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Abdelrahman 90080195 RHET 102 Assignment 1 Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Change is not a destination, it is a destiny Because of the huge argument established behind the Iraq conflict, the presidents of the United States and Britain have to take with their people about the reasons behind this war. Toni Blair, the prime minister of Britain during the Iraq war, gave a speech only after a day from the war start to give his people and the whole worlds people justification and explanation why he took such a decision. He told the audience about the hazard that will affect the future of their nations. He clarifies his point of view that supports the war against the fascism regimes and to spread democracy. Because of using of strong evidence, appealing of emotions, and his credibility, Blairs speech was successful. Since Blair provided numbers and statistics, he succeeds to strengthen his stand. The idea of using symbols and mathematical logic makes the person able to build up a logical argument as Blair did by using numbers that shown the dull life lived by Iraqian people under the rule of their dictator president. For example, he gave number about Iraqian people who aggrieved killed under Saddam regime to secure his power.

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Not only Blair used the technique of the strong argument to pursue the audience with his decision, but he also used words that generate the emotions appeals. The speech was performance in a way that relates empathy to the audience by using. For instances, he used some emotions appeal as lack of safety which will make people feel fear about themselves and their future. Also, he stated the some examples of previous wars to bring peoples memory and told them that this war is not like them at all. Furthermore, he plays on the emotion of people by related some of the facts to Iraqian children who die every year from the insufficient health care. These words touch directly people emotions and make them sympathy with him. Thus, Blair succeeds in delivering his point of view by involving people emotions and asks their compassion. In addition, Blair appears while he was giving the speech as strong man who takes all the responsible of his decisions. He reinforce his position as the prime minister of Braitan, one of the largest nations in the world, by being empower and strong. As an example, he repeated the word I many times in order to deliver to his people that he is the trusted person that they elected and he responsible and the blamable person of all of his doing. This stand gave him more credits and trustees. Thus, having a strong position made Blair more credible because people believe that he is not going to harm them. To sum up, the speech was successful and accepted from all people as a result of the persuasive techniques used by the prime minister. The variety of methods used with the great intense put on peoples emotions makes people feel safe and trust him and waits from the results.