This thing called love

We all have felt love before. It is sweet and nice to love and be loved. Except that our reasons for love and the objects of our love are definitely different. Some people love persons, but others love things, games and sports. There are animal lovers too. The subject of love is as delicate as it could be. Love is one of the most talked about subject anywhere in the world, even though, the interpretations might be different. Love one another, we hear. Let there be love among you. Love your neighbour as yourself, is common in the world‟s vocabulary. However, just as we are all different in many, many ways, we sense and feel love much in the same way. But by and large, love is that expressive, often overpowering, lingering and emotionally numbing, but ironically explosive sensation you often feel for someone or something. It is the emotional longing and possessive feeling you have for someone or a thing. It is one of the strong, if not the strongest emotions of our human experience. Love, can immobilize your ability to reason, and sometimes makes you do things you probably wouldn‟t do if you were offered the whole world. People fall in love every minute, everyday. I have heard one argument which holds that, one ought not to fall in love, but walk into it. You hear this statement often when sweet love turns sour – something love always does, even for some of the most passionate. You are a man. You see that beautiful woman. Her beauty as far as you are concerned is incomparable. You feel that strong urge to possess her. The feeling could be so strong that you get lost in a world of your own. You create this world for just the two of you. She is beautiful, and you want her for yourself. Any other competitor for the prize of your heart is a threat. A threat, an obstacle that must in some cases be cleared by any means possible. And perceived obstacles to love are sometimes cleared in the cruelest manner, just so you can get to experience and actualize your love. There you are, standing before her, so consumed by that thing called love. As you look into her eyes,

Men have bought houses. As he spoke. But we have seen and continue to see that even the most beautiful couple fall out of love. they have publicly declared their love. Come to think of it. “She wants out of the relationship”. Does it die? May be it dies. Now you can‟t see. I noticed a tear dropping out of his left eye slowly down his cheeks. He was furious. Couples divorce everyday. you love them so much that you could let them go. making you feel a sense of embarrassment – it happens. Kwame is my very good friend. or is it? I have heard it being said elsewhere that if you love someone. But one evening he came banging at my door. Your stomach churns and your heart beats faster. it is because they are loving someone else. whether you are a man or a woman. Some people are known to have thrown caution to the wind. Give expensive gifts to the men they love. Just check the records of the family get the adrenalin rush. just the two of them. you got it all wrong. Then you must be crazy. So. “What is it?. It has infected your brains and eventually blinded you. the married are expected to be the finest example of two people in love. Some people. Nothing could come between people in the early stages of their love affair. both men and women have also been known to have given some of the most expensive gifts to people they loved. if they want to. abandoned and left heart-broken – all in the name of love. out of this world gifts to their lovers. they fall out of love as swiftly as they fell in. But in the beginning lovers are always unstoppable. You can‟t see what is good for you. what has happened to love? Especially. some women would attempt to disfigure other women because they suspected them of interfering with their love. At least so we all thought. I remember this incident that stayed with my memory for a while. Yet some break their vows. He loved Priscilla. made covenants to stay in love forever . sports cars and sometimes.” I asked him. Some men may even kill and some have been reported to have killed other men for tampering with the object of their love. a merciless raging fire that consumes every bit of reasonableness in its path. to act in absolutely disgusting ways in the name of love. and the first time my friend cried before me. he cried. if you are a young lady. You could even be called crazy for being in love. Love has gone into your head. That‟s how strong love could be. “It is Priscilla”. telling every one else that they want to share their love together. Especially. It is hard to believe what love is capable of doing to the most religious and ardent observer of traditions. that part of the body throbs! But that‟s what this thing called love could do to you. he told me. your choice is not the best. shown disregard to binding rules and regulations guiding their conduct and rules to which they have consistently subjected themselves. confused and restless. It was the first time I had seen him cry. People have even vowed.till death. love that lights up at the resumption of a relationship. They would not budge. So. Some women have also been known to have done the same. he cried because of love. But do we? . The other lover is ditched. And when they do. Meanwhile. Sometimes a certain part of your anatomy would begin to throb. But your pick for love is the palm-wine taper‟s son. They ought to be because by tying the knot. They call it heels over head in love. But as it is your defence would be that you are consumed by love! Looks like love could be a consuming fire. full of promise and from a „good‟ and prestigious home. Not even when the whole world comes against them. so good that we shared so much with each other. “What about her?” came my immediate follow up question.

. platonic friendship. that is to say love is relational. Love has built nations. It is the expression of love that lets go. It is motherly. A mystery far beyond human comprehension. brotherly and sisterly. And it has been said that this is the most delicate function of love. this thing called love is the most beautiful expressive aspect of the human emotion. It is also the seal of friendship. It involves consummation. It is the expression of love that is physical. It is the feeling that makes you feel attached to your relatives and then also makes you want to make sacrifices for their well being. It endorses your sense of belonging to a family. It goes beyond being fond of someone and crosses all boundaries of privacy. or sacrificial. no one has been able to fully grasp the nature and meaning of love. it leads to pain and sometimes the pain can be very excruciating. longsuffering and does not pay back wrong doing.It has also been said that love is „Agape‟. fatherly. sharing and falling in love is very much part of our humanity. when it is shown in the right manner. but then again it is love that had destroyed some nations. Expressing. And the beauty of love comes forth strongly when it is expressed unconditionally. And then we are told that love can be „Eros‟ or romantic. It is patient. Love is also said to be „Filial‟. But to me. because when expressed without care and a good sense of judgement. I think love is a mystery. It is the feeling of devotion we have towards our blood relations. It gives without expecting anything in return. with the right person and at what can aptly be considered the right time.

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