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Minister ot Transport,
Infrastructure and Communities
Mioistre des Transports,
de 11nfrastructure des Collectivites
Onawa, Canada K1A ON5
1 5 2011
11 2011
5.19 (1)
Thank you for you correspondence of August 20, 2010, regarding your oppooition to the
proposed 2,400-acre quarry In Melanchton Township. Please accept my apologies for
the delay in replying.
As you have correctly noted in your lener, navigation on the Nottawasaga, Saugeen and
Grand rivers is a protected right under the Navigable WatetS Protection Act (NWPA).
For the purposes of the NWPA. a work is defined as
a) any man-made structure, device or thing, whether temporary or
permanent. that may interfere with and,
b} any dumping o1 fill in any navigable water, or any excavation of materials
from the bed of any navigable water, that may interfere with navigation.
In addition, secUon 5(1) of the NWPA states that
No work shall be buKt or placed in, on, over. under, through or across any
navigable water without the Minister's prior approval on the work, its site and
the plans for it.
l ,:;
.. { .......
• .,,.. Vt.: U:l.ir1 ..
Can d
a a
Document Released Under the Access to
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Should the project meet the aforementioned c r i t e r i a ~ an appfication by the project
proponent to the NWPA would be required, at which point a full evatuation would take
Again, thank you for writing and taking the time to &hare your views on this important
Chuck Strahl
c.c. The Honourable Tony Clement. P.C., M.P.
The Honourable John Duncan, P.C., M.P.
The Honourable James M. Aaherty, P.C., M.P.
The Honourable Peter Kent, P.C., M.P.
The Honourable Gail Shea, P.C., M.P.
The Honourable Helena Guergis, P.C. M.P.
Mr. David Tilson, O.C., M.P.
Ms. Sylvia Jones. M.P.P.
5.19 (1)
Document Released Under the Access to
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August 20, 20 I 0
The I Ionourablc Chuck Strahl
Minister ofTransport
Infrastructure and Communities
C- 330 Sparks Street
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a I' information.
5.19 (1)
RE: Proposed 2400 Acre Quarry In Melanctbon Township
I nm writing to ask for your help and the help of our Fcdt.'fal Govcrmncnt to stop the plans to
have a 2,400 ai.'Tt.! quarry situated in Mclancthon and Mulmur Townshipj
_ The proposed quarry will destroy the finest Class l agricultural land in
Canada. In Ontario, tllis land is known locally Honeywood silt loam, which is ideal for
growing potatoes and other valuable crops. There is no better land available.
H mv can the federal government help?
The proposed quarry is in the highlands of Dul1erin County, headwaters of the Nottawasaga,
Saugccn aml Grand River watershed systems, all of which fall under the Navigable Waters
Protection Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Program.
As \Veil, I have heen advise.d that fish. fish habitat and the environment in the
Nottawasaga, Saugeen and Grand Rivers will be permanently destroyed if the quarry is operated,
bringing the proposed project under the jurisdiction of the department of Fisheries and Oceans
Also of concern to me. and many residents or Mclancthon, is tl1c fact that the proposed quarry
will directly affect the Six Nations Haldimnnd Tract. Most of the quarry wi11 be within the
Haldimand Tract.
I understand that the hannful alteration, disturbance or destruction of such water systems and
indian Affairs issues are federal mnttern.
If the quarry is operated, I have been advised by a qualified hydro-gc.o)ogist that both
underground aquifers and surface v.ratcr systems '"'·ill he permanently destroyed, and wilt directly
affect at least a 60-mile radius from the quarry, and a much area.
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia L01 sur l'acces a l'lnformanoiY ·· · -!
I know .\tlclancthon Tov .. 'Jl,;hip and Mutmur Township very well - I grc\\-' up here.
Approximately 90% of the quarry will be in Mclaucthon, and will be in Mulmur. If the
quarry goc:s ahead, this part of Ontario will never he the same:
• the best availahle agricultural land will be destroyed
• both and underground water systems will be pem1nnently de.c;troyed
• the Haldimand Tract ..,;n be pennanently and detrimentally
May I for your help to look into this pending cnvirotunt.."'llal disaster'? The owncrs of
the proposed quarry have very deep pockets. and have hired high powered lawyers and lohh:>-ists
to work for them at Queen's Park. Those of us opposing the quarry cannot compete with them. I
have attached a few documents prepared by a liiend to bcllt..'T show you what is at slake.
Please contact me if you nec::d more inionnation. Thank you.
Respectfu 11 y
5.19 (1)
cc: The Honourable Tony Clc:menl
Minister of Industry & Minister of the federal Economic Initiative for Northern Ontario
'l11c Honourable J. M. Duncan
Minister oflndian Affairs and Northern Development
The Honourable Jim Flaherty
of Finance
The Honourable Helena Guergis
Sylvia Junes, MPP
.Jrhc Honourable Jim Prentice
Minister of Environment
The Honourable Gail Shea
Minister of Fishcri(,"S and Oceans
Davie:! Tilson, MP
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a !'information.
A 100 kilometers north of Toronto, developers are
proposing to dig a 2,400 acre quarry, roughly
half the size of downtown Toronto.
They have assembled about 10,000 acres; right in
the middle of the primary highlands of Ontario.
The land in question is some of the best prime
agriculture acreage in Canada where crystal clear
headwaters flow south through central Ontario
and north to the shores of Georgian Bay.
At 20 stories below the water table, this would be
the second largest quarry in North America - a
huge environmental tragedy turning Ontario into
a globally recognized environmental
second only to Alberta.
This must not happen.
Comparable Quarry- County
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu

Tbe Issue
In 2006, Mr. John Lowndes. in partnership with the Baupost Growp. a 14 billion-dollar
hedge fund, founded the Highland Companies in order to develop resources in the Towns hip of
Mclancthon. a small community of about 3,000 people, which is in J>uffcrin < ap,.,roximatcly
one and one-balfhours northwest of Toronto.
The Highland Companies have acquired approximately 10,000 acres in Melancthon Township and
apparently have options to acquire more.
This land is some of the finest agricultural soil in Ontario, if nor in all or Canada - Class 1 -
lloneywood Silt loam which is particularly and ideally well-suited for growing potatoes.
The Highland Companies intend to file an application to open an initial 2.400 acre limestone quarry ...
the attached map showing the quarry superimposed on the City of Toronto to comprehend the
immt.."DSC size of what is being planned.
The Subterfuge
The Highland Companies initially acquired land by paying a.c; much a.c; $R.OOO an acre. which was 30%,
above the actual market value. It was stated that the land was being acquired in order to nm a modem.
profitable potato fanning opt.Tdlion. As it turns out. this was a subh.:rfuge.
Many long-established fanners were led to believe that there would be a continuity of potato farming
in the Township of Melancthon. It must be remembered that the farm land in this area is possibly the
tinest Class 1 soil in all of Canada.
The Jioneywood silt loam is renownoo for holding water extremely well and dntining wdl - this
makes it ideal for the growing of quality potatoes.
The Honeywood silt loam sit<l on top of another commodity namely Amabel Dolomitic Limestone.
The ultimate goal of the Highland Companies is to mine this limestone creating an incrcdihly
profitable without regard to any detrimental impact on the Township ofMclancthon.
Quarry Size
This 2,400 acre quarry will be the second-largest in North America and will he at least 200 feet below
the water table and has been described as a "200 tbot deep, air-polluting, water-sucking hok that rocks
thdr (the neighbours') world daily with explosives".
AJriculture Impact
Highland Companies will destroy one of the finest pieces of prime agricultural land in Ontari1), if not
Canada. It is renowned tbr its potato production. The limestone production and size of the quarry will
destroy this forever. It never be restored lo its original state.
Water Impact
This proposed quarry would be operating in the highlands ofDufferin County. which is the headwaters
of the :-.lottawa.o;aga, Saugeen, and Grand iver watershed systcm!i.
Knowlcdgcahlc scientists have stated that what is being proposed will have a dctrimcmal and
pcnnaucnt imp!tcl on the water of an an.:a encompassing at k:ast a 50-mile n\dius from lh\: quarry.
It does not take too much imagination to understand that the water system this area, and the
aquifers which are in this area, will be pennanently damaged.
,O<!lililliJillllilllllil8lillliliiR ____ ,. __ IIIOJ!Mimb""
Information Act I Document divuJgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur racces a l'i .
This map shows the size nf the proposed Quarry relative to the size of downtown Toronto
Haldimand Tract
Most, if not all, of this Quarry resides
v.ithin the Si.'l. Nations
Haldimand Tract
·z r i11tktw&w· .. • .. ft·--· .. --........... , ___ ,,. ..
'nfarmat.ian I Doc_u'!'ent en vert':'
l_. ____ -----···
qratuf <Rjver Conservation Jtutliority
The Grand River Conservation Authority
manages water and other natural resources
on behalf of 38 municipalities and close to
one million residents.
The Grand River flows 300 kilometres through
southwestern Ontario from the Highlands of
Dufferin County to Port Maitland on Lake Erie.

............- •
....... ,
• u
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de la Loi sur I' acces ' r · ·
Ot\lft· .......
:Nottawasaga o/alley Conservation }lutliority
The NVCA manages one of the largest ·watersheds
in Ontario with a multitude of headwater rivers,
streams, and tributaries.
The Nottawasaga River is the largest and nows
t 22 kilometres through the Minesing Swamp to
Georgian Bay.
The Saugeen River, the second largest, flolvs 160
kilometres through southern Ontario to Lake Huron
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
0 3 6 9 12
- - ~
.-r··J ./
\ Simcoe
- - l ~ ~ - - - - - - - - - - 1
- County Boundery ,
CJ T ownrr own'lhip Soundary I
0 NVCA Subwalersheds ~ ~ ~
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a !'information .
fll 8\;ilriinz
Ott>wo. Onr.ui<>
F:.r I> I 3-991-978'1
May 20,2011
The Honourable Peter Kent, P.C., !vt.P.
Minister of the Environment
Lcs T errasses de Ia Chaudkre
I 0 Wellington Street, 28th floor
Gatinenu, Quebec
Dear Minister,

•1uUS£ 0" COMMON!!;
Rec·o- OCU - DOE
2 6 2011
ll9 Umt 2
19-94 I -11112
fax; 5 I').'M I -8660
Hopttroft ""''"

Bclton, Onl.lrto
Tr.l, 9<15-IIS1-6080
lam writing to share the deep concern being expressed to me by ofDufferin-Caledon
regarding the Highland Companies' proposal for an aggregate mega-quarry in Mdancthon
The proposal by the Highland Companies seeks to develop the largest mega-quarry in Canada. It
will disrupt an area of over 900 hectares of prime farm land and delve over 60 below the
existing water table. This open pit mega-quarry will affect a tributary of the Pine River,
potentially atiecting lish habitat. The potential dismption for residents of Uufferin-Caledon by
the operations of this development as well as damage to our em-ironment are of serious concern.
I ask that you direct the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to conduct an
cnvironmenlal assessment of this project. I believe that at the least the List trigger contained
in Section 5 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act applies in case with respect to
Section :15(2) of the Fisheries Act. According to an analysis by the David Suzuki Foundation of
the technical environmental report (the Stantec Report) prepared by llighland in accordance with
the Province of Ontario's Aggregate Resources Act, the potential exists for harmful alteratiot1,
disruption or destruction of fish habitat in the Lributary of the Pine River that flows through the
. . ./2
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a !'information.
- 2 -
Th1.· Companies arc currently in negotiations to purchase the ahandoneu r.tilway right
of way north or Orangeville in order to transport the aggregate by rail. This presents another
potential Law List trigger "'"ith respect to the Railwa_v Sa(etJ· Act, the Railway Relocatiun and
,1ct, the Canada lransporracion Act, the Fisherit'" Acr and the ,\'avigable ffaras
Prorectiun Acr
Given the shcc:r siz.e and scope of this proposal and the level ofsnious concern expn:ssi.:J to nw
by residents of Dufferin-Calcdon, I request that you bring to bear the tools at your disposal to
ensure thatthb project get<> a thorough and comprehensive review. I have enclosed supporting
documentation from residents of Duffcrin-C.nledon to assist you in this regard.
I look ionvard to hearing from you at your earliest opportunily un this important mattl'T.
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act 1 Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur I' acces a I' information.
Orangeville Article: bird threatens qua.rry
lhera ha>oe reports. howe-. llighllll'ld """'"'Yt:t:s hll-... teen claat-cu!linQ iOil!l on
land r8Ce!\llv, wntch llvs d...-.m lite Ire Df lOcal rM>id.;o•liE• will eitzen
"lh&rl --1n he 111.0 duOOIIhllt 'lilt• Ocbolink hal>llnt br.•ing 1illo.en !fWI( Whel.'lar il'a ThP. H'l)hiOJntl
C:ompan;e.a• in1ant.l0n nt 1101, '1( .It IS not thP. il'\l••nl ulllu:rr action' t!l re rncwe tha Dobohnk l'llll:til;ll lrom
their D'OP1t11M, hn it w.U Wlnly bv 11 eCtltequWAI af it.'
As Dlllllhei ll<fllained rt10 lfighlill'ld ia nnr ib land ICJ dearo, Oobalink As
part of Itt IW3Cba;s, Danlher ulelcha compan:r lliflll wasses to eontrlll weed' and!ll\1 in
ih '"!I f'IOII(Ithtt recuollly &nlleled a re;ulatoty am11rnrmentlu nurmal farn1 pncrius. from
IKovisillns ollht C::SA in ralatwm 10 ttobolink$.
'"'"' lhllll'lll ;,. out u1 ll!c ardln..y. or thalli I& baing don& II> lhe l>a):)llat or any
wildlilt:, is 9imply ulllrua.' Danih&r sa111
.. II•Large I I '
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'!:lynn- ·••
Mo&t Popular • I Sharlld
n1adtt iu '"ak .. ft!l.,.l'l1er
Ill\ 111" 101 health INf ICidicliDM
&uvil<>•"'18ntal underwar lor ...
Poli"' ...,.,...b"ry su•pece
We'll ...,.,.,. k."'CW II Toronto w<••'" riul
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia lei sur l'acc9s a !'information.
June 24, 2011
Mr. David Tilson, MP
229 Broadway
Unit 2
Orangeville, Ontario L9W 1K4
Dear Mr. Tilson:
' J ~ 2 9 20l1
I am writing in the matter of your letter dated May 20, 2011 to the Hon. Peter Kent requesting a
'federal environmental assessment of the proposed Melancthon Quarry:')
The site of the Melancthon Quarry was carefully selected so that our aggregate operations could be
conducted in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.
As you know, we have filed the appropriate licensing and planning applications with the Ontario
Ministry of Natural Resources and the Township of Melancthon respectively to develop and
operate the Melancthon Quarry. The review and approval process will involve various provincial
ministries as well as our local representatives and neighbours. It will allow for study, review, public
debate, comments, design and redesign.
We have taken great care to consider our local environment and the community. The development
and operation of the Melancthon Quarry is regulated by local and provincial standards to ensure
that it achieves the appropriate balance between the need for aggregate, the protection of the
environment and community concerns.
We have reviewed the concerns you have raised with Minister Kent and our current information is
that this project will not trigger a federal environmental assessment for the following reasons:
• It does not require approvals under any federal legislation
• It will not receive any federal government funding
• There are no inter-jurisdictional issues that dictate a need for federal involvement
• It is not on federal land
The process for approval under Ontario's Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) is as stringent and
demanding as an environmental assessment. The approvals required for the Melancthon Quarry
pursuant to the Aggregate Resources Act, the Planning Act, the Environmental Protection Act and
the Ontario Water Resources Act provide for a complete level of environmental study, a high level
477476 Third Line, R.R. #2, Shelburne, Ontario LON 156
I __
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a !'information_
of government review and considerable opportunity for public input. The only result of the
imposition of an environmental assessment would be duplication, delays, confusion to the public
and additional costs.
The Ontario Minister of the Environment has reinforced this position in rejecting EA designation
requests for 9 different quarry projects over the past 20 years. In summary, the following are some
of the key points the Minister has referenced in rejecting EA designation requests for quarry
• The ARA process provides for a full review of all aspects of quarry projects as set out in
Section 12(1) of the ARA (the text ofthis section is appended}
• The ARA process has been specifically designed to review and evaluate all proposed types
and sizes of quarry projects with ample opportunity for public involvement.
• The Planning Act review process also provides for a full review of the proposed quarry
• In addition to the ARA and Planning Act approvals, proposed quarry applications remain
subject to the requirements of other agencies and applicable legislation including the
Environmentaf Protection Act ("EPA") and the Ontario Water Resources Act ("OWRA").
• Designation would set an untenable precedent where every locally unpopular project
(condo towers, shopping malls etc) would result in designation requests.
• The EAA process would add cost, time and confusion to the of quarry projects with
no benefit to the public or the quality of the end result.
There is no additional level of scrutiny, environmental protection, or public involvement that would
flow from conducting a provincial or federal environmental
With respect to the rail line, it is unrelated to the quarry application. Although Highland
understands that construction of a railway may well trigger an assessment under CEA, the quarry
proposal is not contingent on whether rail transportation is available.
As you know, Melancthon Township has over 64,000 acres of prime agricultural land, and the
proposed licence area totals about 2, 300 acres. The Company has limited the excavation area to a
minimum by planning for progressive rehabilitation within 100 metres of the quarry face. It is also
significant to note that the under the proposed rehabilitation plan, the majority of the extracted
land area would be rehabilitated to agricultural uses, becoming part of the Company's ongoing
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia loi sur J'acces a !'information.
farming operation. Progressive rehabilitation to agricultural production is a new approach in
Ontario, but one that wilt make use of the worked out areas much earlier than if the quarry were to
become a lake at the end of its useful life.
We would like the opportunity to further brief you and members of your staff regarding the
proposed quarry application so you are fully aware of all components of the application and the
rigor of the process that quarry applicants must follow. I have attached an extract from the
Aggregate Resources Act listing the matters that must be considered before the Minister or the
Board can issue a quarry licence and a table listing the reports that forrn part of our application.
We would be pleased to meet wtth you at your convenience to address any further questions or
concerns you have about our proposal. I will be contacting your office to set up a time to meet.
Yours truly,
/ ~
John Lowndes
c.c. Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment
Michael Chong. M.P. Wellington-Halton Hills
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l"acces a I' information.
Page 4
Extract from the Ontario Aggregate Resources Act
12. (1) In considering whether a licence should be Issued or refused, the Minister or the
Board, as the case may be, shall have regard to,
(a) the effect of the operation of the pit or quarry on the environment;
(b) the effect of the operation of the pit or quarry on nearby communities;
(c) any comments provided by a municipality in which the site is located;
(d) the suitability of the progressive rehabilitation and final rehabilitation plans for the
(e) any possible effects on ground and surface water resources;
(f) any possible effects of the operation of the pit or quarry on agricultural resources;
(g) any planning and land use considerations;
(h) the main haulage routes and proposed truck traffic to and from the site;
(i) the quality and quantity of the aggregate on the site;
0) the applicant's history of compliance with this Act and the regulations, if a licence or
permit has previously been issued to the applicant under this Act or a predecessor of
this Act; and
(k) such other matters as are considered appropriate.
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
d I l . I' • . I' f t e a 01 sur acces a -tn orma ton .
In consideration of these requirements, the following reports have been submitted as part of the
Highland application:
1. Proponent Summary The Highland Companies
i 2. Planning Rationale Report and Aeeregate Resources Act
Summary Statemenl
i ·- --··. -
Aggregate Act Sit,. Plrtn ;).
" ---.
4. Hydrogeologic and Hydrologic As.sessment (lndudes Karst
and Flood Hazard Reports}
s. levelland Level II Natural Environment Technical Report and
' Study
\ 6. Geology, Bedrock Evaluation 1\nd Aggregate Suitability Study
------ . -
7. Regional Aggregate Area Selection Analysis
8. Agricultural Impact
9. Rehabilitation Report
10. Blast Impact Ass-essment
ll. Nois!> Impact Study
12. Air Quality Assessment
13. Traffic Assessment Study
··-··--·· ·-----
14. Ministry Of Tourism and Culture- Review and Acceptance
For Project Development (Archaeological)
15. Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 Archaeological Assessment
16. Cultural Heritage Assessment- Built Heritage and Cultural

17. Report
18. Economic Benefits of The Proposed Melancthon Quarry and
on The of Melancthon
00003 6
19. Aegregatl' Rf'";erve Study
20. Increasing NePd 100 Perc.cnt Crushed Agerecates
21. Preliminary SP.wage and Water Works Design Brtef
22. Odour Impact
- ------...,.----
23. A Summary of First Nations Consultation Activities 1 ht> Highland Companies
24. A Summary of Community Consultation Activities
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a !'information.
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia loi sur l'acces a !'information.
Minister of the Environment Ministre de I'Environnement
Ottawa. Canada K1A OH3
JUl 2 9 ZD11
Mr. David Tllson
Member of Parliament for Dufferin - Caledon
229 Broadway, Unit 2
Orangeville ON L9W 1 K4

Thank you for your letter of May 20, and for the supporting materials outlining
concerns about the quarry proposed by Highland Companies in Melancthon
Township. It is clear this is a project that is of great concern to you and your
Under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (the Act), an environmental
assessment is required before a federal authority can either proceed with a
project as the proponent or enable a proposed project to proceed by: 1) providing
financial assistance; 2) transferring federal land or any interest in federal land; or
3) issuing an authorization identified in the Act's Law List Regulations.
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) has discussed
the project with other federal departments. Based on these discussions and the
information currently available about the project, the Agency has determined that
no federal environmental assessment is required. Should new relevant
information regarding the project come forward, the Agency will review it to
determine if the
Sincerely, J
The Honourable Peter Kent, P.C .• M.P.
I ,',..l A1·t
::cu"''.:;r Jot••i<f ..
R!S::.C•-"'':;: l. .IJ'-·7( Dt l.O
•LJ \ . -
_j ___ _
... ,.,, .... 1;' ,·_.-•
l..:r·E.:. • .. •\"r. .. • ,.: .. ,
.....J.t. Nt ..

--:.:•.':7 -..-
'· .. ; t :-:·.1·:L
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document dtvulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur racces a I" information.
• • "1.
Trepanier,Marie-Eve [NCR
Hi Darla,
Dobos,Rob [Burlington]
May 24, 2011 10:09 AM
Cameron,Darla [CEAA]
Davis,Stephanie [CEAAJ
RE: Proposed Quarry in Orangeville
I'm back from leave and getting caught up.
Document Released Under the Access to
Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
de Ia Loi sur l'acces a I' information .
No, we haven't been involved with this. EC does not typically have involvement with provincial approvals for such quarry
Rob Dobos
Manager, Environmental Assessment Section
Environmental Protection Operations Division -Ontario
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environment Canada
867 Lakeshore Rd., P.O. Box 5050
Burlington (Ontario) l7R 4A6
Telephone: 905-336-4953
Facsimile: 905-336-8901
Government of Canada
Rob Dobos
Gestionnaire, Section de programme d'evaluation environnementale
Division des operations de protection de l'environnement de !'Ontario
Direction generate de l'intendance environnementale
Environnement Canada
867, chemin Lakeshore, C.P. 5050
Burlington (Ontario) L7R 4A6
Telephone: 905-336-4953
T elecopieur: 905-336-8901
Gouvemement du Canada
Site Web
cameron,Darla [CEAA)
Friday, May 13, 2011 8:48AM
Dobos,Rob [Burlington)
Davis,Stephanie [CEAA]
Proposed Quarry in Orangeville
Hi Rob- any EC involvement in the provincial site plan process ["It is 3191574 Nova Scotia Company
(aka The Highlands Company) that has applied for a Class A licence Quarry Below Water in Orangeville. The
following link is for the EBR:
Extemal/ 40DI5 ]
Pis. let Stephanie & I know either way. Thanks, Darla
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June 29, 2011

M=bl•f .:1 Parliamert\ tor 0\rfrt!rin--Calldon
J - 7 2Dl1
The llooourable Peter Kent, P.C., M.P.
Minister of the Environment
RE((U _ UCNI. MOE de ia Chaudicrc
1 0 Wellington Stred, 28th Floor
Gatineau, Quebec
Dear Mini!>ICr,

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l.Wo' 11(4
• 51!M41.18J1
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Hopp;rok l'lm
I)S9C. I-IIJI-or W
Bcltcoo. 0n1onu
Tam '\.\'riling to hring to your attention additional infomiation regarding lhc proposed
quarry in Melancthon '1\)\.Vnship in my cOtlstituency ofJ)ufferin-Calcdon.
The development aiCa is known to be a habitat for the Hobo link, a :species of bl;:u;kbird that W.t!;
recently listed as threatened under the Ontario Endtmgercd Acr, 2007. lr ls also listed as
threatened on the Spedes at Ri.tlc Act Public Registry. l have a copy of an article from
one of my local papers gh.-ing additional hac.kgrotlnd on this situatioJl.
J \Vould ask that you bring tu bear your authority tCI direcl that an environmental
be out by U1e Canadian .Environmental Asscssnlent Agency under tht: aegis nf
the Canadian Envirtmmental Asst'ssment A ct.
U . Tilsoll, Q.C .• M.P.
CC. The Honourable Michael Chong, MP Wellington-Hatton Hills
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Information Act I Document divulgue en vertu
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Orangeville Article: Elldangered l>ird threatens quarry
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By Cllris H"llibr I' Jun 22. lOll • 6:0<' 'PU I .:,:, $ I Repoot a or •
Endang•red bird threatens quarry
Boboll"" known to live In Hjghland's fields
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brOUilhl 10 IM farelnlnl liQ
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Nur"l""ftrin AOIICUI!IInll
Communily "taskfDrce (NDACT).
leeiLihe Barlalinkcwld loll k"''Y
foghtng Tl'le HlghllnCI
applit.alloft!OQU1111Y2.3-tliacrsaf Endangered:. The Bobalink was listed as on 1Adang61'N spetln Ialii
irs In 1or Jlmemneo in Melancthon. S•piL-ber. Rnll CumiiYIRfO
•If 1t1Jie big pielute. you
icn01111fllt endangered sll(!cies. will trouble !he pracas,, • Couck uld. "For 111oee and th-
unlter".Mnd pictule, tile Bobaliflk Is a very impotl1!nl ll(lflaf th.wt vir)' big ellQiogy. •
rorhllle lri"•nlJiOI'-..IIh Bobollrtk.ltisasu.allbladcl*d, ilboiii1S 111 18Cifll0ng.
llellb. e'IJO!daUy ht'y lillld&.ltl breeliri!J grourld$ and haDita!L l.ast Seplcmt.oer.lha Bobolink Wll Ul!ld ,.,
wlller Onlario'l Ac.t (ESA.}- about aft"' a 2Cl0G bird breeding surve)'
eancluckxllher were 5poftld 011 ne JlliiPOM!d • kan&:a .,..,
loliahiltl uanm.r, spokaspem111 for Hogt>lllnd on June 1"' lhe COI11f*ly's mot .. al
raport Greet 110119 Mlh its Q11:.rry .lfllllit:aliem. wltieh l'l'lelenGe51hat 2006 bird breeding autYuy.
cunGh.ldad "¥1fY lOw d BoOolonk _. fi'OPO!'P.d 1111 1M 'W3 nQ $ignific:anl
hllmt nllllllli ... bird .•
AWIII!illf tiJllle Dlwid 8f.uvlt1 FoundaiJOA, wtlll:ll haD ...enf Itt. le-af objedo" Ill Jotigl!Jl)lvrs 41•rry .appjiciiiDn
il1IC 111e M"l*y or N;wrol Raaoutc6J (t.tNR). that sludy was d()na biM ltle Bobolii\11. •M lios1ad an encllftgered
&j)leles. llf1d '" a roo..•t. no"'"" attampt w" made 10 qlWllify 41umbert or hebilalr.
'We Ufl IIIII!Mt be eer1atn mat IMf•ls Bobolink IIObltat in th• am." 1M Dllvid Foun4a!i0ft'l l•r of
objKIIon siMiles haw mudlllnd where it i$ fnro.ated NlmiJnlto be dutcunitlftd.'
As a •r..ul. llle Dmct Suzuki Foulldation's teller req.uMIS 'Tile Highland •.aot a mllllrnum; <mnducl
eddiliatlltl bHedlng fiJM!Yii n whit;b c.ntler Jllid are nlrNdy beii!O datlt.
lallint • • ull'""' oppaiiUI'llly and are elrc:-ddy c:nnducrinl) addldarull detailed
and lila- vlsh•: Danit"M:r CPod. "To dat;t. 1he 11n<lfntp arc s.mllar 10 1IIOn or tM !:tudy:
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Pir;Jr YGIIf RMden' Cherie.:
We want ljj know all
.1 favaur!le in Ourler•n
Coul!ty, from coliN. ..
ult al Caatm,

50'Ye Hed &nit; l.nth Wal"f!h.!!J!H

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