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Kirpal Singh 

I have written books without any copyright—no rights reserved—because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free. —from a talk by Krpal Sngh, wth the author of a book after a talk to students of relgon at Santa Clara Unversty, San Jose, Calforna on November 16, 1972. The text of ths book s the same as what was publshed durng the lfetme of Master Krpal Sngh. Asde from punctuaton and captalzaton correctons, no changes have been made to the text; t s exactly the same as what was approved by Master Krpal Sngh.

Frst edton (Inda) 1962 Second edton (Inda) 1967 Thrd edton (USA) 1970 Ths edton publshed n 2009 RUHANI SATSANG® DIVINE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL 250 “H” Street, #50 Blane, WA 98230-4018 USA Tel: 1 (888) 530-1555 ISBN # 978-0-942735-07-9 SAN 854-1906

Prnted n the Unted States of Amerca by Prnt Graphcs Pros • (949) 859-3845 

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894-1974) 

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj (1858-1948) 


Dedicated to the Almighty God working through all Masters who have come and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj at whose lotus feet the writer imbibed sweet elixir of Holy Naam — the Word


as much as can be n a worldly language. He s no longer takng on new people to gude out of ths world and back to God. He left many books that are mantaned to help str an nterest n God and to help people know what to look for n ther search for the way back home. The books and the Ruhan Satsang webste http://www. Some have got the answer. we can only offer ths quote from the Master: “Today there is a great awakening beginning. it does not succumb until it is satisfied. If you have a strong desire to get it. then God Himself will make the arrangements for you.Sant Krpal Sngh passed on from ths earth n 1974. for once it is born.” [Excerpts from a talk published in the January 1971 issue of SAT SANDESH] v . some have not. As such. make your life an example of the teachings you follow — live up to them. but the search to solve the mystery of life has been born all over the world. the meanng of lfe.RuhanSatsangUSA. So. The day that question arises in the mind is the greatest day of one’s life. When asked about a successor.

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” 2 . one supplements the other and their combination forms the God-like life. he will be honest and aboveboard in his dealings with others.“Truth is higher than everything but higher still is true living. nuts. cereals and permitted dairy products. One who practices true living will always earn his living by the sweat of his brow and feed himself and his family on rightly procured foods consisting of fruits. Truth and true living are not exclusive of each other but go together. vegetables. Furthermore.

perodcal weedng. A tny seed contans a mghty oak n ts heart whch can blossom forth nto fullness by proper nourshment and protecton. 17 was ssued and released n August 1961. the Holy Seed of Intaton thrves best n a rch and fertle sol formed of hgh ethcal values and lovng compasson. In due course of tme the tree grows nto full maturty.Dear Ones: I receved much apprecatve encouragement from many a dear one when Crcular No. All young and tender saplngs do need hand-waterng. Exactly n the same manner. fertlzng. You have been therefore nvarably advsed to do self-ntrospecton whch helps n developng fertlty and n germnatng the dvnty to full bloom. The fve cardnal vrtues enumerated n the prescrbed self-ntrospectve dary ad mmeasurably n coverng 3 . provdng shade and shelter to the waysde travellers and becomng a source of help and nspraton to others. A smlar communcaton s beng released now for your gudance and assmlaton. A dvne str by the Lvng Master of the soul n man s a happy start for the long sprtual journey ahead. Ths helped a lot n some ways and many asprants beneftted therefrom. and protectve hedgng aganst the stray waysde cattle so that the saplngs are not harmed.

and help a lot to nvoke the Dvne Mercy. All these are dscussed brefly n the followng pages under ther headngs.the entre feld of ethcs. Krpal Sngh Note: Crcular 17 s ncluded as Appendx B n ths booklet. 4 .

or moral make-up. word. resultng n volence n thought. mental. Jesus always preached the two cardnal vrtues: (1) “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” and (2) “Love Thine Enemies. forgve. then a chan of reactons starts.CARDINAL VIRTUES AHIMSA (NON-VIOLENCE) It s an ennoblng vrtue that brngs each one to par wth hs or her fellow bengs. No sooner do we fancy that our nterests are thwarted or feelngs are njured. or deed.” Does that mean that t s out of tmdty or weakness that one should love and forbear one’s 5 . accordng to one’s physcal. A heart full of dvne compasson s the abode of all vrtues. A close revew of the problem would show that ordnarly we are nether worred nor rrtated when everythng goes n accordance wth our wshes. The cultvaton of ths vrtue demands a broad development of toleraton towards all. costs very lttle but counts very much. and forget. and ultmately leads to the prncple of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. Many of us consder t our legtmate duty to repay the real or supposed nsult n the same con. and very few would consder t a vrtue to forego. rrespectve of ther shortcomngs and falures. To radate the grand prncple of the Famly of Man on the dvne ground of lovng and compassonate desre for the well-beng of all.

” Sath Kabr: “The soul in man is of the same essence as of God. The place where fre burns becomes heated frst and then transmts ts heat to the atmosphere around. loses hs balance of mnd. and such thoughts breed countless others. for passng bubbles and vapory nothngs that are thngs of no consequence? Instead of broodng over these supposed and magned wrongs. multplyng n geometrcal proporton. knoweth not God. we must try to lve n our natural habtat of love and 6 . John has emphatcally proclamed: “He that loveth not. there s somethng moral and dvne that les at the root of such an atttude. An magned or supposed wrong keeps ranklng n the mnd lke a thorn. one bursts forth nto flames of hatred and contempt (begns abusng rght and left). and lke a canker keeps emttng a malgn odor that vrtually goes on pollutng the atmosphere around. Why sacrfce our natural equanmty for mere trfles. for ths world s verly of the Dvne. We can get out of ths vcous cycle only by changng our atttude towards lfe. and Dvnty resdes theren. for God is Love. the dvnty wthn and the dvnty wthout. If we really wsh for God and aspre to attan to the Godhead. Most of our njures and wrongs are the outcome of our own process of thnkng. we must learn to love Hs creaton. t would be better by far to contemplate on the hgher aspects of lfe. So t s the case wth fre or anger. for God s nothng but Love. St.enemes? No.” Ths beng the case. When one cannot bear ts ntensty.

Ever clothed n the Dvne Lght. He has nothng to fear n the world. you have to tell many more les to cover your one le. AHIMSA (Non-volence).” Intrnscally. the Source of all lfe. A truthful person always works n the Lght of God. The whole creaton s the manfestaton of Hs Love. for love beautfes everythng wthn and wthout. for we are all the tme wholly engrossed n outer envronments and have not the least dea of what les wthn the real Essence of essences. Don’t tell les. be dubbed as “Good” or “Bad. If you do so. TRUTHFULNESS God s Truth and Truth s God. t s sad that the entre creaton has sprung from Lght and none need. Lfe and Lght are synonymous.all that s and belongs to love. he works and bears hmself n Godly smplcty. and God verly dwelleth n t. If we only knew ths and practced t n our workaday lfe. Love. whch s the Love and Lght of God. though we may not be aware of t because we seldom get an opportunty to peep nward. then. s the practcal aspect of the Dvne Lfe. We lve because of the Love of God whch s but a lfe-prncple. One should therefore follow 7 . and a Frut that grows on the Tree of Lfe. all of us have our roots deeply embedded n the Lght and Love of God. therefore. you deceve yourself frst and then others. moreover. for God s hs sheet-anchor and a haven of refuge. we could not but lve wthn the Love of Hm by whose Love we lve and all lfe exsts. Agan.

and deal n truth. but t s a rghteous mode of lfe. and comes to hs ad anywhere and everywhere. because the gracous God-Power s hs sheld and help. Adversty cannot deter hm. “Truth is above. and opposton cannot waylay hm. msfortune cannot betray hm. speak truth. Truth does not mean smply speakng truth and thnkng truth.” The Truth of Truths resdes n the nnermost recesses of the human soul and needs to be dug out. “Truth. “for he is true to God in him. The dvne tree of Sprtualty needs to be nourshed wth the waters of Ahmsa and Truthfulness. By practcng Truth and lvng n Truth. while falsehood is the vilest of vices. but higher still is true living.” says Kabr. Pety.” If one s true to hs own self. for he s aware of the dvne help at every step. 8 . one gets clothed n the Love of the Lord and freely extends Love to all and sundry. Such a heart becomes an abode of all other vrtues. A tree s known by the frut t bears. thnk truth. Who is in all hearts.the motto: “Be true to your own self — don’t deceive yourself. therefore. “is the highest of all virtues.” He would. The True SoundPrncple s the source of all lfe. to fnd sympathetc cooperaton. and t s only by contactng It on the Dvne Ground that we become truly Truthful and our lfe can be molded on the pattern of Truth.” Our actons should be exemplary so that they show and denote that we belong to a noble school of thought based on Truth. and Love. unearthed and freely practced n all our dealngs. whch follow of ther own. he s to fear none.

no bar to sprtualty. Contnence s a vrtue to be observed for success n all the spheres of lfe. To cultvate chastty s an uphll task that requres a long-drawn struggle through lfe—somethng very strenuous ndeed. A clean and chaste lfe s a fertle sol wheren the Holy Seed of Sprtualty thrves the best. as n each case the poson s njected nto the depths of the mnd and multples wth the accumulated mpurtes of countless ages. when assmlated n the system. The food we take. word and deed. It conssts of restrant n thought. It s through day-to-day contact wth Ths that one purfes one’s lfe and makes one’s self a ft receptacle for the Dvne Grace. An analyss of the facts of lfe wll show that normally much depends upon our envronment and mode of lvng. A normal temperate marred lfe as enjoned by the scrptures s. Det plays an mportant part n the buld-up of our mental thnkng. Fortunate are those who practce celbacy because they are n a far better poston to follow the Path Godwards than those who are wallowng n the mserable mre of self-ndulgence. colors our lfe mpulses n ts own color. because He ncarnated n all four ages.In all the four ages. Kabr preached of the true SoundPrncple. however. CHASTITY Chastty s lfe and ndulgence s death. The very bones and blood 9 . be they mundane or sprtual.

so is the mind.” sad Chrst. as one dulls the thnkng faculty and the other flares up anmal passons wthn.” and you can well decde for yourself f you are prepared to pay for t.” s an adage too well known to need any comments. and to t may be added. “As is the food. the Law of Cause and Effect. so you become. or of the world.” Moreover. nuts. and more deeply with our teeth. and renders one nsensate to the hgher mpulses n lfe. s hghly nutrtous for the health and strength necessary for carryng on oblgatons of lfe. “As you think. fruts. comprsng vegetables. and from all alcoholc beverages or ntoxcants and other opates and stmulants. bread. fsh. 10 . “As you sow. has to be pad for. You cannot take away lfe wthout payng the penalty thereof. Even our so-called joys and pleasures requre a prce. Everythng n the world. or Acton and Reacton. “The wages of sin.” s an age-old aphorsm. An emnent physcan says: “We dig our graves in the kitchen. closely connected wth ths problem s the far-reachng nexorable Law of Karma. “is death. butter. Adulterated or dead foods cannot be the source of Lfe. so shall you reap. Ths s why the Masters on the Path of Sprtualty always nsst on complete abstnence from all meats. ether earthly or sprtual. fowl and eggs (both fertle and nfertle).” A natural det. You cannot have roses out of tares. and cheese n moderate quanttes.get dyed n the color of the food we take.

the nvaluable cold storage. rpe fruts retan ther freshness so long as they reman on the branches. These act as powerful ads. already woven nto the very pattern of our lfe but lost n the mghty swrl of the world. but t postvely helps one n attunng to the Dvnty. Agan. The lost strands of the lfegvng threads—the Holy Lght and the Audble Lfe Stream—as manfested by the Master. where one may fnd hope for lberaton from ths ancent malady. but when once plucked can only be preserved ether n honey or n some hgh-grade refrgerators. provded one s earnest n hs or 11 . The lves dedcated to the Holy Cause of God have left behnd records of ther precous experences whch show n abundance that there s hope for everybody. we not only preserve the vtal flud of lfe (whch s rather an nvaluable asset n the physcal body and can n no way be underrated). and hence constant repetton of the Charged Words and Remembrance of the Master are counselled. only the gracous protecton of the Master. unless we are frmly embedded n the lfe of chastty. It should be clearly understood that no amount of ntellectual attanments or sophstcated reasonng can stand by you n an hour of tortuous agony. and help n anchorng the mnd and keepng t steadfast n the otherwse tumultuous sea of lfe. The personal aura of the Gracous Master s the embalmng honey and Hs lovng protecton.By the observance of Brahmcharya (celbacy). cannot be held for any length of tme. A vacant mnd s the devl’s workshop.

and provded above all. and n strct moderaton. can brng n sure results n due course of tme. Lterally speakng. partcularly of the opposte sex. temperance and self-restrant. A lfe lke ths s a sine qua non. to keep hmself busy and occuped n somethng useful. 12 . conservatvely cooked. or at least n repeatng the Sacred Charged Names mentally. These are some of the helpng factors whch. f pursued steadfastly. t makes a lfe of contnence. there s proper gudance and help from a truly competent MasterSoul. shunnng bad company and uncongenal envronment—lke study of obscene lterature and art—and by avodng lookng nto the eyes of others. and the asprants are well advsed to follow t scrupulously. The chlddscple has.her endeavors. It conssts n controllng all the senses and channellng them n the rght drecton. Here t may be necessary to say a few words about Brahmcharya. of course. ncludng total abstnence from all knds of unwholesome foods and drnks. and n strctly takng vegetaran det. but nothng can be accomplshed wthout the Grace of the Master-Power overhead. t means the Path (the practcal path of one’s conduct) leadng to Brahman or God. In other words. wth the Grace of the Master-Power overhead. or a necessty. for the Path Godwards or Brahman-wards. As every Sant has a past so has every snner a future.

“Servce before Self” s a rare gft. lovngly meets all and sundry. brngs about an atttude of equpose whch. It exalts them n the eyes of both man and God. despte ts apparently mult-colored desgns and patterns. and hence no wonder He meets the chlddscple on a level of equalty. “Self” and “Servce” are but two aspects of the dvnty. As a frutful branch hangs low wth the weght of ts own frut. and treats hm or her as Hs very own. so does the Master. When the same “Self” operates n every lvng creature.LOVING HUMILITY Humlty s an ornament of the Sants. all s beautful and full of dvne manfestaton. gradually leads to serenty and sublmty. n turn. and one gets engaged n the servce of all. wth the weght of the Dvne Treasures wthn Hm. and begns to see the correspondng self-same Enlvenng Prncple workng n all creaton. rrespectve of any socal and relgous consderatons. Just as a smallest cog s ndspensable n a vast mechansm and serves a useful purpose. who come to Hm to partake of Hs rches and to tread the Path to the eternal Home of the Father. Such an dea strengthens 13 . smlarly. A genune Master-Sant sees the Lght of God n every lvng beng. Ths understandng of the shared nature of the unverse. one ought to delght n servce for ts own sake. servng a purpose under Hs Wll.

for ths exalted man to the status of the Devas or gods. Kabr sad. he sad. Augustne lad great emphass on the vrtue of humlty.” Guru Amardas always prayed to God that He should make Hm “the slave of Hs slaves. and Humility throughout” was the supreme theme that he had to gve to hs audence when he rose to delver hs convocaton address to students. he went out n search of a wcked person. Ths s the only vrtue that allows a person to enter the Court of the Sants. Kabr also sad: “I am the lowest as compared with all others. and then lve n Hm all the tme.” My 14 . Kabr once declared that He lved n low humlty just as a fsh lved n water. Beyond ths. he had nothng more to gve them. “Humility first. one has to empty out hs very own self from wthn.the slken bonds of lovng brotherhood. Sweet tongue imbued with humility. St. Once. Ths s the acme of humlty. Humility last. O Nanak! is the essence of all virtues. he saw that he was the wckedest of the wcked. and all are better than myself—those who see that way are my friends. and wns the pleasure of the Lord and the Master.” “poor Nanak.” “Nanak the slave or bondsman.” Nanak always spoke of Hmself as “lowly Nanak. and. Smlarly. wde world. but could fnd none n the wde. at last. when he peeped wthn hmself. For the advent of the Beloved.

assumed superorty because of sprtual knowledge or ntellectual attanments. n course of tme. Ths grand Mystery of Lfe cannot be resolved by 15 .Master once sad that He would lke to make shoes out of Hs skn for the feet of Hs devotees. sngled out. a heart full of reverental humlty s a ft receptacle for Hs Grace. For a humble person. and Intated nto the Mysteres of the Beyond. The very dea of attanng sprtual perfecton s a happy augury and a prelude to the greatest venture n one’s lfe. whereas a proud person would endlessly wat and even mss the chance when offered. Tme and tde wat for no man. yet. He wll come a mllon steps to receve and to greet us. and are lnked wth the Dvne Attrbutes of Holy Lght and Celestal Sound. no sacrfce s too great n the large nterests of sprtual development. for whch all of us are here. brngs about such a sublme thought. may turn astray the mnd of the sprtual asprant. runneth over on ts own to others.” If we take but one step forward. It s the Dvne Mercy whch. It s now up to us to “make hay while the sun shines. whch when flled to overflowng. a receptacle. vanty of earthly thngs and status. On the other hand. Human brth s a prceless asset granted by Provdence n the ascendng scale of evoluton and ts hghest object s sprtual perfecton. when strred. all these vansh nto thn ar. Fortunate are those who are spotted. False prde of worldly possesson or pelf.

the world has 16 . conducve to nourshment. even n the face of medcal advce. and the leaders of ths thought have taken upon themselves the duty of propagatng ts mportance among the masses. So far. these thngs flare up the carnal appettes whch. It s gratfyng to learn that the people. whch may brng n knowledge but not wsdom. DIET As already dscussed under the capton of CHASTITY. n the long run. All prohbted foods and drnks should be scrupulously eschewed. result n gross dsspaton of energy.ntellectual attanments or by sophstcated reasonng. It s certanly a wrong noton that flesh or eggs gve extra vgor or strength. as none of these can lengthen the scheduled lfe-span nor are. and whch also may nduce that prde of learnng and leadershp makng t all the more dffcult to enter the Kngdom of God. as such. The crown of all understandng s to realze our present state of self-complacency and the abject msery n whch we are unwllngly caught and feel helpless to escape. are gradually comng to realze the benefts of vegetaran det. all the world over. should be gven ts due mportance. n fact. det plays an mportant and an ntegral part n the lfe of a sprtual asprant and. A closer vew of thngs wll reveal that the soul s enshrouded wth thck vels of gnorance and s beng drven hopelessly n endless gyres up and down on the gant Wheel of Creaton. on the contrary.

wtnessed no less than fourteen Conferences held n dfferent parts. nor drink strong drink.” (Geness 1:29) From “The Gospel of the Holy Twelve”: “Therefore ye shall eat no flesh. nor to drink wine. had the good fortune to hold one n the year 1957. look at goats. bulls and elephants. when representatves from dfferent countres of the world gathered together to exchange ther vews n the tme-honored and hstorc captal — Delh. for the child shall be consecrated to God from his mother’s womb. that n all mechancal termnology. and neither flesh nor strong drink 17 .” St. too.” Agan. for nstance. we fnd how healthy and strong they are. and the belly for meats. in which is the fruit of a tree-yielding seed. of late. but God shall destroy both it and them. which is upon the face of all the earth. ‘I have given you every herbbearing seed. so much so. begun to lay greater stress on what they call “vegetable-ism” as dstnct from “vegetaransm. we calculate the load-capacty n terms of “horsepower. An advanced secton of publc opnon has. Paul n hs Epstles to the Cornthans sad: “Meats for the belly. horses. and every tree. to you it shall be for meat.” If we.” (Romans 14:21) “And God said. nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth. Inda. “It is good neither to eat flesh.

“By Love serve one another. Out of sheer compasson for Hs brethren.” s the exhortaton of St. “... and soul. It s the Dvne Law whch He reveals and fulflls n Hs own person. touch not. comprsng body. and eat not that which is set before you. went up to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover. A Persan text says: “Service exalteth the server. nor to take life. It s the central theme of the sacred teachngs of the Masters. and observed the feast after the manner of their brethren. He always rushes to the ad of hs lovng chldren all the world over. Paul.” Now Mary and Joseph. but to give Life to body and soul.. 18 . carng lttle for Hs physcal comfort.. That which is gotten by the taking of life.” “Selfless Servce” s sad to be a great vrtue and a reward n tself. who abstained from bloodshed and the eating of flesh and from strong drink. and t behooves one to be of servce to hs fellow bengs n all the three spheres.shall be taken. for it is not lawful to you. The Lvng Master s an embodment of selfless servce. His parents. mnd. nor shall razor touch his head. Son of Man is not come to destroy but to save.” MERITS SELFLESS SERVICE Man s a three-fold entty.

19 .

DIARY TO BE MAINTAINED FOR SELF-INTROSPECTION FOR THE MONTH Send to: HIS HOLINESS SANT KIRPAL SINGH JI MAHARAJ — OBSERVE (1) AHIMSA (Non-Violence) FAILURES In thought In word In deed In thought In word In deed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 (2) TRUTHFULNESS (3) CHASTITY In thought In word In deed (4) LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE. Repetiton of names 2. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (Time devoted in) 1. WEALTH OR LEARNING (5) DIET In thought In word In deed TOTAL (6) SELFLESS SERVICE Physically Financially TOTAL 7. IRRESPECTIVE OF POSITION. Connecting Sound Current TOTAL NAME____________________________________ ADDRESS HELPFUL FACTORS: ‘Service before self’ — Attend Satsangs His commandments — Self-control & D 20 .

DELHI 7.MONTH OF ______________________________ INITIATED ____________ HARAJ —. (4) Any difficulty you have in meditation. ADDRESS_________________________________________ d Satsangs — Love for the Master — Implicit obedience to ontrol & Discipline — Humility — Sincerity & Longing 21 . (3) What you hear inside. INDIA 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 RESULTS AT END OF MONTH (1) How far are you withdrawn from the body? (2) What you see inside.SAWAN ASHRAM — GUR MANDI.

22 .

” says St. or the sck and the dsabled by lendng a helpng hand n ther dstress. the more one’s self expands and. Agan. If you attend a sck person or stand by an afflcted one. goes out to embrace the entre creaton. Certanly you do not and cannot take away the sckness or afflcton. so that people may know of the wonderful opportunty that s thers. for God s Love. but surely you can help n assuagng the sufferngs by your kndly words and deeds. A lovng heart s a ft receptacle for the Dvne Grace. selfless servce may assume dfferent forms accordng to one’s means and capacty.He serves all to redeem them from the “Great Wheel” by nvertng ther attenton wthn and by lnkng them wth the savng lfe-lnes. therefore. you serve the Dvne Cause. John. and aval themselves of t as best as they can. the downtrodden people. n course of tme. for God is Love. Every sweet word uttered or helpng hand extended to those n dstress goes a long way n purfyng the mnd and the body. take upon us the task of brngng the Master’s message to every nook and corner. It flows equally and freely towards all. the poor. transcendng all mpedments. a rch person wth a lovng heart would 23 . We must. “He who knows not Love cannot know God. The more one serves. Agan. Some may lke to attend the needy. Love knows no barrers and no class dstnctons.

charty should not be 24 . “Be in tune with God. or be the outcome of mpostons from wthout. and t has a deep sgnfcance because tthe-payng shows how honest a man s. If you are not satisfied. and hs offerngs show how lberal he s. one-forteth of hs possessons for charty. and should not be nspred by any thought of reward. you may try for your own self.. as well — vz. every year.” But offerngs should be free and voluntary. and all the Chrstan world were followng the system of payng one-tenth of ther earnngs for the good of the people at large. Among the Skhs and Hndus. and share your earnings with all the others in need. there s the nsttuton of “Zakat” whch requres every person to set apart. it will not be lessened.wsh to share hs rches wth the ndgent or the needy.” Kabr sad: “By giving away money. has extended t further (apart from one’s monetary earnngs) to the dedcaton of tme for medtaton. for then nstead of beng a source of lberaton. The system of Tthe has been prevalent n practcally all the establshed relgons of the world. Agan. Among the Muslms. however. and spend hs money n chartable and phlanthropc purposes. from Egypt to Afghanstan. From the old records t appears that all the countres n the East. about two and one-half hours out of 24 hours. The Master. ths system goes by the name of “Daswand” whch s an equvalent for tthe. they become the source of bondage. The Masters further enjon.

Arjuna. for He knows how best to utlze the subscrptons comng from Hs dscples and puts them to a really useful purpose. one may be contractng more Karmc debts. as Lord Krshna ponted out to the Warror Prnce. the all-knowng Master s the best judge.msplaced. SPIRITUAL PRACTICES Sprtual practces form an essental part n the sprtual asprant’s lfe. therefore. and chans forged by them may be of gold or of ron. and should. orally or mentally. lest by the msuse of hs hard-earned money. Although t looks so smple and easy at the outset to obtan profcency n t. have an equally bndng effcacy. and carres a deep meanng. be a daly “must”.” It all depends whch of these we cultvate n the garden of our soul. Ignatus of Loyola tells us: “The seeds of sanctity and sin are already within us. for every acton. when He sad that all deeds. St. but t should be gven to allevate the sufferngs of the dstressed n the world. The repetton of the Fve Sacred Charged Names conveyed at the tme of Holy Intaton. In fact. nstead of lqudatng the exstng ones. Ths may be bondage wth golden fetters. one needs extra love and forttude. has a reacton and leads to bondage. s not a dffcult task. howsoever good. You wll apprecate that the Holy Names carry the Lfe-Impulse of the 25 . One must be extra dscrmnatve and vglant enough. whether good or bad.

self-ntrospecton helps n cuttng the branches and prunng all that s undesrable. It s lke purfyng the receptve vessel every day for recevng the Dvne Grace. Daly medtatons clear the gross dross that one gets at the sensuous level. be fxed. to any length he may lke. thus preparng the soul for eventual nner journey on to the regons of blss and harmony. and he can certanly extend hs feld. therefore. openng up new vstas of sublme glory and beattude. and should not be gnored or lost sght of. the Audble Lfe-Stream. The second mportant part of medtaton s lstenng to the Holy Sound Current. Before closng ths paper. t s the dscple’s duty to enrch hs sprtual experences from day to day. In short.Master. set apart. It s equally an mportant aspect of the sprtual practces. comng from the right side. whch works wonders n wthdrawng the sensory currents from the body level up to the eyefocus. for each such repast brngs n nourshment to the soul. t may be worthwhle to say somethng about the tremendous amount of correspondence wth whch the Master has to deal 26 . and one s led wthn to the Dvne Lght whch dspels the darkness of gnorance. and pursued regularly and earnestly. wth the grace of the Master. Certan hours for medtaton should. After Intaton. whle medtaton (sprtual practces) strkes at the very stem of the tree or worldly lfe.

Kirpal Singh 27 . You are. Yours affectonately. to be careful n ths behalf. It however does not mean that you should not wrte letters to the Master. as you wll apprecate. and ths work. have Hs nstructons to refer to Hm all matters about whch they may feel any hestaton to deal wth satsfactorly. s expandng lmtlessly wth the passage of tme. But n all matters of a routne nature and gudance n daly lfe. All the dear ones are. most welcome to do so and partcularly n all matters of vtal mportance when you really feel that the local representatves are unable to offer a satsfactory soluton to your problems. t may be easer and speeder to dscuss matters of local nterest drectly wth the Master’s representatves and they. Wth lots of love and deep affecton for you all. on the contrary.from day to day. too. or you wsh to have nstructons coverng nner mystcal experences on whch the Master alone s competent to gve advce. therefore.

word or deed. worred or afrad? Are you crtcal of others? Are you after name and fame? Are you conceted or egotstcal? Do you carry ll-wll wthn you towards another – country – color – relgon – etc? Have you shamed anyone – n ther presence or n the presence of others? 28 . weather. on any of these questons – make a check mark on your dary sheet. What you do each day – s ether for you or aganst you. Weed out the “weeds” that “choke” our Sprtual Growth and Lght!! “The mistakes of last year are not to be repeated!” Have you hatred wthn? Do you have aversons? Have you malce towards anyone? Do you wsh for another’s sufferng? Do you have dslke for people. If you have faled n thought. foods.APPENDIX A Dear _______________. etc? Have you hated anyone? Are you resentful of others? Are you envous of others? Do you rejoce n ther msfortunes? Do you carry grudges aganst anyone? Are you suspcous? Are you greedy? Do you ndulge n self-pty? Do you grumble and complan? Are you fearful.

The essence of relgon s love. 29 . too. Bless them that curse you. Love the snner. Love all. harmony and love. humlty. servce and sympathy. under Thy Will. KIRPAL SINGH Source: Sant Bani Magazine. not merely your relatves and frends. January – February 2005 pp. O God” Wth all love.Without faith and faith in the Master – One cannot advance on the Path Do you have Fath? Do you have fath n the Master? Are you fathful to the Master? Do you have love for the Master? Do you talk about Master n doubtful ways? Do you talk aganst Master? Are you lookng for mracles from Master? Are you happy n spte of troubles? Are you grateful? Do you have forgveness? Do you gve servce before self? Are you gvng Selfless servce – physcally? Are you gvng Selfless servce – fnancally? Do you attend Satsang regularly? Do you have excessve attachment or possessveness? Are you knd and lovng? Do you have self-control and dscplne? Do you stay n the requred det? Do you have daly perods of Smran and Bhajan? Let us lve a new lfe of peace. peace. 16-17. Pray lke Guru Nanak: “Peace be unto all the world.

1894. 1974. He was commssoned by God and authorzed by hs Master to carry forward the sprtual work of contactng sncere seekers after God wth the WORD (or NAAM). consecutvely and unanmously. and agan n 1972. He followed the career of a cvl servant n the government of Inda. he upheld the truth that. Followng nstructons from hs Master (Sawan Sngh J Maharaj. each tme. the Am of all relgons s One and the Same. Krpal Sngh vsted the major ctes n the Unted States on the occasons of each of hs three world tours: n 1955. and retred on hs own penson n 1947. 1858-1948). Elected four tmes. Krpal Sngh was emnently qualfed to convey to sncere people everywhere the mportance of self knowledge and God realzaton. n 1963-64. now n Pakstan) on February 6. as Presdent of the World Fellowshp of Relgons. stayng n ths country for three months or more. He contnued n that capacty untl he left the earth plane on August 21. From hs ntense study at the feet of Sawan Sngh J Maharaj and from hs own personal nner experences of a sprtual nature. though the varous relgons are dfferent schools of thought.About the Author Consdered by many people who met hm n the East and n the West to have been a lvng example of a true Sant of Sprtualty. 30 . he founded and drected RUHANI SATSANG. Krpal Sngh was born n a rural settng n Sayyad Kasran n the Punjab (then n Inda.

no real advancement s possble. revew our actvty and achevement. t s necessary that we should. Many have shown remarkable capacty for selfless servce and others have made commendable progress on the nner path. I cannot help observng the growth 31 . What s necessary for us as ndvdual ntates s even more necessary for us as members of a large movement. Concentraton and Self-Surrender: The Psychology of Mystcsm When one undertakes to reach a certan goal n any feld of human actvty. eradcate and uproot them. from tme to tme. n lke manner. t s necessary to take stock of one’s progress from tme to tme. I nssted (and contnue to nsst) that they mantan a daly record of ther thoughts. I fnd. n the case of ndvdual ntates. words and deeds. Havng put our shoulders to the wheel of the Great Master’s Cause. and of the perod of medtaton. Wthout such self-analyss and self-crtcsm.APPENDIX B Crcular 17: Love. and t was to encourage ths practce and make t a daly habt that. for whch we may be grateful. Nevertheless. It s only through such stock-takng that one can become conscous of one’s shortcomngs and errors. whle notng ths wth pleasure. there s much. and plan out future progress. Revewng the work done n the past few years.

and very few ndeed reach t wthn ths lfetme. they multply and lead ultmately to serous rfts and dvsons. rvalry that of love. n most cases. The Master cannot be present n hs physcal person everywhere and at all tmes. The emergence of such fssparous tendences has marked the begnnng of the declne of any great movement. When they 32 . Unless checked.of tendences whch must be a matter of concern for all of us. and rd ourselves of any undesrable trats that may be mperceptbly developng n us. Ther vson s ndvdual. The Master’s Cause must. are yet on the path and have not attaned perfecton. therefore. be carred on wth the ad of men and women who. Hs msson must be carred on wth the assstance of hs dscples. and the vewpont from whch they see and judge s lmted by the degree of sprtual development attaned by them. I fnd growng and sprngng up amdst us the weeds of dscord and dsharmony. not unversal. If we are to escape ths fate we must zealously watch ourselves. In spte of repeated exhortatons and persuasons. The ultmate end s not easy to attan. Competton seems to have taken the place of cooperaton. and dstrust that of trust and good fath. and the purpose we set out to acheve les wholly neglected. who have been put on the road. The orgnal goal s completely forgotten n the heat of controversy and debate. Why such dsharmony should keep up s not dffcult to tell. These dscples are ndvduals nspred by sprtual longngs. but who have not necessarly reached the goal.

33 . we wll ultmately have to sacrfce the “Cause” whch brought us together. could resolve at a touch the contradctory statements regardng the elephant made by the proverbal sx blnd men. The man who could see. the roots of dscord begn. whle t s natural for those who lack full vson not to agree fully on such matters. but left to themselves. and what a great loss that would be. they could only wrangle and debate. others whose vewpont s equally ndvdual and dstnct. workng for promotng the Holy Cause of leadng the seekers to the Goal of Lfe.are entrusted wth any responsblty t s nevtable that they should dscharge t wthn the terms of ther own vson and nsght. So long as they work drectly under the gudance of the Master. For f we fal to fnd a remedy. And when n dschargng ths responsblty they have to collaborate wth others lke themselves. each consdered that he was rght and the others wrong. And yet. all s well. we must not allow ths lmtaton to create dvson and dssenson. and each dstrusted what the others had to say. They should understand that they are all laborers n the feld of the Master. but the moment they have also to work n collaboratng and cooperaton. controversy begns. If sx men lackng full vson could not agree about the nature of so lmted and well-defned an object as an elephant. t s not surprsng that those wth lmted vson should be unable to harmonze completely on so vast and unlmted a subject as sprtualty.

What s ths love. of whch all mystcs Eastern and Western. and yet t s a love that s not wholly selfless. It s a love that can often rse to great heghts of self-sacrfce. He who understands Love n ts true nature and who lves and moves by ts lght shall. He. – GURU GOBIND SINGH Love knows selfless servce. man and wfe. Parent and chld. Love and all things shall be added unto thee. sacrfce. It even sacrfces one’s personal nterests for the cause one has sncerely taken up. 34 . Let no one nterested n sprtual advancement perform servce for the sake of apprecaton. who has not mastered ts secret. you wll fnd that at some pont or another a trace of self-asserton s present n every case. can never hope to be receved n the Court of the Lord. surely as two added to two makes four. – CHRIST Listen! for I give you the very essence of truth: Those who have loved have reached the Lord.There s only one remedy for all such dscord and that s Love. Selfless servce s great reward n tself. frend and frend. have spoken so nsstently? Is t lke the love of the earth that we know? If you study the bonds of earthly love. and selfsurrender. each s nvolved n a more or less strong drve for possesson. It s the begnnng and the end of sprtualty. attan the Lord.

and wthout such complete absorpton n the object of one’s love. Besdes. the faculty whch creates these very lmts. He who cannot rse above the ego. one’s love s stll not perfect and not truly acceptable n the eyes of the Lord. And so the love of mystcs s one n whch one completely and unreservedly surrenders one’s self to one’s love. The answer s smple: wthout ths absolute surrender of the last vestges of ego and selfhood. If one has not attaned complete purfcaton n ths respect. the sngle-pontedness of concentraton s dsspated and nner advancement s made mpossble. You may well ask why there s ths nsstent stress on complete self-surrender on the mystc path. one cannot attan that unwaverng concentraton of all one’s facultes whch s the prerequste of all nner progress. havng found a true Master. Absolute love and self-surrender are only other aspects of complete and flawless concentraton. the goal of the sprtual asprant les far beyond the lmts of ndvdualty. The moment the “self” enters nto the pcture and the queston of “I-ness” arses. 35 . The seeker who. Hs goal s unon wth the Absolute and such unon must necessarly be a denal of the lmts that separate us from each other.But the Love of whch the mystcs speak s a love that must be completely purfed of the self. has developed such absolute love for hm. steadly purfes hmself of all mperfectons and makes hmself a ft recpent of Dvne Grace. cannot hope to attan to that staton whch s the denal of all ndvdualty and a realzaton of the oneness of all lfe.

the ego. has been the keystone of the teachngs of all mystcs and especally so of 36 . word or thought. and obeys Hm n all thngs completely and absolutely. and f the seeker s to trumph over t. judgng from one’s own lmted understandng. doubts the valdty of the Master’s nstructons. and reach hs heavenly home one day. the ego.Hence t s that mystcs of all tradtons have been untrng n ther stress of the need for absolute selfsurrender. wll one day radate wth the glory of God. one must not look up to the Dety n Its Abstract form but n Its human form as the Master. who s attuned to the Lord and s Hs mouthpece. To acheve ths degree of self-surrender. However. n order to surrender one’s self to t? What one may take as an ntuton nspred by the Dvne may be really one’s own self speakng n dsguse. and he who passes through these tests successfully. he wll surely destroy the hydra-headed serpent of the ego. Such love and self-surrender to the Wll of the Lord emboded n the Master. but such moments are only tests to make our self-surrender more complete and more secure. It was ths cross of sacrfce of the self. he must be prepared to crucfy t every moment. For n every lttle act. For how else s one to know God’s Wll drectly. of whch Jesus spoke when he exhorted hs dscples to bear ther cross daly. the ego s seekng to domnate us. There wll be moments n the course of such love when one. and surrender to such seemng ntentons may be really surrender to the self. f one has found a true Master.

a long standng tradton of seekng and followng a Lvng Master. be moments of doubt and of questonng. There s n Inda. For the essental advantage n the feld of sprtualty s to be found not wthout but wthn. nothng can dsturb the peace of our mnds or dstract the sprtual harmony that s ours. for example. to reshape ourselves. but for one who has made such love the cornerstone of hs lfe. of course. We have to face the rdcule of our fellows and the organzed opposton of orthodox nsttutons. Your man task as dscples. s to cultvate these qualtes to the very utmost and leave the rest to the Master.Sant Mat. ths ntal advantage s not as great as t mght at frst appear. and outward obstacles may n fact act as tests 37 . Jesus never promsed the peace and comfort wth whch the world s famlar. perhaps. There wll. But f we have anchored ourselves n such a love of complete self-surrender. t s easer n the East to take to the mystc path than t s n the West. It les not n the absence of outer opposton but n one’s nner capacty for complete self-surrender and love. nothng could be easer or more certan. It was the cross he offered. you wll fnd the sprtual road wthn steadly unfoldng tself before you and all thngs beng added unto you. as ntates. Nevertheless. to destroy the old and forge the new. but f you can pass through them wth your love and your fath unscathed. a tradton that s foregn to those to whom relgon has been taught n terms of a closed revelaton. The path s certanly not easy. We have to suffer. Intally.

It s ths capacty that you must cultvate and develop f you really wsh to make substantal progress n the sprtual feld. but the vessel must frst be ready. If you aspre for sprtual salvaton. Rome was not bult n a day and the True Abode of the Lord s not to be attaned wth a few weeks labor. You must crucfy your ego and lay your selfhood at the altar of love for your Master. But the seed generates rapdly only n thn sol and then wthers away. Ths ablty to conquer the ego and to submt oneself to the Hgher Wll s as rare n the East as n the West.and stmul for the development of ths capacty. and as t has been gven to you. Most seekers want quck results. then do not lose a moment n seekng to reform yourselves. as t has been taught by all Masters. s a perfect scence. whch must be pad for wth complete self-transformaton and self-surrender. The rest depends on your effort. They want mracles and sudden transformatons. The scence of sprtualty. Ths then s the task before you. The power to perform mracles s not very dffcult to acqure. but t s not to be confused wth true sprtualty. and f you have 38 . Its truth has been demonstrated by some ntal experence. The Dvne Grace s ever ready to pour tself nto the vessel. I repeat that the path s not easy. The seed that must grow nto the lfe-gvng tree must grow more slowly. and wherever t can be found there you shall observe the true grandmark of sprtualty. Man makng s the most dffcult part of sprtualty.

Let your love for the Master be absolute and your obedence to hs wshes uncompromsng. He has yet to learn the rudments of sprtualty. whatever the opnons of others. But f one has understood ther cause. then God realzaton s not dffcult. wthout queston. one who s stll controlled by the ego and has yet to conquer hs self. then nothng can ever dsturb one’s equanmty or obstruct one’s sprtual course. So long as one has not attaned unversal conscousness. ready to assst whenever you turn your thoughts to Hm. dfferences of opnon are bound to exst. you rse above all feelngs of enmty. command you as a Father. That s somethng that you must leave to the Master. f one has surrendered oneself completely to one’s love. exhort you as a Teacher. Try to help others and do the best for them. Let me therefore. Make your love for Hm so complete that. See Hm present n all and remember that He s always wth you. rvalry and resentment. And above all do not forget that He s to be won not by words but by deeds: 39 . one wll not allow them to dsturb one’s peace of mnd. persuade you as a Frend. Work for Hs Cause to the best of your abltes. but be not concerned wth the fruts of what you do.perfected yourself n that feld. to turn to the reformaton and conquest of the self f you seek to progress on the nner path. Whatever the outer opposton. He who s upset by what others have to say s. but do not let the ndvdualty of your lmted vson nculcate feelngs of opposton and resentment for your fellows. beholdng Hs Hand n everythng.

even those who may frst oppose you. f you can accept the fact of your own lmted vson. No true Master has ever been nterested n attractng large numbers to Hmself. a peace that does not depend on the absence of outer dsturbances. f you can conquer the self and surrender t at the Feet of the Master. who can sacrfce ther ego on the sprtual altar and learn to lve by love. You wll fnd a new sense of peace surgng through you. but s an nner state of mnd that stands unshaken even n the most tempestuous stuatons. but the larger lfe of the Great Sprtual movement of whch you are a part. after understandng 40 . and I emphasze ths agan that a seeker should be studed more carefully and hs/her background learned more before beng recommended for ntaton. t shall proceed sngle and purposeful toward ts goal. than mllons who understand not the value and meanng of these vrtues.” If you can do ths. And ths same qualty shall enter not only your ndvdual lves. nay even one. Instead of beng dsrupted and dvded. weedng out all evls and mperfectons – then you shall not only wn salvaton yourselves but enable others to do lkewse. If.“If you love me follow my commandments. I have suggested ths before. It s qualty that counts and I would rather have a handful of dscples. and quantty has never been my am. f you can learn to see Hm workng through all thngs. and men. f you can undertake a ceaseless and zealous watch over your thoughts and deeds. wll turn to you for gudance and help. Your example shall shne lke a torch n the darkness.

whch they msuse. Take t as an exhortaton. take t as a command. They are the foundatons of the movement. f they only knew how deeply I suffer when I see them dvded and wranglng. I am 41 . vz. but from ths day. or psychc domnance over others. can he become a ft recpent of ntaton. they are armed wth the repetton of fve names by whch they have no cause to fear anyone. I am not happy to say ths.the basc prncples of the scence. group leaders and other ntates can also be traced to the word “dstrust” or some sort of fear that some of them have acqured certan powers. how shall the superstructure stand frmly? Ther responsblty s much greater and ther effort must be much greater than that of the ordnary ntate. Do ths and you wll fnd your lfe becomng daly a blessng. If any one msuses such powers. he s wllng to undertake ths complete remoldng of hmself that ts practce requres. ths very moment. and f the foundatons are weak. Moreover. make love and self-surrender (and the two. mnd-readng or seeng or lstenng n on others at a dstance. then and then alone. The chef element that results n dsharmony between the representatves.. are really one) the cornerstones of your lfe. If they really loved me more than ther lttle selves.. those are taken away by the Master mmedately. And how much more s ths need for self-transformaton to be stressed n the case of group leaders and representatves. but I am left no choce. etc. as I have already sad. they would never have permtted matters to come to such a pass.

every help s promsed. Source: Sat Sandesh August 1970 42 . make a specal effort to lve a pure. watng for you to turn away from yourselves and towards me. and I also long to be amdst them. and drenched n the sweet remembrance of the Lord. for besde t there are no goals at all. I know the ntates abroad are anxous to see me n person. I would. but let t flame forth nto a blaze that shall llumne the world. therefore. and he can attan the goal n ths very lfe. a goal that sets all other goals to shame. at best halfway houses. but empty baubles and toys. ncludng leaders and representatves. very dffcult and exactng. The path s strat and narrow and dffcult. all ntates. so that all ntates wll stand out amongst other men and women shnng wth love n full bloom. Let not the lght that has been planted n you become darkness. You can well magne how happy and jolly a father would feel amdst hs sons and daughters who are all lovng and amcable. suggest that by the tme I make a trp to Amerca. but for one who s truly wllng.always wth you. Chrstly and Master-lke lfe as s possble.

ndex. Krpal Sngh gave 15 darshan talks. These talks have been bound together wth the unabrdged text from Master Krpal’s address to the Parlament of Inda and Hs 1971 afternoon darshan talk. ndex. 17 photos.) wth comparatve scrptures cted.D. He carred on Baba J’s work. 256 pages. Soft Cover ISBN 978-0-942735-81-9 Hard Cover ISBN 978-0-942735-85-7 HIS GRACE LIVES ON Durng 17 days n the month of August 1974. Relgous parallels and varous modern movements cted. precedng Hs physcal departure on August 21st. 189 pages. glossary. Should be read by every seeker after God for the encouragement t offers. to a small group of Hs dscples at Hs ashram n Inda. 232 pages. Stanzas of the Hymns n Englsh. 230 pages. as well as the orgnal text n phonetc wordng. mostly n the form of questons and answers. BABA SAWAN SINGH. A BRIEF LIFE SKETCH OF THE GREAT SAINT. Hard cover ISBN 978-0-942735-93-2 Soft cover ISBN 978-0-9764548-3-0 43 . 203 pages. the successor of Baba Jamal Sngh. Hard cover and paperback. greatly expandng the Satsang and carryng t across the seas. tracng the development of one of the most outstandng Sants of modern tmes. what are the characterstcs whch wll enable the honest seeker to dstngush hm from those who are not competent? A complete study of the supreme mystcs and ther hallmarks. Paperback. ISBN 978-0-942735-27-7 THE JAP JI: The Message of Guru Nanak An extensve explanaton of the basc prncples taught by Guru Nanak (1469-1539 A. glossary. Also ncluded.BOOKS by Kirpal Singh CROWN OF LIFE A comparson of the varous yogas and ther scope. ncludng Surat Shabd Yoga—the dscplned approach to Sprtualty. ISBN 978-0-942735-77-2 GODMAN If there s always at least one authorzed sprtual gude on earth at any tme. Paperback. Soft Cover ISBN 978-0-942735-64-2 Hard Cover ISBN 978-0-942735-70-3 A GREAT SAINT: BABA JAIMAL SINGH His Life and Teachings A unque bography. True Medtaton.

ISBN 978-0-942735-78-9 44 .” Also contans collected prayers from all relgous tradtons. The remanng ten talks were delvered n Inda. I cannot stress suffcently the mportance of readng ths book. . ISBN 978-0-942735-16-1 NAAM or WORD “In the begnnng was the WORD. “To gve further help and encouragement on the Way. Ths book. Paperback. but sad to say. wth an ntroducton. from the most elementary to the ultmate state of “prayng wthout ceasng. to see how they are measurng up to the standards requred for success n ther manmakng. the frst four of whch were gven n Phladelpha n 1955. my new book Morning Talks wll soon be avalable for general dstrbuton. Paperback. Paperback. Paperback. ncludng appendx. Islamc. dgestng ts contents. 258 pages. 335 pages. ISBN 978-0-942735-94-9 THE NIGHT IS A JUNGLE A compendum of 14 talks delvered by the author pror to 1972. sounded the depths of the seas.THE LIGHT OF KIRPAL A collecton of 87 talks gven from September 1969 to December 1971. A different version of this book was published under the title Heart to Heart Talks. Man has unravelled the mysteres of the starry welkn. braved the blndng blzzards of snowy Mount Everest. s a Godgven textbook to whch all ntates should constantly refer. and then lvng up to what t contans. 368 pages. All of these talks were checked for ther accuracy by Krpal Sngh pror to ther complaton n ths book. contanng extensve questons and answers between the Master and western dscples vstng at that tme. ISBN 978-0-89142-033-0 MORNING TALKS A transcrpton of a sequence of talks gven by Sant Krpal Sngh between October 1967 and January 1969. 15 photos. Buddhst. 446 pages. .” Quotatons from Hndu. has not found out the mystery of the human soul wthn hm. 103 pages plus ntroductory. ISBN 978-0-942735-18-5 PRAYER: Its Nature and Technique Dscusses all forms and aspects of prayer. Paperback. Paperback. ISBN 978-0-942735-50-5 SPIRITUALITY: What It Is Explores the Scence of Sprtualty.” —Master Krpal Sngh. and the WORD was God. whch covers most aspects of Sprtualty. ndex of references. delved deep nto the bowels of the earth. and Chrstan sacred wrtngs confrm the unversalty of ths sprtual manfestaton of God n relgous tradton and mystcal practces. and s now out explorng space so as to establsh nterplanetary relatons. 147 pages.

74 pages. Paperback. whch were prmarly devoted to Master Krpal Sngh’s Thrd World Tour. the reader s presented wth the whys and wherefores of “the great fnal change called death. ISBN 978-0-9764548-1-6 Volume III: The New Lfe. ISBN 978-0-9764548-0-9 Volume II: Self Introspecton/Medtaton. 125 pages ISBN 978-0-9764548-6-1 THE THIRD WORLD TOUR OF KIRPAL SINGH Ths book was prnted drectly from the pages of Sat Sandesh magazne. the ssues from October 1972 through February 1973. Ths s a collecton of the late Master’s short wrtngs from 1949 to 1974. Also contans varous messages gven on specal occasons. 160 pages. glossary. ISBN 978-0-89142-026-2 THE WHEEL OF LIFE & THE MYSTERY OF DEATH Two books n one volume. 382 pages. together wth respectve answers. Paperback. Emphass s placed on the need for a competent lvng Master. ISBN 978-0-942735-80-2 THE WHEEL OF LIFE Avalable n hard cover. 418 pages. 186 pages ISBN 978-0-9764548-2-3 Defntve statements from varous talks and books by the author. 180 pages. ISBN 978-0-942735-95-1 THE TEACHINGS OF KIRPAL SINGH Volume I: The Holy Path. plus many pctures. Included s a bref bography of Baba Sawan Sngh. 98 pages. Three volumes sold as one book. 293 pages. reorganzed by topc to llumnate the aspects of self-dscplne pertnent to Sprtualty.” Paperback. A perfect scence. Relevant questons are answered. plus ndex for the frst text.SPIRITUAL ELIXIR Collected questons addressed to Krpal Sngh n prvate correspondence. t s free from the drawbacks of other yogc forms. 464 pages ISBN 978-0-9764548-4-X Complete set n a sngle volume ISBN 978-0-942735-33-8 THE WAY OF THE SAINTS An encyclopeda of Sant Mat from every pont of vew. ISBN 978-0-942735-02-4 SURAT SHABD YOGA (Chapter 5 of Crown of Life) The Yoga of the Celestal Sound Current. and ntroducton. n the followng text. 45 . 80 black and whte pctures. Ths collecton allows the reader to research by topc. the author’s Master. Paperback. The meanng of one’s lfe on earth and the Law of Karma (the law of acton and reacton) are examned n the frst text. 98 pages plus glossary and ndex ISBN 978-0-9764548-5-4 THE MYSTERY OF DEATH Avalable n hard cover.

Paperback. “Death n lfe”. Paperback. Gves a bref coverage of the essentals of Sprtualty and the need for open-mnded cautousness on the part of the careful seeker.” Paperback. and January 27. 20 pages. 34 pages. “The Quest for a True Master”. 1969. 46 . Paperback. November www. 52 pages. 1969. ISBN 978-0-942735-04-8 HOW TO DEVELOP RECEPTIVITY Three Crcular Letters (of June 13.” Paperback. a letter from Sawan Sngh on the karmc aspects.RuhanSatsangUSA. #50. Booklets and Audio-Visual Material of Master Kirpal Singh can be ordered from this address or directly online. “The Practce of Sprtual Dscplne”. 30 pages. RUHANI SATSANG® 250 “H” St. ISBN 978-0-942735-07-9 SIMRAN: The Sweet Remembrance of God Dscusses the process of centerng the attenton wthn by repeatng the “Orgnal or Basc Names of God” gven by a true Master. ISBN 978-0-942735-06-2 RUHANI SATSANG: Science of Spirituality Brefly dscusses “The Scence of the Soul”. ISBN 978-0-942735-08-6 THE SPIRITUAL AND KARMIC ASPECTS OF THE VEGETARIAN DIET An overvew of the vegetaran det contanng a letter from Krpal Sngh on the Sprtual aspects. WA 98230-4018 USA 1 (888) 530-1555 Fax (604) 530-9595 (Canada) E-mal: RuhanSatsangUSA@gmal. and excerpts from varous books by Krpal Sngh. 1970) concernng the atttudes whch must be developed n order to become more sprtually receptve. ISBN 978-0-942735-47-5 Books. 36 pages. and help to nvoke the Dvne Mercy. “Chrst exsted long before Jesus.BOOKLETS BY KIRPAL SINGH GOD POWER / CHRIST POWER / MASTER POWER Dscusses the ongong manfestaton of the Chrst-Power and the temporal nature of the human bodes through whch that Power addresses humanty. and “Surat Shabd ISBN 978-0-942735-03-1 Yoga. 32 pages. ISBN 978-0-942735-05-5 MAN! KNOW THYSELF A talk especally addressed to seekers after Truth. Paperback. SEVEN PATHS TO PERFECTION Descrbes the seven basc requstes enumerated n the prescrbed self-ntrospectve dary whch ad mmeasurably n coverng the entre feld of ethcs. Blane. 36 pages.