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Personal Portfolio Weblog Design

Karyn Lewis

Portfolio Design Doc

Multimedia Publishing
Winter 2005-06

Lewis 1

The following document will serve as a design layout for a personal photo-based portfolio weblog
built in Movable Type 3.2 to be created for 2082.228.01– Multimedia Publishing.

The purpose of this design document is to assist in the planning and organization of tasks for the
final project implementation, ultimately shaping the decision for key design elements and site
content which accounts for the final sections of this document. This document describes all data,
architectural, interface and component-level design for the site.


Star_shdw portfolio: the work of Karyn Lewis

General Information

This project is a weblog-based portfolio site designed to showcase the author‘s previously
produced artwork and provide general descriptions for each based on the objective-based process
used to complete each project. The web user will have the ability to access resume and contact
information as well as a brief biography about the artist. The site will be implemented using
Movable Type 3.2 software from, and updated through FTP to RIT‘s Grace account
where it is hosted. The index page for this portfolio weblog will be found at and will be created and managed by the author Karyn
Lewis. Written in first-person point of view, it is intended to display the author‘s range of artistic
skills and creative thinking. This site will be designed to expand with added work upon
completion, with the potential to become a fully functional and professional portfolio website
intended for potential employer resource.

Commenting will not be made available based on the posted entries due to the informational and
display-only nature of the content. Users will have access to the author‘s contact information,
however. The content will be category-based by media-type with titles for each entry and an
apparent navigation system and searchable archive.

Lewis 2

The goal of this photo-based portfolio weblog is to create an display archive of artwork to for the
purpose of hobby and career-related endeavors. Each entry will include one or more photographs
of one piece of art followed by a written text description with more information about the piece.
Users will have the ability to explore the artist‘s previous work and thinking processes to get an
overview of the artist‘s skill level and interest. Contact and resume information will be available
on the site.

As the author of this site, it is my hope to further develop the Star_shdw portfolio website into a
professional-quality and valuable tool for reference use in job-seeking ventures and career
building opportunities. It will be entertaining through the content itself.


The content of the Starshdw Designs portfolio-based weblog is primarily targeted towards
potential employer vewiership as well as the general audience interested in art and the author‘s
work in particular. The main sections of the site content will include the categories: ―Drawing‖,
―Photography‖, ―Print‖, and ―Multimedia‖.

The home page will display a banner across the top identifying the site. It will be a two-column
layout with the main content in the left column. This section will include listed photos and written
entries in reverse-chronological order, then each entry‘s published date and time. In the right
column there will be an ‗About me‘ section, listed categories, and archives.

Shell Screens

The main screen or home page of the weblog will be divided in two sections with the main
identifying banner streaming across the top of both.

The left-hand section will be wider than the right, and will include all major content.

The section to the right will mainly include links to content within the site. Both sections and the
banner will be enclosed in a container with a solid black background, with a dark-gray colored
background behind that.

Lewis 3
General Specifications

The weblog will display its content in one main section along the left two-thirds of the page. This
is where the entire site‘s content will appear when user enters the site or clicks on an archive or
category link. Along the top of the page will be the site‘s main identity banner/logo. This is
consistent throughout the site‘s navigation. To the right of the main content are links for the
various sections that comprise the website. This general layout should be consistent across both
Windows and Mac OS operating systems.


Provided with the Movable Type software, there are several dynamic elements included in the
Starshdw Designs portfolio weblog. Each link under the categories section will direct the viewer
to a specific area of content within the site. Each link under the archive section will direct the
viewer to a specific area of content as well according to date published.

Main Menu Interface/Navigation

The main navigation system is a global menu column that is displayed on every page. Local
navigation is either minimal or nonexistent because global navigation sufficiently fulfills
navigational needs. Located in the global navigation bar are the separate sections including the
categories and archive links. The top banner is linked to the home page throughout the site—
which includes the most current posted entry.

Section Overviews

The content categories listed on the weblog include ―Drawing‖, ―Photography‖, ―Print‖, and
―Multimedia‖. The archives category will link to a list of all entries by date—all links with
rollover functionality. This section will open a separate page formatted in one column that does
not include the main navigation menu in the right hand column as like the main content pages of
the site but still including the title banner which links to the main content home page.

The ―drawing‖ category will link to content categorized on the main weblog page. These are
entries with photographed drawings and written descriptions for each piece.

Lewis 4
The ―Photography‖ category will link to content also categorized on the main weblog page, with
entries of photography pieces and written descriptions.

―Multimedia‖ category will link to entries with content categorized on the main weblog page
including web-based work, video, and other more dynamic artwork, followed by written
descriptions of each.

Content Outline

A. Home Page
1. Banner
2. Content area
2a. Blog Entries
3. Navigation
3a. About Me
3a1. Name
3a2. Where from
3a3. Short bio
3a4. Link to resume
3b. Categories
3b1. Drawings
3b2. Photography
3b3. Multimedia
B. Archives Page
1. Banner
2. Content area

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