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Tree Erin Wasson at the 2012 CFDA After Party

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Models and Their Dogs (Update)
MONDAY IN TREE TIMES we introduced you to tree Kate Moss’ new Staffordshire Cross dog, Archie, and how he’s forcing Kate to hire a dog trainer—now Archie is affecting Kate’s style, causing her to reconsider wearing her towering heels. Kate tells British magazine Grazia, “So I’ve got a dog and the dog’s making me more day. It’s a nightmare. You can’t do a dog in a heel! I have to rethink everything. You can’t walk a dog in a heel. You look ridiculous.” Grazia also asked Kate if becoming a spouse has affected her fashion sense and she said, “No! Definitely not! He would go mental if I started dressing like a wife! No! He likes me when I’m a rock ‘n’ roll kind of girl.” —KEVIN SSAB

Moulding Kate Moss
FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER NICK KNIGHT, Director of SHOWstudio.com, tweeted this photo this using Instgram with caption: “First part of the Kate Moss sculpture, being prepared to make the mould .” —KEVIN SSAB

Liu Wen’s Off-Duty Routine
MARIE CLAIRE ASKED TREE LIU WEN about her off-duty routine; discussing clothes, designers, fashion shows, and her style icon, tree Kate Moss. Liu Wen tells Marie Claire that her everyday essentials are a big bag and a travel size container of Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture crème, she can’t live without a little blush on her cheeks, and her go-to piece is a leather jacket! —KEVIN SSAB Read the whole interview at http:// au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/ fashion/news/article/-/13930001/5-minuteswith-liu-wen-global-spokesmodel-estaeelauder/

Anja Rubik Isn’t Shy About Sex or Her Sexuality
ANJA RUBIK HAS BEEN INVOLVED WITH 25 MAGAZINE SINCE 2009—With her relaunch of 25 Magazine the new issue is shot entirely by women featuring photos by Inez van Lamsweerde, Annie Leibovitz, Ellen von Unwerth, and Paola Kudacki—on Wednesday she will launch the magazine with a party at Palais Bulles. In an interview Rubik speaks with Style. com about sex verses sensuality, men verse women, and the lessons she’s learned as a newly minted editor. As the Creative Director of 25 Magazine

Rubik states that the magazine concentrates on determined and

it and people are open about it, the healthier it is. Any closure or keeping it secretive creates a lot of problems.” Additionally, Anja pronounces that 25 was inspired by the magazine Viva from the seventies, Playboy from the seventies, and Penthouse from the seventies. “It’s the new 69! It’s the woman version of 69. I’m into numerology, and it’s a very powerful.” Rubik replied when Tree Anja Rubik last night on her way to her birthday dinner asked what the name ambitious women, kind of disappeared,” 25 means to her. who are very Rubik tells Style.com. —KEVIN SSAB comfortable with Rubik’s perspective themselves and their of sex is that it is, sexuality. When “something really thinking about the fun, and the more vision of 25 she you speak about

observed how sex, nudity, and bodies are approached nowadays. “Erotica


ON WEDNESDAY US WEEKLY confirmed that tree Gisele Bundchen is about “three months” pregnant—An anonymous source told the magazine “They are really happy!” Referring to Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady. Additionally, a number of Brazilian newspapers, including Epoca, IG, and Agora Sao Paolo have reported the rumor, stating that Bundchen asked Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci to make her Met Gala dress roomy enough to accommodate her growing midsection. Moreover, Fashionolgo.com states, “a spokesperson for Bundchen would neither confirm nor deny the rumor saying that it went against policy to comment on Bundchen’s personal life. The model’s representation was similarly reticent in 2009 when they declined to comment about Bundchen’s first pregnancy.” —KEVIN SSAB


Erin Wasson Rides Bareback
IN AN INTERVIEW WITH DETAILS MAGAZINE, Texas-born tree Erin Wasson discusses going from the runway to the big screen. In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Wasson plays a vampire named Vadoma. In the film Wasson does some horseback riding and when Darrell Hartman from Details asked if she’d ever had a bad experience with a horse Wasson replies referring back to an experience in Uruguay two years ago—“I’d never been on a polo pony before. They’re trained to be quite aggressive—not the kind of horses where you’re like, “Oh, let me go for a joyride.” But of course I went for a joyride. Next thing I knew he was jumping and rearing and I Supermanned right off him. All the gauchos came running. They were like, “You okay, señorita?” I’m like, “Yeah, I’m good. Let’s drink tequila.” Hartman then goes on to ask if Wasson’s always had a thing for the ponies—and yes she has—“Since I was a little girl. I grew up in a culdesac in Irving, Texas, twenty minutes outside Dallas. Every year at Christmas I would run outside and look in the vacant lot across the street, thinking there was going to be a horse with a big red bow on it. Just last week I was riding bareback on the beach in Santa Barbara, thinking, “It doesn’t get better than this—a wild beast between your legs.” —KEVIN SSAB

Read more of this waggish interview at http://www.details.com/celebritiesentertainment/ women/201206/erin-wasson-model-vampire#ixzz1xd0vLXuP

tree talk

Kevin Ssab As a model, how have you seen the modeling industry evolve over the years— what role do models play in the fashion industry? Elayna Lopez The modeling industry has reached a point where now unusual models with unique features and models with tattoos are being accepted. The role of models is to get the consumer to buy the product. Kevin Being a part of the new generation what is your opinion of the modeling industry? Can you remember the first time you thought about modeling—are their things or ways of doing things that models do that inspired you? Elayna This generation is all about people wanting to be seen and famous whether it’s through TV, movies, modeling, music videos. I believe that adds to why the modeling industry is so diverse now. I thought about modeling when I was 16—I’m a classical ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dancer so I lived in mirrors and knew how my body worked. And not really, I would say I find my inspiration through art. Kevin Are there designers who inspire you? Elayna Yes, Daniel Palillo, JC de Castelbajac, Jeremy Scott, and Dsquared. Kevin What do you find to be most interesting about your job? Elayna What I find most interesting about modeling is that I can be whoever I want to be in front of the camera based on what type of looks I have on. I enjoy playing dress-up and getting into a character. Kevin How are women exemplified in the modeling industry—in what ways are culture represented—does the modeling industry reveal constructive and positive values for women? Elayna It’s a little bit on the iffy side for me. The agencies do not sign a lot of petite or plus sized women and they don’t have a big variety of minority models. Where is the realness? Kevin Do you feel as if there are codifications in the modeling industry in terms of belonging? Elayna You just have to know how to “work it” and be on top of your game! Kevin What message do you feel the modeling industry and fashion magazines—fashion photography communicates? Do you feel as if the commercialism has an impact on the modeling industry? Elayna The goal is to sell the item that the model is modeling to fashionistas who buy these magazines the models are in. Kevin How would you describe your style—is it easy to be so daring? Elayna My style is all over the place sometimes. I’m a mix of rock-n-roll, punk, 80 / 90s fly girl / boyish girl meets bombshell greaser chick. I just buy whatever catches my eye / interest and throw it on.


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