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“My clIentS have referreD to the pIece aS a Sculpture,” Dela pole SaID. “While I’m not sure about that, I haven’t seen too many shelving units that hang on a wall and are singular like ours. I think that makes the piece pretty unique.”

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with all of his designs, Christopher Dela pole has one basic concept: keep way they would like each palm to be facing, the company has begun to give customers even more options. it will showcase at Dwell on Design at the end of June, the west Coast’s largest design event, with new choices that include aluminum bar stock in all different colors and white oak palms. “i really wanted to make sure that the design was accessible to everyone,” said Dela pole. at five feet tall, the palm tree currently costs $275 and is available to order on the company’s website and other design websites such as rypen.com and decorate.com. “my clients have referred to the piece as a sculpture,” Dela pole said. “while i’m not sure about that, i haven’t seen too many shelving units that hang on a wall and are singular like ours. i think that makes the piece pretty unique.” For more inFormation, visit: http://www.squaredFurniture.com things as simple as possible. it’s that idea that goes into his design company Squared Furniture in minneapolis and one of its most popular pieces--the palm tree “floating” shelving unit. an elegant, yet parred down solution for life’s minutia, the shelving unit is made from just one single stick of aluminum bar stock and four solid walnut “palms” to give the illusion of a palm tree. “the palm came from the idea that things don’t need to be complicated, that sometimes the more simple the better,” Dela pole said. Dela pole came up with the idea for the palm tree as he tried to think of a design where he could set his keys, put his mail, phone and everything in-between. with five palms on the “tree”, Dela pole sees the design like digits on a hand. “it is like an outstretched hand to meet you at the door,” said Dela pole. as the piece has become more popular, Squared Furniture has begun to make the unit more customizable. while people have always been able to choose which

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