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Legal Advantage: Your trusted partner for thorough and diligent legal research

Our Team:
At Legal Advantage, we understand your need Our team of legal associates have been carefully
for in-depth and on-point legal research. selected and have undergone an extensive battery
of tests to validate their capabilities. Additionally,
In today’s law firm and corporate counsel they have completed an intensive 10-week program
environments, attorneys are kept busy meeting reviewing a variety of areas including Constitutional
with clients, devising litigation strategy, and law, torts, property, evidence, criminal law, civil pro-
drafting documents. The need for expert research cedure, criminal procedure, the Uniform Commercial
is often cannot be sufficiently serviced by Code, and contracts.
existing staff whose time would be better utilized
performing complex financial research directly for
clients. As such, outsourcing your traditional legal
research needs to us will provide you with relevant, Our Expertise:
efficient, and verified answers. Our legal associates are trained on all relevant legal
databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Lois-
law. As such, they have learned the mechanics of
Shepardizing, understand the KeyCite Citation System, and utilize a variety of other tools to ensure research results are
relevant and currently applicable law. They also have familiarity with a variety of electronic resources, such as EDGAR,
and financial databases such as Dun & Bradstreet. Additionally, our associates have extensively used general academic
research databases including JSTOR and LexisNexis Academic.

Our Process:
When you have a research request, the relevant facts and question can be submitted to our secure website. Within
one hour of receipt, a staff member will have read the request and you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of
the research issue. You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the research issue. Absent any need for
clarification, our legal associates will immediately begin working on your request. Upon completion of the research
request, the facts, question, and relevant findings will be reviewed by our Legal Advantage Quality Control Team, who
will ensure that the findings conform to our exacting internal standards. You will receive a vetted and quality-checked
answer back within 24 hours of your request.

Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199
Our production facilities are in operation round-the-clock, and you can contact your assigned liaison anytime.
Furthermore, your requests are always treated in a confidential manner as our legal associates are continuously
being trained on the latest developments in professional responsibility. You can rest assured that your research
needs are being addressed in compliance with the professional standards to which you are accustomed.

By partnering with Legal Advantage, your law firm or corporate counsel office is guaranteed cost-effective, superior,
and efficient answers to your legal research questions.

Legal Advantage provides expert research in both Legal Advantage consults a variety of print and
multi-jurisdictional civil, criminal, and investigatory electronic resources in researching legal issues,
matters. Specific areas of expertise include: including:

•Antitrust •BNA Publications
•Bankruptcy •CALI
•Communications •CCH Business & Finance
•Contracts •CCH Tax Research
•Corporate Law •Delphion
•Employment/Labor Law •Dun & Bradstreet
•Export Controls •Edgar/LIVEdgar
•Immigration •Fastcase
•Intellectual Property/Patents •HeinOnline
•Mergers & Acquisitions •LexisNexis
•Personal Injury •LexisNexis Congressional
•Real Estate •LLMC Digital
•Sales •LoisLaw
•Securities Regulation •PatFT/AppFT
•Tax •RIA Checkpoint
•Trusts and Estate Planning •Westlaw

Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199

A small general practice law firm based in Richmond, Virginia employing five attorneys and three
paralegals contacted Legal Advantage regarding an estate planning issue. On a Friday evening,
after everyone except a junior associate had left the office, an existing client called the firm wanting an
answer to a question by Monday morning.
Not only was estate planning outside
The Issue:
this attorney’s core competency, she
The firm’s client, an individual with extensive
also had other professional obligations
property holdings of significant value, wishes to
that weekend – she was scheduled to
use the services of the firm for wealth manage-
attend and speak at a conference. The
ment. The firm’s client has real property located
other firm attorneys were not available.
in France, but is a resident of the United States.
The associate decided to contact Legal
The client wishes to know how the foreign prop-
Advantage for assistance.
erty will be accounted for estate tax purposes and
how international laws will apply.

The Legal Advantage Solution:
Within one hour of being contacted by the associate, a Legal Advantage representative had read
the associate’s research request submitted via the Legal Advantage Website, understood the issues
involved, and had sent a message acknowledging receipt of the research request. Within three hours
of the acknowledgement message being sent, a Legal Advantage research associate had received the
question and had commenced the relevant research. Six hours later, the relevant research had been
completed, the legal associate had
finished drafting a response, and
the draft had been sent to a Legal The Benefits of the Legal Advantage System:
Advantage Quality Control Associate. Within 12 hours of the submission request, the law firm asso-
Within two hours of receipt, the ciate had her research questions answered and delivered
associate completed the review of to her inbox. The answer had been researched by trained,
the research and written response, qualified researchers and had been quality checked by our
ensured its compliance with inter- Legal Advantage Quality Control Team. The associate was
nal Legal Advantage standards, able to concentrate on her outside commitments without
and had sent it electronically to the having to distract her partners or worry about having time
client’s inbox. to adequately research the issue.

Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199

A boutique law firm located in Illinois specializing in corporate formation, operations, and gover-
nance contacted Legal Advantage regarding an immigration matter. The firm had just met with
their client, the proprietor of a local Middle Eastern restaurant chain, to sign some documents re-
garding a new branch opening in the suburbs of Chicago. During the meeting, the client expressed
a need for legal advice regarding an immigration
matter for a potential employee for the new branch.
Knowing that the firm specialized in corporate for-
The firm’s client, the proprietor of a restaurant
mation matters, the client inquired as to the neces-
specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, wished
sity of referring his immigration question to another
to hire a chef who resided in and was a citizen
local firm that concentrated primarily on immigra-
of the Kingdom of Jordan. The client wished
tion issues. The law firm partner asked the client to
to learn what kind of visa application was
allow his firm to conduct some preliminary research
needed and the timeframe involved in having
during the next 24 hours, after which the firm would
the candidate actually arrive and commence
contact the client letting him the know capabilities
his employment in the US. In essence, the cli-
and/or limitations of the firm to handle the immi-
ent wished to see if the law firm was capable of
gration matter.
handling this immigration matter.

The Legal Advantage Solution:
Immediately after meeting with the client, the partner logged on to the Legal Advantage Website,
summarized the facts and issues involved, and submitted the research request. Within one hour of
submission, a Legal Advantage representative had read the request, understood the issues involved,
and sent an acknowledgement email to the partner. Within six hours of the acknowledgement mes-
sage being sent, a Legal Advantage research asso-
ciate had received the research request and initi-
ated her investigation into the immigration matter. The Benefits of the Legal Advantage System:
Four hours later, the research associate completed The law firm partner had a response to the
her research, drafted a response, and sent her find- immigration question within 13 hours of
ings on to a Legal Advantage Legal Quality Control submitting the request. This enabled the
Team. A Quality Control Associate then spent two partner to review the response first thing in
hours reviewing the response in order to ensure the morning the next day, and then spend 11
that it met the internal quality control standards of hours to determine of his firm had the expertise
Legal Advantage before sending it electronically to to handle the matter by itself before getting
the partner’s inbox. back to the client. In fact, the detailed response
that Legal Advantage provided the client gave
the partner the confidence to handle the immi-
gration matter internally.

Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199