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● The Israelites arrive at the Promise Land. They must invade it and
take it over.

● Scoping Out the Enemy (2:1-24) – Before he leads the Israelites into
Canaan, Joshua has two spies go out to check out Jericho. Rahab (a
prostitute) tells them that the Jerichoians are afraid of an Israeli
invasion. They heard all the stories about their escape from Egypt and
they know that they have gone undefeated. The spies return to their
boss Joshua and tell the people that “We're sure the Lord has given us
the whole country, the people there shake with fear every time they
think of us.”

● Crossing in Style (3:1-17) - The Israelites invade the Promise Land.
Their invasion is lead by the Priests that carry the Ark of the Covenant
(sacred chest containing the 10 commandments). When they step
into the Jordan River, the river itself comes to a stop. The town of
Adam (20 miles to the north) is flooded, and it stays that way until
the Israelites cross the river. They enter the Promised Land the same
way they left Egypt – God cleared the way by sweeping aside a river
(just like the Red Sea).

● Breakthrough at Jericho (6:1-27) – After walking 5 miles across the
river, they encounter their first enemies. The Jerichoians believe they
are safe because of the city's huge walls. They felt so safe, that their
army did nothing but waltz around the city for 6 days. On the 7th day,
the walls collapse, and they no longer laugh at the protection they
once had. The next battle, the Israelites lose. Achan (a soldier of the
Israelites) becomes greedy and helps himself to around 5 lbs of Silver,
one pound of Gold, and a fancy robe imported the area that is now
Iraq. As the Israelites lose the battle, Achan dies. After that battle,
the Israelites win and sweep south, then turn north.

● All the Time (literally) In the World (10:1-28) – Joshua finds out that
armies from 5 cities, (including Jerusalem and Hebron) have camped
at the hills of Gibeon (15 miles to the west). He ordes an uphill march
the entire night. As the battle is extended hour after hour, Joshua
asks God to extend the day (and days to come) so that maybe he can
give Israel time to finish off the enemy. The result is the sun standing
still and not going down for about an entire day. After a long time, the
enemy gives in and runs away. They reach a mountain pass about 5
miles away and God sends a huge hail storm. “More of the enemy
soldiers died from the hail than the Israelite Weapons”.
● Dividing the Land (13-22) – After Joshua's army takes over 31 cities
in Canaan, he divides the land for the 12 tribes of Israel. Each tribe is
required to finish jobs and secure boundaries to its claimed land. The
powerful cities in the coast had not been taken over yet, especially
the Philistine's land.

● Joshua's Farewell (23-24) – After helping the tribes get adapted and
leading the nation into battle, Joshua must say goodbye. He brings
the leaders together for a meeting and like Moses, he reminds them
of the agreement – the first commandment (to worship God, and not
Idols). Joshua calls the leaders of Israel to say good bye to him and
he dies at the age of 110. They bury him in the rugged hills north of