Myra Laramee, Ph.D.

Myra Laramee is the daughter of Mary1 and Ernie Guilbault. The Guilbault’s are considered to be pivotal in the founding of Manitoba Metis Federation. Mary Guibault served on the MMF Board of irectors from 1!"# to 1!"$ and held the Education %ortfolio. uring 1!$&'1!$$( her daughter( Myra Laramee served on the MMF board. )n *++!( the Winnipeg Free Press reported, The -anadian Teachers. Federation has named longtime /innipeg educator Myra Laramee as the recipient of this year.s prestigious 0utstanding 1boriginal Educator 12ard. Laramee 2ill receive the a2ard in a ceremony in 0tta2a this morning. Laramee retired t2o years ago as principal of 3i4i Mah52a 6chool after 7# years of teaching in the inner city. 6he has spent the last t2o years 2riting curricular materials. 81boriginal teachers have an important role in encouraging and sustaining aboriginal culture in -anada(8 said -TF president Emily 3oble. 8/e are delighted to honour Myra Laramee( a -ree9M:tis educational innovator from Manitoba( 2ho has sho2n lifelong passion and commitment to aboriginal education in her province(8 3oble said.

Laramee lived on Flora 1venue as a baby( spent her life in the inner city( and she.s passionate about the people 2ho live there and the 5ids 2ho come to inner city schools for an education. 8)t.s a brand of teacher that comes here to the inner city( a 5ind of teacher that comes here and stays(8 Laramee said in an intervie2 2hen she 2as retiring from 3i4i Mah52a. 8My mom taught me if there aren.t

Mary 2as born on ;une 1!( 1!7+ in Fisher <iver( Manitoba( the daughter of Eli4ah and %riscilla Bo2ers. 6he gre2 up spea5ing -ree on the Fisher <iver First 3ation. 6he spent many of her childhood years on the land 2ith her parents and grandparents( trapping( hunting and fishing. Mary serves on the Board of irectors of the Louis <iel )nstitute.


bro2n's5inned people on the other side of the counter( 2hen bro2n's5inned people come( 2hat.s life going to be li5e for them=8 Laramee >uit school in Grade 11 ? a guidance counsellor( she said( told her to forget about being a doctor and accept that she 2ould be a secretary and raise her 5ids '' but she returned to the /innipeg 1dult Education -entre. @er mother( a longtime provincial social 2or5er( sho2ed her a Brandon Aniversity brochure for the /innipeg -entre %ro4ect. 81 number of us made a verbal commitment8 to stay in the inner'city schools. 8) 5ne2 in my first year of teaching( ) 2anted to be in a position to ma5e a difference(8 she said.3i4i Mah52a and the neighbouring -hildren of the Earth @igh 6chool offer aboriginal languages and aboriginal culture and heritage as part of their curriculum. The area bounded by 1rlington( ;arvis( 6alter and 6el5ir5 is almost totally forgotten for recreation and green space ? eBcept for the school and the Boys and Girls -lub( Laramee said. 8/e had seB'trade 2or5ers Con the cornerD 2hen my 5indergarten 5ids got off the bus. ) 5ne2 ) had to be respectful to those 2omen(8 and so she 2as respectful( and since moved else2here. Laramee came to 3i4i Mah52a in 1!!# 2hen she 2as vice'principal at @ugh ;ohn Macdonald 6chool.
By: Nick Martin, Winnipeg Free Press Posted: 07/17/2009 1:00 AM

Myra received the Ka Ni Kanichihk Eeeping the Fires Burning 12ard on ;une 1F( *+1*. This a2ard honours Okiijida Ikwe or GBig @earted /omen.H Big @earted /omen eBemplify the seven sacred la2s of honesty( courage( respect( humility( sharing( caring and love by sharing their 5no2ledge( talents and eBperience to help 5eep their families and communities strong. Myra is the Elder for the annual 6ha2ane agosi2in 1boriginal Education <esearch forum in /innipeg. -urrently Myra is. -ross -urricular 6pecialist at the Manitoba First 3ations Education <esource -entre. 6he also 2or5ed as the irector of Education <eform at the Manitoba First 3ations Education <esource -entre. Laramee( Myra. GMa5ing 6ense of 1boriginal Education in -anadian %ublic 6chools, 1 -ase 6tudy of Four )nner -ity Elementary %rincipals and Their Iision of 1boriginal Education.H First Nations Perspectives( 1( 1( *++$, #"'"7. Laramee( Myra. GTeaching and Learning as an 1ct of Love, 1n EBamination of the impact of 6even Traditional )ndigenous Teaching %ractices in Teacher Education and on Teacher’s -lassroom %ractices.H %h. . thesis( Aniversity of Manitoba( Education. /innipeg, *+17.


-ompiled by La2rence Bar52ell -oordinator of Metis @eritage and @istory <esearch Louis <iel )nstitute