Chameleon Warriors

Type: Medium-Sized Humanoid HD/HP: 4d8+4/27 HP Init: +3 Speed: 40' AC: 17 (+3 DEX, +4 Natural) Attack: Simple melee weapons or (2) claws (+2 melee, 1d6/1d6) Full Attack: Same as above Special Abilities: Mind Drain Special Qualities: Shape Change (medium-sized creatures only) Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will: +6 S: 15 D: 17 C: 15 I: 13 W: 13 CHA: 8 Skills: Animal Empathy +5, Balance +10, Climb +8, Hide +12, Jump +5, Search +1 Feats: None (Special) Climate: Woodland, marshes and tropical Organization: Solitary, party (2-5) or group (5-9) CR: 4 Treasure: 75% (1d20 GP each), 10% gems, 15% magic items Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Description: Chameleon Warriros are humanoid reptiles who, as a race, are as old as humans. Males are usually the fighters of the society, with the females being more inclined to be clerics and spellcasters. Chameleon Warriors normally attack with their weapons, but they also have natural claws that they may employ. They may also perform a Mind Drain attack. On a successful touch attack, a Chameleon Warrior begins draining memories from the affected creature (creature must have a minimum INT of 9). After 3 successful Mind Drain attacks in a 24 hour period, the Chameleon Warrior can shape change to look, sound and smell like the creature, right down to mannerisms, skills, feats and magical abilities, including spell casting. A Chameleon Warrior retains this shape forever and can transmit it to others of its kind. It can shape change at will as a free action and may have up to 6 identities it can chose from at any one time. It can drop an old identity for a new one. Chameleon Warriors as characters: • Racial abilities: +1 to STR, +1 to DEX, +3 to CHA (females only) • Infravision (60') • Base movement is 40' • Armor restriction: Chameleon Warriors can only wear light armor in their natural forms • Females exert pheromones that allow them to Charm (as a 7th level +INT modifier caster) males of any intelligent race. • Favored class: Male (fighter), female (cleric) • +4 to AC (natural) • +4 to Balance and Move Silently skill checks • -2 to Ride and Handle Animal skill checks Chameleon Warriors all have tails that provide them with uncanny balance. This skill follows them even when they shape change. Chameleon Warrior males are dark-skinned, going from almost black to a forest green, while females often times will partially shape change to to make their forms pleasing, yet still decidedly reptillian. Oddly enough, females tend to carry on with males of other races which leads many to believe this is how they keep the shape changing ability fresh in succeeding generations.

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