Our Vision “It is our vision to be recognized as one of the premier providers of SAP consulting services delivering quality

solutions to its clients with a very cost effective model “ Our Strength We are an organization with a dedicated workforce and state of the art infrastructure, comparable to the best among the present incumbents in the IT field. The deciding factor when evaluating our strengths is how fast we adapt to the changing technological scenario and the lightning speed with which we can operate. When it comes to defining our strengths and weaknesses, the former outweighs the latter on a number of grounds. Our Mission To become a globally acclaimed Information Technology Services company delivering exceptional IT Services to the customers and achieve a sustainable This can be done through the achievement of sustainable and profitable growth through delivery of exceptional IT services to customers. Endeavoring towards becoming an admired name by utilizing our experience, knowledge and total commitment to the creation of outstanding value for our customers. SAP Implementation Our ERP/SAP practice provides rapid, high-quality, cost-effective SAP implementation assistance, as well as support for on-going operations. Our unique combination of people, processes, and products (i.e., knowledge assets and tools) ensures you get the most from your SAP investment. Our philosophy is to implement the basic system quickly, so our clients can immediately begin using the system for hands-on configuration, prototyping, and training. This approach minimizes the risks associated with ERP, reduces the implementation time-frames, and accelerates the realization of benefits SAP Implementation Services:

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Assessment studies Functionality mapping with standard SAP Modifications and enhancements to existing SAP functionality Developing new ABAPs to meet new and changing business requirements

SAP Upgradation & Migration As the clock runs down on support for older versions, the time to upgrade your SAP system is ripe. Endeavour Technologies SAP team works with customers to manage the SAP upgrade process and make a smooth, seamless transition. We aim to reduce time-to-upgrade to ensure the best return on investment. Endeavour Technologies provide services to steer a customer’s SAP installation to the next version. Some of the typical upgrade activities include

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Analysis of upgrade requirements Formulation of the upgrade strategy Baseline technical upgrade Upgrade of customizations Validation of interfaces and reports Unit test and system test of upgraded application Creation of system environment for the new version Data migration Delta training in the new version Execution and implementation of testing plans

• Project management Upgrade consulting services allows customers to assess the impact of an upgrade and formulate migration strategies. Renewable energy sources today account for more than 20% of the GDF SUEZ production base and should double in capacity by 2013. It is the first State-owned power plant to be privatised in the Sultanate of Oman. was acquired from the Electricity Holding Company (EHC). renewable energies.000 m. Electricity produced by the Al-Rusail plant is covered by a Power Purchase Agreement with Oman Power and Water Procurement Company that runs until 2022. electricity. nuclear power. Endeavour Technologies helps customers create a systematic upgrade strategy that includes • • • • • Procedures to make best use of enhanced functionality of the new release Consulting on organizational challenges. GDF SUEZ GDF SUEZ is present on the 5 continents in some forty countries. LLC and ACWA Power International of Saudi Arabia to deliver operation and maintenance services solutions to public and private sector owners of power and desalination plants STOMO The Barka 2 project involves the construction and operation of a 678 MW power plant and a seawater desalination plant that benefits from Degrémont's reverse osmosis technology and which has a capacity of 120. an existing 665 MW power plant. business processes. GDF SUEZ is present across the whole span of the energy chain: natural gas. The project consists of a 585MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbines plant and a 33 million imperial gallons a day (6250 cubic meters per hour) water desalination plant. etc. NOMAC is a joint venture between Sogex Oman Co. owned by the government of Oman. . Sale of the facility's electricity and potable water production is guaranteed for 15 years by a Power and Water Purchase Agreement with the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company. 3/day. The Group’s strategy is based on a balanced energy mix which allows it to meet environmental challenges. Europe and in the United States NOMAC Established in 2005. SOGEX has grown within a short time into multinational group of companies located throughout the Middle East. and technical activities Review of current production environment and recommendations for optimization Assessment of training needs of staff on the new release . The Al-Rusail Power Company. SOGEX OMAN SOGEX OMAN CO Started in Oman in 1971 as a small contracting firm and then contributed remarkably in the development of Sultanate of Oman to meet the challenge of rapid growth. SOMC Greenfield Sohar Independent Water and Power project in Oman.

in/ .http://endeavourtechnologies.co.

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