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New Free Verse Editions Selections . . .

January 9, 2008

Parlor Press
Parlor Press is pleased to announce the 2007 selections for its Free Verse Editions series, to be published in Fall, 2008
Parlor Press and Free Verse Editions sponsor an annual competition. You can submit a manuscript of original poetry or translation for the Free Verse Editions series during the annual submission period, April 1 to May 31. Please see our submission requirements at Contacts Jon Thompson, Free Verse Editions Series Editor David Blakesley, Publisher, Parlor Press; 765.409.2649 Existing titles in the Free Verse Editions series may be ordered securely on our website or at online and brick-andmortar bookstores anywhere. Visit

Carolyn Guinzio, Quarry

In Quarry, her second full-length collection of poems, Carolyn Guinzio redefines and expands the idea of place elaborated in her prize-winning debut West Pullman to include the planet as a whole and our species’ place within the cosmos. Quarry, both an object of pursuit and a place from which rock is mined, transcends its terrestrial nature when its man-made “crater” comes to mimic the impact of the meteorites that arrive from the vast unknowableness of the galaxy with no message, that are “small lights fallling /in far black vastness.”

Jennie Neighbors, Between the Twilight and the Sky

In three cantos, Between the Twilight and the Sky produces and enters that place where things, the “inbetweens,” appear in “their factuality and passage,” at the outside edge of experience. The poem is a language of silences, lost threads in the labyrinth, and aphoristic play,. With language as its light, it seeks and moves into a darkness that it at once creates and is defied by. Between the Twilight and the Sky draws on an array of poets and thinkers including Whitman, Adonis, Rilke, Celan, and Deleuze.

Boyer Rickel, remanence

Free Verse Editions 2007

remanence offers a sequence of 39 elegant prose poems. Obsessed with synaptic gaps, each spare five-sentence poem accrues through association and indirection. By way of a sometimes loose, sometimes terse, lyric parsing of concept and material, Rickel tracks the ghost-ridden voices in matter, and the mattering that is meaning. The book ends with a coda of longer poems, one that recollects all of the sentences of the opening sequence into nine improvisational runs that exhume and defy, re-envisioning the possibilities of the poetic sequence.

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, What Stillness Illuminated
Free Verse Editions 2006

What Stillness Illuminated offers a kaleidoscope of mysterious tableaux vivants. Composed entirely of five-line allusive poems in English and Yiddish (and several in Hebrew), the book offers glimpses of individuals in moments of flux or revelation. Moving from the distant historical to the more immediate, What Stillness Illuminated dramatically expands the domain of the personal by entering into the inner life of the forces shaping and altering it.

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