God’ s Proclamation to the Dying World

Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21

INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English.

Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002


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God’ s Proclamation to the Dying World


Second Edition in German 1974 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 2, 2002




B.D. 8909

January 9, 1965

You must still fulfill a great task before MY interference takes place through which you will be placed into entirely different conditions and which will make your activity for ME difficult. But before this takes place, souls who have not opposed MY Word shall still be reached and learn what is going to happen to man. Though they still doubt this, the great occurrences will soon convince them that you spoke the truth. Wherefore announce this to all people, point them to this interference, which steadily approaches and will touch them all, though the country is not yet revealed to you, which will be struck by it. I recommend it to your heart that you point all people, to whom you take MY Word, to this immense happening in nature. This will be necessary, they must give thought to it; they must feel as if they had been directly talked to so that, in the coming days of distress, they can obtain consolation and strength according to their attitude. Wherever MY Word is proclaimed, man shall take cognizance of it. Everywhere people shall learn what is coming to them regardless whether it is difficult for them to believe or not. They will believe in the soon coming end, when that occurrence takes place, which will come from the high -out of space -thus has not been caused by the will of man. Once more I will speak to men through this happening; I will awaken them out of their sleep of death and make them look up to ME, THE ONE WHOM they can still reach through fervent prayer. I will speak with a loud voice, since they do not pay attention to MY gentle speech; I will take care of those who still find their way to ME. Although falling victim to that catastrophe, their souls are saved, if in advance they cry to ME and recognize ME as the POWER to which they are subject and to which they have to bow.


I exhort you all to mention these MY Words, not fearing that you might disquiet people; it is of no avail if they walk into the calamity with closed eyes; it will surprise them and they cannot give any explanation for it. If you tell it to them be forehand what MY purpose with that is, if you announce it as certain, some of them will still become impressed and not lose it out of their thoughts, even though they do not believe in it. Then they will know that this is an occurrence, which MY Will has sent over mankind, and they will understand that MY Word is truth. Then they will believe in the end. All attempts must be made to lead man to believe. This immense happening in nature can still awaken to belief people who otherwise could no longer be persuaded and whom I yet want to win over even though a great calamity is connected with it. The danger of becoming re-banned into matter lies before you. Souls will forever thank ME, if I still snatch them from such a rebanishment within matter. For the lot of becoming banned anew is terrible, extending throughout eternities. The happening in nature will be over within a night; yet an immeasurable misery will follow it, which however, each of you can change into a bearable condition, if you muster the right faith in ME. For I am LORD over life and death. I can give you what you are in need of just as I can also take away what you were not ready to give up willingly. Wherefore do not fail to tell people about the coming catastrophe; for nobody shall say that he did not know of it. The trouble only is that man does not believe the end is close, otherwise he could discover in the Scriptures that a "calamitous happening" will break over mankind. Yet they believe that the time of which is written, that will be fulfilled, has not yet come. But someday the future will become

present time; the announcements will prove to have been true and this hour is close. Amen

B. D. 4493 November 23, 1948

When you receive the message of the death of an earthly person in power. the time has arrived which you may call the beginning of the end. The world will become a holocaust and its flames will shoot skyhigh; hatred will rage unrestrictedly, and mankind will be seized by terror, recognizing that there no longer is a way out of the inevitable danger. Then you will be urged by ME to speak, for when everything is in tumult, a great peace will come over you because you clearly recognize that the time is at hand when I shall appear in person and when you proclaim this to the people who listen to you. People will find themselves surrounded on all sides by enemies and therefore have no hope for a peaceful solution. The terror will be gigantic wherever no faith is avai1able in the ONE who alone can help. Thus one will watch only the happenings in the world. People will fearfully attempt to get the necessary provisions, since they see the signs of the onslaught of a great earthly famine; they will fearfully endeavor to get hold of earthly goods and to prepare for flight, although this seems to be hopeless.


Only the faithful ones do not lose their courage and I will now engage them to strengthen their fellow-men who in their disbelief are unhappy and desperate. Once more I attempt to bring MYSELF near to them. I let MY servants talk and I speak through them, personally, words of love and comfort. I warn them to flee and only think of their bodily safety. I let them see the futility of their intentions and admonish them to be patient and put their rate into MY hands. Thus, all things take their course. The fire is on and will not be extinguished by men. But I MYSELF will suppress it by putting against it other elements; I MYSELF shall meet those who seek to tear each other to pieces. MY voice will sound from the High. A great cataclysm will visit the earth and tear the fighting ones asunder. A power will confront them, which none of the fighting ones can match. This happening will last only a few hours, but bring about a totally changed world picture, totally changed conditions and chaos, which at first will be boundless. There will be the greatest earthly distress and unspeakably much grief and misery among the people. But you all must bear this, for the end is approaching; many possibilities of purification still have to be procured, because all people have yet a short duration of their lives and shall mature in shortest time. The end is close; when this period begins, you can with surety await the last day and the last judgment in order that it may be fulfilled what is proclaimed through Word and SCRIPTURE. Amen

B.D. 4661 June 7, 1949


You have been told that judgment is near! Yet, you doubt and do not heed MY words seriously. If you believed, you would cease all earthly arrangements and prepare only for the day of fulfillment. You do not know the day, yet it should be sufficient that I, your CREATOR and FATHER in Eternity, indicate that the time is short before the end. If it were not so, I would not repeatedly urge and warn you; but would rather leave you without further admonition. So hear then! Your days of grace grow shorter and time is quickly running out. All earthly preparations are in vain. I will take care of MY own so that they may have that which they need. All others will find security in nothing; even though they are in league with MY adversary who has helped them to the riches, honors and wisdoms of this earth. This adversary will be powerless to protect his own on the day of terror, when I, through nature, will attempt to bring mankind to their senses; that they might think of their GOD and CREATOR, and trust HIM in their dire need. All things will fall prey to the forces of nature. Nothing will be preserved save that which I would save. Let man endeavor to be worthy of MY Grace. Unite with ME in works of Love…. communicate with ME in your innermost self ... speak with ME, and listen to MY answer! Your rewards will be far greater than if you continue to strive only for physical well-being, earthly riches and promotions. Believe that soon will come to pass that has been foretold you. Believe that there is no longer much time and do not concern yourself with how best to turn earthly investments into profits for such manipulations will be in vain. You who will witness unto MY Word will be given a sign that will help strengthen and encourage you in your convictions. A star is approaching the earth with great velocity. This phenomenon will appear shortly before judgment is fulfilled. Those who believe


will then know that the hour is at hand. Do MY Will! Give mankind knowledge of what lies before them! Take their attention to this matter! Communicate with ME in prayer that I may give you the strength you will need for these trying hours. Fear not! Believe that I will save you in your need; that you may complete the mission for which I have groomed you.… that afterward you may bring MY Word to those who come forth unscathed through the danger. Know that the time is short! Things will be as I have appointed them to you! Believe it and prepare yourselves accordingly, for time has run out, and I WILL VERY SOON APPEAR ! AMEN

B.D. 6405 November 18th, 1955

Very soon now, in quick succession, you will experience repeated happenings, which will cause extreme alarm. They will be alarming because there is no logical explanation for what is happening; and you will begin to fear forces against which you have no weapons or power. No one will be able to give a correct explanation, for it will be MY Will that all possibilities and theories on this matter shall be proven wrong; because every individual, for the good of his own soul, will gain certain useful advantages from what is happening. Fear will be most apparent among those who have no belief at all! The faithful will hold to ME and give themselves into MY care. What is it that will happen? There will be changes in the star constellations. Stars will receive new orbits. They will be in a different


relationship to your earth. Through all this, new stars will become visible that have never been seen before one star in particular will appear, and because its orbit will cross that of your earth. It will pose a most real and dire threat. This phenomenon will appear in our cosmos. It will result in much public discussion. Every individual will be forced to think on the matter and to exchange thoughts with his fellow man. For a while your everyday problems will take a back seat. However, as soon as this phenomenon has seemingly passed away again, the man of the world will take up his fast and riotous living at a more stepped-up pace than before. Few will even remember what happened much less be influenced in their wrong ways of thinking. However, there will then come a repetition of this cosmic phenomenon and fear will grip every one anew. Men of science will tell that your earth is threatened! They will tell of unexplainable changes in the star constellations that have never been noticed before; and which could pose a real threat to your planet. The opinions and ideas of people will be many and varied. Some will live on frivolous as before. Some will attempt provisionary and precautionary measures for their physical well-being. These will be completely useless. However, there will be a very few who will at last more seriously begin to turn their thoughts toward the possible existence of a God. I must leave everyone his free agency. MY only attempt to influence the thoughts of men can come after he has called upon ME; only then I can flow in with MY peace and spiritual salvation. No man wants to believe that such things will happen. No man wants to believe that the laws of nature will change. However, mankind has reached the end! Man himself is readying things which will have much more horrible results. What he plans to do imperils earth's existence, whereas, MY phenomenon is only an omen or a sign before the end. It is a most

urgent reminder to all mankind. In am allowing all this, I am giving you positive proof of the existence of a MOST HIGH POWER who asks only that you turn to HIM, thereby averting all danger to yourselves, if it be for the best interests of your soul. What is going to happen will fall upon the entire earth and every living on it. For this reason, I show MY powers so openly that without actually forcing you, you will recognize the Power from which you went out. What I allow to happen is only for your deliverance. It shall drive you to ME! It shall let man acknowledge a GOD to whom you should flee because HE is your FATHER! This shall be MY last sign before the end shall come. It will be the last attempt of MY love and compassion to try to save what can be saved. Amen

B.D. 8033 November 5, 1961

In the very near, foreseeable future, you will experience the truth of MY Word. I will manifest MYSELF through the occurrence of catastrophes in nature, as I have regularly forewarned. You will not be able to ignore MY presence and power any longer, for it will become violently evident, causing the world to be thrown into tumult. Even though these violent happenings will be confined only to certain areas of the earth, the results will be of such frightful magnitude that extreme shock will grip everyone after hearing the first reports. All communications to the areas of this disaster will be completely cut off.


Sinister silences will envelope the disaster areas, until the first shock of the horror is over. The world, sensing that a calamity has taken place, will then be given the horrible details. I have to speak in this violent a manner to mankind because they refuse to listen to anything else. They do not believe MY Word, nor the messengers I have sent among them. For this reason, I must work as I do that no man can help but hear ME. I must bring judgment over the earth and many lives will be sacrificed. However, these people will experience MY Love and Grace because of their untimely deaths. Now, recognize the truth of MY Word and become doers of the same. You will, of course, still be allowed the freedom of choice, for I compel no one to come unto ME. This calamity could influence mankind in finding their way back to ME, because their need will be very great, and there will be no visible means of help from any source. However, I CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! Should man remember this and call to ME in Spirit and in Truth, he will experience wonderful things! I will show MYSELF so openly that he will recognize the Power and Love of his CREATOR and GOD, and will turn to ME and give himself in absolute trust and humility. I will leave nothing untried that could bring souls to ME! I know very well how difficult this is, and for this reason, extraordinary remedies must be used. These means may seem severe to humanity, but are an act of Love on MY part. I know the condition of every soul, and how best to save it. I do not want to let any fall into the hands of Satan who has prepared for them a more terrible destiny than any earthly calamity could ever be. Believe ME, all mankind! It is MY Love that moves ME in whatever I allow to happen! The fate of each one is so important to ME. There is no one too humble or immature; I care for you all who are at this time sojourners on earth ... I want to help you find the way back ... I want to save you the rate of being banned again. Direct your thoughts to ME,

that you may be saved from this last destruction, and also, that you not again may become apart of the created substance of the new earth. As terrible MY interference may appear, remember this ... MY Love for you justifies MY Means! Spiritually seen, it is only a rescue operation, not an act of damnation! What you will loose in material treasures is unimportant compared to what it will profit your soul. Should your life be given as a forfeit, you may be assured of MY Mercy. Opportunities will be yours hereafter to work and attain the light. Had these souls stayed upon the earth, they would have fallen prey to Satan, and it was from this that I wanted them saved; knowing that they were still capable of change. Know that the time before the end is short. It will follow closely after what has been mentioned. Yet, I want to give you one last sign, one last warning and though an unnumbered many will lose their lives, it will serve to strengthen belief on MY Word as well as help humanity to ready for the end, which will come not long thereafter. Amen

B.D. 4371 July 11, 1948

Great agitation will beset mankind shortly before I appear through the forces of nature. The catastrophe will announce itself in such a way, that both, man and animal will feel a keen awareness that something momentous is about to happen. Strange behavior among animals will become particularly apparent. They will attempt to flee in a given direction and as suddenly turn back, as though driven by an invisible power. Such behavior will instigate fear among the people who will feel that there is something strange happening against which they


cannot protect themselves. All things will wait in fear for that which is coming. You MY servants on earth use this time zealously for there is yet a short period of grace in which your words may still be listened to by those attempting to find an answer to the strange behavior patterns felt by man and animal. Call attention to MY Word, prepare them for MY appearance and refer them to ME that they may take shelter with ME when the hour comes in which I shall speak! Then also, join yourselves in thought with ME that you may be a strong support to those who are unbelieving or to those of little faith. You must save yourselves ....and will be able to do so if you call to ME before, as well as in the hour of greatest need. I call your attention to the signs. I give you opportunity to observe your immediate environment in which everything that I have told you will come to pass; and when you notice the restlessness and great strain upon your fellowmen, you will know the reason, and will be able to speak with much effect. You will experience that the man who lives in Love will believe you, whereas, men without Love will listen to you, but see no gain in it for themselves before the hour is upon them in which MY voice will manifest itself. There will be tossing and raging! No one will concern himself about the safety of anyone else, his only intent being to save his own life. All will attempt to escape but will find the same tossing and raging everywhere. Man will be sustained during this time according to his relationship with ME. He will be given his live or be wafted away whichever MY Wisdom has seen fit through all eternity. Even though it is seemingly quiet, and, as yet, there seem to be no signs, do not mistakenly imagine that it will not come, the catastrophe is coming, and the unbeliever will see with his own eyes, if he is fortunate enough to have retained his powers of perception. I have spoken through MY Spirit to make it known to you, and I will speak to you through the forces of nature in a voice that all must hear. He who would not believe MY first Word will then hear this second voice from above. Even then, he stands free to regard what has

happened as a natural play of nature, or to remember MY previous admonitions; and to believe that it was I, showing MYSELF to you who did not believe the voice of MY Spirit. Blessed is he whose life was spared. For him there is still a very short time to make up what he has neglected and to earnestly prepare for the end, which will come very shortly after the catastrophe. Amen

B.D. 7297 March 2, 1959

The earth will endure. I have not foreseen the whole destruction of it! Nevertheless all living beings and all natural creation will pass away. A complete cleansing of the earth will take place because it does not correspond any more in its present state to the purpose of upwards development of the spirit. All creation in, on and over the earth will lose its life; it will be free from the envelope of exterior form, which will be dissolved by MY Will and then will correspond to spiritual maturity. On the new earth in new exterior forms the creation will be able to continue its development because at present it is endangered in every essential, and MY adversary (Lucifer-Satan) ranges in every manner and seeks always to hinder the new development and interrupt it. The earth has yet to fulfill its task through infinite times: because on it yet unripe beings have to become mature for the childhood of God Therefore the earth will arise anew after a thorough cleansing. Consequently, the final destruction is like the end of the old earth although as a star it remains, only a common change of exterior wrapping will be accomplished.


And a new epoch will begin because the whole surface will be made alive with a creation of a most wonderful art, which a human eye can enjoy. To the new creation I will give the most wonderful shape, and the most different living beings will be given td men; they will again inhabit this new earth, and I shall lead them MYSELF in LOVE, WISDOM and MIGHT. And I shall cultivate a race of a new human generation, from them whom I shall remove from the old earth and who will remain faithful to ME. They will live in MY WILL, and under them I can be in accord with their faith and love. It will be a paradisiacal state! Because the whole new creation will make men happy in a measure never known. Men will inhabit in truth a paradise, an earth which cannot be compared with the old earth because it will be inhabited only by mature men who can also receive a measure of bliss which was not known earlier on the earth. Mankind belonged to Satan, wherefore a cleansing of the old earth must go first. And this time is before you! Every one of you could change so himself and his character that he could have a share in the great happiness of removal. But only a man can seldom bring up the quick belief, and also only few men are so filled with love that they belong to the small flock whom I call off suddenly unexpected. But beforehand a time of distress will break in over the earth. This will be a quite sure sign that the day is not far. When you entirely can apperceive the obvious work of MY adversary, when yourselves will be sent out to the evil treatment of his vassals, when the distress will increase and no way out will appear….then the end is near, then I destroy through MY Might all arrant rogues and save MY people from sure destruction. And those removed by ME will see the destruction of the old earth, although they themselves will not be touched by it. And again shall I perform a creative act. By MY Will shall arise a new earth, a living place for MY little flock, for MY chosen who can live

now in peace and freedom, in happiness and bliss, in light and power in a paradise where there is no more grief, nor pain ….because the author of every evil is fettered and cannot afflict men any more for a long time. It is fulfilled one period of the earth and now a new one begins which has to lead numberless bound spirits to the heights in order that they can reach the final goal ….the union with ME as MY children ... And this is ahead of you human beings… because the time is fulfilled which has been set to you once for finally getting you free out of the material form. Amen

B.D. 4665 November 6, 1949

It seems strange to you that I do not appear in great glory; that is to say, that I do not make MY presence known through the aid of obvious phenomenon, but rather manifest MY presence, where I am accepted, through MY Word ….without pomp or show. The world wants wonders. Those who are MINE, however, see wonders everywhere and recognize ME despite the plainness of MY vestments and feet MY Spirit which is not manifest as a blinding-light but rather as a soft enlightening glow that radiates from within out of the heart where I can linger. The world wants wonders and falls to see the greatest of them all, FOR IS IT NOT A WONDER that you can perceive the voice of GOD ...that I personally speak with you as a father speaks to his children?


IS IT NOT A WONDER that I personally answer questions that arise in the thinking person and for which he, out of himself, can find no answer? IS IT NOT A WONDER that you each contain within yourself the teacher who can instruct you in the ways of genuine truth? Those who search for GOD in the remote distances will never understand this wonder nor believe in it, for you do not allow ME to work within you; therefore, I cannot make MYSELF known unto you. Those who are MINE, however, who have established ties through their thoughts and feel that I am beside them, are impressed even though they do not comprehend the fullness of the wonder that they experience. This is wisely arranged, that they may remain free and unencumbered in their relationship with ME; that they regard ME as a friend and brother with whom they may discourse without hesitation or awe. I am closer to these then to those who would try to comprehend ME with their intellect and never ever find ME. Unusual phenomenon will take place, however, and these will stand as a witness for ME and will be a source of definite encouragement for those who are weak, yet not without faith. MY Word will speak for itself and offer the world proof of MY being. The substance of those truths, which are guided from on High is a more manifest wonder than any supernatural occurrence attributed as an "Act of God". Those followers who remain simple and who receive MY Word with sobriety and pass it on in the same spirit will feel no unusual inner emotions, but their souls will experience the grace and enlightenment of GOD even though man as such is unaware of this occurrence. The reason for this seeming unawareness among MY followers is that MY influence must in no way work forcibly upon the free agency of their souls. Let no negative thoughts minimize the worth of these manifestations and know that I personally am present and when you hear MY voice, know that this is the greatest wonder that only few believe in or aware experience. The world wants to see and be astonished, not to quietly listen and give thanks for every revelation acting as a mediator for MY Word from heaven to Mankind.



B.D. 7865 April 5, 1961

The earth must become renovated if the further evolution of the spiritual can take place. All creations must release the spiritual in order that it moves on in its evolution within a new materialization; such is the destiny of the creational work: earth. This does not only concern you people who are expected voluntarily to reach your last goal on earth, but have failed; it also concerns the spiritual that is still bound within material forms not yet having reached the possibility to serve. The way to serve shall now be opened. As long as you people do not know of the sense and purpose of creation, you will not believe possible the coming re-shaping of the surface of the earth. And yet this is going to happen; only those people will witness this who have fulfilled the purpose of their life on earth, who have matured and shall therefore enliven the new earth. They are the ones who know the salvation plan of God, being certain that they live in the last season and expect the end and with it the coming of the LORD as this has been proclaimed by Word and Scripture. But out of them there are only a few! The spiritual low-level of man is so manifest that now the time has come when a renovation is necessary, when the entire spiritual will be put into forms corresponding to its degree of maturity.


Thus, man who has failed completely will again be banned into hard matter in order to start anew his upward evolvement, while on the other hand the spiritual still bound within matter will be permitted to incarnate within steadily softer forms until it reaches the stage when it can walk over the earth as man for a final decision of will. Due to their free will people must experience this hard fate of a new banishment again! For they are not striving toward anything spiritual upon earth, but are completely attached to matter; hence, they become what they had striven for in their earth-life. Yet, they had been sufficiently admonished and warned; during their earthly life they had been shown the purpose of their life on earth. No man will be able to say that he had not known of it at all. It is man's own fault that he voluntarily refused what could have made him able to reach greater maturity; he will now have to suffer for it. The continuance of the old earth would never bring about a change in these people. They would only sink deeper and deeper, hindering the evolvement of the spiritual, which is still bound within material forms. But who believes this when he is told about it? Since there is no longer a belief in God, in the continuation of life after death, and in the responsibility on the part of man, that low spiritual level has occurred, demanding an end, dissolution of the earthly creations. For, under such conditions, the existence of man on earth has become useless! The grace of man's embodiment is no longer respected. The earth has ceased to be a schoolhouse for the spiritual. A fundamental change is necessary in order to put an end to this spiritless condition. Harken, you people are now standing before this change. You are standing be fore both a spiritual and earthly renovation! The time, which was granted you for the maturation of your souls, has run out. Until the last day you will be warned and ad- monished; until the last day you will be instructed about the purpose of your existence. You

receive knowledge about God's salvation plan, about His endless Love to all HIS creatures, and about the possibility and help from HIS side in order that you become blessed before the end. With your free will you ought to accept all this. You ought to have the will earnestly to fulfill the purpose of your existence as man. You ought to acknowledge a God over you and turn to HIM for compassion. And verily, you will be saved still in the last hour; otherwise the judgment will become effective upon you. Otherwise you will receive what you have been striving for, namely, you will again become matter which kept you shackled to the earth, because you have not walked the way upward; on account of that you will again land in the deep. Amen.

B.D. 4613 April 13, 1949

That, which is weak will not experience the end. I know very well how the souls of individuals are, what will they have in them and what degree of maturity they possess, which is also the yardstick for the strength of will in the last battle of faith. I know that this final belief in ME demands great strength, which only few people can muster and that a totally live faith is required to withstand and to preserve loyalty to ME.


Wherefore, the gates of paradise upon the new earth will be opened to the faithful followers and confessors in order that their love for ME, which they have shown to the end, may be rewarded. But people who are weak in belief will not withstand this last battle upon earth. I will deflect the danger of moving away from ME in order that they do not fall into the hands of MY opponent, and I will still give them the opportunity to continue their evolvement in the Beyond, which privilege will no longer be available for a long time after the end of this earth. They will not be able to stand the requirements and hardships of the final season and will physically conclude their life before that time. For they have not turned away from ME, they only lack the living faith that enables them to be a real fighter for Christ. There will be many who decide for ME that is, they carry within them the belief in a GOD of Love and Wisdom; however, cannot increase it to that strength that they trust ME without worry and ask for MY help. Those souls I take away from the earth, otherwise they would be lost for very long times. But the strong one remains faithful to ME until the end and will be removed by ME before the destruction of the old earth. This occurrence will have to be clear to you likewise understandable for you must be, that those weak souls cannot populate the paradise of the new earth, which can bear only spiritually mature people who admit among them MY presence according to what I have promised you. Finally there must be a separation between rams and sheep. The old period of evolution will end with banning the failing spiritual into solid matter. A new period will be with a mature humanity, which finds itself in a state of blessedness already upon earth, because it resisted, being tested by ME sufficiently while on earth.


Such maturity of soul admits MY presence among MY children. Weak souls, not yet matured, would not be able to bear MY presence; therefore, the new earth is no mansion for them. Yet, in the Beyond, they proceed to the height of their early conclusion of life; wherefore in the Spiritual Kingdom they will enjoy privileges that help them to arise to the height. Amen

B.D. 5235 October 14, 1951

You people who do not yet have this recognition, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, you do not know what is the meaning of these MY WORDS; for you do not believe in the reshaping of this earth, you do not believe in the last judgment as the conclusion of an evolutionary period and the beginning of a new one. You do not know anything of MY salvation plan since eternities; wherefore, you do not understand MY Words: "Behold, I make everything new!” Each of MY words has a manifold meaning, which even MY awakened ones do not know, because this recognition is still too high for the people of this earth. But clear to them is the simple meaning, namely, that I will revive what has left MY everlasting Order. I will cause a change to come about, since the people of this earth are no longer striving for it, thereby failing in the purpose of their earth-life. They nave- failed by not using their lives for eternity.


Nevertheless, I will not let them get lost; I will give them another opportunity to walk once more upon the neglected course of evolvement. For another course of evolvement means receiving a higher grace, that must be acquired by a raised effort, for which only new creations can offer the possibility. First of all, I will renovate the schoolhouse of the spiritual, MY earth, which shall further the upward evolution till man. I shall provide the earth with entirely new creations of manifold kind and form, whereby new possibilities will be given to the most numerous spiritual entities to stand the test. I shall cause a new kind of humanity to arise composed of human beings blessed by ME, who have consummated their spiritual evolvement in love and faithfulness to ME, who have attained to a degree of maturity, which makes possible a high, spiritual ministration so that the new humanity has all the guaranties for the highest possible perfection and that the spiritual, still bound, can quickly attain to an upward evolution through the most good influence which the people exercise upon all creations surrounding them. " I make everything new!" I will also soften the conditions for the release of the spiritual, however, not deviating from MY law of the "everlasting order", only in deepest LOVE and COMPASSION caring for what is still living within compulsion. All that oppresses will fall off from men; they will strive upward in fullest force because I alone am the most desired one for them and because they cannot be drawn into the deep by MY opponent who is in fetters for a long time. I shall make a new heaven and a new earth, that is, I make happy spiritually and materially the people who belong to ME and are expected to clear the way to ME also for their successors. Who of you can comprehend this? And who of you believes firmly and without doubt that the old ceases to be?

Who believes that there will no longer be people who are still distant from ME, that only the small flock, which faithfully follows ME, their shepherd, will not lose its life, because I have blessed this small flock and destined it for a continued life in the paradise of the new earth? Who believes that a new chapter of release begins according to the salvation plan since eternities, which MY LOVE and WISDOM have determined in order to guarantee everlasting life for all that is spiritual? "Behold, I make everything new!" You, who believe in ME, be conscious of these words, activate them in your hearts and know that the time has come when this Word will be fulfilled. Believe in it firmly, be hopeful and bear all hard times which are still your lot until the end, do it with patience and devotion to MY Will. For the day will very soon come when I fetch the ones that are MINE in order to reveal to them of what is written: "I will make a new heaven and a new earth" and "I shall be in the midst of the ones who are MINE and will guide and teach them as I have promised." Amen

B.D. 7974 August 22, 1961

You will live forever not losing your life. Is there a more pleasant promise than this one that I will give you everlasting life and that you will be blessed forever? For life is bliss, because life is a condition in


FREEDOM, LIGHT and POWER, LIFE is that condition for which I have created you, and which guarantees your perfection. Your own free Will will have striven toward this perfection; otherwise no "LIFE" would be possible. Formerly, you found yourselves in a condition of death, and only your free will could or can change this condition of “death" to LIFE. Furthermore, life means the union with ME, who feeds you with the power necessary for life, which unlimitedly flows into you and will never more be limited. Life is working and creating with ME and in MY Will as well as in accordance with your will. For you have gone completely over into MY Will since you are perfect, having become MY images, only willing to think and will as I MYSELF; wherefore you are incomparably happy. Such is the final goal of those beings who once proceeded from ME and MY POWER as "creatures" in highest perfection, since nothing imperfect can come from ME; but in their own free will they relinquished their perfection, forsaking ME. Wherefore, they had to go through an endlessly long process of evolution in order to attain again highest perfection in their free will. Hence they returned to ME, yet no longer as MY "creatures", but as MY "children", into whom they found themselves in their free will through love, which is the child's primordial substance because it proceeded from MY LOVE. Its free will had to inflame this substance to the highest glow; then a life of greatest happiness that lasts forever is guaranteed. I have promised you this life and I will give you this blissful life. Likewise, I will not cease to help you reach that high degree of love; one time, whenever it may be, you will attain to life, never losing it in all eternities. This certainly is the most glorious promise, because you are able to hope! You need not consider yourselves a lost; you need not find yourselves forever to be in the condition of death, for I have told you: "You will live forever!"

MY Word is TRUTH; only you determine the time when you go over into life. You set the time when you escape from death, when you turn around to again enter into union with ME thereby getting life that lasts forever. On the other hand, you can also endlessly prolong the condition of death, when you again misuse your free will, resisting MY loving pressure, which stimulates you to love. In that manner you prolong the condition of unhappiness, for life alone is happiness. It is true; you have a free will, which prevents ME from giving you life against your will. You yourself must attain to perfection which warrants for you everlasting life; otherwise you only remain MY "creatures" forever, since the goal to become MY "CHILDREN” requires the striving for perfection in free will. As long as you people find yourselves still in the condition of death, as long as you are without light and power, since you are lacking in compre- hension and in the influx of MY POWER OF LOVE, you are in the condition of lovelessness. For love exercised in free will would earn you light and power, which means an "Awakening to Life”! Under such a condition you could no longer fall back into the condition of death, because there is "light within you,' and on account of that you recognize and strive for the purpose of your earth-life. If you wish to attain to an everlasting life, love must first flame up within you. I as EVERLASTING LOVE will not leave a stone unturned in order to lead you to life, since I MYSELF can unite only with LIFE, never with death. Wherefore, I first awaken that, which is dead to LIFE. MY endless LOVE will also bring this about. Amen

B.D. 8034 November 6. 1961

Again and again I shall speak to you, MY children, for I know that you are in need of MY Word, which shall give you strength for your way of life. You should always know that I am present as soon as only one thought from you touches ME and when you desire to be united with ME. When I am present for you, also MY POWER must flow into you. Your soul is in need of this power in order to fully mature. Wherefore, you must always have to show progress when you let ME speak to you. The light that beams through you must become steadily more brilliant. This means an always-deeper comprehension; it means increasing knowledge, clarity in thinking and a will righteously directed. MY speaking to you guarantees this; for the power that flows from ME to you must be effective and manifest as increasing WISDOM. All you people ought to reach out for LIGHT. You should seek to escape from the darkness of the spirit and to desire increased spiritual knowledge. In what ignorant condition did you step into the life on earth? Although your reason begins to become active, can you thereby penetrate into the spiritual realm? Within, your dense darkness remains. All spiritual concepts remain unsolved and unclear to you as long as you do not feel an urge to get an explanation. The purpose of your life on earth remains unknown and you are dead in the spirit, although you live physically. Could you be satisfied, if you have no knowledge at all about the reason and purpose of your life on earth? Are you satisfied with the light- less existence upon this earth with only earthly goals to strive for? This condition of lightlessness is no happy condition; you yourselves must recognize this as unsatisfactory and endeavor to receive an inner


light! Only then the imperfect condition will change. You will gain an inner happiness when you are given a knowledge, which reveals to you the purpose of your life on earth. For such a light you should reach out, and therefore respect MY Words, which come to you through MY messengers, if you are not yet able to hear ME directly. You should endeavor to enlarge your spiritual knowledge. For this knowledge is the LIGHT that you did not have at the beginning of your incarnation, which, however, can be inflamed and then shines brightly in your hearts. That light is beamed from MY SPIRIT, the small spark of love, which as part of MINE rests within you and must be ignited by LOVE! Irrefutably in this way LOVE must reward you with WISDOM. As the result of a life of love a profound knowledge must irrefutably come to you; for the fire of love emits the “LIGHT OF WISDOM”. Your spiritual condition must become brighter; the spiritual darkness must disappear…. You must be able to recognize correctly the association of things and conditions. You must learn to understand ME and MY governing and working; you must also be able to give explanation, because now I MYSELF can be active within you. Then you are thinking, acting and speaking only in MY WILL. The degree of recognizing is commensurate to the degree of the maturity of your soul…. for I do not speak of a dead knowledge, which is transmitted to you in your schools… to the contrary. I speak of the live knowledge that alone must be taken as "RECOGNITION". I speak of the "WISDOM from GOD"! This Wisdom cannot be gained other than through LOVE. Only through the "WORKING OF THE SPIRIT" can this Wisdom get to earth and be received by a heart, which permits the brilliant light to beam into it because it is full of LOVE. Only Love gives and only Love receives, whilst school-like knowledge remains dead for the one who is without love.

You all should see to it that the Light of Recognizing beams up within you. Only then you approach again the condition of the brightest light, which made you happy in the beginning and which you must regain in order to be happy again. Amen

B.D. 8064 December 16, 1961

I must admonish also you, MY faithful ones, to work more eagerly at your souls. For, as long as you live on earth, you all still carry unripe substances. You all have more or less still to battle with inherited inclinations, desires and weaknesses of all sorts. You must always remember that you should spiritualize all these substances during your Life on earth. A continuous struggle is bound to take place and you shall be victors. In all love you are expected to work on the unspiritual within you so that it leaves you, that it joins with the desires of the spirit within you, that it no longer oppresses your soul so that the latter can all the more easily achieve its ascent to the High without being hindered in this endeavor. Gladly I will ease for all of you the way to happiness, but also you must work on yourselves accordingly! You must earnestly investigate yourselves to find out what weaknesses and failures still burden you. You must ask yourselves whether your soul still is bound by any worldly desires. You must beat down every unclean motion within you and suppress each irate motion. You must not send out any unnoble thoughts nor withhold your love from your fellowmen.


You ought to make good again any injustice with which you have met a person. Your thinking shall always be noble and pure; this excludes every thought of hatred and vengeance. You should avoid every loveless Word, always being mindful of the fact that you expect to receive from ME love, compassion and forgiveness, which you also should extend to your fellowmen. In whatever you think or whatever you speak, you should know that I MYSELF know about it, and you should ask yourselves whether you are behaving right in MY presence. I know that you all are too weak and that the battle, which you should wage against yourselves is the most difficult; but MY STRENGTH is always available to you. You only need to direct a requesting thought toward ME and, verily, I shall give you the strength; and you will be victors. You will then be able to quiet the restless spirits within you; they will leave you more and more, they will resign and follow the longing of your soul to become more quiet, yes, they will even make use of that power for their own purification. For, this possibility is open to them toward maturation during their earth-life and to associate with the soul, because the latter takes over into the beyond all that is spiritually mature, when it has to give up its earthly body. The soul itself still has impulses of every kind from its preceding stages of embodiment, which it is expected to change into the contrary. The flesh-body likewise oppresses the soul, because it is formed out of impure substances. Yet, man also has the possibility to exercise a saving influence upon all those malicious spirits if he endeavors to change all these bad properties into the contrary until he has attained to humility, meekness, peace-fullness, compassion, justice, yes, to love, which embraces all those virtues, until man, matured, can enter into the Spiritual Kingdom. Wherefore, test yourselves earnestly which of these virtues are wanting in you. Investigate whether you have fully entered into a complete change of character. Find out seriously where you are still

failing ME and yourselves. Then you will certainly be able to register success, if you seriously want … asking ME for dispensation of power, since alone you are too weak. Call to ME within JESUS in order that I may strengthen your will, that you lose your weakness in will, that I may forgive you where you sinned, and -verily -you are certain of MY assistance! For I want that you mature in your souls; and verily, I find delight in those who take changing their nature to love seriously! For when love fills you, all unspiritual substances within you will become spiritualized, because they cannot resist the power of love. Whenever these wicked spirits are still active, love is not yet deep enough; in other words, I MYSELF cannot yet work within you in all fullness and you will still have to battle in order that you may become pure and that I can take an abode within you. In that case you were savingly active within yourselves. Amen

B.D. 2929 October 17, 1943

The magnitude of a person's guilt remains unchanged as long as he does not acknowledge the work of salvation by Christ, that is, he must himself amortize his guilt to the last little. Quite alone he has to come to an understanding with it; he has to make amends through eternities, for the guilt of man is immeasurably great! The sins that he has committed on earth, which already suffice to push the soul aside from the face of God for endlessly long periods, are not the only ones, but it is the one-time rebellion against God, the Great Guilt, which cannot be expiated during an earth-life but must therefore


be taken along into eternity in order to find some time…. its atonement there. Through eternities and eternities the being must languish in darkness…. miss his liberty and endure a condition of most torturous imprisonment. For eternities he incurs the loss of the Divine Sun of Grace, enduring most bitter distress, because - of his own will he remains in resistance to God and can never be forced to give up his will. He must therefore expiate his guilt himself since he did not free himself from it by his own will. The DIVINE WILL cannot liberate him, because this would be in fullest contradiction to the Wisdom and Love of God. Therefore, one who has fallen away from God is punishing himself as long as he does not accept salvation through JESUS CHRIST, not acknowledging Sacrifice. Each of his sins will be forgiven, each restriction taken away from him and each atonement spared, if a person places himself under the cross of Christ and suffers to be saved by His Blood which JESUS CHRIST shed for all people and their guilt. HE brought the great sacrifice out of love for man, since HE knew of the endlessly long road of suffering in the beyond and because HE had compassion on account of the great distress of the beings on earth and in the beyond, HE wanted to shorten their distress and wanted to atone their guilt in order to make them everlastingly happy. The death of CHRIST on the cross was the purchase prize for everlasting life; all guilt has been atoned by it. But one thing is unresistingly demanded, namely that man acknowledges this work for Salvation so that his guilt also belongs to one for which CHRIST paid through HIS DEATH on the cross. Where it not so, the guilt of man would remain unchanged and, after his death, be taken over into the spiritual domain as a burden, with which man could never cope in all eternities; for he cannot muster the will to save himself.


Therefore, JESUS CHRIST is the only way to everlasting life! Without HIM, there is only PERDITION, but with HlM SALVATlON. Without HlM man is powerless and his will is turned away from GOD. But with HIM he is striving towards God and can receive the POWER from HIM, namely, the fortified will, which JESUS bought for him on the CROSS. For this reason, JESUS CHRIST is the SAVIOR of the WORLD, the Savior of all men who put themselves and their guilt before HIS feet, giving themselves over to HIM in faith and asking for HIS help. For these JESUS CHRIST brought the SACRIFICE on the CROSS in order that they may be freed from all guilt and sin.


B.D. 5153 June 17, 1951

The cross of Christ is the sign of hope for all those who are fallen and who feel unhappy in their condition - be it on earth or in the beyond. The cross of CHRIST shows them that there still is a salvation, a way out, along which one has to walk in order to get out of the depth and the domain of darkness into the morning or light. The cross of CHRIST is the signpost upwards, which never leads astray. Reason: the ONE who died on the CROSS out of love for sinful humanity is the ONE WHO opened up this road. HE has paid the purchase-prize with HIS BLOOD for the souls who find themselves in the depth. Every soul can utilize this favor.


This road is now open upwards for every soul, provided that it has selected JESUS CHRIST as its goal that it wants out of the depth to reach HIM! Then it has a claim to salvation! The Divine SAVIOR HIMSELF lifts it out of the depth. Then its sins are washed away with HIS BLOOD. The guilt of sin is removed, and the work of salvation has not been in vain for this soul. JESUS CHRIST has died for all men: for the people of this present time, past and future. HE even descended to hell! HE has made the graces of the work of salvation valid also for the souls of the depth; likewise in the beyond there is a salvation for the souls, but never without HIM! Only HIS BLOOD, shed for the sins, can make good again what the soul has sinned. HIS FORGIVENESS must be asked for. In the spiritual domain HE must be recognized as the Savior from sin, otherwise liberation out of darkness is impossible. The man JESUS has achieved on earth an immeasurably great work of love, which is still effective on the other side. HIS Compassion follows those souls who have gone from this earth unsaved. Yet there the soul must want salvation on its own as on earth, that it may find salvation through JESUS CHRIST, that HE may have compassion with it in its distress, that HIS LOVE may seize it and lift it out of the depth. Therefore, to know about JESUS CHRIST and HIS WORK OF SALVATION as well as to believe in it is absolutely necessary. This knowledge must be brought to the souls in case they have not yet heard of it on earth. But this work is by far more difficult there than on earth, because the souls of darkness have little knowledge and possess only little strength of recognition, wherefore they cannot be so easily taught. Yet their condition is not hope1ess when they find themselves in distress and ask for help in order to be freed from their present situation.

If not quite impenitent, the soul can be helped by intercession and loving instruction through thoughts. A knowledge gained in that way will enable the soul to direct its thoughts independently to JESUS CHRIST, the OIVINE SAVIOR, and to implore HIM. Each of such calls in faith and trust in HIS help will be heard. Now the road upwards has begun and each step is taken with HIS help. There is a salvation out of hell, but never without JESUS- CHRIST! The souls in the beyond must learn of this, otherwise they will never direct their thoughts to HIM WHO ALONE can bring them salvation out of their distress, WHO in HIS Love and Compassion is always ready to alleviate the distress and to change the torturous condition into a condition of happiness. But always the will of the individual is necessary. To change the will requires much intercession on the part of those people who are in belief and love; wherefore they can help all those who are still unsaved. Amen

B.D. 6624 August 17, 1956

Not MY Will determines your fate in eternity; but you yourselves shape your lot by your own will: either glorious or terrible! You can, however, at any time, change a terrible condition, and when you want to do this, you will experience MY support at any time. However, as darkened as you are, light will be brought to you! Asking for light, you can always remain therein, for your will is responded to also in the domain of the beyond.


Do not hinder those who want to make you happy with a light. You will then feel better than you felt in the dark regions, from where everybody is expected to arise to the Light. This, however, must be done voluntarily. You all, who dwell in dark regions - be it on earth or in the beyond you are unhappy creatures without peace, light and power. Those are the effects of sin, which burden you since eternities; during your earth life you still enlarged them by your loveless actions. Before you have not come free from this guilt of sins, your condition cannot improve. But you, yourselves, can have the will so that the guilt may be taken away from you, and then you can attain to light and happiness! Therefore have the will to become freed from the fetter, which burdens you and is torturous for you. Resolve to trust in the ONE WHO can make you free and ask HIM to take charge of you. You know about the ONE who has offered HIMSELF on the CROSS for the guilt of your sins. You all know about JESUS CHRIST, but not all believe in HIS work of salvation. - And yet HE is the ONLY ONE who can give you help in your distress, who can lift you up out of the depth, who can, and will give you light and life, but you yourselves must first call HIM and ask HIM for help. Who does not believe in HIM will not address HIM, and he will remain in darkness for eternities…. for, without HIM there is no way to happiness! Again and again you will be pointed to the ONE, again and again a light will be offered you – a gleam of hope, which you should heed. Turning your eyes to the gleam of light there will always shine a cross for you, in case you are not completely obdurate, this IS HIS great compassion that HE comes to meet you in order to save you. You may be sure that HE saves you whenever you want it. Wherefore I repeat, I do not condemn you, MY Will has not determined the lot for you, in which you feel unhappy, but you have created it for

yourselves. Yet, you yourselves can also change it when you take refuge to the ONE who can free you: to JESUS CHRIST, with Whom I MYSELF have become one, Who therefore is your GOD and FATHER from eternities. Whether you are still living on earth or whether you already had to shed your earthly envelope - remember - only after finding JESUS CHRIST, there is light within and around you. Without HIM, you dwell in darkness. Without HIM you are distant from ME who had embodied HIMSELF in the man JESUS in order to die for you on the cross, expiating your gui1t of sin. Only the one who in full belief renders his guilt to ME will be freed of it, an act, which alone depends on your will. MY LOVE cannot do more than repeatedly send you light-bearers, who announce MY Will and engender a light within you. Suffer to become enlightened, change your attitude and come to ME in JESUS CHRIST! Then darkness will recede, brilliant light will appear, and all the terrors of darkness will fall off from you. You will arise into spheres of light and become and remain everlastingly blessed. Amen

B.D. 7295 February 28. 1959

If you hear of one who proclaims the Lord in an unusual way, you shall know that the last phase or the final time has begun, then you will know that the forerunner of JESUS CHRIST again exercises his mission to proclaim Him who will come on the day of judgment in


order to fetch His own ones and to execute the change on earth as it is prophesied by Word and Scripture. He will appear quite unexpectedly causing a great stir in the world since the power of his voice is great and because he will address the people in so earnest and significant a manner that many will become impressed and accept his word since they recognize that it is the Word OF GOD, which he pronounces and since also the signs are unusual which he works to help his fellow-men. He will be a real miracle-worker of the poor and unhappy ones and a helper in the distress that will come over all humanity in the time when he appears. He will speak loudly and perceivably. He will not be afraid of those who forbid his working. All the more he will expose those who speak and act against the Will of GOD. On account of this he will be hated and persecuted by the powerful of this earth whom he strongly accuses because of their actions toward people. The abyss between the earthly and spiritual worlds is already too great so that from the earthly side no understanding can be expected for that which "the crier in the desert" will proclaim. They will laugh at him and persecute him so eagerly only because the number of his followers steadily increases since there are people who permit to become impressed to the annoyance of the mighty ones who are against all belief and therefore proceeding against it. That is the time which very soon lies before you; it will not take long any more when you will hear of him. Then, however, remember that you must be strong, for with his appearance the religious strife will soon begin. Then it will be of significance in which direction you will turn, and it will only too clear that you must decide either for God or for the world. He will be your strong support so that you take the road to GOD, for his speech is convincing and powerful. GOD HIMSELF speaks through him so obviously that it should not be difficult for anyone to


follow him. He will give such visible testimonies of his calling that the people will recognize thereby who he is! He himself also knows what his mission is and that this is his last commission: to precede the LORD and to proclaim HIM with a loud voice. He is also conscious of his origin and likewise of his end, which again will be terrible; but nothing frightens him, nothing holds him back from executing his mission, which will be greatly blessed. Who follows him is well off. For he can amass much strength and get much light from this great light that will shine everywhere it appears. He is already among the living ones, but not yet conscious of his task; yet this will become clear to him suddenly, causing his earthly life fundamentally to change. It is true, he serves the Lord and also recognizes the spiritual low level on which humanity is languishing; but the call has not yet come to him. This will happen suddenly. Then he will step out of his quietude, being fully conscious of his task … for the Spirit of God moves him, giving him fullest clarity about his mission. Joyfully he serves his Lord with a devotion, which makes him increasingly efficient for the last service, which he wants to render the Lord before the End, before HIS RETURN! Wherefore, you people should pay attention only to those who really proclaim God's Word; you will recognize him who appears in an extra- ordinary manner since he wants to fulfill an extraordinary task namely to pronounce the COMING of the LORD and by powerful sermons to show the people their mission on earth to repent and most seriously to work for the salvation of their soul!…. for he will tell them the end, which will come shortly after his appearance. The time is fulfilled which GOD gave mankind for perfection. Amen


B.D. 7867 April 9, 1961

Having lived on earth a life according to MY Will, you will enter into the spheres of heavenly blessedness. Yet not this promise shall cause you to live right, but the love to ME Who will prepare this blessedness for you, because I love you immeasurably and wish to possess your love. I have created you out of MY Love, and this Love will everlastingly never vanish. When, same day, you stand within the Light, the concept of love has become understandable also for you - a concept which you as man cannot grasp as long as love still is lacking within you. To be without love is a condition of unblessedness for every creature out of ME, because this is also a condition of lack in strength and light, with- in which happiness is unthinkable. A life according to MY Will is, however, a life within love and this also brings back to you the condition of happiness. After the death of your body you enter into MY Kingdom, which opens up to you undreamed splendors that MY Love has prepared for all MY beings who join with ME again in love. Love can only make happy and seek union…. for love wants to give itself away and wishes to make happy because this is the nature of love. My Love was super mighty and wanted to give itself away. I created beings, which I could give MYSELF. I created vessels who accepted the current of MY Love and MYSELF joined up with these beings and caused the Beam of Love to flow unceasingly into them. In other words, I prepared for them blessedness in abundance!


That they resisted being beamed upon by MY Love had, however, a special reason, but this did not prevent ME from persecuting these beings with MY Love; only they themselves felt no longer any happiness, since they resisted, because they had separated from ME. Yet, since Love never ceases, it will never remain inactive, but strive to gain back what had fallen away from it. MY Love has never ceased to woo for what had apostatized from ME and I will do it until they all have returned to ME voluntarily. No being can forever exclude My beaming of Love, because Love is a power which does not remain without effect, and because the resistance on the part of the beings becomes steadily less and will some day vanish. Ultimately they will open up again in order once more to become blessed by MY Love for all eternities. What has found its way back to ME will leave ME no more. It can no longer sink back into the depth. What has wandered the road through the depths and back with the final result of having again reached the height, is united with ME insolubly, for it has reached perfection, which even I could not give to the beings, because for this the free will is needed, also to maintain perfection and to prove it. I could obtain by force their love, but then one never could speak of unlimited happiness. Love never permits enforcement; love must voluntarily return to ME. Man can show this, if he lives on earth according to MY Will and becomes love, which is his original nature. In MY domain everything is LOVE! You all are expected to enter into this Kingdom of Love. You all are expected to be immeasurable blessed if you again join up with ME… your FATHER since eternities. His LOVE created you and will always follow you though you had separated from ME. But you will not forever remain separated from ME because MY LOVE is stronger than your will of resistance. Some day you will surrender to MY LOVE because it will inflame within you and grow

to the highest glow, and because I shall then be the only goal and object of your love and remain so forever. Amen


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