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Prophetic Dreams and Visions of the Rapture

This article contains ten dreams and visions of the rapture as experienced by different prophetic people and one prophecy based only on prophetic dreams and visions.

Patricias Dream I dreamt I was at home with my husband and daughter, getting something from the kitchen. There was a blinding flash of light and a shaking/vibration. I started yelling excitedly to my husband, "what just happened, what was that!" We all looked at each other and knew we were changed- we were in physical form but with an incredible light in us that was visible. I jumped up in the air a few feet and stayed there. I told my daughter to try. We discovered we weren't bound by physical laws and then realized we could move by thought. We went to find other people this had happened to. We found some people like us celebrating and calling the changed people "the enlightened ones." I wanted to go see the moon since we could move by thought. I went to the moon and was scuffing around in the dust/dirt thinking how cool it was making tracks on the surface. Then I discovered there was a city on the moon. It freaked me a little so I returned to where the celebration was.

I discovered that the world was in chaos. Society had almost totally broken down. Someone told me "terrorists" had just massacred a group of people outside the building. We discovered there were basically 3 groups of people: the changed ones, the people who were Christians in name only (they were freaking), and the rest of the people who had become like mad dogs wanting to try to kill the changed people and the "Christians." Those of us that were changed were translated various places to witness to the "Christians" and explain salvation. We had the power to know any illnesses a person had and instantly heal them. The Christians left behind were very sad because they knew they would be martyred for their faith if they received Christ. They knew the antichrist would come to power and the mark would be instituted. It was a hard decision for them. The "mad dog" people were very frustrated and insanely angry because they could not catch us or kill us. These people formed loose gangs to hunt us down, but we would be translated somewhere else, and they couldn't hurt our physical body. After a while society settled down a little and things became less chaotic, but the changed people would continue to appear to people to witness to them. I had the sense that the antichrist had come into power to restore order. The dream was so vivid and incredible. I woke up feeling blown away by how incredible this dream was, and thinking "wow, that makes perfect sense." The dream had a lot more detail, but I've tried to just give a synopsis. Rain of Fire Susan Cummings New York USA Vision 1-06-09 In the vision, I was looking at the world from a suspended position. I could see people and areas from a panoramic position and also at times, I saw things close up. The position varied as it did with the scenes and with the

messages that I was given to understand by the experiences given to me. I saw what looked to me like great fiery rain coming from heaven and it came in great drops or elongated streams. It was not like the natural rain that we know of, but it was like spiritually infused living molten lava, a real fire, but it was Living Spirit; the living fiery essence of the Father that was raining down towards the inhabitants below. As I watched, I saw that it fell simultaneously in one great event all over the earth. But it did not fall everywhere, and it did not upon everyone. It rained down suddenly and I saw that many people did see it coming from above as it happened, as it was a real physical event that men could actually experience and see, but it was also a divine event that not all men would experience, but I understood that men would know that God had entered into the corporate natural affairs of men divinely again. It was not a slow natural event like a storm or a weather phenomenon that you could track, or follow and monitor, actually, from my perspective it looked like a slow unfolding event, but I understood that it actually happened very fast. I was just being given an enhanced view for my understanding and learning. The raining fire of the Father that I saw falling was the Real Living Essence of the Father Himself that was being released upon those whom He had prepared to receive it below. It was interesting to watch this happen, as it fell upon people whom you would not expect nor think that it would, or even that it would not, by our thinking or reasoning of qualifications. The fiery rain would come down and fall upon a particular person who would be either aware of it falling or not be aware of it falling at that particular moment, but when it did hit them, they underwent a sudden tremendous

change. I watched close up as the living fire seemed to

penetrate into them and infuse itself or radiate itself throughout their beings and bodies. They literally became the very same Essence of the Father that the rain was that had fell upon them. Their eyes burned with a new life and even their skin was changed. It was not like ours now. It had a different texture or spiritual component to its makeup, and the fire flowed throughout their skin like radiance, but it was not just an outward surface shining, but it was an internal radiance from within the skin layers itself. It was not like human skin as we know it, the qualities had been divinely altered, and the people now had new natures. I did not fully understand all of this process, but it was real and it was new. They were of a different spirit, as they now embodied the divine in such a way that we have yet to experience up to now. The people who were infused would now physically embody the divine fire, but it also lived through them and it became them as they became it, also. They did not lose their individual personalities through the process, but each person was still their own unique vessel, but they were also now divinely infused and were more divinely aware of God and understood their earthly purpose now. The fire seemed to fully express itself within them so that it flowed outwardly also by the transformation that was happening to them. By this I mean that there was such Holiness and a terrible Presence of the Father in them and on them, that you knew that God the Father walked in them, and that He was now walking through them in a manner that we have yet to experience in any generation yet. God was manifesting Himself in a people just like He did with Jesus, when Jesus walked amongst us. But now these people did it openly. I then watched in the vision from a view further away, and I saw that it indeed only fell upon some and not on upon others. The selection of who it fell upon was the Fathers and not of any man. Most of those that I saw that it fell

upon were some people were very weary and very embattled people. From earthly standards, we probably wouldnt have thought that they would amount to anything by their current life and their struggles that they have endured. But I understood that their unique trials and their lifes struggles that they lived out had actually served to prepared them for this new infusion that now came from the Father. One man that I saw in particular that received the fiery rain was very emotionally and spiritually broken. He had endured much physical hardship and I understood that he had endured much persecution from the church. He had been misunderstood most of his life and he also had thought that he had failed God and that he had missed God and that he had lost his place. But God used these things in his life to lead him closer to Himself and to purify this man to be able to be one that would become His chosen vessel. He was very beloved by the Lord and he had learned humility through the suffering which caused him to rise above the hardness and the hatred thats in the world, even though he did not understand why his life was this way. Not every person that I saw was as broken as this man was that had received this infusion, I was just given to notice certain ones for my own learning and for our beneficial clarity. Many of the people I saw seemed to be living successful lives and seemed to be spiritually healthy or spiritually active in their walks in spite of the hour in which they lived in. But the common factor that I

noticed with them all was that they each had undergone recent trials and they were currently experiencing various levels of spiritual warfare and were in various stages of purging by the Lord in their walks. Most did not understand the full reason why
their lives were embattled, nor understand the full plan of God behind it all, but they did seek God in the midst of it all.

Another person I noticed was one that did not receive the divine infusion. But rather, this person watched as others were filled and was angry and yelled at God. One man I saw screamed out that he was one of the servants that had prophesied of its coming, and had taught on it, so he should be one that received it and that he deserved it. He was angry that the Father did not give it to him. I was afraid as I saw this in the vision, as I knew that his anger was pride and arrogance and that the Father was just in this, for this mans heart was not truly right. I also knew that this man would fall as he did not have the right heart necessary to stand in the next hour and to fulfill his course successfully. He had allowed the pride of position and the pride that comes from being used by God to bring forth revelation from God to others, to cause him to be disqualified and to harden his heart. I feared the Lord as I watched, for I knew that we all stand by Grace, and not

one of us can receive anything from God unless we truly believe and unless we truly are fully surrendered to Him in every way.

I divinely understood that it was a matter of the individuals heart before God, and not just on his
outward qualifications, knowledge, or training. God walks with each of His People, and He daily leads them on their lifes journey, and what they learn throughout their experiences and through their dependence upon God through it, determines their receptiveness or not. God

desires that we utterly trust Him, that we utterly love Him, and that we utterly believe Him. Even
though we each experience different levels of trials and events in our personal journeys, the lessons are the same for all men. We must each come to a death of our

own ego and self-life and we must come to a deeper personal knowledge of God and into an intimate relationship with God. Our responses to God
in our lifes process will determine if we will walk fully with Him or not, and if we will allow Him to change us into what he wants us to be. God sees us all and knows each

of our hearts. He knows who will let Him have His full and complete way in their lives. Even though we might think we have failed Him, because of the severity of our individual paths and trials, and also because we did not understand the process of why we were in the events, the Father knows the depths of what lies deep within each of us. I watched as others were transformed here and there, and it was also a very shocking event on the earth as it was

so sudden and unexpected. It also did not come in the manner in which we had been taught from the church leaders, but it came as it had been ordained from the Father, for this generation. There was
worldwide upheaval as the newly infused people began to quickly then be sent out by the Father all over the earth on the Fathers business, and the people around them realized that they did not receive what the others had. There was a lot of crying out from people all around also, as this event also produced a huge surge of spiritual searching and even chaos in the church as the people who were not infused questioned the established church leaders of their knowledge of this event and its significance. I also was given to know that out of those who did not receive the infusion of the Fiery Essence, this did not mean that they were not the Lords people. It just meant that

they had missed the divine release because of their lack of inner spiritual preparation and that they had not fully developed their hearts before God in their relationships in a timely manner for this event. They
were still Gods children, but they had missed the opportunity to be used in this higher divine manner for the next stages of events that would come upon the earth. There was a great sorrow expressed over this reality, as many of them realized that they did not fully lay hold of the higher call or obtain to the mark that God had set for them all to achieve.

What I did see was that this divine event caused a great sobering wave to spread across the church and also a wave of a great determination to seek God exploded across the church and also across the globe.

Many began to rise up and decide to be purified themselves and they began to sacrifice everything to obey God, but it did not come as a reality in their lives
until after these events happened. Nevertheless, this event served to bring about the corporate awakening and the rising up of the majority of the true Body of Christ across the globe. Many now questioned what they had been spiritually taught by others, and many returned to

studying the Word and they began to search it out for themselves. A new respect for the Church began to

also spread amongst the Christian people, as they realized the reality of being the Body of Christ, and repentance began to burst forth and a new sense of purpose caused them to not persecute one another, but to see each

other as Christ.

This event also brought about much chaos, fear, confusion, and anger amongst the unbelieving Christians, and among the religious, and especially the general world populations. Great persecution also immediately broke out against the divine fire, as many did not understand it and they feared it. The newly infused people of God were not like them anymore, as they had been divinely changed, and this caused much panic and turmoil. But it also

caused revival to break out and a great fear of the reality of God to begin to be spread worldwide.

The devil was also greatly enraged as the Divine Essence now was embodied again in the earth, and he no longer had dominion over Gods people to prevent them anymore, and a great resistance and opposition and war broke out in many areas as the Divine Light now clashed with the darkness. I saw great upheavals and war in many areas, but also great restorations and great Light begin to spread

throughout Gods people all across the globe. The Father is in full control of the earthly events, even those to come and He is active in all of the affairs of men. The vision ended. Our Immortal Bodies Eva Marsee Kentucky USA Early 1980's I dreamed my family was driving around in a rural area just enjoying the day. We were driving by a small cemetery in a neighborhood when all at once I saw an elderly man climb up out of a grave. I shouted to Dana my husband and said," Look Dana the dead in Christ is rising. Pull over to this house and I will call Mom and Dad and tell them what is happening because it probably won't be on the news for a while". I was in this house talking to the people and they said I could use their phone. I picked up the receiver and started to dial when I heard Dad on the phone saying hello. I said, What are you doing on the phone I haven't dialed yet"? Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "Now you will have whatever your heart desires, not what your thoughts are but what is your

deep heart desire".

Then I turned to the people there and told them "This thing that is happening is really great, you guys need to get saved". They said to me "It's too late." And I said "No it's not, it's never too late". Then they said "Yes it is, it's too late." So I said "We can ask God for anything and He will do it now." So I set up a chalkboard and a piece of chalk and I said, "Holy Spirit tells us. Is it too late?" And all at once it was written on the chalkboard "Yes". The next thing I knew Dana and I were walking down a back ally and all this screaming was going on. Terrible screams. We looked over and some people were using a guillotine to cut off Christian's heads. We didn't feel sad because we knew that it was supposed to be (we had the

nature and mind of GOD) and we weren't afraid because we knew that they couldn't touch us because we had our immortal bodies and no one could harm us. We also knew that those people that weren't Christians hated us because they could not harm us. We were starting to walk through this ally onto the main street and in my spirit I could see someone waiting to attack us around the corner of this building. They had an ax ready to swing holding it back over his head. I wasn't afraid. I was just curious how the Holy Spirit was going to take care of it. When we stepped in front of this man he was frozen and couldn't move and I could see that it was making him very angry. The next thing I knew I was walking by myself down Main Street and I started missing Dana. So I said, "Holy Spirit takes me to be with Dana." The next thing I knew I was floating in a standing position at a walking speed down the street. I said, "Holy Spirit let's go as fast as lightning." Instantly I was zooming down the road to a house where I could see Dana. Dana was in a glass house in a small neighborhood. He was down on one knee reading the Bible. Then I was standing next to him. Then I said, "Holy Spirit I would like for the kids to be here with us". All at once I saw the children flying in the air next to each other coming to us. Then all my family, (at that time, my children, my husband and I) were walking down a street late in the day in a neighborhood just enjoying the peace and I had this great desire to be with Jesus. All at once I was being pulled by the Holy Spirit into the sky. My joy was great. Then I realized that the Holy Spirit had said that we could have our hearts deep desire. As I was floating to heaven I looked back to my family and said that's it! That's it! The

rapture will happen when you get the deep desire to be with Jesus. Then I awoke.

The Dead Are Rising Dream Thomas Lanza February 10, 2009 In my dream I was in front of my local municipal complex which is on a main road in my town, it is very large complex and covers a few acres. To the right of the municipal complex is one of our two high schools and across the street and up a block is my church. I noticed a commotion on the right side of the high school and went over to see what was going on. (In my dream there were no houses on the right side of school only a wide open field) As I got closer I noticed a long line of people that stretched from the main road to the back of the school. The line kept getting longer and that people from all over the neighborhood were coming from their homes and from the shopping center across the street to see them. At the back of the line people just kept popping up from the ground and this is what formed the line as well as kept adding to it. The commotion was that all the neighbors, including myself knew that everyone on the line had died at some It was amazing; I was trying to take pictures and videos of them because I knew that no one was going to believe me. We were all talking to them because we couldnt believe that they had come back from the dead. The news media started showing up and the commotion just kept getting bigger and bigger as more and more people found out what was going on. END OF DREAM Manifest Sons of God Mark Wattenford's Dream Thursday, April 22, 2004 6:08 PM I was inside a large white house. It was seemingly dimly lit, but not uncomfortable. I was standing in the kitchen part of the house when I began to hear noise outside of people scurrying to run and get inside the house. There seemed to be a storm coming. People were running from

time and that now they were all coming back to life.

all directions to get into this house, but I was so curious at the commotion and what the storm was all about and the noise I wanted to go outside and see. When I got outside it was night. What seemed to be daytime moments before when I was in the house was night when I got out. I seemed to be the real odd ball in all this as everyone else was running into the house to get away from the storm. I seemed like one of those real smart people who go down to the beach to watch the tidal waves come in. Immediately I looked up into the night sky and everything was as it always has been, but only for a moment suddenly every star shook from their place like leaves would shake from a tree if hit really hard and in that very same split second the power of God hit me with the force of a tornado wind and a lightning bolt at the same time. I was changed in that "twinkling of an eye", but I was not "caught up". I looked down somewhat at the person I now looked like and I seemed much bigger and stronger - seemingly 7 feet tall and very broad shoulders and somewhat like we would picture a warring angel. I seemed twice the body mass as I am now and it was all muscle and no fat, but I was also arrayed in a light bluish robe and I found rings had been put on my fingers. I looked around and it was all daylight again and I knew, without question, I was in the full authority of Christ and walking in the full will of the Father.

I had no agendas and no goals or programs only to walk and do as I was directed.
As I looked across the land I could see all the nations of the earth before me and that there were thousands of

other people who were changed in the same way as I was and who were all preaching the Gospel of Salvation and were all bringing in a massive harvest.

From all nations I could see a great harvest of multitudes of people coming to Christ. These people who were transformed and walked in the power and authority of Christ could do as Christ did in healing, raising the dead, commanding demons to come out of people. I looked and saw all of the nations at once and simultaneously as this harvest was going on there were a forming of the nations for a one world government. I could see the rising of the Anti-Christ leader and the formulation of persecution toward those bringing in this harvest and those who were coming into this harvest, but it seemed almost non-relevant to me almost like a side issue as the Harvest was the main event and

purpose of the times.

It seems of late the Lord has me repeatedly writing about the manifest sons of God as this seems to be about again. I continue to state I do not know if I will actually be one, but I am seeing these things through the eyes of such. A point to this is how suddenly it did come and happen. Things were normal one moment then a few moments later it had all changed and there were a large, but specific number of these people who were changed into the image of Christ.

Not all who believed in Jesus were changed.

As I walked down a dirt road I could see the various emotions that arose from this event. Religious leaders did not get it at all, did not know what to do about it and many cases rose up against it. Some were like Nicodemus and truly wanted to know the truth and did inquire and also came into the harvest. The whole range of the

glory of God poured out upon the earth to all the hate and murderous spirits of those who hated Christ was all rising up and flooding the earth at the same time.

Lots of young people I saw coming in and I looked and saw many of the older saints were restored to their former strength and seemingly to their youth. They were still the age they were, but seemed they were made also young again. A Prophetic Dream of Rapture Armin A. Wolff (February 15,1993) I dreamed I found myself in a meeting with a number of believers. The meeting hall looked like some kind of a warehouse and there were fewer than 100 assembled.

The talk seemed to center on the increasing persecution they were experiencing. All of a sudden Jesus appeared and most, but not all, were instantly transformed from mortal beings into Immortal. Also, at the same instant, some other Holy Ones appeared who had walked with God in ages past, both in New and Old Testament times.

All of the ones who had, in an instant of time, received their new bodies were able to recognize and converse with the Holy Ones from times past. I heard someone exclaim: "I thought You are coming in the clouds to take us away." The reply was: "I am coming in the clouds and... My reward is with Me Behold, here they are, My Holy Ones of all time, My faithful witnesses, those who loved not their life, and thus received it. They are the clouds and my reward, My reward for what I endured on the cross for all." I heard another question asked of the LORD, by one of the Transformed Persons, whether He would now take them with Him out of the tribulation they were experiencing. He replied: "No, you must remain here for another 40 days and nights, just as I was on Earth for another 40 days after My resurrection and minister with Me to those who were not ready. After the 40 days and nights you will come with Me into the skies above Jerusalem and we will leave

from there to have a celebration, a banquet in My Father's house, a feast that has been planned before the worlds were made." The ones in the assembly, who had remained in their mortal bodies, lamented and cried to the Transformed Ones to help them, but were told: "It is now too late.

The Bridegroom has come for us and there is nothing we can do for you, in this regard. However, if you will not love your own life, not bow to the will of the sin-man and take that seal of his, you will join us after the celebration. You will be sealed by your death and kept in the throne room for the LORD."
In what seemed a moment later, I was in another similar assembly in (maybe) another country. There also, the instant transformation had taken place of many. I was told that this same event had happened all over the Earth and all born again, Spirit filled followers of Jesus had been thus transformed, at whatever spot they happened to be in that instant, and were joined by many of God's Holy Ones, from the dawn of creation up to the present time. Just then, some heavily armed police, or soldiers, burst into the meeting and proceeded to beat, shoot, and arrest the believers. A little blonde Transformed lady stood-up to one of the large men, and refused to move when told she was under arrest. Five or six huge men tried to drag her away, but could not move her any further than they could have moved an ancient redwood or oak tree. This infuriated the police and they started to beat her, and to start shooting their weapons. The bullets went right through the Transformed Believers and made holes in the walls, or in some cases, struck and killed some of the mortals standing behind them. The blows seemed to go through also and have no effect whatsoever on the new resurrection bodies. The remaining

mortals were dragged off to prison, along with some of the Transformed Ones who chose to go along. There was no sure way to tell at first glance, who was mortal and who lived in a transcendent resurrection body. I was then also in a prison, and saw how the Immortals were comforting the anguished souls who were to be executed unless they denounced the name of Jesus. The guards and all governmental authorities were furious that they could do absolutely nothing to prevent the Glorified Believers from coming and going and ministering anywhere on Earth, wherever Jesus told them to go. No wall could hem them in, and no weapon, or human force, could oppose or harm them. One of the Transformed Saints who had lived ages ago on Earth spoke: "Within forty days, all who refuse to accept the seal of the evil one will be killed and kept safe by the Father, personally, in the throne room. Those who give in, will suffer in the Terrible Wrath beginning after the last saint is murdered. This Wrath is the LORD's Last Effort to get rebellious mankind to repent." At this point, I awoke. A Dream from Lynda Prince I dreamt that I was standing in what appeared to be an open plain, looking ahead at the vast land ahead of me. I thought to myself: "Man! I have to cross this long plain?" Suddenly I heard the sound of a mighty wind coming from behind me. I immediately turned to see what was coming, but only managed to get half way, when a mighty rushing wind hit me, and I was caught up in the air. I looked to my right and to my left; I was shocked that there were

not that many of us earthlings caught up in this wind. I wondered where are the rest of them? There should be thousands, even millions of people, why are we the only ones? I looked at myself, and I
had a white garment on, with a sash or belt of some sort, almost transparent, sometimes it appeared blue in color, then it would change to gold and then brilliant white. I was

thinking whatever terrain we were passing at the time determined the color of this belt. I had a sword in my right hand and a shield in my left hand. I was not that far off the ground, and I knew I was still on planet earth, but I was flying through the air at a very fast pace. I could feel the wind on my face, like when you are in an open boat at full throttle, or when you are riding a horse at full gallop; and my hair was blowing backwards. It felt so good; yet

my heart was breaking because there were so few of us. Then I realized there was a tall man behind me. He

had been covering me all along, but I did not realize that, as I was so busy looking over my new surroundings. How long had he been covering me, I wondered? I do not know. But I just realized for the first time he was there behind me. Then he whispered into my left ear. "Go back and get the woman!" Not in a demanding way, but ever so gently. I literally melted like wax, as soon as I heard His voice! Wait a minute! I know that voice! I recognized the voice of my Beloved! I immediately obeyed, and only thought, "Yes, Lord." I knew He could read my thoughts. With that I turned, and in a twinkling of an eye, I found myself miles back, at this old tattered, unkempt house. I knew supernaturally that this woman was in this house. I went in, and it smelled so gross in that house; like old, full of mildew, and although it had been clean a long time ago, there had been no movement in there for many, many years; for it was full of dust and decay. It was semi-dark in the house, with very little light coming from window, because it was dirty. I found a bedroom door, and opened it, and there was a woman who was in a deep sleep. She was wearing what was once a white nightgown, but had now turned yellow with age, so it appeared dirty. I was quite upset with her for being in such a deep sleep, although I knew in my heart that I was going to find her in that condition. I also knew she was in the bedroom. I went to her immediately, and tried to wake her. But she had been asleep so long, it was very difficult to get her to move. She was extremely lethargic. I sat her straight up in bed. I said, "Get up, what are you doing still asleep? Don't

you know we have taken off at high speed? But I have been sent back for you; you must wake up and get dressed! Quickly! I know we can make it back to the front lines in no time if you get moving!" Then I heard a sound out of my left ear, and it appeared like from the north, I heard the sound of thousands of approaching hoof beats of horses. I knew this was an evil army. I knew they were coming right in the path of this woman, and if I left her there, she would surely die. So I shook her one more time to try to move as quickly as possible to get her to stand up and become mobile. Then I realized why she did not make a move to get dressed when I had asked her, for the first time, I saw what appeared to be like a white mask over both her eyes. It appeared like white powdery substance and because she had been asleep so long, it had dried over her eyes; blinding her; and somehow I thought it was once oil that ran down from her head. But it was now dried and ugly in appearance. I realized then that this woman was unaware that she was blind because of this, she may have thought she was just unable to open her eyes. I put down my sword, and strung the shield on my left arm, and began to scrape away at this dried white powder over her eyes. I thought at first that it would be easy, as it was only over her eyes, and did not look like much to scrape away. But, I was wrong. It was not until I dug my fingernails into this white powdery substance, that I realized, 'oh no! This is thicker than it appears. It is going to take longer than I anticipated! I was getting mad at this woman by this time, for she appeared lazy, not lifting a finger to help me to free her, and yet I was doing all this for her benefit! So I threatened her: "Look, if you do not lift a finger help me, then I am going to have to leave you here. Evil is fast approaching from behind, and you know you will die in enemy hands?" When I said this, the woman groped for my arm, and begged me, "No! Please do not leave me here! I do not want to die in enemy hands! Please do not leave me here, take me with you!" That was the first time she spoke to me. It took that threat to get her to speak to me, she was so groggy, and was now

trying to become fully awake. I said, "Then you need to lift your fingers to help me scrape all this stuff off your eyes, so you can see, for surely I cannot pack you, and where we are going everyone has to have eyes to see where we are going! So, take your fingers and work on your left eye, as I continue to work on your right eye!" At this she began to scrape wildly at her left eye, and I kept working rapidly on her right eye. This stuff was gross and smelled quite bad. Again, I heard the sound of the fast approaching hoof beats coming from the north. This time, I sensed that this woman could hear it too, for the first time! When I first told her that I heard the approaching sound of hoof beats, she had to take my word for it because she was unable to hear it for herself. I had this distinct impression that she also recognized the sound and knew who that enemy was; she was terrified of him as I sensed that she had a run in with him before! Terrified enough to work frantically on her left eye by this time, we were working at high speed on getting her eye sight back to at least where she could see. Finally, I saw the pupils of her eyes, and I knew she could see out of her right eye. She was squinting and the light, even in that semi-dark room, hurt her eyes. I then helped her get her left eye free, and although we did not get all the white caked material off her eyes, enough was off for her to be able to see. I knew there was no more time. And I told her: "Get dressed!" I looked around, and on the side of her bed was a chair, where she had laid her clothes. It was musty smelling, like clothing smell when they had been laying a very long time in one spot. The clothing, I noticed, was also outdated and realized she must have fell asleep a long time ago. The clothing had gone out of style many, many years ago. But there was no time to look for other clothing. I helped her get dressed, and told her, since it was kind of dark in the house, I asked her to take hold of my sword, which I picked up again, had become illuminated with light, and led her out of that old decaying house. When we got up the final steps, I informed her to hang onto me, that we would be caught up supernaturally, and in a twinkling of an eye, we

would catch up the rest in the front lines. Somehow I knew the wind was coming back to get me, but she was not able to ride the wind like I could, but if she hung onto me, she would be caught up with me. She nodded "okay" and just as I spoke it, it came to pass, that we were both caught up in this powerful wind again, and in a twinkling of an eye, we were back in the front lines. My heart was pounding, I knew we made it by the skin of our teeth, and I was so happy that we made it! It was only then when I was back in rank with the rest that I had been caught up with , did I realize where I had been, and what I had just accomplished! And I began to tremble. I looked over at the woman I had just rescued, she looked very bad. She still had some of that white powdery stuff on her eyes, she was wearing outdated clothing that smelled musty and old; her hair was all tangled up for she had no time to comb it; and for certain, I knew she had not bathed in years, nor brushed her teeth in many, many moons. I thought, 'Who would want her? And why was I sent back to rescue her? The scripture popped into my mind: "What is man, that You are mindful of him? And the son of man, that You visit him?" (Psalm 8:4). I WAS AWAKENED! Andre Niemand's Dream: October 6, 1973 In my dream I was in a house. I stood in the kitchen and I was looking through a window and noticed that the night was very dark. Then I saw people that ascended into the sky. Those that were caught up to God and His throne were outside of their houses. I saw them in a distance outside the city. Those

who ascended into the sky shone like polished gold and they were very few in number. I saw them afar

off and they appeared like small shining golden bars lifting-

off into the dark sky of the night ascending higher and higher. They were the only glittering objects, the only light in the pitch black sky of the night. I was utterly disappointed because I was not counted worthy to be among the ascending ones. I knew I was not ready and God in His righteousness had treated me justly. Then I woke up. Dream from Anonymous: October 25, 1997 I dreamt I was driving home, alone in a Volkswagen van, down a country road bordered by farmland. Ahead of me on either side lining the road were large eucalyptus trees. I looked ahead of me and saw a beautiful house that sat on the right hand side of the road just before the line of eucalyptus trees started. As I was looking at the house I saw, with my peripheral vision, to the left, on the horizon, what appeared to be a eucalyptus tree that was so large it reached all the way from the horizon as far into the sky as I could see. (I could see this far because the land was very flat.) When I looked closer I saw that it wasn't a tree at all but thousands of people in white moving up into the sky. I knew it was the rapture and I was terrified. I slammed on the brakes; the van turned end over end. I remember thinking, 'I should be hurt or killed' but instead I was standing on the side of the road with my arms in the air crying out to Jesus. Then I woke up, very shaken. I went downstairs to ask God what the dream meant. I couldn't understand why I was not in the rapture because I know I am a Christian. God showed me that on the side of the van was written the word 'carnality'. Then He reminded me of the Parable of the Ten Virgins. He told me several things and said, Do not listen to Satan's whispers. There are not many days left.

Marinas Dream: June 13, 2012 I dreamt I had a mansion on a hill that overlooked the ocean. One moment I was inside the house and the next moment outside. It was a sunny day and the weather was pleasant. All of a sudden I saw water from the ocean flooded the urban area beneath the hill. Then the water started to rise fast and it seemed if it would rise to a level where it will overflow even my house that is situated on an elevated hill. Great fear got hold of me as I saw myself alone against this rising water flood. Just as it seemed that the water would overflow me and my house an exceedingly tall angel came and stood between me and the water. I knew in my spirit it was Jesus. He was clothed in a white robe and He stood before me, towering into the beautiful blue sky. When I saw Him, I shouted with everything in me (all my trust, faith, hope in Him and my love for Him), Jesus save me, I love you so much. It was an awesome feeling. One moment I was still terrified and the next moment I was overcome with deep worship toward Him. I knew in my spirit He would save me. The next moment He picked me up into His left hand and with His right hand brushed over my long hair and back. I knew in my spirit that when Jesus brushed over me with His right hand that I have received the seal of God and I knew I was totally saved from everything that belong to this broken world and my fallen nature. Then I woke up.

Prophecy: 2012 and 2013 and Beyond

Prophecy The word of this prophecy is based on portions of interpretations of some dreams and visions that we (school of prophets) mainly saw over the last three years. This prophecy contains no speculation or doctrine and everything said in this prophecy was seen in a vision(s) or a dream(s). This is the word of the Lord for which I am (Andre Niemand) accountable for: The Lord is about to do a great work in the earth and 2012 and 2013 will primarily be a time of preparation for a specific appointment with the Lord on sunset Friday, September 13, 2013. On the Day of Atonement 2013 the Lord will do something great and significant that will relate to the spiritual meaning of that day. I am trying to avoid, as far as possible, not to predict dates; however, I could not ignore the dates in this dream. On July 22, 2011, in a dream I heard a voice that said, I move the 7th October to 13th September. Then I woke up. I did not know if the One who was speaking meant He will bring the 7th October forward to 13th September 2011 or move the date onward to 13th September some other year in future. When I woke up I had no idea what the two dates meant. Janette Hatton, supplied me with information on Yom Kippur that enabled me to understand the riddle. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, falls on the Hebrew

calendar date of 10 Tishri. Here are the coinciding secular dates for upcoming years: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015: October 7-8 September 25-26 September 13-14 October 3-4 September 22-23

The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus all Yom Kippur observances begin at sundown on the first secular day listed, and concluded the following day at nightfall. Adding above information to the dream I can rephrase the message of the voice in my dream by saying, I move sundown 7th October 2011 to sundown 13th September 2013. The only message in this dream is that God emphasizes the Day of Atonement 2013 as an important date. The dream does not suggest what the Lord will do on the 13th September 2013 but because of the emphasis on it I believe He will do something significantly important on that day that relates to the meaning of the Day of Atonement. The date of this dream, sunset September 13, 2013 was confirmed to me by the vision Kim Beard saw more than three years before. She saw the universe and the earth. Then she saw a golden thick substance being poured from high up in space to the earth. The substance was covering the earth and it was beautiful and reminded her of a gift at the time. Then God spoke to her spirit in a still small voice and she heard, "Friday, September 13th." She knew in her heart that the date corresponded to the substance being poured upon the earth. The universe and the earth are heaven and earth. The golden substance covering the earth (human nature) refers

to the divine nature covering our mortal and imperfect human nature; the gold over the wood of the Ark of the Covenant. The Day of Atonement is about removal of the sin nature that Christ may live in us as a fulfillment and not just by faith. It means not only our spirit will be alive to God but also our body of death and our soul that is presently enmity against God. It is the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead that will quicken our mortal body (including our soul that lives in the blood of our body) that is currently dead because of sin. The golden substance that she perceived as a gift is the gift of divine life; the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken our mortal body to God. Friday, September 13th can only refer to 2013, because: September 13, 2008 was on a Saturday September 13, 2009 was on a Sunday September 13, 2010 was on a Monday September 13, 2011 was on a Tuesday September 13, 2012 will be on a Thursday September 13, 2013 will be on a Friday She knew that the date correspond to the substance being poured upon the earth. The Day of Atonement is the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar. It has everything to do with the removal of our sin nature; the gold poured on the earth. The symbolic meaning of the golden substance in the dream is the key to what God will do on that day. Does the content of the dreams exclusively relate to Yom Kippur 2013 or was it coincidence? The first dream makes it very clear that it exclusively refers to Yom Kippur 2013 because the secular date sundown of October 7, 2011 and sundown September 13, 2013 is both the commencing of Tishri 10, the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).

You may want to interpret the golden substance differently than I do but just remember that the Day of Atonement has to do with the removal of sin,

so, the golden substance has to feature strongly in the meaning of atonement and relate specifically to the Day of Atonement.
The Day of Atonement is about the removal of the sin nature. Passover and the Day of Atonement differ in that Christ died for us as Passover Lamb that we may live in Him, while the Day of Atonement is about we die that Christ may live in us. Our dying daily is our preparation in hope that the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken, our mortal sinful bodies, to God as fulfillment of the Day of Atonement. Though the dream did not reveal the details of what God is going to do on that day some dreams give us hope that it may be the time of our adoption, the redemption of our body. We are saved in this hope; hope that is seen is not hope but fulfillment. (Romans 8:23-24). Whatever the Lord is going to accomplish or do during that time, we must focus all our faith on Him, in hope to be partakers of the Lords doing. This preparation is not a normal preparation as we have witnessed in another dream we had while we were preparing this prophecy. In the dream we (my son [Oleg] and me [Marina]) had to go on a journey from our motherland (life in this flesh) to my adopted country, my husbands country (life in the Spirit; Isaiah 54:5). In my own country I (Marina) did not feel welcome but thoughts of my adopted country witnessed in my spirit that it was home and it brought me much peace. I was well dressed (spiritually prepared). I still had to pack my luggage. My room (life) was in disorder as I was busy packing my bags. The Messenger of the Lord asked me where my ticket, passport, documentation and money were. I told him in my save. He asked me for the key while his helpers help me to bring order in my room and help me to organize everything so that I may have a smooth trip. He brought me all necessary documentation that I may have everything at hand to make a smooth and an orderly trip possible. He also gave my son his documentation; he is

responsible for his own preparation. He reminded me that our airplane would leave at 3h00 am (dark times). Because of the artificial lighting inside the house I did not know the time of the day (l did not discern the times that I should know what I ought to do). I thought there were still lots of hours before flight time. I contemplated whether I should drive; take a bus or a taxi to the airport. Then the messenger of the Lord informed me that he has already ordered our taxi, for he did not want us to miss our flight. I knew he will have to leave shortly because he has more assignments to do. Then he told me to wait for our taxi. I never realized it was so late. Then he was about to leave; I hug him while I was crying saying, "You are the only one that truly care for me. You always help me. May I contact you again if I will be in need of you?" He sincerely smiled at me and His body language reflected a resounding yes. Then He gave me some money. I looked outside of the house and saw that it was very dark, not even a street light was shining. I was aware of people walking in the darkness; I did not trust them and I was frightened. However, my greatest concern was not to miss my taxi. Then I woke up. This dream urges us to be ready at a specific time (my flight that will depart at 3h00, indicates a specific time). The only specific time mentioned in this prophecy is sunset September 13, 2013. So, that is the specific time of our preparation. This preparation will go beyond anything we have done before; it is preparation for an appointment at a specific time during difficult times (3h00 is a dark period of the morning [difficult time]). The number three (3h00) denotes divine completion or perfection but in this dream it refers to a divine appointment (departure of flight). Though we may be spiritually prepared (well dressed) for what the Lord will have for us during that time, we can still miss it. After we have done everything we still need to have a relationship with the Lord where we are totally dependent on Him (He brought order to our final preparation that we may have a smooth trip, not missing

the flight) and trust Him to supply all our need (He gave me money). To yield to the work of the Lord in you brings order in your life. If you walk and live in the Spirit you will come under the rule of divine order. Everyone will be responsible for his own preparation (my son had to take care of his own preparation) however it will not be in isolation. It does not matter how prepared we think we are, we can do nothing without Him and cannot do without each other (his servants helped us). We need to know His voice and follow Him wherever He leads us to ensure order in our preparation, that we may not miss our "flight." Even if we do not discern the times (I did not know the time of the day) we can make it if we know His voice and follow Him obediently when He speaks. We also need one another (his helpers help me to bring order in my room, to see that my trip will go smooth) to bring order in our preparation for this transition. The Lord revealed Himself in the dream as the servant of servants (us); we must also be servants of one another. The darkness symbolizes adverse times and the people in the darkness the workers of unrighteousness. We must not be distracted by difficult times or workers of unrighteousness but we must wait on the Lord, praying and watching for the taxi (the Lord), the vehicle that will take us to our flight (the airplane; Spirit of God [Father]) that will transport us into the heavens. The dream suggests that carelessness about little detail can cause us to miss out (miss our flight). In a dream we have seen this preparation is as serious as to prepare to go to heaven. Elijah, knew the time of his departure and so will we or do we already know that time? This is not the coming of Jesus because nobody knows the hour but the Father. This is our adoption the redemption of our body. In a dream we have seen that not many paid attention to this message but those who did received it, received it like children and they that were prepared were sealed with the seal of God. When the sons of God will be adopted, which is the redemption of their body (Romans 8:23) some who preached the kingdom of God and sonship will be rejected

because they preached the message but did not walk in the spirit of Yom Kippur. Their lives were too important for them to lay it down to become humble servants in the kingdom of God; they were rejected. Many of those that we do not regard as so "spiritual" as us will be the sons; they are the humble and obedient servants of the Lord. Those who forgave much and loved with mercy and turned away from their selfishness, solely to serve the kingdom of God, will receive crowns of glory and thrones of dominion while many carnal Christians will die in the tribulation and others will recant their faith in God and Jesus Christ; some of whom preached the message of the kingdom of God. It is appointed for man to die one time and thereafter the judgment. If you lay down your soul life for Christs sake you will live and not die again. If you hold on to your soul life, you will lose it, most probably during the great tribulation, when God will judge His church and then the nations. In the one dream God has shown us that the next major event will be the judgment of the Church (1 Peter 4:17). He will not rapture a carnal people because the foolish virgins will not be guests at the marriage feast of the Lamb. God will purge away all her dross, and take away all her tin in the fire of affliction. Now is the time of deep repentance to adapt to what is coming. Many dreams indicate that now is a time of preparation, whereof at least three dreams indicate a special preparatory period of two years; 2012/2013 will mainly be a time of preparation for the last battle of the ages. This is preparation to endure to the end. Some of us are already engaged in the ongoing battle. What we are currently experience will seem like light skirmishes in comparison with what will come. True preparation is an ongoing thing that came over centuries but the Lord, at the end of this age, has intensified our training seven fold and it will not stop until we shall beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning-hooks. Most of us are totally unprepared for what is coming. We are

unprepared because we are unrepentant and asleep; therefore, we will endure the discipline of the Lord. Many Christians will be unprepared during the great tribulation and some will recant their faith in Christ while many from the world will convert to Christ (great harvest of souls). It was clear in one dream that it will not be so much about being a Christian or not but having the guts to hate and resist evil and injustice of the world system from the depth of your spirit. You need to hate what God hates and love what He loves with intensity of spirit. Those that will recant their faith will do so because they will not be prepared to give up their lives for Christs sake if required and also those that will be deceived in taking the mark of the Beast. In a dream we saw Christians stood in file and one by one they had to recant their faith in God or be shot, assaulted or suffer imprisonment. We were amazed by how many, because of fear, were recanting their faith in the Lord. The most appropriate preparation is to die to self and to serve Christ without complaint, obeying the Holy Spirit in the fear of God. In the one dream death to self was called the "Paul conversion" as if converting a vehicle (carnal life) into a super vehicle (life in the Spirit). The Paul conversion is, "I have been crucified with Christ;

it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." (Galatians 2:20).
In the dream if your vehicle of ministry did not undergo the "Paul conversion" it is not moving, but static. Those in the Church that hang on to their selfishness, and have not become humble obedient servants of God, living in the fear of the Lord, having only His interests at heart, will be severely disciplined and tested during the coming trials.

The coming of Anti-Christ is nearer than we think. Many in the Church are sleeping, so incapacitated, that you can do anything with them. They were put to sleep by irresponsible "shepherds" (hirelings) that cannot discern their way out of a paper bag, trying to lead the flock of the

Lord. They themselves will not enter the kingdom of God and they lead the little ones of the Lord to the slaughter. Woe, to you, for you gather for yourselves as a treasure the fiery judgments of God. Then there are those, Christians that major in anything except the kingdom of God. One dream shows many Christians "follow the moves" of Anti-Christ (so called prophetic research) so closely as if that one is the secretary of Anti-Christ, instead of following the Lamb wherever He leads. Majoring in minor issues will distract us and we will miss the kingdom of God. The negative message of the great tribulation is a revelation of Jesus Christ as Righteous Judge. All negative events, including Anti-Christ are some of Gods instruments of judgment. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne, therefore, He judge righteously that He may establish justice in the earth as it is in heaven. The kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I believe the season of Anti-Christ will be after 2013. He will operate mainly through deception and fear. The Holy Spirit gave us three major dreams of Anti-Christ during 2011. Thus, the Holy Spirit emphasized the importance to be prepared when Anti-Christs reign of terror will be introduced. One of our dreams revealed that Anti-Christ is much closer than we think. Nobody will be able to stop or delay his purposes because God will grant him, his season to fill up the cup of unrighteousness. It will cause hardship of tribulation to the church of the Lord and also the torment of despotic rule to the world. The great tribulation at the end of the age is the great harvest of everything that man has sown, both good and evil and men will reap whatever they have sown. I was told that it will not be possible to escape Anti-Christ. The sons of God will not experience the tribulation as something severe but as an event of the great harvest of souls at the end of the age. The evil authorities of the day will have no control over

them or any effect on them. Others will die for Christ but the Lord will preserve a remnant. Many will recant their faith in Christ and it will be marked by a period of betrayal where it will be extremely difficult to trust anybody. It will be the time of the great apostasy. Because of fear many will bow to worship Anti-Christ. It will also be a time that many in the world will resist the abuse of Anti-Christ and will refuse to give up their freedom and hundreds of millions of those will convert to Christ. The impression in one dream was that God will use the great tribulation as a tool for not only to purify the Church but for the greatest harvest of human souls that the earth will ever witness. Prophetic confusion will increase. Many misinterpret dreams, visions and try to reconcile mysteries in Scripture to their pet doctrines as some are not true prophets or seasoned Bible scholars but they are saints that move beyond their anointing. There are other "prophets" that love to forecast the future based on what they see in the news, economic trends and just plain gut feel. They call it prophecy and call themselves prophets of the Lord. They love to prophesy to support some pet doctrine or prophesy some sermon that has ripened in their heart. Some want to be noticed by people and steal prophecies of others to impress their "audience"; stealing sometimes even "prophecies" that are off and make others to believe it is confirmation. Some people of the Lord are so confused that they like this confusion and call it prophetic revival. You who prophecy from your own spirit, you have not heard from the Lord because the Lord has not send you and the Lord will judge you less you repent. This practice will increase that is why the Lord will judge these "prophets" as they rebel against the Lord for they let the people of the Lord believe in lies. The Lords prophetic words through all ages were always spot on but these "prophecies" are carnal speculation. These "prophets", the Lord calls the tail; preach lies that prevent the people of the Lord to prepare for the future. They tell them God will rapture a lukewarm church; blasphemous words because

they do not perceive the holy character of the All Mighty. They make Him a liar when Peter emphatically said that the judgment of God will start at the house of the Lord. The Lord will held ministries accountable on how they spend funds, monies and resources they have received from their partners and tithes and offerings from their congregations. I saw in a dream that moderate living is the standard. I saw the house of a minister; the living area was not too big, just what was needed, and so the rest of the house. Their personal space was sufficient according to their need. The furniture was old yet stylish. It is symbolism of how resources management in the Church should be executed. You should allocate resources and funds according to your daily need unless you steal from the work of the Lord and the work of the Lord suffers. The bulk of the money should be used to be invested in people. To misuse monies that are meant for the kingdom of God is just as ungodly as when the Government mismanages taxpayers money. The Lord will hold you accountable. One night I was in prayer and suddenly in a trance witnessing three visions. I saw a black model-T Ford that was moving, not on a road but in pastures, going nowhere but moved in strange circles as if nobody was behind the steering wheel. It is a picture of the Church Age movement that came to an end (Model-T Ford is obsolete); they are just moving in programs to show off but have no direction. They are going nowhere because they has not undergone the "Paul Conversion." The black color suggests tradition (Model-T Fords were only available in black) and unbelief. This is the last convulsions of the old movement of God; He will take away the old to establish the new thing He is building now. Then I saw myself in a house prophesying to the people in the house saying, "If this house will not repent the judgment of God will come upon you." This is the situation of the Church that Christ is going to judge to prepare for

Himself a bride without spot or wrinkle and also that she will not be judged with the world. Then I saw a huge Boeing that came in to land on an airstrip. I asked the following question: "Is the Lord Jesus Christ on the airplane?" A voice answered me and said, "Yes, he is number 39." It means the Lord is coming in a new movement of His Spirit with healing in His wings. We have also seen a vision of a coach which was filled with all gifts of the Holy Spirit suggesting in the coming revival all nine gifts will be in operation contrary to an emphasis on just certain gifts of the Holy Spirit as in past revivals. There may be other revivals but I refer to the last great outpouring that will last until the Lord comes. A prophetic friend of mine had a dream on Rosh Hashanah 2011 where he saw the coming of apostles. He saw them as they came from the past and moving into the future. It means they will come with the strength and pioneering spirit (saw the statue of David Livingstone in Zambia) of the original pioneers in great power and authority because he saw with them the Ark of the Covenant and the staff of Aaron. It is the time when miraculous prophetic powers will manifest. Two dreams suggest that we must exercise ourselves in the miraculous and in faith. Many (most) today that call themselves apostles are not apostles set in office. In a dream I saw during hard times of persecution and economic decay various ministries that will come to an end. They will not be prepared for what is coming. They do not track with the Lord to adjust to kingdom changes. Now is the time to adjust to what is coming by knowing the mind of the Lord in all our ways. I saw them like airplanes (congregations) and helicopters (ministries and ministry teams) falling out of the sky after I have heard engine noises.

We had a dream where we saw our words were indeed not our words but the words of God. Our words condemned multitudes of people to hell. The word of the Lord will judge you in the last day. And also, the saints shall judge the world. I never knew that our judging the world will be in this way. When the young prophet told me his dream it shocked me to the core of my being. Christians must pray for people before speaking the word of the Lord to them. All Christians should pray for those that hear them lest they may be judged by their words on the last day. It should be our aim that the "mortality rate should be reduced to the bare minimum. We saw spiritual fathers mourning the youth. The Lord told me that there are only 2% true fathers today. It is at least ten times too little to father our next generation to maturity. A Global Economic Collapse is eminent. I am not sure how many waves of economic recession will come before the final collapse? However, we have seen the last two destructive waves that will hit Wall Street; that will be the final blow. The first wave will be severe but just as the wealthy thought they have survived the economic onslaught, immediately thereafter a final destructive blow will totally wipe out the economic system. In the dream we have seen the whole New York under water (total economic destruction). Then we saw only a high tower in the midst of the destruction. In that day the Lord alone will be a high tower. What has all this end-time stuff to do with 2012 and 2013? Much, emphasis is placed on preparation for the last battle and preparation to exercise ourselves in the miraculous. While I was preparing this prophecy, I felt all the time that the time is running out and that there is little time to prepare and no time to waste.

Why 2012 and 2013 and not just 2012? Some dreams suggests two years of specialized preparation and one dream and one vision (Kim Beards vision) training to be ready on Friday, September 13, 2013 (the Day of Atonement [Yom Kippur] 2013) when, we believe, the Lord will do something significantly important that will relate to the spiritual meaning of Yom Kippur. The date in the dream was confirmed by a similar vision from Kim Beard, somebody I did not know at the time of her vision.

For we know in part and we prophecy in part (1

Corinthians 13:9). NOTE: Dreams, visions and prophecy are given by the Holy Spirit to reveal the strategic or tactical will of the Lord and for intercession and prayer purposes, and not for imparting doctrine. The Christian Bible is complete and sufficient for doctrine and no additions, subtractions or alterations will come from God. All Scriptures is given

by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly prepared for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17).