Goal Orientation - Personal Goals


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Table of Contents Introduction Kick-Off Message About the Goal Orientation Team Creating a Personal Goal Goal Creation Page Repeating Steps Privacy controls Goal Detail Page Exercise 1: Creating a Personal Goal Adopting a Goal Goal Marketing Page Adopting a Goal Exercise 2 - Adopting a Goal Using your Personal Goal Index Page Sorting with Drag and Drop Goal Sections Active Recommended Completed Goals Archived Goal Stats Completed Need Action On Track Exercise 3 - Personal Goal Index Page Using the Goal Details Page Pop Up Command Menu Edit Goal Archive Complete Print Recommend Step List Step Notes Pop Up Menu Goal Board Exercise 4 - The Goal Detail Page Sending Goal Recommendations Exercise 5 - Recommended Goals


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
I’ve invited you to participate in a series of exercises which will help you to get to know the new Goals system a lot better. Each exercise focuses on a different aspect of the redesigned Goals. First, you will be referred to a document which summarizes a specific function or feature of the Goals system, then there will be some steps which walk you through the process, and finally there will be one or two questions which you’ll be asked to respond to using the goal detail page’s board. If you encounter any questions or issues along the way, please don’t hesitate to report it to me by sending email to web@eduguide.org.


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Kick-Off Message
Today I'm kicking off the first part of a series of online exercises which I've called "Goals Orientation." The exercises will serve three main purposes. First, it will help everyone get re-acquainted with the goal system. Our redesign introduced a number of changes and improvements, and I wanted a way to present all of them to the participants without making it too overwhelming. Second, as everyone uses the team and team goal system to complete the exercises, they will be using the new goal system as they learn about its improvements. Last of all, I am testing the teams to see how well they could be used to conduct a guided conversation or training. I’ve learned a lot by setting up the team this way, and hope to learn more as I observe others interacting with the exercises. All of the documentation is referenced in each goal/exercise, but just to get everyone going here is a link to a file containing all of the information: Goals Orientation Booklet If you have any questions about the Goal Orientation team, just contact me either via email or the team's board. If you encounter an issue while using the team or completing an exercise, please email a description to web@eduguide.org.


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
About the Goal Orientation Team
The Goal Orientation Team on EduGuide’s website is the place to go when you’re ready to try out the new goal system. Each section of the ebook is supported by a series of exercises which walk you through each part of the goal system and then ask you a brief question. Your participation in these exercises, as well as your responses to the questions, will help us to test out the new goal system and identify ways in which we can improve it in the future. The first place you should look once you’ve logged into the team is the Team Board. All of the exercises which are referenced in this book are listed on the board. I’ll also be using the Team Board to post announcements, additional exercises, or notes about changes to the information. You can manage the exercises by going to the Team Goal page, where the goals are listed. When you are ready to complete an exercise, adopt the corresponding goal and then follow the instructions. You can post your responses to the exercise questions on each appropriate board.


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Creating a Personal Goal
The process for starting a personal goal hasn’t changed in this version of Goals. You can create a new goal by navigating to your personal index, and then clicking the orange “Create New Goal” button towards the top. This will take you to the next page which will allow you to create the goal.

Goal Creation Page
The page you will be using to create a new goal has changed significantly. There are some familiar elements such as goal title, goal due date, and the ability to add steps. However, we’ve combined together the entire goal creation process into one page and added the ability to include a note with the goal or the step if you choose. Due dates are now optional starting with this new version of the goal system.

Repeating Steps
You can create steps which repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can enter in a number of occurrences for each repeating step or enter an end date. You can also set up a step so that it repeats on a specific day of the week.

Privacy controls
You can set who will be able to see your personal goal. Your options are Everybody, Coaches, Friends, Mentors, or only yourself.

Goal Detail Page
After you create the goal, you will be taken to the goal’s detail page where you will be able to update your steps or post comments on the board which is included towards the bottom of the page.

Exercise 1: Creating a Personal Goal
Go to the Goals Orientation team and complete Exercise one, "Creating a Personal Goal." ● ● Join Team Team members - Adopt Goal


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Adopting a Goal
There are two primary ways in which you can adopt a goal. You can search for a goal inside the EduGuide library, navigate to the goal’s detail page, and then adopt it by clicking on the “adopt” button. Or, if another EduGuide user who you are friends with is working on a goal that you would like to adopt, you can do so by viewing that goal’s detail page and then clicking “adopt.”

Goal Marketing Page
The goal detail page will give you the information that you need to have before deciding whether or not to adopt the goal. You can see the introduction and also the list of steps which are included with the goal.

Adopting a Goal
The goal adoption process is similar to goal creation, except that some of the fields will be prepopulated with information. Typically you will be able to edit the Step title and note, but not the goal title/notes. You can remove or add additional steps if you’d like, and you can also re-sort the steps.

Exercise 2 - Adopting a Goal
Visit the Goals Orientation Team and complete Exercise 2, "Adopting a Goal"


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Using your Personal Goal Index Page
Within your personal goal index page, there are several tools which makes it easy to manage your goals.

Sorting with Drag and Drop
Your goals are automatically listed in the order in which they are created or adopted, with the newest on the bottom and the oldest on the top. You can, however, re-sort your goals by clicking on the dark grey vertical lines to the far left of a goal’s row. As you hold down your mouse’s button, the goal will move up or down. You can, for example, move it towards the top of the page so that it is the very first goal that is listed.

Goal Sections
Your goal index includes additional sections where you can store goals which are in different states.

This is your default page, and the page where you will be able to view any goal which is active. A goal is considered to be active until it is marked complete, archived, or deleted.

When EduGuide members find a goal that they feel will help one of their friends on the site, they can send it to them as a goal recommendation. Recommended goals will appear under this tab. If you like the goal, you can click “adopt” to begin the adoption process. Once you’ve adopted the recommended goal, it will display under your active goal tab.

Completed Goals
Goals are stored inside your Completed Goals list after all of the steps are marked complete, or the goal itself is marked complete. You can always refer back to goals which were marked as complete and restart or delete them.

Goals which are archived are stored under this tab. You might want to archive a goal if you are going to be away from your computer for a while and need to put the goal in “pause.” You can always change the goal so that it is active again.

Goal Stats
There are numbers along the top of your goal index page which will give you an at-a-glance idea of where you stand with your goals.



Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
This tells you how many goals have been marked as complete. These goals will be stored under your “complete” tab.

Need Action
This number reflects the number of goals which have steps that have fallen behind their due dates.

On Track
This stat shows the number of goals which are on schedule for completion by their due dates.

Exercise 3 - Personal Goal Index Page
Visit the Goals Orientation Team and complete Exercise 3, "Using your Goal Index Page"


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Using the Goal Details Page
In the old system, goals were managed inside the Personal Goal Index. This changed when we rolled out our new version of Goals. Now when you update your goal’s steps you will need to navigate to that goal’s detail page. This section will walk you through the parts and functions of the goal detail page. There are three main areas of the goal detail page.

Pop Up Command Menu
You can use the pop-up command menu over on the upper right hand side of the page to perform several key functions.

Edit Goal
Click “Edit Goal” when you want to make changes to the goal. Depending on the goal’s configuration, you can change the due date, add steps, remove steps, enter an introduction, change the goal avatar, or adjust the goal privacy level.

When you archive your goal, all steps will be put on pause and the goal will be moved to your “Archived” tab inside your goal index page.

The complete command can be used if you’ve been keeping up on your goal’s steps, and now you need to mark it as completely done. Goals marked complete are automatically stored inside your Complete tab on the personal goal index page.

You can print a hard copy of your goal detail page.

Recommend allows you to recommend the goal to a user on the EduGuide website. You will be sending a copy of your goal to your friend to adopt for themselves.

Step List
Towards the middle of the page, just under the goal description, is the Step List. This is where you will be able to view the list of steps that you are working on. There are several ways in which you can interact with the steps.

Step Notes
If a note has been attached to the step, you will see a “+” icon to the left of the step’s title. Clicking the icon will expand out the step’s note. The plus will change to a minus sign. When you click on the minus sign, the step note is hidden again.


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Pop Up Menu
Similar to the pop up menu for the goal, there are menus that appear to the far right of each step. Click the menu to either delete or edit a step.

Goal Board
Visitors and friends who view your goal can post messages on the board which appears on each of the goal detail pages. You can also post notes on the board about how you are doing on your goal or any question you might have.

Exercise 4 - The Goal Detail Page
Go to the following goal and complete the steps: http://www.eduguide.org/goals/detailsTeam/266/1258


Goal Orientation - Personal Goals
Sending Goal Recommendations
When we updated Goals, we added the ability for EduGuide members to share goals with each other. We called this Goal recommendations. While you are viewing a goal detail page you can click on the pop-up menu along the upper right hand side of the page and then click on “recommend.” You will be taken to a different page where you can enter in the name(s) of your friends who you would like to recommend the goal to, and a personal message. When you click send, the goal recommendation will go out to everyone who you entered into the recipient field. The recommended goal will display under their recommended goal tab in their goal index page where it will wait until they adopt it.

Exercise 5 - Recommended Goals


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