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Recruitment Process & Guidelines

Preamble To ensure that right man is available for the right job at the right time Sources of Recruitment Press Advertisement Job Portal Placement Consultants Internal/External References

Advertisements to be released by Corporate HR on a quarterly basis. Indents for positions to be advertisements to be forwarded through respective HR in advance through their respective Group/regional heads List of placement consultants to be empanelled to forward by Regional/Business HR set-ups to the Corporate HR set-up for approval, updation and circulation to all concerned HR heads on a monthly basis along with the prescribed rates. Headhunting assignments to be in consultation with Business Heads/Corporate HR.

Approving Authorities No appointment to take place without an approved Manpower plan in Manpower plan to be approved by the MD (Corporate)/Business Head Level Recommending Appointing Authority Authority
Up to GMs VP & Above Functional Heads /City Heads at Regional/ Business/ Corporate level Regional Heads and their counterparts at Regional/ Business/ Corporate level

place as the case may be. Reviewing Authority for Confirmation/Salary Fixation/Salary Review

EVP s upwards MD(Corporate)/ Business Heads

Regional Heads and their MD(Corporate)/Business counterparts at regional/ Heads as the case maybe business/ corporate level MD(Corporate)/Business MD (Corporate)/Business Head as the case maybe Head in consultation with VC along with respective on need basis. All functional heads at confirmations in consultation Business /Corporate level as with VC the case maybe VC in consultation with respective heads

Recruitment Process Stage 1 Manpower Plan/Forecasting

Respective HR Heads for different Business Heads shall be responsible for recruitment matters as defined above for their respective Business Heads Manpower Plans for each Business Group/Region should be reviewed, approved and forwarded to Corporate HR latest by 15th April every year through respective HR Department for Business Heads/Regions. The said Manpower Plans should be duly signed & ratified by the respective Business Heads. Such manpower plans could be reviewed / updated quarterly (or earlier) depending upon the business exigencies.

Stage 2 New vacancies/Replacement vacancy New Vacancies Requisition for any new position(s) occurring during the year Details for the new position(s) [up to SGM Level] to be forwarded in prescribed format duly recommended by the Regional /Functional Head at the Business level as the case maybe The Business Heads, in consultation with concerned at Business level/Corporate level will approve the same. Once approved, the same shall be returned to the respective Regional HR/Business Group HR level for updation of Manpower Plan and necessary processing. Within a Week of the indent for new position

Replacement Vacancy To be processed by the Regional HR automatically unless informed otherwise Within one month of the coming up of the vacancy

Ref. : DLL/HR/Recrt._Process/Oct06

Stage -3 Forwarding /Screening of applications fro new/replacement budgeted vacancies Applications against all the vacancies shall be forwarded by the concerned HR to the respective functions heads working at various regions/business /Corporate level

Time frame

Within one week of the receipt of requisition for filling the vacancy or its occurrence Within one week of the receipt of applications from HR Time frame Within 3 days of the receipts of screened applications On the same day on which meeting is scheduled by Functional Head But not later than one week of the interview with the Regional Head Time frame Within 3 days from the date of final interview

Respective functional heads working at various regions/business group/corporate level shall screen the applications forwarded to them and shall return the same back to respective HR Responsibility Recommending Authority as spelt out above

Stage-4 Selection Interviews Stages Preliminary Interviews

Final Interviews

Appointing Authority as spelt out

Appointment stages Salary negotiations to be concluded on the day of the final interview Approval to the taken from the concerned authority Forwarding papers for antecedent verification(unless in specified cases nonavailability of report should not hold up issue of Offer letter) Issuance of Letter of Offer (to be issued on verification of all relevant documents)

General Guidelines Antecedent Verifications (PreEmployment reference check)

Pre-Employment reference check to be carried out by local agencies (to be identified and approved at corporate level). (Random cross check will be carried out by Corporate HR) Probe Guidelines: It is mandatory to get antecedent verification report from our listed investigating agency. We need to ensure the following so that the process becomes meaningful: Requistion in prescribed form for the reports should be given immediately on his shortlisting. Ensure regular weekly follow up for pending reports on e-mails. Normal delivery of reports should be within 10 days of dispatch All reports received must be read by the BU HR Heads and discrepancy in reports be pointed out immediately to the Agency for correction and updation. No bills should be cleared if the reports are incomplete and cover only one single company Proper record of date of receipt of report be maintained In case of delay in reports beyond stipulated dates spelt out in the requisition form an amount of 25% be deducted. All pending bills be cleared every month along with payroll processing
Ref. : DLL/HR/Recrt._Process/Oct06

Pre-Employment medical check-up Joining time

All the new recruits are compulsorily required to undergo a medical check-up before their joining in the company as per policy. Joining time of the candidates should generally not exceed 15 days from the date of issue of the letter of offer but may extend up to a month only in exceptional cases. Reimbursement of notice pay to the previous employer will be allowed to the candidates subject to the commitment made at the time of issue of Offer letter and will be subject to production of relevant documentary support. Joining formalities should be carried out at regional levels/business levels according to standard processes already defined A structured induction program which communicates corporate goals, policies, procedures and thus assists the socialization into organization values and culture. Site visits will also be arranged for the same. Category Duration 2 days 3 days 3 days (Customized) Induction Coordinated By HRD Department HRD Department HRD Department Functional Head

Joining Formalities Induction

For Officers to CM DGM to SVP EVP & above Other employees

Inductions for employees up to the level of Chief Mangers will be carried out locally by concerned HR Heads and for employees at the level of DGM & above it will be conducted as per laid down guidelines

Reimbursement of charges to Outstation candidates

Outstation candidates called for interview shall be reimbursed to & fro fare, within a week, by means of a cheque only on production of ticket(s). Entitlements in this regard will be as under: Up to DM : 2nd Class Train/Bus Fare (to & fro) [for candidates at AM/DM level Eco-Class Air-Fare (to & fro) may be allowed with special approval only] 1st Class/ 2nd AC Train Fare (to & fro) or [Eco. Class Air-fare (to & fro) with ex post facto approval]

Mgrs. upwards

To & fro Taxi/Auto fare from Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stand to DLF Office will also be reimbursed at reasonable rates.

Ref. : DLL/HR/Recrt._Process/Oct06


Salary bands defined for the positions to be adhered to by local HR teams and exceptions to be brought forward to notice of Corporate HR prior to finalisation. Local HR teams must indicate source of recruitment on every application form. Observations /comments./recommendations/reasons for rejection must be recorded on each application form by HR and interview panellists and the same should be signed off No appointment at the level of Below Officers to take place on Cos rolls except when already forecast in the budget and that too only on a Fixed Term Contract basis All VIP reference cases to be routed / cleared at Corporate HR with approval of MD(Corporate/Business Head) Appointment of relatives of employees to be done only with permission and shall be routed through Corporate HR with approval of MD(Corporate0/Business Head Salary fixations to be done by respective HR teams in consultation with approving authority in accordance with existing salary bands to be provided by Corporate HR only. Exceptions to be brought forward to Corporate HR who put up recommendation to Concerned Appointing /reviewing Authority Monthly MIS on all appointments etc be forwarded to Corporate HR Appointment of Retainers/Advisors(at all levels) to be done only in consultation with Business All bills relating to Induction/Travel (to & fro)/Medical (PreEmployment)/Consultant/Probe bills will be cleared by respective HR Head of various Businesses in accordance with laid down policy/rate/limits. Monthly MIS to be forwarded to Corporate HR. These guidelines are indicative and subject to review modifications and amendment keeping in view the changing business requirements

Amendment/Modificati ons

Ref. : DLL/HR/Recrt._Process/Oct06