New Study: Induction Cooktops Unsafe

Christ A, Guldimann R, Buhlmann B, Zefferer M, Bakker JF, van Rhoon GC, Kuster N. Exposure of the Human Body to Professional and Domestic Induction Cooktops Compared to the Basic Restrictions, Bioelectromagnetics. 2012 Jun 1. [Epub ahead of print]

What the authors say: "The maximum current density in the tissue of the user significantly exceeds the basic [1998 ICNIRP] restrictions for the general public, reaching the occupational level. The exposure of the brains of young children reaches the order of magnitude of the limits for the general public." "For a worst-case cooktop compliant with the measurement standards**, the current density exceeds the 1998 ICNIRP basic restrictions by up to a factor of 16-fold." "The brain tissue of young children can be over-exposed by 6 dB or a factor of 2. The exposure of the tissue of the central nervous system of the foetus can exceed the limits for the general public if the mother is exposed at occupational levels. This demonstrates that the methodology for testing induction cooktops contradicts the basic [ICNIRP EMF] exposure restrictions." For more information ---------------You may also be interested in other 2012 related studies: And the EMF bibliographies collection which currently includes: Autism (10 References); Base Stations, TV and radio masts, Power lines (92 References); Blood Brain Barrier (47 References); Breast Cancer (77 References); Cataracts (61 References); Depression and suicide (48 References); Dementia (72 references); Headaches (48 References); Hearing (39 References); Male fertility (135 References); Reproduction (309 References); Prenatal Effects (166 References) ;Wildlife (149 References)

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