Reasons why I love you...

Well it’s been 4 month... and possibly the best 4 month of my life. I have REALLY wanted to tell you how much I love you but there were too many reasons... so I created a list. 125 reasons why I love you-and every reason is a day we have been together. 125 DAYS OMG haha seriously it’s flown by. So yeah this is my list simply to prove a point- That I love you more. Lets begin...
I love you because you smell nice. It’s not just a clean, aftershave smell, nor just your raw sexy man smell. It’s just the magic combination of it all. I love you because you can make me smile effortlessly. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s just because you have a really warm smile, or because you’re just so damn cute. But you’re contagious grins always makes my day. While we’re on the subject of your smile, I also love you because you’ve got the best laugh in the world too. Not too high-pitched, nor too reminiscent of an old man’s cough. Just warm and hearty and carefree. I love you because you are incredibly stubborn. So stubborn, even you are aware of this. But this trait of yours also happens to be a favourite of mine. And although many would find this imperfection difficult to live with, it makes you all the more real and special to me. I love you for all of your perfections and imperfections. I love you because of how very brave you can be. You inspire me everyday to take chances and not be scared of the results. You teach me that life isn’t meant to be spent in our comfort zones. I love you because if I tell you something upsetting or personal about myself or my family, you don’t treat me like some poor little helpless soul. You offer support, and are always willing to listen. But you don’t make me feel as though I should be ashamed of anything. I love you because you are open with your emotions with me, even though you aren’t so with many others.

Without fearing seeming too direct or insinuative. you still know how much I care. everything in my life becomes the best of everything. I love you because when you tell me I’m beautiful. Because we both just know that not only can we last long enough to have a future together-but we will. I love you because your eyes are not only beautiful for aesthetic reasons. but when you look me in the eyes I feel like you know me better than anyone else. I love you because being with you. I love you because you believe in me. I love you because I’m your blanket and you’re my pillow. I love you because we’re both not afraid of being “uncool”. It’s the thought of you that encourages me to crawl out of bed with a smile on my face each morning. I love you because you’re okay with wasting a whole morning just cuddling in bed with me. I love you because you know I love you.I love you because we can talk about our future together comfortably. I love you because I really really really really miss you.. like deciding to just tell the universe where to shove it by meeting up for a random date the next day. And a little part of me breaks away from my shy. and just being ourselves around each other. self-conscious. I love you because I don’t have to be perfect to be perfect for you. I can tell you mean it. I love you because even if you deserve and could easily have better. Loving you helps me learn to love myself. I love you because I love your laugh lines. disbelieving self and feels as though it can believe you. you still choose and love me everyday. ♥ I love because you love me and we argue over who loves each other the most. . I love you because you’re what inspire the sun to rise each morning. I love you because you bring me back to earth when I start stressing out. I love you because even when I’ve failed to provide more recent reasons for my affection.. I love you because you’re willing to go through with spontaneous plans with me. I love you because you’re my prince in shining armour everyday. I love you because you surprise me with how incredibly romantic you can be without breaking character. I feel as though I get to see a special side of you meant for no one else.

I love you because if you were to magically turn into a shrimp. I love you because even though I sometimes hate the way the world can be. . Even though I detest seafood. I’d still want to kiss you. You’re the only song on my playlist. I love you because I don’t want to be the centre of anyone’s attention but yours. I love you because even though the distance and time apart seems so much harder after each visit. I stop myself and realize that the world can’t be that bad if you’re a part of it. I love you because I know that even if I was deaf. I love you because your love is a song..I love you because you are capable of anything.. Sacrifices made for love. Your love is my song. you’d still love me just the same. I love you because loving you brings me to realize why people do crazy things for love sometimes…such as jumping off a boat or throwing high end jewellery into the ocean. Not just a song. my love for you grows more and more with each passing moment.

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