God creates the first two people – Adam and Eve. Eve eats the forbidden fruit and gets Adam to also. God kicks them out of the Garden of Eden and tells them that women shall be in pain through child birth, and men shall work hard. The First Murder (4:1-16) – Adam & Eve: Abel (Shepard) and Cain (farmer). Abel offers God his best of flock and Cain offers God crops. God likes Abel's gift more so Cain kills Abel. A Clean Sweep (6-9) – God told Noah to build an Ark and to put a male/female of ever animal in there and his family along with him. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. It's All Talk (11:1-9) – Noah's descendants become cocky about their work. They build a tower to be show offs and God showed them. He made it so they would speak different languages. Plan B (12:1-9) – God calls Abraham (75 years old) to leave his homeland and go to Israel. He tells Abraham that he will “make your descendants into a great nation”. The Contract (15:1-21) – Covenant: Formal Contract. God's promise to Abraham: “Look at the sky and see if you can count the stars. That's how many descendants you will have”. No Laughing Manner (18:1-2) – 3 messengers tell Abraham he will have a son. Sarah (Abraham's wife) laughs as she overhears this from the tent (she is 90 and he is 99). Within a year, they do have a son: Isaac. Jewish nation begins. Final Destruction (19:1-29) – God's messengers then head to Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities by Canaan, to give bad news. God decides to destroy the cities after seeing how gone they were from Depravity. God had tried to warn Lot and his family to leave, but some men tried to gang rape the messengers. So the Lord sent burning Sulphur down like rain on Sodom and Gomorrah (19:24). Lot's wife turned back and turned into salt. The Test (22:1-19) – Abraham gets the ultimate faith test. God told Abraham to kill his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham nearly obeyed, but an angel came and said he passed the test.

Wrestling Mania (32:22-32) – Isaac had twins (Esau and Jacob). The deathbed blessing was traditionally given to the older son, but Jacob tricked Isaac and got it instead. The night before Jacob's reunion with his brother, he meets a mysterious man. He tells the man he can't go until he blesses him, and they wrestle until the man throws Jacob's hip out of joint. The man gives Jacob a new name – Israel. Jacob has 12 sons, who's descendants become the tribes of Israel. The most famous of these sons: Joseph. Favorite Son (37:12-28) – Joseph shows off that he is the favorite, and his brothers throw him into a pit. They trade Joseph for 20 pieces of silver. In Egypt, he's thrown in prison for being accused of raping his master's wife. The rule of Egypt has him summoned. Dream Team (41:1-40) – Pharaoh (ruler of Egypt) has weird dreams and summons Joseph to interpret them. Joseph tells him that God is warning Egypt of 7 good years of Harvest and 7 years of drought. Pharaoh makes Joseph his number two guy. Family Reunion (45:1-15) – Having no food, Joseph's brothers head to Egypt. They beg for food to Joseph, without knowing it's him. He identifies himself and finds out that his dad is alive, but sad over losing him. Joseph forgives them by saying this: “Don't worry or blame yourselves, God is the one who sent me ahead of you to save lives” (45:5). Jacob and family move to Egypt, and become slaves.