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Sustainable development must ensure that the environment is protected and there are sufficient resources for future

generations. Energy production needs to be sustainable. This includes not damaging the environment or using up resources faster than they can be replaced. Instead of using conventional non renewable resources, we can use alternative energy resources for the production of energy because it doesnt cause long term environmental damage.

Solution Advanced research in the field of piezoelectricity has led to widespread use of piezoelectric materials in large number of applications. Piezoelectric materials like quartz are used for making electricity. Piezoelectric cells are mounted at places where mechanical strain is produced. This paper makes use of above mentioned concept. For instance, they can be embedded inside the tyres of aircraft for generation of electricity which can find innumerable uses. The tyres of airbus A380-800 have an inflation pressure of 217psi. quartz plates with 1100 MPA compressive strength. 70 MPA shear strength and 48MPA tensile strength can be embedded in in the said tyres. During takeoff and landing , the pressure exerted on quartz plates is far below sustainability of the plates. TARGET MASS
Quartz crystal can be embedded in the aircraft tyres for the production of huge voltages which could then be utilized to not only meet onboard electrical requirements but also diverted to an electrical grid to meet various power needs.

Technological feasibility and business viability

As a potential application of piezoelectric effect we propose to embed quartz in the tyres of Airbus 380-800. Quartz plates of a said dimension that varies according to the required electrical potential (say 1cm x 1cm x 1cm) maybe used. The plates would be uniformly embedded in the tyres. During take-off and landing a large amount of pressure would be exerted on these plates thereby inducing polarity on the opposite faces of plates due to deformation (compression, shear, tension). Electricity thus produced due to the piezoelectric effect would be 3 stored in a series of batteries or ultracapacitors. It has been observed that for a 2kN of load on 1cm quartz it is observed that 12,500V is produced. Quartz being used as piezoelectric material is very cost effective material . Initial cost in installation may be high but comparing with the electricity being produced surely can Limitations of the Solution Presently as per our research , energy storage system devised is not compact. Storage system needs be compact to increase its usability in varied applications such as automobiles, onboard airplanes etc. if proper research goes on we surely can devise a system much compact and increase its area of application. Comparison Between Existing System and Yours

No such system has been devised till now. Its an entirely new concept with a very promising future seeing present energy crises and environment threat.





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