Computer Services KEYUR computer Services , 1 Karnavati Raw-house,opp.patelvas,Nr.

ishvarbahina’s well,shahwadi,narol, Ahmedabad , PH: 25731233 , M : 9328942847 Dt . :________________________________________________

TO ,

Kind Attn :Respected Sir, This is with refrence to our recent discussion with you, we extremely happy to submit our computer Annual Maintenance Contract Proposal at your kind refrence. The details contract is explained and we Reqest to kindly go through and give us feedback.

Thanking you ,

For KEYUR computer services

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Computer Services KEYUR computer Services , 1 Karnavati Raw-house,opp.patelvas,Nr.ishvarbahina’s well,shahwadi,narol, Ahmedabad , PH: 25731233 , M : 9328942847


This contract being entered into by KEYUR COMPUTER SERVICES and_______________________________ ____________________ on day of ____________ year 2008.

1. The total cost the maintenace contract for computer + printer Rs 1500/- (without spare parts / componets) per annum. 2. The maintenace services contract will commence from__________ and will remain in force for the year. 3. The cost includes brekdown calls preventive maintenance calls and services .(preventive maintenance services every two month s.) 4. The payment for A.M.C will be made in 50% advance.and 50% after 3 month of commencement . 5. All the complaints to be lodged at KEYUR COMPUTER SERVICES center with the service coordinator on tel no 25731233 and M : 9328942847 for prompt action. 6. The contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of ahmedabad only should be last point. 7. The maintenance service will be normally offered between 10:30 am to 8:00pm on week day.complain will be attended within 4 hours.complaint calls registered after 5 pm on weekday will be attended to only on the next working day . 8. The service will be primarily provided at customer site. However,in case of major faults the eqipment will have to be taken at service center for repairs. 9. It is clearly understood that DATA integrity and security are not responsibility of KEYUR COMPUTER SERVICES,it is customer responsibillity to take reguler backup of DATA . of course guidance will be provided by us. 10. Before signing contract all system should be in working condition. 11. All the spares are charged on actual. 12. The contract specially excludes damages caused due to fire, Theft,Riost,Accidents,power Fluctuations and natural calamities arising beyound the control of either party



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