Concurrent Education Session MANAGING CAPACITY TO MEET CUSTOMER EXPECATIONS Building IP Service Optimized Packet Backhaul Networks

Donald Coover, Vice President, V-COMM Steve Dyck, Director Mobile Backhaul Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent
April 2011


Agenda 1 | The market dynamics 2 | Evolution to packet backhaul 3 | Unifying the MBH network with MPLS 4 | Addressing synchronization, scalability and QoS 5 | E2E network and service management 6 | Conclusion

L. . protocol and network management • Voice .PSTN – other carrier interconnect • Cell Site backhaul • Data • Customer / end user • Internal data network • Back office applications • Signaling & messaging • SS7 – IS-41 – SIP SIGTRAN – SMS – MMS • Inefficient – costly • Stranded bandwidth • Can be difficult to manage • Anticipated growth will change traffic types and connectivity requirements Engineering Networks for High Performance SM © 2011 V-COMM L.Current Network Architecture • Multiple networks / multiple layers • Each with its own interface.C.

6 Billion 3 Netbooks 54 Million 4 Mobile Internet Devices 788 Million 5 Smartphones 2.GSMA.Cisco Engineering Networks for High Performance 4 SM © 2011 V-COMM L. . 4 . 3 .C. Inc. 5..ABI Research . 2 .8 Billion 2 Sources: 1 . Informa.L.Berg Insight.Explosive demand for new mobile services Machine to Machine 645 Million 1 Mobile Connections 7.Global Industry Analysts.

gov Engineering Networks for High Performance SM © 2011 V-COMM L.L.Continued Growth Source: National Broadband Plan – www.C. .broadband.

C.L.Apps are Driving Demand Consumer expectations – what I can do on my PC / laptop I want to be able to do on my tablet or phone over my wireless carrier Chart provided by RCR Research Engineering Networks for High Performance SM © 2011 V-COMM L. .

.000 mobile websites growing to over 3.L.Changing Market Demands Traffic mix Voice is being over taken by data Data is needs to be segregated based upon specific data types: Video and content consumption M2M Web Browsing In 2011 mobile video traffic is expected to exceed 50 percent of the total network traffic for the first time In 2008 the DotMobi study showed only 150.01 million sites in 2010 Network traffic mix Customer expectations VIDEO More “anytime / anywhere” connections Mobile payment & commerce 43% of Fortune 50 Companies had mobile web sites 44% of smartphone owners download shopping apps Social networking Source: Alcatel-Lucent Engineering Networks for High Performance 7 SM © 2011 V-COMM L.C.

Higher-End Devices = Increased Traffic Engineering Networks for High Performance 8 SM © 2011 V-COMM L.L. .C.

.L.C.Existing architecture and network model is not sustainable Legacy networks no longer meet traffic requirements • Capacity constraints • Termination of disparate traffic types • Cost Need to design for maximum efficiency and “real growth trending” Cost of Internet transit @ IXPs < $4 per Mbps / month (multi Gbps services) < $9 per Mbps / month (< =100 Mbps services) Elsewhere could be 100 to 200 per Mbps or 10 to 50 times cost Engineering Networks for High Performance 9 SM © 2011 V-COMM L.

L.500 Mb/s /month/user 2. .500 1.500 3.000 500 0 2010 All video Gaming 2011 P2P Web browsing 2012 2013 Messaging/voice Audio streaming Downloads/uploads Source: Alcatel-Lucent 2014 2015 Engineering Networks for High Performance 10 SM © 2011 V-COMM L.C.000 2.000 1.Video and web browsing will continue to explode Smartphone Device Profile 3.

.LTE .The de facto Mobile Access Standard Credit:: ANRITSU COMPANY – LTE Resource Guide Engineering Networks for High Performance SM © 2011 V-COMM L.C.L.

Agenda 1 | The market dynamics 2 | Evolution to packet backhaul 3 | Unifying the MBH network with MPLS 4 | Addressing synchronization. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. . scalability and QoS 5 | E2E network and service management 6 | Conclusion 12 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 13 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. .Backhaul requires a converged platform supporting TDM and packet Mobile backhaul network 2G BTS cell site E1/T1 TDM Packet network PW n*E1/T1 ATM IMA PW Packet network 3G Node B cell sites Ethernet (data) The converged Mobile Backhaul solution must include a cell site gateway with these interfaces: • Native Ethernet • Pseudowire (PW) support for E1/T1 and ATM IMA Packet network PW n*E1/T1 ATM IMA (voice and sync) Ethernet Packet network 4G LTE eNodeB cell site Ethernet Packet network The evolution to all-Ethernet will take time.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. TDM SONET/SDH or TDM Microwave Network OC-n/STM-n Cell/Hub Sites Convergence over TDM where required MTSO 14 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. RNC SGW. Packet Microwave…) Ethernet Wireless Packet Core MSC. . MME.Backhaul evolution from TDM to Ethernet Convergence over Ethernet where available NOC 5620 SAM Ethernet Carrier Ethernet (MetroE. … LTE eNodeB CDMA BTS W-CDMA NodeB GSM BTS Ethernet n*T1/E1 IPoMLPPP Ethernet n*T1/E1 ATM IMA Ethernet n*T1/E1 TDM n*T1/E1 Ethernet 7705 SAR/ 1850 TSS/ 9500 MPR Tunnel Ethernet Ethernet 7750 SR OC-n/STM-n ATM.

Any G Mobile Backhaul: Efficient evolution to all-IP transport Mobile Backhaul 2G/3G/4G Radio Access Flexible Access Options Fiber Microwave Copper/ Fiber Scalable Metro Aggregation IP & MPLS networking 100G IP/MPLS & Packet Optical Wireless Packet Core Mobile backhaul professional services Mobility mgmt Policy Mobile Gateways mgmt Flexible Sync Otions Converged service-aware IP network management Any G support Any G pseudowire support over IP/MPLS or packet optical networks with flexible access over microwave. . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. fiber or copper Scalable metro/edge aggregation Low-cost aggregation and unprecedented scale to 100G with coherent optics across IP/optics Flexible synchronization options Support for frequency and phase synchronization over packet backhaul Common NMS and OAM Common IP network and service assurance across multiservice backhaul (legacy and IP) 15 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT.

. 4G Radio Access Mobile Backhaul Wireless Packet Core Converged Backbone Common MPLS network layer MPLS Access/transmission technology-agnostic Topology diversity Continuity of operations Common service (PWE3) Triple play bundle Web and Enterprise 2. 3G. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.MPLS — Unifying the network for mobile backhaul Flexible transport and aggregation for mobile backhaul Service Routing Microwave Broadband Access Ethernet/ MPLS Optical 2G.0 Instrumentation & Intelligence Flexible traffic classification Traffic conditioning & hierarchical management Multiple proven synchronization capabilities/options Common domain management Enabling the profitable evolution to all-IP with a common MPLS solution 16 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT.

MPR enables Packet mode in the access. Converge over MPLS in the aggregation + • Flexible.Flexible. non-disruptive evolution to packet microwave backhaul Current Mix of technology in the RAN Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) Packet microwave in hybrid mode In the access connecting to existing SDH/SONET aggregation • Flexible radio TDM/hybrid NG SDH/ SONET Access (tree. . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3G. Ethernet and IP/MPLS networking E2E circuit emulation/PW Integrated Solutions • Ultimate in 2G. and Future Expand MPLS infrastructure Enable mesh networking Integrated microwave in fiber nodes MPLS E2E MPLS 4G network evolution flexibility • IP & MPLS networking flexibility • Integrated domain management 17 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. star) Aggregation (ring/mesh) deployment • Hybrid or Packet mode • Guaranteed QoS • Flexible sync distribution • Backward compatible to ODU installed base Evolution Packet microwave MPLS Converge to pseudowire infrastructure. reliable.

. eMBMS) • TDD mode – requires both frequency and phase synchronization Mobile backhaul solutions must offer frequency and phase clock synchronization to allow service providers to differentiate their service offering 18 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT.g.Synchronization techniques for packet networks •Synchronization requirements: • Generally. 2G/3G networks require frequency sync with exception of CDMA which also needs phase sync Now with LTE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. two approaches: • FDD mode – requires frequency only with some exceptions (e.

. Small Cells Converged RAN 1G PON for aggregation/backhaul 1G packet microwave 1G/10G PTN 1G to 100G IP/MPLS Converged service control Converged wireline access Converged metro and aggregation Converged edge Converged backbone 100M to 1G VDSL2. P2P 100G Ethernet and DWDM Metro 1G/10G 10G/40G/100G 100G Service Edge 100G Ethernet and DWDM Core 10G/40G 40/100G Interface Capacity 2009 2011+ Wireless Access 21M 42M/100M+ Wireline Access <1G 1G/10G Edge 10G 40G/100G 100G addresses the need for continuous scaling of bandwidth at the lowest cost and power per bit in metro and backbone networks. 19 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.High Leverage Network: Massively scalable bandwidth 100M + LTE. PON.

Automation & Proactive Assurance. signaling. end-toend network performance and subscriber QoE 20 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. .IP Network Mgmt and End-to-end Visibility Across Mobile/Transport Infrastructure OSS Connected Partner Program Microwave Ethernet/ MPLS Cell Site Service-Aware IP Network Management Net Mgmt QoE and Network Intelligence • Monitor • Identify • Analyze 9900 WNG • Provision • Visualize • Troubleshoot Optical Service Routing Simplified IP Management. OSS pre-integration Unique visibility into bearers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

. network availability. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Alcatel-Lucent network performance management tools Network Performance Optimizer End-to-end performance monitoring Added value modules (diagnosis. network performance. and planning Identifies and improves inefficient and expensive applications Characterizes devices and applications relative to network capacity Analysis Wireless packet core Wireless airtime (data-minutes) Instrumentation for service assurance and optimization with IP-based networks 21 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. real-time alerts) Viewing of actual subscriber performance Counters E2E Net Mgmt Network elements Call traces Mobile backhaul Standalone Per Connection Measurement Data Shows view of actual subscriber performance and RF environment End-user devices used as passive data collectors Logs No More RNC! Tracks location where subscriber is making calls Wireless Network Guardian Integrates traffic analysis.

Mobile Backhaul professional services Mobile Backhaul Wireless Packet Core Mobile Backhaul professional services Business consulting Financial and technical analysis Economic modeling and business case development Strategy definition and technology selection Evaluate network usage and traffic evolution Alternative topology analysis with economical comparison Performance and reliability study Planning and design Comprehensive integration and migration services Business Network Operations Applications Security 22 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. .

Smarter.Conclusion Backhaul Packet Core Faster. . Better: Converged All-IP Backhaul Any G Any Access IP and Optical Operational Agility IP Network Transformation Get the mobile backhaul advantage with Alcatel-Lucent! 23 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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