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BitNami Djangotac Stac 1.3.1-3 ================================ 1.

OVERVIEW The BitNami Project was created to help spread the adoption of freely available, high quality, open source web applications. BitNami aims to ma e it easier than ever to discover, download and install open source software such as document and content management systems, wi is and blogging software. You can learn more about BitNami at Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for^M many inds of software development. It offers strong support for integration^M with other languages and tools, comes with extensive standard libraries, and^M can be learned in a few days. Many Python programmers report substantial^M productivity gains and feel the language encourages the development of higher^M quality, more maintainable code. You can learn more about Python at Django is a high-level Python Web framewor that encourages rapid development^M and clean, pragmatic design. You can learn more about Django at The BitNami DjangoStac is an installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Django and its runtime dependencies. It includes ready-to-run versions of Python, Django, MySQL and Apache. DjangoStac is distributed for free under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the appendix for the specific licenses of all open source components included. You can learn more about BitNami Stac s at s/ 2. FEATURES - Easy to Install

- Independent BitNami Stac s are completely self-contained, and therefore do not interfere with any software already installed on your system. For example, you can upgrade your system's MySQL or Apache without fear of 'brea ing' your BitNami Stac . - Integrated

- Relocatable BitNami Stac s can be installed in any directory. This allows you to have multiple instances of the same stac , without them interfering with each other.


By the time you clic the 'finish' button on the installer, the whole stac will be integrated, configured and ready to go.




BitNami Stac s are built with one goal in possible to install open source software. the process of installing and configuring each Stac , so you can have everything up

mind: to ma e it as easy as Our installers completely automate all of the software included in and running in just a few clic s.

















1 4.3. 5.3. you will need to give it executable permissions: chmod 755 bitnami-djangostac -1. Windows XP.bin on Linux or -1.   Double clic the file and follow the on-screen instructions.2 SQLite 3070603 MySQL 5.An OS X operating system. If you receive an error message during installation. 7 or .3.exe on Windows or s/ The downloaded file will be named something similar to: On Linux.1 Python 2.           bitnami-djangostac bitnami-djangostac bitnami-djangostac bitnami-djangostac -1. REQUIREMENTS 2008. It is are located in the same installation directory. Intel x86 or compatible processor Minimum of 512 MB RAM Minimum of 150 MB hard drive space TCP/IP protocol support Compatible operantig systems: . please refer to the Troubleshooting section.6.bin on Linux x64 or -1.A windows operating system such as Windows 2003. STARTING AND STOPPING BITNAMI DJANGOSTACK The BitNami Application Manager is a simple graphical interface included in the stac s that can start and stop the BitNami servers. Vista.1-1 Boto AWS API 2.3.1-3-linux.bitnami. INSTALLATION The BitNami DjangoStac is distributed as a binary executable installer.2.3.1-3-osx-x86-installer.1-3-linux-x64-installer.3.bin On OS on OS X x86   To install BitNami DjangoStac       you will need:   .22 PostgreSQL 9.1-3-windows-installer.16 Apache 2.1.An x86 or x64 Linux operating system. It can be downloaded from: http://www.2.3. you will need to extract the installer from the zip (this may have been done automatically by Safari). 5. COMPONENTS BitNami DjangoStac ships with the following: Django 1.1-3-linux-installer. .app.

postgresql/: PostgreSQL Database./ctlscript. DIRECTORY STRUCTURE The installation process will create several subfolders under the main installation directory: mysql/: MySQL Database. 6. TROUBLESHOOTING This version of the BitNami DjangoStac is a preview version. apps/django: Django Framewor 8. and as u can find more information about this product at: .start the service(s) .bitnami. To do . sqlite/: SQLite files. 8. This is li ely due to an incomplete or corrupt downloaded file" The installer binary is not complete. license/: License files. You will need to download the file and repeat the installation process.To start the utility. To start/stop/restart application on Linux or OS X you can use the ctlscript. which we'll use to announce new releases and new stac start stop restart (start|stop|restart) (start|stop|restart) mysql (start|stop|restart) postgresql (start|stop|restart) apache .1 Installer # Installer Payload Error If you get the following error while trying to run the installer from the command line: "Installer payload initialization failed. as explained b elow./ctlscript.restart or start the service(s) You can start and stop BitNami DjangoStac on Windows using the shortcuts create d in the Start Menu. under Programs -> BitNami -> BitNami Service./ctlscript. scripts/: Simple scripts necessary for the stac . just register at: http://www. double clic the file named â manager-linuxâ 'manager-windows' or 'manager-osx' from your file . apache2/: Apache2 files.stop the service(s) . .                 ./ctlscript. li ely because the file was not downloaded correctly. you can also start and stop the services We also encourage you to sign up for our utility: . python/: Python.

Note that there can be only one registered interpreter for each major Python release (e.log on Linux and OS X Most errors are related to not being able to listen to the default port.3 PostgreSQL If you encounter any problems starting PostgreSQL. # "Can't connect to server" message. 2.g. Remember also that if during installation you selected a different listening port for PostgreSQL. the first place you should chec is the Apache error log file: /home/user/drupal/apache2/logs/error.apache. If you get an Access Denied message while trying to connect to MySQL.postgresql. Some programs. ma e sure you are using the correct username and # "Can't connect to server" message.2 etc). please refer to the Apache documentation. Ma e sure there are no other server programs listening at the same port before trying to start Apache. the first place to loo in is PostgreSQL documentation.4 Apache If you find any problem starting Apache. If you would li e to re-register or remove BiNami Python from the Windows registry. 2.2 MySQL The following are some common problems: # Access denied when trying to connect to MySQL. 8. you may need to pass that as an extra command line option. may also use port 80. which is located at http://httpd. For issues not covered in this Quic Start guide. you may need to pass that as an extra command line option.0. Ma e sure that the MySQL daemon is up and running. which you will find at http://www.5 Python Certain Python-based programs (such as the win32all installer and Windows installers generated by the distutils pac age) loo for Python information in the 8. 2. Ma e sure that the PostgreSQL daemon is up and running.8. such as S ype. Remember also that if during installation you selected a different listening port for MySQL. you may want to reference the "Problems and Common Errors" section of the MySQL manual. For help in troubleshooting MySQL errors. you can do so with the shortcuts that are in the "Tools" folder inside "Bitnami Djangostac " on the Windows start menu. If you try to register BitNami Python and there is another Python registered.mysql. which you will find at http://dev. it automatically registers its Python interpreter in the registry but those entries may get overwritten by other programs. When you install Djangostac . you will have                           .org/docs/ 8.1.

gnu. which is located at wich is located at 9.exe /path/to/djangostac /python/scripts/ which is located at /path/to/new/python. LICENSES MySQL is distributed under the GNU General Public License remove it manually first to ensure you don't overwrite it accidentally. which is located at http://www.0 SQLite is released under the Public Domain license.apache. which is located at http://en. More details in i/Public_Domain OpenSSL is released under the terms of the Apache folder li e this: /path/to/new/python. Copyright © 1995-2011 by Fredri Lundh.html Python is released under the Python License.python. which is located /LICENSE Apache Web Server is distributed under the Apache License v2.gzip.gnu. which is located at Zlib is released under the zlib License (a free software license/compatible with GPL).htm                 .html PostgreSQL is distributed under the BSD License. which is located at http://www.wi ipedia.0. If you would li e to register or unregister your own version of Python. You can do so followoing the instructions below. which is located at http://www.0.freebsd.html The Python Imaging Library (PIL) is Copyright © 1997-2011 by Secret Labs AB.openssl. you can do it by calling the scripts inside the .2/license/ Django is released under the BSD license.pythonware.exe /path/to/djangostac /python/scripts/registerpython.html Libiconv is released under the LGPL license.