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2000SOFT Starts Successful Flow

For Gorlitz Sewer And Drain — A Sage MAS 90 Solution

“I’d never switch — I’m 100 percent satisfied. Their
technical support is immediate; I have never had to
wait more than 24 hours for complete resolution.
James Kruger, General Manager
Gorlitz Sewer and Drain

Gorlitz Sewer and Drain manufactures and distributes Unobstructed Flow Of Business
its industrial drain cleaning equipment to the pros. 2000Soft guided Gorlitz through a smooth imple-
The family-owned business has experienced explosive mentation, ensuring the staff was trained in the
growth in recent years, and continues to maintain a software and comfortable with their tasks. “2000Soft
steady 10 percent annual growth rate. lived up to our expectations, and went beyond
Clog In The Pipes them,” praises Kruger. “They did an excellent job of
Solutions Spotlight

Up until January of 2000 the company struggled training our staff and teaching us things that let us
with clumsy DOS accounting software with poor get the most out of Sage MAS 90.”
networking options and nothing in Inventory Under Control
the way of inventory management Gorlitz’s ability to better account
capabilities. James Kruger, general for its valuable inventory isn’t just
manager at Gorlitz, and son of the for IRS compliance. Thanks to
founder, explains that an even more the capabilities of Sage MAS 90,
pressing problem was the company’s Gorlitz is able to accurately state
difficulties in producing accurate its inventory costs and has real-
financial statements, “We had been time visibility of quantities on
audited twice in the past. Without hand, sales order, purchase order,
the ability to produce an invento- and available stock for customer
ry valuation report, we consistently orders. The result is fewer short-
With Sage MAS 90 Gorlitz now is
understated our inventory, making able to produce an accurate inven- ages and out of stock situations
us vulnerable to hefty fines.” tory valuation report. that jeopardize sales.
Calling In The Pros Sage MAS 90 Stock Status
Kruger carefully analyzed several mid-market pack- and Inventory Valuation reports provide Kruger
ages, including Sage MAS 90 ERP, all of which he felt with data he uses to monitor and assess the compa-
could solve his company’s inventory control issues. ny’s holdings. Inventory cycle counts are performed
Kruger made the final decision based on the part- monthly on high value items and a full physical
ner he felt best understood his company’s needs, count is completed each fiscal year. “I think we’re
and was capable of addressing them — 2000Soft of utilizing the full potential of MAS 90,” says Kruger.
Irvine, California. Gorlitz builds all its equipment to stock, mon-
itors what is selling, and keeps up with varying

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demand. Armed with Sage MAS 90, Kruger is able to make informed Trusted Business Partner
buying decisions and generate accurate sales forecasts that ensure Kruger praises the support services he receives from his 2000Soft con-
the company has adequate stock to meet customer demand, yet can sultant, “I’d never switch — I’m 100 percent satisfied. Their technical
maintain a lean, cost-effective inventory. support is immediate; I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for
Huge Accounting Fees Down The Drain complete resolution.”
Sage MAS 90 has saved Gorlitz thousands of dollars in accounting Kruger looks forward to the regular user group meetings hosted
fees. Yearly visits by the company’s accounting firm would stretch by 2000Soft and says they expose him to new ideas and new products
into days as they struggled to put together compatible with Sage MAS 90. “I always
financial statements from spreadsheets and come away with valuable information.”
notes. Kruger says that with Sage MAS 90, the In-House Payroll Processing
company has accurate, current, and auditable The Sage MAS 90 Payroll module allowed
financial data ready for the accountant. Gorlitz to bring payroll processing in house.
Efficient Manufacturing This was an important requirement for the
2000Soft helped Gorlitz implement a man- management team at Gorlitz — not only
ufacturing accounting system that matched does it save costs over outsourcing this ser-
the way they do business. A bill of materials is vice, it gives the company maximum con-
established for each piece of equipment, and Accurate sales forecasts ensure that Gorlitz has trol and flexibility over this vital function.
bill options are used to account for subtle dif- adequate stock to meet customer demand, yet keeps 2000Soft trained Gorlitz staff in the
ferences between models. Production Entry is inventory levels lean and cost-effective.
Payroll module. Kruger sums up satisfac-
completed after the production run, relieving tion with Sage MAS 90 and 2000Soft, “I
inventory of the component items and replacing them with finished give them both a good, honest reference.”
goods. 2000Soft and Sage MAS 90 combine to deliver Gorlitz a
Tools Of The Trade comprehensive business management solution that equips Gor-
The Business Insights module runs on Kruger’s desktop, providing a litz with the tools needed to efficiently manage the business, reduce
graphical display of vital company information such as the daily order costs, and increase profitability.
total and the company’s top selling products. The Business Insights
module automatically notifies Kruger when stock of a particular item is
low, based on the set reorder point for each item. The data is constantly
updated, delivering up-to-the minute figures. “I’ve got ready access to
information that I use to make business decisions,” says Kruger.

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