The 6th Sun and the Footprint of Creation
A ReEvolution of Love and Consciousness


Illustrator: Christian N. Rodhall First Line: Editor Annie Avery Cover Design: Lori K. Roberts

Arne Rodhall © 2010, 2012


This book is dedicated to my sons Vincent, and Christian the illustrator and part-time corroborator; Yamileth; Stacy; Dawn; Laura; Annie A; Mathias; Rebecca and their children, and to my close friends who do not know how much their comments and contributions have synchronized my work – and to you the reader for your courage to continue your own studies and spread this information – correcting and expanding this contribution and your higher self. And to all those of various religious persuasions – forgive my trespasses as they are with good intent. We are all One.



2012 and Beyond signifies the era of the 6th Sun, which the Maya referred to as the time of the return of their gods. It is the age of enlightenment, and a spiritual as well as physical transformation of the ego, or your current perception of yourself and the universe. It is a milestone in our combined efforts to evolve and experience physical existence. We are experiencing a re-evolution in human consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of our surroundings and all that there is. This era has already begun and the transformation is already taking place. At this time, science and consciousness are merging across the planet, not in one or two places, but everywhere in parallel, and with increased unity. In other words, the 100th monkey is in effect. That is, when the 100th monkey learns something new say, in a maze, all successive monkeys gain that knowledge as if by magic. The 101st monkey that enters the maze will immediately push the first button, which the first 100 monkeys learned painstakingly to push by trial and error. We need only learn to fully trust our intuition. We are in a time when the scientific community will positively acknowledge the existence of a higher unifying creative force, which we are all a part of. The realization is coming to many, as we discover a divine order in chaos and our ability for communication with such forces is enabled within. Humanity is on the brink of major scientific as well as spiritual discoveries, which man cannot contain - and for the benefit of all. It is a time when we are realizing that we are, in fact, one being and one consciousness, and that our combined consciousness not only creates our reality but changes and shapes it. It is also a time when the individual will realize it is of a divine nature and that the power of creation is a tool that is innate in all of us.


We are on the edge of discovering that looking for the smallest “God particle” and looking to, and beyond, the edge of the universe does not hold the answer. The footprint of creation is in all matter, and all we need to do is look within. Science is about to find that what we believed was a makeup of the smallest particle, is not a particle at all, but pure structured energy with no mass. We are remembering that mass is simply energy and purely a result of a structure carved out by light waves of vibration and resonance. We will recognize that reality is a structured force of vibration, consisting of spiral vortices that align themselves in patterns according to the five Platonic solids and form matter. This construct and pattern, as it culminates, is defined by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life will be explained later, but it is reflected everywhere. For the Maya and Belize it is the Ceiba tree and it is also reflected in the human placenta in its patterns. This divine construct and pattern is what I refer to as the footprint of creation, or footprint of the divine, of God, if you will. This book is for everyone with an interest in exploring the evolution of human consciousness, new explorers and truth seekers alike. It is merely an introduction into this field but it is the author’s hope that it will shed enough light on matter to encourage you to continue the exploration and find the truth for yourself. It is also an attempt to provide a framework for how the multitude of topics and issues involved in this ancient, but rediscovered, field, interrelate. As with all such matters, new discoveries are made each day and when new material brings light, abandon the old and what is contained herein that no longer applies – do not dwell on what is not your truth, but consider and move on, but do consider. You will find, if you are able to absorb some of the more technical aspects of this, that you are standing at the forefront of science, and you will as I have, be able to watch as mainstream science catches up to what we all once knew and are now remembering. To learn something new, sometimes we need to abandon our old programming and let go of it. If we fear new information and cling to the ego we spent years to program and harden in order to protect ourselves, we stifle progress in all aspects of our life. Instead, try to let go, let the information energize and enable you. Let it find the divine self within you and empower you. Do not stand up and criticize; question everything, contribute, participate, educate, progress, evolve, be present in the now and find your own truth and discover your own unique and higher purpose. As soon as we can let go of our ego, truly let it go, we can love everything and everyone else unconditionally, including ourselves. One way to let go of the ego is to stay present in the moment. To stay present means to be fully conscious of all that is. To let go of all the attachments that surround us and just be present. Like an animal walking a tightrope,


perfectly, the first time around. The animal’s consciousness is not clouded by an ego, and it is fully present at all times, which enables perfect concentration. An animal has no sense of time, and is not concerned about the future, it is fully present in the now – which is all there is. If you live in and for the future or the past, you will never live fully. You must live in the present because any given moment in your life is now.


The 6th Sun

The Maya in Central America created the Maya Calendar, marking our time and evolution until December 21, 2012. It is one of the few remnants left of their legacy to humanity that was not destroyed by the Spaniards when they invaded the Americas. It is not the end of the world, or the end of human consciousness. It is the end of an era known as the 5th Sun and it is the beginning of the 6th Sun. It is the age of enlightenment and as the Maya perceived it, the return of the gods. This new age we have entered was best described by Edgar Cayce [1877-1945]. He was a well-documented psychic, remote viewer and prophet who read from a state of self-induced trance to an assisting scribe. He needed a note taker because he was not able to remember what he spoke of after waking. Cayce was a man of average intellect. He was able to get through his schoolwork by sleeping with his book under his head. When he woke up he had a photographic memory of its content. Cayce provided thousands of accurate diagnoses and remedies with this method to sick people all over the world, knowing only their names and addresses. I quote him because of his precision and his apparently flawless gift, and unambiguous statements. There were many notable, and clearly gifted psychics throughout history that speak of this time, such as Nostradamus, whose wording was vague and as such his words were left to individual interpretation. Though many left warnings that offer useful hints, most left inaccurate predictions that proved flawed on a percentile basis. Cayce, to date, has not been proven in error in any of his readings, a true prophet, though he leaves destiny in our own hands with free will. Cayce’s own words (1) describe perfectly the time that we are entering as, “…the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs. This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness.” 5

What Cayce is telling us is that we are becoming fully aware of the ability we have to communicate with the creative forces, God, or spiritual aspects of our lives, and that we are developing the ability to use these forces and knowledge in the physical world. Furthermore, that our ability to communicate with our common subconscious mind and the mind of the creator will be at its maximum, and that our greatest obstacle is our ego: our materialistic possessiveness, our pride and selfishness. In other words our inability to love unconditionally is at stake. Also, that the information available to us, from within and without, like the information in this book, can be used to create abundance as well as destruction. Why is love so paramount to our existence? Why is unconditional love the greatest challenge we face? That is one of the aspects of this book we will explore together and one of many it will attempt to answer. It is the purpose of this book to provide a framework for existence so that when you read and explore the myriad of brilliant writers and pioneering scientists in this field, bridging science and human consciousness, you will have a place to fit the pieces. I will mainly focus on what science has proven in-fact or empirically demonstrated with a multitude of facts that coincide and point us to truth. I beg the forgiveness of the reader when I create reasonably inferred conclusions. Use the reference section, add to it, and keep studying this subject. If I refer to esoteric beings or research based on remote viewing, that reference is not material to the truth of the matter, so to speak, as this book speaks as a whole and not in parts. The truths in this book will ring true in you; it is not like religion, which takes faith, though faith can move mountains. If the information does not work with your pre-programming at first glance, sit with it, and read it again. If it still does not work for you, dismiss it. There is nothing in this text that is contrary to the truth contained in religious belief systems; in fact they will strengthen religious and divine contentions. In our pursuit of knowledge, no longer esoteric or occult (meaning merely hidden or secret), we find that it is readily available for the sincere asking. You will find that the universe makes it available in a timely manner through synchronistic events that, if you listen to your feelings and higher self, will avail themselves on an increasingly frequent basis. Let your intuition, emotions and your heart guide you toward your unique purpose and be focused by your intention. I assure you that by simply reading this book it will become clearer to you, and those that continue their studies into these subjects will find even greater rewards than simply personal empowerment.



The Beginning

My own journey began with a weekend trip with two dear local friends, Mathias and Louis. We left to visit the home of Mathias’ parents in the little town of Melchor, Guatemala, just across the Belize border. I was told, on prior occasions to this, that their indoor hammock was haunted and took people “for a ride” in it. I had not given that any particular thought and I had heard about that a long time prior to this event. A little past midnight I awoke to the noise of chains moving against concrete. I am a light sleeper and this was a loud repetitive noise. I sat up in bed and 15 feet away, through an open doorway to the living room, was the hammock in full swing. With my sleeping friend Louis in it, the hammock was moving vigorously side-to-side. It was reaching high up on the walls on the sides of the narrow living room. I guess now I knew why they had it tied with chains that rode over the edge of the concrete walls under the tin roof. My first thought, as I got up and unable to take my eyes off the hammock, was that the guys were making a joke on my behalf. I looked over at Mathias and he was fast asleep on a couch in the corner and Louis was still sleeping in the hammock. I moved closer and as I got within 3 or 4 feet of it, whatever was “pushing” it, suddenly let go. It went momentously from brash high strides, which take genuine stand-up-and-push-next-to-it effort, to little gyrations back and forth. There was no trickery, no wind, no nothing. I spoke to Louis, who had slept enviably through the whole ride, slowly sat up, and as he did his rear end bumped against the coffee table next to him. The whole family is used to this and could tell me it happens often. Mathias does not like to sleep in it, but Mathias’ father does not mind and sleeps in it often; if it moves, he will say out loud, “faster, I like it” and it will stop. Along with the swinging, the person in the hammock will often wake up with a small object like a matchbox or lighter or other odd item in the mouth the following morning. Mathias mentions that if his father and himself are in the house it happens more often. Both of them have some psychic abilities and have had, and still have, many unexplainable events happen in their daily lives. These kinds of events are of a nature that has to be experienced to be believed to the extent that it changes your fundamental belief system. However, when I relay the story to people they have often had similar experiences related to a dying family member or other odd situation or event. What this event did for me was open my mind to the inescapable conclusion that there is at least one other dimension to this life other than the one we experience on a daily basis, and that there is in fact more to life outside of our normally perceived reality. From there a genuine request was created in my mind to learn more, and so ideas that seemed not just my own, information and people with clues - started coming


my way. The first information on this vast subject appeared a few days after in the form of a book, passed from a colleague’s aunt who worked for years as a remote viewer for the US government. The book was “Souls of Distortion” by Jan Wicherink – whose mind was also opened by a supernatural personal experience. It’s easy to find on the web, in PDF format, and arguably one of the best opening books available to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. I studied the book with a close friend, Stacy: she would tell me of an insight she would gain from meditation or channeling, and I would often shake my head in blatant disagreement. But, repeatedly I would find that I would have to concur within minutes, or hours, when finding my “scientific” confirmation from scholarly sources. I was a stubborn skeptic, but have learned to hold my doubts, let new information flow and let my intuition sort it out later. Stacy, and so many others at this time, are able to experience what I have to intuit. I’m a bit jealous of their connection at times, however irrational and self-defeating that may be. We all have our peculiar paths and blocks to remove, and egos to transmute.


A Point and Creation of Matter

From a point, Logos (the word or sound) and the common unified consciousness of which we are a part, came material existence. The creative force in the form of consciousness, or divine will, has always existed – or we will find ourselves in a circular argument (the chicken or the egg?). If we argue and accept the circular argument, by its definition, we are also caught in an endless and eternal loop. Therefore we can logically conclude that consciousness is eternal and has always existed. Creation of our universe began with the intent of divine will in the form of a word - a divine sound – AUM or OM. It was the very first sound that formed a wave, a tiny spiral wave. It was created in infinite divine density. Due to this infinite density the spinning vortex formed itself into the only possible sustaining shape, a helical self-centering vortex sphere curbing in on itself. Looking top down the first spiral spun clockwise pouring force into the void, or rather divine density. It was male, by definition; as an outpouring clockwise spin. The outpouring itself created the equally opposing force of ether. Within formed an opposite spinning spiral wave, the female. The female filled the same space. For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The female inward breath drew the same force from this physical plane across the quantum divide.


Thus, the two opposing but coherent spinning spheres were formed and kept pulsing in unison and in perfect harmony and loving embrace. The male was formed first and the female was formed within, of the male. It was formed of the spinning framework; much likened to that of the shape of a human ribcage with its horizontal ribbing. The two coherent and opposite spinning helical vortex spheres coexisted in perfect harmony, neither touching nor interfering as separated in time, but complementing each other in perfect harmony and balance. The male, drawing force from across the quantum divide, breathing in from the other side and out into our physical realm - and the female, creating equal opposing pressure, breathing in and out across the same divide. In this loving embrace they kept breathing, together, assisted in tune with the heart or will of the divine, their union creating sustaining form and matter - from old eternal matter, and another universe, within infinite universes. The above came to me one morning and it still makes me feel love and gratitude as the true meaning of the biblical story of Adam and Eve was revealed to us at its most basic level. As it is above, so it is below – on all levels of creation. I will present you a short version, or synopsis, of the continuous creation of matter and reality, so that you know where we are headed and how it comes together. Do not worry if you do not see the relationships or understand this at first, as we will explore in greater detail, and provide support for these statements from many different angles. Vibration, our common consciousness, creates two opposing spiraling vortices with opposite spin of photonic energy (light) with zero mass. These two vortices create a helical toroid sphere (doughnut), which at one level we can call a particle of energy.

[Energy Structure of a Particle of Matter]


The particle above it is not really a particle in the sense of a “smallest marble”, but a structure of energy carved out of the ether. It has no solid mass the way Einstein initially considered mass. The particles arrange themselves according to the structure of the Platonic solids and form matter. A pyramid forms a single vortex in compressed form, the same way a cube forms a sphere. This basic structure, or footprint of creation, is present in every particle and is the guiding structure at every level all through the universe. The structure appears within and without, or above and below, in an open ended system of infinite possibilities. Inherent in this structure is life, and it spontaneously erupts into DNA and exceedingly complex life forms at every opportunity where before there was none. The complexity of life forms is only limited by our combined imagination. At the center of the universe, and at the center of all matter, large or small, you will find both a white and a black hole working together in harmony. The particle above consists of two separate spinning units, one a white hole and the other a black hole and they alternately pull and push energy across a dimensional divide at the center of its vortex. At the center of the same structure, as it also applies to you as a being, you will find your own connection to the center of the universe, your soul, and your ability to exchange information with all other beings and all other matter. All matter and consciousness is connected throughout the universe, as well as in parallel dimensions, and all that we do, and all that we are, affect all other matter and consciousness. This is especially true when we focus our intention while in a state of love and coherence with all that is. We are indeed powerful divine beings, and we are nothing without each other. United we stand, or rather, exist, and in unity we can change anything and everything. It does not mean that an individual is not powerful in itself, in fact we are all powerful, as demonstrated by the Christ of Man (Essence of God). But, our power is defined within our ability to connect with our unified consciousness and our innate ability to manifest in congruence. Science has proven that individually, we can effect change to some degree, but in unity it is instantaneous and all encompassing. Try meditating on the breath of the divine, the “aum” spiraling force that crosses between


dimensions, in an endless looping spiral across dimensions nested within our universe. The same “breath” or force is as real as you are and it loops throughout all consciousness. The same breath connects all beings physically and mentally, as we are all of the same, near and galaxies away. Tune in with the sound of the deep and penetrating “aaauuummm” awhile, then let your breathing in and out become one with the breath of the universal consciousness – try to become one with the nature and all life around you – realizing that it is all the same matter and all of the same mind.


Sound, Vibration and Spirals

The Logos or word is an allegory for sound; sound, or vibration, creates form. We live in a Uni-Verse (one song) and our common vibration holds reality and all its familiar forms. The first example of sound creating form is found in the original Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew Bible. Stan Tenen (2) used the genesis verse to create a toroidal shape. He found the torus within the genesis verse by counting the letters in base-3. Tenen then realized that this shape was the basis for a model in which the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are themselves created. The torus, though it is one self-contained vortex, can be illustrated as the result of two vortices that connect in the middle of the torus and spin around the outside so as to form the familiar doughnut shape. Integral to the torus are the Platonic solids we find in sacred geometry, such as the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. These shapes and forms intertwine at every level. Hang an expanding spiral or vortex, from the apex, or top of a tetrahedron. That is, hang it inside and from the top of a three-sided pyramid, and watch the shadow on one of the walls, letters of the Hebrew alphabet will appear on the wall as you turn the spiral. This clearly shows us that whoever it was that created the Hebrew alphabet had a very deep understanding of how matter is created. The truth of this will come to you throughout this book. The study of how sound creates shape is referred to as Cymatics and different vibrations or modulated frequencies create different shapes in different materials. Dr. Hans Jenny [19041972] was one of the pioneers of Cymatics and his videos can easily be found on the web today (3). If you connect a transducer or piezoelectric crystal that vibrates sound to a hard plate with fine silicate sand, or other pulverized inert substance, you can create stable


shapes on that plate with the sound. The sounds create stable standing resonating waves on the plate and at various frequencies create very specific shapes. Jenny’s findings clearly demonstrate that sound or vibration create static and even moving 3-dimensional shapes. In fact, he found that all the shapes of the five Platonic solids appeared on his plate with various vibrating frequencies. He experimented with powders and liquids of various kinds creating a myriad of different forms. Jenny found that similar frequencies would create alternate patterns and shapes depending upon what substance, or mixture of substances, was on the plate. Jenny (23) found that a perfectly pronounced "O" generates a perfect "O" and cymatics could in this way be used as an aid for training deaf people to speak. This indicates that the sound of creation must have been similar or very close to the “aum” sound used during yoga and in meditation around the world in various religions. This is evident by its O formation and it is not hard to see, that when pronounced properly, it would create a perfect PHI spiral – more on PHI spirals later. Jeff Volk (70) found that at times we feel tense and tighten our shoulders, that is, until suddenly the 50 Hz compressor hum from the refrigerator shuts down, and we find ourselves relaxed and breathing normally again. This is a blatant display of how the vibrations all around us have an impact that we normally do not consider. In 1656, a Dutch astrophysicist noted that randomly swinging pendulums of the same lengths would begin to swing in unison after a period of time, and concluded that the weaker vibrations of the smaller pendulums would synchronize with the stronger vibrations of the larger ones. It is well know fact that menstrual cycles begin to coincide when women share living space. In the 1960s, Robert Monroe correlated differential sounds being passed into the ears and formulated specific sounds that would balance the right and left brain to induce various states of mental relaxation, or alertness and clarity. It is well known that yogic mantras or Tibetan singing bowls and various instruments such as drums and gongs, will help mute the brainwaves and relax brain activity into a meditative state, or theta state. We can create an infinite amount of frequency variations and modulations, and the frequencies we can record in space or from planets and the sun are very complex. We can hear and get a feel for cosmic sounds if we divide the frequencies so many times that we bring it into the audible frequency range. What we end up with is a derivative or sub harmonic of the original frequency so that we can listen to, for instance, the sound of the sun (50). Now, if we take all the different materials in the periodic table and mix and match them in varying proportions we have a very large amount of compounds to which we can apply these frequencies, and can create virtually any shape we desire. This is


fundamentally how we co-create reality. Space is like an open fractal box of multiple and infinite layers of geometric shapes. When something exhibits a perfect fractal structure, it means that it is self-similar at every level when looking at it. When zooming in or zooming out, you are always looking at the same structure and shape. An example of this is the structure of a leaf, or a coastline, or a spiral, or a square folded in half over and over, or a mirror that mirrors its own image to infinity. No matter how much you zoom in you see the same structure, it is the same jagged edge, the spiral can keep spiraling inward as long as it is perfect, the square always a square, and in the next mirror you will find the same image. The shape of the universe happens to be dodecahedral, as reported in “Nature” magazine (4). Note that it is also a helical torus, or an apple. As we shall see these shapes are fully compatible. The shape of the universe reflects cosmic rays as from a sphere that has twelve five-sided flat sides, not unlike a soccer ball. Within this space our common vibration creates matter the same way two loudspeakers facing each other can create standing waves in water. When the two sound waves collide they create standing waves, where the waves are in phase with each other, and where they meet in perfect harmony. The two waves amplify each other and the wave becomes taller than the sum of the two waves. The shape is actually 3 dimensional, but we can only see the water’s surface so it appears in 2 dimensions. The spiraling vortex waves that are created in the etheric space work the same way; they are created where there is no interference and where all the waves can naturally co-exist and do not interfere and destroy each other. This is called phase conjugation, where the waves meet in perfect natural harmony, or love, if you will. Even emotions have their own natural resonant frequencies. We are used to thinking of waves as sine waves in 2 dimensional forms.

[Two Dimensional Sine Waves] 13

Figure I shows you what happens if two normal positively charged sine waves happen to coincide, in phase, with each other. That is when they overlap. The result is that they add together and the height, or amplitude, of the two adds as well. In Figure II you see how a positive and a smaller negative wave will add up where one detracts from the other. In Figure III the two equal sine waves with opposite charge are in phase with each other, they cancel each other out when added. This is how waves show on a graph and act when a wave is manipulated electronically. This is not the case with natural waves in space or the ether. In the ether we have spiraling waves that behave quite differently. [Three Dimensional Spiral Waves]

Spiral waves can have a positive or a negative spin and they can meet, or be in phase, and not interfere with each other (IV). We find that little vortex spirals populate the ether and they find little or no resistance. We have negative spirals and positive spirals and in V you can see how one can have two opposing vortex spirals coexisting in phase conjugation as long as they are PHI spirals. PHI spirals are proportionate to the golden mean ratio (≈1.618) thus they can spiral to infinity without ever touching or interfering. In reality, as waves come in and out of existence, in time, they are actually void and non-existent, just as suggested by quantum mechanical theory. There is continuous re-Creation, moment by moment.


A golden mean spiral is a perfectly fractal spiral. It is derived from an approximated number (like PI) and can never be reached but goes on to infinity. There are other proportions and irrational and repeating sequences found in nature, but the PHI spiral seems to appear most frequently in nature and so it suits our purpose best for the overall illustration. Mainstream science (54) is just uncovering what we have known to be true for a long time, that natural waves are spiral waves, or torsion waves. They are just now discovering helical waves in space, and vortices at every level. Mechanically induced waves, such as sound or pressure waves and water and seismic waves, are purely longitudinal, or circular and lineal. These waves are not natural waves and they fizzle out after a while because they do not go, or resonate, with the natural flow in the ether. Natural waves will propagate through the natural mediums with no resistance. Any movement will set off natural waves creating a permanent instantaneous record of each instance, in time or rather as events, in the ether, in the inert or non-charged gases. In nature, we find the Golden Mean ratios and proportions many places (Phi approximates to 1.618 [PHI ≈ 1.618]). 92% of plants exhibit Fibonacci related spiral patterns or layouts (140). The Fibonacci sequence [0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987…] is named after Leonardo de Pisa who was known as Fibonacci (son of Bonaccio). The first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each remaining number is the sum of the previous two. The Fibonacci sequence also involves the Golden Ratio. If a Fibonacci number is divided by its immediate predecessor in the sequence, the quotient approximates PHI, I.E. 987/610 ≈ 1.6180327868852... These approximations are alternately lower and higher than PHI, and converge on PHI as the Fibonacci numbers increase. There are other ratios such the Lucas Sequence (2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, 76, 123…) and Periodic Orbits that repeat certain numerical sequences (140). The PHI ratio is not an absolute rule or we would all simply look exactly the same. It is a tendency, and nature exhibits a strong conformance to natural harmonic convergence and mathematical rationality. Nature is as diverse as our imagination, guided by our unified consciousness. However, even the ratio between two consecutive Lucas numbers converge to the golden mean ratio (141). As with the Fibonacci numbers, each Lucas number is the sum of its two previous numbers. Sunflower seed layouts appear to conform to the Lucas sequence of 15

numbers in some cases, and in others to the Fibonacci numbers. Archimedean Spirals (142) are constant equidistant spirals and are never found in nature. PHI ratios, Fibonacci proportions, Logarithmic Spirals (143) and other mathematical sequences and derivatives are in the layout of the human body and the layout of flowers, leaves, seeds, pinecones, and everywhere you look, and provide perfect guidance in the logarithmic and fractal, or self similar, spiral formation of nautical shells. These ratios gravitate toward perfect mathematical and harmonic symmetry, which is what enabled their creation and continued existence in matter. Without gravity toward mathematical perfection there would be no natural harmonic convergence and thus no matter in the universe. In 1897, Dr. Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater (43) noted, using remote viewing by many confirming psychics, through the use of micro-psi, that the smallest particles are vibrating particles that move in a helical toroidal pattern. Besant and Leadbeater noted two types of particles, one positive spinning clockwise and the other negative, spinning anti-clockwise, looking top down. Their description, and in some part that of Edwin Babbit (51), aids greatly in the understanding of the formation of matter, when it is viewed in light of modern sciences such as Super String Theory, M-theory, Quantum Mechanics and Torsion physics. We will bring out the relevant parts of these as we move along. It appears that around 1900 we had a greater understanding of reality than we have today. It may be due to misguided efforts confirmed by the establishment and economic support for greatly misleading research. Without pointing fingers we can clearly say that Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of “all things electromagnetic”, was closer to the truth with a formula for energy, E=FR (Frequency times Resonance) filed in 1904, than Albert Einstein was with his equation explaining energy in 1905. Einstein’s heavily promoted theory, E=MC^2 forced other scientists to work within that framework or be ridiculed. Mass is only energy, and the speed of light is not constant, it is highly relative to its location and the gravity waves it encounters and today most mainstream scientists recognize that Einstein’s theory is not a finite solution. The truth is that there is no “mass” as such, only volume and charge. Even Einstein admitted on several occasions, and in letters, that his theory had limitations and that reaching a unified field theory was beyond his abilities. Many of Tesla’s patents regarding gravity and energy are now hidden and not shared, and so, are very hard to find. His theory is revealed, as multiple sources and references allude to his solution. You will not find a copy of it anywhere, though numerous references are made to its existence and


its contents, as well as the non-annotated formulae. The simple truth is Energy is only a factor of Frequency and Resonance. Tesla said that the ether “behaves as a fluid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat,” and that under “sufficiently high voltage and frequency,” we can tap into it – hinting at access to anti-gravity and free energy. Tesla strongly believed in studying and emulating nature to find compatible process for development in harmony with our environment. He recognized that nature displays the highest efficiency, and technology would be more successful and less destructive to our lives when symbiotic with nature. Tesla was a gifted psychic and channeled or received, whole or holographic, ideas in his mind. He spent a lot of time with Indian mystics. He did not consider himself an inventor, but a discoverer. It appears he read from the Akashic records, or the all-encompassing information that is stored in the ether, sub-consciously communicating with his higher self in a higher density, connecting with our unified consciousness. In other words, he would recall his work from earlier incarnations. He would simply contemplate and meditate upon the facts, and the answer and whole new ideas would come to him. His explanation of how he would come up with his inventions caused great annoyance by those considering him their competition, like Thomas A. Edison, who was a brilliant and diligent inventor but only improving his ideas by small increments in lab experimentation. We can speculate on Tesla and other people like Edgar Cayce who displayed obvious gifts, but when you read about The Law of Attraction later you will understand what might be the nature of their gift and why our common consciousness responds to particular beings. Common to Edgar Cayce and Nikola Tesla, was a deep and genuine desire to benefit all of mankind. Another notable man in recent times was clairvoyant George Washington Carver, who revolutionized farming, inventing the cotton gin and commercial uses for the peanut, amongst many other things. Like Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce he had no interest in commercial gains as his contributions in his view belonged to all of humanity. He laughed when asked about patenting any of his inventions; he felt that patenting his ideas would be like taking out a patent on nature or air. None of these men saw any importance in making a profit on their work. This is a highly unusual disposition, not normally encountered in humanity at present. When we seek answers to motive, normally all we have to do is “follow the money. Fortunately, that is changing in many beings these days, or we would surely all self-destruct. At some level I believe we all know that.


The reason the structure of matter is of such importance is because it offers insight into your consciousness. Besant and Leadbeater offered clear perception. Small spirals are the true “vibrating strings” that string theory suggests as the basis for formation of matter. Small vortex spirals form greater spirals which in turn form even greater spirals, which in turn form the fundamental unit, or structure, of matter. This structure depicted below from an original illustration, is depicted as a male (positive spin) and female (negative spin). The two work together. The cooperating structures spin with unimaginable speed and vibrate in and out of existence, alternating in time, as do the individual spirals that wrap around within each line, making up the lines. The figure is what they referred to as the “ultimate atom” but they speak of it as a sub unit of an atom and the smallest unit, so we will refer to it as a fundamental unit of matter or a particle. The numbers of “particles” are in relationship to the atomic weight of the substance to which we are looking. Each unit vibrates and pulses, contracts and expands. There are negative and positive units in existence, and they noticed that these had a tendency to attract one another. They actually work together in alternation within the same space, and form a more stable structure. The male is centripetal and the female centrifugal. [Positive and Negative Fundamental Units of Matter]

What makes Besant and Leadbeater’s micro-psi, or remotely viewed and painstakingly accumulated research, so interesting is that the results correspond perfectly to reality, as we know it today in multiple sciences. They predicted the atomic weight of the elements with perfect accuracy by manually counting them via remote viewing. Besant and Leadbeater spoke of two types of godlike particles, one male and positive, spinning clockwise pouring energy into our physical reality, and the female and negative, spinning counter-clockwise draining energy, looking top down. The commonalities were incessant spinning, its axis wobbles (precesses) and it regularly expands and contracts. This of course just further supports what we know to be true already. The structure can in reality


be applied to everything in the universe, on a larger scale the Earth precesses, we see the moving in and out of existence in quantum physics and everything spins in motion from the electron to the galaxy. You can see how these illustrations are simply that of two helical toroidal spheres. Each of these particles is made up of 10 whirls that if laid out would form a circle. Each whirl is separate and they do not touch. Each is made up of 1,680 coils or spirals with 2.5 turns in each spiral. When laid out in a circle and the coil stretched you will find that the new circle is made up of even smaller spirals, and so on. The spirals of spirals go 7 levels deep to where all they could “see” were little bubble spheres that made up the last spiral. Stephen M Phillips (44) did considerable research on this subject and brought in a remote viewer in modern times that said the little bubbles were more like individual torii. So the cycle repeats, fractally, smaller, and to infinity. Its size is only limited by our ability to observe the event. Each unit consists of 7 thin whirls that all correspond to the same ratio of spirals to smaller spirals. The last 3 whirls are thicker and out of ratio and appeared to be undergoing a change or growing. This would lend credibility at some level to the changes many people expect in human DNA at this time. The same units and structure forms our DNA and has the DNA code built into it. It appears DNA is changing, but how it is changing is speculation, or rather intuition. Each of the 7 whirls or strings respond individually to each of the 7 natural tones or harmonics on the natural musical scale, and each of the same strings also correspond to the 7 individual colors in the natural color spectrum. The same repeated string or whirl was “remotely viewed” as responding to the same color or tone, and literally lighting up or vibrating stronger when reflecting a particular tonal frequency, or particular color spectrum. Let’s consider for a moment: If it is true that we are changing, as many indigenous peoples all over the world are telling us we are, then, by inference, all beings on all densities are also undergoing this change and are moving into a higher density, or faster spin. And believe me, there is consciousness on other planes, I have experienced it. This is a very exciting prospect. If the structure of matter changes, and thus the universe and our very physical makeup, then the change will reverberate in many exciting ways. One thing we know is that the 3 additional strings of the physical unit are changing, thus matter and our very physical makeup and DNA are changing with it. One possibility with the 3 additional 19

whirl strings of the ultimate physical unit is that they are being activated in line with the other 7. If so, the change we are undertaking at this time could add 3 colors to our visual frequency spectrum as well as increase our perception of higher frequencies. Many people, those people close to me that are “connected” or have strange visions with increasing occurrence, not related to drugs, are telling me they see colors they have never seen before. They are unable to convey or explain what the colors look like. Similarly, our intelligence would increase, as it would enhance our perception in all areas. After all, every sense is just an interpretation of a particular frequency range, and the increase in range would affect all our senses. Numbers (56) show that the world population’s IQ is increasing at this time by about 3 IQ points per decade and that the increase is accelerating. “Newsweek” reports on this phenomenon as well and notes a 27-point IQ increase in Britain since 1924 and 24 points in the US since 1918. The rise is so sharp that it implies that today’s children are as sharp as the geniuses of yesteryear. Only about 5 points could be accounted for by socioeconomic factors. In 1918 over half of US soldiers had IQs below 76 and would neither be able to enter today’s military nor understand today’s rules of baseball. Besant and Leadbeater also explain the atoms as forming in various structures and levels in the ether, arranging themselves in patterns of the Platonic Solids (next section). Their explanation of the ether and how the ultimate unit of matter functions, and therefore all of reality including yourself, is very interesting. It all works with what we know to be true, without conflict. Each ultimate unit is represented on several planes, the first of which is referred to as the Astral plane. The Astral plane is suggestive of one of multiple coherent string theories unified as M-theory. M-theory simply brings together multiple string theories that all coexist in science today. There are six planes as described outside our own realm. Each ultimate unit is represented by 49 (divisions of 7) units on the Astral plane and each one of these units are in turn represented by 49 units on the next higher plane, and so on. This illustrates how we exist on all planes, or dimensions, all the time. It also suggests that the native American Indians were correct in assuming that animals and their ancestors still existed on such planes, that before killing an animal consideration would have to be given to its spirit, or rather Astral being. The ether, or the physical vacuum or “space” in which we exist, appears to be made of unimaginable density, and matter is the absence of density. Matter is carved out by the 20

vortices that enter and leave continuously. Matter, thus, is not the energy whirl itself but the space and structure that is created around it. The male, or positive, clockwise (from above) vortex spirals pushes force through its center from the Astral plane and creates the unit all in one “breath” not unlike a white hole. Similarly, the female vortex is also like a white and a black hole that draws force out of our density or realm in an exchange with the next plane. They move in harmony with opposing spin. This way the units are constantly pulsing and being created and uncreated in an alternating fashion, and in constant interaction with the ether, or field. All of this is consistent with M-theory as well as with Quantum physics’ contention of pulsing or vanishing particles. Quantum Mechanics tells us that at one point we, or matter, are there and the next we are not, at a very rapid rate. We literally blink, or more correctly, pulse in and out of existence so fast that we cannot observe the speed at which it occurs. We can only theorize about it. The insight obtained with micro-psi or remote viewing can now correlate, and does correlate, perfectly with Nassim Haramein’s (30) black hole at the center of the galaxy and at the center of matter, as well with as LaViolette’s (45) idea of a there being a white hole at the center of the universe. Now both theories become compatible as the black and white holes alternate in each other’s place, and in harmony, to create a more stable structure. If you do not understand this, you will find much help in the reference section. For now it is enough to know that things happen as I state. Scientists have confirmed (53) that the universe is indeed a helical doughnut shape and their measurements are interpreted within a finite space, however, we know that this is but a nested structure and only one level in an infinite range due to its fractal nature. The ether, or density of space is infinite, and of a higher order, and the wall or reference point is the field. The ether is explained more fully toward the end of the book, for now you can consider it a divine substance outside of our physical reality. Our reality and matter contained by the ether interacts with the immediate and parallel Astral plane, and by reference it also interacts with the higher planes or infinite dimensions above the Astral plane. Perhaps in the order of 7, (though many psychics see only 5) and we propose that 3 additional dimensions are not yet “in full play” on the physical level, for a total of 10 dimensions as predicted by M-theory. This would mean that our current visual reality repeats with 7 beyond the field as the order repeats to infinity as a fractal in the other dimensions. This would certainly make sense with respect to its structure as it references light and sound in harmonics of 7 – as below, so above.


What it appears we have re-discovered, is that matter is actually the absence of density. Matter is just structured space in an ether that is unimaginably dense, and our connection made tangible by that same perfect density, and by the fact that we are consciously observing or aware of it. So, as you move, think, feel, speak, it reverberates everywhere and touches everyone and everything! Our feelings have been shown to be identifiable tangible frequencies. Everything has its own frequency. Even any given virus, as you will see, operates on its own frequency. All there is consists of vibration. I am vibration, here and in other densities or dimensions if you will. You can feel it with a simple exercise right now. Try yelling at your friend in a harsh angry tone, put some bad feeling into it. Now that you are aware, you can literally feel the reverberation interfering with your own harmonic vibrations. It would be advisable to eat your food with reverence and good feelings (saying grace), speak softly, harmoniously, kindly and lovingly. This does not just affect everyone else immediately, it reflects back to you and reverberates within yourself even stronger. So, to stay healthy and keep everyone else in good health, we would be well advised to retain a good mood and act lovingly toward one another. If you really want to stay healthy and happy you may even want to avoid disharmonious music on your stereo. Sounds and music that follow the natural scale can be purchased in many places these days. The ultimate unit of matter can be seen as the perfect harp, the strings responding to natural harmonics, on which we play the uni-verse, our common song. Besant and Leadbeater’s original illustration below shows how a spiral vortex cone nests to form two of the Platonic solids we will discuss in the next section, the Tetrahedron and the Cube.

[Vortex Spirals nesting to form a Tetrahedron and a Cube]



Sacred Geometry

The Greek philosopher Plato tells us that there are five basic geometric shapes that make up matter. The five platonic solids are in normal order; a tetrahedron (symbolizing fire), a cube (earth), an octahedron (air), an icosahedron (water) and a dodecahedron (universe). These solids are found in numerous places around Earth in ancient forms, some carved in stone. These shapes will nest perfectly inside each other. Each platonic shape can also be accurately circumscribed by a sphere. This means that each point found in each shape will touch the sphere around it. The sphere represents spirit, life or consciousness, and the cube represents creation or matter. If you compress a cube you will have a sphere. Mathematically, the shapes are derived by frequent use of the golden mean ratio, Or PHI (1.618). Each a convex polygon, is in congruence, the same number of faces meet at every vertex. These are the only mathematical shapes that can do this and therefore, due to their uniform distribution are often made into dice, or Rubik’s cube-like puzzles. They are the most regular and symmetric polygons you can find and can only be described as perfect – like nature. [The Platonic Solids; Cube, Tetra-, Dodeca-, Icosa- and Octa-hedron] and the same stones carved by the Neolithic people of Scotland at least 1,000 years prior to Plato.

The solids are easy to spot in nature. The shape of the molecular structure of many viruses such as Herpes or HIV, are typically either an icosahedron or a cube. An icosahedron is the simplest shape to assemble using subunits of protein and saves space in the genome. The tetrahedron, cube and octahedron are the predominant shapes of crystals. A certain species of amoeba; radiolaria, have skeletal structures that are shaped like icosahedrons. Water molecules take on icosahedral and dodecahedral shapes as fluid and exhibit different properties depending upon the shapes they take on. 1n 2003, satellite images of Hurricane Isabel, revealed a crystal clear image of a pentagonal shape in the center of the vortex. New NASA pictures of Saturn reveal hexagonal shapes in its atmosphere.


The Platonic solids are derived from the Flower of Life. The pattern of the flower of life has been found in many temples around the world. At the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt, it has been burned into stone with a form of ancient laser or directed heating tool. The pattern goes all the way through the rock enabling the symbol to remain through the weariness of time. [The Flower Life]

The Flower of Life had great symbolic value to pre-Egyptian culture. Modern scientists, though constantly challenged by old-school Egyptologists, estimate this stone inscription to be 10 to 15 thousand years old. The problem with stone is that there is no way to estimate its true age so we have to estimate based upon what surrounds it, or the layer of ground it appears embedded in, or compare it to architecture found in specific layers. In other words, we make a guess. What appears to be 1,000 years old may be 200,000 years old or much more and earth layers are unreliable with occasional upheavals and shifts that can mix the layers. Integral parts of the flower of life can be found in Christianity and Judaism as well. Leonardo da Vinci studied its forms and its relationships with the Golden Mean [PHI], and how it directly derives the platonic solids. Metatron’s Cube illustrates this perfectly. Here you can see the progression from the simplest form of sacred geometry, the Vesica Pisces, to the Tripod of Life, the Seed Of Life, the Egg of Life, the Flower of life, the Fruit of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the Star Tetrahedron forming the toroidal helical doughnut. These shapes are all integrated perfectly and in relationship to each other. They are the basis for how matter grows and duplicates itself symbolically and mathematically as well as in reality. They reveal the true structure of our nature and for this reasons Sacred Geometry was once an integral part of a classical education. Sacred Geometry is once again being studied increasingly all over the world and gives insight and solutions to philosophical, geological and biological questions. As such it has great implications for your awareness and consciousness.


[Sacred Geometric Progression]

The tree of life is an extension of Metatron’s Cube and illustrates how the completed structure replicates and grows. The structure can be mathematically extended outward illustrated by one downward extension. Carl Johan Calleman (55) suggests that the Maya World Tree (Tree of Life) is the fundamental structure and the origin of life, and he’s correct. He finds the golden mean ratio in the Maya calendar and that confirms its divinely inspired nature and relevancy. He suggests that life and the evolution of human consciousness is a synchronized event. The underlying structure is inherent in everything and everywhere and at every level.

[Tree of Life]


The star tetrahedron symbolizing the two opposing gender vortices and thus matter, is an important form as becomes apparent when you look at the division of the human embryonic cell. The sphere, consisting of the female and male energy (now called a zygote), divides and becomes two, becomes four and forms a single tetrahedron, becomes eight and forms a star tetrahedron, next it forms a sphere (morula) of approximately 32 spheres and take on a more sophisticated or conscious set of activities. [Cell Division of the Human Embryo]

At its most basic level, the spiral vortex forms a helical sphere as explained in the previous chapter as an ultimate unit of matter. Just like the smallest spiral is wrapped around, or actually forms the spiral, it wraps around at right angle to the first spiral. Yet another spiral forms perpendicularly, or at right angle to, the first spiral as a result of the sheer spin and forms a new helical sphere as a result of the spinning force of the first vortex sphere. This is how cell division occurs, and how sacred geometry shows how matter divides. The spiral force is a continuous pulsing or breath of fresh air, in and out. When there is out-breathing, or rather force pouring into the vortex across the quantum field, there is repulsion as well between the two formed spheres, and the one becomes two. Remember that the spiral vortices arrange themselves into platonic shapes. The very basic diagrams of sacred geometry illustrate this mathematically but for simplicity’s sake, as the math becomes exceedingly complex, with a square as it is duplicated. This duplication is also the first extension of the Tree of Life. Electron shells nest platonically, as do protons and neutrons. The Earth’s crust forms a dodecahedron as well, as mentioned by Plato. Plato said the Earth appears like a "twelvesided leather ball. In "Is the Earth a Large Crystal?”, Vitaly Kabachenko, Chemistry and Life, 1973, Russian scientists discovered a dodecahedral pattern to Earth's crust. As a matter of fact the entire atomic table is a nesting of platonic solids, shown by Dr. Robert Moon (47), beginning with the oxygen nucleus forming a cube and ending with palladium forming a dodecahedron. Palladium also has the ability to change or transmute


toxic chemicals into benign substances and is in my own opinion the most precious metal known to science. It will be interesting to see what right-brained science has to say about it over the next few years as materials science changes. We are in a time when we are rediscovering the true fundamentals of nature as well as that of modern versions of alchemy and physics, and it allows for more power over the elements than we have had in 12,500 years. Fortunately, we are in a time when our very nature is changing, becoming more responsible and loving creatures. We are evolving our consciousness and getting ready to leap to another state of being. The star tetrahedron is comprised of two perfectly joined tetrahedral pyramids. The vortices all around are also represented in these two tetrahedrons, creating the shapes and being the shapes, at the center of the torus. They form the Star of David. Spiritually (19), the female downward pointing tetrahedron represents the element of Mercury or rather Water, and the male upward pointed tetrahedron represents Sulphur or Fire (Light). The Star of David, in ancient alchemical terms represents Salt, the perfect union of fire and water, and the perfect coming together of the Above and the Below. The analytical or left brained male part, the Sun, symbolizes the One Mind or spirit, thought or consciousness, the light. The intuitive or right-brained female part, the Moon, symbolizes the One Thing or soul, the primordial chaos, the water. The union of male and female, analysis and intuition, in perfect harmony, or love, produces a state of consciousness, or emotional intellect, which can be cultivated and purified to produce perfect intuition, reality and matter. You will see later how this is a perfect description of our quantum reality.

[The Torus]

The helical torus or doughnut shape shows top view of the energy field of the Earth as well as that of a human being and of the human heart, and for that matter every one of the chakras or energy points in the human body. An EKG reading confirms this and records a 27

field around the human body that extends 14 or 15 feet out and comes back to itself in a toroid shape (49). The heart has its own toroidal shaped magnetic field. Around Earth it is perfectly represented by the Van Allen Belt that is simply a toroid field of energetic particles held in place by Earth’s magnetic field (48). It is in effect the same structure as the vortex whirl carving out the fundamental unit of matter described earlier. “As below, so above”, and vice versa. This is also represented by the star tetrahedron showing the two vortices that fit within each tetrahedron. They are symbolic of the two opposing vortices that form the more stable structure of the ultimate unit of matter discussed earlier. The central spin, or logarithmic spiral is inherent in nature in a nautilus shell. You can see the perfect logarithmic spiral clearly when you look at the Milky Way (the planets expelled outward where energy is released around the equator of what is actually an energetic sphere or torus), or an ocean wave which is actually a spiraling force. Natural waves and the waves that emanate through space, such as reality and gravity are spiral shaped. These spiral shapes, and the vortex pattern of our opposing toroid ether has zero resistance to vibrating PHI ratio logarithmic spirals. In other words, traditional physics do not apply. The spiral wave can move about without discernible reference to time and without limitation. It reverberates everywhere and bounces off everything, matter and consciousness alike, and records everything that has ever been thought or created. The infinite frequency range allowed in quantum physics allows an infinite vibration pattern of infinite complexity. And we can tune in to it, and we frequently do; more often sub consciously, or in a state of bliss. This is what Edgar Cayce managed to tune to in his mind when he read what is referred to as the Akashic record in the ether of space as recorded in the inert, or non-ionized, gases. This is reality, not magic. There exists a white as well as a black hole, nesting at the center of every galaxy on this side of the quantum divide, with corresponding holes on the other side of each vortex field. This prompted me to suspect that about 50% of all galaxies would be perhaps dominated by one or the other, though depending upon if you view a galaxy from the top or bottom it would appear to rotate counterclockwise or clockwise. According to Galaxy Zoo (58), the universe is isotropic, or the same in all directions. A recent analysis of spin confirm that half of the 35,000 publicly classified galaxies spin clockwise and the other half counterclockwise. There was no conflict and can depend upon if you are looking from the bottom or the top of a given spiral, which may invert as small “dimensional” shifts. This is just the way a vortex of a water molecule does when it turns from steam to water, and again from water to ice.


[The Milky Way]

It appears we may be part of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy (115), a small galaxy that is a part of the larger Milky Way. This galaxy has just recently been discovered as it emanates light in the infrared range. One of its spiral arms is part of the Milky Way perpendicularly. The Milky Way is approximately 10,000 times larger than Sagittarius and is in the process of gobbling up the smaller galaxy, or was always a part thereof. In the greater pattern it appears that it is just part of the overall design which is self-similar at every level. If you want to know what the universe looks like, study the structure of the atom, or the planets around the sun. Marko Rodin (14) invented a new vortex-based math, and developed a new magnetic coil that is wound in a particular way after the pattern of a vortex with negative and positive directional windings, and it was found to exhibits zero resistance. His simple proof illustrates the concepts as well as practical application. While the Rodin coil is uniquely effective, toroid coils have been used as transformers in high-end stereo equipment for decades simply because they were found to exhibit less distortion and interference with the amplification of music. Studying and emulating nature appears to be the right way to rapid advancement of our species and ultimate survival.



Gravity and DNA

Dan Winter (6) sheds light on the matter of gravity and DNA. The Platonic solids show how the smallest particles nest, the same way electron shells nest. When scientists search for the so-called God particle, the smallest building block, with the Hadron Supercollider at Cern, Geneva, they will be disappointed. Scientists will soon come to the conclusion that the structure of matter can only be defined as a product of frequency, resonance and nature’s golden mean ratio. Just as scientists of old appear to have known much more about than we do today. A certain segment of the scientific community is playing by Tesla’s rules and not by Einstein’s, and already know all of this, but they are not sharing the information. The golden mean ratio can only be approximated as it is perfectly defined by PHI. However its practical implications are limitless. Matter is a structure of energy, not a particle. It is a ratio that allows and defines infinite fractality (infinite ability for compression and decompression). All logarithmic spirals are fractal, but there is a clear tendency toward the harmonic convergence of the PHI ratio. PHI as the perfect natural logarithmic fractal and is prevalent ratio in nature. In sacred texts and in alchemy the statement “as above, so below”, applies on all levels of reality. Yes, I use that statement a lot, but it’s important to keep it in mind as it always applies and is so easy to forget when some truth is revealed. The structure of matter is infinitely small – it does not end, except past the speed of light, and into a small black hole as posed by physicist, Nassim Haramein. This black hole is a result of its fractality, or self-similarity. You may look further at Haramein’s additions to and expansion of Einstein’s field equations. The only thing he is not looking at is the co-existing and synergistic white hole that is at the center of the galaxy as well as at the center of infinite structure of every particular structure of matter. And I mean within it, not next to it or under it, or merely interacting with it under or over it – as is the case of a separate unit of matter. It does appear that at times either the white or the black hole, or rather its spin, is either predominantly moving clockwise or counter clockwise and dominant of a given body. This happens “in time” fractions and causes stabile pressure between two vortices. The different pressure ratio is what determined each element of matter on the periodic table. Time and new research will reveal more facts. In this regard it is suggested that you and I abandon anything and everything in this book for new and better information if and when it comes to light.


The co-existing white hole is supported by LaViolette’s estimates of the size of the stars closer to the center of the universe being in a state of growth and larger in size than stars further out. Thus we can see that at some point the energy in the universe is pouring in from, and in to, the center of the galaxy, and similarly the universe – see the picture of the ultimate unit of matter previously shown. The structure of matter calls for a continuous exchange of energy beyond the universe, crossing the field, with the Astral and higher planes, or dimensions of greater density. This exchange is continuous in all matter as well as at the core of the galaxy and the universe – in all things. The same structure applies to DNA, the embryonic cell, the human, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe. Whether you look closer or stand back you are looking at the same exact structure. Even the size of the Moon, as ejected from the Earth when the Earth was in the process of formation, is in a perfect PHI relationship. Nothing is random, the structure of the universe, the size of the planets, the human body, the atom, everything is based in the perfect mathematical ratios and sacred geometry. You have all the relationships as well as all the answers within and without you. If you want to find the divine presence it is here, look inward for perfection and outward to compare, be present now. When you look into the spiral from the top you have the same platonically nested view as if looking into a DNA spiral. The true pattern of the torus or toroid can easily be studied in nature by looking at a pinecone, or the arrangement of daisy or sunflower seeds. Fractality and its capacity for infinite charge compression is what causes gravity, and what creates and charges DNA – causing life. The charge to sustain life, and life does require a charge, can be directly measured in DC voltage. The charge is pulled from gravity (infinite implosion and attraction, or rather compression and decompression, cube and sphere). Zero point energy, or rather vacuum fluctuations, are developed and accumulated in nature’s fractal capacitors. The platonic nesting creates a structure that acts like a perfect capacitor and can hold a charge in properly organized matter, such as water, a pinecone, an egg, a person and so forth. An egg is a great example, as it is in perfect ratio and a perfect natural capacitor to attract, collect and hold a charge. The fresher the egg, the greater the voltage measured from end-to-end. Bring a voltmeter to the store next time, or just touch a fresh egg with the tip of your tongue and you will get a small jolt. It is only perhaps 35 to 50 mV, but it can be felt if the egg is fresh. The human body and nature has proven itself more sensitive than any electronic instrument ever devised.


Effects of gravity are produced by a nested structure that absorbs torsion waves continuously. At the same time it is a magnetic, as well as a gravitational field generator. In PHI ratio spirals around the object, gravity converges as standing wave fields in ever widening circles, like standing waves in a pond. At each helical convergence point gravity increases and binds the object in orbit around it in that field. The void that is carved out by torsion waves of the infinitely dense ether, as it relates to our immediate dimension in the Astral and higher planes, must be filled. There is a constant interaction of white and black holes pushing energy across the boundary or field, appearing and re-appearing, with infinite energy available. Imagine a bilge pump that pushes water in and out in place, or your breath pushing in and out, or a heart beat, across the event horizon or field. If you are in harmony or convergence with that field you have an infinite amount of energy available. Infinity is hard to comprehend. Perhaps we just need to accept it as it is evident everywhere. The divine is infinite as is our consciousness. The footprint of creation has infinity inherent to it. It IS the footprint, or energetic pattern of creation, of God, the Creative Forces or Creative Principle in Action. The universe, and matter, is infinitely expandable and collapsible and does so all the time. This compression charges the sun, fuels the atom and delivers life in the form of light. We live in a space of infinite possibilities. We have infinite capacity for creation, and when we intentionally create with love and in unity, there is no end to what we can accomplish. It is our purpose, to create, to expand, to become more, separately and together. There is no end to our time; there are only events like pearls on a spiral string that we perceive as time – and the events are all here and now, just depending upon your relative position to it. Scientist like Prof. Ignacio E. Ochoa Pacheco (7) verified the discovery of Bions by Wilhelm Reich. Reich discovered Bions while working in Norway. Pacheco grew in 2001 what he called SAPA (sand packet) Bions. These are small life forms based upon superheating ocean sand crystals. Science has shown that spontaneous and complex life forms can and do occur under conditions where no life is thought possible. Some grains of whitehot heated ocean sand and some sterilized water were placed in a sealed test tube and the test tube then surgically sterilized. Within 24 hours microscopic but complex life forms spontaneously appeared in the test tube. The Bions consisted of micro-sized clam like shells with flesh and neural structure. A whole variety of different life forms were observed. This has been re-created by other scientists many times and such lab results have been buried due to the negative reception it tends to receive. When non-heated sand was


used in the experiment life would not form. This fact excludes the obvious first thought that some form of life may still remain to grow, and shows that when conditions are pure, or ideal, life is imminent. In other words, an uncontaminated environment where there is no life, is an ideal environment for life as long as we have the basic ingredients: the structure of matter in which the structure of life is inherent, and water. This formula can of course be simplified to one component: consciousness. Water exists on all our planets and on all other planets, in turn, in the order in which they are formed. Without water, even oil or other fuels will simply not combust or burn, thus even the gaseous superheated planets, even the Sun, have an abundance of water. And by extension, all the planets in the universe have an abundance of water, or its components hydrogen and oxygen, which combine, in turn, as each galaxy evolves in its predestined perfect pattern. All elements of matter consist of the ultimate unit of matter at its basic level; all we need for life to form is matter. Matter is synonymous with consciousness, with life, with love, with light. Science now agrees that matter is energy, and that the mind and thoughts are energy. If Mind is energy then there is no difference, thus they are the same – and that is the simple truth. All Matter is Consciousness, Mind or Thought-Form Thus, wherever there is consciousness there is matter, and inherent and abundant life. There is no need for the space spores of Stephen Hawking to float in space and seed planet after planet when the inspired consciousness is the seed itself. In August 2007, we were finally presented with conclusive scientific proof, published in The Sunday Times in the UK (8). “SCIENTISTS have discovered that inorganic material can take on the characteristics of living organisms in space. An international panel from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck institute in Germany and the University of Sydney found that galactic dust could form spontaneously into helixes and double helixes, and that the inorganic creations had memory and the power to reproduce them selves. The new research found that inorganic dust, when held in the form of plasma in zero gravity, formed the helical structures found in DNA. The dust particles were held together by electromagnetic forces that scientists say could contain a code comparable to the genetic information held in organic matter. The Max Planck experiments were conducted in zero


gravity conditions in Germany and on the International Space Station 200 miles above earth. The findings have provoked speculation that the helix could be a common structure that underpins all life, organic and non organic.” How much proof do we need? From space dust directly to a DNA helix that develops into an amoeba or a plant; matter itself is life; complex and complete self-sustaining life. We know that DNA can spontaneously create itself in a vacuum chamber and in a space lab. Matter, which we have defined, self organizes and creates DNA. Life wants to happen all the time, everywhere, it is the nature of the structure of our universe.


Materialized Energetic Structures over Chemical Compositions

Dr. P.P. Gariaev (9) one of the founders of wave-based genetics, is one of the most advanced researchers in this field, and is noted for his work with phantom DNA. A DNA specimen is placed in a vacuum tube and the photons inside align themselves with the DNA helix. When the DNA is removed, the structure of the DNA remains. Thus, physical vacuum has holographic memory. This, however, is not what actually takes place, what Gariaev is missing is that the perfect emanation first emanates from the center of the universe, from “Divine guided common consciousness” as perfection, at ALL times, holding perfect reality, and is what crated the DNA in the first place. When the specimen is removed, the perfect emanation still remains - this is the order of creation. This is also another reminder and hint of the infinite density of the ether, as matter is the absence of density. Just like the vortices discussed carve out matter and the walls surrounding the energy is the structure that is matter. This absence of mass in the ether is matter that is as tangible and physical as matter will ever be. Homeopathy has utilized this effect for many years as they introduce a medication or substance into water and then dilute the water solution carefully, in some cases up to 1,000 times. The water, which exhibits memory, still retains the molecular structure and form as if the original ingredient was still present. The diluted solution has proven to give the same healing effect as the original ingredient. The body does not detect the difference, thus clearly structure and form are the most important aspects of matter. This also shows that there is a tendency for the structure to propagate the same way we watch matter propagate and grow in sacred geometry. In this 34

case the structure will attract and form similar structures, by virtue of its inherent capacity for growth in its structural arrangement, as discussed earlier. In 1975, V. Ademko placed a small cut of a leaf in a high frequency electromagnetic field; a visual image of the whole leaf appeared in that field and was recorded on film. From just a small piece of the leaf, the whole leaf showed up, as the perfect emanation or form is always present. This experiment has been reproduced many times. So not only water exhibits memory; the ether exhibits memory as well. This is really the same effect that homeopathy utilizes with water. The original structure that was formed by the density removed by the presence of the original whole leaf is still represented in the higher planes or dimensions. The ideal structure of matter is first manifest above, and remains, just like the soul remains when the physical body decays. The effect of the 49 ultimate units of matter on the astral plane, from each unit of matter in the original leaf, continue to interact with our own density. They are in fact still there and continue to show a magnetic field effect. They make up the perfect form, or finer representation of the whole leaf as originally created. In the 1980s V. Kaznacheev placed two identical cultures in sealed glass containers separated by a barrier of quartz. A pathology was introduced into one of the cultures and within a couple of days the second culture displayed the same pathology. Now things get really interesting as this example not only shows how matter and structure propagates, but also how matter affects other matter by virtue of its vibrational structure that instantaneously begins to propagate through the ether, and affect other matter nearby. That of course will be true for positive as well as negative substances. V. Budakovski recorded a fragment of a tissue of a healthy raspberry plant on a hologram using a red laser, and then transmitted the hologram onto a raspberry plant with a tumor, or callus. After several months the callus developed into a healthy raspberry plant. This illustrates the same concept and propagation, except there will be a tendency for stronger effect from positive vibrations to succeed over negative or deceased, or unnatural vibrations. The reason is that natural waves and wave structures that support life will be propagated with less etheric resistance and exhibit perfect fractality. It will also have the benefit of loss-less transmission of natural wave formations with less interference through the ether. Similarly, if this was done imposing a disease onto a fresh raspberry it would take more time to impose decay. This is fortunate for us as we live in environments that are


not conducive to sustain life with its many interferences and forms of pollution that goes far beyond carbon dioxide. The massive carbon dioxide releases from oceans and animals are part of the natural cycle of nature, and carbon dioxide is a gas paramount to the sustained development of all plant life. Without it we would surely die and as such is not a concern, but a necessity. In 2005 Dr. Garjajev (91) found a way to regenerate damaged pancreas (the endocrine gland producing insulin) in rats. A control group was injected with a poison, destroying the pancreas, and all the rats in the group developed diabetes and died within 6 days. The same poison was injected in another group of rats. When the second group reached a critical stage, they were exposed to a healing wave of information from a laser scan of a healthy pancreas of the same specie. As a result about 90% of the rats regenerated a healthy pancreas. Garjajev manipulates cells energetically with sound or frequency, as opposed to chemically, and simply superimposes a blue print for matter to self-organize. Matter at its basic level is the same in all things and is consciousness, which eagerly fills any form as long as the form conforms to the ideal structure of nature, or love. Love organizes matter. By the same process, a salamander embryo has been turned into a frog embryo and fully developed into a healthy frog, and a live chicken partly into a duck. I dislike thinking what we may have done to humans in the past, or in the present, if it can be done some humans are doing it. It may be best to keep this for healing and in harmony with nature. Alexander Gurwitsch found that similar biological structures affect each other through natural quartz glass, but not through manufactured glass. This of course is because the structure of quartz is compatible with the perfect waveforms of nature, and as such the natural torsion waves, or emanations of light, love in perfect form, will pass right through. Biological structures not only emit photons or light from their DNA structures, but also receive them – thus communication, and emanations from above, are all occurring in the ultraviolet wave spectrum and higher. Fritz Albert Popp, a theoretical biophysicist (92) found that cancer-causing (viral) molecules of carcinogens scramble light. They absorb the UV emitted photons and then reemit them at a different frequency. Those molecules were not harmful by themselves, but simply did not allow the light to pass through. He found that this was the case with all cancer-causing agents he tested, while other molecules pass the light unchanged. There is a well-known process called photo repair. You can kill 99% of any cell and its DNA with UV light at a very high level, then revive it again in 24 hours with low level UV radiation. 36

Photo repair works best close to 380 nm, the same frequency that cancer-causing agents scramble. Next he found that seedlings and plants emit light and also take up light as part of the energy intake. The same goes for humans. When we eat food we discard excess water and carbon dioxide and we take in the light. The photons we take in are the driving forces that sustain us. Before we can cause any chemical reaction as a result of the intake, we must activate the electromagnetic particles with light. The body purposefully directs chemical reactions by means of electromagnetic vibrations (bio photons, or light). Light, or love, controls everything in our cell’s structure and revitalizes and reinforces our structure. Each molecule has its own signature, communicates with, and is drawn to other similar material compositions, as their structures are congruent and fit perfectly. The DNA can wind and unwind, storing and emitting coherent light in a wide range of frequencies, acting as the conductor of the body’s music and our light-body. The DNA conductor directs every function. The sun acts as the energy supplier to delivering the right amount and the correct frequencies, via plants and food and directly via photo repair, or rather photo absorption. The sun’s UV rays are already perfect PHI structured torsion waves (love) and not only rebuilds, but also strengthens all the natural structures of the body. The right amount of sunlight prevents cancer, produces vitamin D, and keeps us healthy. Vitamin D is now being rediscovered as one of the most beneficial vitamins. That makes perfect sense as it is directly produced by sunlight. Everything in the body needs be in balance and harmony, and with love. These are just more confirmations of what we have stated so far and evidence of the truth in regard to matter and structure. We are light, swimming in light; or love, swimming in love. All we need to remain healthy and in loving balance, is to ensure that the food we prepare and the environment that we construct around ourselves, is coherent and compatible with the natural waves and vibrations found in our natural surroundings. This means that if we change the molecular structure of our food substantially from what is natural, or live in a square aluminum trailer, we cannot expect to remain in harmonic balance. Under such circumstances we can expect our bodies to slowly degrade. Popp’s biophoton emissions are the communication, nourishment and repair medium of plants and animals. He found that the lower ranked and rudimentary plants and animals emit far more photons than do higher orders of life. This ranges from 100 photons/ cubic centimeter per second for plants, to 10 photons/ cubic centimeters per second for humans. The photons are in the 100 to 800 nm visible range of light. He also found that people emit


more light in cycles of, 7, 14, 32, 80 and 270 days, apparently following its own as well as the world’s biorhythms. When he tried this on cancer patients, he found that in every case the light emissions were off the natural rhythm and incoherent and their internal communications system were scrambled. In MS patients just the opposite was happening, their bodies took in too much light impeding the natural flow of photon particles. Popp found more light coherence in free-range chickens versus caged hens. There is higher emissions and coherence in natural foods and organic products. Biophoton emissions are used commercially in the food industry for quality control. He found that even fleas and fish emit photons and suck them up from each other, which would explain their ability to communicate and move in perfect unison. All forms of life are photon absorbers. Popp checked various plant extracts to see if they would alter the biophoton emissions of cancer cells and re-enable those cells to communicate with the body. In all trials he found only one; mistletoe. He has since cured numerous cases of cancer in various documented cases by administering mistletoe extract. It appears that nature when left to itself works perfectly, and when interfered with by our misguided selfishness, moves out of harmony with nature and harmonic convergence, loosing life or light, which in turn causes deterioration. We have other plants here in Central America known well by the Maya of today as cures for cancer, migraine, and virtually all that ails you – and they work, as they had to in the absence of Western medicine until recent years. The knowledge they have, that has survived to this day for several thousand years, never ceases to surprise me, but it may soon be forgotten unless cared for. Whenever anyone in Central America begins widespread treatment with cures of exotic diseases not normally curable by modern doctors, they invariably “disappear” and are not heard from again. The stories abound here in the land of the Maya where there is no use of forensic evidence whatsoever. That brings an odd sense of protection in return, and unique form of social justice that is not always bad. Hameroff and Penrose (93) found that the microtubules that surround our neurons, or nerve system, were found to carry light communication, extending consciousness throughout the body. Their crystal lattice and size make them perfect to transmit UV light. We know that all matter absorbs photons, as it is the basic material and blocks of matter.


Light, or rather sunlight, or cosmic rays of love, is what we depend upon all the time. That is, we need coherent, or rather phase conjugate light. We thrive in light that is compatible with and reinforces our own structure. Still, the majority of mainstream scientists, or as I refer to them, left-brained scientists, still refuse to acknowledge new theories that are being proven left and right as we speak. The new right-brained scientists will do as much good for society in the next 5 years as mainstream science, as driven by profit, has obscured or destroyed in their self-perpetuated ignorance the last 100 years. The net result of modern science upon our health and well being has not been purely positive I am afraid. Fortunately, new studies in quantum mechanics and torsion physics includes consciousness in their theories, as leaving it out would invalidate all results and findings.


Quantum Reality, the Field, and Intention

Quantum physics has moved out of obscurity and into accepted physics and is helpful in explaining our physical reality. Quantum mechanics prescribes that the observer and the outcome are co-dependent upon each other. This is known as quantum entanglement. A result, or a physical state is only real when it is directly observed. In other words, the ether or field we exist in is co-dependent upon our consciousness. Nothing is observed or real without the existence of a conscious being to witness its reality. So, in-fact, our consciousness creates reality. This is also confirmed by Edgar Cayce who let us know, in no uncertain terms, that the substance of matter and mind is the same thing. If two quantum particles are together and then separated by space, such as placing one on the moon and one on Earth, what happens to one will affect the other. The effect on one is instantly recognized by the other particle. In other words, they are connected with zero time lag. This phenomenon is referred to as non-locality. Furthermore, all matter is entangled and co-dependent. Even in the vacuum of space, or ether, we have matter in the form of photons and sub particles. As we have explained the infinite density of the ether previously and will again later, the co-dependency and instantaneous connection is not so hard to visualize anymore. For two particles to begin exhibiting non-locality before separation requires only a short time in proximity for two substances to begin vibrating in sync, recognizing each other. I, and many others have experienced this with other close beings far removed, in meditation. At one time my soul moved through the soul of another whom had called me and asked me what I had just done before revealing what had happened – 39

just that. In truth, all matter is in proximity to all other matter. Across matter on the sub-quantum and quantum level, time is irrelevant. At the sub-quantum level information is shared across the universe; our consciousness is shared across the universe. You observe matter, or a state of it, and your observation is instantly shared at the sub quantum level with all other conscious matter. Matter and consciousness become indistinguishable, as it is the same. What we present here, and many others are seeing, is the conclusion that new science is approaching, with increasing frequency. Scientists will soon realize this across the board, because it is in this field the greatest amount of new discoveries with practical applications are being made. You can see matter and consciousness as two sides of the same coin, if you prefer, but it’s the same coin. David Bohm, one of the earliest pioneers of quantum physics told us that, “the quantum field of information may be compared to a ship on automatic pilot being guided by radio waves and that the effect of the radio waves is independent of their intensity and depends only on their form. Similarly, the electron moves under its own energy and the form of the quantum wave directs the energy of the electron”. Energy is merely a function of frequency and resonance, or amplitude (intensity), in the ether and its waveform. If you consider what we know about the nature of torsion waves and their PHI relationships you will see what he refers to when speaking of form. In other words, as long as the waves are there, intensity is not an issue. The form of a PHI spiral will allow it to travel with zero resistance, thus little energy is required along the way. That is because the ether itself has infinite energy to add along the path. Imagine feeding a slip of paper into one side of a board with rapidly, tightly knit, spinning spools. The slip of paper will affect the spin and momentum of each spool, and appear on the other end of the board with phenomenal speed. String theory was developed in the 60s and described “tachyons” (see Star Trek) which travel faster than light, and have 26 dimensions, one of which is time. It was said that 22 dimensions folded into a torus shape and left us with the 4 dimensions of space-time. Then along comes Superstring Theory and predicts 10 dimensions. And, now we have M-theory, attempting to reconcile several different 10 dimensional string theories with an 11th dimension. It is proposed that we may be looking at a membrane as opposed to a string, and that the 10 dimensions are in parallel. Furthermore, the 11th dimension may just be the effect of 10 dimensions or whirls curbing back onto themselves. The curbing effect may 40

then be viewed as a straw as seen from a distance. This is a distortion of reality. The “straw” above would simply be stretched or slimmed up version of a helical torus. I think you can see how these levels resemble our ultimate unit of matter almost perfectly. Ten parallel whirls or strings, all curbing back onto itself in spiral, however only 7 of these dimensions appear to be in full play (as of the year 1895) and affecting our reality, changing with our consciousness. This would make perfect sense, as we would be looking at just another level of the same structure, a DNA helix or helical curbing string, the next fractal level. We are literally coming ”full circle”. A. Klein and R.N. Boyd (10) state that, “According to the currently reawakening Sub-Quantum view at the background of all manifestation there is a universal fundamental media of primary entities displaying an omni-directional complex vector inside an infinity frequency range. They are embedded in Bayer’s fundamental pre-energetic Prime Radiation Spectra and are able to propagate at any velocity ranging from zero up to superluminal and infinite values, existing and operating beyond the Planck limits, where relativistic and Quantum constraints break down.” Just as sound, or vibration, creates matter with infinite complexity, we find an infinite frequency range, moving at infinite speed, in the sub quantum field operating without the constraints of conventional physics. They further state; “SQ particles themselves may actually be hyperdimensional objects, so as to further account for the fact that the “vacuum” has a memory which records information regarding all events and forces in the environment, as experienced by the Sub-Quantum particle, which memory was first reported by DePalma.” Thus, consciousness is shared not only across the universe, but across all dimensions of the universe. Quantum physics now recognizes that our universe is, in-fact, multi-dimensional. Most argue between 9 or 10 dimensions, which is consistent with spiritual teachings around the planet. Harold E. Puthoff, PhD (12), sheds light on what some refer to as the 41

field, the matrix, quantum vacuum energy, or zero point energy field. Zero point references the ability to hold energy at absolute zero and is not really a relevant term other than by definition. Ancient manuscripts and various cultures refer to this universally present energy as Ki, Qi, Ch’i, Chu’lel, Pranha and many more. Puthoff worked on a US government initiated remote viewing program with famous psychic, and remote viewing instructor, Ingo Swann, who was able to influence the output of a magnetometer at Stanford located in a protected vault shielded by mu metal, copper, aluminum and a super conducting shield. Swann also discovered a ring around Jupiter before any knowledge or photos were taken of it. He thought at first he’d seen Saturn, in error. The pair had remarkable success with the new program with telekinesis, remote viewing, and much more. What is interesting is that they found that a growing number of individuals are able to demonstrate high quality remote viewing. This is very consistent with other research and findings all over the world. We are developing as a species and it appears our DNA is evolving. As mentioned, everything is connected in the universe, matter and consciousness; so these abilities are far from magic in nature. They are physically logical and we all have these inherent abilities. Granted, some more than others, and it appears to run within families, with the next generations increasingly as we reincarnate and make progress. The way in which we reincarnate makes sense of the ability we find in families as we tend to be attracted to, and stay close to, our soul groups on Earth. In other words we are attracted to entities with similar characteristics, or vibrational speed, to ourselves. A person may feel at times as though he or she has nothing in common with one’s immediate family, and at times we don’t. The individual is a separate being and a separate consciousness on Earth. You will find, as we explain later, that all things have meaning and that there is purpose behind every single event in your life. If you pay attention and expand your awareness it will become apparent to you. Russia appears to be far beyond other nations with their research on


these natural abilities. “The Field”, by Lynne McTaggart (13) is a great source to study the quantified effects of the field; she tends to stay with scientific, statistical and empirical evidence, which I still prefer. I need to work on that and expand my spiritual side. McTaggart has begun experimenting herself, with remarkable results, in measurable effects of conscious intention. You can subscribe to her newsletter with frequent updates online, and even participate. To assess the potential effects of physical healers, DNA from human placenta was placed in vials and given to subjects trained to exhibit emotional responses and intention to either lengthen (unwind) or shorten (wind) the DNA. This was a very stringent double blind experiment I urge you to read (57). The subjects with high heart coherence (nice stable heart rhythm) as a result of sustaining a feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation, were able to effect change, and only when they also focused their intention on the task. The intent was to either coil or uncoil the DNA strands, which was done and confirmed many times. The data indicates that when individuals are in a heart-focused, loving state and in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning, they have a greater ability to alter the conformation of DNA as long as that is their intention. Those with low heart coherence were unable to change the DNA. The researchers postulate that there is an energetic connection or coupling of information via resonance mechanisms occurring between higher dimensional structures maintained in the quantum vacuum (which are organized in a holographic-like fashion) and the physical DNA in our cells. At the macroscopic level, the individual DNA molecules are linked through an “energetic connection” in the form of conventional magnetic fields, and this connection is increased with positive emotions. The findings hold true even if the subject and the vials with DNA specimens were 5 miles apart. The distance is not relevant to the outcome. When I read this study I was looking for affirmations of my own conclusions regarding the interactions between the Astral, or even higher planes, and that of matter. The delivery of this information exhibited a strong synchronicity for me as it confirmed what we have been discussing on so many levels. At almost every step through this book, I happen on a web page or find an article or a book or a person with a statement that confirms that I am on the right track and that truth is coming to light. And most often, the best information is forthcoming while looking for something completely different. You could say it is a result of my deliberate search, or it could be intuition, or divine inspiration from my higher self. 43

It appears that, when you are in a loving state, intuition and divine inspiration are the same and your intent will bring truth and light by way of your own sub-consciousness and our common super-consciousness. Matter is consciousness, but not all consciousness is matter we can easily define at present. Matter is composed of a fractal equation of structured energy; therefore the universe is infinitely small and infinitely large. When matter becomes too small to observe, until we find a better microscope, it is just quantum soup, and an infinite pool of possibilities. Beyond this universe exists another universe, which to us, and, by inference all other beings on this plane and other dimensions within, exists as an endless pool of possibilities until such time as we can reach or observe such consciousness, at which time it becomes a part of our reality. At such extremes even quantum physical properties break down and cease to have meaning. Time comes to a standstill insofar as there are no events observed. The space beyond and below the universe is truly infinite space with infinite possibilities. Such space exists only as possibilities past what is seen by any of us – as it relates to our unity consciousness. Infinite frequencies, infinite energy, infinite speed – there is no “God particle”. Michael Faraday (32) suggested that, “…an atom may be nothing more than a field of force, electric, magnetic and gravitational, surrounding a point-center, which is completely penetrable”. Without a doubt he was correct. Nikola Tesla filed a patent in 1904, one year before Einstein filed E=MC^2, it was E=CR or Energy equals the Frequency multiplied by its Resonance. That Energy [E] is equal to Mass [M] times the speed of light [C] multiplied by itself, or EMC^2, is a fallacy useful for current theories involving modern science and construction, but that reality is better expressed as E=CR, where Energy [E] is a result of Frequency or Light Waves [C] and its Resonance [R] Einstein’s theory assumes that mass is not “energy” but part of it. Tesla’s theory mirrors the massless Plank Energy equation E = h X frequency, and that the perceived mass is energy.


Everything is frequency (speed) and resonance (wave length) – those are the only real variables that exist. “How can you make one pile of sand (matter) different to the rest?” my son asked me. “How?” “Speed it up”, was his answer. Light particles, or energy, is formed to matter by the resonant frequency that permeates all, and holds all form. Sir Oliver Lodge, in Ether of Space, 1909, notes that we can hear between 40 and 40,000 Hz and our retina can see frequencies between 400 billion and 700 billion Hz. The field is in between and is unexplained territory, just as is the field or frequency range above and below. In Lodge’s time, physics could only provide a philosophical understanding of the ether, as all we could do was observe the effects of it. Even so, Lodge noted that waves in space were self-propelled, or self-powering. It was the beginning of re-discovery, since there is ample evidence herein that older cultures knew more about the ether and the origin of matter than mainstream science acknowledges, publicly, today.

10.0 Torsion Field Physics Torsion field physics sheds light on and explores how etheric torsion waves (cosmic light rays), or spinning the forces are the underlying driving forces of the universe. All matter is simply energy in spin, sustained across the quantum divide, formed by love as the infinite fuel. David Wilcock and his team of researchers have compiled and shed light on research by Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (58). Kozyrev inspired many Russian scientists since the 50s. They were all hidden behind the iron curtain until the fall of the Soviet Union. Kozyrev proved that etheric energy existed and that bodies in space, such as the moon, are not dead but energetic, dynamic objects. Kozyrev proved that by heating, vibrating or electrifying a spinning, physical object he could change the weight by small amounts. Considered a crackpot at first, Kozyrev made many predictions about our planets and the moon, which were later verified with Soviet space probes. Kozyrov’s work also paved the way for psychic research to be accepted as an aid in physics. It is far easier to


prove something if you intuitively know where you are going. Kozyrev inspired more than 5,000 papers. The changing conditions affecting the spinning object’s structure would vary the amount of forces exchanged with the etheric field. That would change its density, or fractality and spin, and thus the gravitational force. Walter Wright proposed an interesting theory on the formation of gravity. Instead of it being the result of a pull, he suggests that gravity is the result of the sun pushing forces against other planetary bodies. This may not be as wrong as it sounds at first. My own initial thoughts on this seemed to match a few others. The ether is infinitely dense and matter is really the absence of density. From this perspective you can imagine Earth as a balloon being blown up under water. The density around it will cause pressure against the balloon. Now, if you imagine millions of pinprick holes in the balloon, where small whirls or torsion fields are entering and leaving constantly, the result would be that the balloon would hold it size. In other words, the white and black holes are forcing energy in and out of the balloon at equal amounts so the balloon would hold its form. However, it is not that simple; the balloon as any other natural body as a natural capacitor, would tend to accumulate energy so the inward flow is slightly greater than the outward flow as any natural object is also a capacitor. Over time, the Earth, or any matter, would receive more energy than it produces; pressure and gravity would increase and the balloon would have tendency to grow, and it does. Much of the grosser matter is taken in at the poles and expelled at the equator, thus an oval planet. Cosmic rays, like light bullets, permeate it all and assure perfect form and energetic distribution. For cell multiplication and division to occur we need net growth. The nested platonic solids in sacred geometry would have a greater capacity than other forms and thus accumulate energy for growth at a faster rate. Bodies of matter such as Earth would grow over billions of years. Its relative size being so large that growth could even be equal to that of any other growth of life, or matter as we see it, and still remain


relatively unnoticed. All matter evolves. All matter is life. There is reason to believe that celestial bodies grow. Earth’s continents, if you shrink the planet, would fit together perfectly as a giant puzzle. On the seabed you find concentric growth circles, like the age rings in a tree, which outline the continents. It would appear the growth is real. Additionally, science has long indicated that our planet has increased its gravitational pull by a large factor over time. This could explain why Earth sustained much larger mammals in its past as well as “giants” spoken of in the bible and frequently in mythology, as well as relics and ruins in antiquity that would indicate taller beings. The planets and suns closer to the center of our galaxy have shown to be larger than those in outlying space. However, as planets evolve they become stars as well, eventually cycling back around in a giant toroid sphere to the infinite center, just like the streams of energy moving around the nucleus of an atom, or the ultimate unit of matter – after all this is a fractal pattern and must hold true. It is now largely speculated that torsion fields do drive the universe and that spin is an integral part of existing forces and that these fields attract energy, but scientists are stumped when trying to explain the driving force that creates the flow. That is because some fail to recognize consciousness in their explanation, and I mean the unifying consciousness of all beings, in all dimensions, our higher selves represented on the Astral and other planes, as well as that of all other beings in our universe, and that of other universes beyond. Past the black and white holes at the center of our universe exists quantum soup in infinite potential for other universes drawing on the same infinite power. Perhaps creating realities vastly different from our own, yet by definition and extension would be part of our common consciousness, adhering to the same guidelines and physics, as there would be clear interaction of forces through the center or point, the “bindu” by the yogis. We are always trying to get away from concepts such as infinity, a higher power, everlasting, our own intention, and the creative forces of which we are a part, so we fail to look inward and at the obvious. We are


clearly matter and part of the equation, and clearly matter does not exist without our participation. Let us not fail to recognize this and give our common selves some of the credit. You are much more than you realize and when we move into our full consciousness, and realize who and what we are on a wider scale across the planet, there is no limitation imposed. Yes, in a sense, the movie “The Matrix” is actually not a bad analogy for our true existence. We create reality in our common consciousness, and it is truly of a holographic nature. The universe does respond to our intention, and we may in fact make changes as we see fit, as long as we have a larger consensus. Fortunately we can rely on other, higher selves, and other beings in other dimensions, to keep relative order and stability. I do not think humanity, as we know it, is quite ready to stand on its own – but soon.

11.0 Creation, Galactic Center, More Torsion Physics, and Wave Mechanics We are now ready to explain how matter first entered our universe. The ether is infinitely dense. The infinite density is primordial matter, or chaos, and a quantum soup of infinite possibilities, not yet brought into mind and will. Matter is the absence of density. Or in other words, the invisible shell of a hole carved out of the ether is the created matter itself. First there was the word, or logos, the sound of the creative spirit. The sound came in the form of a small clockwise male spiral wave. It came across the quantum divide, from the next higher dimension. The spiral wave nested within the pressure of the ether. Being a continuous force, the only way that it could survive and sustain itself was to shape itself in to a small helical toroidal sphere. It quickly found its PHI proportions being the only pathway where its movement would not cause interference with itself. As it spun, an equal force arose within its embrace. The female vortex appeared within, spinning counter clockwise. Both vortices originated in the next dimension, across several dimensions, each dimension finer than the next. The male, centripetal force would breathe in unison with the female, centrifugal force in continuous exchange across the quantum divide with its counterparts on the higher plane. 48

The closest analogy for their existence is found in an old game involving a thread and a large coat button. You wind the button and pull the strings apart, the button winds out and the button winds the opposite way. By simple pulling and loosening the string outward the button keeps spinning in alternate directions while the button never appears to take a break. Thus, a simple movement, or frequency, and the amount you slack and pull (the amplitude or resonance) the string, decides the momentum or energy.

[Button Whirl Toy]

Thus with a simple vibration, or pull and slack, decompression and compression, we have an ongoing negative and positive motion. Increase the amplitude of vibration by pulling harder and you will speed up and strengthen the motion and it will be more resistant to outside influence. The closest physics theory exhibiting this exchange is a multi-dimensional quantum mechanical harmonic oscillator (96). It is one of the basic quantum mechanical models with a simple exact solution. You never have zero energy in this model, as there is always the zero point energy involved with the momentum built up in the spin. The energy potential, as a closed system, builds up to a maximum at the classical turning points where the state of the particle’s energy is equal to its potential energy. The particle spends most of its time at the turning points and is more likely to be found at those points where it moves at its slowest speed. Thus in this way particles are created and destroyed continuously. So, we are in reality speaking of two particles, a male, clockwise particle and a female, 49

counterclockwise particle that appear and disappear in an alternating fashion. Nikola Tesla understood this correctly when he said that his discovery of alternating current (AC) emulated nature, as opposed to direct current (DC) promoted by Thomas A. Edison. However, reality is not a closed system; matter generated by, and energized by, as well as formed by, our common consciousness, is fueled continuously with an exchange across dimensions as well as across into a parallel galaxy and across a black and a white hole that occupies the same space in an alternating fashion. It is then continually revitalized and fueled by the Sun, which in turn is fueled by a larger sun which it orbits and so on. I realize that this is a difficult subject for most but one can, with advantage, study the simple harmonic oscillator (97) and get a feel for this concept. Likewise, studying the behavior of Fermions and Bosons (98) will assist in this understanding. Fermions are particles which change the polarity of their spin; no two can occupy the same space, or quantum state, at the same time which results in rigid states of matter such as atoms, molecules etc. So Fermions are said to be the constituents of matter, while Bosons are the force carriers and the constituents of radiation. It is easy to see that this theory fits well with reality. We have alternating torsion fields, or rather particles, with spin that tend to stabilize and appear as rigid states of matter. We also have the Bosons, which represent the force (consciousness), or vibration, exerted to keep the momentum and matter stable. The two forces formed the first stable matter in our universe, originating from and within another universe, within infinite universes. Just as consciousness is eternal, so is the structure of the universe infinite. Without matter, consciousness does not exist, as it is formed by matter and held by matter, creating matter. Baxter et Al (90) showed that torsion fields can form cosmic strings. Several examples of torsion strings were considered. They found that when torsion fields are present particles sense a string even when space-time is flat. Their work suggests and supports that, indeed, one word, or sound, a torsion wave, can create the 10 strings or PHI whirls around the ultimate unit of matter. Furthermore, they found that a torsion field has the ability to cause torsion strings regardless of whether space-time is curved or has a linear relationship. They speak of these strings being


accidental in nature, but we know that there is no such thing as “accidental in nature”. Nature is not only deliberate in design, it is mathematically perfect. Our universe is a field of torsion waves or helical spheres fueled by other smaller torsion waves, or rather PHI spirals when compressed or held in form, which are, in turn, fueled by our common mind and awareness. Each vortex sphere is the same on different scales. The physical atom has opposite spinning electrons. A.I. Veinik (72) determined that typical magnets not only have a collective magnetic field, but have a collective torsion field as well, with opposing spins at the north and south poles. The Earth is a helical torsion field. Ice floes will spin faster and have stronger attraction at the poles, demonstrating a strong torsion effect. The spin of the Earth creates a magnetic field due to the opposing or slower internal spin. This is a direct result of the opposing torsion fields. At the smallest and largest level, the torsion field is a mechanically driven force. As far as our collective mind, it is the perpetual drive of the universe in its normal operating state. The sun is not the primordial drive, but assists and revitalizes in a major way with torsion waves and heat. The sun itself is fueled across the great divide. Each unit of matter is both mind and matter, spirit and soul. Bodies of matter will either have a clockwise or counter clockwise tendency and it will either attract or repel, and provide growth or not. It appears our own galaxy is still attracting more energy than it is breathing out, as the stars nearest the center of the galaxy are larger than the outlying stars. Thus we would declare a white as opposed to a black hole as the result at the center. However, there is both a black and a white hole at the center, as at the center of every smallest unit of matter. It is a fine balance between pull and push, yin and yang, There are thousands of papers (73) on torsion physics, yet mainstream science still fails to properly recognize it. It is the underlying mechanical drive. There is no field magnetic or electric field without an underlying torsion field (Shipov). There are various devices to detect torsion fields such as the Kirlian method, and many have working torsion field generators (Avramenko and many others). Some are static and can generate torsion fields by distorting the ether with various sacred geometric shapes, tapping into the natural flow, or spin. Torsion physics recognizes psychic energy as mind energy in the form of torsion fields that travel an estimated 10^9 times the speed of light. Torsion fields are PHI spirals and identical to the transverse spin polarization of the ether (Akimov). It is expected that 51

torsion physics will lead to a unified field theory that encompasses more, including gravity and recognition of psychic transmission as a natural component of reality. Torsion fields are all transverse or perpendicular to each other but to speak of the nature of the ether is not quite correct as the ether is wholly unknown and not within our range of perception. When science speaks of the ether they are still speaking of the mater contained within. It appears to me that to pass between dimensions, or realms, force passes via the center of a vortex. On each side of each realm the interaction is separated by wholeness, or completeness. This is the 8th level of 7 steps of transformation discussed later – the return to singularity and One mind. One might view the 8th level as the completed etheric web around a realm or density. As above, so below. On either side the interaction vortices will be perpendicular to each other, on this and in ever-smaller increments. No doubt this book will receive some harsh criticism and it may be well deserved. They will say I clearly do not know what I am talking about, but that is for you alone to decide as you hold all the answers within yourself. From my perspective I am conveying truth. Grebennikov (74) found that empty honeycombs influence biological objects: from small organisms to humans. One felt sickness, illusions of flying or falling while under or over the honeycomb. He noted distortion of time with watches synchronized over hives or honeycomb shapes in his lab. The observed influence could not be shielded. The understanding allowed the development of devices having certain geometric proportions that demonstrated the same effects. Grebennikov interpreted the discovered effect as resonance interactions between an organism and the shaped structures and named it the cavity structural effect [CSE]. Akimov’s group at the Physics Institute of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences investigated the influence of torsion fields generated by cones of different sizes and proportions upon various processes. It was experimentally established that objects conforming to the PHI ratio of 1.618 are maximized passive torsion generators. Prof. Klimenko and Nosik M.D. (75) found that antiviral effects of immunoglobulin would be amplified several times after being exposed to a pyramid. Note that the pyramid should not be of metal. Dr. Egorova found mice to be more viral-resistant in the same environment. The reference above will name many specific and properly performed scientific results on toxic substances, improved seeds, glucose enhancement and much more. The majority are results from research on CSE effects and passive torsion generators, such as a pyramid. Oil wells (76) increased their yield due to lessening of impurities and


became less viscous (confirmed by Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas). Criminals improved their behavior drastically from consuming salt and pepper in their food having been exposed in pyramids. Water that is left undisturbed in a proper pyramid will not freeze under lower temperature. But the second you stir the water it will freeze, as its stable torsion fields are brought out of balance. Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield. Of course at this time, we do not need to burn oil but can substitute water for oil in the form of hydrogen gas, as well as hydrogen and oxygen gases combined (Brown’s Gas). Dr. Bogdanov (77) found that water would purify itself in an environment exposed to torsion fields, removing saline and heavy metals.

We can simply conclude here that the water purification is due to water being not only the greatest solvent known, but also that the materials in it that are beneficial, or in harmony with its own PHI structure, will tend to remain and those not in harmony with life will be tend to be re-structured and brought into harmony. The effects are amplified by pure PHI torsion fields aided into form by the pyramid, reinforcing water’s natural structure. Strong torsion fields will reinforce matter’s natural structure the same way the sun does, amplified by convergent cosmic energies. If you place a PHI cone with the tip of the cone toward the sun the torsion waves will be amplified as they emanate from the wide end. The shape of a building plays an important role in meditation. Spires and domes of churches, temples and pyramids are passive torsion generators. The torsion fields of a meditating person can be significantly magnified in an environment designed with certain shapes and proportions found in sacred geometry. I expect we will see enlightening results in the immediate future in terms of fields like medicine, construction and enhancement of our natural abilities. It appears that there is a flawed opinion amongst conventional science that water cannot be magnetized. We do know that it cannot conduct electricity if it is pure, but will if any other material is in it, and water is the greatest universal solvent known. Even if not a great conductor, water can certainly hold a charge, or energy and for a very long time. Water’s flow appears to be altered and even purified by magnets, and magnetic fields do occur in it. This has been proven and you will find that even a low level magnetic force can alter its structure.


Water’s torsion fields can be affected by other torsion fields and can change both spin and polarization. Pure water is effectively influence by the natural torsion waves of our thoughts and intention, whether they are good or bad, with healing or devastating results. The mind’s influence over water is very strong. It responds better and almost exclusively to pure torsion fields. At the same time it is also the reason it is so easy to transmute and clean with certain natural methods, such as group meditation, or with materials that exhibit proper and compatible structure. The effects can be seen and measured with holy water as explained later. And substances such as palladium, ionized silver particles, and Brown’s gas can purify, clean, and improve its ability to hydrate. This has been demonstrated over and over. Water, is unique, and must be, as it is so essential to all life. Much more research remains to be done on water. Aluminum is one of the most offensive materials in our environment. And we use it unknowingly and extensively in everyday life. Seeds will not germinate and grow in an aluminum cup. Aluminum is one of the worst toxins known to man. Aluminum is also the only metal that is not found in its metallic state in nature. That is purely because its shielding effect and its structure disturb the flow of life and vitality (torsion waves). Aluminum both deflects and interferes with natural harmonics. Ten wild horses could not convince me to purchase aluminum siding or apply deodorant containing aluminum. They are both extremely detrimental to your health. Torsion physics offers insight into toxicity and why certain materials and shapes are not suitable for healthy living and will cause rapid deterioration of food. Try an old style wooden breadbox instead of one made of metal and you will quickly know the difference. In other words, when one gets just a beginners grasp of torsion physics and wave mechanics, good old-fashioned common sense applies. The Scepter of Thoth is a fascinating device (74). As you can see it directly conforms to the reality of torsion fields. It is a copper wire with a spiral at the end and perpendicular to the end spiral is a PHI spiral, who’s winding I will correct to 2.5 turns and a PHI spiral. Similarly the end spiral would beneficially conform to PHI proportions and a 2-D PHI spiral. The handle is of wood, a natural fiber, and the 13 notches in the handle may also conform to a PHI ratio with regard to the distance and depth of any notches. The effect can be felt on the side of the spiral as indicated and re-illustrated below. No one knows how this was used, but there are obvious clues in its shape. The smaller PHI spiral is directing torsion fields toward the operator. Even the wood handle, being of organic material and thicker at the end is directing flow toward the operator. It makes me speculate if the


Scepter was used as a tool to analyze or read a subject by holding it over the subject’s head. And, similarly, it appears the torsion flow could be reverse by reversing the handle and the smaller spiral; that is, if it was ever in use. Thoth was an enlightened being, and considered a magician and a scientist. Egyptians liked to emulate the sun gods, with their fishlike scales on their dresses, their heads bound with boards, and Pharaoh’s scepter – the normally depicted scepter reminiscent of Thoth’s, but seemingly not the same. However, memory of its possible utility would fade. The scales and head bindings are explained elsewhere in this book. [Scepter of Thoth]

Natural healing (78) has always been controversial, but modern science is catching up. Dr. Zimmerman discovered large low-frequency pulsing biomagnetic fields surrounding the hands of healers using a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device [SQUID]. From Yoga and Qi Gong practitioner’s hands, the field could be measured with a simple magnetometer up to 1,000 times greater than normal. The fields were strong enough to equal that of modern lab devices used to stimulate tissue healing. Akimov and his team brought torsion fields into the equation as an everywhere present field in the ether. The torsion field is said to be isotropic or uniform in all directions and is not observable unless disturbed. If disturbed, the field or zero point field, will spin with the spin of the disturbance, whether by charge or classic spin. A healer will bring the balance back to equilibrium. This would make sense, as we already know that the torsion field is in reality a helical sphere when it is stable. The more I study torsion physics I realize that we are still far ahead of the game with what we cover here, as we know where this is all going with the assistance of both ancient and modern remote viewers, as well as remnants of past ages, forever available within.


Not observable would seem an appropriate term as the spin of the torsion fields’ ultimate components would be far past any frequency we are able to measure at this time and smaller than anything we have seen with any instrument. The male and female components stabilize matter, making it appear solid like they way we think of a marble. But waves set in motions scale up at every level so a disturbance would be measurable in many ways. The primordial matter and density in which these fields persist is beyond comprehension at this time, so we are speaking of light particles as the fine matter that ripples with disturbance. Once we apply what we know of the structure of matter all comes into light. The healer brings the field in your body back to a normal stable spin with sheer loving intention, strengthening the field and holds it in harmony. This facilitates repair and phase conjugate and harmonious structure, which will convert or expel disharmonious substances. We can see how everything is related to everything else. Akimov views the ether as a physical medium that can assume polarized states and views the ether as a super fluid, other researchers view it as an elastic solid. Though we are not likely to know the ether’s true nature for some time to come, the elastic solid appear closer to truth from viewing its behavior in relationship to an ultimate unit of matter. Enlightened Masters refer to it as the aqueous, referring to the infinite particles in it. Matter that has been subjected to the bio energy of healers is found to have an elastic and reverberating residual effect, its weight moving above and below a stable state, not unlike jello, until it settles. Charge polarization manifests an electromagnetic field apparently perpendicular to the electric field. Matter polarization manifests in its vortex the gravitational field along with the time field, and the basic spin polarization manifests a classic spin field It has been verified that a circular or spiraling electromagnetic field can create a torsion field. Thus, healers that can use consciousness to create such a field can create permanent changes or permutations (altered spin states) in the ether. This accounts for both the healing as well as effects of PSI-phenomena. The physical spin accounts for implosion and pull. Once matter organizes according to the platonic structures we can apply magnetism as it becomes polarized with a set structure and set spin field. Their combined spin fields will vibrate with a unique resonant signature that will harmonize with other similar fields that are nearby. When the fields harmonize they will want to re-organize into a larger version of themselves, as each structure will be associated with a charged field. Each unit of matter, then, has gravitational properties from 56

implosion and fractality. When it is near a similar substance the only way for two substances to bind easily is if they are in phase-lock. They are in phase lock when two identical substances resonate with identical resonant signatures. Thus, we can see that there is a clear tendency for identical substances to attract one another and lock together as they will not lock with other substances properly unless they have compatible structures, and resonant signatures or parts of their structures will phase lock. Sometimes high temperatures, such as those achieved by using a torch fueled by Brown’s gas, will excite the molecules to such state where they reorganize and are able to phase lock with seemingly incompatible materials. Perhaps due to the nature of the gas in which hydrogen and oxygen will supply missing units of matter to complete the fusion. Brown’s gas is highly compatible with natural and live matter as it will not burn or harm flesh, but can vaporize diamonds and melt stone Shipov (79) provides a great overview of string, vacuum and torsion compatibilities and incompatibilities that will clarify this issue. He’s a true left and right balanced scientist, not afraid to let go of old paradigms, and finds that any new unified field theory will have to include the following features, which must include torsion waves and have as its mediating properties contained in the ether: 1) high penetrating capacity, 2) super-light velocity, 3) transmission of information without transmission of energy, 4) a holographic structure of a signal and 5) addressed transmission and reception of a signal. He also points out that such a theory would not be complete without the account of human consciousness in the equation. Any scientist that merely scoffs at all that is posed, and does not try to account for repeated real world results in a lab, but writes them off as anomalies, will clearly be unable to provide real answers. It is the anomalous results we must look at. When we can account for all of them we have arrived at the truth. Shipov reminds us of Descartes’ remark that, “if the matter concerns a very complicated issue then the majority is wrong”. The reason the majority of leading contemporary theorists is wrong is due to their arrogant attitudes regarding the later opinions of Einstein, and that of Dirac as creator of Quantum mechanics, and about quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. Most forgot Dirac’s declaration: ”The basic equations of quantum electrodynamics are wrong and they have to be significantly changed; minor changes would give nothing”. Many, like G. Shipov (80) and R. M Kiehn (81) and others, are at the forefront of


connecting the dots in Torsion physics and trying to explain the dynamics of matter in the ether, and their work is truly inspiring. A review of their work is extremely worthwhile, even for a layperson, as you may read between the lines and apply your own intuitive abilities. Nassim Haramein, in a recent article called “What is the Origin of Spin” (86), described a black and a white hole working in tandem – one on top of the other; this is by far the best explanation yet. Haramein sees the universe as a self-propelled universe fueled by the curvature of space. He explains the interaction with other units, or single torii, as their spin interacts in a frictionless environment as well as the fact that the universal structure scales up and down and is self–similar. However, it appears the two torii are nested within one another – one male and the other female. They are not just black holes with each torus having a black and white component. They are two vortices, each male and female, each a separate black and white hole and together they are both a black and a white hole. This universe is not self-propelled, it is not a closed system, unless you include all consciousness beyond the event horizon, the bindu point. It is fueled from without and within; polarized like a mirror image across the event horizon. It takes our common consciousness, along with that of the creative forces, or God, to fuel the spin on a continuous basis from another universe within infinite universes. The divine spirit is alive and well, manifesting or projecting in and through all matter and all beings. Haramein’s model, however, greatly expands upon our understanding of the universe. If he includes a female component to his single helical torus his model will reflect reality in a greater sense. Haramein and Rauscher (88) will also have to account for the cross dimensional interaction, not just the 5 mathematical “dimensions” referred to as strings, and not counting the curvature (the 11th_ bound in the ultimate unit, comparing M-theory, that confirms the real ultimate unit of matter). As they word it, “small rotational extra dimensions" accepted in current ten and eleven dimensional super symmetry models. But, they will have to account for the real dimensional shift between our own matter and the next proper dimension, the Astral plane and above or within. The paper titled “The Schwarzschild Proton” (87) sees the Haramein-Rauscher solution as a beginning of an appropriate accounting of universal energies. His math will be close to reality and useful as it takes both a white and black hole into account in time separated fractals. These time fractals ARE the dimensions. However, the research turns other researchers toward mainstream acceptance of torsion physics and appears to explain the interaction and phase


lock of one unit of matter with another unit, or how two torsion fields interact, one above the other – in great harmonic balance. PSI (or consciousness) consists of pure torsion waves with classic spin and zero resistance through the ether due to it's PHI spiraling nature - to maintain the PHI spiral as it is projected, it needs to be in harmony as created with love in your heart - the Christ consciousness is truly that in pure form. When amplified it is corrective and overrides discord in self and others. So, what do you know more about than mainstream science right now? Light and photons (106)! Photons are particles of light with zero mass, and two possible polarizations, or rather, spins. It has no electric charge. It has a wave vector (wavelength and spin). All its quantum properties are zero. The Energy and momentum of a photon depends only on its frequency or wavelength. Stop - the answer is given already: Energy=Frequency and Resonance – we already know its PHI ratio and proportions. Photons create all else. All physical energy is kinetic. So, a photon, like any other matter, is the virtual shell around its empty space carved out of the infinite density of the ether. It has the structure of that of the ultimate unit of matter. It does not have a body. It is a vibrating spinning tonal pulse. The best way to think of it is that of it being a sound, the Word or Logos. It is the undulations, or vibrations in the ether. It is spirit, and it is our common consciousness. Mind is matter and matter is our mind. This world is a true multidimensional hologram. It is no more and no less. Our mind perceives it and our mind creates it. And so it is – with all matter. The Ether, or vacuum (a ridiculous misnomer referring to a void), is also completely unknown to mainstream physics. Matter is created as the absence of density, in the ether; but the ether is not matter of an order that we can fully comprehend. It is a divine substance of infinite density, just as it is continuous and not atomic or molecular in structure. It is not of our densities of matter. It is thus unobservable and of a spiritual nature and a being. It appears thus to us as a phantom as it is outside our vibrational frequency scale and physical limitations. Thus, we have only one explanation available to us as science alone has no basis upon which to answer the question. Therefore, I have to present the nature of the ether with no way of supporting the conclusion scientifically or empirically; other than by default. Thus, as per Augustin Cauchy (107): “…disposing of that property of matter which they call impenetrability by simply regarding the atoms as “material points exerting on each 59

other’s attractions and repulsions which vary with the distances that separate them” — the French theorist goes on to explain that: “to modify the laws according to which the atoms attract or repel each other, we might instantly see the hardest bodies penetrating each other, the smallest particles of matter occupying immense spaces, or the largest masses reducing themselves to the smallest volumes, the entire universe concentrating itself, as it were, in a single point.” (Sept lecons de physique Generale, p. 38 et seq., ed. Moigno.). What Cauchy is saying is simply that when you remove the laws of material physics, the laws that make particles attract or repel each other and keep their apparent distances, these particles may simply occupy the same space. This makes perfect sense as we know that matter is the absence of density and thus takes up no real space and has a value of the body of zero, just like a photon. Thus in a space in which our physical laws do not apply, you may remove the space and reduce the entire density of the ether to a single point, leaving nothing whatsoever. This confirms what you may now suspect – that all is of the mind. ALL is Purely Consciousness, or thought, and the awareness of thought. According to Helena Blavatsky: “That point, invisible on our plane of perception and matter, is quite visible to the eye of the adept (remote viewer) who can follow and see it present on other planes.

Is the bindu point of physical properties if it can be visualized? Is it a hole? A donut hole is but a donut without the donut. Memorize the hole and eat the donut and; it is still there, real in your mind. If it is reinforced as memory frequently enough, like the picture on your TV is, it is for all practical purposes real, but we know for a fact that is but a stream of torsion waves, of light, forming light on the screen. Was the donut real? You tell me! ALL is Purely Consciousness, or thought, and the awareness of thought. Gravity, yet another unknown, is not explained by current science – though they try and theories are numerous. It is implicit in infinite charge implosion and fractality as discussed before, but not defined in a formulae. It is not possible and unlikely that we will ever be able to fully understand the cause of universal rotation, which causes the centrifugal force of the PHI spiral in a unit of matter. The centrifugal force is what causes the centripetal force or inward vortex of the same unit of matter. This applies to the smallest and the largest unit of any given universal body. Thus, we have a repelling and an attracting force


within the same unit. We do know it originates and is reflected on a higher dimension, or plane, and that it is a force reflected on every level, to infinity. Gravity is the pressure of the implosion of inward spiraling motion as it is held in form by the etheric opposition The theories throughout the centuries move between the conscious spiritual and the purely scientific. Clearly the two must exist without conflict as the truth of matter. We can conclude from what we have found thus far that a unit of matter, like that of an egg, is a natural capacitor, because matter is self-similar at every level. Thus, if an egg is a natural capacitor, it must apply to the smallest unit of matter as well. It follows that matter attracts and holds other matter the same way that an egg attracts charge and grows. Thus all matter tends to grow and expand - becoming an even greater capacitor, attracting more matter, and creating more matter from across the quantum divide or field. An egg, as any other body of matter, is indeed the perfect example of gravity and we need look no further in our search for an answer. People like Jacob Boehme (107), a mystic, were deemed heretics by the church. Boehme’s actively suppressed works were closer to the answers than we are today. Boehme was graced with psychic and para-normal, or rather natural, experiences and visions. Boehm considered gravitation the first order of nature and viewed “God” as a being that exists outside time and space and regenerates himself through eternity. How true it is, as the creative forces breathe across dimensions, across infinite universes. As you no doubt realize by now, a spiritual connection appears to be the common thread amongst great inventors and visionaries. Their connection is clearly related to their knowledge, or access to knowledge. Science and spirituality have been in great conflict the last 2,000 years, but as this is now changing we will again find more answers and deeper meaning in our lives. Gravity is one concept whose nature we can grasp, but its origin will remain a mystery until such time as we reach our expanding common infinite goal. That is when we merge with the infinite spirit, but for its infinite reach. When we fully comprehend ourselves and our infinite depth and reach, as part of the creative forces, we find that we are simply watching a reflection of our selves and that we need look no further. Electricity is the flow, or rather a chain, of charged particles. The flow may manifest once the ultimate unit of matter has arranged itself into platonic solids with varying charges of more or less negative or positive units of matter. It is at the heart of itself based purely in kinetic energy and transfer of spin. The charges flow from one charged particle to the next


and the molecules experience excitement and friction. The excitement may produce heat in a resistant thread in a light bulb, and thus it glows white-hot. The resistant thread is one which allows current to pass but with difficulty. Magnetic currents flow at 90-degree angles to the flow of an electric current and wraps themselves around as another torsion field – just as spirals make up a larger spiral in the ultimate unit on smaller scale. It is a secondary effect of electricity; where the charged particles, that are still spin and kinetic energy, are suspended by opposing pressures and stay in the electric field. Similarly, a magnet suspends kinetic energy and attraction is suspended in matter that prevents the direct flow of a current, though some flow is occurring and other fields do interact, degrading the magnet over time. Induced or created magnets can be made using different metals, but the best magnets are founds in crystallized iron compounds or the same within rare earth metals such neodymium or samarium-cobalt. Common to magnets are the crystalline or partially crystallized structures that allow for the spin of the individual units of matter to be synched up and not affected by the spin in materials around it. So the crystalline structures in a sense protect the stability of the polarized spins thus in an ideal magnet all the spins are either negative or positive. Sacred geometry provides the protective structure that allows this. This is also reflected in partially crystallized structure of the strongest magnets. Non-structured protected magnets deteriorate more rapidly and are easy to de-magnetize with a simple pass of a strong polarized current (spin). I see electricity one order above spin, magnetism one order above but all of the same – each one causing the other, combinations of motion and kinetic energy. Gravity, then, is of a somewhat more gentle nature and a result of the implosive spin and fractal vortex of the ultimate unit of matter, as explained. Gravity is of the first order of the same spiral motion. These effects are all based in simple torsion wave forms and apply at every level proportionally to size, or rather structural density as defined by the number of ultimate units of matter contained within a given universal body. The source of the spin, and thus the nature of gravity, as the first order of spin, is of a divine nature. As it relates to the ether, this is explained further toward the end of this book. Heat and light are mere states of each other. Heat appears when light encounters a body and excites molecules, and light is heat in rapid motion. The seven rays of the sun appear to refer to the 7 colors of the light spectrum, each with its own separate function and quality in consciousness. According to Richard Ludka, a North American Horticulturist, newly developed blue and red LED growth lights enable plants in a vertical hydroponic garden to absorb optimal nutrition, which will decrease the average


normal growth cycle from 120 days to under 30 days. That is the cycle from seedling to fruit. Clearly there appears to be specific functionality or rather conscious intent involved with individual spectra of the frequency or color range. Ludka suggests as much as 16 annual food crops can be realized as opposed to perhaps a normal 3 or 4 harvests. Again, the common factor in the majority of scientific explanations for all of these is the absence of consciousness – deliberate loving intention.


Evolution and the 6th Sense.

Mary Rodwell, the founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), reports after gathering data from about 1,200 interviews with children and adults with alien encounters, that we are being helped by aliens of different origins. The extra terrestrials supposedly abduct children and in many cases educate them in classes on their ships. They supply abductees with information that we are not currently able to utilize. The information will be there to aid us through the revolution of consciousness that we are facing as our abilities develop. They imprint new languages, show us how to move matter with our minds, offer frequencies we will soon need, show us how to heal, and are generally aiding us toward our true multidimensional nature of which we are increasingly aware. With little doubt there are other beings in many forms in this infinite space. She interviews children who have interactive contact with angels or light beings in many physical ways. Rodwell also reports videos of children in Mexico reading with their feet, and children that heal wounds spontaneously. Most likely you have by now heard of the indigo or crystal children. They have many names. The crystal children are associated with increased psychic abilities as well as increased right brain activity and guidance, and they seem to share a strong affinity for water. China’s Super Psychics (15) by Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill, is an intriguing book. Over 100,000 super psychic children have been recognized and it is clear the numbers are increasing rapidly. The Chinese government has been studying these children for over 25 years. They have spent millions of dollars on the study of the on-going increase of 'Extra Human Function' in these children. These kids can read with their feet, hands, nose, ears, armpits and more. “Omni” magazine went to test it them selves and were convinced when kids read crumbled-up random pages with their armpits with no errors. It appeared that


when one child develops a new ability, the others tended to do the same by the mere suggestion that it could be done. One child made each and every rose bud held by every participant in a large audience open by the wave of a hand. Many cases of telekinesis and teleportation of large objects through walls have been done by these children, and there are many witnesses; such as the Editor of Shanghai’s prestigious “Nature” magazine. Edgar Cayce is an example of this natural phenomenon displaying the ability to read books at night under his pillow with perfect retention of the content the next morning. Why do children exhibit such abilities? I have several very close friends who are psychic or have psychic abilities, and tell of having abilities as children but were told those natural extensions, such as telekinesis, were bad and to stop. I am certain the reason children display such abilities more than adults, is because society imposes accepted concepts and misnomers, such as of the devil, and dictates how to respond, thereby misguiding us. We are programmed our whole lives; what to feel, what to think, what can and cannot exist, what our limitations are and so forth. Additionally, as adults we have accumulated a large quantity of chemical pollutants and been subject to electrical disturbances in discord with our physiognomy. Just as fish collect heavy metals and become too poisonous for consumption, we have suppressed our natural talents. Note that Pope John Paul II made a public apology prior to his death for the church having invented the devil as a means of controlling people. Nowhere in the bible is a devil ever mentioned. You may or may not believe in these inherent and natural abilities, but I can tell you that the governments of the US, China, and Russia do. You do not have to look very deeply to find the evidence; I personally know someone who was involved as a child, and I have found many references to others. The governments of the world not only believe, but have invested countless resources on studies involving attempts at developing and accelerating these abilities in children, sometimes prescribing horrific measures of child abuse. The abuse is condoned to create mentally isolated children that shut out the world, but it also severs their emotional lifelines. They did this in the belief that the emotional isolation would make it easier to connect with one’s higher self and enhance natural mental abilities, in sheer desperation. They found countless psychic children this way, but they cut off and destroyed many lives in the process. Fortunately, we now know that our emotions, feelings, and intuitions are necessary guides to such abilities, and there are far better approaches to this kind of development, involving love and appreciation. Whether you believe in extra terrestrials or in some of these children’s abilities is not important at this stage, in due time all things will come to light. But, I do believe you may


recognize a growing trend. The generations are evolving and the solutions to the world’s problems that seem insurmountable to us now may not be to newer generations. Friendly ETs and ET contactees are reporting with greater frequency in all shapes and forms, and the activity affects the population at large. Unfortunately, there appears to be an overwhelming amount of staged and falsified fear-filled alien abduction cases mixed into the media frenzy for the purpose of population control. We are made of frequency-modulated light, or photon particles that has zero tangible values for all its physical properties.. All our senses are based upon the internal interpretation of various vibrations or frequencies. Sound, taste, smell, touch, and sight are all interpretations of a given recognized frequency or structured pattern. On a physics level we do not actually touch anything, we just interact with the energetic barriers and structures that we perceive. Sounds and sights are interpreted and reassembled as a holograph in your mind. We live in a holographic universe. The pituitary gland is our so-called “third eye” and it receives its input from the pineal gland, our 6th physical sensory organ. The pineal gland is structured like an eye with ocular fluid all intact; it can see forward and upward. It is your mind’s eye, if you will, and when we meditate and quiet our mind and dim the input of our other five senses; what remains is your connection to the universal consciousness. It is our 6th sense, sometimes referred to as the all-seeing eye of God. It is as much a physical connection as any of our other senses, and our ability to connect and utilize that organ is enhanced and maximized in and around this time and for the foreseeable future beyond. In this universe of mind, a universe that we may learn to see properly with the third eye, we have inherent natural abilities we are just beginning to rediscover from past times. The clear trend of enhanced brain activity and utilization, and the changes that are occurring to our children and us are showing us the beginning of a new era where what we thought was impossible will eventually become the norm in all of humanity. The way to gain insight into all of this and gain ability is through the third eye, or your 6th sense. Know that there are chemicals in our food and water supply, such as fluoride (145), a toxic and chemical by-product, proven to actually deteriorate teeth, that will calcify the fluid in your pineal gland. Soda water does the same. It is important to keep the physical body free of toxins to allow us to “see” and function on higher levels. In one of my favorite cities, Rome, the Vatican has an enormous statue of a pinecone in the museum courtyard. There is also one at the tip of the pope’s staff. The pinecone can be 65

found in most ancient religions as a central symbol. It represents the pineal gland, and as previously mentioned, our connection to the creative forces, the higher self and our common consciousness. The one whom controls this connection completely, is completely in control.


Conscious Matter

All Matter is Consciousness – however, not all matter may be self-aware.

Water (H2O), is the basic component whose proximity will aid spontaneous DNA. It is the life giver, it is conscious, and it is unique. It is the only substance that can exist naturally in 3 states; liquid, solid and gas. Water exhibits cohesion and is attracted to other materials. Just try peeing in your pants and remain dry. Most liquids contract under cool temperature, but water expands after it goes below 4 degrees centigrade until solid. Because it expands as it becomes ice it becomes less dense thus it floats. The water molecule consists of two positive hydrogen molecules and one negative oxygen molecule. It is called the universal solvent because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid, including all the cellular components of the body. Next time you think of applying the scouring pad to your stove, let water sit for a longer time and dissolve the charred particles. They’ll all come loose, usually in a few minutes, with just the rub of a sponge. Pure water has a neutral PH balance of 7, neither acidic nor base. Water has a very high specific heat index and is used as a coolant as it absorbs a lot of heat before it gets hot. Its surface tension is caused by the attraction between the charged atoms. The surface tension is responsible for capillary action, which allows it and its solvents to move through the roots of plants as well as through our blood vessels. It is a poor electrical conduit but with sodium becomes an excellent conduit. Water enables organic compounds to react, which allows replication. It


facilitates both anabolism (molecular growth) and catabolism (downsizing). Hydrogen is combined with CO2 (from air or water) to form glucose and oxygen. All living cells use such fuel and oxidize the hydrogen and carbon, capturing the Sun's photonic energy structure and reforms water and CO2. We can live on water and sunshine alone. Hard to comprehend, but there are now many people that have lived for months, and even years, on water and sun-gazing. Sun-gazing, or solar healing is very effective and in a matter of a week at 30 min a day, the first things you will notice is a significant increase in collagen levels (16) as the spin inherent in sunlight literally spins up all the particles in your entire body. Supercritical water oxidation is a process that occurs in water at temperatures and pressures above the thermodynamic critical point. Water becomes a fluid with unique properties that can be used in the destruction of hazardous waste materials. It is our most basic cleaner and restoring agent in numerous ways. A plant in the US creates cheap oil from breaking down the molecular structure of any carbon-based material (just about any garbage) grinding it up and applying water and heat under pressure. At this time there is no need to drill for oil as we have an abundance of garbage accumulated, from which to refine inexpensive gasoline. Not that we even need gasoline at this time. “If the whole world had fresh, clean water, every part of this planet would be able to prosper in good health,” – my natural father’s lifelong dream In Chinese Taoist thought, water is representative of intelligence and wisdom. Water is a symbol of purification used in ceremonial contexts – as holy water. Thales was an ancient Greek mathematician who made great contributions to sacred geometry. He found that any angle within a semi-circle has a right angle. Thales stated that the origin of all matter is water. He also said, "All things are full of Gods," and left it unexplained. I think we now know he meant that all things are of the creative forces, our multi-dimensional common consciousness. His statement was simply, “all matter is consciousness”. The bible pronounces that, “…God moves God’s spirit over the face of the water, and then there is light.” Water, or the hydrogen part of it, fuels stars and suns, and from fusion, we get light, or photon emissions. Now that we have scratched the surface of water we are ready to dive in. Masaru Emoto (17), has been flash freezing water after playing music for it, putting intention into it, praying for it, hating it and cursing at it, playing classical music to it and so forth. After flash freezing, the water the resulting ice crystals are amazing to behold. Water exposed to classical music is uniform and beautiful, water crystals which had been exposed to hate or other negative emotions barely crystallized and looked like garble. Polluted water or water


which has lost its energy, does not even crystallize and froze in shapeless globs. His results are consistent and the worldwide web is full of pictures. "Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man…” – Albert Einstein Water remembers any substance it comes in contact with by rearranging its molecular structure. Its structure is more important than its chemical composition, which will always remain H2O. Water is the best antibiotic known to man and in its presence biological programs such as DNA are revealed and activated. Water molecules have over 440,000 individual memory panels, which interact differently with the environment. Professor Konstantin Korotkov PhD (18) utilized Electrophotonic Capturing (EPC) to measure photon emission of different subjects as stimulated by an electromagnetic field. This provides a new way to measure changes in water and its activity or energy level. Like Emoto, he imprinted intent or emotions on water and measured changes; it was re-energized. This water has shown to increase growth dramatically, in some cases 20% and more in plants, vegetables and fruits. A group of Russian scientists traveled to the Venezuelan highlands to find untouched virgin water and their measurements revealed that the water had 40,000 times more energy than normal civilized water. Animals will always choose spring water over purified water. Pipes, metals and toxins can break down water’s structure and energy level, but Emoto concludes that the intention of gratitude and love will energize it. The act of saying grace makes much sense in this context as it will energize the water content and raise the quality level of food – be careful with whom you share a meal. Emoto placed rice in three glasses with water. Every day for a month he told the first glass, “thank you”, the second “you’re an idiot”, and the third he completely ignored. After 30 days the first glass had begun fermenting and emitted a pleasant odor, the rice in the second had turned black and the rice in the third was rotting. There is a great lesson there about how to treat fellow humans and children; ignoring them does the greatest damage. As you may have heard, if babies in a hospital wards are ignored and never touched they will tend to die even if well fed. Mathematically perfect, Love forms and binds matter, is matter. If blood is drawn, you can measure changes or a conscious reaction in that blood by


applying external stimulus such as a hard blow to the original body. Water not only has memory, but it transfers information instantaneously over any distance (see Quantum Physics earlier). If you split up a pitcher of water into two pitchers and separate them by a mile or 10,000 miles, whatever process is applied to the first will instantly be recognized (no delay verified by an atomic clock) and eventually changed in the other. This has been verified utilizing multiple experiments with intention, not only with water but also with bacteria and other substances. Solar flares are recognized in water long before they arrive. Scientists use water to detect earthquakes before they occur. Perhaps, off-topic, but I care for a female spider monkey and she watches tremors on the ground as they occur many miles away, seemingly undetectable by the rest of us with only 5 senses present. Holy water has the most stable and lasting structure. It will also affect other water to which it has been applied. Only 10 grams of holy water applied to 60 liters of tap water will turn all the water into holy water with the same structure. Prayer has long been shown to work, and we can both photograph and measure its effect and the changes. The effect of faith is conscious intent manifested. Viktor Schauberger [1885-1958] (19) is still the most important person in research on water. He came from a long line of forest wardens and gamekeepers in Austria and studied water in nature. He would emulate nature and introduced countless inventions: the logging flume, the copper coated helix plow, the trout engine and the repulsine, an anti-gravity device used in flying discs for the Germans in the 40s, subsequently utilized by Boeing Aerospace in 2002. He figured out, of his own accord, by watching water, that all life is based around two opposing spiraling forces, that the vortex spiral was the driving force in the universe and reflected everywhere the pattern underlying all life. The purifying energy of the vortex revealed itself to Schauberger while sitting by the side of a lake with no tributaries (no fresh water flowing into it other than rain). While he watched in amazement, the lake started moving in a vortex or spiral motion faster and faster, eventually pulling loose logs in the sand. The logs kept moving in toward the center of the lake and eventually got dragged under with great force and did not resurface. Then the lake calmed down and began to rumble, a huge waterspout came gushing out and up from its center with a thundering noise. What he had witnessed was the way still water in nature renews and re-energizes itself. What actually sets the whole event in motion is the energy built up in the negative stagnation itself. There is a greater and critical lesson in this for humanity. If we allow


forces to build in the negative we build up a literal negative energy vortex in opposition to the natural positive forces and these forces must eventually be released. This is fundamentally how the Earth re-energizes and revitalizes herself when our thoughts and emotions, actions and deeds, result in cumulative discord around the planet. Eventually this discord reaches a critical point, a point where we are now finding ourselves, again. On another occasion Schauberger watched from a tree how an eagle spiraled over a lake in small decreasing circles as it moved closer to the surface, then noticed a similar spiraling force under water, where the fish were lining up like pearls on a string spiraling up toward the surface. The eagle hardly broke the water and simply grabbed one of the fish drawn up to the surface, crowding at the top in the decreasingly smaller spiral. Schauberger invented several devices to renew the energy of water for domestic use. One was based upon creating a spiraling vortex of the water, with a vortex based internally generated implosion, inside an egg shaped cylinder. He became known as the water magician as people flocked to see what the creation of living water was all about. Many have since recreated his invention or parts of it in the form of showerhead or waterspouts that create a flowing vortex as the water exits the spout. As water moves in nature in spirals it builds up its electrical charge and energy. This energy can apparently attract things like fish, as in the above example. However, as we pipe it through unnatural pipes, shapes, metals and angles it looses its charge and is dead by the time it reaches you, the end user. Schauberger designed special pipes with curved internal wedges that induced vortices in the flow of the water to preserve its vitality and created frictionless flow. He found two opposing forces, the centrifugal force, which created outward destructive flow and centripetal flow, which creates implosion, growth and enrichment. Using the same principles he created a generator that produced its own fuel by water and air, something that has been done many times since. Schauberger also found that using a copper-plated plough, versus the simple iron plough, allowed the soil to remain moist and fertile. It is now entirely possible to fuel a vehicle entirely by any kind of water, needing no other fuel. This is done easily by extracting hydrogen, on-demand, from water by means of electrolysis. In other words it is not necessary to store the hydrogen, an explosive gas (with similar hazard as propane or butane storage). The hydrogen powers an engine, which generates electricity. The electrolysis is simple; it requires low voltage and high amperage (electricity) generated with a Tesla Turbine that runs on compressed air (compressed by


the engine and the electricity it generates in a pressure tank). The Tesla Turbine is attached to a high speed Faraday generator, or disk, with simple electric brushes attached to the edge. A properly laid out Faraday disk is made with several golden mean spirals cut out of the wheel, with an inner circle left and an outer edge left intact, the spirals attached to the inner and outer rings. This overcomes problems with magnetic forces opposing each other in all directions on the disk surface; they will naturally, and practically without loss, flow to the edge of the disk where two electric brushes are attached. A low voltage (.5 to 3 volts), high current (10 to 10,000 or more amperes) will be tapped across the two brushes, enabling the separation of hydrogen easily and effectively in ample quantities to fuel a vehicle, gas stove, fridge or A/C unit. In most cases, there is no need for any kind of modification. Yes, that’s right, this is all there is to unlimited energy on demand, though there are many other equally efficient and even simpler solutions to free energy. Anyone can make this device in a moderately equipped garage and with minimal technical expertise. Oxygen gas, after the two are extracted in gaseous form (HHO or Brown’s Gas, used to fuel a torch, will melt any metal with blinding speed, even granite, yet the flame will not burn your hand. The reason for this is quite apparent; this is a nature and lifecompatible gas. There is no conflict between the emitted wave oscillations of the burning hydrogen/oxygen gas and that of the natural oscillations of the physical matter in the body. Brown’s gas can fuse elements previously not combinable such as brick to iron and brass to glass (99). There is even research using Brown’s gas for water energizing/ structuring and much more, as water having been filtered through Brown’s gas provides at least 10 times the hydrating effect of normal water and may even reduce aging significantly. Remain in line (in love) with creation and you cannot be harmed. It's the nature of everything - if it was not for both male and female energy (two nesting helical torsion fields), there would be no matter and no consciousness - at all, not even the creative eternal forces. Creation is the perfect combination of male and female energy, a combination most of us have great affinity for. In the film “The Secret Life of Plants,” (105) we find countless examples of consciousness in plants and matter. Studies in Bio Communications show that plants react to human emotions when the human in the same room is reacting to various images shown on a screen. The reaction of the plants is perfectly correlated with the reaction of the person. Even at the lowest levels of life there is evidence of profound consciousness. Chandra Bose, a celebrated Indian scientist, found that metals, animals and plants respond in a very similar way to radiation or vibrations, and be believed that one day we might test


our inventions and elixirs on plants rather than on animals. I see no reason why this would not be entirely possible today as the structure of matter, and what is life enhancing, is universal. Perhaps, one day, when more mainstream scientists consult enlightened masters or yogis; like Nikola Tesla did. Cleve Baxter, one of the world’s foremost experts on the polygraph, wanted to find out if plants knew our thoughts. He found that just the mere image of fire in his mind, as he was thinking to roast the plant, was enough. The plant literally knew his intention and went ballistic at the thought. Love your plants and appreciate what they offer you, let them know. When brine shrimp were dying, with no persons around in an automated setup, next to plants in a lab, the plants displayed emotional reactions and empathy with the shrimp. Natural life, in harmony with nature, has respect for all other life. When two plants in a lab were adjacent to each other, a single technician would tear up and assault one of the plants. The other plant clearly knew what was happening to the mutilated plant. Later, when all the techs entered the lab, the plant only reacted to the technician involved, clearly identifying the assailant. Nature is consciously aware of all events. Director Hajimoto of Fiji Electronics designed equipment that would transmit and receive a cactus plant’s electromagnetic responses in an audible range. Mrs. Hajimoto was convinced she could teach her cactus the Japanese alphabet. What she did find was that the cactus would respond back to her much like a 2-year old, mimicking the sounds she made exactly, as well as the length and intonation. It would only repeat her sounds when her words were consciously directed at the plant, and not when the other people sitting nearby around were addressed by her. It is profound and clear evidence of telepathy between human life and plant life; and if that is natural; clearly the same goes for humans and animal, plant and animal, and so on. For us higher entities, our natural abilities are clouded by self-awareness in the form of ego and erroneous social programming, It clear that plants and animals are far more intelligent and conscious than most of us have assumed. Dolphins have long been recognized and considered to be the smartest live animal next to humans. Plants, animals and fish use telepathy in their communication. Trees are far more complex plants than a cactus and a large cactus appears to have the intelligence of a two year old, or that of a parrot. Many people report communing and communicating with trees. Old trees are often referred as Trees of Wisdom. Is that only because they provide shade from the sun under which to teach or ponder life? If any of this 72

is true, and of course it is, as we have lab results as well as all the weighted results new science is finding; then does the planet have a consciousness as a larger, far more complex structure? It is very easy to say no to these questions. Our dogmas do not allow for intelligence in other beings than ourselves. Those are the dogmas and intense programming that always keep our mental cups full. If you, as I, desire more or better knowledge than what you have, than you must empty your cup. If you already know everything, than drink some of the cup instead of pouring it out. This does not mean or imply that it is wrong to build a house from wood or use fur for a coat. It means that you must respect and love creation as best as your own consciousness allows, relative to where you are in your own development. If that means not buying a fur coat to you, or utilizing wood, then it is important that you follow your loving heart – or your soul suffers. When you break a branch or pluck a fruit or a chicken, loving appreciation and gratitude goes a long way. You will, in time, as you progress, see and understand, that your actions cannot harm another being. Your actions can only do harm to your own soul -- for such is the true nature and design of our experience. Plants that heal us are all around, and they are in close proximity. The North looks to the exotic places for exotic cures. The simple truth is that nature provided the cure in your immediate surroundings. The plants and medicines you require are within miles of where you stand right now, if you are anywhere near natural surroundings. It may not be so true in downtown New York, Tokyo or Paris, but in Shanghai it is, where herbs are the order of the day. North America often looks to Central and South America due to the knowledge and abundance of medicinal plants perceived to be located in this area. That is only because the Third world still retains much of the knowledge acquired over centuries of the uses of such plants and herbs in that region. The Western Church, in an ambitious attempt to monopolize medicine, eradicated such knowledge by eliminating natural healers, herbalists, alchemists, and in particular women that traditionally acquired and held such knowledge. Women tend to be more Earth grounded and thus in better touch with the consciousness of nature. Societal norms continue this eradication to this day in the form of laws and regulations as well as negative conditioning through various media – therefore, personally, I do not mind the occasional “I am woman, hear me roar”. 73

The pharmaceutical industry cannot monopolize and make money on an herb or a plant, though they are attempting to monopolize herbs and healing minerals today by renaming them “chemicals”. Therefore hey synthesize part of the plant and call it an invention, which they patent so they can exclude others from the free benefit. This causes unnatural drugs that do not harmonize with your body and we see the evidence of that in various “side effects”. Nature is already perfected. We know that because we, in unity consciousness, created it, and created what we require to keep us healthy in the process. Nature is consciousness and plants have a consciousness. We have forgotten what many plants in the northern part of the Western world can accomplish. But, there are clues and though it is beyond the scope of this book to provide full coverage, I want you to be aware of some of the clues all around you with a few examples. Plants tend to resemble the part of the body, which it can heal, or remind one of the disease, which it can temper. Sliced carrots, resembling eyes (132), purportedly increase blood flow to your eyes, keeping them healthy. Tomatoes have 4 chambers, as with the heart, used for blood and heart nourishment. Grapes hang in a heart-shaped cluster, each fruit the shape of a blood cell, and they vitalize both your blood and your heart. A walnut looks exactly like the brain, comprising four major sections, and other nuts exhibit similar comparisons. Nuts are essential for development of over 3 dozen neuro-transmitters. Kidney beans help and heal kidney functions. Sweet potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance your glycemic index. Olives assist the health of ovaries. Citrus fruit slices look like the female mammary glands and assist breast and lymph movement. Onions look like body cells and clear waste from all those same cells. Celery, bok choy and rhubarb look like bones and they target your skeletal strength with an exact match of sodium. Figs hang in pairs and they do indeed look like and assist male fertility glands, sperm function and count. Avocadoes (133), Eggplant and Pears resemble a womb. Consuming an avocado a week helps to balance hormones, prevent cervical cancer and shed birth weight. Ironically, it takes nine months for an avocado blossom to ripen. There is so much to discover: cacti that look like the brain, mushrooms that look like skeletal hands, we can often infer their use and influence. Just look around you, pick a food and try to figure out its properties; go wild, go organic. The Soursop or Guanabana (the Graviola Tree) has been found to be more than 30,000 74

times more effective against cancer than chemotherapy (134). The compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells. It is not only safe and effective but it leaves the immune system healthier overall. The Soursop even looks like cancer, as does its Northern-growing counterpart, the Milkweed or Thistle. They are all green, with spikes. Specifically, they look like lymphocyte cancer cells. They have been used for years against cancer. If you seek a lookalike in a flat weed, you find Fritz Albert Popp’s mistletoe. I think you get the picture. Of course the powers-that-be will never approve such natural cures for use against cancer. It is not in their best interest; they do not work for you, they are heavily influenced by and own the pharmaceutical industry. As you can see, the bulb with seeds of the milk thistle looks also like what you would think of as cancer, just a bit smaller in size. Certainly Durian, the Asian look-alike will have the same effect. The Mangosteen fruit, in the same family as the Durian, the South East Asian variation of Soursop, looks like a large tumor sack. Nature provides other clues as well; such as relating the amount of petals a flower has to the Indian layout of the chakras that affect each bodily system. Each then would have the effect of enhancing these glands. There is an entire field here just waiting to be explored and discovered. Everything is related to everything else. To the one whose eyes are opened, new and higher levels of nature are revealed.


Materials and Biologic Structure

There once was an old dying tree in a park and no one could figure out why it was dying. Then someone came up with the idea of measuring the frequency of the tree and the park. It turned out that the tree was out of phase or synch with the rest of the surrounding environment. Nature is balanced in harmonic (loving) waves, or phase conjugation, and all things have to be in harmony to thrive. When they searched they found an old iron fence buried close to and leading up to the tree. The iron fence was disrupting and changing the trees internal wave structure and it was killing the tree. Once the fence was removed the tree regained its vitality. So it is with all of nature. The structure, which is a result of the 75

frequency holding it in reality, must be in phase with the reverberation around it or it will be destructive to its environment, and the life in it. This is simple physics. It applies to everything in the universe. I was puzzled why aluminum pots and pans were poison to food and life. I assumed it was a chemical problem but one you would need to be a chemist to comprehend. Now, after getting a glimpse of reality and the true nature of matter, it’s very simple to understand. It is all about the structure of the matter and how different matter is able to disrupt, or not disrupt, the vibration of the structure of what is around it and energetically connected to it. Fractality, or self-similarity, creates phase conjugate, or non-destructive frequencies in the form of natural torsion waves. From this, a whole new scientific art form is emerging: biological architecture. It uses sacred geometry, fractality and bio-safe materials, to create living areas, environments, structures and buildings that are non-destructive to life – even life enhancing. It is a very exciting new field and we will begin with some examples of how this has been applied in the past. African villages have been built fractally for centuries, with the outer circle of the huts formed in a geometric pattern around the chief’s and his family's huts. The rest are laid out the same way, which may be formed around an altar where the ancestral memory is said to be preserved. The city of Prague is constructed in a perfect fractal rose pattern. The BIO Architecture Foundation (20) replicates principles found in nature to create bio, or life-sound architecture. They fully admit that the science, of which you will have a greater understanding through this book, is not widely understood. Steel and aluminum are less-fractal than wood, cotton or clay. A seed in aluminum will die. As mentioned, anything live has a measurable electric charge. If the seed or plant is in a non-fractal environment, it distributes charge poorly and stifles the charge and its ability to propagate. This hampers life with incompatible spin patterns affecting each other as all matter is connected. DNA will only thrive and retain all its information if it is allowed to duplicate in a field that is harmonically fractal. The order in which various materials are fractal from high to low are as follows: a) metals: gold, palladium, platinum, silver, copper, iron, tin, steel and aluminum, b) wood: fine grain, high mineral content, hardwood, coarse grain, soft wood, c) stone and similar: granite, lime, sandstone, glass, plastic and d) fiber: silk, cotton, polyester. A modern, square metal box, like a refrigerator, if made to golden mean proportions and without metal, would greatly enhance the quality of our preserved food. It’s not hard to see 76

that an egg shaped fridge with a honeycomb structure in the insulating foam would make an ideal preserver. Orgone, or life force, discovered by Wilhelm Reich, MD, is the same as the charge that is inherent everywhere in fluctuating wave propagations in the ether. He found that this energy charged organic matter. We can, and nature does, harness this energy in fractional environments or structures. Beehives, eggs, any fractal buildings, are biological capacitors enhancing charge compression. Reich did it with organic materials such as cotton (which attracted the energy) or he used glass wool in place of cotton, and layered it with steel wool (which deflected the energy) in a closed space or metal lined box. The organic material would keep attracting cosmic energy and the metal deflecting it into the box. With more attraction on the inside, the charge would tend to accumulate in the center of the box. The force at work is in actuality the effect of natural resonant gravity toward the natural fiber versus the less fractal metal. He would treat patients by placing them inside the bio capacitors he created and was even able to light bulbs with his passive generators. He got amazing results and was too successful in curing people. Hundreds of orgone accumulators were in use by satisfied physicians all over the world. In one of the worst cases of government censorship, a court ordered all his machines and all his books destroyed and he got two years in jail for contempt of court. This kind of destruction goes on today by drug manufacturers and their political cohorts as any kind of broad cure kills profit. If you look into this you will find countless similar stories. Royal Raymond Rife’s story [1888-1971] is perhaps the most outrageous case of suppression of vital information in modern history. Even to date there is great effort to keep his technology from the public. Try to do a web search from the bibliography (21) and you will see what modern censorship is all about. Rife developed an optical microscope with unsurpassed resolution able to study live biological samples while experimenting. A modern electron microscope has higher resolution but kills specimens, so, to date, you have to look at dead specimens without the ability to manipulate them in real time. He achieved up to 60,000 times magnification, comparable to a modern electron microscope. He discovered that he could manipulate single-celled organisms and bacteria with pulsed, or rather frequency-modulated magnetic fields. He found that if he continued to expose a virus or bacteria to a select critical frequency with increased amplitude the pathogen would explode almost immediately. He easily found the natural resonant frequency of various viruses as he could view the impact of their varied exposure. Rife found that there was no frequency that destroyed live mammalian or human tissue the same way. He identified a modulated frequency for every live virus and bacteria, every disease known to man; each one a virus, even cancer and AIDS can be cured this way. By the way, another way to cure


AIDS is to circulate the blood outside the body and heat it to 108 degrees Fahrenheit then cool it to normal body temperature before its return. Yet another is by nano silver particles or colloidal silver (31). Pharmaceutical manufacturers are now trying to monopolize this potent natural cure and stop common use. There are numerous cures for every dis-ease, or rather electrically disturbed field. The pharmaceutical companies, via their governmental counterparts, destroyed equipment and the literature of Rife as well as eradicated his associates; purportedly killed, bribed and drugged. But in this case a lot of dedicated individuals are keeping the research and technical information alive and well on the web until such time as enough individuals have evolved consciously to resurrect the technology in public. The only obstacle to recreate Rife’s technology is to obtain an optical microscope that can rival his 1936 Universal Microscope. There is unquestionably a large conspiracy in place limiting the optical resolution to a fraction of what Rife’s microscope could do. No doubt through purchases and mergers in this industry; providing zero funding for anyone who wants to recreate such a microscope. He described his technology in detail (85) and the world’s leading suppliers claim a limit of their technical ability to produce optical microscopes with one 1/3rd the power of Rife’s microscope. There are microscopes that have far surpassed his resolution, but they are all electron microscopes which instantly kill the live virus. If you could see the virus, you can easily find their resonant frequencies, which have been buried in obscurity and deliberate changes since Rife’s death. Lists exist but they have been manipulated and posted in less effective sub-harmonics. Only the exact frequency will produce the desired result. Orthologic (82) has patented a bone healing device which has proven to get very difficult cases of fractures to heal by using static and alternating magnetic fields, both the size of Earth’s magnetic field. The healing of bones occurred when the frequency was any harmonic of the cyclotron frequencies of both calcium and magnesium. A cyclotron (83) frequency is an ionized or charged particle field that moves outward as a spiral perpendicular to a magnet and thus repeatedly re-encounters and resonates with the accelerating voltage; in other words a simulated natural wave. Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology (83) now takes a scientific approach to holistic healing. A BIOfeedback system recognizes the body’s auric field and uses the magnetic field around the body to detect, medicate, verify and correct problems when the normal field is out of alignment and not in harmonic balance. It is a significant step in the right direction. The machine utilizes muscle feedback to see if medication resonates with the


problem area and will have a healing effect before it is administered. In two minutes an allergy problem was narrowed down and solved, as any potentially healing substance simply has to be held in the palm to see if proper harmonic resonance will have favorable or no effect toward healing. It can test for improper medications, narrow problem areas to small specific targets and assure that any medication or healing not only reaches the desired area properly but, also, will have the proper outcome. Edgar Cayce claimed that sound would be the medicine of the future and indeed it is used in natural as well as in more conventional therapies for pain relief and the like. Obviously it can do much more with its development guided by conscious efforts. At the turn of the century the Polytechnic School in Paris published a list of octaves and frequencies that makes one think about what we are doing to our environment and ourselves. I have reprinted it as it appeared back then, and added a few Updates in the last column for contemplation. TABLE OF VIBRATIONS PER SECOND 1st Octave 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 46th 47th 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1,024 32,768 1,047,576 33,554,432 1,073,741,824 34,359,738,368 1,099,511,627,776 35,184,372,088,832 70,368,744,177,644 140,737,468,355,328 Updates

Brain 7 to 40hz Earth Resonance 7.8hz Sound “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Unknown Electricity “ “ Unknown “ Heat “ Electrical Power (10 to 100Khz)

Radio Spectrum (3Khz to 300Ghz Viral by Rife (21) (139Khz to 1.6Mhz) Microwaves (300Mhz to 300Ghz)


48th 49th 50th 51st 57th 58th 59th 60th 61st 62nd

281,474,979,710,656 562,949,953,421,312 1,125,899,906,842,624 2,251,799,813,685,248 144,115,188,075,855,872 288,230,376,151,711,744 576,460,752,303,423,488 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 2,305,843,009,213,693,952 4,611,686,618,427,389,904

“ Light Chemical Rays Unknown “ X-Rays “ “ “ Unknown Gamma Rays

Cell phone activity around 2.5 MHz (same as for kitchen microwaves) appears responsible for interrupting honey bees’ ability to find their way and return to their hives; tumors appear in children who resided near large power lines. Instead of listening to a society in denial of the obvious, we need more research in this field so that we can live in harmony with nature, and at the same time increase the efficiency of our systems. Electromagnetic waves can cause interference and destruction, and they can heal. It is now time to look closer. Technology is not to be feared or abhorred but developed in harmony with nature. The nature of reality has not yet been explored significantly by disclosed mainstream science at this time. Tesla opened the box and it was quickly closed for short-term gain and long-term detriment. Rife took a peek and he was shut down fast. Fortunately, the rate of awakening is increasing at this time, across the planet. It is happening, even amongst those that do not contribute in such a great way, such as professional politicians (reference: Letters by Mark Twain, one of Tesla’s closest friends), many attorneys, lobbyists, and others, even to such that have subjected themselves to the most intense forms of social programming. This does not judge all of them, but far too many have, in their ignorance of all there is, chosen the long hard suffering path to enlightenment and true happiness, or loving bliss. Fear and suffering is rooted in ignorance. When you have more facts, you increase your degree of clairvoyance, your ability to see clearly. On a country road was a sign that suggested "this land is free for the one who is truly content." There was a knock at the door of the landowner. He answered it and here stood a passer-by. He proclaimed that he, himself, was truly content and he should have the land. The response: "If you are truly content, you don't really want the land." Living in a natural environment is healing in and by itself. Someone asked me if swimming


in the waves of the ocean would have a healing effect. Intuitively she of course knows the answer. Spending more time in nature – far from technology and unnatural harmonic disturbances will not only keep your natural immune system at peak, but will strengthen your natural balance – and will aid you in healing or keep you healthy as opposed to existence in an unnatural environment. If you live in a large city, get out now and again, or maintain some plants indoors if you cannot get out – the plants will reflect as much love and healing back to you as you give to them – in real time.


Technology and Nature

Technology is an enhancement if applied conscientiously, harmoniously, lovingly, or in tune with nature. It must be in coherence with the rest of the matter that surrounds us or it becomes a destructive force. Many scientists have found free energy by studying nature. Unfortunately, current imposed socio-economic rules do not allow for free energy distribution. If it did, the world at large would prosper. If technology were driven by share inventiveness it would benefit and not differentiate. Major inventions were mainly born out of the desire to create, not desire to derive individual benefits. People are afraid to share, afraid to not have enough and thus horde and abuse each other. It’s a fact that only a handful of farmers remain in the most industrialized nations. They feed millions and export to millions more. If energy was free and abundant the whole world would have clean fresh water in any location on the planet, and that is all we need for good health and abundance. If you do not believe that free energy and non-polluting over-unity devices exist, in abundance, you have been bamboozled like most people. The patent office has thousands of over-unity devices and working free energy concepts, mechanical and static. But the establishment does not want you to know. If a device gets even remotely energy efficient, to where it competes “unfairly” with the power companies, they are buried, one way or the other. See the bibliography for more information (23). If you do not believe that a perpetual motion machine can exist sit back and contemplate the entire systemic universe as the perfect example. Nikola Tesla, the Forgotten Wizard, filed patents that most people will never hear of or have a clue ever existed, though this is changing. He is single-handedly responsible for AC current and our electrical grid, radio and much more. Free energy distributed wirelessly, extracted from the ether, phones that can call anyone and the connection is a plug in the ground anywhere on the planet, riding on Earth’s own energy grid. Non-destructive


technology, at minimal set-up cost, is consequently free. Tesla proved his wireless power transfer with a car in which he installed an 80HP electric engine. It ran upwards of 90 MPH with a receiver for energy reception. He said that the only way for us to overcome our shortcomings was for man to become enlightened, as a whole. Tesla studied esoteric Vedic knowledge that he thought all-important to science, and he correctly began viewing the universe as a symphony of vibrations and frequencies. Magnetic engines, engines that will run for the life of the magnet, can be found all over the web and it takes minimal electrical experience to see that they work. They are patented and are brought to light. When they reach commercial viability, they get buried. I have traced a few companies through their development and followed the chronology to their death. So many sad stories, and most of the time, every few years, the technology is pursued and thought to be a new idea, only to be shot down, again and again. Let’s face fact; our corporate societal structure, which removes an individual’s feeling of responsibility, is not beneficial to humanity. At this time it appears that the majority of humanity is realizing this and are willing to share their excess. That excess is all it takes to create abundance for all of us. What the ruling elite misses is the larger picture. What if we eliminated cash, such as is suggested by Jacque Fresco (22), the designer and visionary, and moved to a resourcebased economy. Fresco describes a resource-based economy as a utopian society where production is only limited by the resources available and not by the cash made available by a few. Not as simple to achieve, you say. True, this state of affairs is not easy to implement, unless there is a war. Suddenly the only thing that matters, is what resources you have available, and not what you can afford. The ruling elite may disagree, but that is because they’ve helped finance every war for several hundred years. But the truth is any just war, if ever there were such a thing, would have been enabled without such funds. If you are on a fruitful remote island with wild animals no cash is necessary because all is available and there is only you and yours. We only need a few farmers in each place, only a few people to produce all that we need, inventions would benefit all of us, no need for copyrights or patents, We could use our energy on clean water filtration devices and clean air, art, comfortable and lush living, better technology, faster computers…Stop, did you say….faster computers? Does not profit drive invention, as described by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged? No, it does not! Major inventions are not driven by profit motives. Scientists working for large corporations are not driven by greed. Check and see what they get for putting in all that effort. The company


owns you and your inventions. Is a small bonus enough to put in 70+ hours per week? Of course not, they are driven by genuine interest to succeed and to create. Great inventions come overwhelmingly from people who love to do what they do. They came to this Earth and found a purpose. They can’t wait to get to work. They would do it without pay if they could, if only they could afford to. How many people out there are saying, “help, fund my research…all I need is food and shelter.” They do it anyway, with small means or no means at all… Ayn Rand, with her thoughts around Atlas Shrugged, and others like her, want you to believe that we are worthless as a species; that we need to be motivated by fear of not having anything. They want you think that we live and die by the grace of the elite, and not by our own creation. This is the biggest lie. We go through school, college, university and we train to work for other people, not for ourselves. If ingenuity and desire for creation were the only motivating factors we would indeed succeed beyond comprehension. We all know that if you do what you love to do you will not only be happier but you will do it better than anyone else. We would find ourselves creating more, faster and better, not caring who receives, and we would all benefit more. Even the elite would have far more and live with less effort than they do today. They would work less, be far healthier and have more and eco-friendlier technology. If they could grasp the changes we are facing, they would stand, as we stand, to profit greatly by re-directing efforts toward sustainable technology and production. The shift in consciousness will inevitably, and we see it already in organic food production, direct consumers toward a healthier lifestyle and environment. If they acted preemptively in this regard, they could create far more for themselves. It appears they only wish to rule for the sake of rule and that will be their undoing. The demand for conscientious living is growing and will reach an unprecedented crescendo in the immediate years following 2012. They can change, or they will become extinct. The corporate world and the established system does not appear flexible enough for adaptation, and is resistant to change, which in this case will occur rapidly and to our mutual benefit. The existing system is collapsing due to it incompatibility with nature, both on micro and a macro scale. Be present and be aware of what is going on around you, but focus your loving intention on what you want to be or become, and “act as if”. If you pay too much attention to the negative aspects you will also attract and manifest that.


Renewal of Earth


We want and need to return to a healthier relationship with nature. If we do not, Earth, just like a lake with no tributaries that renews itself, will renew itself for us. At this time is appears it is too late to make major changes, but we can still mitigate the damages. There is much speculation on how this might happen; from conventional scientists from National Geographic Society suggesting and proclaiming an inevitable pole shift, or polar reversal, to a meteor coming close and causing major upheaval, to intense solar flares cleansing the environment, or a combination of the above. A major solar flare does have the inherent capacity for renewal of Earth; anything not in congruence with its overwhelming structural energy will perish. This goes for any manmade viral or bacterial creation as well. What would remain is clean DNA inherent in our universe. Just like the super-heating of sand crystals will, in the presence of water, create spontaneous DNA, so will the remaining Earth find natural balance. Mind you we are not proclaiming that this will indeed happen or that doomsday is approaching. Quite the contrary, in the present time we have access to more information and heightened creative ability, a lift in consciousness. It’s a time to celebrate, rejoice, and find comfort and peace in the fact that we are evolving as a species. We are simply at maximum connectedness to the universe and the universal mind at this time.


Human Origins and Other Life

There is distinct evidence in cultures all over the world that modern man and dinosaurs coexisted. They must have co-existed within a few thousand years of today, which is quite recent in evolutionary terms. We do not have a way of determining the age of rock, so we make assumptions based upon what we find in or near that rock. If a human foot print or a man is found then it’s presumed less than a million years old and if a dinosaur is found it is presumed about 65 million years old. There are numerous reports of clear views of flying pterodactyls in our time and even turn-of-the-century pictures of hunters with what appears to be pterodactyls on the web. Scientists have found human and dinosaur tracks in the same rock layer several places on earth. There are carvings and reliefs everywhere depicting man and different species of dinosaurs together. There are countless paintings of dinosaurs by man on caves and stonewalls from all ages so there can be little doubt that someone has seen one alive. One is from around 1,000 AD in Utah. In the 1930s, Dr. Javier Cabrera found over 1,100 Inca burial stones, many with very distinct and clearly inscribed dinosaurs of varying kinds we now know were in existence, including extinct fish. 50,000 84

stones exist in various collections and perhaps 100,000 are still unearthed. There are in fact so many examples that we can only conclude that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Dr. C. Gilmore, curator of the Museum of Natural History, and S. Hubbard confirmed in 1924 that man and dinosaur lived together as evidenced by a carving of a Diplodocus-like dinosaur in Grand Canyon, Arizona (24). Marco Polo lived in China for 17 years, around 1271 A.D. and reported that the emperor raised dragons to pull his chariots in parades. A plesiosaur specimen washed ashore in Monterey Bay, California in 1925. T. Rex soft pliable tissue and pliable blood vessels were found in sand stone in 1997 by paleontologist Mary Schweitzer (39) in Montana in presence of groundwater. To claim it is 70 million years old is ridiculous at best. Sand stone is compressed sand and porous and can form relatively fast under compression, with minerals present which “glues” the grains of sand together. Indeed, even evolutionist scientists agreed that the sandstone that preserved a jellyfish, that would otherwise have rotted, would have had to form in less than 24 hours (40). If this were not so we would have very few fossils, as they would all simply rot away, unless sealed from air and water quickly, as in ice formation. The oldest complete skeleton found is of Altamura Man in Italy. It is about 400,000 years old. Dmanisi is a teenage humanlike skull nearly 1.8 million years old found in Georgia, former Soviet Union (25). Anthropologists want us to believe that man evolved from a common ancestor with Homo Erectus around 500,000 years ago. The first anatomically modern human fossils (26) appear around 160,000 years ago in Ethiopia, and most importantly, to break most evolutionary assumed theories; they have not changed since that time. Tools appeared around 40,000 years ago and sophisticated cave art around 30,000 years ago. According to evolutionists, we evolved slowly, but that is not what the fossil record shows. We take giant leaps every so often and no contrary evidence is found, but fantasy and artists renderings are there to fill the gaps. And these fantasies make their way into our textbooks and the errors compounded over time. Even Charles Darwin himself said he was wrong after searching for a fossil record that should have been rich and full of evidence of step-by-step evolution. He became a spiritual man, like most serious scientists, as Einstein pointed our and eventually did as well. Of course, Darwin’s theory sounded too plausible, and the theory survives today, in spite of his own insistence to the contrary. So, if no modern day evidence exists for our evolution we have to look elsewhere for the truth. Some modern day religions claim we are 5,000 years old (modern history) – clearly that is just plain silly, though ancient religions hold a lot of clues. Intelligent design, and there are countless variations, may hold the truth. Intelligent design theories range from the biblical concept of God to Extra Terrestrial beings manipulating 85

and creating a hybrid race. The Sun is a symbol of God. That makes perfect sense. Without the sun we would surely perish and have to reincarnate elsewhere. We have the Maya sun god Kinich Ahau, the Toltec’s sun god Tonatiuh, the Greeks sun god Helios, the Eskimo sun goddess Melina, the African Nyambi, the Egyptian sun god Ra that created light and birthed man from his own tears (water), and countless more. If you take a close look at the Sun Gods and their appearance you may be surprised to find that they are often depicted as non-human or extra terrestrial beings. You will find Maya statues of the Sun gods that look Egyptian, with the elongated “beard” intact, look reptilian, and are 13 or 14 feet tall, looking outright like aliens complete with pictures of flying discs and other flying craft. Since studying these ancient relics, I find them everywhere in archeological magazines, with no mention of the resemblance, likely because it would not occur to the archeologists to make such a connection or risk ridicule by their peers. I am not trying to convince you that these are in fact extra terrestrial beings, I’m just pointing out facts as they appear. The truth is yours to discover. Lloyd Pye, former military intelligence, is in possession of a 900 year old child skull (27) that does not appear human, larger cranium, narrow set, shallow eye sockets, optical nerve channel at bottom of eye sockets instead of behind and no nasal passage, not even vestiges. The skull contains fibers and residue that are not present in human skulls and were unidentifiable to mycologists (the saw did not sever them). The skull is half the thickness and is much stronger than a normal skull and the composition appears more like tooth enamel. DNA extraction revealed that the mother was Native American and the father nonhuman. The Ica skulls, of the Ica Region in Peru, are oblong (cone like) in shape and the cranial capacity is over twice that of a normal cranium (28), thus binding of the head has been excluded. It is interesting to note that the Maya elite used binding of the heads to emulate the gods; the head of a newborn is pressed between boards to make it elongated. In no way does that change the total volume of a skull. Bysts have been found of two of the children of Nefertiti and Aken-aten, and they have elongated heads like Nefertiti. It is speculated that Aken-aten was only part human. We do know that they too bound their heads to emulate the gods. There is so much empirical data, from religious paintings with unmistakable images of


UFO’s to reliefs clearly depicting ancient flight, that there is good reason why so many people believe we originated elsewhere and that our development has been influenced by extra terrestrial life. The unmistakable and very clear pictures of modern jets, helicopters, submarines and more found at the Temple of Abydos in Egypt are dismissed by Egyptologists as being a result of carvings deteriorated or set over older carvings, but recently, similar carvings of helicopters and flying craft have been found in the Amon Ra Temple at Karnak. [Glyphs at the Temple of Abydos]

In light of DNA being inherent in the very structure of matter, it would only be too arrogant to assume we are alone. One speck on the night sky was penetrated for 10 days by the Hubble space telescope and in it there were more than 3000 galaxies, each with more than 100 billion suns, each one a solar system. In our solar system, all the planets have water in some quantity or other, as do all planets everywhere. Hydrogen is the most abundant of matter. As we know, DNA will form on its own in its presence. Our galaxy whirls around the Magellanic cloud system, and the Magellanic cloud system is part of a larger system that we would see if we were able to zoom back out far enough, and that is part of our universe at some level, each level a toroidal spherical shape and each within another, infinitely, co-existing and interacting with infinite universes. However, as mentioned, past some point space ceases its material significance to us, as it remains quantum soup, or an endless sea of possibilities until observed. A Faraday cage, or tube, blocks outside vibrations, radiation and electro magnetic noise and influences. Laurence Bayer (105), placing mustard seeds in a Faraday tube, found that the seeds are more sensitive than instruments. When Bayer directed the seeds within a telescope at distant galaxies they would resonate with and identify bio signals from other galaxies – confirming biological life in other solar systems.


The Dogon tribe (29) in Mali live with a 5-day week cycle. They tell us their ancestors came from Sirius, or rather Sirius B, which they described as the smallest and heaviest star – in fact a Dwarf star not even photographed until 1970. The Dogon described their planet’s elliptic orbit at 50 years. The actual orbit is 50.04 years. They also knew of Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s 4 moons. They describe the Nommo, depicted as half men with lower half fish-like bodies. These amphibious beings gave them their astronomical knowledge and were sent from Sirius as teachers and monitors. As you read on we shall discover the truth, in this and subsequent books. The Dogon (105) refer to Second Earth, Nibiru or Planet X as “Po-tolo” or the Seed Planet. They say it is heavier than iron and heavier than any Earthly substance, and is made of elements of a single universal consciousness. The elders of Dogon celebrate their Sigi Ritual every 50 years and bring out the secrets they store in the Temple of Arou. Po-tolo is located in Sirius, also known as the Pleiades. It revolves around a dwarf star that vibrates in the infrared spectrum making Second Earth invisible to the naked eye at present. Babylonian writer Berossus (37), in the 3rd century BC, spoke about a mythical half fish, half man whom brought knowledge, writing and sciences, dwelling in the sea at night. The Hebrew, Phoenician and Babylonian god Dagon was also connected with fishlike features, as are the Egyptian customs and hats. Egyptians wore headpieces like fish and are depicted with scaly dresses. Similarly, the papal tiara is a fish head with an open mouth. If you look at older versions of papal tiaras you find the eyes are more intact, and the further back you regress they are unmistakably fish heads. There are Pyramids all around the globe, Turkey, China, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Central and South America and many more. New one’s are discovered as frequently as our technology increases. What do they have in common? None of them contained a person or mummy (30). The claim that the pyramids were supposed to be graves is just not supported by any facts. Haramein also points out that none of the millions of Egyptian hieroglyphs reference ever having built a single pyramid. No hieroglyphs have been found inside a pyramid. Egyptologists attribute this to grave robbers, but grave robbers had no way to remove the 30,000 thousand ton rocks that were later removed with dynamite. The grave robbers had the same semi-soft copper tools that supposedly built the pyramids. It is unlikely that the Egyptians built more than a few temples and tombs, burial mounds or temples where Pharaohs or Queens were actually buried. The most discussed and enigmatic pyramid is the Great (Khufu) pyramid at Giza. It is built to standards we cannot reproduce even today with laser cutting technology. The tolerances of the structure are far beyond our current


ability. The best and most likely explanation so far is by Chris Dunn (33), who explains that it was a power plant separating hydrogen from water, creating a microwave of energy utilizing the Earth’s natural resonance. It would involve a hybrid concept of Nikola Tesla’s Wardencliffe Magnifier (34) and simple electrolysis. Edgar Cayce said the pyramid was completed in 10,395 BC, over 12,500 years ago (35). The layout of its astronomical references reflects the Orion star system as of that date, of which Sirius is part. The same construction date is estimated for the hundreds of pyramids discovered in China, including the 1,000 feet high Great White Pyramid. In the King’s chamber we find five stones layered with air between. They are perfectly polished on the bottom and have a layer of foam-like or organic material on top of them with an irregular surface. Some have measured the distances and find that the stones correspond to 2012 and 2038, milestones in human evolution. According to my own understanding the stones would serve as an orgone capacitor and collector for the chamber, raising both the life force and the electric charge in the chamber. It is appears the pyramid in Giza served multiple functions. Edgar Cayce said there were originally five great civilizations, the Five Projections. These civilizations were located in Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Eden, and the Himalayas (Gobi or Mongol land). Cayce made many references to a civilization in northwestern China, which existed long before, and was the origin of, the present Asian civilization. Amongst hundreds of pyramids in China, the Great White Pyramid is 1,000 feet tall. The construction date is set to the same time as the Giza Pyramid, matching the constellation Gemini. About 500 mummies (36) were found near the Great White Pyramid and were ancient remains of a tall, blond, blue eyed people who may have been ancestors of the present day Chinese, or visitors from such fabled lands as Atlantis. Around that time, there was a pole shift and the last remnants of Atlantis sunk. We are now rapidly discovering remnants of lost civilizations as our technology accelerates. Off the coast of the Yucatan, Cuba, Japan, India, in the Mediterranean, underwater pyramids, cities, temples and long stone paved roads can be seen. If we went through a similar catastrophe, it would not take long for our own civilization to break down and disappear. We are in the information age and we do not archive anything in stone. There is a lot of information on these ancient civilizations from modern archeology to Plato. There is ample evidence of great cultures with technology surpassing our own before the last ice age and flood, approximately 10,000 years ago. The Sphinx shows erosion from being under water


for a very long time, and the last time that could have happened geologically speaking was at that time. Perhaps, as our connectedness speeds up, archeology will be more interested in the facts they find, rather just proving accepted old theories, dismissing or displacing what does not readily fit.


The Maya Calendar

When I first moved to Belize 5 years ago, I noticed that the Indian language and the Maya language have many words in common. Not just words, but symbols as well, and a striking physical resemblance between their ancestors depicted in artwork. Similarly, the Maya have symbols and features on their pyramid stone carvings that are strikingly similar to those found in Egypt. These landmasses were never connected according to modern history, and theories of migration to South America do not account for these obvious facts. So let’s pretend Atlantis did exist. Europe and the Americas would have been connected via the Atlantic landmass. It was once a continent above water, then, later found itself sinking by means of three major polar shifts. The first two reduced Atlantis to multiple large islands. It was located in the center of the Atlantic ocean, hence its name. Evidence of it are found all around the Atlantic basin, one just 150 miles north at the edge of the Yucatan peninsula, another close one is an underwater stone road off the Caribbean island of Bimini and yet another is off the coast of Cuba. Large temples ruins and large stone paved roads remain and head straight out into the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Atlanteans would have escaped and migrated, and set up colonies or taught the Egyptians, Indians and the Maya, or rather their predecessors and the Sumerians around 6,000 BC. Lets assume the Atlanteans had technology advanced beyond our own status. Not really a far stretch considering how many years it took for modern technology to develop in our time. That would explain how the knowledge in these cultures was so far advanced beyond other cultures, before and at the beginning of modern history, and how the pyramids around the world might have been technically feasible. The explanation is in fact so self-evident that it is taught as fact in some Central American schools of thought, such as Escuela para Todos, or the school for everyone. When the Conquistadors arrived in Central America they found the Maya knowledge to be not only greatly advanced, but so threatening to the Catholic religion they thrashed and burned every library around and broke every object with writing on it. All that remained was the Maya calendar. Fortunately, a recent discovery of the lost City of Mirador in 90

Guatemala promises to revive some of that knowledge, as even the Popol Vuh is intact in stone. The Popol Vuh details Maya history and their connection with the gods. The city was buried in the jungle 1,000 years prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. Their scrolls and books are forever lost to deterioration, but I’m hopeful that new information will be revealed. The main pyramid is said to be perhaps the largest ever found and rivals the Pyramid of Ghiza in size. The Maya, or Tzolk’in calendar was convincingly decoded by Carl Johan Calleman, who wrote the definitive book on the subject (38). It is a spiritual device which explains the cycles that drive the development of human consciousness. The calendar describes 9 Underworlds. The Underworlds are individual shortening concurrent cycles of development, based on a 260-day year. We have moved from the Planetary underworld, governed by materialism, via the Galactic underworld, to the Universal underworld in 2012, an enlightened level of consciousness on a higher frequency. Contrary to Calleman, who set the ending date to October 28, 2011, most Maya Calendar scholars, and found in similar calendars from other cultures, set the significant date of the age of enlightenment to December 21, 2012. The 260-day sacred cycle was not related to a planetary rotation. The sacred cycle was given to the Maya by the gods. 260 days happens to be the period of human pregnancy from first missed menstruation, as well as the average length of a crop harvest. They followed the 365-day calendar as well. The calendar describes 9 underworlds of creation and development. The exact ending date is not really important, what it signifies is. It is a spiritual connectedness and transition, which is occurring now, and ushers in the Era of the 6th Sun and the Age of Enlightenment. The first named underworld started 16.4 billion years BC, which happens to coincide with the known date of the creation of our local universe and matter. Each underworld, being a particular cycle of development, becomes shorter and shorter, all ending on the same date in 2012, the last one being only 260 days. The Planetary underworld begun in 1755, the Galactic January 5th, 1999 and the Cosmic begins the 11th of February 2011 and marks significant transformation and awareness. Each underworld contains 13 sub cycles or steps and Calleman has correlated significant events and changes in the development of human consciousness, to the beginning of each step in each sub cycle. The Maya have a beautiful greeting that goes ”In La’kech”, meaning “I am another you” In La’kech acknowledges our unity consciousness and the fact that we are one being and of


one common consciousness.


Laws of Attraction

Just as the ether holds information it makes it available to us subconsciously, continuously and instantaneously. Without this communication reality would not exist, nor would it be able to correct itself, or our common self. If your intention is for something to change, you need to keep in mind that the rest of the world and its beings also hold their intention relative to your own. If we ask the universe for something it responds immediately and attempts to fill your need. Events begin to happen right away to direct things in your favor. The only thing that stands in your way is the intention of anyone that may have an opposition to your desire, thus conflicts occur. The universe will work it out the best possible way that it can, considering the constraints, for all concerned. If we did not have to abide by the common consciousness, any one individual would be able to alter the universe at a whim, so be grateful that we work in unison. Statistics from real world experiments show us that we are able to alter matter and thus our reality, even backwards in time, but not to a large degree individually, unless one has developed universal consciousness. Thousands of random events were generated in the past with a guaranteed 50/50 outcome, and intention in the present was able to skew the collected, but not yet observed, outcome. About 1% change is consistently proven as to the outcome of an event (13). It does not mean that we cannot continuously heal ourselves or others, or alter a plants growth, for instance, to exhibit 20% or greater development over its neighboring plant over several events (time as we perceive it); we can, it only means that our immediate and direct influence is limited by our separated beliefs. Significant changes will happen in your life when your goal or desire is in alignment with your true purpose, when it is in alignment with the common goal of the universe. In particular you will find that when your goal and intention is of a true spiritual nature and it not in conflict with the good of your fellow man, events and people will appear quickly to bring you what you need. Because there is little or no conflict, a request for information will come very quickly/When you request something like a reconciliation of a personal or intimate relationship, it may seem that there is no response at all as there is the intention of the other person to consider as well. We become our worst enemy with respect to our desires when we begin to focus on why it is that we cannot have the things we want the most. We begin 92

to think and focus on why we should not have it and why we do not deserve to have it, and thus send out a conflicting message, which will slow down the response and desired outcome. We can also attract violent behavior if that is where we place our focus. If you are looking for a fight you will find one. Whatever we keep focusing on is what we will attract. There are a few commonalities and rules you can apply to the laws of attraction. 1. Take your time and meditate on what you really want the outcome to be. Try not to make important requests on a whim. In other words, if your request is money, than do you want it to be in a recurring format or on a one-time basis - and keep your intent in line with the desires of others. If it is a desired partner or features of such then think about all facets of such a person, not just one aspect, or you may be disappointed. You will get what you ask for as soon as it is not in significant conflict with the rest of us. Resources for personal gain may have inherent conflict, resources for others will tend to have less. 2. Keep your desire pure and in alignment with others; if you wish for world peace, it will also come when in alignment and not in conflict with the rest of humanity and their need for personal growth and learning. Zero conflict may not always be the best for spiritual growth and understanding. Those who are aware have greater power. When enough of humanity has shifted their consciousness, or we reach 1%, or critical mass, consciousness will begin to shift faster, and we will eventually gravitate toward peace. Keep in mind that the universe is judgment free, which means even your evil neighbor, can get what he asks for. There is infinite forgiveness in the harmonic and loving universe, and anyone may change at any time. 3. Do not doubt the outcome or you will send conflicting messages. Simply tell yourself that “you have asked for it and it will come” and if in doubt restate that again to yourself. 4. If the outcome could conflict with the desire of others or create jealousy, do not share your intention, someone else may think you are not deserving; or worse yet, you in the back of your mind, will know you are not deserving. 5. When your goal is related to your true and higher purpose it is easy to attain. If you experience resistance, there may be a higher purpose recognized by your subconscious stopping you. Meditate on your purpose. Case in point, Edgar Cayce was told in his reading to locate his new offices to Virginia Beach but he did not listen, tried to set up in a different place, and life became hard. When he reluctantly caved in and decided to move, things fell into place as by a miracle.


6. If you can let go of the Ego, which revolves around excess materialism, your goals are easier to attain as they encounter less conflict with other beings. However, there is nothing wrong with abundance – it is available and inherent in the provisions of Earth. 7. Perhaps the hardest form of practice, but the most important; love unconditionally. It is what you will get more of in return. If you focus your intention with love and gratitude to all in your heart, and toward all that there is in your mind – you will get results. If either love or intent is missing, you will not effect much change. Perhaps this is why we manage to attract negative things in our lives. Some of us are comfortable with and familiar with the old ways, exhibiting great coherence in their presence, even if those things may be destructive. And so we intend and receive exactly what we think we desire or deserve. The mechanism of the power of intention is actually quite simple. The consciousness generates two scalar, or torsion waves that move at infinite speed. At the point where they meet they create physical force in the form of electrostatic and magnetic energy (at its basic level kinetic force) that will change the outcome as it interacts with the more complex web of the vibrating thoughts of others. The process is assisted by our common consciousness as we connect with others via our higher self. This force can move mountains and change results across the perceived boundary of time – backward and forwards. This is also the exact way in which telekinesis works, by focused scalar wave interference, and it is also the way in which Nikola Tesla transmitted energy wirelessly. The two scalar waves interfere at the point of focus where they meet and real physical energy is created at that point affecting other matter with greater force. This is not fiction but real-world physics. QiGong practitioners demonstrate this effect frequently in public. The only way to generate perfect PHI spirals with your conscious intent is when the body exhibits harmonic heart coherence. Heart coherence occurs when there are no conflicts within the mind in regard to the specific intention. Your heartbeat is in perfect synch with your mind and body. It is the perfect lie detector. If you have conflicting feelings and your ego attempts to derive added benefits detrimental to love for humanity, the PHI waves become distorted and ineffective. This is the reason other beings of a higher order with selfless intentions can maintain seemingly supernatural abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. These abilities are innate as well and many of us display them openly, but our consciousness is in conflict. Conflict is necessary to have new experiences and add them to our combined higher selves and the common consciousness. In these terms we are our own best ally as well as our own worst enemy. In this book I will attempt to make the path as clear as I can with my limited insight, but I assure you anything is attainable – here and


now, in this very moment. The reward is vision, relief from suffering, and understanding of the One Thing and the intention of the One Mind. All of the One Mind will forever be beyond our understanding as it is ever-expanding and it reaches for infinity. However, you can see and understand its conceptual principles and that is enough to continue creation and grasp its incredible loving perfection. The footprint of creation reveals the beauty of our nature as co-created with infinite wisdom from our origin (the Creative Principle in Action, or God) - in perfect love and harmony.


Spirituality and Consciousness

Nothing affects the human mind more than religion or a deep-set belief system. It teaches morals, values and instills ethical guidelines. This section cannot but reflect some of the writer’s own beliefs and reflections. Nothing in this book should offend you. If you do not agree with something and it does not resonate with you – move past it. However, we try to present an unbiased description of some of the larger current trends that affect our common consciousness. Egyptians worshipped the Sun and Horus, and Christianity Jesus, Muslims Muhammad, Buddhism Siddartha Gautama, Hinduism its Dharma and religious way of life, and so forth; their commonality abounds. What appears important is the commonality, one God and the Christ consciousness, or rather pure loving consciousness and underlying intent. Some think that the return of Christ centers around the physical appearance of the temporal vessel of Jesus of Nazareth, however, what we are really facing is the appearance and resurrection of the Christ consciousness – in all of us – across all religions and beliefs – as well as the physical re-birth of the being known as Jesus. This book uses science as its foundation, but underlying the structure of matter, the pattern that emerges reminds us that there is indeed an eternal and hierarchical consciousness. This book does not endorse or disapprove of any individual religions, but recognizes their individual contributions to what is good and loving in all of us – the aspiration to the Christ consciousness – the reincarnation of a highly spiritually evolved light being that appears as the good in all the spiritual leaders and symbolism across the world. It is the temporal embodiment of our better and higher common consciousness. I am not a Theosophist. If I have to carry a label, I am a truth seeker or seeker of light, However, at this time, one of the very few things with which I personally disagree in Theosophy is its concept of infinite higher beings being the one true creative force, as separate infinite creative forces without an ultimate mind. Above us all, I sense the One


Mind that guides and allows us to exist as minds within mind – as an integral part of our common guided consciousness. The One Mind guiding the common dream that is as real as our mind can perceive. Of course this is a matter of perspective, as conceptually, we are one and the same creating more for ourselves as aspects of the One Mind. We are One and the Same, integrating the One Mind as well as the One Thing. I simply see the one Mind as Our Highest Self – where all is merged – in a point, the Bindu point and in that source of projection beyond that point. This is merely a slight shift of perspective, and not a conflict as to the truth of matter. Theosophy was brought to the world by Helena Blavatsky [1831-1891]. The reason we bring it up is because Blavatsky was a good and deeply spiritual person, who left her arranged marriage and traveled around the world in search of the meaning of life. A noble quest, which brought her to India, Burma, South America, Tibet and many other places. She had psychic powers that she developed further during her long journey. What Madame Blavatsky found was summarized in many books (41). She was often criticized by modern Christian sects; as with the influence of so many other powerful, religious and economic institutions, people throw the baby out with the bathwater, thereby eliminating the underlying message. Michael Tsarion describes this well, and refers to Theosophy as a “high jacked” organization. Blavatsky’s findings were indeed powerful, as she summarized and unified the underlying concepts of ancient religions and found many common truths. Her movement was huge in its time and many powerful people joined the organization, offering support. As the basis for all religions and powerful teachings you will always (42) find one brilliant, pure and well-intended individual at the root of it, perhaps with divine inspiration or a deeper conscious connection to the subconscious and the Akashic records. And as with all truly great things we have ill-intentioned people changing it and perverting it to serve their own purpose. The Freemasons were guarding ancient secrets, many already revealed in this book, which enable the enlightened man along to a point where he is capable of destruction. The Illuminati, a Bavarian organization consisting of powerful members working against the Catholic Church, infiltrated the Freemasons, convincing many of them to join their organization. That does not mean that they became synonymous with the Illuminati, but the Illuminati portrayed it as such and emulated the ways of the Freemasons, tempted them with higher degrees, and tried to make them appear synonymous to the public. There will be many published distortions; the Freemasons were not evil, their original purpose noble. So, beware, when you criticize or find something, be sure to look at all sides of it, mediate over it and see what rings true in you. At the source you will find good intent. Sadly we now have so many factions of belief systems that have


been twisted over and over, but at the same time, each and every one of them were founded with good intention, and the majority involved in them at lower levels are most often of good will as well. Look deeper for truth and if you do not find noble intent you have simply not gone deep enough. We are all responsible, in common, for our future outcome. Beware of those who serve their own purposes, attempting to enslave you with a common bond for gain or repute. We find truth in commonality and preservation of history. The most common form of enslavement is by distorting historical facts and timelines. The easiest way to be free from those bonds is to look to the origins of history, find your true spiritual nature and empower yourself. Your soul cannot be bound, it is eternal. Thus we explore Theosophy in perspective culmination of spiritual concepts that deeply affect us all. Theosophy may have an "indoctrination" associated with it, but when you look past that it holds some amazing spiritual and scientific truths. It is a culmination of worldwide philosophies as well as a culmination of worldly knowledge. Helena Blavatsky set out on a worldwide quest to learn the truth of existence. She was unquestionably a colorful person, but her desire to find facts was genuine. Annie Besant joined her society in the 1880s. Besant and C.W. Leadbeater’s visions and writings are remarkable and far more daring for its time than they appear today; nonetheless their truths resonated with a lot of people. I daresay that there are few places where you can find so many answers to your existence as in Blavatsky’s, Besant’s and Leadbeater’s original and derivative writings. The only imperative I have to add is that our common consciousness is expanding and changing constantly. Some truths in Theosophy may not be all there is in the present state of reality and much has changed, and some things have not. In short, anything that affects humanity on a great scale, such as the knowledge represented in Theosophy, is worthwhile studying. I definitely encourage further study and you will find many books linked to this reference (60). A lot of their findings are rooted in Buddhist and Hindu traditions because it is where they found the best preserved and furthest developed concepts. We will find science confirming many of their findings in the immediate future. The etheric body is contained within the auric body; it can be seen with a trained eye and is greyish-violet in color. You can easily see it if you hold your hand out in front of you against a white background, just unfocus your eyes a bit and see the 2/3 mm thick grey wisp of light. As you keep looking at it now and then it will grow and you will see more of it as well as the light of your auric field come into focus. The etheric body is tied to your physical body, separate but linked, and made up of 4 densities of etheric matter just above


solid, liquid and gas. It changes with your moods, thoughts, and your clarity of all that is. Your Astral body is your light body and is purely of astral, or light, matter, seemingly vibrating beyond our own density’s physical limit for the speed of light; it is made up of 7 densities, or dimensions, of matter finer than our own physical and immediate etheric dimensions. It roams freely on the Astral plane and is separate; it is your ego or true self as you witness it, and is a more permanent real body than the lower vibrating physical one. The Astral plane, which is also the plane of information, represents your first level higher self. As you gain consciousness, purity of body and mind, and spiritual growth, your true self moves up through the densities of the ether. First you will get a stronger connection to the Astral plane and a growing ability to bring back information, normally only accessible in deep sleep, to your physical self. The Astral plane is a domain that we can master, here and now, if we so desire. After death and spiritual growth via reincarnation, or lessons, you will move on to higher and finer densities. Annie Besant explains better than I ever can, so in her words; “…it is well to understand that persons who are making real and even rapid progress in spirituality may be functioning most actively and usefully in the astral world without impressing on the brain when they return the slightest memory of the work in which they have been engaged, although they may be aware in their lower consciousness of an ever-increasing illumination and widening knowledge of spiritual truth. There is one fact which all students may take as a matter of encouragement, and on which they may rely with confidence, however blank their physical memory may be as regards super-physical experiences: as we learn to work more and more for others, as we endeavor to become more and more useful to the world, as we grow stronger and steadier in our devotion to the Elder Brothers of humanity, and seek ever more earnestly to perform perfectly our little share in Their great work, we are inevitably developing that astral body and that power of functioning in it which render us more efficient servants; whether with or without physical memory, we leave our physical prisons in deep sleep and work along useful lines of activity in the astral world, helping people we should otherwise be unable to reach, aiding and comforting in ways we could not otherwise employ. This evolution is going on with those who are pure in mind, elevated in thought, with their hearts set on the desire to serve. They may be working for many a year in the astral world without bringing back the memory to their lower consciousness, and exercising powers for good to the world far beyond anything of which they suppose themselves to be capable: to them, when Karma permits, shall come the full unbroken consciousness which passes at will between the physical and astral worlds; the bridge shall be made which lets the memory cross from the one to the other without effort, so that the man returning from his activities in the astral world will don again his physical vesture without a moment's loss of consciousness. This is the


certainty that lies before all those who choose the life of service. They will one day acquire this unbroken consciousness; and then to them life shall no longer be composed of days of memoried work and nights of oblivion, but it will be a continuous whole, the body put aside to take the rest necessary for it, while the man himself uses the astral body for his work in the astral world; then they will keep the links of thought unbroken, knowing when they leave the physical body, knowing while they are passing out of it, knowing their life away from it, knowing when they return and again put it on: thus they will carry on week after week, year after year, the unbroken, unwearied consciousness which gives the absolute certainty of the existence of the individual Self, of the fact that the body is only a garment that they wear, put on and off at pleasure, and not a necessary instrument of thought and life. They will know that so far from its being necessary to either, life is far more active, thought far more untrammeled without it.” In other words, there is great reward in service to humanity. We are made up of a physical/etheric, an Astral, and a Mind body. The Mind body is in a state of blissful density where man may assemble the fruits of his labor and physical lives. The mind body is in 7 densities as well, 4 that are of a physical nature and 3 that are of a more subtle nature and contains the highest self, the body that moves from reincarnation to reincarnation. It is in the density above the Astral body and it can be seen subtly in the aura. It grows according to the development of the individual over reincarnations. It is egg shaped in form and envelopes the body. It is not visible to the vision of the Astral mind, but to vision of the higher mind it is clear. At this level whole ideas are conveyed as form, color and sounds, not with words. If we only accept the ideas of others and from without, we will stagnate. Only by exercising our own mind will we grow and develop. When the time comes man will shake off the physical body and the Astral body and will utilize the full content of material experience and cumulative consciousness and put them to use with new faculties and abilities. Thus, the mind and body work we do now carries over to our next incarnation and is of great importance to our own as well as our common development. The causal body, or the body of the upper 3 dimensions of the Mind body is the ultimate self, the eternal self, the soul. Here is where we store the knowledge that endures eternally. At the same time, this body is influenced by all our actions and thoughts; do not dwell on evil thoughts but on good as they will attract the same and decides our speed of development and here are stored traits that carry over to the next incarnation. This involves Karma and how we receive our just reward. It is interesting to note how Theosophy works and how it relates to what we have gathered


so far regarding harmony with nature. Nature prescribes that only ideas and thoughts that are good and in harmony with nature can survive, and reach, and be utilized at higher densities. This view works perfectly with physics as described. Only when our hearts are in coherence and our intent is good can we make a lasting impression upon our kind. We can then conclude that only good can and will endure eternally and influence our common consciousness in any significant way. Those that do not adhere to these principles will experience a long and very hard road ahead. Theosophy describes one higher level, the Spirit body, where our consciousness merges with the Buddha, or finer universal mind and a level in congruence with pure Christ Consciousness (or Essence of God), without deference to any particular religion. This is the culmination of human evolution and where the cycle of birth and death ends. This is the pure spiritual body, or body of bliss. Here we find that we can embrace all consciousness, yet retain our individual consciousness. The realm of pure spirit is where we become one in unity with our innermost selves. It is interesting to note, as it keeps coming up, that Besant, in her book “The Seven Principles of Man” (60), references Jane Rider who, under observation of her medical attendant Dr. Belden, could read with eyes carefully covered with cotton. Besant also makes to two references to remote viewing and accurate medical diagnosing. Besant suggests that any person who desires evidence of life on other planes, unless they have had a supernatural experience of their own, can talk to friends they trust who have had such an experience, of which I find many. I am able to speak from personal experience, having spoken with my Grand Uncle, who happened to be head of the Freemasons in Oslo, Norway, via two separate close friends, both psychics. My uncle Erling was an old-school gentleman who, to my slight but fond embarrassment, tilted his straw hat at women in the street long after it was unfashionable. I have been contacted by him 3 or 4 times, out of the blue, and it was unmistakably his unique character. On one occasion he reminded me to study the Star of David (the nested tetrahedrons), ancient religions, all, while insisting I smoke some tobacco occasionally from a pipe I keep in his memory; a pipe which I store in his old Ming dynasty copper bowl. I have also spoken, on two occasions, with a dear friend who died young of a heart attack, separately, via the same two close friends, asking me to look into some concerns regarding his family. He told me he spends a lot of time seeing the sights around the world, places he was unable to see due to his physically challenged body. Unmistakably my


friend, as visiting these sites was what he so often dreamed of while in his temporal body. Separately, they both said they visit often, but as comforting as that is, I hope they have moved on to a higher density. One was, as mentioned, a freemason with unique knowledge, and the other a man of unusual intellect; perhaps the reason they were both able to communicate when someone receptive was near me. I can tell you that their Astral bodies, which often linger, can at the very least see and hear us. It appears they are constantly trying to communicate with us, still concerned with matters they seemingly no longer need be concerned with. However, this is a learning ground to beheld as much for the sake of the experience. The knowledge gained studying this subject has completely removed my fear of death, though I still feel needless concern for those near me, and how they will fare in case of my physical absence. I study this subject with my oldest son, Christian, a budding artist, the illustrator of this book. I realize that some may have a hard time with the fact that we reincarnate. If you were born on anywhere else on 75% of the planet, you would simply accept it as part of common knowledge, but for those who have been told otherwise from childhood it may be harder to accept. The soul leaving the body has been photographed, taped, real photo, and energetically with Kirlian photography, and there are thousands of accounts of people meeting their family in the Astral and higher realms before coming back. Try the reference section (147). In the “Astral Plane”, Leadbeater continues on to describe the details of our aura as an eggshaped cocoon. The aura envelops all that we are, our physical and spiritual state, as well as our knowledge. The auric-egg appears to be our life containing natural capacitor, like that of an egg or a pinecone. Within, it appears as rosy-colored life force in and around the etheric double. The aura changes with our health, emotions, thoughts, or desires. Around it appears our Mind body, it displays our character and disposition and developmental trends and tendencies. Around it, the causal or spiritual body shows development of the true self through re-incarnations. The Astral plane consists of those that are still alive, have a body, and are able to travel at will from their temporal bodies, and those that do not have a temporal body. There are guides, light beings, at this level. There are some that are misguided or try to help but with limited understanding, and evens some with frivolous intent, still driven by ego. There are options that can be extended in some cases, such as the choice to reincarnate directly back to the Earthly plane by choosing a life of service. If you have a fully developed Astral body, it will contain and carry your present memories intact. You may even find a temporal body occasionally that can be inhabited immediately, though it is rare. Now and then even a prankster finds a way to come across or interact with 101

our plane. Objects on the Astral plane are without perspective, and all sides of an object appear the same size. I pondered this a while as it seemed perhaps to be derived from a philosophical point of view. But, if objects and beings exist in a finer and more transparent state on the Astral plane, you would see all sides. With regard to objects loosing perspective; we would see objects as they are and not as they appear. Your vision would be one of far greater clarity, predominantly involving your Mind’s Eye or pineal gland, rather than your normal spectral vision. What is eyesight anyway, if not a mere internal representation of high frequency external light waves that reach every part of your body but is normally interpreted by the brain via your eyes. What we do with that signal along the way before recreating a visual image in the brain may vary substantially from person to person. We can develop the ability to interpret those signals taking alternate routes through the body, such as the case with the many documented children mentioned earlier in China and Mexico. Their confirmed reading of books with alternate body parts like hands and feet might appear as a display or confirmation of Astral vision. Of the 88,000 chakras or energy centers, there are 7 main centers of force gathering in the human body, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of your head. The crown chakra is the one connected to the pituitary by way of the pineal gland. The main chakras are the; Root, Spleen, Navel, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown chakra. We have previously identified the pineal gland as a 6th sensory organ connecting to the creative forces, or divine nature. The chakras are centers for emotions and heightened states of awareness and our pathway to bliss, but Besant and Leadbeater finds them equally activated by good as well as by ill intent. They are 7 individual helical vortices that can be activated beneficially by study and exercise of yoga and meditation. The lower chakras connect with the Earth or the One Thing (holy ghost), and the upper chakras connect with the Sun, and the One Mind (holy spirit). Along the way, these forces activate and interact with, or feed energy, to the chakras in the body. The lower chakras are associated with Kundalini energy, which builds from below, originating as fire and is associated with twin spiraling serpents. The serpent is nothing more than symbolic of a double helical spiral, like a larger DNA spiral, that connects with the forces of spirit entering at the crown chakra in the ultraviolet spectrum. The chakras can be activated with conscious, intentional sexual practices and that makes sense as such would tend to create bliss and heart coherence and we know from science that the combination of the two, influences reality. It appears to be


automatically activated to some degree during orgasm for all humans, enlightened or not. The crown chakras are activated by our connectedness with spirit as a result of living unselfishly, and with the practice of yoga. This makes sense as well as we meditate to exclude outside disturbances and ignore our 5 senses, allowing us to connect with the creative spirit and our higher self. Each chakra center is associated with increasing divisions of light, or rather higher frequencies, as you move from lower to higher chakras, as we move up from primal bodily functions to more advanced and mental states of mind. The energy from the Earth combines with the light from the Sun and literally activates and strengthens individual chakras, and creates larger more fully energized toroidal helical spheres at each center. This vitalizes our body with energy emanating from each chakra to reach the vital physical organs within their individual reach. The field of each center merges and strengthens and their combined fields create a larger more fully energized toroidal helical sphere around the whole body. This field is often depicted around yogis as a multicolored emanating field of light. The ultimate physical unit is formed and stabilized by consciousness and the Sun further reinforces and maintains its structure. There are vitality globules at the 7th level, or dimension, of our matter, which are activated by the Sun and are less active on cloudy days. I have often wondered what they are myself as you can clearly see them against a blue sky on sunny day moving gleefully around. Just look at the sky and relax your eyesight and focus and you will quickly discern individual specks of light moving around in seemingly random patterns, and indeed their activity does seem to vary with sunlight. We can feel this during cloudy days or long winter months of rain, and then when spring comes around they literally make us feel alive, revitalizing and quickening all senses. When you are able to see the moving points, focus on one and you will soon be able to see the globules, which look like old style empty crystal balls or orbs. They are very different from the specks of dust or little “curls” that are on your eyeball and tend to move with the focus of your eyes. When you see the globules you will see them whole and floating around seemingly with intention and direction. It appears the Sun not only re-energizes matter, but reinforces and rebuilds live matter. Point in fact with regard to Sun-gazing and the ability to live for extended periods (months and years) of time on just water. Leadbeater reminds us that matter will simply cease to exist without will, or consciousness, and that we truly live in an illusional, or holographic world, a world that we are constantly creating. Life, or the meaning of it, is a path of experience designed to expand our common


consciousness and create more for our common selves. There is no beginning and no end there is only presence. There is no judgment per se, but a universal principle that applies instead. If you choose worldly and instant gratification over development of your higher self, you will stagnate and your choice will create personal suffering. The suffering is not one of hell as such a notion is foolish, it is one of deep longing for things that you cannot take with you to the next plane. This suffering can be long and arduous. Those beings in pursuit of the same will naturally attract to you and you to them, stagnating your development – prolonging your suffering. The suffering I am speaking of is real, real longing and missing physical indulgence. I am speaking of highly intelligent beings that are ill informed and advised. Purposeful ignorance is not bliss. Those in pursuit of worldwide domination and control will experience the greater suffering. It is hard to lose what appears at first glance to be a lot, but in the long run is very little and the cause for your own prolonged personal hell, or dark solitudal state of mind while these desires are purged. Your next incarnation is designed to learn further lessons that you yourself, with aid of higher light beings and your soul group, decode upon. In our next incarnation we become what we are in our essential mind, but in communion with our higher consciousness as well as our common consciousness. Your own higher self will not go easy on you if you allowed your earthly ego to dominate your existence. In this way we become our own judge, with deeper understanding of what lay before us. You can decide to move to the Astral plane and remain there and not move higher before you reincarnate, and with poor guidance at that level reincarnate and keep your egoistical purposes prolonged. Those of you that engage in misguided pursuits of this kind will temporarily delay and prolong your suffering – which will be even greater. In no way will your actions harm the rest of us as your actions simply add to our experience and we will be all the richer in knowledge for it in the long run. And it is a long run; in fact it is eternal as we eternally expand. So, you can live life in prolonged agonizing sufferance, or in bliss. The choice is yours. One who has already lived a life of loving service to humanity may chose to incarnate directly for an entirely noble and conscious purpose. Choosing to return with loss of consciousness memory is one of tremendous sacrifice, one that Yeshua (Jesus) and others, have made many times. You gain the benefit of a prolonged Earth bound life, with more time to make a continuous analysis and assistance to people at lower levels of development, but at the same time you forfeit the opportunity for communion with the highest levels of consciousness. This communication that is essential to purifying your own individual self faster, and your ability to blissfully co-create at a much higher level.


Your spiritual life, or development, is very much like that of your Earthly life. Early in life you are inexperienced and all you can think of is reproduction, or other worldly pleasures, and how you might get to do more of that. Later in life that pursuit softens and you are able to focus your energy on higher intellectual pursuits. Personally I feel I am at a stage where there is a balance between the two. I know that earlier in life the imbalance was an impediment in the pursuit of my own purpose, and finally I am recognizing it This does not mean we are not meant to be happy or put undue bonds upon our desires, happiness is unquestionably our purpose – the freedom to create at will, whatever our hearts desire. As a matter of fact, pursue all your heart’s desires actively or your soul will suffer. Sex is a great thing; it can be fun under the right circumstances, keeps your body in good health and enables your heart to stay in coherence, especially if it is pure and true to your own higher values. However, excessive egoistical pursuits do drain the body of life force, literally, so maintain a healthy balance as much as you are able to in all things. Extremes in any form are detrimental to your health and your mind, but live life as vigorously as you can. Love often but love platonically as well, love unconditionally and love all humanity and all nature. Recognize your fellow beings in-kind for what they are; in their own stages of development. See their struggles, see their strengths; they too are of a divine nature; some of them have just not recognized it yet. There is no need to judge others; pursuit of judgment of others is a trap in itself. It is not always advisable to help everyone in every situation. Some times your help can be an impediment to their development. Everyone is on an individual path to the same place, gathering knowledge for our higher selves. There is no need to get into aggressive arguments with one who is on a path far removed from your own, be gentle. Often, it is best to be silent and not let your ego get the best of you. The help that you can always provide is time and knowledge, especially to those that seek the truth; you will come to realize at some point that time is not as scarce a resource as we have been led to believe. Yet at the same time, time is the most precious gift we can offer. It makes little difference if you offer knowledge to one person at a time or in a group, only that you share your experience. The next person you share with may become the greatest teacher and one who, upon recognizing his or her purpose, is able to take our common experience one step beyond our current status. But, if you share it with many, we may speed up the re-evolution of consciousness we now face. The common higher experience applies to all of us and at the highest level we share all consciousness. The chakras are associated with different colors, wavelengths (Nanometers) and


frequencies (Terahertz - cycles per second) as follows; Root (orange, red, 620-700 nm, 428-484 THz), Spleen (rose, red, 700 nm, 428 THz), Navel (green, 530 nm, 566 THz)), Heart (yellow, 580 nm, 516 THz), Throat (blue, 470 nm, 638 THz) and the Brow and Crown (violet, 420 nm, 714) THz. The Heart chakra resonates with a higher frequency than the other chakras and appears out of place in its position to our left, but is associated with higher brain and mind functions, which makes sense in that the higher frequencies are associate with the higher levels of our consciousness. The vitality globules are described as structured with 7 ultimate units of matter and in a pattern that appears to form the structure of a tetrahedral star, the same structure we find in the 4th cell division of the human embryo. It would appear this is the stage at which life force, not to be mistaken for individual consciousness, enters the embryo. The vitality globules, charged with Pranha (life force) and energized by the sunlight, are absorbed by the body at the spleen and divides streams of color between the different chakras. We note that the yellow ray moves via the heart to the brain, and forms there a flower at the center of the violet ray. The chakras are often depicted and seen as flower petals of increasing complexity. For each chakra’s vortex there is a corresponding Astral vortex. Each in turn is connected through the glands and then interpreted in the brain. Each chakra corresponds individually to a function on the Astral plane. The Root and Kundalini awakening the Astral body and initiating its formation, the Spleen enabling conscious travel, the Navel awareness of Astral beings, the Heart comprehension of the vibrations and sympathy with Astral beings, the equivalent of hearing, the Throat of speech, the Brow perception of form and nature and the Crown the perfection of these faculties and completion and control of your Astral Body which form when all the chakras are activated. Matter and vibrations circulate continuously through all the chakras and one may relate to any of the senses from any one of them, once all are activated. Similarly, one senses or sees objects around the body on all sides equally. [Glands]


The practice of Yoga is dedicated to activating the chakras through meditation and various breathing and physical exercises. The exercises cleanse and align the body to still the mind. The Brow chakra, or the 3rd Eye, as some refer to it, or the all-seeing eye as depicted by the Pharaohs of Egypt by a snake’s head, is the entry point of clairvoyance via the pituitary and the pineal gland. It is said that this is the method by which items can be viewed at any level, zooming in on matter or zooming out at larger objects. It is said to be the means by which man can become large or small at will, and the method by which Besant and Leadbeater amassed a lot of their material from various people in possession of these faculties. Note, that it is said of yoga that awakening the Kundalini forces should be under proper guidance as awakening the chakras strengthens all physical drives as well higher intellect, even those undesirable. From Hathayoga Pradipika: “It gives rise to yogis and bondage to fools”. So, keep your intention upon spiritual and mental enlightenment, and all the benefits will be given in turn. Yoga sees consciousness as forces moved and evolved through mineral, vegetable, animal and on to human form. “Yoga” is in its essence the last stage of the evolution of consciousness from human to super human, but in the levels above there are near infinite levels as well. The equivalent symbol representing the Kundalini serpent for the Maya is Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulkan, the feathered serpent God. Quetzalcoatl represents Christ’ Consciousness by man and as title. He will return as prophesied by the Maya. There are indeed misguided Astral entities, as a friend often refers to as frivolous beings. They can frighten you and misguide you in their ignorance. Many people have advanced too fast when opening their chakras, never to approach it again, opening themselves up to frivolous beings. At the highest level, these beings are in fact aspect of one’s own ego and 107

cannot harm you. They are of the mind and things your mind forms and attracts in its separation, or discord with natural harmony. The way to avoid these influences, in the lower aspects of your true self, is much easier than you might think. Keep your intention loving and if ever you should encounter such activity simply tell them that “they are not allowed in your sphere of being unless they have truthful information and have perfect love in their hearts”. Remember that you are in control and they will remove themselves as they have to be invited and will disappear. They are desperate for attention and the more frivolous the more desperate they are. See the explanation above for suffering and you will understand their desperation and longing to experience reality. There is much more in this area of our existence, but you will find this information during your own pursuit. The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin which makes us happy and relaxed. The melatonin production is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Thoth, the Egyptian, accounts of the preference to meditate in complete darkness to see the light, or for such forces to be activated as give rise to Astral travel. Thoth speaks of the need to travel in circles, apparently referring to the serpent spirals as one raises the Kundalini energy up to meld with the forces of light. He spoke of dangers associated with traveling in right angles, and that one may encounter harm this way. That refers to the utilization of the mind in discord with nature. In occult or hidden teachings one often encounters metaphors only those in the light would know to interpret. René Descartes (61) referred to the pineal gland as “the seat of the soul”, but we know that the pineal gland is the interpreter and that the reconciliation of forces that allows certain brain cells to see or interpret more of the frequency spectrum we normally call reality, are in pituitary gland. Now that so many are awakening it is time for more of us to know the truth of our existence. An Etheric web is described as fine woven matter that keeps this and the Astral dimensions separated, it is separate from the 7 physical strings in play at this time, or levels of reality in each dimension, and the reason one cannot normally transfer information between planes. This is a web for which there is no readily available explanation from Leadbeater, however we can elaborate as the information is available in alchemical terms and within ourselves when we search for it. The 8th level, or step, is the level of completion, the formation of a whole. It is the unification of the many back to the one. The etheric web is that of divine consciousness within which we exist. The web is formed of that which is outside of our physical realm and vibration, and it is the divine matter. It is the same matter that forms the web between planes that forms the ether itself. It is pure divine loving intention of the highest level of the creative force. It is that which sustains us, and the activity that keeps torsion waves in spiraling constant motion and the breath or sounds that breathes across 108

dimensions, planes and infinite universes, it is the inspiration within itself and within ourselves. All matter, including the ether, are but aspects of the same one thing. The Sanskrit alphabet is said to contain the sum total of human sounds (50 in all with the addition of one extra sound) as it relates to yoga practices. Its sounds are tabulated and divided amongst the chakras and the sounds are said to be the material expression emanating from the one original word or sound. It reminds me that there are 49 representations of the ultimate physical unit of matter on the higher plane and that perhaps there is a connection between the Sanskrit sounds and its uses for communication with the Astral plane. It may be a stretch to say that the etheric web is represented by the additional symbol “ksha”, but the thought crossed my mind. Hindu meditation always begins with concentration on an object or a sound as vehicle for passage to the next plane. Only when a connection has been established with that practice should the one meditating move on to contemplate its significance. It may be thought that creative forces created the planes by reciting these sounds and that the spoken word is its lowest spiral representation. This would certainly seem to be in line with the apparent creative spirit behind the Hebrew letters and sounds, as mentioned earlier. 2,500 years ago (62) the greatest of Indian teachers, Gautama the Buddha, said to his disciples: “Do not complain and cry and pray, but open your eyes and see. The truth is all about you, if you will only take the bandage from your eyes and look; and it is so wonderful, so beautiful, so far beyond anything that men have ever dreamt of or prayed for, and it is for ever and for ever.” Stand back and see. Use your knowledge of the whole and not just of its parts. It is my hope that you will use the information you have gained to get involved with your own deeper search for truth and share it with others. You will find your truth, perhaps very different from my own but the more we learn the more similar our truths; as all paths lead to the highest truth. Perception is likely to change considerably over the next few immediate years. There is a hidden side to everything and the deeper our understanding of any subject the less fear we have around it. The less fear, the greater love, thus we raise our common consciousness and the quality of our common existence on every level, in every dimension. If anything in this book so far has raised your eyebrows or caused you to pose new questions in your mind my own purpose is realized. Rest assured that if this book ever sells any copies, the resources realized will be put to use to raise my own consciousness by way of raising that of others– as knowledge is the one thing we can take with us and the only thing of lasting value. My everyday life has changed dramatically since I began a


quest for truth, and the knowledge gained affects every aspect of my daily life. Whatever you are or were, you are recreated every moment here and now, and every new piece of information makes you a new person. You are who and exactly what your mind tells you that you are. We are the sum of the parts and the sum of the whole. When you view suffering and watch the battle of good over evil, you should stand back and look at it from above, and see it not from the body that perishes in the blink of an eye, but from the perspective of the soul that lives forever. When we stand too close all we see are the disorderly ragged threads, but when we stand back we can see more of the beautiful woven tapestry and a pattern of progress emerges. When you are watching too closely remember that, “the complexity and the diversity are illusions produced by our limitations; the simplicity and the unity are real.” When you yourself suffer keep this Taoist anecdote by Lui An in mind. The Lost Horse A man who lived on the northern frontier of China was skilled in interpreting events. One day for no reason, his horse ran away to the nomads across the border. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a blessing?" Some months later his horse returned, bringing a splendid nomad stallion. Everyone congratulated him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a disaster?" Their household was richer by a fine horse, which the son loved to ride. One day he fell and broke his hip. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a blessing?" A year later the nomads came in force across the border, and every able-bodied man took his bow and went into battle. The Chinese frontiersmen lost nine of every ten men. Only because the son was lame did father and son survive to take care of each other. Truly, blessing turns to disaster, and disaster to blessing: the changes have no end, nor can the mystery be fathomed. Trees, water, rocks, plants, all are consciousness. Many people report communion with old growth trees and science has proven over and over again that vegetation responds to human stimulus, sounds and chatter. We become contemplative near large bodies of water, as it retains memory and is a natural conduit. Rocks hold imprints of all that happens in their vicinity. This is perhaps the reason ethereal imprints are so often reported in old stone buildings and in graveyards with large stones. One thing is certain: all matter is


consciousness as created and held by consciousness, though not all matter may be selfaware. However, I assure you that at a highest level all matter is self aware as all is but aspects of One Divine Mind. This is a paradox that will be explained. Theosophy despises prejudice in any form; religious, popular opinions, class, race, judgment, gossip and the like, and reminds us that prejudice is following old thought patterns and popular opinions, and that we will not expand if we are not constantly on guard against it. The only way to elevate our consciousness is to set our own moral and ethical standards and constantly improve and draw our own conclusions. Beware of how your thoughts, ideas, desires and actions influence other people. Leadbeater mentions that, “our descendants will be able to see colors which at present are invisible to us-- higher, purer and more delicate colors”. It appears some are doing that as we speak. We could be looking at an increase in our visible color spectrum. Currently we can see 7 colors between 400 and 800 nanometers in wavelength. I’m suggesting that we will add 3 additional colors perhaps into the higher infrared [IR] range and the lower ultraviolet [UV] range, below and above the current visible spectrum. These would be colors we currently have no way to describe. If we look at anything in the IR range now we have to apply our own color spectrum in the form of IR filtered goggles or an IR camera lens. This will enable an image in our visible range but we can still only see it with the colors currently available to us, or as a monochrome image. Snakes, mosquitoes and predators can view images in the IR range, and bees and some spiders can look into the ultraviolet UV range. Thus, it is clear that some animals can see colors that we have no way to discern. As mentioned we know that birds are able to sense and interact with natural spiraling forces in water and that many unexplained images appear in the skies when people attach IR filters to their cameras. Though some animals only see on or two colors, cats and dogs are often reported as acting upon forces we cannot normally sense. We are trichromats (63), having photo-pigments with sensitivities at three peak wavelengths, birds have photo-pigments with sensitivities at four or five peak wavelengths, making them true tetrachromats, or maybe even pentachromats. In some bird species the visual spectrum extends into the ultraviolet range, once thought to be visible only to insects. It is as hard to imagine how birds perceive color as it is for a colorblind person to imagine full color vision. We may be looking at a very bright and colorful future. Egyptian initiates (64), after extensive training, were tested for their clairvoyant faculties, dressed in a white robes, bathed, placed on a hollowed cross in a mock burial. This induced a trance state by various ceremonies involving images and sounds, as well as a mild elixir


to stimulate the image-ing mind. The initiate was then carried down into a dark underground vault and left for three days and nights to “die” and communicate with dead spirits, connect with the Astral world and experience the unity of all that is. The initiate then “rose from the dead” and was carried up into the sunlight, awakened. Christ-ianity, based upon the teachings of the carpenter Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth, an amazing man by all accounts, is founded in the truth and source of all of humanity’s spiritual teachings throughout our development and history. The Christ of Man; the Essence of God in Man. Some can be found in the Egyptian religion. Much of the content of the Egyptian writings were misunderstood by authors of later religions. The Book of the Dead for example was about navigating the Astral dimensions to aid the souls of the dead, and not some kind of black magic. This does not invalidate the teachings or ethics of modern religions and the good intent of those that practice them, but for the truth seeker it is important to read works in their proper context. Thanks to the many religions that conflicted with the original Gnostic Scriptures of the Christ movement, and the leaders in opposition in the 100 years to follow the crucifixion, much was lost. Thanks to Konstantin the Great (66), Christianity was saved as a whole. However, the Council of Nicaea (67) in 325AD, turned the Bible into an edited compendium of select writings meant to unify Christianity. The intent was good, but all the losses and the unification, caused the many inconsistencies in the Bible, and is part of the reason the Christian church is segmented into so many factions today. There are literally hundreds of churches with widely differing opinions and interpretation of the bible. Konstantin’s reform movement declared the priest Arius, who was teaching in the 3rd and 4th century, a heretic (68) for teaching us that Jesus was not an equal to the divine God, as in the holy trinity, but the lesser incarnation of a divine being. This would be more consistent with what we know about reincarnation, which the council removed from Christian doctrine, seeking to empower the church and not the individual. Thus the result was that almost all scriptures material were burned or hidden. This subject is still causing divisions within the church. The crucifixion, death, and resurrection is not only a story of spiritual development, but also one way in which the same may be greatly facilitated in ourselves, for us to initiate and develop our own personal Christ Consciousness. It is death of the separate selfish ego and the perfection of the unselfish self in conscious unity with God. Knights Templars, Rosicrucians and other societies carried on some of these traditions in hiding. The method is that of a very powerful meditation session; enabled by a life lived in harmony with all creation. We may this way mute out the 5 senses and tune in to the 6th sense, sensing more of reality, and our higher common consciousness. 112

Prince Siddhartha Gautama of Kapiltavastu was the founder of Buddhism (65). The story goes that at his birth a star appeared. His father, King Suddhodana, had his star chart done shortly after and was told that his son would take one of two paths; one which would lead to an empire vastly greater than that of his father, the other to a life of asceticism, poverty and self sacrifice. Despite his father’s adamant efforts, Gautama chose to find enlightenment in meditation and personal and physical hardship. When he figured it all out, bringing himself to the brink of death, he found that the physical hardship was not necessary. He achieved enlightenment and became the living Buddha, teaching the way of evolution and destiny of man. Buddha declared that, “in spite of sorrow and misery of the world, the great structure of which man is a part is an order of eternal justice, and that the law under which we are living is a good law, and needs only that we should understand it and adapt ourselves to it. He declared that man causes his own suffering by yielding himself perpetually to desire for that which he has not, and that happiness and contentment can be gained better by limiting desires than by increasing possessions. He preached this “middle path” with the most wonderful success for forty-five years in all parts of India. Buddha eventually died at the age eighty at the town of Kusinagara about the year 543 BC. Nirvana, the state revered by all devoted Buddhists, is achieved by the removal of the lower self and the desires and ties to those pursuits only possible in the physical world. Nirvana is a state of bliss and peace that is impossible for most of us to understand until we reach it. It is in reality an ascent in the astral or mind body to reach and experience the Creative Forces (God), letting go of the physical attachments as a motivating force. At this point, with an extended experience, the Soul takes greater charge of the Ego. It is achieved the same way ancient and modern alchemists remove the “dross”, or physical ties when purifying the essence of the self. From my own conversations with people who attempt or try to achieve enlightenment, it appears they can reach it, but mere glimpses are achieved. When we do catch a glimpse our lives often become dedicated solely to return to that moment. I have experienced many moments of bliss where information and understanding flows from countless synchronized sources and where truth appears crystal clear – at least in my own mind but have yet to take control of me ego in the full experience. This happens by degree and over lifetimes. Some that connect fully fail to realize that the moment may be as a result of past lives, but I will get there, in this life, that I am certain of. I feel very close to my higher self as well as our common consciousness, in those moments, which can last for days at a time when I am writing or teaching others. It is a high that I seem to be able to sustain as long as I keep in pursuit of truth. Living in Belize, outside the noise, major magnetic, electrical, chemical, light and 113

structural pollution, all related to the interference of natural harmonious wave propagation, I see first hand, myself or via people close to me, what people who grew up in a natural organic environment can achieve, albeit on a small scale of what our current abilities are. People that I know, locating one’s family members to a house within a town by feeling where they went or existed in the moments prior. I was in the found party and utterly amazed, no one else was, to them it seemed natural. Picking a number to win the grand prize of the largest balloon at first try. Picking lottery numbers on a consistent basis to win cash for self or others in times of desperate need. I have directly and indirectly experienced Poltergeists and communication with the deceased, or dying via my friends Mathias and Stacy. Both of them have seen and have had direct encounters with light beings, or angels if you will. Once Mathias was pushed violently to the ground by an entity in the dark; he was sneaking up on me as I was taking pictures outside in the dark. I had my eyes closed. I have photographed energetic lights a few times, and was foolish enough to pass two pictures to someone who analyzes such photos, he, of course, a skeptic. The photos I brought to his attention were of an open bathroom door at nighttime. In the first shot, there is a light emanating from the door, as though the light was on. The other is taken seconds later from the same position, with no light emanating. The physical light was, of course, turned off, and knowledge of light and lamp positions would make the light and its angles impossible,, but only I would know that with certainty. Naturally the analyst scoffed and said I had the bathroom light was simply turned on in one of the photos where it is literally beaming out through the door. I took the pictures because something made me stare at the bathroom window screen and I was transfixed on it for several minutes unable to remove my eyes sensing something was there. Some times I can stare at person I’m in deep conversation and communion with and literally see that person and the image of that persons in a past life, seeing what they looked like, sensing details, place, approximate time etc. We do not change much physically from incarnation to incarnation, but maintain to a large degree, our own self-image. The abilities among the local population may also be in part due to their innocence and purity that arises from never having been told that something is not possible, and by lesser materialistic and modern scientific and religious programming. The backside of 3rd world existence is the disposal of the most extremes of vaccines, pesticides and food not fit for Western consumption. And, believe me, it takes a lot for these items to be judged unfit for First World consumers. Sometimes it takes a whistle blower, but normally the risk of bad publicity in Western press is enough to redirect goods to the Third World. The


manufacturers know when damage is severe or imminent and the continued sale would cause its brand to glow unpleasantly in the public light. If you wish to advance your soul and know truth, throw away your blind faith and abandon dogma; truth does not require faith. You simply will not need it. Learn to trust your heart and your intuition. The truth resonates in you like a reminder of something you once knew, and your higher consciousness still has access to that information. No one source on this plane is infallible, but progressive, if true to its higher purpose. So, with that in mind we return to our studies. Annie Besant (69) points out the 3 states affecting matter as inertia, mobility and rhythm in perfect balance. In some ancient texts, matter is simply inertia, or a moving force, and nothing more, and that we know now to be true. The ultimate atom is described as formed in 3 stages; the first is the fixing of its vibration or wavelength. The wavelength is also referred to as the “divine measure” and lends distinctive peculiarity. The second is its angles, lines and axial growth according to the divine measure. The third is the shape and form of its surface, which is the wall of the ultimate unit. This is consistent with our textbook description of a photon, or unit of light. Of such atoms, the logos, or sound and its overtones, create 5 different shapes or vibrations and they form the basic material of a plane, or dimension. Each plane has its own unique fundamental ultimate unit. It is quite clear here that the ultimate unit Besant refers to as the divine measure is the PHI ratio of 1.618. It is also clear that the 5 shapes are the 5 platonic solids formed from the PHI helical vortices. The ultimate units dig holes in space, as described earlier, and the hole is the “Holy” physical manifestation. It is a formed, in a sense, by shells of the ultimate density of cosmic matter. But more correctly, matter is the absence of density. Innumerable units are formed this way and some join to form more complex structures and molecules, on 6 sub levels, thus we have 7 states of matter. Within the physical world we have a 6-fold sheet of matter within the shell of the ultimate unit in addition to the spiral force of spirit, the Astral plane has 5, the Mental plane 4, the Buddhic plane 3, and the Spirit plane two shells. The 7 states of matter are not separated by density, they are directly connected with each other. When the 7 states of matter are aggregated they form a real or chemical atom. These atoms are formed in groups and act as units, which in turn form molecules. [Levels of Reality as related to the Soul]


Within each unit of matter, as is also the case with the structure and center of your being and soul, you will find unity of all there is at the center. For each ultimate unit of matter on our plane, there are 49 units interlaced that represent each unit on the Astral plane, or dimension. In this way t he connection to the higher planes are subtle but directly accessible. The structure on the next higher plane is similar but Besant and other clairvoyants are unable to view details in that dimension. But vibrations, or overtones, are added to the smaller spirals that form the spirals of the ultimate atom and as they do they add to the beauty and richness and quality. New forces and new qualities are thus added to the 7-fold chord of life. Again we can conclude from Blavatsky and Besant’s observations that life is changing constantly and our vibration is increasing. This appears to be the general consensus around the world as well. And, as mentioned, there is an increase in the rate of change in the evolution of consciousness. Each plane or vibration of the 7 strings or whirls of the total 10 whirls of the individual ultimate atom, responds to individual frequency ranges as explained, and each responds to individual, feelings, thought, desire and so on. Each made of even smaller spirals, made up of even finer spirals, making up an infinite range of combinations and abilities to respond, as they are played across the strings. Matter and consciousness are two aspects of the same. Without polarity, both spirit and


body, there is no experience and no matter – thus all matter is consciousness. Without matter there is no consciousness as consciousness is a thought form in matter. This applies to the guides and light beings that assist us in countless ways. On the higher levels matter is finer and finer and interweaved with fine threads and webs that hold various aspects of consciousness and all that ever occurred to us, past lives, our higher selves. Our reincarnation is chosen as a means to develop and learn, to complement who we are at any given moment. It is our temperament that determines the time of birth and a suitable astrological Star with its complex influences upon our character and lives. This is the reason one’s astrological sign is useful for seeing general traits, how we are likely to act in any given situation and the choices we will make; thus a limited view into our future. It is hard to imagine, but a single physical atom holds not only the key to our genetic traits and the peculiarities of our ancestors, but it also contains access to that which has been acquired by evolving man throughout his evolution. In ancient times (89) knowledge was valued above all else, teachers were revered and in India the gold-clad ruler would bow to the half-clad teacher. Knowing God and God’s nature was the ultimate knowledge – science and religion were one and the same. Then came modern Christianity which rooted out much of modern science that originated and was reignited in the Moorish and Arab nations. Roman Catholicism instigated the Crusades which included separation and burning of any science or knowledge that might undermine the authority of their church. This separation of scientific and spiritual knowledge was great detriment to society, for science and truth are one and the same. Modern science studies the many aspects of the tree to find how it is whole, and ancient science studied the seed and how the seed is the whole and manifest in all things. Modern science studies the form that makes up the cosmos and ancient science studied structure which maintains its form. Modern psychology studies the physiology that makes up the mind, while ancient science studied the various aspects of the mind that makes up the physiology. A modern scientists looks without himself to further his studies, creates a new lens for his microscope. The ancient scientist looked within, and sought to develop new abilities within him self to further his studies. Self-evolution and manifestation were the secrets of the East. Science and religion are both deterrent to wisdom and development as they stand separated. Science is too slow to absorb new information and religion holds onto old superstitions – even in the face of new information. Thought penetrates matter. Ideals form matter.


We are not suggesting that science and religion, in the format in which they now exist, and in light of the diversity of churches, become teachers of science. Only that one would be wise to seek what one’s higher self has unlimited access to. The combined knowledge of our common consciousness is available to those who seek it with love and intention. Mme. Blavatsky said it best, “There Is No Religion Higher than Truth" X-rays are of a higher (smaller or shorter) vibration; they penetrate some matter impenetrable by light and heat with ease. Mme. Blavatsky remarked: "Matter has extension, color, motion (at every level), taste and smell, corresponding to the existing senses of man, and the next characteristic it develops - let us call it for the moment 'Permeability' - will correspond to the next sense of man, which we may call 'normal clairvoyance'. ---A partial familiarity with the characteristic of matter permeability, which should be developed concurrently with the sixth sense, may be expected to develop at the proper period in this Round. But with the next Element added to our resources in the next Round, Permeability will become so manifest a characteristic of matter that the densest forms of this Round will seem to man's perceptions as obstructive to him as a thick fog, and no more." This beckons to be torn apart and analyzed, in more than one sense; Mme. Blavatsky confirms many of the intuitive statements made so far, in this one paragraph. We are indeed evolving and adding matter, which may be in the form of 3 additional strings to be fully developed in the ultimate unit of matter and brought into play, as hypothesized earlier. Perhaps, the 3 strings are simply our combined higher senses and represent our evolution? Perhaps when we raise our awareness to sense them, it enables us to partake in that evolution on a conscious basis? Certainly our range of senses will do so, and continue to increase, examples of which we are currently seeing. The Round she speaks of is now, right now; this time and into our immediate future. Even in Mme. Blavatsky’s time there was definite sense of increased sensing abilities and increased development of the 6th Sense organ – that Dr. Besant notes can be manipulated into development. The receptor, the Pineal Gland, had been shown to enlarge in those whom meditate frequently. Such manipulation was performed in our time under the guidance of remote viewing programs, mentioned earlier, with gamma ray burst and other treatments. We do have scientific support for the Physical (Vacuum), Astral, Mental, and Spiritual planes reflecting reality. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University (100), has, within the Tiller Foundation,


confirmed that it is possible to affect materials with intention changing the PH value of water up and down. They have developed an electronic device that is able to hold and store an intention, as well as a device to measure the auric fields and the interaction between such energy fields of matter. Tiller finds that there is normally measurable interaction between the Vacuum and Astral field (referring to it as an additional level of reality) unless intention, or consciousness, is exercised. The substance in the new level of reality appears to function and appears weaved into the space between the matter of the vacuum reality. The device developed by the Tiller Foundation will have significant impact on the way materials are improved and selected. It will affect all areas of our environment such as fuels, computing, alternative energy, healing, as well as the ability to focus and thus rapidly develop ways to enhance human physical and metal abilities. He greatly enhances our understanding of reality and confirms what we already know to be true. Tiller divides the planes into 7 levels or layers of reality on an inward path. Layer 1 is our reality, the Vacuum, consisting of a coarse particle substance. Layer 2 is of a finer wave information substance. The next unlabeled Layer is non-temporal (eternal) and referred to as the soul. Further layers are Emotion, Mind, Individual Spirit of the Soul, and finally the Higher Spirit Self. This is very similar to the levels discussed and illustrated earlier with the levels from Theosophy. Personally, at this stage I feel that the earlier illustration made to visualize this is the correct one but time will show. To me the soul simply transcends and encompasses all levels, with unity of all at the very center of the soul as illustrated. However, both models are useful for illustration of the overall principle. Tiller’s recorded intention could be transmitted and focused geographically and could aid in healing and awakening, but it could also be used for destruction. It would fortunately be easier to heal than destroy, as intention, to affect matter, must embody heart coherence and love. If you consider, those perfectly combined vibrations would not be easy to fake. Tiller is the one of the first scientists to visualize a significant portion of the potential of rediscovered knowledge of human consciousness. The only thing he is missing is when he speaks of matter having nearly zero mass and 99.999…% empty space, and an astronomically high calculated maximum calculated speed of matter. The mass is not almost zero – it is zero and the speed is infinite. Can you limit a mind or consciousness? We have shown infinite speed with countless experiments manipulating matter with intention. No doubt he will gain greater success within mainstream science with his numbers as left brained scientists have such a hard time comprehending that there is no


mass, with no limitation as to the speed of a thought. Even in the face of an experiment which confirms zero time lag in separated substances where intention is involved, and of course it always is; whether it is our own or the experimental substance. I think you can see where science and spirituality must merge for symbiotic progress to be made and why Tesla told us that science will find more answers in the spiritual teachings of the East. Our Western religions obliterated the material in our possession; many occult remnants are kept in the Vatican library to this day. They say they will share information but you have to request a specific document to get a printout or a copy. So if you already know what is there, and they want to share it… However, there is an 8th level as an Effect and that is the reflection of the true Creative Spirit, the Cause, the inspired God, pure love and that which completes and enables us. The spirit of the unimaginable density of the Vacuum, that which makes a living cell whole after it splits and duplicates itself 8 times. It is that which our individual souls seek to merge with to become co-creators of this and other universes. It is the level at which the many become whole again, or the One Mind, which we will discuss further under Alchemy. As we develop our senses our feeling of separation from all other matter and beings will fade and the veil will drop. Only then can we truly understand what we are and what we must do to evolve together, as one mutual divine experience. Anyone who has ever gained even a short insight becomes deeply desirous of returning to such shared feeling of love and state of awareness.

Finding Your Soul’s Purpose If we follow our hearts our soul will experience bliss. If we set our intent upon finding our higher purpose it will be will be revealed to us. By blissful intention the universe will respond in kind. Our path is our own; what we need to learn this time around is unique to our individual consciousness as it relates to our common purpose. If we want to know more, faster, we can meditate, search for truth and think for ourselves. As we do the experiences and coincidences in our lives give way to events, which reveal their true purpose almost immediately.


Amplified by my own search for truth and writing, I am now experiencing this on a daily, some times hourly, basis and it fills my very soul with excitement that is hard to contain or express. I want that for us, all of us.



Mathias, my son Christian, and I, went on a mission to gather Maya recipes. We were quite successful and our last stop this trip around was with Theodora “Lola” Duante Rodriguez, Mathias’ grandmother, and my pretend girlfriend, as she is about 75 – or surely I would marry her. She is a remarkable woman, having survived her husband in a house invasion and attack during Guatemalan civil unrest years ago. The torrent of machine gun bullets left her with several lumps of lead still in her body. She has had no exposure to the internet, nor can she read or write, but she’s a bright intelligent and loving soul. She lives a simple life, but for the upgrades from a single light bulb in the house to a few more that Mathias and myself installed in her home a couple of years back. She raised Mathias and she is still taking in occasional adolescents and contributing to their development. During my note-taking on recipes, she told us she is one of four daughters of a Maya Shaman who lived to be 116 years old. Mathias’ great grandfather, the Shaman, was not allowed to pass his knowledge to a woman, thus Lola, as the only one interested, learned from her father by watching through the cracks of his hut as a little girl. I suppose she had a lot of time to watch and learn considering his age. She has cured people of cancer before; a few years ago she told us of an American couple who came to her with their son, who kept running into walls and was disconnected – from what I gathered he clearly suffered from autism. She managed to make great progress and put him on path to recovery in 3 or 4 days. She administered various herbs to the boy, but the main part of the cure consisted of giving him holy water to drink, that she had a unique prayer for. She would spend a lot of time praying over the water to give it a stronger healing quality. The prayer is recited at the end of this section. I gave much thought to preserve its original content, intention and spirit in the translation from Spanish to English. Clearly there are unique psychic and intuitive abilities that run in the family which qualified Lola’s father to become a Maya shaman. I see it in her, as well as in Mathias and his father, far too often for there to be a coincidence. Unfortunately, though Mathias’ father is a gentle man and communes with spirits in his own way, he does enjoy alcohol quite


frequently. Lola told us a short old Maya tale noting that “we (humanity) have it wrong…” The Sun and the Moon were fighting about which one is the male and which one is the female. In the end the Moon, the male, got punched in the face, thus the indent in its face, or surface. Thus, the Father of the Day is the Moon, and the Mother of the Day is Sun, as the birth giver. It may seem to conflict with reality, however, all matter has both male and female aspects, and indeed, the sun gives both birth and sustenance to planets. Lola would tell us that the Maya originated to Earth from the Moon, and that the Moon used to rotate. She told us that Mars still has humans living on it – even to this day. She spoke of the Chinese and the Maya having moved to other dimensions long ago. The Chinese moved to a higher dimension and the Maya to one lower. She said both the ancient Chinese and the ancient Maya will soon return to reclaim their land. They considered their lands temporarily lost to invaders and to the ways of the invaders. She referred to the Egyptians and said they as well were in an alternate dimension but had given up on their land and had no intention of returning to reclaim it. Lola recounted a story from when she was about 6 or 7 years old; a saucer-shaped craft, which she said resembled one of today’s new cars, crash-landed near their village on the Guatemala side next to Salvador. It left a long furrow in the ground that still remains, filled with water. The craft remained about two weeks while repairs were being done and left. It is interesting to note that this event would have been around 1942 when Hitler’s scientists were experimenting with various and well documented anti-gravitic craft. The villagers were frightened by this and mostly kept their distance. I must interject that I have been skeptical of notions held regarding a Planet X, or Nibiru, as so little scientific evidence currently exists in the public domain regarding its existence. However, I have been forced to re-evaluate. Lola told of the Second Earth that moves like an egg, and said it is approaching and that it will be staying within interactive range for a little more than 2 years. She said it approaches from below, “underneath” the Earth, and that we can feel the effect of its approach at this time. Upon repeated request to simply “tell us more”, Lola told us that Second Earth revitalizes and seeds our Earth with new life and new species and that it has done so in more than 3,000-year intervals. She said Second Earth seeded the oceans with many new species of life, adding that the Chinese are a hybrid race; however these teachers that came to this


Earth were under strict orders not to have sexual contact with the human race, but they disobeyed and hybrid races resulted. They came to teach humanity how to live properly. Humans were wild at the time, using no clothing, running around naked – and they were cannibals, hunting each other as common prey. The teachers came 165,000 years ago to show us the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The teachers told humanity they would destroy Earth unless they behaved civilized and found alternate ways of eating, rather than off of each other. They taught humanity how to clothe themselves, how to cultivate the land and grow alternative foods out of their natural surroundings. It appears we have reasons to believe Lola and that all that she said is truth. Just as soon as I got home my searches brought immediate and glaring results. Based upon measures of mitochondrial DNA (95), scientists have concluded that all humans descended from one common female ancestor who lived in Africa between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. This was the hypothetical Eve. Humans who inhabited the coast of South Africa 165,000 years ago and lived on a diet rich in shellfish could be the original ancestors of everyone alive today. Archaeologists working at Pinnacle Point, the southern tip of Africa, identified stone tools and a red pigment used in ceremonies showing modern behavior. They knew how to exploit the food sources of the sea. It is suggested that Homo sapiens emerged from Africa in a single migration between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago and populated the entire globe. Modern man, characterized by a large, highly connected brain and developed language and culture, arrived in Asia about 100,000 years ago, then in Australia 50,000 years ago. Modern man arrived in Europe 30,000 years ago, before populating the Americas about 20,000 years ago. Geneticists have now identified lineages descended from 10 sons of a genetic Adam and 18 daughters of Eve. This ancestral human population lived in Africa and split up around 144,000 years ago. Fossilized remains tell us homo sapiens appeared around 160,000 BC in Ethiopia, Africa. Some studies place Adam and Eve in Africa between 200,000 and 300,000 BC. These dates coincide with the period inferred from the Sumerian texts for the creation of Adamu, the workers. Leading evolutionists agree, and the fossil records support, that the basic gene pool and the human brain have not changed since the first appearance of modern man. Basically, the studies mentioned above tell us that we have not changed significantly in 165,000 years; furthermore, that we originated in the vicinity of the Dogon tribe. Recently (114), in Africa, a site with ancient ruins covering 10,000 square miles was found,


dated with an on-site stone calendar using Orion as a reference point, apparently originating from over 160,000 years ago. Tablets with interpretations and translations recording Sumerian history confirm the above, adding speculation that in-vitro hybrids were created, indicating cloning, for the purpose of human hybrids mining gold. The history also tells us that the passing of Nibiru or Second Earth caused the Biblical flooding. If such were the case then each passing of Second Earth would not have had the same gravitational effect if it passes every 3,600 years. This prayer, passed from a Maya Shaman and directed at [the reincarnated light-being] St. Bartholomew, and utilized by the modern Maya, has been kept a secret until now and is used to enhance water’s ability to heal and used during the rainy season, before planting, while the rain pours down – to energize and purify it. The prayer brings assistance in the form of access to higher and common consciousness, assists your intention to structure the water in order to restore and strengthen natural structures. For healing it would be recommended one start with blessed, or holy water, onto which much divine consciousness has already been imprinted. “Lightning stone” referred to in the prayer below is believed in Central America to be a stone that is created when lighting hits ground, and consists of smooth fused stone that is often dispelled several feet into the ground. When it is rubbed it heats up very fast. It may be true, or we may actually be talking about small meteorites of which thousands are reported and documented.

St. Bartholomew, Rise and wash your feet and hands, return to your home of prayer, for you are the chosen man. Man will not die from lightning stone, nor the woman from giving birth, nor the young from fright. The one that recites this prayer three times a day will be compensated by the Mother of the Day.


St. Bartholomew was one the 12 apostles, I recognize him as a divine light-being and his mission is one of healing of bodies and souls. He was connected with the alchemy of water, air, fire and earth and preached in India, Armenia, Mesopotamia, Persia and Egypt. St. Bartholomew was said to be “incapable of deceit”. The prayer suggests protection and healing and that the sun will structure the water. We should by now understand its potential in both scientific and spiritual terms.


Theories and Our Immediate Future

In 1983, Dr. Paul LaViolette (45), following 4 years of PhD research, discovered an energy field, or rather galactic super waves of cosmic radiation emanating from the center of the galaxy, which could be referred to as a photon belt. There has been much confusion regarding a photon belt we are supposed to be entering, mingling in a theory by Paul Otto Hesse from 1949 about another photon belt radiating from the Pleiades. Part of this theory was published in 1981 based upon a 1961 satellite observation of which there is no record. This photon belt around the Pleiades does not appear to be founded on any kind of scientific fact. This is fiction, and there is ample evidence that this is simply untrue and physically impossible, according to respective locations and movement – not even close according to left-brained science. Many popular new age writers have propagated this as coming from the Pleiades star cluster, having channeled the information that Earth would be in this field for 2,000 years, and that Earth orbits Alcyone and is moving toward it. Quite to the contrary, we are moving away from it. This is fiction, and there is ample evidence that this is simply untrue and physically impossible, according to respective locations and movement – not even close according to left brained science. Perhaps that is intentional as there are plenty of misguided souls and beings. That does not mean that those promoting it do not as a whole see, are told, or intuit that something is coming in from Orion or that we have a strong connection with that star cluster and Sirius. In fact there is so much information circulating about the Pleiades that some of it is most certainly originating from some amount of truth. LaViolette (46) found evidence, in ice core samples, of Earth having been bombarded with these super waves on a regular basis. The waves originate from the core of the galaxy at the speed of light. They consist of light and charged particles, with gamma and other rays in the upper frequency spectrum, along with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effect and a


gravity wave. Some have the power to knock out electronic equipment, and could cause earthquakes and dramatic changes in weather patterns. The impact, which can last from minutes to several thousand years (typically 4,000-5,000 years), could cause particles to be thrust from our atmosphere and the surrounding space to cloud the Sun and make it appear darker and reddish for some time. These gravity waves can cause a Quasar-like effect. Quasars (exploding/ pulsing stars) may turn out to be merely pulsing galactic cores that make a distant galaxy so bright that it’s hard to see its surrounding planets. Some Quasars have now been shown to be exactly that. Interestingly, LaViolette found that the dates of such major super waves coincide with the Maya calendar and the equinoxes, showing evidence of major waves approximately 28,000, 11,500 and 5,800 years ago. These dates may be inaccurate by a few hundred, or maybe even a few thousand years. A major wave would cause increased solar activity and melting of the polar caps, causing major fresh water floods and higher sea levels. In his opinion we are overdue for a major wave. It is my own speculation that such a super wave may have been what Paul Otto Hesse found evidence of and wrote about in 1949. LaViolette points out that reversal of the magnetic poles has been linked to major extinctions in the past but cannot see any evidence of such galactic waves causing polar reversal. The waves could, due to dramatic weather changes, cause not only melting of ice, but also flash freezing of water. He notes the wave 5,800 years ago perfectly matches with the 5,800 year old man flash frozen in the Alps as well as some flash frozen plants found in the Andes mountains. A 1,000-foot wave, as depicted in a recent 2012-disaster-exploitation film, is, in my opinion, not likely at this time. A flash frozen body on a mountaintop is more likely the result of fresh water spilling from a high altitude mountain lake or river than the ocean. Though such a disaster may have occurred in times past, it seems it would require a direct hit not just a gravitational pass; 100-foot tsunami waves, though, would not be unimaginable, and could at great speed, travel far and high. Then there is Planet X, or Nibiru – the birthplace of the Annunaki, who many believe to be our bio-engineers. The effect of such a planet could explain the entire hypothesis of LaViolette, substituting for the entire galactic wave. It would even account for the approximate timing of the effects for which he finds evidence of in the ice core record. The Annunaki is believed by many to have founded the Sumerian culture, as well as influenced our level of knowledge by way of mainly the Maya, Egyptian and Vedic cultures. There is indeed something "out there" that could be Second Earth (109), Nibiru, or a brown


dwarf star. It has been proven but not seen, and appears to be emitting light in the infrared range outside our vision. Only space-based satellites with special filters can observe it. We’re supposed to have unusually high solar flare activity at this time, but it is not occurring due to the theoretical gravitational effects (110) of some massive body (111) in our Solar System, preventing the usual flares which supposedly occur every 11 years. Relying upon Lola’s statements, we seem to be compelled to Second Earth as a serious possibility. I put more weight upon her vision at this time, than I do “reliable” scientific data presented in the interest of world government, designed to keep secret and engineered economic and social disorder. We are forced to weigh the Dogon with their claim of a very dense planet, Lola’s story alluding to a “hidden” planet, ambiguous NASA statements accompanied by their silence, the skull of a being that would be derived from a dense environment with exceptional strength and density of its matter and Lola’s story regarding Adam and Eve, verified by archaeology. Neither can we discount all the excitement of an entire web-based community regarding Nibiru, or Planet X as mere fiction. The inventor of the Web Bot is entirely correct in assuming that everyone has some psychic potential. Not taking the empirical evidence of so many individual facts into account would seem to be a mistake. Personally, I can only conclude that Second Earth does exist and that Lola’s account is true. If so, we are about to be visited shortly, our governments being likely to drop subtle warnings of impending war in space or hints which would cause many of us to think an alien visit or fake alien invasion was near. Lola’s account of the inhabitants of Second Earth does not seem to allow for our elite’s abuse and would pose a severe threat to their rule. The world government would defend our planet against sorely-needed and extended assistance to this consciously-evolving humanity, attacking the inhabitants of Second Earth with all their hidden technology, claiming war is against “enemy” extraterrestrial beings. I am not saying this will happen, only that this is a real possibility based upon known events and intuition, which transcends the information presented in this book. The possibilities of these events taking place are not to be taken lightly. This information appears as truth to me personally at this time (2010), a possible event that I never could have thought I would present as such when I began my research. I do so with reluctance and humility. Please do your own research; I suggest a reference point beginning with some pros and cons (121).


A New Theory of Second Earth or Po-tolo


As a result of my own studies and conclusions I am proposing a new theory regarding Second Earth or Po-tolo (Nibiru), which I believe fits the current facts and are not in major conflict with any existing scientific theory. It also circumvents the basis upon which most opponents are dismissing such a planet. Having said that I am opening myself to much criticism, which I am prepared to accept as I know I am close to truth in light. The Maya (116), having inherited information from the Olmecs, calculated Earth’s true length of a year to 365.2425 days. We adjust that now by adding a day every four years to our own calendar. The Maya also calculated the precession of Earth’s equinoxes and its precession to 25,630 years, being 5 periods of 5,126 years. Each 5,126 year Great Cycle was known to the Maya as an “Age” or World. The last Great Cycle is the one we often refer to as modern civilization or modern history. The Maya Calendar ends December 21, 2012, the end of the age of the 5th Sun, and the Beginning of the 6th Sun. Some popular authors claim that this involves a crossing of our solar system past that of the Galactic plane, or Galactic Equator. However, this is simply not true (117). The Sun passes the galactic equator every year and at this time we are moving away from the galactic equator. A simple review of professional opinions all agree that either we are moving away from the equator, or we do not have enough information upon which to even offer such a fact. Regardless, 2012 and the Great Cycles have no relevance to a galactic crossing. A galactic crossing is a normal event that some see as a sine wave path but is actually a normal spiral orbital path. So what devastates and cleanses Earth every 5,126 years? The Maya have an answer for that as well: Po-tolo, or the Seed planet by the Dogon, also known as Second Earth. If we are to lend any credence to this much discussed extra solar body then it must fit any and all known scientific facts 1. The 5,126 year Cycle of Second Earth Zecharia Sitchin (120) calls it Nibiru and claims the Sumerians described a 3,600-year-old return interval. The Maya speak of an “over 3,000” year-old path of Second Earth. How does this translate into a 5,126 year interval? It’s fairly simple. This sacred calendar cycle was given to the pre-Maya by the “Gods”. The Maya and the Sumerians must have shared the calendar system, as they both would have received the information from the same source in the past. The Gods arrived with Second Earth and this was most likely the calendar the Gods used themselves. I am suggesting that the 3,600 year cycle refers to the time it takes to travel between Sirius and our Earth as measured in 260-day calendar years. 128

Thus, to complete an orbit for Second Earth, it would take 7,200 sacred years. Second Earth’s return perfectly correlates with ice age cooling cycles; as it takes a turn around us, we take a turn in temperature. 7,200 sacred years x 260 days = 1,872,000 sacred days 1,872,000 days / 365.2425 = 5,125.36 years or one Great Cycle or Age The Ice Core Record is flawed with errors (1122) such as Timescale, Diffusion and Uncertainty errors.

A correlation coefficient should be calculated with more accurate data, but the result of a scaled adjustment of each 123,000 year cycle is far too obvious to the naked eye to ignore or to be mere coincidence.


The smaller cycles of the time-flawed data even show how close each cyclical orbit of Second Earth is. It is clearly indicated by the peaks in temperature. The closer the orbit the higher the peak and plunge. With some time on your hands, you can even begin to hypothesize about its orbital path and map it out. The orbit is clearly a perihelical precession, a wandering elliptic orbit like that of overlapping flower petals with Earth inside the elliptic. Compare the two charts for yourself and note the individual sub-cycles in the adjusted graph. You can also see the sampling errors increase and degrade over time, as layers of ice are lost to sublimation. 2. Synchronized Orbit John Major Jenkins did accurately point out that the Maya calendar was synchronized with Earth’s Precession. That is, as Earth rotates counter-clockwise, it also wobbles at the apex just like a spinning top. The top rotates in the opposite direction clockwise with a 23.5 degree tilt of its axis. The rotation, or precession moves through the equinoxes, or all the ages and signs of astronomy. It takes 5 Great Cycles to complete the precession, or 25,630 years. --Note that in reality the Earth does not stand still and wobble but moves on long tilted turning spiral path. As the planets move about the sun so does the sun move about ever larger suns, in the same pattern as the smallest unit of matter.

3. The Ice Ages and Second Earth Ice core samples reveal that there are approximately 123,000 years between each major Ice Age. The 5,126 year, Great Cycle is exactly one eighth of the 41,000-year period called the “Variation of Obliquity” which is used by scientists to calculate ice-melting cycles. To


some extent, this confirms that they already know all the information which I present to you. There are 3 Variations of Obliquity between each major Ice Age or 24 Great Cycles. The largest Ice Age plunge, without fail, occurs at the beginning of each new 123,000 year precession cycle; these are completely predictable. If Second Earth passes with regularity, as it appears, then its orbit would also have synchronized with our own over many ages. We do not find anything in the universe left to mere chance. It is mathematically perfect. Why has science not pointed this out to us before when it is so glaringly obvious? Why does not everyone know this so as to have an opportunity to prepare for what is evident simply by examining the result of ice core samples? 4. The Iron or Iron Crystal Core of Earth Earth’s core has been analyzed by reception of returned seismic waves from earthquakes. It is still under argument whether it has the shape of a large dense iron ball, or an iron crystal. It is estimated to be about 1,500 miles in diameter and would be extremely dense. New data (118) claims that the core is perhaps only semi-solid and that, instead, iron crystals flow toward its surface and flow like boats in a river around the core, moving slightly faster than the rest of the planet. Scientists are not seeing the flow itself, but see a snapshot of the alignment of the crystals around the core. 5. Generation of Earth’s Magnetic Field Every presentation I have seen claims that to reverse the magnetic poles one has to change the direction of Earth’s rotation. The idea is just not viable. Earth’s rotation is under the influence by its immediate and congruent planetary bodies such as the Sun, and the spin of the galaxy. To slow down, come to a complete stop and then start up would take a long time. Earth would likely break up from the sheer momentum, loose its atmosphere and burn up. One accepted theory suggests that Earth’s magnetic field is driven by the internal flow of molten metals, which would be fine except molten metals lose their conductive properties. To increase electrical properties it would be necessary to supercool, not superheat metal. Earth’s magnetic field is most likely generated not by the flow of molten metal, but by either non-molten crystalline iron moving along with the flow around the core or by rotation of the core itself, or both. The core would likely be a movable object, as it would spin freely in molten liquid, or in other liquid that is heat resistant or does not conduct heat very well. Free flow or even open space is suggested here due to the point of gravity that should be experienced with at least two intervals within the earth’s core. There


is no gravity at the center of the planet. Gravity is an implosive effect of spin inside the planet, but the pull on the core is equal on all sides. Thus the center of gravity could be in the center of the shell of the core as well as in the middle of the outer shell of Earth. The dead center is that of a white and a black hole, or interlaced singularity, in the form of and structured as an ultimate unit of matter. The spin of the core would create the necessary movement to generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field could be generated two ways; a) by the differential speed of the rotating core and the flow of crystalline iron, magnetite or a combination of rare earth metals around it, largely ignoring the rest of the planet, or b) by the same rotating core and flow of crystalline iron and the outer shell of the planet. Either way we could generate a magnetic field. Reality would depend upon the relative composition of each structure relative to one another. Time and science will beget clarity. 6. Pole Reversals and Temperature Shifts The example I will use is one in which the core moves with Earth’s rotation, but drags in “molasses” and moves slightly slower than Earth’s surface rotation. The differential spin between the core and the outer shell would generate the magnetic field exactly like that of an electric starter or generator. The iron core would move clockwise “relative” to the surface rotation and generate a magnetic North at the North Pole. Not that it matters but the magnetic North is actually the South as we look at the magnetic north of the compass needle being attracted to the opposing polarity, but for simplicity's sake, we keep it the way we normally think of it. All we have to do to reverse the magnetic poles is to speed up the rotation of the inner core above the speed of the outer core. At this point the magnetic field will be reversed as the iron core will now move counter clockwise relative to the surface rotation. This would in fact reverse the magnetic poles. As you can see from illustration I. the rotation of Earth, S1 is constant. The rotation of the core, S2 is slower than S1, which would be the normal differential effect is S0-S1=SG, where SG is the differential clockwise spin generating a normal magnetic field through the core of the Earth with the North Pole and Magnetic North pole coinciding. In figure II, the Core spin, S3 is faster than S1 and we have S3-S2=SG. The differential spin SG is now counterclockwise and the magnetic poles are reversed. The magnetic North pole is now “down under” in the Antarctic region.


What we are proposing then is that Earth’s core or Crystal flow is moving slower than the surface rotation, and that keeps the Magnetic Field moderate and our exposure to the Sun and heat moderate. As Second Earth moves around us in orbit, Earth’s high-density core resonates and synchronizes with Second Earth’s density. (Second Earth is supposedly 5 times larger and 100 times as dense as our planet.) The synchronization is due to the similarity and phase-lock between the two resonant signatures of Second Earth’s density and our own Earth's dense core. I can think of far more complex relationships involving gravitational and magnetic forces due to the likely angled elliptic approach from below, but this is best suited to explain the relationship. This is further supported by recent findings (146) that the Sun’s inner rotation revolves once every 33 days versus its outer surface rotation once every 28 days. Another interesting find is that the decay rates of radioactive elements vary with the solar flux, suggesting further that time itself varies with the rotation, or frequency, or gravitic charge, of an object – thus the Law of Time may be stated as a function of rotation of any given matter and suggests: “The relative time of any given object is subject to the spin of the object it orbits – as above, so below. In a given object time moves faster away from its core. Thus, if you suspend gravity, you suspend time, and you can move faster, in time, than any other relative object.” We already know that the Sun sustains matter and overrides its spin rate by co-resonance, and refreshes the spin rate, thus increases its longevity. The findings then simply supports this as increased solar radiation decreases breakdown of matter. The PHI spiral rotation of matter will thus apply to time and the relative Spiral of Time then will have a harmonic PHI constant in its variance. 133

The rotation of the an object can also then vary with the structure of that object as found with the CSE or Cavity Structural Effect discussed elsewhere herein. 7. Other Known Facts or Reasonable Assumptions a. Second Earth or Po-tolo is said by the Dogon to be 5 times larger and 100 times more dense than anything on this Earth. This is strongly supported by the Star Child, Alien Skull, which by all accounts appears to be found in the correct region of Africa where hybrids originated, being crosses between a human mother and an extra terrestrial [ET] entity. The structure of the skull suggests that the ET was from an extremely dense planet. It is light weight and has a bone density close to that of reinforced tooth enamel. b. Gravity appears to be strongest between two substances with frequency signatures that are in close congruence, and two substances will tend to synchronize with one another. Many experiments have supported this assumption. c. The density of a super dense planetary body such as Second Earth, would be in closer resonance with Earth’s core (or flowing iron crystals), as opposed to the rest of Earth’s planetary body and would have less effect upon the super-heated metal. d. Second Earth appears to be shielded and hidden in the infrared spectrum and it appears to be approaching at an elliptic angular field from below, if one is to believe our reliable Maya Shaman’s daughter, Lola whos influences do not include the internet or even television. The approach would have to be angular to affect the spin of Earth’s core so as not to be perpendicular to it. e. We can observe infrared objects approaching and affecting our solar system as we speak. The expected 11-year solar activity maximum is being pulled away from Earth at the moment by some major unknown gravitational force. f. Countless Spiritual tribes of the world expect changes in 2012. In the 1980s, The Paqos priests of the Q’ero tribe in Peru announced their Pachakuti formula, revealing that we are about to overturn space-time from 1990 and 22 years forward; 2012 would usher in Taripay Pacha, the Golden Age, when the upper, lower and everyday worlds will unite. g. Norway (123), with the aid of major international seed companies, has already stored mass amounts of seeds for the aftermath of impending natural disaster at great cost. This is one of many similar stores around the world.


h. An internet search for “underground shelters” and will produce 287,000 links. Then see what the government is up to with the search terms “government shelters for 2012” and you will find an astonishing 1,380,000 links to date (2010). i. The last ice age and flood are acknowledged as having occurred approximately 10,000 years ago (5,126 x 2). The Sphinx shows water erosion from being exposed for a considerable period around that time.

8. Second Earth and The Effect of Its Pass As Second Earth approaches from below, hidden in the IR range, 100 times denser than our own Earth, it pulls the normal solar flare activity away from Earth. We are now experiencing this event. Second Earth, not being a dwarf star, though it may evolve around one, sustains life and, in particular, structurally strong humanoid life. It also harbors an abundance of aquatic life that can survive high pressures under deep oceans. It has an abundance of water. It may be accompanied by, or normally revolving around a dwarf star, possibly a traveling solar system. It could be a twin solar system with our own, located much closer than we have imagined and opposite to our own rotation around our own Sun. It has synchronized its orbit with our own and has passed next to, seeded and nearly obliterated Mars in our distant past. It is now passing and has established an orbit closer to Earth and has seeded us in much the same way. As Second Earth approaches, our planetary core slows down. Second Earth’s resonant frequency signature is much closer to that of our own planetary core. This causes less gravitational impact than expected from its size, but it will cause a stronger gravity pull on our core and slow it down due to gravitational drag. This will momentarily decrease our magnetic field and heat our planet, as well as cause our tectonic plates to slip and shift our poles. Second Earth is now acting as a shield between our planet’s surface and the Sun, as it passes between the two. Three days of darkness is to be expected. As Second Earth makes a pass its syncs up with our core and speeds it up. That will increase our Magnetic Field and lower the temperature drastically plunging us rapidly into an ice age. If, in the future, it turns out that my assumption that the internal flow of crystalline iron moves faster than that of the core or Earth’s Surface, you may simply reverse my analysis, but the principle of differential spin will still hold true and an extra solar body would affect the spin in much the same way as illustrated, and will not invalidate the overall principle.


What makes this so difficult is the unknown spin and layers of Second Earth. I have to make an educated guess as to what part of Second Earth affects our planet, the core and the spin. Also, we are not certain which layers combine to generate our magnetic field, as there could be several. Any planetary core, which spins in the same direction as that of its surface, or polar reversal, which we have evidence of, would not be feasible; the differential spin enables the magnetic field. From the properly adjusted ice core record we can now make inferences as the severity, proximity, and maybe even rough estimates of the duration of a given pass with proper analysis of the appropriate layers of ice. This analysis is in fact so simple and self-evident; world governments unquestionably know this and much more with even greater accuracy and less flawed data. If this is as serious as it appears, then they must view it as pointless to inform the masses. However, this is not impossible to survive and I will dedicate my next book to such disclosure. If it is to occur, and it may not, as our consciousness is involved at every stage of our evolution, one may as well be prepared physically as well as spiritually; neither quakes nor the cold are beyond our capability for adaptation. The elite are assuming time is short and we are at the edge of a new major ice age, 100% predictable in 123,000-year cycles, or 5,126 years x 24. They want to survive the cold along with what might accompany it: in the form of other worldly opposition. (Perhaps the elite assume there is no way for them to progress spiritually- create an Astral body to retain the essence of the here and now - and really survive what is close.) Nonetheless, the temporal is not important, unless the choice is to continue service in the form of what is eternal. The elite’s grand survival scheme will be their burial chambers. What they have created, their own undoing; the seeds sown now turning in the close quarters they have built. Only the Light can survive the war for your mind. IN LIGHT all is revealed; transformation is rapid. Even they have time to change. It may not come, but if it does then enjoy the ride with love in your heart - progress, expand on it, don't let it go. Working on yourself is the solution, and spreading the Light will facilitate your own progress. Choose the road of grace with two-way forgiveness, over self imposed sufferance to improve the eternal part of you without digression - and you will not only survive but also enable many more. I will remind that the temperature change from each pass is predictable based upon spikes from previous passes, but they do change from time to time. Furthermore, as mentioned, if we are in the process of being absorbed by and becoming a permanent part of the Milky


Way galaxy so that may change the course of history. 24. Predictions Regarding the Immediate Future There is now great speculation around Yemen (127) and the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark, supposedly buried there by the Queen of Sheba (Saba), held great power. The Ark was to remain buried, along with King Solomon and Sheba's son, Menelik, until "friendly nations" were overhead. The Queen of Saba then moved her kingdom to Ethiopia and changed the phonetic values of their language so the Ark would remain hidden even if ancient artifacts were excavated. A facsimile of the Ark (the "box of El") was also constructed as a lure and remains in Ethiopia. Not so far north on the same landmass we find the ruins at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey (128), which some believe may have been the biblical garden of Eden (Great Plains). This appears as some of the oldest ruins found, dating back 12,500 years. The ruins unearthed so far, are reminiscent of a large Stonehenge, accompanied by a large temple. It is unknown why the temple appears to have been built around 8,000 years ago, and subsequently buried deliberately under thousands of tons of earth 3,000 years after it was built, creating artificial hillsides. These dates are hard to estimate properly as rock cannot be dated. What appear to be sacrificial victims, bodies of children and men roasted in copper kettles and buried in urns, may have been the last people to know its secret and were made to look like they were sacrificed as opposed to simply “buried with the evidence”. I believe what they have found is an alternate site to the one in Yemen as a likely place to discover the Ark of the Covenant. There would be no obvious markers as those found in Yemen describing the tomb of the Ark. Clearly the Queen of Saba went to great lengths to ensure that the Ark of the Covenant would not be found until the time was right. I believe the Queen of Saba changed language inscriptions as well to further hide her tracks. The biblical garden of Eden was the place where Adamu and Eve of the Sun gods taught mankind to farm and cultivate the soil. Thus, it appears that the Queen of Saba may have begun in Turkey where she buried her son and the Ark with the glorious temple located there, and then moved south to Yemen with a fake Ark. She left false tracks in Yemen that indicated the Ark’s purpose. Clearly she would not have left those inscriptions with the Ark itself. She went to much effort to ensure it would not be easily found. She then continued to Ethiopia with the copied Ark. The Ark will be found in the near future and the Ark in Ethiopia will soon be revealed. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has indicated they are nearing the time when it will be revealed to the public. I believe instructions were given by the Queen of Saba for the moment of revelation. When it is revealed and if found to be a


copy, the clues will be pieced together as the search will intensify. Keep in mind that there were two staffs. The Modern Bible has been changed and obscured so much that it is merely a hint of the truth. Assuming Gobekli Tepe was the garden of Eden it was originally settled at least 165,000 years ago by a superior culture, the Sun gods of Second Earth. It appears that excavators, being afraid of ridicule, do not suggest it officially, but speculate that advanced knowledge was involved in the construction of the temple at Goebekli, utilizing massive rocks. That is knowledge which was known 12,500 years ago and is involved with many other large structures around the world. Noah’s ark was identified positively in Turkey (129) not so far from Goebekli Tepe. Noah, the last of the antediluvian Patriarchs landed in Turkey, sometime between 165,000 and 10,250 years ago after a flood resulting from a previous bypass by Second Earth. There is no way to tell as the petrified Ark cannot be dated. We do know Noah used advance metallurgy in making the nails, crafted to withstand rust as such mineral traces are found. We have, in fact, no way to know when the Queen of Saba really lived. Sheba was an ancient name for Abyssinia (131), a kingdom close to Ethiopia and Yemen. She married the wise King Solomon, who exhibited qualities attributed alchemical wisdom: carrying a seal or ring with the Star of David (male and female torii); having the ability to fly or float in air or on a carpet (Astral body); moving large rocks in building his temple (anti-gravity); and communicating with dead spirits and angels (psychic). His life quest was only for knowledge, but it did bring him wealth and gold. The staff of Aron (Adamu), the twin staff of Moses, was placed in the Ark of the Covenant. The staff appears to be an amplifier of consciousness, a tool to manifest one’s thoughts, or torsion fields; an enhanced “Scepter of Thoth” perhaps, said to weigh over 10 lbs and made of rubies. Old accounts tell of pestilence for the abusers and aid for those of pure intention, or heart coherence. Even Edgar Cayce references a staff in one of his readings. He spoke of it as the “rod or staff of life” given to those who are faithful and devoted to the creative spirit. This would also mean it is likely a perfect lie detector and only one of pure intent would be able to wield its power. He could of course also be referring to the internal caduceus staff, the kundalini spiral activating the chakras, or both. In Islamic tradition Abyssinia was known as Bilqis and converted from worship of the sun to worship of God. In Persian folklore she is considered the daughter of a Chinese king and a peri, a type of supernatural being. No one knows the real name of the Queen of Saba. The 138

etymology of the name Abyssinia might mean “to Restore or Redeem Sinia”. The Web Bot (94, 112) forecaster and automated scientific psychic analyzer suggests many interesting ideas but with clearly tainted results; useful in that such information can always be manipulated to the interest of the creators and those who wish to manufacture “results”. I do not doubt its inventor’s good intentions; however, the inventor admits that it may be tainted in the future, and if that is so it could easily have been tainted in the past. Here’s a rough outline of what I believe are issues with which we must come to terms: The means of exchange will fail soon and there will be an uprising of common people. The elite’s efforts will backfire and occult facts will become widespread knowledge. Groups will isolate themselves, utilizing old and new technology. A paradigm shift will happen during 2011/2012 and will be an ongoing transformation. False sacrifices will increase the light. The church will make false claims. A mind battle will ensue that will be mainly over within two decades and eventually fade. A new exchange will be announced but not embraced. Public information will be obscured and not reflect the current and ongoing battle. Social programs will obscure the ensuing battle with the Sun gods and the elite will be unable to defeat or negotiate with them. When the elite attempt to negotiate, an event will occur and they will find they have been deceived. We will all come together as a result and unity consciousness will be greatly facilitated. The Sun gods are not our enemy, but our facilitators. A new society based upon the Hermetic principles is already emerging.

The information and expectations outlined are reflective of thousands of world wide awakening minds. You cannot wipe out what has begun, every additional martyr, and many have fallen, will only accelerate the shift. In the midst of these expectations, we have a choice as to what we want to happen to some degree. I have been faced with psychic predictions and some came to pass and others did not, as a clear result of my own actions. I have seen others take precautions and avoid injury. I know that it is truly possible to change the outcome of expectations. One thing to keep in mind at all times is that those in line with their heart and in congruence with the universal consciousness will be just fine – as Edgar Cayce points out, many will survive in enlightened groups. You cannot destroy what is eternal. Again, see it not from the point of view of the short earthly experience, but from the view of the eternal 139

soul. Good is indestructible, evil is temporal - and all is simply part of the experience. Fear is ignorance of death, and death is just a small part of the progress of the soul and the common consciousness. Instead, hold no judgment, release all fear, focus on unconditional love, unbridled love, love for all, love for life, love for creation, love for ever, love of yourself and love for all the rest of us. We are not a virus upon, but the co-creators of Earth. Earth is ours to do with as we see fit and we have the power to make the Earth, and others like it, exactly that which we want it to be – just as soon as more of us become aware and awake enough to realize the divine beings that we are - and that we are indeed part of the creative force. In the image of the creative force are we made – the same – we just have to rise to the occasion. Never is it too late, not one fraction of what we have now, or have had, is ever really lost, all is gained – eternity is ours to create!


Alchemy and Transformation

Ancient and modern day Alchemists (see Al-chemy or chemistry), are best known for the attempts to turn lead or mercury into gold. While they did practice this ancient art, the real objective was personal and spiritual transformation and purification. They believed these practices were complementary and necessary for one to accomplish the other. Humans are, through the neo-environmental movement, being manipulated into a mass psychosis to believe we are the disease and do not deserve this planet, while in fact we are the cure. We created it, and we can fix it easily and effortlessly - at will, when we will it. Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli (101) found that the higher mental and physical self exists in the invisible ultraviolet spectrum and that alchemical transmutation occurs in the subtle, or Etheric and Astral bodies, which directly affect the physical body as well. Knowing of these higher vibrations or frequencies will allow you to meditate and bring them into your physical body for mental, physical and spiritual healing and development. Knowledge is power. Practicing Alchemy – the pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone - means purifying yourself, getting rid of the dross, the ego, and material possessiveness; in other words, disposing of that which we carry around as mental baggage and those desires which tie us to materialism. This will allow us to connect with the One Mind/Spirit when we meditate.


When we find that which remains, only our true and higher self, we can complete the creation and definition of an Astral body. With a fully developed Astral body we no longer need the physical body to carry our consciousness, and we may feel free to travel within or without. This new body, when fully formed, will allow you to retain your memory and reincarnate and regain memory faster, as with his Holiness the Dalai Lama, a truly divine being and one who has done much in the way of facilitating the unification of science and spirituality – and that of Thoth, who goes by many names; Seth, Hermes, Enoch, and of course that of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua). The Philosopher’s Stone is the Holy Grail or the Cup of Knowledge, the Emerald Tablet – it is within all of us – an integral part of matter and of the Creative Spirit. You will find the stone within yourself, your highest true self - meditation will do it, Kriya Yoga or Living the Christ Life. Either, or better yet both will reveal the stone. It is the true source of matter you are looking for and it is manifest as an illusion; a projection; a reflection of the light - All is Mind; thus Mind is the highest and is what will transmute and transform. Several alchemists, among them Paracelcus, have been reported as achieving immortality, as with Thoth; living for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years and having been observed in various places by reliable witnesses spanning centuries and into modern times. Alchemist Comte de St. Germain (124), a flamboyant man, lived supposedly from 1710 to 1822, always appearing to be about 40 years old. According to sources at the court of Louis XV, he possessed an elixir that prolonged his lifespan 10 times. The abundantly wealthy man was said to remove flaws from precious gems and turn lead into gold. The philosopher Voltaire spoke of him as the man who never dies, knows everything and does not seem to age. The last recorded sighting, in the late 19th century, was by a French historian whom St. Germain told was off to England to work on the steam engine. Yet another, Nicholas Flamel (125), in 1382, reportedly turned mercury to gold and assisted persecuted Jews with their taxes. He got his knowledge after studying, for over 20 years, someone’s personal alchemical book, which fell into his possession. It is a known fact he became rich beyond expectations overnight. Nicholas Flamel and his wife Pernelle donated their fortune to charity and Nicholas’ grave was assumed empty and ignored. Over the next 400 years he was sighted all over the world and in 1761 a dozen people observed the couple at the opera in Paris. Even today travelers come across Flamel and his wife Pernelle around the world. Whether the stories are true or not, Alchemists were always in search of the elixir that could prolong their life not only in the sense of reincarnation but in this life, as well. The elixir of course is symbolic of taking in the light of love, the purification of the physical 141

body in thought and deed, to overcome death and gain eternal life, as was taught by Yeshua, purifying himself so that he may be and display the Christ of God – as an example for us to follow – to do and be the same. Flamel informs us that the Philosopher’s Stone, on the physical side, is represented by gold in white powder form. Gold, as an orbitally rearranged subatomic element [ORME] (135), or sub atomic particle, appears in a non-metallic high spin arrangement and can be consumed. It is non-toxic. Do not confuse monatomic gold with nano (colloidal) gold, or gold dissolved in acid. Other forms of gold can be toxic if consumed. Monotomic gold is superconductive and has can be linked in DNA-like strands. Its relative weight varies with temperature and it has anti-gravitational properties, which can be transferred to whatever is holding it, such as a metal cup or spoon. If it is heated it can have a negative weight as part of it is trans-dimensional in this form. This applies not only to gold, but to other higher periodic elements such as palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and more. These metals have been observed as white powder in natural soil, some suggest from superheated meteoric impacts. Monatomic gold (Atomic symbol AU) is the food of the light body or Auric body. It was fed to Pharaohs and priests, Kings and administrators. It was said to increase brain function, increase clarity, and extend age. Monatomic gold affects the pineal gland, with iridium affecting your pituitary gland. Sean Adams (136) found that when fed to test subjects, the nobler monatomic elements were curing ADHD (137), dyslexia and other learning and behavioral issues. He found radical enhancements to IQ, mind-body coordination, agility, intuition, perception, as well as a balance and increase of left and right brain activity. There are opponents of monatomic elements, such as by Anna Hayes (138), whose evidence is irresponsible, unsubstantiated and without reference. It is also a clear attempt to undermine the intention of Second Earth (there is a war in Heaven), as you will soon discover. Second Earth represents the hierarchy of Angelic beings, and the war is between good, of God and evil (of man in selfishness). It would appear that the ancient alchemists discovered monatomic gold, as well as creating metallic gold, thereby extending their healthy life and increased functionality which may have led to their greater wealth., The reference to extended life may also refer to the realization of a light body, or Astral body, thereby enabling their reincarnation with memories intact. Less romantic, perhaps, but this is certainly achievable for anyone with good intentions.


Dennis William Hauck, a practicing alchemist himself, is, has had great influence upon my own development. To my amazement Hauck confirms that the Staff Of Hermes (the Scepter of Thoth) is a reversible staff, which also represents the caduceus, the intertwined snakes and DNA. A close friend gave me Hauck’s book, “The Emerald Tablet, Alchemy for Personal Transformation”. She told me the first third of the book evoked powerful transformations, which frightened her; she could read no further. She was not ready to complete the book as it made her physically ill, after which I read the same sections, experiencing the same effect. I recovered but it was some time before I picked it back up. In the meanwhile, the book was passed to my friend Mathias who read almost half and had to take a break due to exhaustion, body aches and flu. I told the story to my son, and we both thought that as a young man he had not yet committed many sins and would likely be ok. The result was a real physical reaction and he was unable to eat meat for about two weeks after he got halfway through the book. This could of course all be a psychosomatic effect to some degree. However, Hauck’s book is indeed powerful, but do not take my word for it. The first half takes the reader gently through some stories which force a deep introspective state of mind. It creates dis-ease when we discover how flawed our thoughts have been. One is not even aware of it, but a deep self-analysis subtly creates deeper selfawareness and transformation. There may be some that are not ready to read this book, nor get the same result, or be ready for self transmutation, Have no fear, as this is something we must overcome, and take this as a warm recommendation – this is one of the most alchemically transforming books I have read. Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim, immortalized as "Paracelsus," was born in 1493 (126). He’s been called “the precursor of chemical pharmacology and therapeutics”. In the 16th Century, in the middle of the Protestant Reformation he was the Hermetic heretic. Paracelsus cured numerous people following the guidelines of the Emerald Tablet, observing the signature of plants like Hellebore, for instance, blooming in mid-winter, viewing that aspect of the signature as a sign that it may cure symptoms of old age, and prescribing what we today know as the exact dose for arteriosclerosis. He believed we could transmute plant signatures as well as actively participate mentally in our own healing. He believed, like Homeopaths, that like cures like albeit in small doses. This also meant the patients could cure them selves. Based on Alchemical theory he classified plants and was the first to bring in metals and other inorganic compounds as medicine. Being attacked by the Church, whom wanted to keep the cures in a monopoly to exclude all others from profit, he stated, “…magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” 143

The Ladder of The Planets comprises the 7 planets of the alchemical ladder associated with galactic evolution; it corresponds to the 7 passages referred to by the Egyptians. In Tantric alchemy it is the 7 chakras or knots on the spine and the goal is to unite the female essence (Atman) at the base of the spine with the male essence (Brahman) at the top into single unified presence, stone or crystallized diamond body. This is in reality the Astral Body and the Atman and Brahman are also the male and female units of matter that work together to stabilize the ultimate physical unit of matter. Beginning at the base of the spine, or ladder, the planets are associated with individual metals. They are Saturn (lead), Jupiter (tin), Mars (iron), Venus (copper), Mercury (mercury), the Moon (silver) and the Sun (gold). Each metal exhibits the properties one would associate with the significance of each chakra and its corresponding part and function of the physical body – as well as the planets. As above, so below. The association is not a metaphor, but a literal and real connection. Mercury is connected with intelligence. Iron is what colors the surface of Mars. During a full moon and the activity of Mars is in a certain position, some people experience migraine headaches. It appears that migraines are caused by poor regulation of oxygen to the brain, with the Moon affecting water in the body just as it affects the rise of sap and water in trees and plants. The water aids all levels of functionality. But, more importantly, iron is what colors your blood red and is the main ingredient in hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to your body and brain and rids the body of carbon dioxide. Austrian chemist, Lilly Kolisko confirms that co-planetary movements cause real changes in the corresponding metals. During a Mars-Moon event, either conjunction or opposition, lab tests will confirm that if you place a piece of cylindrical filter paper is placed in an iron sulfate/ silver nitrate solution, the patters that merge on the paper show that the structure of the metals change dramatically. Changes were also shown in lead for Saturn and tin for Jupiter events. Many people have heard that changes in the value fluctuations of metals trading correlate with solar and lunar conjunctions. This is great reminder, that even if we do not understand the correlation, it is not magic. Everything is related and connected to everything else. The Caduceus Staff consists of separate and alternating currents. The two channels of currents are Pingala (tawny, warm, introvert, left brain, right body, right nostril to left testicle or ovary, the sun) and Idagala (comfort, cool, extrovert, right brain, left body, left nostril right testicle or ovary, the moon), yang and yin, positive and negative. Through the center of the spine flows the Sushumna channel in which Pranha (life force) is inhaled (mentally with air) to awaken the kundalini to rise from the base of the spine. When all 5 senses are subdued, but for the breath, these energy centers of the bodily temple are lit or 144

activated, connecting one to the awareness of perfect emanations and divine oneness. Each planet corresponds to male and female qualities and to each of the chakras, in both male and female beings, as follows; Saturn (male), Jupiter (female), Mars (male), Venus (female Mercury (male), the Moon (female) and the Sun (male). I will leave this for contemplation. Even Edgar Cayce, in his near death-state trance, accessing the Akashic records, used the planetary and zodiacal principles in relating consciousness to individuals during his analysis of personalities and traits (144). He ascribed intelligence to Mercury and aggressiveness and force to Mars and he made extensive reference to Greek gods and goddesses in terms of traits. These archetypes, according to our higher consciousness, are more accurate descriptors than modern psychological terminology. The Hermetic principles and the emerald tablet were destroyed by zealous early Christians and popes who burned books, plundered and even burned people alive as a sacrifice to Jesus. (This is not meant as an attack on good Christians of today who attempt to live up to the ideals of the Christ Consciousness, but these are facts found in most any Western History book.) I will present the short version insofar as the neo-Christian church has a long and cruel history in eradication of old spiritual truths in order to create wealth and maintain control. They buried thousand and thousands of other religious faiths – not one just murder. The Christians forbade the study of medicine, and declared that all decease was of the devil and even prevented the common man to read the bible. Though Alexandrian scholars had calculated the circumference of the Earth with miniscule error, the church proceeded to declare that the Earth was flat. They continued to eradicate education and knowledge through the crusades and plunged Europe into the dark ages. The papal-ordered wholesale slaughter continued until the 14th century and lasted more than 1,000 years, and still continues to this day in many forms. One of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth in Egypt) which they tried to silence was the illusion generated by light of the real worlds created by opposing forces and another: that humans have spiritual bodies which can connect with the higher self and creative forces during private meditation. The Knights Templars was a Christian organization formed in 1118 to protect pilgrims en route to the Holy Land but they rebelled and instead chose to protect the teachings of Hermes. They worshiped Baphomet, an androgynous gargoyle representing Hermes principles; various depictions include a two-faced bearded goat-head, having breasts, holding erect a caduceus staff shielding a phallus, and seated on a cubic stone. Its pineal area was marked with a pentagram and its hands pointed up and down, signifying


the above and the below. Baphomet signifies wisdom and “opener of the door”. Templars, practicing alchemists, were persecuted, killed and arrested by Pope Clement. In 1314 the final Grand master Jacques Molay was burned at the stake. The surviving members went underground and established the Freemasonry and Rosicrucian movements to preserve ancient Hermetic principles and knowledge. The church began peddling pardons from rape and murder for amounts that fit the crime. They took over unwanted children in exchange for cash and promised eternal bliss to the parents. They charged for communion and the papal authorities issued orders that anyone committing suicide would forfeit their property to the church. Popes and clergy became millionaires by selling indulgences in the guise of preordained pardons. The inquisition stole the properties of suspected Hermetics/ heretics. Most of would die of starvation in their cells before even allowed confession, as they had to pay for their own food. So many died of hunger that Pope Gregory XI had to issue indulgences to anyone that would donate food. The church saw feminine consciousness as a threat and herbal healers were accused of practicing the Hermetic arts and killed. Girls were allowed to be tortured from the age of 9 and boys from 10. Homosexuals were burned (faggots are twigs and logs to burn) and cats seen as feminine were declared demons and millions were burned – which allowed rats to flourish, fueling the bubonic plague. The Edicts of the Inquisition were never rescinded, continuing on to this day. Pope Pius X sanctioned this position declaring: …”the church has the right of killing heretics.” The principles of Hermes are still frowned upon and suppressed in religious and educational institutions even now.

This is an excerpt from the Corpus Hermeticum, a prophecy of Hermes (102) “… of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. And in that day men will be weary of life, and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and of worship. And so religion, the greatest of all blessings, for there is nothing, nor has been, nor ever shall be, that can be deemed a greater boon, will be threatened with destruction; men will think it a burden, and will come to scorn it. They will no longer love this world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which he has built, this sum of good made up of things of many diverse forms, this instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which be has made, ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare, this combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that can call forth the veneration, praise, and love of the beholder.


Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven ; the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good. As to the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, all this they will mock at, and will even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of heaven and of the gods of heaven, will be heard or believed. And so the gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing!, and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches by main force into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul. Then will the earth no longer stand unshaken, and the sea will bear no ships; heaven will not support the stars in their orbits, nor will the stars pursue their constant course in heaven; all voices of the gods will of necessity be silenced and dumb; the fruits of the earth will rot; the soil will turn barren, and the very air will sicken in sullen stagnation. After this manner will old age come upon the world. Religion will be no more; all things will be disordered and awry; all good will disappear. But when all this has befallen, Asclepius, then the Master and Father, God, the first before all, the maker of that god who first came into being, will look on that which has come to pass, and will stay the disorder by the counterworking of his will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray; he will cleanse the world from evil, now washing it away with water-floods, now burning it out with fiercest fire, or again expelling it by war and pestilence. And thus he will bring back his world to its former aspect, so that the Kosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering reverence, and God, the maker and restorer of the mighty fabric, will be adored by the men of that day with unceasing hymns of praise and blessing. Such is the new birth of the Kosmos; it is a making again of all things good, a holy and awe-striking restoration of all nature; and it is wrought in the process of time by the eternal will of God. For God’s will has no beginning; it is ever the same, and as it now is, even so it has ever been, without beginning. For it is the very being of God to purpose good. There are a few areas that are of interest, which will awaken and activate, or properly educate, your mind regarding the knowledge you require, to know who you are and what you are - and what your purpose is. The first is an awakening or personal acknowledgment


of there being more than what the 5 senses can perceive on a daily basis. The second is the knowledge contained in this book regarding the true nature of matter and the true nature of self or soul, and the higher self as related to spirit and the creative forces. The last is a personal spiritual transformation that is facilitated throughout the absorption of truth and self-introspective study, such as is greatly facilitated by Hauck and many others that serve humanity selflessly in similar ways. The more you know of reality and truth, the closer you to move toward the creative forces and communion with your higher self as well as the common consciousness – and ultimately the creative loving spirit. All of it you will find within yourself. There is no need to leave the couch if you do not want to or are unable to. No two paths are alike, thus you may begin anywhere as they all lead to the same information and ultimately the same transformation – and the meaning of life, or the number 8, as revealed in Egyptian scrolls below. Zoroaster, the 6th century Persian mystic told us that, “…the essence of the self–existence is one,” and that we are “…without limits or conditions….reflected in the spiritual world sphere…..beings of light…,” and that our reflected reality is reflected again in higher realms. Thoth was connected to 8 and credited for embedding the 7 musical octaves in to the mathematical structure of the universe. Later you will begin to understand who Lord God is, the Lord God put in charge of Creation by the Creative Forces or God, as referenced in the Bible. Egyptian scrolls reveal; “I am the one that transforms into two, I am the two that transforms into four, I am the four that transforms into eight, after this I am one again.” In this way 8 is the division of the 1 (One Mind) into the material, or 8 (One Thing), and the return to the One Mind again. This is our purpose and mission above all others; to return to and become one with the Creative Spirit. We will explore this in greater detail under the teachings of the Kabbalah; a tool of enlightenment that transcends all the worlds religions. The illustration bellow is simply that of the female and male energy, yin and yang, as they form a unit of matter or sphere, and divides into two, four and eight. What is interesting to note is that at any subdivision, the circumference of each sub sphere across the widest diameter will always add up to the circumference of the first whole circle. As you keep halving the spheres to infinity, the subdivisions will get closer and closer to the actual diameter of the sphere. This creates a paradox where the diameter and the circumference will approximate each other. This diagram illustrates that at the origin and end all differentiation merges toward unity.


In numerous ancient religions the number 8 symbolized completion and the whole of their ideas, in yoga as the 8-fold Path. Buddha (103) was born April or May 8, 560 BC, died on December 8, 480 BC at age of 80. Traditional writings say there are 88,000 chakras (104) in the human body. Yeshua of Nazareth was represented by 888. The 7 steps of transformation result in a new level of creation. The 8 represents the Astral Body created after successful merging and activation of the 7 chakras – or the alchemical transmutation of the 7 metals of the ladder of your caduceus – as you repeat this activation and process your Astral body is created and becomes more distinct and is able exist on its own. When you refine yourself according to the Hermetic principles, your Astral Body, or light body, becomes more defined and self-sustaining. For most people it is a shapeless mass seen in your auric field at this stage. It was always real, but you will be able to separate it, travel with it - and it will survive even the destruction of your physical body. It contains the essence of your soul as well as your physical memory. This is not some imaginable or unattainable goal. Many individuals can do this and do travel at will – frequently. All you have to do is eliminate you reliance upon materialistic things for the sake of materialism, seek this knowledge actively, learn and realize the truth for yourself and in your heart, finding heart coherence and intend for it. Alchemy, or yoga, or other paths are in the Hermetic teachings and no path is alike. Meditation alone can and will have the same result, and faster if performed with love and intention.



Nature Spirits and Animals

The subject of nature spirits and ghosts and apparitions is a concern of many people so I will attempt to shed some light on the subject albeit briefly as this is outside the main scope of this book. We are of the mind, our reality is as we perceive it. There are many forms of nature spirits. Some nature spirits are temporally created by our fleeting thoughts. Thoughts and matter is the same substance. Some are as real as we are, above our level of spiritual progression and exist on higher planes. Some are misguided thoughts and simply a reflection of our own fears and some are interactions with frivolous beings. It can be hard to distinguish at times, but it may be helpful to understand that they are as real as we create them in our mind – and all is of the mind. They are truly as many and as varied as our imagination. The ones that have definite shape and form are created in the minds of larger groups of consciousness. Those that are shapeless and appear evil in nature are mostly temporal and fleeting. They are literally figments of our imagination. The universe does not sustain evil whatsoever on higher planes for obvious reasons explained throughout this book. The purer the thought, the more loving the idea, the more universally sustainable the creation. In various areas of the world there are legends and myths, the majority of them are rooted in truth, and upon reflection you will understand it. As an example, in this part of the world we have Tata Duende below. Tata Duende is about 2 feet tall and is the equivalent of a Norwegian Nisse or a British Brownie or Leprechaun. Tata Duende is the keeper of the animals in the forest.


The amount of people here that have seen Tata Duende in their life, one or more times is astounding. All from brief sightings to conversations with one for having killed more animals than necessary or attempting to walk away from a fresh kill instead of utilizing it. As a guide and a moral entity it appears in the minds of many and is easier to sustain as we agree upon its existence. These creatures are temporal but take on increasing form and character and are localized. They are just as real as the consciousness that creates them moment-by-moment. Celtic Faeries or Pixies are another form of consciousness-created creatures. They may be created by an individual subconsciously or with intention and may, if the thoughts are clear regarding their existence, act independently and take on a real life of their own albeit for minutes or days at a time. Some elementals, nature spirits, or beings of various kinds, are as real as we are, occupying the same planet and space and are on a completely different path of evolution from our own; at times we may interact with them at their discretion. Most animals have but a brief Astral body, and their consciousness closer to that of a happy dream, with their essence returning whence it came, having lesser ego and self-awareness. It is all by degree of awareness. In all cases experiences advance our common consciousness. New souls are constantly entering the Earthly realm from lower vibrations. Once they have entered they have also have entered the cycle of reincarnation and their final lessons will have to be learned in this realm. Edgar Cayce let us know that once a consciousness has reincarnated as a human it will only reincarnate as a human. If you find yourself interacting with soul-based or even temporal or semi-temporal creatures, love them, do not stop loving or sustaining them. There is no limitation to our creation if it is created in loving spirit with the creative forces. Search your own feelings and you will have the answers. The soul does separate us from the animals; human creation is the only creation that is created in the image of the creative forces as defined by self-awareness and the potential inherent in that self-awareness and desire to connect in congruence with the higher emanation. Our souls are permanent and include elements from vastly different areas of creation than that of an animal. I will leave this vast subject here for contemplation, but be assured that you, or rather your mind, are always in control of the extent of interference, that the vast majority of which we speak of is temporal.


Light Beings, Angels and Spiritual Progression 151

Angels, purer light beings, are the highest form of life connected with our immediate existence; they, too, evolve spiritually. Light beings come from our world, and some higher cosmic beings from other dimensions and worlds to assist us. That very act, in turn, assists these beings the same way we assist our selves by helping those around us. It raises our awareness and common higher consciousness for the love of all. The hierarchy of Light beings, like us, have definite purpose and individual tasks assigned. They are all around us and are constantly, tirelessly assisting us. Their reach and level of understanding are many orders above what we can fathom, moving effortlessly between planes and densities that we can only imagine at this stage. Some of them are far more advanced than others. It is where we are going, it is where our individual consciousness is headed. Thoth or Hermes, Christ, Buddha and many more are moving about those planes and many are evolving in that direction. Some of them are in our midst, some of us know who we are and some of us have not yet awakened. We all have one thing in common, we need each others loving assistance and on the highest level we are connected as one, interdependent upon all parts of the whole. In terms of Yeshua, or The Christ of Man and God, as an example, let me remind you that though he died on the cross (transformed) he showed us how to resurrect to gain eternal life. He, and they, the hierarchy, have done just that – and are here, now, present – active and assisting – as part of our common higher consciousness – and have the definitive ability to appear, at will, at any time. But remember that only those that raise their own vibration will be able to commune with them, unless they choose to lower their own vibrations, which at times they do. Spiritual Progression is about one’s Soul. The soul is the permanent being that you are, the essence of what you are as an individual aspect of us all at any given moment. What you have done and experienced accumulates in and shapes your soul. Due to free will, what you have done in past lives will taint your current life and enable or disable your spiritual progress. If you were an oppressor in a past life or lives, than your soul needs to learn why oppression is wrong. In agreement with your soul group you choose your next path and circumstances for your incarnations that will be conducive to your progress. That is how some beings assist us so they may help themselves and vice versa. The paths outlined toward enlightenment and understanding such as meditation, yoga or alchemy are but some of many that lead to the same information and understanding. There are two paths most often chosen that aid us in our own spiritual progression. There is the Path of Sufferance. We can suffer and contemplate; this seems to be sub-consciously deliberate on our own account to pay proportionately for our past transgression against other beings. Here we become our own judge and executioner relative to that of our 152

internal moral compass. It informs us of the gravity of our past thoughts and actions in this as well as in past lives. Or, we can take the higher Road of Grace and forgive ourselves as we forgive our trespassers. We must come to terms with true forgiveness and acceptance of transgressions against us just as effortlessly as we must accept the same from others. If you meditate and reflect on this you will find the truth in much of human suffering as well as your own. You will also know how to make decisions in your life that will enhance your own progression and see how decisions in the past have hampered your own development. This also enables us and allows us to see why we at times seem to stand still or even regress and fall. We often see someone beating them selves up for seemingly no good reason and exhibiting self-destructive behavior, such as moving from one bad relationship to the next or constantly creating conflict in their lives. A good piece of advice for such a being may be to point out the two paths and show them how the higher path of grace is available as an alternative to their current behavior. If you think this is an easy path, think again. However, and most importantly, it is not a self-destructive path. It is one of character and soul building. As we progress and get to the depth of the issues we face in our lives, the realization and correction transforms the soul and makes a lasting imprint upon it so that we may go on to higher spiritual lessons. As we progress we may move more freely in higher realms that were restricted to us as a result of our past actions and lack of understanding. We are simply not allowed to move to a higher spiritual realm unless we are ready and our thoughts and actions are in congruence with such dimensions. Evil, an aspect of humanity in our separate ego-state, has definite limitations and limited access to and mobility within our reality and creation. Though we are always aided and assisted, our own consciousness can both open and close doors. The only person that stands in our way or can help our progress, which may be perfected within a single lifetime, is our selves and our individual decisions. Reincarnation, in addition to allowing new experiences, assists us by shedding old ways and memories. Old memories would otherwise confuse and limit new experiences if they were at the forefront of our minds. This way, when we recognize who we are and “get the call”, we may very quickly align ourselves and make conscious decisions that lead to progress and freedom to co-create and move more freely about in this as well as higher realms. At such point in your progress as you create your Astral, Mind, Spiritual and even higher bodies, you may move about in any and all realms, including this reality. However, at some point this etheric existence and in particular the material values you hold, or once held dear, will become meaningless and hold little interest for you in your pursuit of higher levels of creativity. Your attention shifts to new and nobler causes, and apart from assisting others, you may choose to move on and up, permanently.


Edgar Cayce pointed out that we often recall our past lives in dreams, whether we realize it or not. We are to give special consideration to the lifetime where we reached our highest spiritual development, highest ideals and greatest service to our fellow man. The purpose of dreaming of such a lifetime is to quicken, again, our spiritual core. We are hampered as well as enhanced by the actions and experiences of our previous lives. Those whom we are attracted to are more often then not, people with whom we have already have spent significant time, or even been in family with, in our countless past lives. If your intuition guides you in such regard you do well to listen to it and learn to trust it over time. I suggest you write down your dreams and let them guide you. Some times they are random, and other times they are symbolic. At times they can be fiercely direct and warning of impending disaster unless corrections are made to our current activities or thought patterns. Do not forget that thoughts are actions in the eyes of the universal mind. Our ability to see the future is limited to current trends and the continuation of what we are doing with our intentions. Once we know or have been given a warning we may alter the current actions and re-direct. When it comes to larger things like planetary movements and the movements of larger groups it may be more difficult from the perspective of our progress, but we can certainly change our own actions and behavior. In time sheer will overcomes any apparent obstacle, even the planetary influences and ultimately our karma as we transcend the separate self. In larger groups we have an increasing amount of influence upon reality as shown in numerous experiments, even at a very base level of awareness. As our awareness increases, so does individual influence, and power over reality. Cayce insisted that all souls had been created in the beginning at the same time, been given free will and the ability to adventure and experiment within creation. Our destiny is to return to the divine by an informed and conscious act of will, going into a full partnership with the divine to aid and advance creation. Each soul remembering all that we do and experience, so we can enrich the Godhead itself. This is our common purpose. Some souls went to Earth to be fruitful, multiply and subdue it – so that Earth’s creation may know the divine from which it sprung. These souls became so involved and mired in Earth’s own processes and laws, however good these processes were in and by themselves, that they lost their natural attunement to the divine. They had to be given a way to grow back toward the divine and the process of reincarnation was the result. As mentioned, until the mid 4th century, Christianity taught reincarnation as well, but the church found that fact far too empowering for peasants so they buried and denied it. As each soul moves through life after life and its interim experiences, the interim being the


soul’s normal existence as compared to its earthly existence, its goal is to perfect its attunement to the divine, or creative spirit, and its loving service to its fellow beings. This is our common goal. Mind is the builder, capable of bringing the soul, your permanent self, into a better and more productive relationship with the divine lines of force, or taking the soul farther away into its own blinding alleys.

In dreams we can analyze our path and make corrections, assist others and heal them as well as guide and aid them, that is, if we pay attention to our dreams. Write them down and try to remember them and learn from them. In the long run there are only two kinds of ideals; the lower self-serving goals (egoism) and the higher in service of others (altruism). Beware of how you mind wealth, fame, power over wisdom, and love. There is nothing wrong with building wealth, but for how it relates to your own highest ideal. What counts is your motive. What is the soul trying to accomplish with money on its journey through lives on Earth? Build upon your ideals such as feelings for the less fortunate, courage under fire, capacity to take the long view, loyalty to friends, and service to others. Cayce pointed out that a comparison of one’s life to one’s ideal occurs almost every night, some times symbolically and other times by analysis of smaller actions. The Christ Consciousness is the ideal that counts in all those to whom it is applicable. I am applying this as a concept and it as applicable to Buddha as it is to those that live according to their highest ideals within individual truth and understanding. Now that we know, neither you nor I have any excuse. Cayce was given a vision on how he accessed information by giving himself a reading. He appeared as a tiny dot or center from which a spiral rose high up and outward. He found himself within it, and the spiral was raised until the spiraling funnel enveloped and accessed all other specks or dots and became all-inclusive. As he made his bodily functions null and void during trance accessing the heavens, he used the “trumpet of the universe” reaching for what was sought. The answers would come from the appropriate entity located on the spiraling rings according to where its efforts had placed it. The entity then sent forth its note as a lute (small harp) sends forth tones in response to the request for information. 155

Each entity connected to every other and each heard at its center, a network created by an all-wise creative energy. Cayce would often refer to someone as high on the spiral of vibration or low on the spiral of time. This is why angels are so often displayed with harps. It is not for the soothing music, but it is for the way in which messages and information they have to share and assist us with is transmitted to us – as sound, or light vibrations. Cayce visualized the body as a star, where the tips were the conscious mind and the bodily connection, and the soul contained within the boundaries of the central body of the star. The center is the place where one will find others to help as well as the assistance of others, a place from which we are constantly helped and may offer our service. As far as the star describing our being and soul, clearly we are speaking of the tetrahedral start and the relationships between its structural components, the physical body and that of the contained soul within a perfect octahedron (two 4-sided pyramids connected at the base). The center of the soul, and thus where all beings connect and all consciousness connects in unity is at the center of the octahedron (sharing center with the tetrahedral star). Thus our very being is, all contained within the tetrahedron’s toroid helical field. The center point is where vibrational energy and tones are exchanged between this dimension and those above and within, such as but not limited to the Astral plane. By this time you should understand how one might move closer to as well as access this point by one’s mind in a meditative state through introspection.

[Our Tetrahedral Star related to Body and the Octahedral Soul]


Some discarnates, or souls, are still Earth-bound and linger because they feel their tasks or lessons were not completed or they have some other unfinished business. They can help us and they can also be helped and guided by us. They are here to learn the same way that we are here to learn and progress. My grand uncle and one of my closest friends, linger around me. There are other friends and relatives, too, but our ability to connect with them is greatly hampered by our feelings toward, or unresolved issues with, their personae. Sometimes I hold open conversations with them under the assumption that they are listening if I feel they are close. It is a perfectly natural thing to do now that I know that they are as real as I and as alive as I, and that their senses are intact. Were it not for my own limited spiritual development we would be able to connect both ways perfectly. At least now I know what I am supposed to do and how I can achieve that connection. For those who linger, it is time they move on and up the spiritual ladder onto a higher vibration if they have not already done so. They can always return at any time whether in reincarnated form or in their spiritual state of being as they progress. At any given moment there are beings all around you, watching, learning, and trying to assist you. If you make a certain connection with a mate there are beings that gather in case it is a fruitful relationship and provides potential for a suitable body as your child or grandchild, as certain choices prescribe new possible outcomes. One soul may be suitable as your child while another may be waiting to become the child of the first soul. The suitability is also related to the time, place, planetary influence and more. If you change your mind and find a new mate, other souls gather whose situation is more compatible with the new set of particulars. In your pursuits and experiences, if your motives are pure and 157

your actions or intentions good and noble, or there is much to learn from your current activities; many more gather to learn from, or assist with, that which is gainful for all of us and our unified consciousness. Each one of us must choose to set aside what blinds and distracts us from recognizing the creative force, so that we may fulfill our destiny to be come co-creators. Yet within him we move, live and exist. We truly are of the mind, within the mind of the creative spirit. Cayce, in a reading, told a man who had felt his body vibrate throughout, feeling every vibrating force in every cell, even feeling the vibration and movement of the chair on which he was sitting, that he had been given a consecration; the same that was referred to in the bible as that of personal baptism. This event had given the subject back his sense of joyful freedom lost since childhood. Amongst other examples, Cayce explained that the self-same experience had been had “…by Buddha, in that position when meditating in the forest brought to the consciousness of the entity the At-Oneness of all force manifested through physical aspect in a material world.”

I have come to recognize that when I am close to truth I can feel my skin tingling and I know that others who study the light and all that it holds recognize it as positive feedback as well relating to what their thoughts or ideas are at such time.


Differences, Intellect, Synchronicities, Relationships and Conception

IQ measures specific areas of the intellect and only those narrow areas. It does not measure a person’s ability, potential or true intellect. Although it may be useful for populations and statistical averages, we should now know that is says nothing significant about any one individual and nothing about the ability or potential of the consciousness. It is time to redefine intellect and rid our selves of judgment, prejudice and separation now and forever - and cease to propagate erroneous thought and behavior. To illustrate I suggest a controversial subject that should no longer be controversial: What possible difference could it make to you if someone else explores homosexual behavior for instance, or enters into a same-sex marriage? That person is another aspect of you, exploring yet another aspect of who you are. The fact that you are seeing it, sharing the experience, is in fact aiding in your understanding of what life and reality are all about. It 158

will improve this world in more ways than one. Unity, love and matter is all about the fruitful union of the male and female essence, but to comprehend all aspects of experience we have to have experienced everything. Not necessarily as individuals, but as a whole. And when we have, we are able to extrapolate and draw new conclusions and create a richer reality and creation – so we can experience even more. A woman born into a body with male physical characteristics chose this path unless past karma enabled it as a lesson. She may not remember why, but she did agree to it in communion with her own soul group to help all of us understand another aspect of who we are, perhaps to resolve confusion or preference. The correct response and attitude toward such a person, or any other person, and all other life, is unconditional love, respect, understanding and sincere gratitude. If you do not understand why this is at this point in your studies, and you feel full of judgment against other aspects of yourself – you simply need to re-read this book after some reflection and introspection, so that you may one day love all aspects of yourself. If you cannot do this I assure you, you will have a hard time graduating.

Intelligence (intel, or the gathering of information), your intellectual ability, is infinite in potential – and it is infinite for all. The current individual standing is a factor of wisdom, or knowledge acquired via your higher self and connection to the universal mind via your heart. We all have the same capacity for intellect. Do we individually do enough to connect with it? Why separate when the same One mind is reflected in the One thing (which is and are all things) - there is no separation. Increasing your intellect and the intelligence gathered overcomes petty issues such as race and religion and reduces those issues to irrelevance. Nothing anyone else does or says can influence your path other than in a positive way – that is if you pay attention to the synchronistic events that occur on a continuous basis in your life and seek the true meaning of what just transpired. I have found that as I pay attention to all things and all events – none are random – they are a reflection of who I am at any given stage. The events are there as guides to aid and evolve your soul and ultimately bring a richer experience to all. It does not mean you do not have free will, you do, it just means that the universal mind responds to each person all the time. All your prayers are heard – immediately, and all prayers are responded to all the time. The question is; are you paying attention to the answers? Many times a non-response is the best answer because you already knew the answer within your heart. Something is telling you to search your own heart and intuition. Other times it comes in the form of gentle guidance from the people or events that happen around you. I now get a response within minutes or a day – never more than 3 days, be it from people, plants or animals. All matter is of the One 159

mind and it is all able to respond to you as part of the same connected matter. If you feel ignored you are the one resenting or ignoring the answer from a loving, perfectly just and intelligent mind. Be assured, however, that these feelings are coming from within yourself; the soul passes no judgment on reactions, only offers unconditional love and acceptance as guidance; we merely have to forgive the emotions and move on. We are all on an individual path of experiences and alchemical and spiritual transformation. What is right for one person may not be right for the person next to or close to you. If you look deeper you find reason even behind the deepest tragedy. If I appear not to get an answer I now know within myself that I have not yet elevated myself, and am not yet connected enough, to my Higher self and the One mind. At every step, each time I reach a new level of connectedness, and the levels are infinite, I reach a new level of understanding. There I find more answers and meaning, and sense, where before I could find none. I cannot find all of your answers because I have limited albeit increasing access for which I am lovingly grateful. But you can find the answer, as it is relevant to your path. The only thing I can do, and have been called to do –is spread truth, help people within the limit of my own ability and to increase their connection to the Higher self and the One mind. To assist others, that are seeking more and meaning, in their search for the beginning of their trail and their individual unique purpose. Relationships should be guided as above (in this section) – so below. You will find that the principles in this book will guide you in all aspects if your life. Women and men are complements of each other and we are truly equal. Yet we are different or there could be no complement. Inherent in our evolution are instincts that are more basic to evolution. Men are not from Mars, nor women from Venus, though, aspects of these planets do guide the masculine and feminine respectively. That part is true, but they guide those traits in both males and females. Women are Earth-bound and Earth-Moon grounded. Women represent the divine feminine of creation, and men the divine male essence. Men are also Earth bound but grounded in the Earth-Sun. The distance between the Moon and the Earth is shorter and stronger while the distance to the Sun is longer but all pervasive. Women live longer, have stronger bodies and bear fruit. Women have deeper emotions and are more intuitive and have traditionally been the ones to guide and unearth the secrets of the Earth, such as plants and medicines. Women have been the main Earthly organizers of modern societal structure. Men see themselves as protectors, like the Sun, they have an urge to subdue the Earth. Like


the Sun the male tends to exhibit singular focus, like that of a beam of Sunlight on each matter. The male needs balance from the female to connect with his heart and intuition. Behind every great man is an even greater female, if he is so fortunate as to find one that he may learn from. The female is multi-tasking with greater earthbound intellectual capacity and grounding because she connects with her emotions and intuition through a greater understanding of the heart. This ability to connect and heal by intuition has been the envy of both men and modern religious administrators, such as some small segments of the Muslims faith and much of the administration of the Catholic church. The Catholic church in particular desired to keep medicinal knowledge within the church and dis-empower women. They murdered countless women at the stakes as evil witches. Women have over ages past held an exalted and central role in government.

Some times I think that perhaps we are meant to only stay together for 7-year periods, but I have to conclude that this is not the case. Let no man tear apart what God has joined – that is joined in true unselfish union. When I ask older couples who have been married for 40, 50 or even longer they all have the same to report. One falls in and out of love, many times during a marriage, and when out of love it’s easy to walk away. However, each time one trusts that love will return, and it does, every time. When it returns it is ever stronger and a deeper connection is tied with one’s partner. Thus there is clearly a unique reward associated with long faithful relationships. One can only change oneself, and we are not our brothers’ or sisters’ keepers at base level. However, as we ascend, we are, as One. We must recognize that male (yang) and female (yin) energies should be in balance – any discrepancy in either flow results in a state of disequilibrium and has disastrous long-term effects if sustained. Yang energies have ruled the Earth awhile now and it is shifting the other way – but we must find balance. We will recognize that we are of One mind, within a mind, that when we give way to unhealthy urges, jealousy, hate, greed and envy - then those are all directed at Oneself. When you recognize humanity as one being – which we truly are – and see others as aspects of ourselves – which we truly are, than you realize the sheer ridiculousness of such emotions and rationale….yes, I still have to remind myself as well. “Perhaps of all the passions which poor human nature cherishes, jealousy is the most ridiculous. It pretends to love fervently, and yet objects that any other should share its 161

devotion; whereas unselfish affection but rejoices the more when it finds the object of its adoration universally appreciated. Jealousy loathes, above all things, to see evidence of the fondness for its idol, and yet it is always eagerly watching for confirmation of its suspicions, and will take any amount of trouble to prove to itself the existence of what most it hates!” -- Charles Webster Leadbeater Would you steal from yourself? Starve yourself? Tell yourself that you are less than you are? Envy your own wealth or experience? Harm yourself? It is not so hard to find and know that we are One being – when we all do these actions will cease by themselves. Then there is the issue we have of feeling superiority over other people. This applies to many situations such as to the man on the sidewalk who lingers in filth, who may have cast out due to an invisible birth defect, or to a person of lesser education than your self. However, I am referring specifically to people who are poor or live in relative ignorance of modern societal issues. It is perhaps one of the greatest fallacies people of the benefiting class are committing, as they rape the fruits of the Third World in ignorant bliss. You should know by now that spiritual progress is only related to your own sense of right and wrong as compared to your own ideals, thought and actions – and not by any kind of birthright or situation you may be born under. Your intention is all that counts and any person may have chosen a simpler life before reincarnation to connect with nature and the creative forces with less distraction around. Next time you see a person you would normally think of as lesser than you - whose mustache is being preened by a wild bird or someone feeding an otherwise wild animal without fear to upset the consciousness of such an animal – you may be looking at someone who one day soon may create and widen and enrich our lives from a vastly superior position than your own - a person who will soon exist with an intellect, understanding and satisfaction that you have yet to comprehend or even glimpse. We are entering the 6th Sun – it is time to revere our differences and realize that they are complimentary – that we have what the other needs – the other meaning not only your spouse but all other beings. The key, is understanding each others purpose and individual gifts and see that we have to come together in perfect harmony and balance to create new matter and life, at every level. A greater understanding of who we are and what drives us will enable us to prepare our minds for what we wish to accomplish, where we want our relationships to go and how to maintain them. It takes work and discipline but that great work can be a labor of love.


Conception; and this is of utmost importance. Take care in how you conceive a child; love creates a portal through which the center of another soul can enter; the more conscious the act and the more loving the intention, the larger the portal, the more complete the being as it is able to bring more energy, memory and consciousness across. Beings await the right situation. If you raise your own consciousness and that of your partner; your child may surprise you and you may find yourself the student. Personally, I do believe that children need both male and female influence to be whole and complete. I also believe that our children and our selves greatly benefit from crossgenerational interaction. Even a middle-aged person, by today’s standards, makes frequent errors as do the old bitter man or woman, and so they benefit from each other’s presence. The old learn from the young and the young from the old. Western society severely underestimates the wisdom of the elders and neglectfully reveres youth above all else. With few exceptions the closer generational existence tempers and modifies our behavior in positive ways. Western society has much to learn from Native America in the north and south, the Far East, Africa, Asia, and the Third World. Especially in terms of raising and sustaining a family, and keeping harmony within and without. If laughter rather than hard cash is a measure of happiness and love, and a structured modern society hampers your ability to remember who you are as well as connect with your higher self and the universal consciousness, you may think twice about where next and with whom you wish to incarnate. Whatever and however you choose to act in bringing up a child – act with LOVE and compassion. Leave the old paradigms behind and raise a conscious loving child. For the love of creation, and most importantly do not speak of and teach the child fear, hate, vengeance, - nor discipline a child with superstitious belief systems with creatures that evoke fear. Bring the child to a loving understanding of reality and foster creativity so that it may learn to progress and reach for more. Current society stifles creativity and independence and teaches us to conform and obey the law. A healthy being will not have issues with ethics or morality and will be a responsible being if allowed the opportunity and will not have to be taught to simply conform. Tell a child it is feeble, weak, ignorant, or worse; assign it all your own weaknesses – and that is what your child will become - and the eternal soul that incarnated as your child will be weakened and lost for some time to come. Take notice that this newly reincarnated soul needs guidance to find out who it is as we are made to forget; and the task that it is given is to find its way back – and you can aid it and find your own way in that process.


This does not mean you raise a weak ignorant child that is unable to cope with the world in which we find ourselves, it only means that you raise a child who has all the tools and senses available to all of us at its disposal, so that it can progress and create without fear as creation does not contain anything to be feared. If this is not understood then please go back and review to this book until you do. I am still coping with my own irrational fears, even though I know they are just that – irrational – and do not hesitate to review this book myself. Someone dear to me once asked who I am and I would like to share that – as that is part of who I have become whereas I was once one never to share anything of this nature. I was a kind, generous (to a fault), prideful, arrogant, honest person - who did not understand much. I was intelligent, with no purpose or real understanding. I was overbearing, and quite domineering, which I learned from my father, who modified him self as he got older and milder. He never really learned what he now knows, and will have to re-address in other lives. He was an absent father, so I was a close father. I was always a defender of the weak, creative, searching, though not hard enough. I was one who wanted a 200' megayacht and then one day woke up about the time when I had an opportunity to pursue it, and I realized that it is not the way. I was pursuing opportunities all the time for selfish reasons not thinking of the consequences of the pursuit of those opportunities, never at the cost of others, but at great cost to myself. Now I look at opportunities that are for the right reasons according to my heart and love for our common being. And as such, they fall into place and my ideas are far superior to what they were, as I have found some answers – not all, but more each day. It's quite amazing to watch life unfold and be part of it when you realize and begin to see that everything and every event has purpose. I will never be rich but will always have plenty - even abundance, if I create the right way - for others as well as for myself. That is who I am now - a loving more understanding, deeper person who suddenly figured it out and wants everyone to know about it - and is thus writing to share it. I have been given a task to guide those lost or searching with the few answers I have found. I finally know what type of relationships I want and I am finally willing to break the walls I built to protect myself. I am not only talking about intimate relationships with the opposite sex but also of friendship and the casual relationships we tie with others throughout the day, as we affect life and lives. I finally figured out that I have to give up my barriers in order for real and closer relationships to evolve. I have also learned to catch myself when judgment of others enters my mind – some times late I admit. I always wore my feelings on the outside and I always tell my friends the truth, as I see it – not sure if that is good or bad. Like it or not, I am also an aspect of you.


As of late, I am beginning to see that all the synchronicities I encounter daily are beginning to mirror that of my imprinted soul. I am beginning to comprehend some of the lessons I am to learn. As I reflect upon my life, I am getting a sense of who I have been in past lives, some memories of such, and why I have acted as I have during my life up to this point. I feel more love, joy and enthusiasm than I ever have for the universe. Every day brings greater clarity and there is no end in sight.

I would like to apologize to all the speakers, authors, web writes and bloggers cited for any misinterpretations of their great works and good intention, and ask the reader to delve into their works and verify, expand and correct my own shortcomings. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to those whose knowledge and writings are cited herein, and equally to all those that keep searching for truth and from whose work I have learned much, but not cited (and there are countless) – and to all those beings whose opinions and influences have helped shape this book as well as adding to our common experience.

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