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Gujarati Music (Songs in real audio)
Bhajan, is a song or a music composition, for worship or offering prayers to the
Back to: Lord. These compositions have evolved from the times immemorial of Narsinh
Mandvo Mehta, Surdas, Mirabai and many such devotees, which have been preserved
and carried forward from generations together! Such devotional songs never fail to
stir within an overwhelming emotion of (worship) 'bhakti' and 'bhav'!

Bhajan (Prayers - Stutis)

(Gujarati Music) Mara Ghat Ma Srinathji

Gayatri Mantra

Om Jay Jagdish Hare (Aarati)
Ya kunde

LagnaGeet Jay Aadya Shakti (Aarati)
Raakh na ramakada
Allah Tero Naam, Ishwar Tero Naam
Devika Chawla
Sabse Oonchi Premsagai

Gazals Kanudo Shu Jaane Maari Preet

Om Tat Sat
Shri Ramchandra Krupalu Bhajman
Sanjay & Uma Oza

Mukhadani Maya
Mira Bhajan -Ashit Desai/ Rekha Trivedi

Akhil Brahmaandmaan Ek Tu Sri Hari

Bholi Re Bharvaadan Harine Vechava

Jalkamal Chhandi Ja Ne Bala
Naaraayananum Naam je Leta Vare Tene

Shloka: Ishaavaasya Eedam Sarvam

Vaishnava Jana To Ea Ne Re Kahiye

Narsinh Mehta
He was born in Talaja (near Bhavnagar) in 1414, Vad Nagar Brahmin by caste. At
an early age his mother, father and uncle died. He lived with his brother and sister-
in -law. From an early age he liked the company of Sadhu-Sant, so heard and
sang many Bhakti Songs (poems that are prayers). He had immense faith in God
and social life was of no interest to him. Narsinh Mehta faced lot of difficulties in his
life time. His wife Manek died at very early age, his son passed away in his young
age, Kuvar Bai, his daughter become widow. He was left with his widow daughter
in law, besides King Ramandlink always created problems Narsinh Mehta but
Narsinh Mehta's life revolved in Bhakti.

In his bad times the Almighty was always his rescue. Lord Krishna helped his
daughter during her "Mameru". The Lord also helped his son during his marriage
and at the time of Narsinh Mehta's father Shradh. Lord SriKrishna garlanded
Narsinh Mehta in assembly of King Ram Mandlik.

Narsinh Mehta has composed all these happenings in his poems, which became
very popular later. Prabhatia, Bhajans, Paad, Sri Krishna Nee Baal Ras Dan Lila,
Prabhu Nee Bhakti, Gyan Na Padhu, Sudama Charitya are some of his best
compsitions, which are extremely striking. Bhakt ShriMadh Bhagwat and Geet
Govind are also in his poems. His poems have carved a ninche on our minds and
heart. He died at the age of 66 in 1480. He was the first poet in Gujarati language
and has a perpectual place in literature.

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