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2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Treeplanting Habitat Guatemala G JTC Economic Missions C H S YouthInside C Bodo C


Consultant, marketing & web development C

Concorde Leadership University of Athabasca

EDUCATION College G Intern U FITT Saskatchewan University

Bodo 2007 - Present Ethical Style 2003 - 2004

Founder / VP Marketing & Product Founder / President
Development / Web Consultant • Sourced and marketed hand-made
• Built product development products to support independent INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE
engineering team in Beijing (1y) artisans in developing countries
• Responsible for marketing & • Wholesale, online, on-campus and
web development in a trade fair sales
consumer products startup
Habitat for Humanity Guatemala
Consultant 2004 - 2007 Spring 2003 U
Marketing / Web Development Donor Relations Intern
• Clients included University of • Produced donor outreach G
Saskatchewan, Paquin campaigns to support home- S
Entertainment, & Chinese firms building for low income families

YouthInside Fall 2006 Treeplanting Summer 2002

Founder • Reforestation in northern British
• Initiated project to involve youth in Columbia (piece work)
2005 WTO meetings in Hong Kong
• Interviewed leaders in business and
government and built a multimedia Athabasca University 2004 - 2005
website to educate youth • A+ avg, Political Economy major
• Raised support from leaders in
business, government, education, University of Saskatchewan AWARDS
and NGOs 2003 - 2004 National Millennium Excellence Award, CMSF 2003 - 2005
• 91% avg, Arts & Science major • Award criteria: leadership, innovation, academic achievement, community involvement.
Saskatchewan Trade & Export Kramer Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan 2003
Partnership (STEP) Summer 2005 Forum for International Trade • For “outstanding leadership”
Trade Activities Coordinator Training (FITT) Spring 2003
Valedictorian, Student of the Year, LCHS 2001
• Consulted for SMEs to drive • Global Entrepreneurship Module,
export sales Graduated with Distinction
Junior Team Canada 2004 - 2005 Youth Leadership Intern Fall 2003 Hiking, snowboarding, traveling, reading, writing, graphic design, piano, programming
Delegate / Team Leader • Mentored youth, produced
• Economic missions to China, Chile, multimedia, and maintained INTERESTS
Singapore, & Malaysa computer systems in Monroe, WA Entrepreneurship, psychology, science history, leadership, sociology, economics, biology,
• Raised financial support from learning theory, complex systems, media criticism, music
leaders in business, government, Concorde College 2001-2002
and education • Theology and community service
• Team leader, event organizer in Western Canada and Guatemala