THE ARMPIT OF HELL Iowa can be called many things but it cannot be called a paradise.

If anything, it can be called the Armpit of HELL and satan would probably give a medal to the person who came up with any similarly appropriate name. I need a lawyer and lawyers here in Iowa did not want to handle my case.I wanted to sue a nursing home because of their egregious actions towards me. Back on June 6 of 2011, I had a stroke and was flown to the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITAL, where they treated me and then sent me on to Great River rehabilitation center for further treatment. Great River was exceptional, but after about a month I was sent onwards and ended up at Lexington Square, in Keokuk, County, Iowa.. The first month I was at Lexington, I received no therapy. Finally, after complaining, they started giving me minimum therapy, mostly walking to and from the therapy room. At night, they placed my urinal on a table near my bed, but it was out of my reach. When I complained, the nurses laughed and said I should reach over more and get the urinal myself: if I could get it myself, I would not need to be in a nursing home. Another time, I got a whirlpool bath, got put into my wheelchair with no shirt or socks and was told to wheel myself back to my room by myself, on a dirty carpet that outside people had been walking on all day. Still another time, I needed to use the bathroom, but the toilet paper was on my left and I couldn't reach it because I am paralyszed on my left from the stroke. I pushed the help button and it took a half hour for anyone to show up to help me, so I yelled loudly and a half a dozen nurses finally showed up, stood around in a circle and just watched me. My pants were below my knees and I had no shirt on. To describe this as an embarrassing situation doesn't quite cover it. Finally, after several minutes of me sitting on the commode with no assistance, I yelled again and one of the nurses came forward to wipe me while the other nurses kept looking on. The situation was embarrassing and demeaning.

Situations of that sort occurred frequently. I was handicapped and could only get around in a wheelchair. What little bit of walking that I was able to do was with the help of a walker, like a cane, and that was only for a few feet. Finally, I was attacked by another patient cause I told him his art, drawings of a cartoonish bird left a lot to be desired, as far as fine art goes. A nurse stopped him and led him away, and after a while, police officers came and took me to another hospital where the nurses saw I was dirty, washed me up and then forwarded me to another hospital that Lexington intended to send me to. As I left LEXINGTON, I was told that I was being removed because they said I had attacked a nurse. REALLY? How? I did see a patient attack, hit, a nurse in the lunchroom, but right after that, they led him away. walking and I did not see him for several days. I DID NOT ATTACK A NURSE, or anyone else. That â otherâ hospital turned out to be a mental hospital â Mercy Hospital - in Dubuque, Iowa. Maybe it was just a co-incidence, but I had just placed a call to the state earlier that same day complaining about Lexington refusing to see me any more or even listen to my complaints, to deal with them and otherwise try to resolve them. When I got taken to Mercy Hospital, I didn't know that I was being put in the mental/psychiatric section of the hospital. The inpatient receptionist did not inform me of that, but she shoved a bunch of paperwork at me and told me that I had to sign them, without explaining what they were for. It turned out that, by signing those papers, I was allowing the hospital to do anything and give me any kind of drugs that they wanted to give me for any reasons that they wanted to do so. Oh, it was a mental hospital, all right. The patients were mentally incapacitated, but so were the nurses and one of the doctors. The nurses were psycho's and the one doctor that stayed behind while the sane arab doctor went on his once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca for his Haaj, was also a psycho, in addition to being a liar. I was attacked by a patient named Clarence. He used to go around flicking the overhead

lights on and off, in between grabbing my wheelchair from behind and wheeling me back to my room, without my request to do so. After several repeated occurrences of wheeling me around, without my permission, after voicing my complaints to the nurses, several times, with no response from them, I yelled at Clarence and the nurses went insane. They called some psychos who held me down while a nurse gave me an anti-psychotic shot in my buttocks. Since I was a heart patient, I was not supposed to be given those types of shots. The patient warning literature that comes with the drugs says that they are not supposed to be given to heart patients. It doesn't say it's ok to give the shots once, ten times or even twenty and then to stop, it says don't, period. I had a heart attack because of the shot. I was sweating, my left arm hurt, my chest felt painful and I passed out. The staff did not read my blood pressure or even draw blood to determine if I was having a heart attack or not. They just laughed. Another time, I had just paid $40.00 to upgrade the drivers on my computer. I was on the phone with a tech and I couldn't hold the phone while I followed instructions from the Tech, so I asked a nurse to hold the phone for a second and she just hung up instead. I asked her why she did that, she got upset and had the goons hold me down while she gave me another anti-psychotic shot. When I finally had a hearing in front of a judge, the doctor that was there lied and said he had examined me, although he hadnâ t. I got the lying doctor to admit he

hadnâ t seen me or even talked to me before, he based his opinion on nurses reports that were a compilation of lies. After a couple of months, I was transferred to another nursing home - Knoxville.. When I got there, they did not have a wheelchair ready for me. It took them about an hour to get one and when I got inside, they showed me a room that I was supposed to share. I asked if the person I was to share the room with snored or not and they said no. Just then, the person in question walked in and I asked him if he snored and he

replied â Oh yes.â

If the staff can willingly lie about such a minor

topic, who knows what else they would be willing to lie about.? I then wheeled myself into the commons room and saw that the staff was serving koolaid to the patients. Koolaid? That is not healthy for kids or patients who need to recover from their ailments -sugar water with synthetic colors and other artificial ingredients? No way! I told the staff that I did not want to stay there and asked them to send me elsewhere. They laughed and said if I did not like it there, I could just sleep outside. I wheeled myself outside and was about one quarter to one half mile down the highway when the nursing home sent the police after me. Two police cars flagged me down and told me I had to go back to the home or they would arrest me. I said fine, arrest me, but Iâ m not going back. They arrested me, treated me decently and I saw a judge the next day in a jail courtroom. I told the judge I wanted a lawyer, wasnâ t given one and he sent me to Prentice hospital, another mental hospital where they gave me more anti-psychotic shots without my desire or permission. I made sure not to sign any papers this time, but they said it didnâ t matter, they would do whatever they wanted to do to me

anyways and they did. After a month and a half there, they said that they had found a disabled apartment for me in Ottumwa and they shipped me off. But, when I got to Ottumwa, the apartment turned out to be unfurnished and it was not handicap accesible. The building turned out to belong to police officer in Ottumwa. He was very decent and let me spend the night in the apartment. The place was unfurnished, so he found me a wheelchair and I spent the night sleeping that way. The next day, several police officers came by to make sure I was ok and they then took me to Ottumwa hospital where the hospital kept me for observation overnight. Since the hospital couldnâ t keep me any longer, they suggested I go to a motel and they

found me an inexpensive one that I could rent by the month. Most people here in Ottumwa have been great, the police, the motel workers etc., who

found me a shared apartment for handicapped people and helped me get foodstamps. If I am angry at anyone, it would be Lexington nursing home. By sending me to a mental hospital without reason, just so they could protect their reputation,, they pretty much sentenced me to a lifetime of paralysis, since doctors say that a person who has had a stroke, needs therapy within 6 mo.s, so that they can recover or else they can pretty much kiss their behinds goodby because the odds are against recovery after that time. I had a psychiatric evaluation at Great River, after my stroke and they found me sane, if slightly delusional because I am a writer and I want to win an Oscar for best original screenply. You have to aim high or otherwise you donâ t succeed. The legislative/civil rights basis concerning this case is that anyone in Iowa can just go to a judge, file a commitment complaint against another person and have them put away/locked up in a mental hospital with no rights whatsoever. The staff at the mental hospital can then force any sorts of drugs on the patient without any sort of reprisal or any kind of civil injunctions that would prevent them from doing so. I have been staying at a home that is run by Optimae and last week, I was almost assaulted by one of the workers. I wrote a detailed 6 page report about the situation and Optimae refused to do anything about it. A few days later, I was actually assaulted by another worker and I called the police. While I was calling the police, the worker called Stacey, the head of Optimae here in Ottumwa. Both Stacey and the policewoman arrived at the same time. I told the policewoman what happened and she didn't even bother to check my legs for bruises, where the worker had hit me. The policewoman then said that she couldn't do anything about the situation because it was the workers word against mine. After the policewoman left the apartment, Stacey turned to me with a look of hate on her face and said that she was going to get rid of me and get me kicked out of the apartment. Stacey then went to a judge and

filed court commitment papers against me. My date in front of the judge is supposed to be on the 22nd of June. In the meantime, I have no food and neither Optimae nor the Iowa representative of DHS(Dept. of Human Services will do anything to help me. I have dried rice but I can't eat that by itself without cooking it and that is difficult to accomplish from a wheelchair because this apartment is not handicap accessible. I can take showers by myself and mostly dress myself but my car got stolen here in Iowa so I can't drive to the store by myself. Optimae first said, back in January, that they would help me get some legal representation so I could get my car back, but last month, they said they wouldn't help me and I would have to do it all by meself. I just found out that they are trying to kick me out of the state and ship me off to California by bus or train, just to get rid of me without taking into account of how I will get around once I'm in California without a car or an apartment. They don't care, as long as I am out of their hair! What am I supposed to do? I hate Iowa, the Gulag of the Western Hemisphere - The Armpit of Hell! I am sending copies of this letter to several different newspapers as well as to you, in hopes that this situation can somehow be rectified without further damage to either my physical or emotional well being. Please help. Thank You, Bogdan Bilyk 1425 N. Jefferson Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641-455-2709 It took me a week to type this letter cause I am paralysed and can only use one finger on one hand to type. As a result, it's very hard to type my stories, books or scripts. I was a writer, altough not yet a successful one, even though I have a book on AMAZON called The Ultimate Natural Diet Miracle plus a script on called Tropics of Paradise plus several short stories.

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