professional group. attractive call rates for 24 hours
inspire 1 sec pulse 9 am – 5 pm tk. 0.99 tk. 1.15 tk. 0.99 tk. 0.50 1 sec 30 sec inspire 60 sec pulse tk. 0.89 tk. 1.10 tk. 0.89 tk. 0.50 60 sec

call charges to any operator sms charges to any operator pulse

5 pm – 12 am 12 am – 9 am 24 hours to any banglalink number to other operators

 

for home delivery of banglalink inspire please dial 01912999000* current banglalink postpaid subscribers can migrate to banglalink inspire (with 1 second pulse) by typing “i”, or to banglalink inspire (with 60 second pulse) by typing “60”, and sending it through sms to 7979.

*home delivery service will only be available in few areas loyalty discount you can reduce your mobile expenses through our loyalty discount program. the monthly loyalty discount amount is calculated based on your length of stay with banglalink and usage per month as shown the following table:

we would like to welcome you to the world of banglalink business. 401 . more than 1 year less than 1 year monthly outgoing voice calls (excluding btcl charge. . an amount equivalent to the discount will be uploaded every month to their accounts. special benefits of banglalink business             customized price plans and packages to meet your specific needs no security deposit for initial start-up and international roaming free itemized bill discount on connection fee 1 second pulse 20% bonus on incoming customized credit limit smart business tools like internet. roaming and vat) tk. we go the extra mile so that you can have the best possible service. because your loyalty means that banglalink is your preferred and trusted mobile operator. for banglalink inspire customers. the loyalty discount is our way of expressing gratitude toward you. for postpaid call & control customers. our customer care is personalized to suit your needs best.growth! speedy and reliable information flow is crucial to your business. missed call alert.package migration coverage information handset information and much more. our relationship manager will instantly attend to all your inquiries including the following:        product information subscription and information on value added service clarification of bill replacement of lost/broken/stolen sim card change of subscription type. 1501 . business short code. the discount amount will be adjusted with their monthly bill. business sms broadcast. the more discount you will receive. the aim is the same .3000 12% 10% 8% tk. with banglalink business your company will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will provide personalized assistance round the clock.length of stay with banglalink more than 2 years less than 2 years. with banglalink business we come to you. we understand that in your busy schedule you cannot afford to spend time searching for customer support. free voice mail retrieval and more convenient bill payment options sms ang gprs roaming facility international sms facility other value added services will be available as well dedicated customer care your business is unique and goals are challenging.1500 10% 8% 7% tk. banglalink business about banglalink business regardless of the industry or size of the business.. a customer’s length of stay with banglalink will be calculated starting from the date of activation of service with banglalink. banglalink business is the telecom solution for businesses that understands your needs and offers customized communication solutions to help your business grow faster. we will assign a relationship manager (rm) who will be dedicated to provide personalized assistance round the clock. 3001 + 15% 12% 10% this means the longer you have stayed with banglalink. with this in mind..

2010 for atn news. with banglalink enterprise sms broadcast. banglalink enterprise customers can enjoy international roaming without any security deposit. banglalink phone backup: banglalink phone backup is a service that safeguards all data of a mobile phone including contacts. all you need is a gprs enabled handset and a banglalink data package to go to internet and you can monitor the vehicle live. sms. photos. it is a mobile phone based application. banglalink internet: enjoy the power of internet on your mobile. be always online even when you are out of office. videos and audio. callers can leave you a message. 2021 for etv news. 5676 for boishakhi news. voice mail: when your mobile is busy or switched off banglalink business voice mail serves as your answering machine. block the first 10 numbers for free! to subscribe. just type the message on your pc. international roaming: enjoy worldwide coverage with international roaming. it is a great way to conduct business while you are on the move. 2324 for bd news. banglalink business allows you to use your own mobile phone when traveling around the world. stay connected with your family. 5959 for channel 1 news. so now you do not have to worry about missing any important calls even when your phone is switched off during a flight. . just dial 4141 for rtv news. call conferencing: call conferencing enables you to have quick discussions with 3 or more persons simultaneously. to avail the service write sub and send sms to 6464 news update: news update is very easy to attain now in your banglalink connection.special value added services vehicle tracking: ntrack: monitoring and safeguarding any vehicle is now possible sitting at your office! ntrack vehicle tracking system is a state-of-the-art service which enables anyone to track a vehicle or a fleet to ensure better security of vehicles by reducing auto theft which is an alarming issue these days in major metro areas. you can even switch off your car from a remote location. browse the internet or download contents through your mobile. with this service. stay updated with your work and the world around. missed call alert service: now you can get updates of all calls you have missed when your phone was switched off or unreachable. customers and channel partners at one go by sending just one sms. 2626 for channel i news. you can now enjoy wireless service in nearly 400 operators in all major country of the world. and also enables you to restore the saved data on your phone (new / existing) whenever you change your phone or in case you lose the data accidentally. with banglalink business gprs you can send and receive e-mails and mms. sms sub to 8181. call block: now you can block all the annoying callers by subscribing to banglalink call block service. the phone backup service copies your mobile phone’s data in a secured manner to banglalink’s phone backup system. 1616 for banglavision news. calendar & tasks. banglalink business missed call alert service keeps records of those calls and sends sms with details of the calls you have missed. business sms broadcast: reach all your employees. choose recipients and send at once! let your business run on fast track. 2345 for ntv news and 2221 for prothom alo news. you can retrieve those messages any time later and retrieval is absolutely free! stock info: banglalink introduces stock info service which brings live stock market information of dhaka and chittagong stock exchange. anyone who has a java enabled handset can easily enjoy the service. you can now send sms to hundreds pf people under any operator within few seconds. friends and business contacts even while traveling across the world.

the salient features of banglalink sme are       flexibility to choose from 2 packages: banglalink sme postpaid and banglalink sme call & control best call rates during business hours attractive evening hours call rate best rates in 4 fnf 20% bonus on incoming calls from other operators. 1 second pulse to banglalink numbers benefits of banglalink sme postpaid      zero connection price. any customer who wants to buy a banglalink sme connection. old sme package customers (purchased connection before january 01. to enjoy. type bo and send sms to2007. only security deposit required in taking a new connection 10mb free internet every month with which you can send or receive emails and browse the internet from your banglalink mobile 50 free minutes and 50 free sms per month which can be used to any banglalink number 24 hours a day waiver of monthly fee if monthly local airtime usage exceeds tk 400 only tk 50 monthly fee benefits of banglalink sme call & control      attractive connection price and special start up offers easy account recharge through scratch card or i’top-up zero monthly fee attractive flat call rate upto 5 fnf sme hotline we have a separate and dedicated sales channel for the convenience of the customers. .banglalink sme banglalink sme now offers attractive tariffs and the complete package customized to suit the needs of the small and medium enterprises. please call our care line. besides. 2008) can migrate to the new banglalink sme connection to enjoy the attractive benefits. selected distributors of banglalink will be selling the sme connections. it is a very simple package that will help your business flourish by minimizing the cost of your communication. just need to call the 24 hour sme hotline 01912 999 000 and the product will be delivered to his/her doorsteps by the business development officers. go to message option. 121 or 01911 304 121 for details regarding the migration procedure.

please note that subscriber may be barred if his usage crosses tk. subscriber has to sign up by signing and submitting the . if choosing this option. we will collect the outstanding dues at month end from his credit card.if he chooses 3rd option. (click here to download the pdf form) features of "auto bill pay":        bills will be collected from subscribers’ credit card(s). mastercard. 500 . subscribers will never have to worry about getting barred. with auto bill pay. 500 and no separate payment is made. auto bill pay registration process:  to avail the auto bill pay facility.if he chooses 2nd payment options following payment methods are available for banglalink post-paid customers: payment method description what is "auto bill pay"? banglalink makes mobile bill payments absolutely hassle free for the subscribers. moreover. . option: collect my bill at the end of the month (if my bill crosses my deposit my line may be barred) example: subscriber has credit limit of tk. whenever his usage reaches tk. the auto bill pay system accepts any visa. subscribers will have more flexibility to make payments (up to 45 days credit limit for credit cards).any outstanding amount at the end of the billing period will be collected on bill cycle date. three options for "auto bill collections": auto bill pay 1st option: collect full outstanding amount when my usage reaches 80% of my credit limit 2nd option: collect 50% of my outstanding amount when my usage reaches 80% of my credit limit 3rd. new postpaid subscribers signing up for auto bill pay will not be required to pay any security deposit and will enjoy a default credit limit of bdt 500. saves valuable time for the subscriber as subscriber doesn’t have to "pay" his bills again. we will collect tk.if he chooses 1st option. connection will never be barred if the subscriber chooses the 1st option (see details below) with sufficient available fund. 400 from his credit card. . a subscriber needs to sign in a form and we take care of collecting mobile bills and updating the billing information. subscribers need to sign the auto bill pay authorization only once. the whole process of bill collection and billing system update is fully automated. . thus. 200 from his credit card. we will collect tk. 400 (80% of 500). or american express card issued from any bank. whenever his usage reaches tk. 400 (80% of 500). bills will be collected when subscriber’s usage reaches 80% of his/her credit limit or at month end.

subscriber can also pay by master card and visa card of all banks at banglalink subscriber care centers. subscriber’s bills will be collected automatically from his/her credit card. list of banglalink customer care center subscriber can pay cash at banglalink customer care centers’ bank booths.   for verification purpose collection of either the national id card or the passport of the cardholder (photocopy) is mandatory. subscriber needs to include his/her bill copy (banglalink copy) or name & svc number in a separate dd/pay order/cheque . bangladesh. subscriber must have dbbl bank account & prior registration with bank to avail this service. gulshan 2 dhaka 1212. cash and credit card     gulshan motijheel chittagong sylhet time: according to customer care center’s working hour. subscriber has to apply in writing to deactivate the facility at the nearest customer care center. only. it will take maximum 48 hours to activate the facility. some of the banks have electronic payment options where payment can be made at any convenient time. banglalink has an extensive bill collection network in cooperation with different banks and financial institutions. after successful registration. subscribers can get the form from banglalink customer care centers or from banglalink website. cheque must be payable in the name of orascom telecom bangladesh ltd. subscribers can drop the cheque to land view center 4th floor at crm or they can mail it to the following address: credit risk management unit orascom telecom bangladesh ltd (banglalink) level 4. the facility will start from the current bill cycle if the application is submitted at least 48 hours before the end of bill cycle. banglalink nominated banks: nominated bank for cash collection against bill/others              bank asia limited brac bank limited dhaka bank limited dutch bangla bank limited eastern bank limited ific bank limited jamuna bank limited mutual trust bank limited one bank limited prime bank limited southeast bank limited standard chartered bank trust bank limited view nominated banks list atm card currently bill payment through atm card can be made at atm booth of dutch bangla bank ltd.  i-top up recharge postpaid subscribers are able to make payment through electronic recharge via banglalink i’top-up points bill pay authorization form (click here to download pdf form) to us. advance bill and enhance security deposit by bill copy or banglalink payment slips through those banks during banking hours. banglalink postpaid subscribers can pay bill. land view commercial center gulshan north c/a.

via sms call & control and pco call & control subscribers can pay their monthly bill via sms. call & control and cu call & control subscribers will type the amount he/she wants to pay in a given format (pay<amount>) and send sms to the assigned short code (3131). please note that cheque option is only for company. . embassy and high value subscriber as agreed by company attached to the cheque.