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JUNE 2012

Rep. Tom Young Is

Keeping You Informed
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North Augusta/Midland
Valley Relay for Life
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Bible Study By Pastor
Lynn Kirkland
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2012 Midland Valley Graduates
idland Valley
Submitted Article
Nearly four years ago, Sr. Rose Marie
joined the staff at Our Lady of the
Valley Catholic Center. Sister began
her ministry in
the Valley by
serving in the
food programs
- from
Angel Food
Ministries, the
Senior Brown
Bag, and the
Sister became
the Spiritual Animator for the St. Vincent
de Paul Society and has gone a long
way in preparing the members for home
visitation, including the use of services
such as those of the Beneft Bank.
She has organized the volunteers and
trained each person in the VIRTUS
Program, Protecting Gods Children.
For sure the chatterboxes will attest
to Sisters appreciation of a good
time! Perhaps her greatest joy comes
in her visits with the sick and shut-in.
As the Centers representative at the
Center on the Community Services
Network, Sister has been a passionate
advocate for the less fortunate. Sisters
participation in the Valley Alliance
comes from a heart brimming over
in love; her desire and hope that as
Christians we might work together in
prayer and service. These are but a few
things that Sister Rose Marie has been
involved in during her few short years
in the Valley. Who Sister is, is so much
more important.
Sister is a Daughter of Charity,
a compassionate person, serving
Jesus in our midst. When you look
for someone to listen, to be there, to
depend on: you can count on Sister
Rose Marie. When the day seems
hectic or the time diffcult, wait just a
minute and Sister will share with you
a warm hugand sometimes a good
No is really not in Sisters vocabulary.
It is with this in mind that Sister Rose
Marie responded with her wholehearted
yes to go and be with the sick in need
of her care at St. Vincents Medical
Center in Jacksonville, FL.
We will truly miss Sister Rose Maries
presence among us but realize that the
less fortunate in Jacksonville are the
recipients of a most precious gift. Thank
you, Sister Rose Marie, for the gift you
are to each of us. We will miss you!
Starting A New Adventure In Florida
Leadership Aiken County Is
Looking For Members
By Lauri SoJourner

Leadership Aiken County is
assembling its latest crop of future
movers and shakers.
The organization is taking applications
for its 2012-2013 class of leadership
trainees through July 27. Applications
are available through the Greater
Aiken Chamber of Commerce, the
Midland Valley Chamber of Commerce,
the Greater North Augusta Chamber
of Commerce and members of the
Leadership Aiken County board of
directors. Applications will also be
available online at the organizations
website, www.leadershipaikencounty.
Leadership Aiken County provides
its class members with exposure to
Aikens current issues of importance,
history, social services, economic and
government issues and culture. Its goal
is to foster communication among the
countys most involved citizens and
stimulate volunteerism and support for
community activities, organizations and
social services.
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Keeping You Informed
by SC Rep. Tom Young, R-District 81
The House of Representatives met every
week during the month of May. The regular
session ends on June 7. I hope that you fnd
this update helpful and informative:
Congratulations to High School
Graduates!: Hundreds of local students
graduated from high school in recent weeks.
Congratulations to all of them and best
wishes as they go to work or continue their
Biggest News of the Month Ballot
Upheaval in Wake of Supreme Court
Decision: On May 2, the State Supreme
Court issued a decision which dramatically
impacts this years elections across the state
at all levels of state and local government.
Here is what you should know:
Supreme Court Decision: In April, a lawsuit
was fled in Lexington County in a dispute
over the requirements for a candidates
name to properly appear on a primary
election ballot under the state law governing
requirements for fling for offce. The state
law was passed in 1991 and effective in
1992. The State Supreme Court ruled that
state law requires an individual to fle a
Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) at the
same time and with the same offcial with
whom a Statement of Intention of Candidacy
(SIC) is fled, and that the same state
law prohibits political party offcials from
accepting an SIC which is not accompanied
by an SEI. The state law at issue exempted
any public offcial who already had a current
SEI on fle. Accordingly, the names of any
non-exempt individuals who did not fle
with the appropriate political party an SEI
simultaneously with an SIC were improperly
placed on the party primary ballots and must
be removed.
Effect of Decision -- How Many
Candidates are Impacted?: Locally, several
candidates have been impacted including
Jane Vaughters running for House District
81; John Pettigrew running for State Senate
District 25; Jason Goings running for County
Auditor; all four of the candidates for County
Treasurer; Andrew Siders running for County
Council; and Jim Vause running for Sheriff.
Statewide, the Republican Party certifed
427 candidates and did not certify 82
candidates. The Democratic Party certifed
about 355 candidates and did not certify
95 candidates. All impacted candidates
are considering a petition candidacy to be
eligible to run as an independent on the
November 6 general election ballot.
Supreme Court Decision -- Multiple
Issues in Play: Retroactively fxing the
problem and restoring candidates to the
primary ballot is not an easy fx mainly for
two reasons. First, the State Constitution
will not allow the General Assembly to
retroactively override a State Supreme
Court decision (S.C. Const. Art. I, Sec.
8 separation of powers). Second, any
change in our election procedures has to be
approved by the U.S. Department of Justice
under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. (South
Carolina is one of 16 states subject to this
law until 2031.) Receiving the blessing
from the Department of Justice could take
as long as anywhere from 60 to 120 days.
Such a delay would mean the delay of our
primary elections and the possible delay of
all general elections for both state and local
offces beyond the November 6 election
date. These concerns impacted efforts in
both the House and Senate to restore at
least some of the impacted candidates to the
Senate Solution Fails: On May 8, the
Senate was unable to reach a consensus on
a solution effectively ending any chance for
a legislative fx.
Joint Resolution Offered in House: On
May 9, Representatives Roland Smith, Bill
Taylor, Bill Clyburn, Bill Hixon, and I fled
H.5250 as the House version of a legislative
fx. After the Senate was unable to pass any
legislation to address the problem, we were
not able to get H.5250 moving in the House.
Petition Candidates -- Attorney General
Opinion: Because questions arose as to
whether the Supreme Courts ballot decision
also prevents the impacted candidates from
being eligible to run as petition candidates
for the November 6 general election, I
requested a formal opinion from Attorney
General Alan Wilson. In an opinion issued
on May 16, the Attorney General said that
the State Supreme Court decision does
not prohibit the impacted candidates from
running as petition candidates for the
November 6 general election. Therefore,
if you are a registered voter, you may be
asked to sign a petition for a candidate
running for an offce representing the area
where you live. The deadline for petition
candidates to obtain the necessary number
of signatures is July 16.
Whats Next?: Legislation to fx the
issues raised by the Supreme Court decision
and other needed updates in state elections
law for future elections will be a top priority
for the General Assembly in 2013.
Public Safety Offcer Scotty
Richardson and Master Corporal
Sandy Rogers Honored: On May 23, the
General Assembly honored both of these
Aiken police offcers who died serving
our community. Concurrent resolutions
expressing the appreciation of our state for
their dedication, service, and sacrifce were
presented to their respective families. A
lengthy standing ovation also occurred. The
House adjourned Wednesday in memory of
both offcers.
Restructuring Elimination of Budget
and Control Board: In early May, the
House amended and returned to the Senate
H.3066 eliminating the South Carolina
Budget and Control Board and transferring
the responsibilities to three offces including
the Department of Administration. This bill
is very important because it is a MAJOR
restructuring initiative intended to improve
effciency and accountability. A House/
Senate Conference Committee is meeting to
work out the differences before June 7.
Restructuring -- Joint Election of
Governor and Lt. Governor: In mid
May, the House concurred in the Senate
amendments to the legislation which I
sponsored where the Lt. Governor would be
selected by the Governor rather than elected
separately from the Governor starting
in 2018. Because this is a constitutional
change, the bill requires approval by the
voters this year in the November election. If
approved, the change does not go into effect
in 2018.
Retirement System: Both the House
and the Senate made changes in May to
the State Retirement System legislation. A
House/Senate Conference Committee is
now meeting to work out the differences.
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Changes: The Senate advanced a bill
revising the FOIA. The bill prohibits public
agencies and governments from charging
excessive fees for public records and
requires them to respond quicker than
current law. The legislation also includes
provisions for the electronic transmission
and online posting of public records and
eliminates the current FOIA exemption
provided for memoranda, correspondence,
and working papers in the possession of
individual members of the General Assembly
and their immediate staff. The bill is in the
full Senate where it must be acted upon by
June 7.
Senate Passes State Budget: On May
24, the Senate passed its version of the
State Budget. The House is expected to
non-concur and the budget will go to a
Conference Committee before going to the
Extracurricular Activities -- Governors
School and Home School Students: The
House joined the Senate in unanimously
passing legislation allowing home school
students and Governors School students
to participate in interscholastic activities,
including athletics, music, speech, and
other extracurricular activities, at local public
schools as long as these criteria are met by
the student:
meets all requirements for residing within
the public schools attendance boundaries;
satisfes all public school eligibility
requirements except for pertinent enrollment
and attendance requirements;
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The Midland Valley Monthly is a free publication provided by the Aiken Standard newspaper. DISTRIBUTION: Around 3800 copies of this section will be
distributed each month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The section will publish inside the Aiken Standard to subscribers in Midland Valley zip codes of
29816 Bath, 29822 Clearwater, 29828 Gloverville, 29829 Graniteville, 29834 Langley, and 29851 Warrenville. Plus copies will also be distributed at strategic
rack locations in these areas as well. ADVERTISING: Call Julie Lott at 644.2403 or email or Anne Fulcher at 979.4476 or email MAILING ADDRESS: Midland Valley Monthly, c/o Julie Lott, P.O. Box 456, Aiken, SC 29802. SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES OR
PICTURES: or the above mailing address. UPCOMING DEADLINE: June 29, 2012. NEXT PUBLICATION: July 11, 2012.
Over 40 Years Of Continuous Professional Service By Wm. Sammie Napier
Glenda K. Napier
Vice President
Wm. Sammie Napier
Funeral Director
315 Main Street Graniteville, SC 29829 803-663-3131
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The nine-month course begins
with a mandatory three-day retreat
at Camp Gravatt from September
30-October 2 according to this years
Class Coordinator, Lauri SoJourner.
The coursework exposes the
class members to different aspects
of life in Aiken County. The intent
is to develop future leaders for the
county, she said. Its a nine-month
long course of study, starting with the
three-day retreat where we have team
building exercises and leadership
training. Then we have classes one
day a month from October to June on
history, education, law enforcement,
and healthcare, to name a few.
Applications should be mailed to
Leadership Aiken County Attn: Lauri
Sojourner, Class Coordinator, at P.O.
Box 3686, Aiken, SC 29802. Tuition
is $600 per student, and a limited
number of partial scholarships are
available. Notifcations of acceptance
will be issued in August.
For more information or for
application forms, email Lauri
SoJourner at director@bishopgravatt.
org or visit the Leadership
Aiken County website at www.
Submitted Photo
June 2012 Graduating Class of Leadership Aiken.
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meets the same responsibilities and
standards of behavior and performance,
including related practice requirements,
of public school students participating in
the interscholastic activities of the team or
squad and is required to meet the same
standards for acceptance on the team or
The legislation also provides that a
public school student who is not allowed
to participate in interscholastic activities
because of a failure to maintain academic
eligibility is ineligible to participate in
interscholastic activities as a charter school
student, Governors School student, or home
school student for the following semester.
Copper Theft: To further combat the rise
of copper theft across the state, the House
passed S.1031 which makes revisions
to state law making it easier to catch and
prosecute those who steal copper and then
try to sell it for scrap metal.
Tom Youngs Website: My updated
website can be reached at www. There are links to
a variety of constituent services; the status
of sponsored bills; and roll call votes. Please
add my web site as a bookmark on your
Road Issues: If you see a road problem,
call the SCDOT at 641-7665 or Aiken
County at 642-1532 to report the problem.
If you do not get a prompt response, please
let me know at or
call me. Generally, most paved roads in the
County are maintained by SCDOT and are
identifed on the road sign poles by a small
black and white sign listing the road number,
such as S-2-1669. Most unpaved roads in
the County are maintained by the County.
Please know that I can be reached by
telephone (649-0000 or 215-3631); email
(; regular mail
(P.O. Box 651, Aiken, SC 29802); or just pull
me aside when you see me. Thank you for
the privilege and the opportunity to represent
...Keeping You Informed
Go to, click on Special Sections,
and then Monthly Publications.
The Mt. Salem Outreach Mission
offcially opened His Table Soup
Kitchen on May 7, 2012. Once
they are fully functioning, they will be
open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. - 2
The Mt. Salem Outreach Mission
served 3,000 meals in May. Their
goals are to serve 4,000 meals per
month, but are fnding it hard to keep
up with the demand of the hungry.
The bed count at the overnight
shelter is over 1,000. Men are
continuing to seek help from
homeless situations at the shelter.
The Pledge Partner program needs
your prayer and support. In order for
the Mission to reach those in need,
they desperately need to reach the
2012 goal of 1,000 pledge partners
giving a minimum of $5 each.
Please consider giving and also
spread the word about the Salem
Outreach Missions work here in
Aiken County.
Mt. Salem Outreach Mission is
located at 2121 Augusta Road in
Gloverville. For more information on
how you can help, call (803) 593-
Hope For The Hungry And Homeless
Beneft Bank Created To
Help Families In Need
By Suzanne R. Stone
The Daughters of Charity convent
at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic
Church have organized a new
program to help those in need at
the Our Lady of the Valley Catholic
and families in need evaluate what
forms of government assistance they
out and submit applications for those
The program is open from 10 a.m.
to 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at Our Lady of the Valley, and
goes out to other sites in Midland
Wednesday of each month at Senior
Village in Warrenville, the second
Wednesday of each month at Village
third Wednesday of each month at
Clearwater Village Apartments and
the fourth Wednesday of each month
at Kalmia Apartments in Graniteville.
If someone comes in wanting to
sign up for food stamps, say, our
computers are already programmed
for that. We put in our code and
application. We do whats called a
tells them everything they might also
be eligible for. So even though they
to medical assistance or other things
receive, said Sister Catherine Marie
of the Daughters of Charity.
registration applications and offers
assistance with income tax and
want to have with them a picture ID,
current housing and utility bills, Social
Security cards or INS documentation
for non-citizens, pay stubs or written
statements of gross earned income,
proof of payment for child care
services and medical services, and
documentation of non-employment
income such as Social Security
pension or alimony.
minutes, and many of the applications
been approved for assistance, Sister
advance how many dollars in food
stamps they can get, so they can
plan a budget. They come up with a
user name and password, so they
can go in on a computer themselves
Sister Catherine Marie said that
funds allotted in the state and federal
budget for those in need go to South
Carolina residents who need them.
services, so at the end of the year the
and say, this much money wasnt
used, so South Carolina must not
need that money, she said. Weve
seen a decrease in people coming
in for help and were not sure why;
Even people who do have jobs come
up short and are going hungry, and
For more information about the
Photo by Suzanne Stone
HELPING THOSE IN NEED: Sister Catherine Marie of the Daughters of
for Midland Valley residents in need.
The program is open from 10 a.m.
to 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at Our Lady of the
Valley, and goes out to other
sites in Midland Valley: 10 a.m.
to 1 p.m. the frst Wednesday
of each month at Senior Village
in Warrenville, the second
Wednesday of each month
at Village at Horse Creek in
Gloverville, the third Wednesday
of each month at Clearwater
Village Apartments and the fourth
Wednesday of each month at
Kalmia Apartments in Graniteville.
Where Do
Cowboys Go
When They
By Pastor Lynn Kirkland
Consequently, if you do not listen to
Theology, that will not mean that you
have no ideas about God. It will mean
that you have a lot of wrong ones
bad, muddled, out-of-date ideas. For
a great many of the ideas about God
which are trotted out as novelties
today are simply the ones which real
Theologians tried centuries ago and
rejected. To believe in the popular
religion of modern England [America]
is retrogressionlike believing the
earth is fat (p. 155). Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis (1952) [emphasis and
insertion mine]
2 Corinthians 5: 7 (For we walk by
faith, not by sight:) 8 We are confdent,
I say, and willing rather to be absent
from the body, and to be present with
the Lord. 9 Wherefore we labour, that,
whether present or absent, we may be
accepted of him.

1 Corinthians 15: 51 Behold, I shew
you a mystery; We shall not all sleep,
but we shall all be changed, 52 In a
moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at
the last trump: for the trumpet shall
sound, and the dead shall be raised
incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on
incorruption, and this mortal must put
on immortality.
1 Thessalonians 4: 13 But I would
not have you to be ignorant, brethren,
concerning them which are asleep, that
ye sorrow not, even as others which
have no hope. 14 For if we believe
that Jesus died and rose again, even
so them also which sleep in Jesus will
God bring with him. 15 For this we
say unto you by the word of the Lord,
that we which are alive and remain
unto the coming of the Lord shall not
prevent them which are asleep. 16 For
the Lord himself shall descend from
heaven with a shout, with the voice of
the archangel, and with the trump of
God: and the dead in Christ shall rise
frst: 17 Then we which are alive and
remain shall be caught up together
with them in the clouds, to meet the
Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be
with the Lord. 18 Wherefore comfort
one another with these words.
1 Thessalonians 5:23 And the very
God of peace sanctify you wholly; and
I pray God your whole spirit and soul
and body be preserved blameless unto
the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I recently heard Dr. David Jeremiah
say that the largest congregation in
America today is that of ignorant
brethren. (Joke) We spend way too
much time listening to psycho-babble
on tv. Whether it is a renowned
doctor or snippets we pickup from
crime dramas it is all the same. We
also tend to remember grandma said
so-in-so was in the Bible somewhere,
so it must be true.
2 Timothy 2: 14 Of these things put
them in remembrance, charging them
before the Lord that they strive not
about words to no proft, but to the
subverting of the hearers. 15 Study
to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be
ashamed, rightly dividing the word of
truth. 16 But shun profane and vain
babblings: for they will increase unto
more ungodliness.
Gods Word expressed this very thing
over 2,000 years ago as Paul wrote to
Timothy. We need to read and study
Gods Word for ourselves. We need to
so fll our minds with the transforming
ideas and ideologies of the Bible that
WE are like a rock in our beliefs.
What belief system do you have?
Where did it come from? Do you want
to know if it is incorrect? AND, what
does all this have to do with Where
Do Cowboys Go When They Die?
First, and foremost, The Holy Bible is a
manual for living. There is not anything
we are facing that an answer cannot
be found in Gods Word. The Bible is
as up-to-date now as it was over 2,000
years ago. Times change, fashion
changes, culture changes but God
never changes. He is as relevant today
as He has always been. If we only
know the truth we can apply the truth.
I preach every week. Honestly, I
enjoy preaching. I enjoy watching
people soak up the truth of Gods Word
as I preach. But 45 minutes a week
is not enough. In many churches it is
more like 20 minutes. Not enough! But
it is not more preaching we need it is
more study. We need to search the
scripture for ourselves and know what
the Word says.
Secondly, where do cowboys go
when they die? Well, they actually
go to the same place everybody else
does their eternal reward. Paul tells
us that to be absent from the body is to
be present with the Lord. He also tells
us we are made up of spirit, soul, and
Dr. Charles Stanley explains it this
way: We are made up of body, soul
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Heights Church
Sunday 9:00am & 11:00am
Near the intersection of Cherokee Drive &
Highway #1 in Clearwater
(behind Mi Rancho)
Welcomes You To Our Services
continued from page 6
and spirit (1 Thess. 5:23). Ive heard
it explained this way: I own a body, I
possess a soul, and I am a spirit. The
body is the physiological component
of our makeup. Its how we relate
to our environment. The soul is the
psychological element of what makes
me Charles and you, Bill or Sarah. Its
our thinker, feeler, and chooser, and
it manifests through our personalities.
The spirit is who we really are, and it
provides us with the means to relate to
God since He is Spirit.
When the Rapture occurs and Jesus
ascends, our body (if we are believers
in Christ and are dead) will be reunited
with our spirit that has gone on to
be with the Lord and changed in the
twinkling of an eye. Those believers
that are alive will be changed and meet
Him in the air.
Likewise, unbelievers bodies will
remain in the grave and their spirit will
remain in torment until judgment day:
Luke 16: 23 And in hell he lift up his
eyes, being in torments
We dont like to think about that part. It
is hard preaching but true.
1 Thessalonians 5:9 For God hath not
appointed us to wrath, but to obtain
salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
2 Corinthians 6:2 behold, now is the
accepted time; behold, now is the day
of salvation.
For more information, for prayer, or
to support the outreach of this ministry
please contact us at:
Dr. Lynn Kirkland
Impact Ministries International, Inc.
P.O. Box 5431, Aiken, SC 29804
OFFICE PHONE: 803-400-3609
Sign up to recieve our monthly
Cowboy up for Jesus !
...Where Do Cowboys
Religious Briefs
To place your announcement: email or mail to
Aiken Standard, attn: Julie Lott, P.O. Box 456, Aiken, SC 29802
New Life Outreach Ministries will
sponsor their frst Fruit of the Spirit
Fund Rosier Service on Friday, June
15 at 7:30 p.m. at 616 Edgefeld
Rd., Suite 100, Belvedere. For more
information call Dr. W.E. Gasque at
803-278-5043 or 803-645-6621.
Vacation Bible School at First Baptist
Gloverville, June 18-22, 6-8 PM.
Ages 3 through 6th grade. For more
information call 803-593-2452.
Our Lady of the Valley Vacation
Bible School, June 25 29th
6:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Ages 5 12
For Adults The Journey of a Lifetime
Catholicism Series will be presented.
All are welcome to come and join
the Holy Land Adventure of Daniels
Courage in Babylon! Call 593-2241
for more information.
St. John Food Bank will be open
on the third and fourth Saturdays
from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at St. John
Baptist Church, 286 Huber Clay
Road, Langley. For more information,
call 593-4186.
Young Storm Branch Baptist
Church, Langley, provides a clothes
closet for anyone in need. For more
information, call Dorothy Young at
(706) 399-8117.
The Clothes Closet at St. Pauls
Episcopal Church, 117 Hard St.,
Graniteville, is open from 10 a.m. to
noon every Saturday. Clothes are
free. For more information, call Ann
Mayer at 663-7440.
By Elizabeth Fite
CSRA Life Saver, an organization
that aims to reduce the euthanasia
rate of cats and dogs through
prevention and education, has a new
Graniteville location in addition to its
already-existing North Augusta facility.
Both locations offer low-cost spay
and neuter procedures, heartworm
testing and prevention, vaccines and
fea and tick control.
Spay and neuter surgeries at CSRA
Life Saver cost between $60 and $75
for dogs, depending on the animals
size, and vaccines range from $12 to
$17. For cats, spaying costs $50 and
neutering costs $35.
Its a very good service for the
community, especially the portion of
the community that otherwise wouldnt
have the funds or ability to get this
service done for their pet, said Tara
Poppy, veterinarian with CSRA Life
The hardest part is getting the word
out to people that were here, said
Lisa Williams, owner of CSRA Life
The new facility is located on 109
Bettis Academy Road next to the
Barkmart pet store.
Poppy said there are many health
benefts to spaying or neutering pets,
including greatly reducing the risk of
reproductive cancer.
CSRA Life Saver does not offer care
for sick or injured animals, so it is able
to keep a low overhead cost.
For more information, visit www. or call 979-7268.
Low-Cost Spay, Neuter Clinic Open In Graniteville
Photo by Elizabeth Fite
Life Saver employee, gets information
from Stephanie Ferunden and
Ferundens dog Rosie.
Around Town
Smith Awarded For Service
To Citizens
On May 9, Rep. J. Roland Smith of
House District 84 in Aiken County was
presented with the Society of the
Maltese Cross from the South
Carolina Firefghters Association
for his compassion and dedication
to the citizens of
Aiken County. On
May 15, he was
presented with
the Arnold School
of Public Health
University of South
Carolina R.I.S.E.
Project Award of
Appreciation for his
outstanding and
devoted service to the residents of the
Graniteville, Vaucluse and Warrenville
The Midland Valley Area Chamber
of Commerce held their monthly
meeting on Wednesday, May 9,
2012 at Bobbys Bar-B-Q. The guest
speaker was Andrew Hendrix from
Leadership Aiken County. Mr. Hendrix
explained how the Leadership
Program exposes you to the
individuals, issues and needs in the
The next Chamber meeting will
be Wednesday, June 13 at Noon at
Bobbys Bar-B-Q. There will be no
July meeting.
Langley-Bath-Clearwater Historical
Society meets on Thursdays at
7:00pm at the M.V. Lions Club (1
Lions Trail, Bath).
The Midland Valley Lions Club (1
Lions Trail, Bath) meets on the 2nd
and 4th Mondays of each month.
LBC Multi-Class Reunion (1952 -
1980) will be on June 23rd. For more
information contact Jean Lambert
Maxwell at
Submitted Photo
BBQ FOR BACKPACKS: St. James Lutheran Church in Graniteville had a
barbecue dinner on May 4. They raised $6,440 to support the Golden Harvest
Food Banks Backpack Program at Byrd Elementary beginning in the fall
of 2012. Many thanks to all who participated and contributed to make this
happen. Pictured, from left, are Lang Entrekin, Dr. Gaines Entrekin, Gene
Ray Fulmer, Sue Fulmer and Ronald Wood.
Submitted Article
Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, a
recognized leader in the production of
specialty coatings and coated fabrics,
purchased two coating machines from
Mascoe Systems Corp., the largest
manufacturer of coating machines in
the United States.
As many as six coating methods are
built into the coating machines.
The coaters are built with high-
tolerance machining practices and
digital set point technology, which
allows for absolute repeatability of
required coating specifcations.
We selected machine features that
will allow Graniteville to continue our
high-quality coating development,
yet enable us to explore new coating
practices and specialized technical
solutions, said Jim Egan, president of
Graniteville Specialty Fabrics.
Although we have been perfecting
coated fabrics for more than 60 years,
we remain committed to developing the
most innovative, custom fabric offerings
for our diverse client base.
This new machinery will assist us in
continuing those efforts and allow us
to further expand our custom coating
For more information about
Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, call 663-
2646 or visit
About Graniteville Specialty Fabrics
For more than 60 years, Graniteville
Specialty Fabrics has been a
recognized leader in coated fabrics,
continually inventing and perfecting
their coating methodology.
Through innovative processes
that combine modern chemistry and
technology, Graniteville excels in the
development and sourcing of custom
coatings and creating specialized
technical solutions to meet specifc, and
often unique, end-user requirements.
As a specialty coatings provider,
Graniteville takes great pride in the
spirit of innovation, quality production
and a rigid commitment to protecting
the environment.
Graniteville Specialty
Fabrics Acquires Two
Coating Machines
SFC Kevin and Paula Murray of
Warrenville announce the birth of
their son, Patton Reed, born in
Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 21, 2012.
Maternal grandparents are Paul
and Judy Scott of Warrenville, and
paternal grandparents are Bill and
Margie Broderius of Fontana, Calif.
Paternal great-grandparents are Irene
Chip of Fontana, Calif., and Frank and
Lori Alveraz of Rancho Cucamonga,
Brittany Proctor of Warrenville and
Kevin Williams of Aiken announce
the birth of their daughter, Emberlin
Marie Williams, born May 1, 2012,
at Aiken Regional Medical Centers.
Paternal grandparents are Monica
and Johnny Rhoden of Aiken, and
maternal grandparents are Melissa
and Lamar Proctor of Warrenville.
Mark and Connie Nixon of Aiken, SC
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Leslie Annette Nixon of
Aiken, SC to Jeremy Allen Frank
of Aiken, SC, a son of Allen and
Ann Frank of Graniteville, SC. The
wedding is planned for May 19, 2012,
at Graniteville First Baptist Church.
C. Luckey Walker and Betty A.
Walden were united in marriage on
April 15, 1962, at Silver Run Baptist
Church in Harlem, Ga. The couple
celebrated their 50th anniversary
on April 15, 2012, with a drop-in
reception at Belvedere First Baptist
Church, hosted by their children and
The Walkers have one son, Chris
Walker and his wife LeeAnn of
Belvedere, and one daughter, Amy
Seymour and her husband Kevin of
North Augusta, plus six grandchildren,
Logan Walker of Greenville, Whitney
Walker of Belvedere, Shelbie Walker
of Anderson, and Hayden, Walker and
Cason Seymour of North Augusta.
From the young in body to
the young at heart
Se habl espaol
Only 5 Minutes from Aiken Regional
1 Hickman Street Graniteville
Mae Jean Englee, M.D.
Aiken Electric Cooperatives 2012 Annual Meeting
Submitted Article
Aiken Electric Cooperative, a
Touchstone Energy Cooperative, held
its 74th Annual Meeting Saturday, May
19, 2012. The many festivities were
enjoyed by 3,723 registered member-
owners and family members. The
meeting was highlighted with energy-
saving themes, music and door prizes.
Four incumbent candidates for the
Board of Trustees were re-elected
during the Annual Meeting. The Board
members re-elected are: Raymond
A. Hutto, Trustee District No. 6; P.
Edward Swartz, Trustee District No. 8;
O. Dewitt Livingston, Trustee District
No. 9 and Robert Curry, Trustee-At-
Special guests in attendance
included: Congressmen Joe Wilson;
Senators Shane Massey and Nikki
Setzler; Representatives Roland
Smith, Bill Clyburn, Bill Hixon,
Bill Taylor and Tom Young, Aiken
County; Aiken County Administrator,
Clay Killian; Aiken County Chairman,
Ronnie Young; Aiken County Council
members Kathy Rawls and Charles
Barton; Aiken City Council, Don Wells;
former Aiken City Council member,
Beverly Clyburn; and Edgefeld
County Council, Norman Dorn. Also
attending were Mayor of Burnettown,
C.H Williams, Mayor of Swansea, Ray
Spires; Aiken County School Board,
Wesley Hightower; and Will Williams,
Director Economic Development
Partnership. Congressman Wilson
led the audience in the Pledge of
Allegiance before the annual meeting
was conducted.
Women Involved in Rural
Electrifcation, (WIRE), provided
refreshments for the attendees and Jeff
Little and Wayne Henderson provided
Displays included Aiken County
United Way agencies, a Help My
Houseon-bill fnance program,
indigenous reptiles and wildlife from
the Savannah River Ecology Lab, a
hydrogen truck and a hydrogen cell
from the Center for Hydrogen Research
Lab. Activities for the day also included
face painting, a health fair by Aiken
Regional Hospital and unique balloons
made by Tom Brandner (alias Cat in
the Hat) and friends. Members donated
four 60 pound canned food barrels to
the Golden Harvest Food Bank and
over $300 to United Way Aiken County
agencies. Thirty-three members signed
up for Aiken Electrics Operation Round
Up program, where revenue from
rounding electric statements up to the
nearest dollar has resulted in over
$400,000 distributed to community
members in times of need.
In keeping with Aiken Electrics
annual meeting policy, after registering,
members do not have to be present
to win the grand prizes or special door
prizes. Aiken Electric Cooperative
awarded three grand prizes this year:
Roy Fields of Graniteville won the John
Deere lawn tractor, James Johnson
and Barron Koon of Aiken each won a
$1,200 electric service credit.
Aiken Electric, a Touchstone Energy
cooperative, is a not-for-proft utility that
strives to provide reliable, competitively
priced energy and other services
desired by their members. The co-op
serves over 45,000 customers in a nine
county area.
Submitted Photo
Roy Fields of Graniteville won Aiken Electric Cooperatives Annual Meeting
grand prize. Fields, on the John Deere lawn tractor from Derrick Equipment,
has been an AEC member for 48 years.
Hidden in the pages of
this edition is a horseshoe.
Can you fnd it?
490 Jefferson Davis Highway, Graniteville 667-9752
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 7:00pm, Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm
75 years with great customers!
Te countdowns under way! Johnson Motor Company is driving into our 75th
year of serving the CSRA. During the Drive to 75 we will be having promotions
and events for you, our JMC customer. Te festivities are our way of thanking you
for being a part of the JMC family.
We are a service company that sells great cars and trucks!
Did you know...
Did you know that we take appointments and drive-ins for service?
You can make an appointment, but you dont need one.
Did you know that we can store your vehicle for you?
Going out of town for the week or month? Bring you car to us and we will provide
shuttle to and from local airports at no charge.
We bring service to your door! Whether youre having cofee or busy at work,
we are able to come to you. Just one luxury we bring to our JMC customers for
their convenience.
Johnson Motor Company of South Carolina has been chosen by GM to be the
automotive representative in the Aiken area. Tis is recognition and an honor
to continue providing sales and service to the community for another 75 years.
Indeed we are a service company that sells great cars and trucks.
With the 2012 automotive line up we will be ofering exciting changes for our
GMC and Buick customers.
By Anna Dolianitis
A locally produced broadcast-length
documentary detailing the history of
the Horse Creek Valley was recently
recognized as a silver winner in the 33rd
Annual Telly Awards.
The Telly Award which honors
outstanding local, regional and cable TV
commercials and programs, video and flm
productions, web commercials, videos and
flms was awarded to Storyline Media
for Horse Creek Valley: A Tale Worth the
Telling, which was funded in part by the
Aiken County Historical Museum.
I knew that this is something worthy of
getting recognition, museum executive
director Elliott Levy said. I want people
throughout this area to realize that this
is something that not only the people in
the Valley, but people throughout this
area, should be proud of and should be
interested in.
The documentary addresses the rich
history of Horse Creek Valley, which
reaches from the headwaters of Horse
Creek at the Edgefeld County line to the
Savannah River and from Aiken to North
The documentary touches on the
American Indians who originally lived on
Horse Creek to the Graniteville Textile Mill
owned by William Gregg and the areas
current status.
It is really a microcosm of the entire
American experience when you look at
it in the context of the earliest people to
have walked on this continent through
slavery and the industrialization of the
valley or mills and its collapse just prior to
the countrys economic downturn, said
the documentarys co-director and editor
Jamie Koelker. It tells a much broader
story than that little valley, but that little
valley is a perfect example of a lot of
American history.
Koelker, along with his wife, co-director
and story architect Christi Koelker,
spent about a year and a half working on
the documentary, flming in areas from
Brattonsville in the upstate to Sanford,
N.C., in order to flm reenactments that
encompassed the Revolutionary and Civil
War periods.
The directors also used archival
imagery from around the world, including
the Smithsonian museum and libraries in
Germany and London.
Though fnding a narrator for the
documentary could have been a costly
challenge, the directors found a narrator in
Woodside resident Robert Franklin.
They also interviewed a number of
experts in felds including archaeology,
anthropology, history and geology, who
shared their knowledge of the Horse
Creek Valleys history and signifcance.
The documentary has been aired on
South Carolina ETV, and has been used
to teach history in Aiken County schools,
Koelker said.
While receiving the Silver Telly award
was exciting, Koelker said, the response
that was received from residents in the
Horse Creek Valley area was particularly
The documentary was also funded
in part by the Humanities Council of
South Carolina, the Friends of the Aiken
County Historical Museum, the Aiken
County Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Department, the Irene Trowell Memorial
Education Fund and Major-General Irene
Copies of Horse Creek Valley: A Tale
Worth the Telling are available for $20
at the Aiken County Historical Museum,
located at 433 Newberry St., S.W. The
museum can also be reached at 642-
Documentary Wins National Award
Midland Valley Graduates
Alexanderum Dominic Lamar Allen
Dajah Davante Allen
Sahara ReiChaun Anderson*
Tamarra LeiChaun Anderson**
Ryan Nicholas Arthur***
James Andrew Atkinson*
Christina Megan Bailey
Sarah Rebecca Bailey
Brandon Tomas Barefoot
Heath Glenn Barron
Austin Allen Barton
Megan Elizabeth Barton
Amber Nikole Bates**
Tomas Charles Bates
Jeromie Nickolas Baughman
Clarissa Marie Beaudin
Dion Varcellious Bell
Tabitha Dawn Bell
James Michael Beverly
Lizeth Binzha Reyes
Sydney Marie Blackmon
Mikayla Nachelle Bledsoe***
Marcus Laremie Bolano
Casey James Booth
Stevee Autumn Booth**
Emily Paige Boyd**
Larry James Boyd
Ray Dean Braddy Jr.
Morgan Lynn Brewer*
Bobby Allen Brown
Kailen Andr Stanley Brown
Shelby Rae Brown
Priscilla Ann Brunson
Robert Douglas Burkett
Ashley Nichole Busbee*
Shaquan Jermaine Butler
Deidre Marie Cain
Taylor Rene Carlin**
Brandi Elizabeth Clark*
Chelsea Ann Clune**
Ashley Brooke Coble
Wesley Emmanuel Coleman*
Courtney Deanna Collett
Jolene Payton Collins*
Benjamin Tomas Conner Jr.
Jack Hudson Cooksey*
Damon Greg Coon II*
Davidson Edward Couch
Miranda LeAnne Coughenour
Chasity Lynn Creech
Jamie Danielle Creech
Brittany Leigh Crowe
Qwanzeivah LeSean Culbreath
Johnny Edward Cullum Jr.
Michael Anthony Currens
Jessie Marqule Curry
Jefrey Alan Davenport Jr.*
Jazmine Mont Diggs*
Jamaree Deonta Drayton
Courtney Nichole Duf
Christopher Tyler Duf
Devin Shaquille Dunbar
Amanda Gabrielle Duncan
Ashlyn Briana Dutton
Katie Lynn Dyches
Terrill Elliott
Colton Wayne Eubanks
Lauren Ashley Faircloth***
Elizabeth Megan Fischer
Emma Hales Foerster***
William Anderson Fore Jr.
Holley Nicole Fulghum
Brittany Danielle Fulmer*
Heather Miranda Gagnon**
Jonathan Garcia*
Beverly Leanne Garcia Reyes*
Tyler Shane Gardner
Kee Ara Sharnae Geter
Joshua Dean Glisson
Matthew Wesley Adam Goodwin
Shelby Brooke Goodwin
Jordan Amber Grifn*
Brinson Russell Hadden
Alicia Taryn Hamilton
Rebecca Leanna Hamilton
Angelica Sarah Hardy
David Alexander Hardy**
Cody Blake Harris*
Sebastian Paul Hartshaw
Tevin Koran Hatcher
Dilan James Havird
Troy Allen Hayden Jr.
Bronson Sanders Heise
Shelby Aileen Hodge
Alisha Gabrielle Holmes
Samantha Nicole Holmes***
Brett Andrew Holtzclaw*
Kayla Audriona Hood
Dylan Todd Horton
Jamarques DeShon Hubbard
Jacob Lawrence Jackson
Lakeesha Danea Jackson
Eddie Tyree James
Hailey Lauren Johnson
Jasmide TaKiyah Johnson
John Christopher Johnson
Rachael Christina Johnson
Candice Nicole Johnston
Jackson Ross Jones***
Shakela Lanae Jones
Caroline Marie Kelly
Veronica Diane Kieltsch*
Kaitlyn Leann Kirkland
Casey Reed Kneece
Ireni Labra
William Dale Lamb
Elizabeth Anne Lawrence*
Brittany Taylor Lewis*
Tyler Paul Lott
Austin Perry Lowe
Nathan James Lowe
Stephen Andrew Lowe
Travis Benjamin Luke
Haley Sara Lynch
Adam Charles Mahan*
Sara Logan Maloy*
Chynna Cherrelle Martin
Francizco Brian Martinez
Cory Brian McCain
Amber Maudeine McCoy
Addie Elizabeth McDaniel
Wesley Nelson McDaniel
Cheslie Brooke McGregor
Caleb Morris McMahen*
Taylor Brent Gartman McManus
Adalinda Molina Benitez
Katelyn Elizabeth Montgomery*
Taylor Alaine Moore
Yolanda Shardae Moseley
Samantha Anne Neely
Sheldon Lee Nichols
Stephanie Lauren Norfeet
Phillip Robert OConner
Shiquan LVell Oakman
Jordan Nicole Odum
Michelle Frances Owens*
Karen Angelica Pacheco Villanueva*
Melissa Elizabeth Palmer
Richard Kyle Parker
Sarah Irene Nicole Peacon
Sharay Lynn Pearson
Kelsey Dawn Perkins
George Tomas Piper II
Earnest Deon Pressley
Clarissa Michelle Price
Robin Michelle Priester
Rafael Antonio Quiles
Lashanta Nicole Quiller
Lauren Brooke Rainwater**
Shannon Nicole Randall
Summer Hope Randolph
Katherine Deann Ready
Taylor Marie Ready
Patrick Edgar Rearden
Morgan Ellen Reed***
Zachary Chase Reeves
Nahoami Liset Regalado
Adilene Binzha Reyes
Allison Marie Riggs
Joseph Dallas Roberts
Kadeisha Janae Roberts
Paige Ann Roberts
Samantha Nicole Roberts
Khalea Kiana Robinson
Danny Eugene Rogers III
Jordan Reece Salley
Vianey Sena-Rosales
Coleton Drew Shiver
Alexis Chantavia Simmons*
Deshonda Tyeish Simpkins
Ashia Moniquica Trakeia Smith
Kimberly Erin Smith*
Krisha Lee Smith*
Sarah Jonell Smith*
Nicholas Russell Spence
Megan Paige Spires
Kayla Lynn Steele
Ashton Lauren Stone
Kevan William Strait
Jimi Edward Summers
Justin Ryan Swartz
Porscher Cierria Talbert
Jason Wayne Tanton
Alanha Katelyn Taylor
Bobby Tyrone Taylor Jr.
Dylan Roberts Timmerman***
Chesley Shardae Toney
James Roy Toole
Levi Deonte Toomer
Bianca Jacqueline Trujillo
Juan Edguard Trujillo
Adam James Turner
Trace Alan Tusing*
Edward James-Lloud Urzua
Jessica Villeda Ruiz
Brittany Cierra Vinson*
Byron Leetrez Walker
Robert Lee Walker III
Torrain Jakeel Eugene Walker
Aretha Renika Washington*
Brandon Lee Washington
Steven Wendell Washington
Rebecca Erin Weaver*
Kendall Marie Whaley*
Alexander Tomas Teodore White
Joseph Terrell White II
Justin Paul Williams
Michael Robert Williams**
Ashton Danielle Williamson
Haley Denise Willis*
Ariel Lee Wilson*
Rebekah Erin Wingate
Crystal Alece Wood***
Terry Augustus Wright II
Christopher Michael Yeargain*
Joshua Steven Yon
Alexis Jasmine Young
Amber Briana Young**
Boston Deqwazza Young
Brooke Nicole Young
Stephen Terrell Young
Haley Brock Zuehlke*
***Summa Cum Laude
**Magna Cum Laude
*Cum Laude
Ryan Arthur
Dylan Timmerman
Submitted Article
Dream Big-Read! is a vacation
reading program for children in Aiken
County running from June 11 until
July 27. Children may register for
the reading program at any of the
libraries in the county. This exciting
program encourages children to
explore the world of books and feed
their imaginations at the library.
Although the program is geared
towards ages preschool through
18, children too young to read can
participate by having others read to
them. Children completing the reading
requirements will receive a certifcate
of achievement and a reading medal.
The program encourages children
to enjoy reading during the summer
and to discover some of the many
wonderful childrens books available
in libraries in the ABBE Regional
Library System. This years theme,
Dream Big-Read!, incorporates the
fun and excitement of a marvelous
night time adventure. Visiting the
library for recreational reading during
the summer can keep children reading
on grade level and, most importantly,
it can motivate them to become
lifelong readers by showing them that
reading is fun.
Studies show that if children
continue to read throughout the
summer, they have an easier time
going back to school and picking
up where they left off, said Rachel
Pirkle, ABBE Childrens Services
Coordinator. And while we encourage
that, our main purpose in having this
program is to instill a love of reading
and books and to help develop
children into lifelong library users.
This summer the Aiken County
libraries are extending the fun of
Summer Reading to adult patrons
18 and older. For each library book
read during the months of June and
July, patrons can put their names and
telephone numbers in for a drawing to
win a handy tote bag. Each library will
have one winner. The drawing will be
July 30.
For more information contact
Midland Valley Branch Library
Manager Barbara Sharpe at (803)
593-7379 or ABBE at (803) 642-7575.
DREAM BIG-READ! Summer Reading
Program At The Midland Valley Branch Library
Gregg Park Civic Center
119 Trolley Line Road,
Graniteville 663-7552
Basketball Activities for Ages 8-10 and
11-13 in July at Gregg Park.
3PT. Competitions on Monday, July
2nd at 10:30 a.m. To register call the
park at 663-7552.
Summer Daycamp at Gregg Park will
be held for boys and girls Ages 5-12.
Camp will be held each day Monday
Thursday from 9:00 a.m. 3:00
p.m. on June 18-21, June 25-28, July
16-19, July 23-26. Fee is $40.00 per
week for Passholders and $50.00 per
week for Non-passholders. Swim
time is included each day and Special
Activities throughout the Camp such
as Rock Walls, Water Slides, Magic
Show, SPCA, Aiken Co. Dog Team,
Magic Workshop, and SRS Ecology
Lab, First Aide and many other fun
and exciting activities including
our Finale Theme Day Pirates of
Paradise Island. Limited Registration.
For more information, call GPCC at
Unlimited Exercise Classes per
month: $20/month for passholders
or $25/month Non-passholders

Monday and Wednesday
Lite-Side Exercise 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Instructor Sharon Dairon teaches the
latest steps and techniques that are
fun and healthy. Come join us for a
Lite session and see how quickly
results can be seen!!
Monday and Wednesday
Cardio/Weight Class 4:30-5:30 p.m.
A 30/30 Cardio and Weight Class
consisting of a cardio workout and
followed by light weights for toning
and abdominal work. Instructor: Becky

Zumba 9:00-10:00 a.m.
A new class in Zumba on Tuesday
mornings. What better way to start
your day than movin and groovin to
the latest notes and steps! Getting
into shape has never been so easy
and FUN! Instructor: Tasha Hammett
Cardio Step 6:00-7:00 p.m.
A Cardio Workout for all levels.
Instructor Janis Napier will show
us that sometimes mixin things
up is just what we need. This class
concentrates on step, kickboxing,
aerobic and Zumba moves.

Zumba 5:45-6:30 p.m.
Come check out the Zumba Party on
Wednesday afternoons with instructor
Becky Geeting. This class is for any
level of participation and provides a
non-intimidating opportunity for new
exercisers. Come join the fun and
enjoy group ftness with less impact.
Zumba 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Party yourself into shape! Come join
the Zumba Party with Tasha Hammett
while listening to the latest beats and
Midland Valley Branch
Library Programs begin at
2:00 pm on Thursdays.

June 14 Savannah River Ecology
Lab - Creepy, crawly fun with

June 21 Magician Chad Crews
Be amazed by his mysterious feats
of illusion!

June 28 Pantasia Steel Band
Music and stories of the

July 12 Puppet Show
Presenting the classic childrens
book, The Paper Bag Princess.

July 19 Sarah Dippity
Comedy, puppets, and magic in a
rollicking show!

July 26 Summer Splash
Wear your swimsuit and come play
in the spray!
Can You Spot The Diferences?
There are NINE things diferent in the picture. Can you locate the diferences?
Help the girls fnd dad to wish him a
Happy Fathers Day
dyadd ________________
ptosrs ________________
finsgi ________________
rhnoo ________________
osotl _________________
ofgl __________________
clernier _______________
ghus __________________
udlrbie ________________
dopervir ______________
gnuthin _______________
ednac _________________
ovel __________________
answers on page 19
2012 North Augusta/Midland Valley Relay For Life
May 11, 2012 - May 12, 2012
All Photos By Bill Bengtson
Aiken County Ministers Wives and Widows Alliance Scholarship Beverly Garcia Reyes
Aiken Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Jazmine Diggs
Aiken Alumnae Chapter of SC State University Jazmine Diggs
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship Wesley Coleman
American Legion Post 153 Scholarships
Holley Fulghum, Jordan Griffn, Shelby Brown

American Nuclear Society-Savannah River Section Scholarship Michael Williams

Area III Administrators Scholarship Levi Toomer

CHOICES Scholarship Dylan Timmerman, Chelsea Clune

Civilian Marksmanship Program Jordan Griffn

Cytec Surface Specialties Scholarship Dylan Horton - 2 year
Krisha Smith - 4 year

D.A.R. Good Citizen Ryan Arthur

Debbie Knight Memorial Scholarship
Stevee Booth, Heath Barron, Jamaree Drayton, Brandon Washington, Levi
Toomer, Jackson Jones, Morgan Reed, Krisha Smith, Robert Walker
Dollars for Scholars Heath Barron, Aretha Washington

Free Riders Motorcycle Club, Inc. Robert Walker

Gregg-Graniteville Scholarship Morgan Reed, Lauren Faircloth

GVW Fire Department
Casey Kneece, Dylan Horton, Katelyn Montgomery, Lauren Faircloth

Hatcher Funeral Home Scholarship Jackson Jones

Key Club Scholarship/Aiken Kiwanis Club Jackson Jones
continued to page 18
2012 Midland Valley High School
Scholarships and Awards
Reed Honored By
Midland Valley Lions
The Midland Valley Lions Club honored Morgan Reed as student of the
quarter. She is a senior at Midland Valley High School and plans to attend
Clemson University, Reed is a member of the National Honors Society,
National Spanish Honors Society, Beta Club and Fossil Club. She was the All
Tournament and All State Volleyball Award recipient.
Submitted Photo
AN HONOR: Morgan Reed was presented the Lions Award by Lion Ash Willis.
Ashlyn Hay was recently
awarded a certifcate for
Celebration of Character.
Ashlyn is a student at
Warrenville Elementary,
and the daughter of Stan
and Deana Hay.
LS McCormick Memorial Award for Celebration of Character
David Hardy, Stevee Booth, Haley Zuehlke

Martha Schofeld High School Scholarship Robert Walker

Matt Dillion Scholarship Holley Fulghum

Midland Valley High School Alumni Scholarship Brittany Vinson

M.V. Lions Club Scholarship
Amber Bates, Stevee Booth, Chelsea Clune, Wesley Coleman, Jolene Collins,
Jamaree Drayton, Beverly Reyes, Robert Walker, Haley Zuehlke, Jazmine Diggs
M.V. Chamber of Commerce Scholarships
ATC - Michelle Owens, USCA - Jamaree Drayton
Youth of the Year YOY - Lauren Faircloth

North Augusta Sertoma Club Scholarship
Stevee Booth, Chelsea Clune, Lauren Faircloth, Dylan Timmerman, Crystal Wood

PotashCorp Engineering and Science Scholarship Ryan Arthur
Ray A. Kroc Youth Achievement Award Ryan Arthur

Robert F. Sawyer Scholarship Jackson Jones

Sigma Pi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Robert Walker

United States Marine Corps Awards
Distinguished Athlete male - Jamaree Drayton female - Haley Zuehlke
Scholastic Excellence Amber Bates
Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence Ryan Arthur

Warren B. Whitson Yes I Can Memorial Scholarship Taylor Coleman

Watson-Brown Foundation Scholars Stevee Booth, Dylan Timmerman

West Point Leadership Award Tiana L. Chandler

ATC Foundation Scholarships: Vernon R. Ford Summer Randolph
Certifcate of Applied Science, Major in Pre-Engineering Samantha Holmes
Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
Mikayla Bledsoe, Heather Gagnon, Nicole Holmes, Ryan Arthur, Chelsea Clune,
Emma Foerster, Morgan Reed, Dylan Timmerman, Crystal Wood

Perfect Attendance Award
12 years - Amanda Duncan, Krisha Smith
4 years - Sahara Anderson, Tamarra Anderson, Wesley Coleman, Jackson Jones,
Lauren Faircloth, Kevan Strait, Alexander White
1 year - Megan Barton, Stevee Booth, Jessie Curry, Jazmine Diggs, Beverly
Garcia Reyes, Jordan Griffn, Adalinda Molina, Katherine Ready, Dylan
Timmerman, Michael Williams, Terry Wright

Junior Marshals
Chief Marshals - Natalie Arthur, Colton Tinkey; Faculty Marshals - Aleisa Baksh,
Lexus Leach, Lindsey Harris, Matthew Bryant, Kenneth Glenn, Jennifer Wood,
Tanner Lewis, Zach Martin, Theresa Melendez, Chris Taylor, Tiana Chandler,
Holley Rittenberry, Taylor Coleman, Jeff Grice

Honor Graduates
Sahara Anderson, Tamarra Anderson, Ryan Arthur, James Atkinson, Amber
Bates, Mikayla Bledsoe, Stevee Booth, Emily Boyd, Morgan Brewer, Jeffrey
Davenport, Jazmine Diggs, Lauren Faircloth, Emma Foerster, Ashley Busbee,
Taylor Carlin, Brandi Clark, Chelsea Clune, Jolene Collins, Wesley Coleman, Jack
Cooksey, Damon Coon, Brittany Fulmer, Brittany Vinson, Dylan Timmerman,
Trace Tusing, Morgan Reed, Alexis Simmons, Kimberly Smith, Heather Gagnon,
Jonathan Garcia, Beverly Garcia Reyes, Jordan Griffn, David Hardy, Cody
Harris, Samantha Holmes, Brett Holtzclaw, Jackson Jones, Veronica Kieltsch,
Elizabeth Lawrence, Brittany Lewis, Adam Mahan, Sara Maloy, Caleb McMahen,
Katelyn Montgomery, Michelle Owens, Karen Pacheco, Lauren Rainwater, Krisha
Smith, Sarah Smith, Aretha Washington, Rebecca Weaver, Kendall Whaley,
Michael Williams, Haley Willis, Ariel Wilson, Crystal Wood, Chris Yeargain,
Amber Young, Haley Zuehlke

National Honor Society
Tamarra Anderson, Ryan Arthur, Amber Bates, Mikayla Bledsoe, Emily Boyd,
Stevee Booth, Taylor Carlin, Chelsea Clune, Lauren Faircloth, Emma Foerster,
Heather Gagnon, David Hardy, Samantha Holmes, Jackson Jones, Morgan Reed,
Lauren Rainwater, Dylan Timmerman, Michael Williams, Crystal Wood

National Technical Honor Society
Sahara Anderson, James Atkinson, Stevee Booth, Jazmine Diggs, Amanda
Duncan, Lauren Faircloth, Angelica Hardy, Rachael Johnson, Michelle Owens,
Karen Pacheco, Taylor Ready, Kadeisha Roberts, Krisha Smith, Sarah Smith,
Aretha Washington, Haley Willis, Amber Young
National Art Honors Society Priscilla Brunson, Tyler Gardner, Samantha Neely
Yearbook Awards Crystal Wood, Ashton Stone

National French Honor Society
Amber Bates, Jonathon Garcia, Jackson Jones, Rebecca Weaver

National Spanish Honor Society
Ryan Arthur, Stevee Booth, Emily Boyd, Taylor Carlin, Beverly Garcia, Lauren
Faircloth, Morgan Reed and Dylan Timmerman

Student Incentive Committee Awards
Ryan Arthur, David Hardy, Jackson Jones, Tamarra Anderson, Emily Boyd,
Wesley Coleman, Jazmine Diggs, Lauren Faircloth, Morgan Reed

American Citizenship Awards
Sahara Anderson, Stephanie Norfeet, Tamarra Anderson, Jordan Odum, Ryan
Arthur, Andrew Atkinson, Sharay Pearson, Brandon Barefoot, Nicole Quiller,
Morgan Reed, Sarah Peacon, Shelby Brown, Alexis Simmons, Stevee Booth,
Adilene Reyes, Holly Fulghum, Heath Barron, Lauren Rainwater, Amber Bates,
Deeann Ready, Mikayla Bledsoe, Priscilla Brunson, Erin Smith, Ashley Coble,
Megan Spires, Jack Cooksey, Kayla Steele, Jessie Curry, Dylan Timmerman,
Jazmine Diggs,Torrian Walker, Lauren Faircloth, Trey Walker, Elizabeth Fischer,
Rebecca Weaver, Emma Foerster, Joseph White, Michael Williams, Brittany
Fulmer, Crystal Wood, Beverly Garcia, Terry Wright, Jordan Griffn, Amber
Young, Rebecca Hamilton, Haley Zuehlke, David Hardy, Tevin Hatcher, Dylan
Horton, Jackson Jones, Beth Lawrence, Adam Mahan, Brittany Lewis, Travis
Luke, Samantha Neely, Sheldon Nichols, Sara Maloy, Caleb McMahen, Taylor
McManus, Adalinda Molina

Special Faculty Recognition Loretta Bush, Jean Cannon, Chief Horace Sweat
Staff Member of the Year Angela Gibson
Teacher of the Year Leslie Gunter
Mustangs of Merit
Ryan Arthur, Stevee Booth, Jamaree Drayton, Holley Fulghum, Heather Gagnon,
Stephanie Norfeet, Ariel Wilson, Haley Zuehlke

Principals Awards
Ryan Arthur, Stevee Booth, Jazmine Diggs, Holley Fulghum, Haley Zuehlke

Spirit of the Mustang Ryan Arthur
Photos by Charish Saunders
These pictures were taken in Kimberly Whitmans 7th Grade GT science class
at LBC Middle School. Their assignment was to dissect small sandsharks.
School Briefs
Midland Valley Students
Excel On The National
French Exam
Ms. Tracey Glass, French teacher,
is pleased to share the outstanding
results of two Midland Valley High
School French students. Sophomore
Alanna Berrie ranked tenth in South
Carolina and twelfth in the nation on
the National French Exam. Kaitlynn
Haney, also a sophomore, earned the
rank of eighth in South Carolina and
tenth in the nation. Congratulations
to these two hard working frst year
French students!
Midland Valleys Silas
Tabbed For 2012 HSSR
All-Rookie Team
Midland Valley
High Schools
Brett Silas was
named to the High
School Sports
Reports All-
Rookie Baseball
Team. The
freshman infelder
hit .316 with eight
runs scored and
seven RBIs.
to the
PAge on
PAge 15
1. mans shirt changed to green
2. mans hair changed to blonde
3. boys shirt is lighter
4. basting brush is missing
5. star missing from blue latern
6. grill marks missing from hamburger
7. girls pants changed to blue
8. womans shoes changed to blue
9. fag is missing
Submitted Article
On April 10, 63 Leavelle
McCampbell Middle School students
and 14 adult chaperones traveled to
New York. The group returned home
on April 14.
While in New York, the group rode
the ferry to Ellis Island and Liberty
Island. They viewed the Statue of
Liberty, the Empire State Building and
the Apollo Theatre. Students toured
the American Museum of Natural
History where the movie A Night at
the Museum was flmed.
They visited Time Square, Battery
Park, Rockefeller Center, Central
Park, St. Johns Cathedral, St.
Patricks Cathedral, Grand Central
Station, Ground Zero, the World
Financial Center, Fifth Avenue, Wall
Street, Harlem, Chinatown and Little
The culminating activity of this
experience was attending the
Broadway show, Mary Poppins.
The trip was a lot of fun. I most
enjoyed the ferry ride to Liberty Island
to see the Statue of Liberty, said
student R.J. Smith.
I most enjoyed viewing the
architecture at the Empire State
Building, said student Katherine
Knight, who wants to be an architect
when she grows up. I enjoyed the
Broadway Show. I liked the make-up,
costumes, and the technology used
for the different scenes.
Latonia Evans, the Gifted and
Talented coordinator, said she wants
students to experience education and
culture outside of the state of South
Carolina. She wants students to be
able to apply their personal experience
gained from the trip to the classroom.
Principal Dr. Lloydette Young
said the New York trip was a rich,
educational experience about history
and culture.
At Leavelle, students are taught to
embrace all cultures and to respect
diversity. What better place for
students to gain this experience than
New York, The Melting Pot.
This trip was made possible through
fundraising and generous donations
from Leavelle McCampbell School
Alumni Association, Calvary Baptist
Church, Bushs Seafood and Security
Federal Bank.
Submitted Photo
TO BE A PART OF IT: Members of the Leavelle McCampbell Middle School Gifted and Talented program toured New
York on April 10-14. While in New York, they visited the Statue of Liberty.
Visit The
Big Apple
By Rob Novit
The annual Garcia Theatre Project
brought dozens of talented high school
actors and stage crew members to
USC Aiken on Friday May 4, 2012 for a
competitive series of one-act plays.
Midland Valley High School took
frst place from the judges for best
play for the drama Freak! by Angela
Hill. Second went to South Aiken High
School for the comic Complete Works
of William Shakespeare (abridged) by
Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess
Best acting awards went to Stuart
Prettel of South Aiken and Shakela
Jones of Midland Valley.
The other productions were Tim
Kellys The Empty Chair from North
Augusta High School and Uncool by
Vin Morreale Jr. from Ridge Spring-
Monetta High School. The top student
director was Nick Breakiron of South
All-Star cast members were
Cameron Driver, Taylor Coleman and
Josey Wells of Midland Valley; Neyjai
Harris of RS-M; Savannah Faulker
and Devin Robinson of North Augusta
and Taylor Maier and Rachel Beeson
of South Aiken.
The Garcia Theatre Project was
established through Public Education
Partners in 2005 and a grant from
Karen and Carlos Garcia of RCS
Corp. In 2011, USC Aiken took over the
coordination of the production.
All four plays were defnitely high
quality, said Karen Garcia. The event
has improved and improved every
The teacher advisers were Vanessa
Cox of Midland Valley, Ramona
Parsons of South Aiken, Kerry
Jackson of RS-M and Rachel DuFault
and Alisa Hamrick of North Augusta.
Driver brought Freaks to Coxs
attention after he performed it at the
summer enrichment program Gateway
in 2011.
Freak! is an offbeat story about
bullying and how a tormented high
schooler named Monique (Jones)
unexpectedly fnds herself in the
company of other freaks.
We have some amazing kids, and I
try to champion that, said Cox. What
makes this production unique is that
many cast members are not part of the
it group. Theyre not as well-known,
and for them to have that moment and
perform (at school) for the student
body and get those accolades was just
For Jones, the play was the frst time
shes had anything like a central role on
It was different than anything weve
done at school, she said. It was fun
and exciting and also demanding.
After performing the play at Gateway,
Driver was delighted to bring it back to
his high school friends.
It was a great opportunity, he said.
We had an amazing time, and the
response from the other students was
great. Mrs. Cox is the best teacher,
and were so glad to have her here at
Midland Valley.
At South Aiken, Parsons, her three
cast members and the student director
essentially transformed a hilarious
two-hour parody of Shakespeare into
a hilarious one-act play that focused
primarily on skewering Hamlet.
Other cast members were Victoria
Long, Carson Faulkner, Pedro
Cervantes, Amanda Vance, Kejah
McKnight, Rebecca Rudisill, Caitlyn
Campbell and Emma Kitchens of
North Augusta High School; Martika
Blackman, Rodricuv Robinson,
Micheal Jones, Cody Christian,
Amber Faulkner, RaShonda Avent,
Tiana Tucker and Jordan Reves of
Ridge Spring-Monetta High School;
and Emma Wetmore, Rebecca
Hamilton, Caleb McMahan, Clarissa
Price, Carrie Kelly, Victoria Lee,
Ariel Shaw, Summer Moseley, Sara
Maloy, Spencer Gartrell, Tori Turner,
Tyler Busbee, Chris Taylor and Paige
Tucker of Midland Valley High School.
Midland Valley Takes Top Prize In Theater Project
Learning History Through Decades Day
Staff Reports
Belvedere Elementary School
once again took time to celebrate a
little history last week with its annual
Decades Day.
Students in various classes focused
on a decade in history and presented
information on some of the important
events that happened during that
time, using a variety of elements
including music, costumes, props and
even food that became popular in that
decade. Among the events portrayed
were the civil rights movement, World
War II, Vietnam, fappers, gangsters
and more. And famous people
were, of course, a big part of the
presentations from Jimmy Hendrix
to John Kennedy, from FDR to Babe
Students gave vignettes into their
decade with scenes from World War II
to an evening in a speakeasy.
LBC Middle School
Honor Roll - 4th Nine Weeks
LBC Middle School 2011-12
All A Honor Roll - 8th grade
Anderson, Dalton Thomas
Glover, Reagan Elizabeth
Heath, Herbert Bruce
Ramirez, Yara Estefania
Romeo, Aslyn Elizabeth
All A Honor Roll - 7th grade
Beard, Allie Camryn
Brewe, Alivia John
Ennis, Ethan Robert
Fittery, Haylie McKenzie
Harris, Hunter Michael
Harsey, Justin Todd
Justice, Calista Liane
Martin, Madison Brooke
Moyer, Christopher Charles
Rhoden, Kristina Dawn
Sikes, Preslee Elizabeth
Simpson, Jada Marie
Sloan, Emily Elizabeth
Smith, Caleb Joshua
Turner, Sarah Soonok
Villalobos, Diego Alexander
Widener, Olivia Grace
All A Honor Roll - 6th grade
Barton, Macey Leanne
Castillo, Antonio Patrick
Chapman, Bryson Lee
Darville, Cierra Danielle Alexus
Diggs, Jada Mayani
Durden, Miranda Lee
Fields, Payton Larry
Guyton, Wes UnSel
Harding, Amanda Faith
Holley, Kevin Wayne
McDaniel, Annalee Rose
McIntosh, Ansleigh Shea
Molina, Alexis Ali
Petersen, Steven Cole
Sanchez, Maritza Cruz
Sanderson, Christine
Lorraine Ann
Sojo, Diego Armando
Stephens, Wendell James
Visitacion, DaNaja Arianna
Walters, Johnny William
A/B Honor Roll - 8th grade
Abellan, Baylen Kyle
Adams, Ashten Danyale
Alloways, Joseph Chandler
Bailey, Raymond Hunter
Boatwright, Kelsey Ginanine
Cameron, Lilliana Aili
Carpenter, Haley Brooke
Carroll, Lauren Elizabeth
Chriswell, Brandon Larry
Couch, Henry Donovan
Curry, Christian Skyler
Graham, LeDaisha Lenn
Greene, Wesley Ralph
Humphreys, Cheryl Ayleen
Jackson, Brandon Tyler
Judge, Haley Elizabeth
McAdory, Chad Thomas
McCord, Thomas Grady
McMullin, Donovan Scott
Mendoza, Jesus Alejandro
Nichols, Luke Thomas
Ott, Patrick Dean
Pennington, Cody Alexander
Pham, Mana Nicole
Pixley, Brittany Marie
Randall, William Joseph
Roberts, Corion Atayla
Slappy, William Devonte
Swain, Alexandria Monique
Toole, Kennedy Ariyan
Tucker, Kelsey Ann
Turner, Noah James
Weatherford, Cera Anne
Willis, Justin Keith
Young, Dallas Avery
A/B Honor Roll - 7th grade
Adams, Justin Bailey
Alverson, Mallory Claire
Atkinson, Dalton Caleb
Boatwright, Bethany Noelle
Brighthop, Mythryo Kyondre
Byrd, Brooke Alexis
Deer, Ethan Nathanial
Deese, Kaley Jane
Faircloth, Erica Renae
Gregory, Ryan Christopher
Guyton, Westley Leon
Harris, Grant Colin
Harris, Gunner Avery
Harris, Haylee Marie
Huckabee, Haven Mackenzie
Jones, Bailen Dean
King, Karson Reid
Lambert, Brittney Alana
Lee, Joshua Gene
Martin, Makenzie Lynn
Mathis, Dianna Hart
McMullen, Nolan Robert
Merino Angeles, Yesenia
Morris, Hunter Tracy
Moyer, Savanna Alexis
Owensby, Mallary Nichole
Pardue, Makayla Marie
Patterson, Abigail Lauren
Payne, Connor Morgan
Polk, Morgan Blake
Powell, McClay Dale
Rivera, Destiny Sue Colleen
Robinson, Karlee Anna
Roof, Paige Deann
Ryder, Ella Elizabeth
Scott, Robert Gage
Simmons, Carlos Marlin
Stone, Hunter Andrew
Tanton, Amzie Nicole
Toole, Kendall McKenzie
Toole, Timothy Garan
A/B Honor Roll - 6th grade
Adams, Jeffrey Maze
Allen, Tara Lynn
Ard, Brittany Taylor
Banks, Austin Dakota
Barton, Jessica Brooke
Bell, Lydia Kelley
Billings, Cameron Floyd
Bussell, Hannah Nicole
Carlin, Alexandria Nicole
Chaffn, Robert Zachary
Cook, Lillian Antoinette
Craig, Jessica Brook
Delgado, Audrey Raquel
DeRemigio, Austin Joseph
Durden, Hunter LaRon
Ennis, Jordan Paige
Feemster, Carsyn Paige
Foster, Taneesha Nicole
Hall, Kaitlyn Marie
Hodge, Keeley Lane
Howell, Olivia Kathryn
Hurt, Madisyn Alauna
Inabinet, Maggie Lynn
Johnson, Jarrett Cooper
Johnson, Payton Alaine
Jordan, Rhett Halen
Langley, Austin Keith
Love, Todd Michael
Lowe, Ethan Blake
Major, Jamon Marcel
McCord, Alexander Reagan
Morris, Logan McKenzie
Moxley, Rhonda Katelyn
Primrose, Hannah Leigh
Reyes, Lesly Nirel
Ryals, Torie Faith
Schar, Braden Michael
Scott, Justin Tyler
Sheehan, William Felicitas
Tice, Jasmine Leigh
Valladares, Karen Itzel Mejia
Vega, Alejandrina
Wade, Darius Bernard
Wall, Kaitlyn Shelby
Washington, Shaina Loraine
Waters, Kayla Brooke
Yeldell, Raquan Bryan
By Melissa Deibel, Teacher
The 2011-12 Midland Valley Teacher
Cadets contributed in many ways
to both their school and community.
The students assisted with such
events as Open House, Parent Night/
Career Fair, and Special Olympics.
They made posters for Breast Cancer
Awareness and made signs and treat
bags for American Education Week.
They toured USCA and attended a
conference at USCA for all of the area
Teacher Cadets; there they prepared
a display with some of their childrens
books, games, and other projects
created throughout the year.
Students completed an internship
with a teacher in one of the area
schools, where they applied the skills
and knowledge gained in the class,
as well as learned new techniques
from skilled teachers. These students
are enthusiastic about being able to
complete the Teacher Cadet program
at Midland Valley High School.
Midland Valley High School
Teacher Cadets