A world-shaking natural disaster

A selection of divine revelations received by Bertha Dudde by means of “the inner word.”


A world-shaking natural disaster This booklet contains a selection of divine revelations received by Bertha Dudde by means of “the inner word.” * * * * * * * * These publications are non-denominational, they do not intend to draw away anyone’s affiliation with a Christian faith nor do they attempt to recruit for any religious organization. The sole purpose of these publications is to make the word of God available to all people as intended by the will of God. Copies or translations are only permitted as a whole, without any alterations, but with reference to source. All those who would like to express one’s thanks for the word of God we invite to pray; for those souls especially who need it the most. Published by friends of the New Revelation. Ingo Schneuing Flörekeweg 9, 21339 Lüneburg, Tel. 04131 32589 mail to: Translated from German by M.F.B. 2003 English version: Divine Word Foundation 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 USA Tel. 541-582-0434

Table of Contents: B.D. Table of contents Who was Bertha Dudde? Introduction 2033 Catastrophe – Fulfillment of the Scriptures – God’s Love for mankind 694 Prediction of enormous happenings 2555 Lack of understanding with regard to the prophesies – Necessity 7830 Renewed prediction by God’s word Reasons for the intervention of God 1456 Omnipotence of divine love – World events 1464 The spirit of unlovingness – God’s intervention 1960 Demonic Forces at work – Necessity of a divine intervention 2223 Selfishness – The intervention of God as a last means 4020 Doubts about God’s revelations – The elements of nature 1795 Signs of the world-catastrophe Termination of the struggle of the nations due to divine intervening 3143 God’s intervention – The end of the struggle 3318 The powerful voice of God – The end of the battle

3371 The terminating of the battle – Spatial separation God intervenes by means of a natural disaster 1418 Divine intervening – Prediction 3151 The intervention of God 6324 The approaching of a star 7421 Revelation 16.18 – Star 1398 Catastrophe – Prophesy 1473 The raging of the elements of nature 1538 The course of the catastrophe 4940 Prediction of the natural disaster – Dead sections 3348 A phenomenon of nature – Victims of both, good and bad people 8122 The last catastrophe The consequences of the natural disaster 2246 The catastrophe 2454 A simplest lifestyle in times to come – The lot of the individual one 3975 A changed situation of life – Worldly people 4441 The magnitude of the work of destruction 4724 The catastrophe and its consequences – Love for the neighbor 7052 Serious indication of God’s intervention and the consequences thereof Strength in need through God’s word 3741 The fulfilling of the predictions – Proof for unbelievers 8949 Confirmation of the prophesies

4457 A proclamation of the end – “You only have but a little time left” 1511 “Draw strength from this My word you all” – Prediction Other English publications from writings by Bertha Dudde


Who was Bertha Dudde? Being the second oldest daughter of an artist of Liegnitz, Silesia, Bertha Dudde was born on April 1, 1891. She became a dressmaker and, since June 15 1937, she received revelations from the Lord by means of “the inner word”. “A bright dream of mine gave rise to write down my thoughts after intimate prayer. Understandably, this certainly resulted in often doubts and inner struggles until it finally dawned on me that, by all means, not I myself, was the originator of these precious words of grace but, rather, the spirit within me being in effect the love of the heavenly Father, obviously caused it and introduced me to the Truth.” “A knowledge on a spiritual level going far beyond my ordinary school education was opened up to me. The knowledge I did and still do receive as a dictation in a wideawake condition; everything that is said to me I write down in stenographic style and then, in turn, I write out a fair copy of it, word by word, without alterations. This process does not take place in a condition of trance or ecstasy, by all means, but in an absolute wide-awake state. Mind you, it is up to my own free will and thus I then may receive these dictations; they are not dependent on time or place.” “I only have this one wish now and that is to make these gifts of mercy available to as many people as possible and, according to the will of God, to be granted yet to do as much active work as possible in His vineyard.” [Quotations from a self-biography of 1959] Bertha Dudde died on September 18, 1965, in Leverkusen.

Introduction LK. 21,10-11 From the New Testament of the Bible (NIV) Then He said to them: Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilence’s in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. Rev. 16, 18-21 Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. The great city split into three parts and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of His wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky, huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail because the plague was so terrible.


B.D. 2033


CATASTROPHE …. FULFILLMENT OF THE H. SCRIPTURES …. GOD’S LOVE FOR MANKIND …. There are just a few humans who turn their attention to the signs of time, yet these few are aware that the time which Jesus Christ had announced now has come. For it is being fulfilled the way it is written and they perceive that every time period is predetermined from eternity …. that there is no doubt a terrible catastrophe about to come upon the earth …. the love of God is boundless and so is His mercy and whatever comes upon the earth is merely based on His love. For without these happenings mankind would be doomed. God is aware of the many [ones] being astray, about their wrong will, about their unlovingness. He knows about the ungodly condition mankind is found in and He has pity on the spiritual need. He has no other aim but to change this pitiful condition of mankind, to remedy it, to save mankind from deepest trouble. And He foresaw the trouble of mankind and, at the time of His earthly walk already, He prophesied as to what His love and mercy wants to send upon mankind to save it. Yes, mankind cannot and does not want to believe for it does not recognize God anymore, it laughs and scoffs where it should [in fact] think things over and thus remains on the path which leads to one’s ruin. And the hour will appear where the distress will be indescribably grim, where the elements of nature will rage and cause people to be incapable to think and act. Yet there is no other possibility to make

people feel their impotence, there’s no means that could, without such suffering, get mankind to turn to God and, if it is not to be lost altogether, it will have to take upon themselves those happenings which are predestined and will take place the way the Lord has announced. Amen B.D. 0694 1.12.1938

PREDICTION OF ENORMOUS HAPPENINGS …. It is of great usefulness for all of you to read through the words of the Bible and you will know the Lord has announced Himself in His time. The cause of the coming judgment [of God] is not by the will of the Lord but solely by the will of mankind which strives for an almost entire separation from faith and, as a result, causes a continuous subsiding into the night of the spirit. It’s just for the sake of stopping this hustle and bustle and to still save whatever has not become enslaved to the night, the Lord is fulfilling His word …. For His spirit saw the present and the time ahead and, in His loving, kindness and gentleness, the Lord never left anything untried to possibly turn away the judgment. Everyone who presently lives on this earth will be advised beforehand and will, in this respect, be able to keep away the judgment from oneself as the one is being protected by the invisible Hand of God in all the dangers as long as the one just turns to Him in faithful confidence and thus acknowledge His might and love …. The many occurrences which are proceeding it for the sake of shaking up man, will also indicate the time being close. The time will not go by

without a trace on any one person and there will be many signs trying to wake up man from the lethargy of the spirit and to draw his attention to a visible intervention of an eternal divinity. And the adversary [opponent] will be involved everywhere and influence people in every place to make them listen only to the thoughts and words of the world and to reject all the spiritual. For man in his domineeringness and arrogance is so convinced of his own power and might that he is forced by means of great misfortunes – the aversion of which does not lie in the hand of man – to be presented with proof of his own weakness and inadequacy. At the beginning he will, no doubt, accept such misfortunes without particular repercussion to his thinking …. Yet the occurrences will accumulate and let even the arrogant ones tremble when realizing their own impotence. And such an event the Lord is preparing. He will intervene in the high-handed acting in injustice and recognizably tell people His will. All the excitable minds will be petrified in this time because the extent of the happenings is too enormous as to be taken as an accident. And in the case of a repeated return of the happenings many will rise from the sleep and favor the bright morning as opposed to the darkness of the spirit. And thus to preach the word of God to those will then be a rewarding task of the servants of God on earth for nothing in the world happens imprudently. Nothing is hidden from the knowledge of the Creator and thus the visible intervening of the Lord, too, will not be without purpose and meaning but recognizable for many as the helpful hand of the heavenly Father, which to be grasped

should be everyone’s concern. For the time of which is written in word and scriptures is at hand …. Amen B.D. 2555 18.11.1942

LACK OF UNDERSTANDING TOWARDS THE PROPHECIES …. NECESSITY …. But few people realize the seriousness of the time and hence the coming can be made plausible to merely a few. As long as they just strive for the well-being of their body they will certainly pay attention to just the happenings related to it and they cannot and will not understand a change of world events caused by spiritual urgency. For spiritual experiences are strange to them and any references towards it, they consider to be insignificant and unimportant, if not wrong. To announce the coming happenings to them now will have little success and yet, they too, are to be warned so that no completely unsuspecting one will live to see the day. For what they do not want to believe as yet can all of a sudden appear credible to them and may cause to direct their mind towards God and to call upon Him in distress. Spiritual thoughts are uncomfortable to man since they just spoil his earthly life; as a result, he rejects them when they show up and he therefore cannot come to a realization. The moment the neighbor attempts to inform and pass on a spiritual gift to him he’ll turn him down or pay no attention to the gift. And thus he’ll make no use of the time still keeping him distant from the great natural phenomenon and it will take him by surprise and will completely bewilder him.

But nonetheless he/she cannot be helped in any other way than that there be made mention of the great radical change even though he/she is not fully capable or willing to take things in. For even the certainty of a fulfillment of the prophecy already can suddenly lead a person to a realization. God’s love meets every person and He sends His reminders and warnings to all of them for He knows of the weakness of man and He wants to help them when in need. But most of the time people won’t let themselves be helped because they don’t feel being in need. And still, their need is unspeakably great for they are not in any intimate contact with God, they have moved away from Him and that’s why they don’t listen to His voice speaking to them via human mouth. They don’t recognize it as the voice of God and it won’t become effective to them because they withhold themselves of its effect. Every day on earth they live in absence of the spiritual is a lost one and there are not many of them left for the great earthly affliction. has not come to an end yet and mankind is facing a still bigger one which is inevitably due to the spiritual development of man. Many people will lose their lives at that and their possibility of development on earth is terminated. And God wants to help those as long as there is still time and He sends them His servants and representatives to speak in His name and to remind them to keep in mind their souls and to strive for the spiritually higher development. And in listening to it they will more easily endure the coming because they’ll realize that nothing coming upon the earth is senseless

or without purpose and it is the spiritual development that is the final purpose of the earthly life …. Amen B.D. 7830 19.2.1961

RENEWED PREDICTION BY GOD’S WORD… You still don’t know what it means to be spoken to directly by Me because you people do not believe that your God and Father from high talks to you. For you are still of unenlightened spirit and you deem this not to be possible. You therefore still have a very wrong understanding of God because you put yourselves completely beside the Might that created you and thus cannot feel Its love because you are without love yourselves and therefore the working of the eternal love is incomprehensible to you. But, in not to remote a time you shall have proof that your God and Creator truly does speak and has spoken to you, for you to go through the fulfillment of My continuous announcements yourselves; and that you will go through a natural disaster of greatest extent, which has never before befallen the earth. Over and over I announce to you these happenings without finding any faith. But I want you to be able to believe when these My announcements will come true, for then I want you to believe too on the shortly afterwards following end and will prepare yourselves towards it. For the purpose of all My predictions is just always that you do sincerely tackle your soul-work, that you make well use of the short time and then live through the end, regardless, and not to be lost again for eternal times. i.e., having to bear the rebanishment [into

matter] which you are irrevocably threatened with at the arrival of the end: if having not found your way to Me yet. I just want to save you humans but not leave you to perish, but I cannot influence you against your will. I therefore talk to you through My messengers and make you aware of the near end, I remind you to keep thinking of your earthly purpose. I keep telling you over and over my divine teaching of love and all of you could believe if you just had an earnest will to achieve your earthly purpose of life. But you live a carefree life without any serious thought because you don’t believe in an afterlife of the soul. But I cannot do more than passing on the truth about your being and your destiny by Myself …. I cannot do more than directly talk to you by My messengers and to explain everything as comprehensible to you to the point where you can truly believe. But you don’t want to and you can’t be forced to believe My words from on high. Yet you ought to pay attention to every world event, to the condition amongst people and to the obvious spiritual low. You also ought to be critical towards yourself and your walk of life and you should meditate about the meaning and purpose of the earthly life …. You then would recognize the condition of man on your own and consider it plausible, this condition cannot remain like this; a change is due to occur and then attention will be paid to My word from on high. Yet, for obtaining faith the good will is required, for I help everyone who’d like to rise from the depths, who directs his thoughts towards Me in striving for recognition of the right and to detest the wrong …. Truly, no better information can be given to you people than by My word …. Truly you can find no better explanation

except I give it to you by means of the direct address and you can believe it – it’s the great spiritual need which causes Me to grant help to you people on earth in the way that I direct the truth towards you, which is foreign to you, because My opponent is doing and has been doing everything to increase the darkness upon you people, that you don’t see anything properly anymore. To also prevent you from recognizing the voice of your God and Father who wants to help and bring the light to you prior to the coming of the end. Listen to Me when you hear My voice by means of My messengers, do not refuse what they bring you, for you who do not believe are in greatest danger …. And you can still get saved and find faith because the plain truth is presented to you …. And I will give you proof of the truth of it because it will very soon be fulfilled what there was proclaimed a long time ago already: that the earth will be befallen by an enormous natural happening as not experienced before …. And soon afterwards the end will truly come like proclaimed in word and scripture …. Amen. Reasons for the intervention of God B.D. 1456 6.6.1940

THE OMNIPOTENCE OF THE DIVINE LOVE …. WORLD EVENTS …. Write down the following: You people are suffering from a false impression of the omnipotence of the divine love. You’ve got a different measure by which you measure the happenings which mean both sufferings as well as joy for

man. All you see are the effects in earthly respect but you cannot remotely imagine the necessity on the one hand as well as the consequences in spiritual relation on the other. Your judging is always based on human feelings and this lets you even the love of God appear to be as a cruelty. Yet you’re not aware of the painful condition the souls are to expect once when all the pain on earth is kept away from them by Me and I seemingly just bestow My love upon them. This, My love, is so great that I would like to spare My creatures from the sorrows in the beyond and thus let them suffer before in a condition which won’t let them feel this sorrow so much. And yet, you don’t recognize My love and you feel like quarreling with Me. You live in a world where sensual pleasure lets you find a certain satisfaction, yet in the other world you will, if found standing on insight, strive for a contact with Me. However, prior to be able to unite with Me you’ll have to have detached every tie with matter. But you’re still very far away from it because matter still keeps you trapped and, in fact, to the point where you still find it desirable. And therefore I destroy for you by force that which is a hindrance to a far greater happiness. I want to shorten the path on earth for you which you still have to walk in the form [body], I want you to learn to despise matter which is nothing but a hindrance for you …. and you don’t recognize My love …. You are still too stubborn and don’t submit to the divine will, which truly considers just the way that is useful for your soul …. Always and everywhere, seek to picture My superior love as a motive of My sending or granting and you’ll learn how to think differently. I truly have no pleasure to see My creatures suffering and hence I try to turn away the great sorrow from

them …. Only this way you ought to learn how to look at the world events around you that should be more a proof of My love toward you than an act of cruelty. Resist the thoughts that let you doubt My love, because it is merely love letting Me act like this, letting it look like you are the sufferers. On your own you are too weak and you don’t desire the strength that would let you overcome matter, and thus I look after your need and clear the path of the obstacle of your higher development. I take away from you every earthly possession for the sake of letting you flee to Me by just this physical need and you thus seek a close touch to Me and then My endless love takes a hold of you, and My endless love helps you to overcome. However, unless you have entrusted yourselves to Me the loss of your earthly possession will give you a sense of hurt and thus your condition is still not free, you’re still attached to matter too much and you don’t recognize Me and My love enough. And you’re even inclined to deny Me altogether because you look at all the happenings from the earthly point of view and don’t consider how much, spiritually, there exists the necessity for not letting you perish. It is the danger of your spiritual downfall, which urges Me to intervene in such a way that you doubt My love. But it’s just your spiritual well-being that lies on My heart and everything which happens is a means to provide you with this spiritual well-being and, therefore, leave yourselves confidently up to My guidance and accept humbly and willingly your fate from My hands. And it will be beneficial to you as a blessing and you will once give thanks to Me that, by doing so, I turned away from you greater sorrow in the beyond …. Amen


B.D. 1464


THE SPIRIT OF UNLOVINGNESS. GOD’S INTERVENTION …. The spirit of unlovingness rules the earth and its inhabitants and the adversary has won the victory over countless beings whose lives are devoid of every love. And countless people are now being forced into the chaos which is His work and which was feasible by just this unlovingness which has created inconceivable hate and discord amongst people. All the good reasoning has left mankind because the spirit of darkness is guiding it and He also takes captive man’s thinking or spoils it in such a way that they don’t know what they’re doing anymore. Probably rarely ever mankind has subordinated itself to the will of the adversary thus thoroughly as it is the case now, and the countermeasure will therefore have to be an exceptionally tough one too if there is a higher spiritual condition to develop again and the spiritual blindness of the present time to be removed. The spiritual need also requires a divine intervention and the divine love and wisdom allows for an incident for the sake of remedying this need which, it is true, leaves mankind in doubt about the divine love and wisdom but is yet the only possibility to snatch people away from the sure ruin. People remain unteachable, they can’t be persuaded to the acceptance of faith in another way, and even much less they follow the commandment of love for God and for the neighbor …. And man will again have to turn to proper thinking if the misery of the time to come is to be spared to him and his earthly life be left to him. For the divine mission

will descend upon people with elemental force, nobody will be prepared unless combined with God before, and there will be a panic that only God himself will be able to turn away again if fervently asked for. Yet there will be a lack of faith in God by people. For even those being found in faith and love will be overcome by anxious doubts because God's voice will be clearly audible to them as well. It is true, their spirit will flee to God, but the soul will be left worried and disheartened about the things [events] still to come. And they will barely be able to pass on comfort to the neighbors and will have to wrestle for faith themselves, yet God will grant them support so that they won’t get inconstant in the faith toward Him. But those who don’t know God seek salvation on earth and they won’t find help. They’ll have to change their thinking or else they’ll become victims of the elements which God, the Lord Himself, advises to serve Him. And there will be an indescribable confusion for only the utmost need can yet bring about a change in stubborn sinners …. Just fear for one’s earthly life makes people soft and submissive and willing to pray. Without prayer no assistance of help from above can come through, for only prayer assures guarantee of God Himself looking after His earthly children and redeems them from all the suffering. And the hour will appear dreadfully long to those people who’ll see everything left for destruction that, up to then, was subject to one’s desires. And yet, this hour cannot be spared to people since every love and kindness of God is turned down and a different way from out of the spiritual need is not feasible.


God’s forbearance has postponed this event again and again but, finally, His prophecy is going to be fulfilled …. For the time has come where only greatest weakness of will and absence of faith can bring about this catastrophe. The time is near which the Lord has announced by His word, at the time of His earthly walk, pointing out to man the time of breaking away from God. For His word is eternal truth and will come true, down to the last letter …. Amen B.D. 1960 19.6.1941

DEMONIC FORCES AT WORK …. NECESSITY OF A DIVINE INTERVENTION A little while yet and you will remember My words I have spoken on earth that the world will be found in a chaos, in every respect. You will soon realize where the unlovingness of people amongst each other leads to. If you still have a spark of love within you, you will realize the power of the adversary who stirs up everybody, driving them against each other. His working is demonic and ,hence, so do the people act demonically in their unlovingness as well. And so I intervene that, in spite of a seeming disorder, I reinstall order for the sake of showing mankind its actual destination. Where people in their blindness destroy everything, a work of destruction from above is absolutely necessary so that the injustice be revealed clearly and mankind recognizes it as such. And there will be great distress and in this affliction the pleading calls of man will rise up to the Father in heaven; and this is the purpose of My intervention for people to seek Me, to again remember Me and take refuge in Me. Because there’s

no other way to achieve this; just the most severe distress makes them take the path to Me and just the most bitter affliction is yet capable to change mankind. But My spirit will be with all those who are faithful to Me. They will recognize Me in all the happenings and in faith expect My help …. And they will speak on My behalf and they will attempt to present to the neighbors the wrong of their life and to refer them to Me. And then I will also remember their hearts according to their attitude towards Me. Wherever in faith a thought rises up to Me there I will send comfort and help. I will bestow My love upon all those who acknowledge their wrong and now are calling upon Me, begging me. For I love My creatures and I just want their salvation from the utmost danger …. from a danger that is far more intense than the earthly sorrow coming upon them. And I will imbue with My spirit all those who are willing to serve Me so that they are able to comply with their task and won’t be wavering in their faith when the time of affliction will have arrived …. Amen B.D. 2223 29.1.1942

SELFISHNESS …. THE INTERVENTION OF GOD AS A LAST MEANS …. Spiritually speaking, mankind will ruin itself in its incomprehensible selfishness if God does not apply an effective countermeasure to reduce that selfishness. Man just keeps his mind on himself and, most of the time; the fate of the neighbor leaves him untouched. His thinking and acting is accordingly, always calculated to just provide for one’s own

biggest interest which has a tremendous detrimental effect, spiritually. Therefore, everyday is being lived in vain when earthly interests are being strived for. And, at the present time, there’s but a small number of people keeping their focus on their spiritual forming. But these do not pass by the distress of the neighbors without turning their attention to it. They rather try to reduce it if possible and make sacrifices themselves for they think more of the trouble of others than of their own. And it’s for the sake of them God still hesitates to bring about the last means, for His love likes to spare the neighbors from unutterable sorrows, to entice them to actions of love without sorrows, where possible. The intervention of God, however, draws unpleasant sorrows, for it’s just the sorrow meant to change the hearts of man. In view of the misery and sorrow of the neighbor they are to forget their own sorrows, thus to combat their self-love and just always to strive for a reduction of the misery of the neighbors. Only then, the earthly life yields spiritual success to them. Yet, regrettably, just now people have an exceptional strongly pronounced worldly desire, a desire for the goods of this earth. Everyone’s thought is just aimed at the question in what way they could possibly attain such. Beyond that they also don’t heed the world-happenings and yet much less the signs announcing the working of God. They don’t pay attention to the phenomenon accompanying the spiritual decline. They don’t see the encroachment into permissiveness being already tolerated, they also don’t pay attention to the wrong concepts of right and righteousness, and hence, they also don’t query the spirit of time, the opposition towards all the

religious….but, rather, they consider everything to be correct that is evidently referable to the influence of the adversary. And that’s also why God asserts His influence, that is, His working towards such a spiritual decline will be so evident that whoever wants to recognize it will be able to do so. Because He claims all the power….He renders people powerless, He lets them feel their inability on their own towards the intervention of God. They’ll have to let it be enacted upon them without being able to change the least bit about it. And now they can just change their nature when they’re ready for it. They will be given plenty of opportunities to let the spark of love light up, to turn it into a flame and now to become active in love accordingly …. If they don’t notice this last possibility they then can’t be helped on earth anymore; for those whose selfishness is too great will still not recognize their actual destination as yet and they will fear for their life and their possessions and, if possible, seek to replace what they’ve lost. And thus the intervention of God was in vain for them. They then are to bear the consequences of their non-spiritual condition according to their wanting, for they can’t be liberated from their selfishness by force …. Amen B.D. 4020 9.4.1947

DOUBTS ABOUT GOD’S REVELATIONS …. THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE …. The passing on of My word to you is so urgent and how seldom it is being believed. You’re continuously letting yourselves be troubled by doubts concerning the truth of that

which is passed on to you by My servants. You reject what does not seem to be acceptable to you and which is actually inevitable according to the determination from eternity. You who are of a revived spirit, I initiate into My plan of salvation to recognize the time of the end and also to point out to your neighbors the end. I indicate to you the signs and, since the beginning of this redemption epoch, I have predicted the effects of the spiritual low in order to give you the possibility to prepare yourselves so that the end may be a blessed one for you. Yet my announcements are not being taken seriously, so, I keep on “revealing” Myself again and again. And actually not only by means of My word going forth from and giving evidence of Me at that; but I also want to be recognizable to those who don’t give credence to My word, who won’t let themselves be taught by My servants on earth and who are also completely opposed, disbelieving the predictions of an end to be near. Those I want to approach in a different way, to those I want to reveal Myself as the Lord of creation against whom no human will is able to stand up. I want to confront them with the power human will cannot break or defeat. I want to talk to them in a language that is loud and clear; I want to speak with a voice of thunder and the elements of nature will obey Me and testify for Me. And this is the last reminder in order to then let the events take their course up to the end. And this last remark of My might and power is an act of grace for all of mankind, yet it will certainly be effective to just a small number. For whoever does not accept Me will certainly see nothing unusual in the enormous natural happening but simply [assumes]a free play of nature, even when realizing he cannot have any command over this

play. And yet, I do not deviate from My plan of eternity and keep announcing it over and over, of My appearance by means of a catastrophe of nature of an extent the world has never experienced yet. Why am I doing it? Well, the time is pressing towards the end; people are going through their lives lukewarmly and lazily. They don’t comprehend the seriousness of time and that’s why they are to be disturbed. I Myself will approach them, for in the great need concerning the body when facing death, the thought of the Creator is bound to surface and some few will find and walk the path to Me. And for the sake of these few, it will come true what is proclaimed in word and scripture. Surely a countless number of people will lose their life and enter the Kingdom of the beyond in an incomplete condition. Yet to them I want to be a lenient judge and take into account their last sacrifice they offer Me by their early death by offering them the greatest possibility of maturing in the spiritual kingdom and granting support to them in every way. Yet I will irrevocably speak by means of nature and all of you will be witnesses and be able to convince yourselves of the truth of My word which comes pure and plain from up high; because it is My will for you not to go unprepared through something that is so colossal it might shake the thinking of all who still believe a bit on a Creator and Preserver of heaven and earth. But whoever is united with Me ought not doubt My word for I express Myself by means of My servants on earth and expect My word to be passed on and accepted as plain truth; and every doubt be banned from the heart of My people because it is I Myself who expresses Himself and will never tolerate My word, interspersed by errors, be brought to people of good will who want to serve Me and therefore are

hired as workers by Me into My vineyard for the last time prior to the end. Amen B.D. 1795 30.1.1941

SIGNS OF THE WORLD-CATASTROPHE …. There are signs preceding every world-catastrophe for the sake of recognition of their approaching by mankind. For God has proclaimed them at all times by His word and in so heeding these signs you will know the time has now come; and you thus also know you will have to prepare yourselves so that you will not be heading for the total disaster. Everything God is doing and thus is letting happen to the earth is subject to mankind’s will; that is to say, human will actually does not directly draw that catastrophe near but, in its wrongness, it is the reason for it. The human will is being misused to such an extent that a world-catastrophe is bound to be the inevitable result of it because only something extraordinary, adverse in nature, so to speak, is able to direct this incorrect will into the proper track. Hence, the more the human will moves into the wrong direction the more urgent is the divine intervening because the precious earthly time passes along without bringing about the necessary higher development to the being. The abused will, however, can never encourage the higher development but only prevent it. The events of time, the continuously increasing absence of faith, the anti-Christian efforts, and the awakened-by-God proclaimers of His word are bound to remind you of the arrival of the time of which the Lord has made mention on earth. And, hence, you ought to be eager and consider the well-being of your soul. And yet, if it should appear to be

implausible to you as if a catastrophe might be due to hit the earth, you just keep in mind there is nothing impossible for God, everything can be made possible if God wills it to. And the fact that God does want it is based on the behavior of man himself, in the wrong attitude towards Him. When the earthly life is given to man for a certain purpose but they don’t live it accordingly they thus let a divine gift of grace go by unused and God now calls once more with stern words which nobody can ignore. It is solely the human will, which is the cause of a work of destruction of unimaginable extent, and, at the time of the announcement of this, the Lord foresaw the wrong will of man. However, His will is to win back the mankind led astray and He therefore applies the last resort which there is seemingly an act of endless cruelty, yet has merely the divine love and mercy as a motive; for the realization will get to countless people and those are saved for all eternities. Amen The Termination of the struggle of the nations due to divine intervention…. B.D. 3143 1.6.1944

GOD’S INTERVENING …. THE END OF THE STRUGGLE The more the world gets entangled into the wrong the more it moves away from God and the more unloving is the acting and thinking of people inclined to the world. And the

increased unlovingness also drives people to actions that surpass all the previous happenings and so people draw the intervention of God near themselves. People do not realize the wrong of what they are doing anymore. The world happening is directed into a track so that, earthly speaking, there’s no way out to be found anymore. The thinking of people is wrong and distant from the truth altogether, the good is persecuted, evil is respected and thus the whole divine order is knocked over which is bound to cause a complete decline as a result. And thus the day that puts an end to the chaos keeps getting closer and closer, for the condition is so ruining for mankind that there is a stop set to it by God. And this end is close ahead, the end of the raging of people against each other. The end of the struggle of the nations which could never find the approval of God because it is a fight about power which is not based on any noble motives. Hate and the unlovingness of people have caused it, but those haven’t learned anything in this fight; they have become more unloving than ever and their hate has increased and manages to achieve scandalous deeds which cannot be carried out any worse. And God will put a stop to this hustle and bustle in a way He will be recognized by it. He will let a dreadful misery happen to mankind which cannot be turned away by their own will. He will startle them and let them feel their own impotence because the elements of nature will be unleashed to the mercy of which people are left. And this day won’t be long in coming. It will arrive so suddenly and unexpectedly it will create sheer horror, it will be [last] just hours and yet of so drastic significance that, afterwards, everything will be changed and the disaster will sink in in due

time only when they will have realized the divine intervention in its whole extent. For God wants to reveal Himself by His intervening, He will show them that He Himself will bring about the end because people cannot find an end, because they would rather tear each other apart than give in and bring the unspeakable misery to a close. And therefore the end will be different from how people imagine it by themselves, God will prove His power and wind the weapons out of the hands of the earthly rulers; he will decide, and the outcome of the fight of the nations against each other will disappoint those people who wanted to gain by force that which they were not entitled to and who are therefore to recognize their impotence. For it is God who finally decides on the world happenings in spite of the human will which thinks of directing it by itself. And God’s wisdom also recognizes the most effective means for man and He puts it to work to direct the chaos, which is the result of unlovingness and is therefore bound to lead to the downfall if God Himself does not terminate it. And the periods of a new battle will take the place of the time of the battle that will, however, not erupt for the sake of worldly power but about the spiritual power because the end is near and, prior to that, this spiritual battle will have to be fought, the battle that is aimed for the faith in Jesus Christ, the divine Redeemer and His teaching Amen


B.D. 3318


THE POWERFUL VOICE OF GOD …. THE END OF THE BATTLE …. The voice of God will sound loudly and insistently and the fate of the nations will be decided upon for God Himself will, by means of the powers of nature, pronounce the decision. And nobody will be able to oppose His judgment for it will be just and will strike those people who have caused great misery and who don’t want to acknowledge their wrong. It will be an exceedingly sad event and countless people will loose their lives, and the event is also unstoppable because people cannot be shaken by anything that human will manages to accomplish and will therefore have to be disturbed by an event which cannot be turned away or terminated by human will, and it will for this reason cause great horror because everyone will visualize death facing them and will have to get ready for the transitory end. And this event is moving closer and closer, day by day passes by without the changing of mankind, and the forbearance of God keeps on waiting in order to still grant an opportunity to mankind to change until His voice will sound. But now the world event, too, is turning towards its end because the natural phenomenon is preparing itself, because the interior of the earth is turning into a turmoil and is just waiting for the moment where God grants the natural powers freedom to unleash. For people find no end to it; that’s why God intervenes and puts a stop to it. Bad happenings are terminated but even worse ones will be their consequences, for people are in terrible distress and are at a great loss in

facing the natural powers. They can’t either flee nor halt or reduce their [the power’s] raging, they are at their mercy and have but one Savior whom they can entrust themselves in their misery, Whom they can call upon for help and who has the power to help them. Yet, only a few accept Him, few feel they are guilty, humbly awaiting His judgment in recognition of their sinfulness. And God will certainly look after those few in the hours of destruction which divine will is going to call for because there’s no other way for the spiritual need to be eliminated and the earthly misery, caused by human will, is continuously increased. And because people are finding no end to it, God establishes the end of a battle involving the whole earth. And there will be a cry of horror rebounding from across the earth leaving people petrified, for the extent of the catastrophe leaves everybody prick up their ears and trembling for a [possible] repetition. And this is the intention of God for the whole humanity to take part of it, to listen to His judgment, to recognize the guilty ones and [also] God’s righteousness. Because every fighting party still believes to be in the right; power alone and not the right is still being valued and God’s blessing cannot remain on actions that are detestable, because they violate against the divine commandment of love …. And God will punish people with the same they do …. only, His work of destruction is much more colossal so that He may by that be recognized by them. For the spiritual, too, still constrained, is indignant when torn away from the divine order and feels this condition painfully; even though it became free by human will it cannot enjoy its freedom for it is not the freedom of completeness, but it’s because the

opportunity of an activity is taken away from the spiritual, about which it is indignant. And it will get active wherever there is an opportunity given to it. But, particularly, it will combine with the still bound spiritual and try to entice it, to likewise blast its shell, at which action it is supportive. By that, it tries to force man to again act constructively for the purpose of providing new possibilities to enter new creations, as a continuation for its development. And God does not hinder the spiritual having become free by human will, as He also gives His consent when matter in the interior of the earth moves, when the spiritual strives for the light and attempts to blast its shell. For a short time, God withdraws His will and He lets the will of the spiritual have its way which, however since it is still completely immature, means a work of destruction of a monstrous extent. And thus the human will is opposed by another will which outdoes the first one, seemingly lacking every divine love and wisdom and which finds the full consent of God. Yet mankind does not bow down before God, it does not put an end to their battle of annihilation, it is possessed by demons, and let themselves be driven by them. It is more and more enslaved to the evil power and proves this by its works and actions. And in order to put a stop to this decline God’s will and omnipotence steps into obvious action. He shakes the earth and mankind with it so that it may come to its senses and change. For it is the last time that there can still be used for the souls. And therefore God lets His voice sound powerfully and massively, and He calls upon people: Put a stop to your raging, which means dragging your souls into ruin; change before it is too late and remember Him Who

rules over heaven and earth Who is your Creator and Sustainer and Whose love you treat with disrespect. You on your earth, take heed for it is about to happen …. Amen B.D. 3371 17.12.1944

THE TERMINATING OF THE FIGHT …. SPATIAL SEPARATION …. Whatever there is useful to you, that you will get to hear if you’re letting yourselves be taught by Me, Myself, and also pay attention to My voice which is softly percept-able within you? You’ve got an exceedingly incorrect view of the continuous course of the world-happenings if you assume any one of the fighting powers to emerge as a winner from the struggle, for My will has determined differently because not the physical well-being but the well-being of the souls is to be promoted which necessitates a complete change of one’s life but which can only take place when all the earthly plans are invalid and mankind faces an extraordinary event that shakes their thinking. A normal end of the struggle of the nations would not result in a change of the ordinary life. Furthermore, none of the fighting powers are innocent and thus none of the powers is legitimately entitled to the victory. And that’s why I thwart man’s plans, no matter what outcome. I render all their expectations void and I provide a solution nobody is expecting and is also not welcome to anybody for I bring the fight to a close in a way so it cannot be continued, even though man would be willing to do so. For I physically separate the fighting parties from each other, I let natural

obstacles come into being that cannot be overcome so easily. And I thus take any possibility away from man to keep fighting against each other. And thus the struggle of the nations against each other comes to an abrupt halt. It won’t be a decision, it won’t be a defeating of a power, but mankind will see that their power is at a dead end and the divine power needs to be accepted, which is recognizable most distinctly at this outcome. I will bring about the end and certainly, by that, punish the guilty ones severely, for in their assumption of sure victory they see themselves deceived, they see themselves weakened and without success and are confronted by a great misery and great poverty. And this end I have announced a long time ago already so that you, who still doubt, have the truth of My word proven by that. When the culmination of atrocity on the part of humanity has been reached, I put an end to it so that the world realizes by that there is a God in heaven who punishes sin, which surfaces so obviously; that it realizes it is not humans who determine the outcome, but it is I, Myself, and in a different way at that, than people expect it. And the hour is not far away, and that’s why I make Myself known to those who believe in My intervention and know about My intention, whom I appoint to point it out to people and whom I send as prophets amongst mankind. For it is to be warned beforehand because I will never let such a happening come upon mankind without informing them so that they seriously consider the wellbeing of their souls and prepare themselves. For nobody knows who will be affected by it. My intervention will call for many victims everywhere where it will take place. Amen

God intervenes by means of a natural catastrophe B.D. 1418 14.5.1940

DIVINE INTERVENTION …. PROPHECY It is a futile fight the world is leading against each other because it will not lead to a satisfactory result. It was decided by the Lord of heavens and the earth that it [the fight] be brought to an end in a different way than the world hopes for. Yet, this end will be indescribable. The din of the battle will yet be drowned by the voice of God sounding from above. It will cause an excessive confusion amongst people, for no human order will be able to stop it and people will powerlessly have to let the afflictions of the Lord come upon them. And now it will be left to every single individual to recognize the hand of the Lord and to either submit to it or else to rebel against the fate concerning oneself. For man’s thinking is to be forcefully directed towards God and blessed be the one who finds this way and recognizes God as the Originator of all happenings and commits oneself to Him and His mercy. There will be only a few, however, for the human spirit is blind. Their modern education for them has caused them to loose faith into a Being Who decides everything on earth, and in their modern attitude it is difficult for them to find their way back to God and this spiritual arrogance is their ruin. Only the one who feels insignificant, small and powerless and asks God for help will keep ones life, even though earthly speaking, he/she may loose it. Yet the one who thinks he does not need God’s help has given away his life, earthly and

spiritually. And in the case of God granting to keep one’s earthly life, it is in fact merely an act of greatest mercy for him/her to still find insight on earth, if possible. For the Lord knows the hearts, He is able to look into the most hidden corners, He notices every stirring and does not let perish that which is still possible to be saved. And whoever in the midst of horrors calls upon the Lord for help will experience a wonderful calmness entering one’s heart; that one will suddenly realize the worthlessness of the earthly life when not accompanied by a strong faith, and this knowledge now lets the one willingly pass on that which appeared desirable to the one before. He/she willingly commits oneself to the Lord and now receives from His hand …. life or death …. [In the case of one’s death], however, he/she only passes on one’s body in order to wake up to the real life in the beyond. And thus his/her departure from this world is not the one’s ruin but the resurrection to a better life. The divine will allocates everyone’s place, it will remove from the earth the one who’s time is finished and will return to the world the one whose earthly life is not finished yet. Nothing that happens is arbitrary but everything is determined by God’s love and wisdom. However, whoever still does not, at this point, recognize the hand of God that one’s soul is in deep trouble for there’s no means for salvation for it. It has endlessly increased the distance between God during its earthly presence and has again a tendency towards the captive condition; therefore, its walk on earth is completely useless since it does not recognize God. And for the sake of such types of souls, God lets sound His powerful voice. But if this call, too, went unheard, the lot of these souls is consequently just eternal damnation. Amen

B.D. 3151


THE INTERVENTION OF GOD …. The incomprehensible is going to happen. God Himself will speak to people in a manner that will cause fear and horror. Soon the time will be present, for mankind cannot expect consideration anymore since it is completely devoid of any love. It will itself cause to start the ball rolling, it draws itself the intervention near, it continuously violates against the commandments of God, against the commandment of love for God and the love for the neighbor. And without consideration, it carries out actions that are satanic and are bound to lead to one’s ruin unless God intervenes and, by doing so, yet saves souls who find their way to Him in distress. And this is the sign of the time God has proclaimed long ago: a hot, bitter fight will precede it whose end God determines because He wants to make Himself and His power recognizable. He, Himself, terminates the fight, yet differently than people expect. By means of His intervention, that is also of decisive importance for the whole world, He leads the world happenings into other tracks. And people will have to see they are powerless and a higher Power conducts the world happenings. And they have to submit to this One. The misery, caused by human will that was unbearable for many already, will be severe; but now they will have to struggle with measures of objectionable nature that God Himself sends their way, and they cannot revolt against it because they cannot call on somebody to give account for it. But the behavior of man prior to that cannot be called human anymore and thus God shows His power to them. Where

man before wanted to prove its power and proceed with all atrocity against their neighbors, there God shows Himself in His action; and towards Him all are weak and powerless and their shameful raging falls back unto them who, without mercy, want to bring nothing but destruction simply because they feel powerful. It is a chaos that cannot be depicted any worse when people let their feelings of hate and vengeance show, and this will of destruction means a disintegrating of that which the Lord God has created before it has reached its destination. A steady destructive urge is typical to mankind of the present time and this is a sign they are enslaved to the power that tries to destroy everything in order to prevent the spiritual within to draw closer to God. Man is not aware of the terrible consequences of a forceful destroying of created things, be it human, animal or solid matter, as to how the immature spiritual within rages and causes havoc and what turmoil this signifies in the spiritual world. The souls of humans are plagued and are detrimentally affected and even the believers feel the influence and are disheartened and discouraged. And a mighty will has to put a stop to it for the spiritual sake that endeavors to get near God and now is about to be pushed away by the opponent of God by means of his compliant servants on earth. And that’s why, immediately after the implementation of a plan that will exceed everything in regard to dreadfulness thought up by man so far, God will let His voice sound. There’s only a little time left, first a horrible event has to take place so that the whole world pays attention and the better hears the voice of God. There are many victims as yet who’ll have to buy it, i.e.: to give their lives for a dishonest cause so that people who are in need of a bright insight pay heed, for they all contribute

to the chaos and thus are also part of the blame, unless they recognize their wrong and turn away from it. The divine Voice is continuously reminding and warning, It keeps pointing everyone to the wrong but It also requires that attention be paid to It or else it will sound loud and ringing and be a terror to all and pronounce a judgment according to right and justness. For the blame is universal and only those who detest the behavior of mankind and want to belong to God are to be acquitted, for they recognize the wrong and fear the wrath of God to strike the evil-doers. And the hour will come suddenly and unexpectedly, for it is the last great favor prior to the end for the purpose of converting anyone not walking along carelessly but recognizing God in the natural happening, which is inevitable according to the will of God. Amen B.D. 6324 3.8.1955

THE APPROACHING OF A STAR …. Open up your hearts widely, prepare yourselves to receive My beam of love from above and listen to what I am about to tell you: A sure sign of the end being near is the appearance of a star moving in the direction towards the earth and yet, it follows a strange course …. that will often be hidden from your sight and then, all of a sudden, it will reappear because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebulae that dissolve every now and then but keep on condensing over and over. You people experience something previously unknown to you for the effect of this star upon your earth is of such kind it causes fear to you because you believe the earth could become a

victim of this unknown star that causes noticeable disturbances on the earth, which are unexplainable to you though. There are people on earth who keep their cool no matter what happens to them, but now they do loose their cool because they see themselves as well as the whole earth subject to natural forces which they are afraid of because they cannot counteract them. It’s for the sake of those people “the powers of heaven are moved ….” I want to particularly address these people in order to get them to entrust them to a God and Creator as they see themselves completely powerless. Whatever human will arranges, and may it be ever so dreadful in its effect, it doesn’t leave those kind of people shaken, yet once they see themselves subject to the forces of nature they become small and weak and that’s when there is a possibility they take refuge in the One who is Lord of every creation. That’s when there is a possibility they find their way to Me in times of big trouble. And this spectacle of nature will arouse an enormous turmoil amongst mankind and fear, too, won’t be unfounded because, even though the star is accompanied by strange phenomena, it continuously gets closer to the earth, and a collision seems unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and monitor its course. However, I have long before prophesied this that “I will send you an enemy from the air above ….”, that a natural disaster of greatest extent is still imminent for you humans which will proceed the very end, ie.: the total change of the earth surface…. and will cost a countless many victims. I keep pointing it out to you again and again, and My word is truth and will fulfill itself. Yet it shall already be pointed out

to you beforehand, because you people shall get to know My will and My power, because you are to be aware that nothing is allowed happen without My consent, and nothing that happens is without aim and purpose. That, at the same time, I keep those in mind who are devoid of all faith and whom I still don’t want to lose to My adversary. And that’s why you people ought to know what lies still ahead of you, so that you will easier attain faith when, in the great trouble, you will remember Him who is Lord over heaven and earth, over all the stars and worlds and Whose will everything is subject to. And you are to hear about it beforehand, which then can help you to attain faith, as long as you are of good will. A disaster will come upon you; however, it can be a blessing for everyone of you if, by which he/she gains the life of one’s own soul, even if, earthly speaking, death is one’s lot….if they call upon Me in distress. Amen B.D. 7421 REVELATION 16,18 …. A STAR …. An enormous quake will shake the earth; spiritually as well as physically the earth will face a tremor humans have never experienced as yet, since the beginning of this epoch. But this is prophesied for it is the initiation to the end that will follow not long after that. There is no long period left and your attention to this is pressing more and more because you are to make use of everyday yet to help maturing your soul, for the time is short and you are approaching the very end with giant steps. And there will follow a long night for all who have not made use of the day to work for the well-being of the soul. For there will be just a few to survive this last end


and to be allowed to live on the new earth, a few only will stand firm in the last battle on this earth. Again and again, the signs of the end are being presented to you humans and the last colossal sign is the great quake. The way it will come about you were told already: A star leaves its orbit and heads for the earth with gigantic speed. The reason why you don’t know anything about it as yet is due to the great distance this star will have to cover yet until it enters the focus range of those who will notice it. But at that point the excitement will be big because everybody recognizes the danger the star “earth” now is in but nobody can do anything about it to remove the danger. And, since you’re aware of it, this last short time you ought to utilize especially well, for none of you knows as to whether or not he will survive the event. None of you knows which part of the earth will be particularly befallen and nobody should count on being spared, for it is the last big reminding-call of God which He still lets sound prior to the end in order to find faith for just this end and a turn around of the few who are not quite enslaved to the adversary altogether as yet. Do not think lightly about these prophesies, do not let yourselves be disconcerted by the apparent work of building up you can observe from the side of the world, but be aware that the shadows of annihilation are already showing up. There’s not much time left to pass by until you will receive word of that disaster approaching you in the form of a star to be hurled out of its orbit because it is God’s will that the earth be stricken by a quake that is meant to, and can possibly save those people who’s will is good. There truly won’t be a lack of signs for the close end but this one sign has a

tremendous effect and many people will lose their life in the course of it. And no one will be able to play deaf, for it is too enormous than that it couldn’t possibly touch everybody. Only, the success is different, for people will partly revive their weak faith and again return to God, but also partly lose their weak faith and completely turn to the opponent which will be expressed in chasing after material possessions, mostly in an illegitimate manner. And there will be a great misery amongst people. And that’s when the true faith will prove itself, which means help for every person who faithfully submits to God. For He will help all those who want to be His, who in their greatest affliction remember Him Who alone is able to help. And the time will begin where there will have to be performed proper vineyard work for the sake of helping all those who are still weak in the spirit and are to experience a strengthening of their faith. For that’s when the time of the last struggle of faith will follow that will still demand a last decision of the believers; yet, whoever will be steadfast until the end shall be blessed.[overjoyed] Amen B.D. 1398 28.4.1940

THE CATASTROPHE …. PROPHESY Undivided attention is necessary in order to be able to receive the following declaration: The divine wisdom has planned an event whose effect is monstrous. A catastrophe is preparing for the very next time already which cannot be either stopped nor weakened by an earthly power. Countless spiritual beings will go into action and will, on behalf of the Divinity, cause the interior of the earth to turn into a turmoil. The earth will split open and masses of water will gush out. A work of

destruction of catastrophic extent will be executed and this will bring a nameless misery upon mankind affected by it. And this happens within a shortest time. For a little while yet you people believe to be powerful and safe from all danger; you only consider the world events around you and feel secure and out of danger. However, you forget there’s a power in command of everything, within, on and above the earth. And since you forget Him Who governs everything according to His will He will thus speak to you by means of the forces of nature, and you will be bound to hear Him because you cannot flee from His voice. You don’t heed the instructions from above, the sorrows of the earth do not change your thinking, yet the divine voice you cannot drown because it is stronger than all the noise of the world. And that’s why this is proclaimed to you beforehand so that you may recognize the Lord when His voice will sound. Actually, the world will not want to hear anything about it, it will try to head off the big distress but continuously deny the divine actions. And many will side with that opinion and thus only see the misery but not actually the divine will in it that will give whole areas up for destruction, for the sake of the reformation of mankind. And this the time will announce: an undeserved plague will hit a country and that one country gets into severe distress and when, earthly speaking, there seems to be no deliverance anymore, God Himself steps into action and orders the natural elements to intervene in earthly measures. And whoever felt big before will become small, for he will need to employ all his resources in order to re-erect what there is destroyed. The people will be needed for the restoration of

one’s own country which had been flourishing before, but is desolate and bare now and requires a big work force. And this will be the time when man will deal with other questions than up to now. For whoever survives this time truly stands in the favor of God. The one has testified of the fact of having joined God, in the severest affliction the one sent one’s thoughts to the Father in heavens, and the Father listened to the prayer of a person having gotten to know Him and in severest trouble found the way to Him. For He only sends all the difficulties upon mankind for the sake of regaining faith in God. And thus He now needs to forcibly bring up to height the completely wrestled-down faith by giving proof of His omnipotence to man and to show the world He is Lord of heaven and earth. Amen B.D. 1473 15.6.1940

THE RAGING OF THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE…. The greatness of the Almighty One shall become evident in a time where the natural elements rage and cause unspeakable damage. That’s when the hour has come where the spiritual decline of man will blatantly come to light, for nothing will remind them of God, nothing will be able to move them to prayer, for their faith into a God has been lost and thus they don’t call upon Him when in need. Mankind therefore cannot be left on the earth any longer, for it does not remember the actual earthly purpose of life and only helps to destroy the faith of the few not-quite-estranged-from-God people and, likewise, to cause them to become disloyal to God. But the

love of God prevents them from getting harmed and, therefore, forcibly terminates the lives of those who are out to endanger the souls. And there will be a great distress when the raging of the elements starts. It will be like a storm about to destroy everything; people won’t be able to oppose it because they are like weak stems that are snapped by the storm. They will be wanting to flee but won’t be able to flee from the elements, without God’s help every resistance will be too feeble. Yet an intimate call to God will captivate the power of the elements and whoever entrusts oneself to God in this misery will be saved. But God will thus be close to you in this trouble. He will affect everyone’s thoughts and offer you His hand the last time so that you may grasp it and let yourselves be saved. But He cannot force your will, you’ll have to profess yourselves to Him on your own and request His help. There’s no other way to lead mankind to the light from out of the spiritual darkness than an event necessitated by natural force, leading mankind into a turmoil of which nobody can escape. Confronted to these elements of nature they are bound to see their impotence; any other help has to be kept away from them so that they realize the end of their physical life. Only then is a slight hope for them to think of the Lord Who is entitled to all the power and Who has command over heaven and earth. The creatures of God have separated themselves from Him and have existed in this separation from God for endless long times, yet one moment of severest distress and danger can bridge this separation. The soul is allowed to return to God and, as a result, it will even give thanks to its Creator for the

unspeakable grief that brought it to its senses. However, this very moment leading its will to God cannot be brought about forcefully by God in spite of greatest love. This love of God has tried everything to bring salvation to the souls and to point out the way to the top. However the will of man was strong, and this will God cannot break but only have an influence upon man in such a way that he changes his will himself and turns it to God. This natural happening is now a last attempt to influence human will in a favorable positive way. But this natural happening will also be so enormous that His people will need extensive strength to remain strong in faith; and this strength will be given to everyone who pleadingly sends one’s thoughts up to God, for the Father knows about the need of His children and will lovingly stand by them in case there’s a possibility for them to become inconsistent. For His kingdom on earth is to remain and there will have to be extensive work performed for the sake of proclaiming the divine kingdom to those who found their way to God and have a desire for His word. And the Lord remembers this time and gives people an understanding of His word now already. The seed is to fall unto good ground and to yield bountiful fruit on the field which the Lord intends to purify from all the weeds beforehand. Amen B.D. 1538 25.7.1940

THE OCCURRENCE OF THE CATASTROPHE …. The teachers of the beyond are looking after you in always the same manner and try to make you readily receptive, yet

your heart is not always willing to receive and the kind of obstacles that make it more difficult to receive thus arise from that. Undivided attention has to be shown to the gifts of heaven and all the earthly thoughts to be avoided; that’s when the thoughts of the friends of the beyond find easier entry. The divine love sends messengers your way to strengthen you in your receptive will. They bring you a message that describes to you the course of the catastrophe in a comprehensible way, which is to decide upon death and life of the individual. Very few people pay attention to the time to come. They are certainly astonished about changes or irregularities that occur in nature but pass over it thoughtlessly. They don’t see an expression of divine will in it but, typically, just a coincidence. And thus they will, at the beginning, pay no attention to the phenomena when the natural happening is about to come. The attention of people will at first be drawn towards an approaching storm by the presence of twisters. This will happen in such a wink that man and animal will get into greatest difficulties for they are barely able to offer resistance to the violent storm, and this will be the beginning …. There will be violent tremors felt in short intervals and the sky will darken, a thundering noise will be heard, and this is so terrible a panic breaks out amongst man and animal to the point where they seek rescue by means of fleeing. However, darkness prevents them and the distress gets more and more severe, the noise gets bigger and bigger, the tremors more intense, the earth opens up and enormous volumes of water force their way out from the interior of the earth. And wherever the eye goes, water and darkness and an

indescribable chaos amongst people who recognize their dreadful condition and are in severest trouble. Prior to it the days will be so bright a certain carelessness has taken a hold of people and the change will come so suddenly nobody will, in earthly respect, be able to take precautions but this would be completely useless anyway, for no earthly power withstands these elements. Just the believing person now feels the divine omnipotence, and entrusts oneself to the Creator. And even though, when watching the hustle and bustle of the elements, the one’s heart trembles, the one still awaits patiently for help to come, for the one sends one’s thoughts up to Him. Whoever has grasped the meaning and purpose of life knows fully well that now the hour of decision has arrived for every human being. And the one will try to bring spiritual help to wherever possible; the one will comfort the unhappy ones and direct them to God. The one will help by lighting up a light within deepest darkness, for God will provide the opportunity to them to work for Him. Those who have recognized Him and offer themselves for service to Him, to those will be allocated a rich field of activity and the seed will fall unto good ground, for God spares those who pay attention to Him or find their way to Him in deepest distress. Amen


B.D. 4940


PREDICTION OF A NATURAL DISASTER …. DEAD SECTIONS …. An enormous event will precede the last end which is bound to make people who survive it think. It will be an omen of the end, a devastation on a small scale in comparison to the last work of annihilation of this earth, but still of such an extent mankind has not experienced yet since the beginning of this earth. It is a natural happening that will throw all people who are affected by it or hear of it into a turmoil, for the consequences of the incidents are too enormous as to go unnoticed. There will be created so-called dead-earth sections that show no life at all because the transpiration of the earth on those spots choke out every life. There will be a visible influence of natural forces noticed so that this phenomenon will not be traceable back to human influence, because I want to reveal Myself by means of this occurrence in order to substantiate the near end which is continuously announced by seers and prophets on My behalf. Renewed sorrow is imminent to people and they cannot be spared of this sorrow as long as they still pay their tribute to the world but pay their respect to Me just on-the-way-by. They need to search for Me so that I can be found and this can only be accomplished by means of such an event that cannot be brought in context with a work of man. They’ll have to feel a higher power behind it and, in their earthly distress, they need to entrust themselves to this power. But that’s why they need to be subject to this power for the sake of taking resort to it on their own. Earthly speaking, they

have to be without help in order to obviously feel the help from above. That’s why a violent storm will emerge that uproots and jolts up everything. The earth will split open and from above and below people will be at the mercy of the elements against which they won’t be able to battle because their strength won’t be sufficient. An unbearable heat will render people unable and dull before already, apathetically they watch the first phenomena in nature until they then recognize their bad situation and now nearly brutally fight for their life which they fear to loose. And to all those who are of good will I will stand by in their need and I will give them knowledge so they will see My ruling and working in all the happenings and from this insight also teach their neighbors and encourage them to turn to Me and to preach to them about My love, wisdom and omnipotence, so that they may call upon Me when in danger. And I will be their guide, and throughout all of the distress all those who believe in Me and are willing to serve Me in the last time prior to the end shall be saved. For shortly after these happenings will follow the destruction of the old earth [surface] as it is written. Yet, people are not to experience this destruction unprepared; and that’s why I [will] send ahead a shadow, a last indication to be believed, so that people will not enter their eternal ruin but are able to be saved if making use of their will in the appropriate manner. Amen


B.D. 3348


A NATURAL EVENT …. VICTIMS OF GOOD AND BAD PEOPLE At the hour of severest distress many people will call upon God but not every call will come from the heart because the danger they are in takes away all their ability to think and thus they will merely address God with their lips and their prayer will go unheard. Only those who are capable to send their thoughts to Him, even though just for moments, God will stand by them either to save them from the trouble of their bodies or else, prior to the end, to still offer mercy to their soul. It is not always death to be considered the greatest evil, for if a person facing death still has found one’s way to God it thus has been an effective means towards one’s salvation, which is worth more than the preservation of the physical life in spiritual darkness. And that’s why countless people will loose their life within a short time, partly as a warning to the fellow man, partly for the sake of their own spiritual need. But just ones, too, whose course of life is finished according to God’s will, are called from this earth to their Maker. For wherever God Himself is recognizable at the revolting of the forces of nature that are subject to God’s will, there His will is also decisive as to who becomes a victim of these happenings. Mature and immature ones will have to leave this earth, yet, if prior to one’s death a soul has gotten to know God, the one’s spiritual development in the beyond is guaranteed and the finished earthly life is nothing but a blessing for the one.

And the earthly distress will be severe and will offer the possibility to everybody yet to find one’s way back to God; for the natural event will announce itself beforehand. Unusual signs will indicate an unusual event so that every person can still reflect on oneself, and one will also by means of one’s neighbors be directed to the highest power, the director of heaven and earth, to the point where the one has time and the opportunity to combine with Him by means of intimate prayer. But by now the remoteness of mankind from God shows, for just a few accept Him, just a few turn to Him for protection and help in their fear and affliction. Most of them turn Him away, intentionally and unintentionally, they watch the spectacle of nature, continuously hoping for a soon termination and the hour of distress therefore hits them the more severely because they feel completely left abandoned, since they lack any faith altogether. Yet of these distant-fromGod people many remain alive to whom God still gives the opportunity to see the light afterwards. Good and bad people will loose their life and good and bad people will keep their life, for this catastrophe of nature is not yet a separation of the spirits but only a last reminder prior to the final judgment, the former of which all people ought to draw for their mental use. Yet, it is up to them as to how they want to utilize this last reminder. They can get to see the light prior to or after the disastrous night, but they can also stick to their old way of thinking and the great happening might as well be without impression upon their souls. And, afterwards, too, there will be people at work hostile to God; out to destroy any faith in God and they will put

emphasis to this natural event as to be their strongest proof of His non-existence; they will emerge as greatest deniers of God from a happening meant to lead them back to faith. And that’s why it’s obvious the struggle will flare up between those who were made strong and faithful by the happenings and those who have survived it in spite of their unbelief. And after mankind has been granted yet a short time of grace afterwards until the last judgment, thus everything will be approaching the end …. Amen. B.D. 8122 THE LAST CATASTROPHE …. God’s voice will get through and get people who thoughtlessly sleep to wake up, even though they are in grave danger. To those who let themselves be awakened and recognize His voice, a light will be shining, leading them out from the dark night. However, whoever does not pay attention to His voice, that one’s fate has been decided upon for eternal times. But the one who has created all of you does not leave you without warning when difficulties hit the earth, which are planned in the salvation plan of God from eternity. Again and again He warns and reminds people in speaking to them by the most various ways; and the ones who pay attention to His faint voice when they perceive it, won’t be frightened by the coming events when He will speak with the voice of thunder to all who, until now, kept their ears shut from His words of love and mercy. And He will, by means of the forces of nature, speak to them and none of them will be able to ignore this voice; for people


are endangered and as they fear for their life the possibility of turning their thoughts to Him Who is mighty exists, Whom they accept as God and Creator. And in calling upon Him they are also saved for time and eternity. But whoever then will still be stubborn, will not be spared the terrible lot of the re-capture into matter. And there won’t be much time to pass on any more until all of you people will be startled by an announcement of an inestimable catastrophe and you will be petrified of the disaster that has affected countless people. But it is prophesied to you from the beginning of this earthperiod; because it is included in the salvation plan of God from eternity. But people never ever think of a natural happening of such extent to be possible at all; and to those who survive, will be given a very thorough proof of a higher power at work, that all the earthly will pass away and man is at the mercy of that power when not joined to It on one’s own, and to be dedicated to the God and Father, asking Him for mercy. For He only wants to reveal Himself to mankind in distinctly speaking to it, so they’ll have to hear His voice. And in repeatedly pointing this out He only wants to achieve their joining to Him beforehand in order to then be able to withstand and also to experience His protection when the day of horror has arrived. Yet His announcements by seers and prophets are not believed; and even though man is from time to time stricken by divine interventions on a small scale, it’s just merely the affected ones who are touched, but the others remain indifferent just as soon as the first horror has passed. And there’s just little spiritual gain to be noticed. Yet, to all those

who let God Himself speak to themselves, who believed His words and who therefore belong to His people, messages shall again and again be passed on of the occurrence of that immense natural happening to be not far away. They are to draw strength from His word because they will need just that in order to remain steadfast and to pass on comfort and enlightenment to their neighbors who are in deepest physical and spiritual need. And every prayer that reaches Him He will listen to and will grant strength and help to all who call upon God, their Creator, in deepest distress. And every prayer that reaches His ear He will listen to and grant strength and help to all those who call upon their God and Creator. And even though they’ll have to give their life, they have found their ties to God and now don’t have to dread anymore the lot of those who are entirely devoid of any faith and therefore still belong to the one who wants to bring ruin upon them. There will yet an opportunity be given to all people to get to know their God and Creator and every individual person decides upon one’s own lot. And the most horrible happenings for man can be the way to Him, the Might of Whom he/she once emerged from. And hence it was a blessing for the one, even though countless people are snatched away. They may enter into the other kingdom with a glimpse of light in the heart when they, yet at last, did get to know and accept their God and Creator, when they call upon Him in deepest distress who then also reveals Himself to them. Do believe it you people, you are approaching this event that will unexpectedly descend upon you and is such a distinct voice from above that everybody who is of good will ought to recognize it. And everyone will hear it, for it is powerful

and is yet a last reminder, for shortly after that the end comes like proclaimed. Amen The consequences of the natural disaster. B.D. 2246 THE CATASTROPHE …. The approaching catastrophe of the storm is of decisive importance for all people inasmuch as the world happenings will as well receive a change by that but people are then put before other tasks and incidents that have a not less difficult and suffering effect. It is a frightening time the survivors go through at first because they don’t know as to whether or not or when this natural disaster will repeat itself. Also, many people do not know about the whereabouts of close people, many will remain behind all alone and forsaken and sorrows and grief will be found everywhere; and there will hardly be any house containing no sad people and no city showing no ruins in the country where the voice of God had spoken. And then love will have to prove itself and one will have to help bearing the sorrow of the other if people want to live a bearable life and won’t despair altogether. The sorrow on earth has just turned into different forms but it cannot yet be taken away from people as long as they will not get converted to God and strive for fulfillment of their spiritual task. And that’s why those too will now have to be affected who have not been touched by the world happenings up until now. And thus an unimaginable difficult time takes


the place of the time of the world conflagration, perceptible everywhere where lack of love is prevalent. People can’t imagine a natural disaster of such an extent as there is imminent to the earth and it will, at the beginning, not be recognized in its extent because it will take a long time before the news of it will have spread throughout the world, and this uncertainty increases the sorrow and the worry since every connection with the environment is cut off and is difficult to reinstate. And there will be pressure put on people by the governing authority and will be used for executing tasks nearly reaching beyond their strength and they won’t be able to defend themselves but will have to lead a wretched life without prospects of improvement. And still, such grief is necessary if people are to be lead to their proper destination, i.e. the establishing of the relationship with God and there to ask for advice and help for themselves. And that’s when the word of God shall be brought close to them, that’s when they shall be preached to of the work of God, of His will and His divine teachings of love. It shall then be pointed out to them the life after death, the transitory realm of all material matter, the meaning and purpose of the earthly life and their task which consists in the shaping of their soul, and in an earthly walk of life according to the will of God. Soon the hour will be present where God will speak to people in a manner that will turn the whole world into turmoil. One night will bring unspeakable misery upon people whose countries will be befallen by this catastrophe and the break of the day will be terrible because it will show to the survivors a picture of desolation that surpasses all the fears and all the

imaginations. Yet the will of God is irrevocable for He knows of the necessity of a shaking up of the human thinking, he is aware of the need of the souls and, in order to help them in this need, it will take place the way it is predestined from eternity. Amen. B.D. 2454 22.8.1942

A SIMPLEST LIFE STYLE IN TIMES TO COME …. THE LOT OF THE INDIVIDUAL ONE …. The coming time will bring along a tremendous change of the existing conditions of life and people will be forced to lead a completely different life in the midst of disorder and a terrible mess, for the future natural disaster will bring about the biggest destruction and it will take a long time for the former order to be restored. Every person will have to be content with the simplest life style and won’t be able to claim a luxurious life for themselves but will be exposed to deprivations and tribulations, almost unbearable to them, it seems. And then they will often ask themselves the question why they are subject to this aggravated life and they won’t be able to give themselves any answer other then their need of this trial for the condition of their soul. And when giving this answer to themselves they will try to adapt to the aggravating conditions of life and will, in order to compensate for it, imagine an easier life in the beyond and then it will become more bearable on earth; for it’s just this insight they are to arrive at, that everything coming upon mankind is according to the eternal decision of God. And then they will also have a compassionate heart for the neighbor and they will help where feasible and those who believe in God and are drawn

towards Him will mutually ease the need. For love dwells within them and it helps to bear and overcome everything because it supplies man with the power of God Who is love personified. The attitude of man towards the need of their neighbors will be decisive as to the time of his own stay in meagerness and in difficult life conditions on earth …. By means of this willingness to help his neighbor he can improve these because now God also gives him the opportunity to execute his will by personally supplying him with his needs in order to also pass on to those who, like him, live in most wretched conditions and thus lead a tough existence. It won’t be the intelligence of the individual person to be decisive, for it won’t be capable to accomplish much because all the life conditions have become different from before and only the greatest patience and willingness to make sacrifices [will] make life bearable amongst each other. For God makes it dependent on it as to what lot the individual person has to bear. God Himself is love and this love does not want the sorrow for man but rather his happiness; except, this happiness cannot be granted to him as long as he does not yet recognize God as love personified. But to get to know Him the heart has to turn to love and love is mostly aroused by severe need and sorrow. And thus God has to send those upon mankind in order to fan the spark of love in the heart of every person; and the way the one now proves oneself is certainly as to how the one is to receive on the part of the eternal divinity. And thus the one can very quickly prepare a tolerable life for himself again when adding his own effort to it as well, for the

sake of easing the need of his neighbor. And there will certainly be given enough opportunity to him to let his heart speak …. He will be able to act in love in the most various ways …. Spiritually as well as earthly speaking, demands will be made for him to be fulfilled in order to reduce even his own need and to make his own life more bearable …. Amen. B.D. 3975 13.2.1947

A CHANGED SITUATION OF LIFE …. WORLDLY PEOPLE …. A completely worldly orientated thinking will hardly adapt to the changed situations of life and will just steadily deal with its improvement, and this will also keep man away from any spiritual welfare work. Whoever lets matter become one’s master will certainly never overcome it, and to whom the loss of earthly goods was of no help in overcoming such will with increased eagerness pounce upon it, again trying to increase it and, if he wants to be helped again, it can only happen through renewed loss so that he may get to know the transience of matter, and from that will make mental use of it. However, every faith will fall victim to increased earthly striving and, for that reason, already separate camps will develop, recognizable from the outside. Believing people accept their earthly distressed condition as a visitation of God and are therefore not out to multiply earthly goods, while the one striving for possessions has lost his faith into a Power that wants to reveal Itself by means of a happening that brought material loss to him. His desire for the world is

greater and that’s why he doesn’t recognize God and he also does not direct his life according to His will. And thus an exceedingly busy activity will start and people will want to improve their situation which has, by means of God’s will, become extraordinarily tough. And the way of thinking of a person will now become obvious. The one living in love will help the neighbor to make his life bearable, but the unloving one will just want to restructure his own life for himself, he will do everything to again create a life of luxury for himself and won’t shy away to accomplish this at the expense of the neighbor. And soon afterwards it will readily be discernable with whose support he works, who supplies him with energy for earthly works and has instead taken possession of his soul. But the believer will surely find help in every distress, just not visible toward the outside but the power of God will flood him. He will also master every situation and always keep in contact with God, his faith will be extended, love for matter will decrease and this is a far greater progress than the increased earthly possessions of the former. For whoever sells one’s soul for the sake of the earthly life just reckons with the short earthly time that may at any time come to an end for the one. And he/she doesn’t think about eternity that is dreadfully painful for the one because he/she is in the grip of matter in the same way as on earth. And that’s why man ought to try to free oneself of every desire for it; he/she is to accept the hard time in submissiveness to God’s will and the more to cling to God, the more helpless the one is, earthly speaking. For God will help them and also reveal Himself by means of an often wonderful help. And the time of affliction will only be short for them but endlessly long the life in the

spiritual realm where, rid of all matter, they will be unspeakably happy because they have turned into overcomers of matter on earth already. Amen B.D. 4441 24.9.1948

THE MAGNITUDE OF THE WORK OF DESTRUCTION …. You people cannot yet imagine the extent of the act of destruction by the will of God to take place, for it will outdo everything that there happened, ever. Countries and oceans will change, rivers will leave their shores and thus there are scenes created according to which people assume to be moved into other areas and by that an indescribable chaos arises already because people can’t find each other anymore. Restlessly they will wander around until strong-willed people show up, trying to create order and look after the weak people. The misery will be so big that love only will bear it and wherever one will intercede for the other there will soon an ease and help be felt that will obviously be granted from above. Whoever now turns to God and calls upon Him with all of one’s heart, help shall be granted to the one, for now God with His love and omnipotence shows Himself so clearly to the point that it will be easy for the weak believer to attain a solid faith and this time is a time of grace for the unbeliever where, in light of the phenomena that are based on the strength of faith, one can still easily change. These phenomena will make everybody think but only the one willing to believe will reap the benefits from it whereas the

others always just talk about an accident and bitterly face the severe misery, decline a Creator or condemn His actions. The size of the disaster cannot bring them to their senses, they try to find a natural explanation for everything and spiritual connections they reject altogether. In respect to the experiences of the neighbor they remain hard and insensitive and are not afraid to improve the condition for themselves at cost of the neighbors who are too weak to defend themselves. Distress will be everywhere where God has spoken and He will speak wherever there is a most severe spiritual need so that the survivors will receive a warning signal for the purpose of utilizing the time until the end and also that people of the countries not concerned come to their senses in view of the catastrophe that is too enormous to be left without attention. For all mankind will get into the grip of fear the natural disaster might repeat itself and cause a complete destruction of the earth. Well, actually, this is going to happen but not immediately after the natural disaster. Fear from that is but salutary for many since, in fact, the thought of a sudden passing away and the life after death becomes vivid and might bring about a change of one’s life style. The world will want to intervene with help yet won’t be able to do so to the extent that would be required. Nevertheless, every one person willing to love and to help will be blessed by God because the great misery comes upon people for the purpose of softening their hearts and to do justice to their proper task, to act in love on earth for the sake of gaining maturity of one’s soul. As long as people just seek supply for themselves they remain in self-love and don’t get

ahead spiritually. The need of their neighbors, however, can let their actions in love become active and that’s when they fulfill the will of God and their earthly duty as well. And then the most severe need is a blessing and it fulfills its purpose. Amen B.D. 4724 27.8.1949

THE CATASTROPHE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES…. LOVE FOR THE NEIGHBOR You are all returning to the condition of the most primitive lifestyle, for only by that it is possible to get you to serve in love for the neighbor, which alone can redeem you. To all people is now given the opportunity to work in love but the free will is decisive as to how far the opportunity is utilized. And thus mankind is out to again create improved life conditions and just according to the will of the individual with just or unjust means at that, for there will be just a few serving but most of them letting themselves be served and at the expense of the neighbors to again attain prosperity, even though for a short time only, for very soon the end will follow. But the preceding to the end is set from eternity. A partial destruction of inconceivable extent affecting vast areas of land and demanding countless human lives. So, for these people then the end has come, however, as a result of that their souls will enter the beyond yet. The last hour for this world has not yet come where also the portals to the spiritual kingdom will be shut. But to the survivors is yet granted a last reprieve, an exceedingly hard earthly life that may still be

called a time of grace though, that yields an increased maturity to many who are still of good will. The great happenings [actually] should get all people thinking and have them seek contact with God but there are just a few who draw an advantage for their soul from that by entrusting themselves to their Creator and Father from eternity and asking Him for mercy and help. And to all those help shall be granted. For the misery will be big and so general that help from the outside cannot be expected. Only mutually people can help each other and in this love for the neighbor they will be strongly supported from above; they will be able to manage jobs that are actually beyond their strength. Yet the will to help will bring them extraordinary supply of strength, the will to help will have a blessed effect also on themselves so that the helpful person receives spiritually and physically what he/she is willing to pass on, and thus one’s own need is removed by that as well. The power of faith and love will visibly appear and every person can ease one’s lot by readily remembering one’s neighbor and not just one’s own need. It’s for the sake of reviving love this great need comes upon you because only love can redeem you, and it continuously keeps cooling off the closer it is to the end . And whoever is still capable and willing to love won’t be crushed down by the need but they will overcome it by virtue of one’s love for the neighbor. Still, there will be great sorrow everywhere. People will get torn apart, they won’t have contact with each other anymore and everyone is now offered the opportunity to devote all one’s energies for the ease of the surrounding plight. And man can accomplish a lot if just calling upon God for support

and having a desire of help for others. But whoever makes use of one’s neighbor and tries to take advantage of his need for one’s own self will, at the end, be counted to the ones to be swallowed up by the earth at the last day. He will be counted to the ones to be damned because they turned into true devils and will have to share his [satan’s] wages, who will be put in bondage and be again banned in the new earth for an endless long time. Amen B.D. 7052 1.3.1958

SERIOUS INDICATION OF GOD’S INTERVENTION AND THE CONSEQUENCES THEREOF …. A short time only is separating you from the day where My voice will sound so powerfully it cannot be ignored by anyone. A short time only will remain to live in normal conditions for you. But then will be a chaos and you people will be put before monstrous tasks: To arrange your own life and the one of your neighbors to be bearable, by means of extraordinary assistance to gain control of the chaos and, by means of the smallest means being at your disposal, to again create bearable conditions. You who live in areas that are hit by a natural happening of unimaginable extent will loose everything. You people will not and cannot yet believe it because never ever before has such a natural event been experienced. But the following end of this earth still requires one such intervention from My part because once more I want to speak to all of mankind to get it to come to its senses for the

sake of yet saving the ones who are of good will. And no person will be able to ignore this address, but whether or not they will now open up their hearts and ears, is still up to them. For still, at that time, most people will separate from Me, they will remain in their isolation they’ve already entered due to their unbelief and will, for this happening, seek and present themselves with any other explanation but the one: I want to speak to them, the one God wants to disclose Himself to them, Who speaks to them to get them to come to their senses, to be united with Him in deepest distress and danger. Countless people will loose their lives and the eye of the survivors will see a monstrous devastation; the misery will be enormous and only a strong faith in Me and My help will accomplish its removal, the former of which only a few people possess. What, earthly speaking, does not seem to be possible will, with My help, still be possible and I will often have a miraculous effect upon true believers who are trusting in Me and My help. But the earth has to be shaken, the human hearts, too, have to be touched in an unusual manner so that they prove to be helpful to the neighbor in the great misery and an obvious improvement of the situation will take place everywhere where this love with an unselfish will to help one’s neighbor is apparent. Because the purpose of My intervention is only for the sake of people, to once put aside their self and to practice unselfish love for the neighbor…. I then can also take care of their own need, I then can provide them with the necessities and I will truly take care of those who will reveal that unselfishness. There will be a misery like never

experienced before, but I must speak thus distinctly so that everybody is able to recognize Me in My might, and everyone paying heed to unusual assistances not to be expected from human side will certainly be able to recognize My love. Whoever but establishes or strengthens the intimate ties with Me will be certain of My help at any time, the people without faith, however, are in trouble. They will try to help themselves and often at the expense of their neighbors; but they will not gain anything, neither physically nor spiritually. There won’t be much time left up to this disastrous happening but the attention of you people is being drawn towards it and that’s certainly an enormous favor, for then you know to Whom you are to turn, Who will be able to help you in deepest trouble and danger. I therefore keep announcing this happening over and over and whoever hears it ought to ask for a strong faith and strength and energy in order to remain steadfast. And that’s when he/she too, will pick the path leading to Me, Who alone can help them. And they won’t have to be afraid of anything because I will assist them, no matter in what way. And all those are counted to My people who believe in Me, pray to Me, who thus unite with Me and can therefore, count on My protection and My help, always. And to those is given the duty to refer their neighbors to Me so that, when the hour has come to decide between the weal and woe of all people, they, too, will choose the path to Me. Amen


Strength through God’s word in times of need. B.D. 3741 11.4.1946

THE FULFILLING OF THE PREDICTIONS …. PROOF FOR UNBELIEVERS …. None of My predictions will be unfulfilled because the urgency of the time that is far more severe spiritually than physically calls for it. And in observing the behavior of mankind, in taking a closer look at the thinking and endeavoring of people you, too, will see the urgency of a change of all the conditions of life, because only by such it is possible to change people. And that’s why you can count on a soon change, for the time has elapsed. The need up till now has been without progress and thus yet a bigger need only can offer a last possibility and this one will irrevocably come by My will. For I will turn Myself into focus and will be recognized by everyone who is of good will. Whatever human will, human hate and unlovingness has accomplished so far will yet be surpassed by My will: Annihilation and destruction will also take from you what you believe to own in regard to earthly goods. People need to get into a low that causes them to call for help by Me if salvation is to be provided for them prior to end. They need to understand that any earthly directed hope will be in vain, and it is only then when a few will look into spiritual matters and it is for the sake of these few I’m going for a last resort before the arrival of the end. However, the time period that follows My last rescue operation will be hard for everyone, believers and unbelievers alike, except the believers will

continuously receive strength in order to keep going. The faith of many people will become shaky if it is not a living faith. And this is My intention that a dead faith be reawakened by that too, because it would otherwise be of no value for the eternity. Those people bare of and those weak in faith I will help by My voice which will sound loud and audible. However, there will be a big falling away from Me, the last storm will shake off many unsuitable fruit. Yet, by that I won’t be deterred to let the storm go across the earth. The one who is steadfast will prove to be reliable for eternity. And so, then, do not doubt My word, await the day that will arrive with certainty and, until then, make use of every day because you can still win many by being active at the work for your soul. Every day of the misery can yield spiritual success to you as long as you think of Me, as long as you keep aware that nothing can happen without My will or My permission. And, relieved, cast all your worries upon Me and I will help you bear what I, for the sake of your souls, impose on you. The time will pass by you in a hurry, yet, no matter how hard it is for you, it is an act of mercy because you can achieve a far greater progress than in a long, calm time which lets you become indifferent and lazy and won’t let you get closer to your last destination. Therefore await patiently the coming true of My predictions, do not expect an ending of the misery by My intervention but, rather, just a change of it because your souls are not ready yet for the thorough peace on this earth; you are to fight and gain a strong faith, only then I can take the misery away from you, only then you can experience a time of peace on earth or in the kingdom of the beyond.


Yet, always bear in mind again My word is truth and I do not depart by one iota from what I proclaimed a long time ago and you will be your own witnesses, you will experience what I proclaim so that you can take a stand for My word before the world. For My last intervention shall be proof to those who did not believe My word so far, whom I still intend to win for Myself and to whom I obviously make Myself known by means of the natural happenings. So that they will believe in My might and in My working through you. And thus I again proclaim to you: The day will come suddenly and unexpectedly. It will take the place of a severe earthly misery, yet again, it will bring a new misery in a different form. But if you believe that only love for you directs Me to let you go through suffering it will thus be bearable for you, for once the end will come and the redemption for all who believe in Me and dedicate themselves to Me, for all who profess their faith in Me before the world. Amen B.D. 8949 6.3.1965

CONFIRMATION OF THE PROPHESIES …. Do not let yourselves be swayed and even though the truth of My gospel from above is questioned, there won’t any extended time pass by anymore where you will receive the confirmation of that which I continuously announce to you. Although people who are still attached to the world and its goods too much are hard to be persuaded to accept it but the happenings will touch them the more, for they have to give up everything and will be happy to be allowed to still keep

their life. It is certainly a time of severe trials for all people who are hit by the natural disaster, but to all who sincerely turn to Me in faith my help will obviously be granted to them. Therefore, you ought to miss no opportunity to make your fellow man aware of that intervention of Mine which also stops a disastrous earthly happening from which it is clearly shown this need is not brought upon you by man, but that I decide Myself as to how much affliction every individual one has to take upon oneself that, it’s true, won’t be less grievous but is to be regarded as the action of a higher Power, against which no person can fight with one’s own strength. And you people will now have to decide whether you want to acknowledge such a Power, or else, to still deny it. And this alone will certainly determine your further lot. (If denying this Power the opponent will then support you, to whom you will be enslaved completely.) Because that’s when a power will then support you, to whom you will be totally enslaved. You will act ruthlessly on your neighbors and you will at the expense of those again obtain that what you need in order to continue the old life style. And his hand (power) won’t let go of you anymore. But whoever is strong in faith won’t be deserted, I Myself, will give him the strength needed to stand because his love for his neighbors is obvious and, the way he gives, it will also be given to him, because there’s nothing impossible for Me. And those will wonderfully experience My help and humbly submit to their position. And the fact it will turn out this way is already specified in the Scripture and has been proclaimed by seers and prophets over and over. But there’s nobody left any more who is able to stolidly believe to the point of full and thorough

commitment to it, and even the recipients of My word have moments where they feel slight doubts creeping up in them. Yet again and again My instructions are given to them to announce themselves to the fellow man, and they certainly carry out their work faithfully in My vineyard. For the one thing is certain to them, the time of the end has come and so they deem My intervention to be possible, especially when confirmed in the scripture as well; the coming of an earthquake so severe the world has never experienced it …. And thus all the prophesies will come true because My word is truth and is bound to come true, just the day and the hour is not made known to you people. And that’s why you’re always postponing the event into the far away future without considering the future once to become presence as well and thus those people are affected who just happen to live at that time. Let it be told to all of you: The time granted to you on earth is but short and do not doubt My word I guide down to earth for the sake of making you aware of the happenings laying ahead of you, because all of you would still have time to change if you sincerely wanted to. But also, you will irrevocably fall into the hands of the opponent and will, together with him, be put into bonds. You will again be forced to go through the earthly creation of which you cannot be warned enough, because it is a hard lot which you will again have to bear. But it cannot be avoided, for everything will again have to be re-cast into bondage of matter and the lawful order re-established for the sake of enabling the spiritual still bound in the form [of matter], once in the condition of the awareness of the self, to take the path

of return to Me, which also demands a total re-arrangement of the surface of the earth. Amen B.D. 4457 11.10.1948

PROCLAMATION OF THE END …. ”YOU ONLY HAVE BUT A LITTLE TIME LEFT ….” Only a little time remains for you and you have to sincerely prepare for the day when an act of destruction will take place like it has not been experienced before. And even though I keep announcing this to you over and over you are opposing My word with doubts and are therefore lukewarm with your work of your soul. And you’ve got but little time left. But I cannot get your attention in another way than through My word; if you do not believe it you will be startled when the last signs will appear. It’s true I will forewarn you once more a short time prior to it but to those words, too, you won’t lend any more credence than to the previous announcements because My forbearance irritates you, because you cannot understand I tarry for the sake of the souls yet to be saved, even though the time has elapsed long ago. Some few are to be saved yet; to those I will spare the endless long walk of a re-embodiment [into matter] on the new earth and that’s why I’m patient and tarry. However, the last period of grace will come to an end, too; therefore take My words seriously that you’ve only got a little time left and you will regret every day you do not make proper use of for your soul. And, surprisingly quick, a change in the world events will take place and a few days will suffice to put you into a completely new situation. And that’s when

you ought to remember My words and to put the spiritual ahead of the earthly because the worries about the latter is irrelevant, since you cannot retain anything for yourselves that I do not want to retain for you and it is up to My will and might to physically protect and take care of you. Just think about your soul, wherever the need is provided to you be helpful and willing to give and get into intimate contact with Me in order to receive the strength to hold out and to do justice to all requirements of life. Receive continuous strength from My word for in it you’ve got a source of strength by which you can refresh yourselves and that will never run dry. Always be ready for Me and I will not leave you no matter what may come your way. Amen B.D. 1511 9.7.1940

DRAW STRENGTH FROM THIS MY WORD, YOU ALL …. PREDICTION…. Draw strength from this My word, all of you. Keep in mind My personal descent to you is for the sake of supplying you with strength in the battle of life; understand that I do not leave My people without comfort and strength when in need of it. Be not content in taking advantage of this My strength just once, but do desire it always and continuously and it will reach you abundantly. And so I again want to proclaim to you that you will exceptionally urgent need this strength because the hour that will rob you of every security is not far off, the hour that ought to bring you close to Me if you would only think of Me in your need. Surely, you then will pleadingly raise your hands to Me, asking for My help, and it will be granted to you who comply with My call, perceptive in your

hearts only. You will feel My closeness, you will recognize the serious situation you are in. That will let you flee to Me. Keep devoted to Me in this need and it will thus pass by you. And before, do draw strength and consolation from this My word. Already do receive Me into your hearts before, reduce your resistance towards Me by a deliberate dedication of your will and don’t be doubting but be believing because this faith keeps the great affliction away from you, even though you are found in its midst. For the world’s sake My omnipotence has to be discernible to all of you, for the world’s sake that great experience comes upon you, revealing My will and My omnipotence. And the effect can only be lessened to those who believe and with full confidence present their need to Me, for My will has command over life and death and My will lets people suffer, if necessary, or else spares them if surrendering to Me. And this [My] will also arranges the happenings in such a way as to merely touch My people gently who are loyally devoted to Me. For it [the happening] has to come upon mankind in order to bring them back to Me, as far as this is still possible and the souls are not yet completely obstinate and blind. I worry about these souls and therefore apply the last means which is seemingly cruel and yet, it offers the only possibility for their salvation. For the sake of making this hour bearable for My people I beforehand give them comfort and strength by My word. Whoever devotes himself to it will not be frightened by the happenings. He is aware of My love and care and fully puts his whole trust into Me. He won’t expect the day worrying

but will be lead through all the horrors, with full confidence. For I know My people and My people know Me…. Amen


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