HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE TEAM AT AGEL GOLD COAST As we approach the end of 2007, the team at Agel

Gold Coast would like to wish all our readers Happy Holidays as you take a break over the new year period. The year ahead holds some exciting news, and we can’t wait to share it with you. New Products, New Business Tools, and a number of key improvements are expected in the first half of 2008, and we are looking forward to announcing some of them as early as January and February.

LOOKING BACK: WHAT WE ACHIEVED IN 2007 Looking back on 2007, we realise that so much was achieved in the year gone by. We’ve come a long way, and we’re only just beginning the journey. In 2007, we introduced: • • • • • • • New Product: UMI New Product: FLX New Product: OHM New DVD: Agel Phenomenon New Agel ‘Pages’ Starter Kit MLM Rock Star Program Updated ‘Choosing Success’ Magazine and CD Pack

LOOKING FORWARD: A NEW ADVENTURE IN 2008 As we step into a brand new year, we expect to launch some local initiatives and national campaigns. The highly anticipated arrival of new products for the Australian and New Zealand markets, combined with a refreshed marketing campaign will spearhead a strong start to the new year. Key Leaders will be attending the Maui Leadership Retreat in January, and the Caribbean Cruise later in the year. You have the opportunity to take action now and join us in the sun! Contact your Leaders and Directors to get your Action Plan for the New Year today!

Several Major Events were held including: • • • • • • Leadership Retreat in Maui ‘Go Diamond’ Weekends ‘Capture The Moment’ Events ‘Agel World’ Conference ‘Destined for Greatness’ Awards ‘Agel Cares’ Foundation

Additionally, Agel began Pre-Launch operations in 21 countries in 2007, bringing the total number of nations to 44. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment for a company that began operations in October 2005. Agel Gold Coast takes this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to an abundant 2008.



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FAOUZI DAGHISTANI: “DREAM… THEN DO” - CROSSING THE FINISH LINE It usually begins in the first week of the new year. Walk into any gymnasium on the Gold Coast…Sydney…or even Slovenia, and you will see a phenomenon in motion. The smell of freshly rubbed Dencorub will waft through the air. The groaning and crying drowns out a third playing of “Eye of the Tiger”, which by now is all they have to keep them in ‘the zone’. Atrophied muscles and limbs that were previously in hibernation have been called into action and reignited. Every single piece of equipment; bench presses, exercise bikes and treadmills, that were barely looked at seven days ago, now have a queue of eager users ready to test their weary bodies against its unique test. What is this Phenomenon, you ask? And why does it happen? Quite simply, it’s called the New Year’s Resolution in action. You may remember the New Year’s Resolution… from last year of course. It’s the promise you make to yourself that “this year will be different, because…”. New year resolutions are closely aligned with general goal setting. We make a statement about what we want to have happen… set out our plan of action, furiously get to work… and then begin thinking about a set of excuses as to why

it did not happen this time around. But “Hey! NEXT YEAR WATCH OUT!!”. Right? Right. So why does the gym get empty again around April or May, when so many were absolutely determined to lose those extra kilos or get their body into better shape this time? Why does the resolution to “double my income this year” or “spend more time with the kids” become a distant memory when you’re cooped up in the office at 8.37pm catching up on extra work, with no extra pay? Your goal may be to get healthier or wealthier, spend more time alone or with the family. It could be to save up for that dream holiday you keep talking about, or just the opportunity to slap in a spa bath in the upstairs bathroom. Just like millions around the world, you will make a resolution to achieve something this year which you truly, honestly believe you will attain this year… but probably wont. At Agel Enterprises’ recent world convention in Salt Lake City, the theme of “Dream…then Do” was shared with us from the outset. A simple theme reminding us that all goals are achieved through action, which are planned by thoughts, initiated by your ‘dream’. The convention ended with countless examples of those team members who did achieve that dream. Those who set goals and achieved them. And yes, there were many who had failed on the first, second, even third attempt, but persistence and determination in reaching that goal won out in the end.

So what can you and I do to make sure we reach our targets? To make our resolutions become a reality?

Mr Faouzi Daghistani, Agel Director Melbourne, Australia What I have found, over and over again, is that people lose faith in themselves and the achieving of their goals when no immediate benefit has been attained. Unfortunately, we live in a society where ‘delayed gratification’ means having to endure eating your vegetables before diving into the soufflé. Our kids are hounding us about getting PlayStation 4 and it hasn’t even been created yet. The weight loss gurus aren’t teaching us to slowly lose the kilos, but to “powerfully blast them away in minutes!”
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… continued from previous page So when it comes to slowly crafting a better body; working part-time for 2-4 years to build a $10,000 a month residual income; or using 30 minutes a day to learn Italian, we become despondent and lose interest because of ‘how long’ it’s taking. Let me leave you with a simple tip to help you get on the right track: Build up your confidence by picking things that you are certain you can complete. Small, short term challenges, so you slowly build faith in yourself. Don't go for the big touch-down. That can come later when you know how to set your goals and achieve them. In 1402, Tibetan Master Tsong Kha Pa said: "Practice at a measured pace that you can sustain. For example, a louse proceeds at a modest pace but never stops, so it soon arrives; whereas a flea takes great successive leaps and then stops, so it never gets there." Leaping is hard to maintain. Even 700 years ago, they knew that a louse beats a flea. They knew that a thought out plan followed without wavering is a more direct

route to what you want than a flurry of activity with no commitment or direction. You can make this year everything you want it to be, the formula is simple: Dream… Then Do. NAME: Faouzi Daghistani LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia TEAM MEMBER SINCE: February 2006 PRODUCT SUCCESS STORY: Yet to catch the flu since taking an Agel UMI packet a day during the last 18 months! WEBSITE: www.JoinUsInAgel.com CONTACT FAOUZI: Australia: 03 8685 8844 International: +61 3 8685 8844 Faouzi Daghistani in Utah during the Agel World Convention.


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FITNESS: LOOMING LARGE MATT SEAMAN TALKS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS As we enter the end-of-year holiday period, no matter what culture you’re from, it’s a time when festivities enable us to eat too much. We indulge even more than usual. All the cake, the chips, the pudding, the turkey or whatever your traditional faire may be, we all eat more than we should. Then we rationalize it with a New Years Resolution to lose the weight. Work it off. Think it off. Exercise more. Eat less next time. Go to the gym. Skip breakfast. Does it work? Sometimes. But for most people, those few extra pounds tend to stay, or worse – grow. As a fit and athletic teen, I was on the cricket, soccer, and rugby team. I was 17, and I loved sport and the beach. But then, during a rugby game, in the semi-finals competition, I was tackled in the rain, slipped, fell, and two other players crashed in on top of me. All I remember is waking up in hospital a few days later. The nurse explained what had happened, and what the injuries were, and how they’d be dealt with.

I had a dislocated knee, twisted spine, hip broken in 4 places, detached growth plates, and I’d be in hospital for months on end. I’d be pinned, bolted, and plated back together. But I might not walk. I definitely can’t go back to playing rugby. I’d be motionless in bed for next 6 months or so. And once everything had grown back together, I’d be in surgery again having the pins, bolts, and plates removed. Recovery would involve learning to drive a wheelchair – or swing myself around on full length crutches. Fun. For the next 6 months, I lay there, in bed. Then when I did eventually get up, I had lost balance and equilibrium and promptly fell over. I did eventually get home, swinging around on crutches, and eventually walked unaided. But I went from a fit teen to a hugely overweight 20 year old. At my heaviest, I

was 165 kg or a huge 363 lbs. And I stayed that way for the next 10 years. So I know what it’s like to be fit, and I know what it’s like to be pointed at and called the Michelin Man. After a while, you don’t bother going out. You work at home. As a computer programmer, it was easy for me to work at home, make money, not have to see anyone at all, and hide behind the screen.

But eventually, obesity and its complications put me in hospital yet again. And I was told I would have to change – or die. So I tried to change. I lost 10 kg in a year. That’s about 22 lbs. Not a lot in a year. But it came back on. Food. There’s no escape. But in February 2006, I received an email about Agel FIT – why not give it a go – I’d tried everything else! So I did. And I lost weight. More than ever. It took 6 months to lose 20kg. Then another 20kg. Each week I’d be a little smaller. And before I knew it, I’d lost 50kg or 110 lbs in a little more than a year. And now, I’ve lost a total of 61kg in 18 months - that’s 134 lbs in 18 months.



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…continued from previous page And I’m still big. At 112kg or 246 lbs, noone is calling me fit and healthy, but it’s a new lease on life. Stop and think about it: to lose 61kg (134 lbs), that’s an entire person by itself. ENABLING CHANGE Most people will say they want to lose weight, and then they don’t create an environment that enables it. They keep the fast food coupons. They keep buying cake. They get lazy and eat take-away food. They bring home dinner in a bucket, or in a flat cardboard box. Then they follow it with ice cream, with sprinkles, and chocolate sauce, and nuts, and, well, you get the idea. You have to enable the change. You have to get rid of those things from your life – that includes removing them from the fridge, the pantry, and the drive through window. You have to measure your progress. You need a starting point, a short term goal, a medium term goal, and long term goal. You need to be passionate about it. You can not afford to be anything less than totally committed to losing weight.

You need to be able to say NO to Aunt Maggie’s delicious choc brownie fudge tart flan that’s two inches deep and 12 inches wide. You need a plan. You need the mindset. You need ambition, dedication, and passion. Once you have that, you can do anything in life. But you might not be able to get out the door and accomplish it if you’re 400 lbs and can’t get off the couch without a winch. I’ve been there. It’s not nice. ARE YOU OVERWEIGHT? ARE YOU OBESE? Are you overweight? Are you obese? Are you? I know you can lose weight. Without even meeting you, I know that if you are willing to admit that you are overweight, you have the strength to make the change. No matter how tired, lost, lonely, depressed, isolated, or afraid you may feel, I know you can do it. Because I’ve been bigger than you. And I’ve lost more weight than most people even dare. So I know you can, because I lost, lonely, depressed, isolated, too. And I gripped, ripped, and way through more Agel FIT postman can carry. was tired, and afraid sipped my than the

So don’t tell me you can’t. Because you can. THE MATT PLAN: HOW I DID IT Visit my website and you can read the whole story, and find out just how I lost 61kg in 18 months. This is my testimony – your results my vary, but it’s what worked for me. www.onlyonefirst.com/matt
Consult a physician before changing your diet or exercise program. Individual results may vary.

Left: Matt Seaman with Mr Jeff Higginson Agel VP of International Sales

TEAM MEMBER SINCE: February 2006 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Agel FIT SUCCESS STORY: Lost 61kg since joining Agel WEIGHT LOSS: www.onlyonefirst.com/matt CONTACT ME: www.WhyDontYouKnow.com
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What Is The Value Of A Day? Prominently displayed on my desk, where I cannot fail to see it each time I come to my office, is a card sent to me by a dear friend some time ago. The card has on it a few lines from Psalm 118: “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”. I keep this card always on my desk as a protection against my human tendency to take for granted the opportunities presented by each day. Today, if I am alert to them, I believe that I will be presented with multiple instances where I can be of help or value to another. My conviction is that as we become more beneficial to others in the pursuit of their goals, our own goals are accomplished almost by default. I frequently interact with well intended people, people who express verbally a great desire to succeed...and yet who often "mail in" not just THIS DAY... but often a succession of days. How about YOU? I invite you to take this moment to conduct a quick review of the past 24 hours. Did you invest the day? Or did you spend it? In the past 24 hours, did you get stronger or weaker in the four areas of empowerment which I often recite. Did

you further develop yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally? If you just let the day happen, my guess is that the day was not a day of significant progress in any of these areas. Over the years I have worked to develop the discipline to live my life on purpose, no longer being simply swept along by the winds of chance. I encourage you to likewise choose to invest THIS DAY. I have learned that it is important to measure activity, not outcome. If I am engaged each day in the disciplines required to succeed... I know that I will succeed, though I cannot always accurately predict the timing of that success. I have confidence that the same will prove to be true in your life, personally as well as professionally. Do a quick revue of the "Revenue Producing Activities" of our business. 1: Create and maintain a candidate list. 2: Learn to correctly invite (and engage in the process)! 3: Participate in three way calls. 4: Conduct Private Business Receptions. 5: Effectively build towards empowering events.

These are the revenue producing activities. How much time did you invest in these activities in the past several 24 hour periods? Were these days invested or spent? Developing the discipline of journaling revenue producing activities as well as journaling areas of personal empowerment activities will make that which today seems vague become clear quickly. Of that I am certain!

Tara and Randy Schroeder We now find ourselves at a critical juncture in the current phase of Agel growth. Never has the need for new leadership development been more evident. The Agel message is being received with enthusiasm literally everywhere in the world. We need YOU to quickly advance in rank, knowledge and confidence so that you can become part of the furthering of the foundation of Agel. It is imperative that you be in attendance at one of the following events. … continued next page


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Go Diamond! Austin Texas January 2527, 2008. If you reside in North America, this is the conference I urge you to attend. Capture The Moment! Istanbul, Turkey Jan 31-Feb 3, 2008. If you reside anywhere outside of North America you MUST be in attendance at this pivotal conference! Check the Agel website for conference qualifications and registration details. YOU CAN be there! Tara and I, Glen Jensen, Craig Bradley, Eric Worre, Ann Feinstein, Bruno & Ines Grillo and SO MANY other top Corporate and Team Leaders look forward to sharing this incredible evening with you! Registration links "Capture The Moment" and "Go Diamond" can be found at www.ageluniversegroup.com. Register today and begin to invest each 24 hour period between now and then to make certain that these critical events are revenue-producing activities for you. How do they become such?

During my recent travels, I received letters from two team members which I very much appreciate. In each case, the writer of the letter described his or her circumstance, told me of their great desire to succeed in Agel, and recited the various roadblocks which seemed to be in front of them and which seemed to them to be very near impenetrable. These letters served to remind me that MANY, not a few team members still seek their first Agel successes. If such is the case with YOU, know that I appreciate you and care for you. I take a personal interest in your situation and will continue to strive each day to find new ways to teach, inform and empower you, so that one day (soon we both hope) Agel becomes easy for you, as it has become for many others! Along the way, smile, be patient, participate in every opportunity for growth, journal your activities and improve your skills... and know that success often happens in God's time, rather than in our own. Only 17 days remain in 2007. INVEST EACH MOMENT...

Sometimes, to reach a goal we must stretch, reach, and extend. Just to stretch, reach and extend alone is pointless, Unless you stretch, reach, and extend in the right direction. You must aim for the target, You must practice consistently. And when you do, It is not the goal you have scored, for that is quickly over and gone. It is the growth you gained along the way that stays with you and prepares you for the next. - Anonymous
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By building towards these events... so that you are not there alone, but with your entire team and the best candidates you have who have not yet embraced Agel!

Agel Is Destined For Greatness and SO ARE YOU! Sincerely, Randy & Tara Schroeder



STATE OF MIND | STATE OF BODY STATE OF PLAY Every day, whether we’re 23 or 83, we get older. It’s a fact of life. But how old we feel is a state of mind. As we age, our priorities shift towards an increasing awareness of saving for our retirement, taking care of our health, and for many, finally achieving all those lifelong goals that we dreamt of so many years ago. The reality of the situation is that all these things cost money. And by the time we retire, we only have a limited amount of funds from which to enjoy what we hope will be an idyllic lifestyle. What if you could simultaneously achieve all three outcomes? This trifecta could save you years of time, reduce your future dependence on medicine, and remove the stress and heartache of financial burden. By taking charge of your life, utilising your spare time, your inherent skills and abilities, and combining your talent with a system that delivers health, wealth, and unity, you can make the most of NOW. Agel has developed Suspension Gel Technology, a new delivery mechanism for nutritional supplements that eliminates pills, powders, and juices, and replaces it with a gel-based medium that tastes great!

In addition to an innovative and scientifically developed product range, Agel has created the ultimate support structure for running your business. With Agel, the company takes care of the major components of running a large business, such as accounting, shipping, regulatory issues, branding, research, product development, and international expansion. Online ordering and a first class business management website eliminate almost all the paperwork. Automated deliveries are shipped direct from the warehouse to your customers and team members, eliminating the tiresome process of turning your garage or spare room into a supermarket, and you never need worry about delivering product, or cash handling. Next, Agel’s breakthrough Quadra-Plan rewards you for building a strong teamfocused business. Seven of the eight ways to earn money with Agel reward you for business building. Clearly, the company understands that this is the best way for you to earn an ongoing income, rewarding you for building a team that creates an ever-expanding network of product consumption. Every month, more product gets ordered, more commissions paid out, and in this way your ongoing income is assured based on reward for the consistent effort of you and your growing team. It’s Agel. It’s your time to shine!

AN INVITATION FROM AGEL GOLD COAST Matt Seaman and the team at Agel Gold Coast invite you to discover how you can shine as part of the Agel phenomenon. For more information on the company, products, pay plan, training, support, and much more, get the answers at our website: www.onlyonefirst.com/GetAnswers CONTACT AGEL GOLD COAST When you have questions, contact your own Business Development Manager, Matt Seaman, by phone, email, or Skype. For full contact details, visit: www.WhyDontYouKnow.com



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