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a business-to-business telecommunications company providing: ·Broadband connectivity among office locations ·Business-class internet services ·Networking equipment ·Network surveillance SDN specializes in serving banks, health care, agricultural businesses, government and education. SDN is governed by nine board members, who are elected annually by the general managers of the 17 owner companies. The entire board includes: 1. Bryan Roth, TrioTel Communications, Salem, SD 2. Don Snyders, Alliance Communications, Garretson, SD 3. Randy Houdek, Venture Communications, Highmore, SD 4. Mark Benton, Midstate Communications, Kimball, SD 5. Rod Bowar, Kennebec Telephone, Kennebec, SD 6. James Groft, James Valley Telecommunications, Groton, SD 7. Jerry Heiberger, ITC, Clear Lake, SD 8. Dennis Law, Golden West Telecommunications, Wall, SD 9. Jerry Reisenauer, West River Cooperative Telephone, Bison, SD By Beth Hulm The County Commission met last Wednesday in their courthouse board room in Bison, a day late due to the Primary Election the day before. Before that regular monthly meeting ended, they canvassed the results of the election. Precinct 12 had the only local contest. A mere 12 votes separated the challengers. Brad Besler, rural Bison, defeated incumbent Jim Gochenour in the Republican Primary for a four-year term on the County Commission and the right to represent District #4. Besler received 66 votes (55%) to Gochenour’s 54 (45%). The new term begins on January 1, 2013. Gochenour, Prairie City, will have completed one term. Also in the Republican primary, Perkins County voters favored presidential candidate Mitt Romney, 133-87, over Ron Paul. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich came in with 31 and 10 votes, respectively. Ten other voters were “uncommitted.” In the only Democrat Primary, Matt Varilek received 61 votes to Jeff Barth’s 23. They are vying for the seat in the US House, currently held by Kristi Noem. County Commissioners recently advertised bids for a semi truck to replace one that burned up in their lot this spring. They even sent Highway Superintendent Tracy Buer to Sioux Falls to look at a truck that met his bid specs. That one would cost Perkins County taxpayers $80,000. Board chairman Mike Schweitzer said at last

Jerry Reisenauer elected to lead SDN Communications

Official election results in Brad Besler elected to County Commission
week’s regular meeting that that is “way too much for that truck.” Gochenour had been studying online truck auctions and suggested that the county could save money – as much as $40,000 - by shopping at an Internet auction. Schwietzer was a bit skittish about the idea at first. “It’s like buying sight unseen,” he said.” “This is appealing to me,” Buer said. Commissioner Wayne Henderson, Lodgepole, thinks that the “North Dakota oil thing” is affecting truck prices in this area. Following a long discussion, official action was taken to reject all of the earlier bids and to start over in the quest for a suitable truck. Buer was authorized to spend up to $50,000 at an on-line auction. While Buer was in the room, he presented his budget requests for 2013, which includes several pieces of new equipment. He wants a new dump truck, outfitted with snow removal equipment and a new pick-up. He also said that the grader replacement program got “messed up during the bad years” and needs to get back on schedule. He’d also like to increase the amount set aside for capital improvements by $25,000 so that the Bixby Road could be repaired. He would combine the budgeted amount with State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) dollars, which is generally around $230,000 per year to get that project accomplished. His crew recently completed patching, blading and mulching on that road. When he left the board room, Buer was on his way to a pre-construction meeting for the White Butte overlay project, which will begin by mid-June, weather-permitting. He encouraged travelers to seek alternate routes during construction. Work begins near Todd Buer’s and extends north to Highway 12. State Highways 73 and 75 are also undergoing construction this summer. Commissioners opened bids last Wednesday for a retired law enforcement vehicle. There were four interested bidders for the 2001 Ford Crown Victoria that has approximately 129,000 miles on it. Like the semi truck, all of these bids were rejected. The bids ranged from $459.62 to $777.77. The appraisal value was more than $2,000. “For $777,” Gochenour said, “you might as well keep it.” Because the county has no use for the car, it will be readvertised, specifying a bid minimum of $2,000. Bison Town Board Chairman Juell Chapman and Trustee Luke Clements, along with five Perkins County Fair board members, were boardroom guests to discuss a lease for renting the Bentley Building. Those two boards had met earlier to talk about moving Bison Town Hall from downtown to the fairgrounds. Bison’s representatives felt that the one-year lease, which the Fair board offered, was too short and that $425 monthly rent was too high. In addition, the town would be responsible for snow removal, mowing and continued on page 2

The independent telephone companies of South Dakota elected West River Cooperative Telephone General Manager Jerry Reisenauer to serve a one-year term on SDN Communications Board of Managers during its annual meeting earlier this month in Deadwood. SDN is owned by 17 member telephone companies – the cooperative, municipal, tribal and family-owned telephone companies in South Dakota. Together, SDN and its owner companies operate a 22,000 mile fiber optic network reaching into eight states. SDN is

USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) State Executive Director Craig Schaunaman, today announced that as of July 28, 2012, the Harding County FSA office will be officially closed. From this date forward, all FSA program services will be provided by the Butte/Lawrence County FSA office unless a producer has elected to transfer his/her records to another county. The Butte/Lawrence County FSA office is located at 1835 5th Avenue in Belle Fourche and the phone number is (605) 892-3368. On May 29, 2012, South Dakota Farm Service Agency (FSA) received approval from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to proceed with the implementation of the county office consolidation plan, including 4 county offices in South Dakota. "Over the past three years, FSA has faced a variety of budget-related challenges," said Bruce Nel-

Harding County Farm Service Agency officially closing

son, Administrator of the Farm Service Agency. "Through a targeted office consolidation effort that includes 125 offices nationwide, FSA is striving to balance significant budget cuts, staff reductions and increasing workloads while focusing the efforts of our staff on high-quality service. There are 2,119 offices remaining in the FSA network to do just that." "Although we recognize that change is never easy, we strongly believe that taking this action now is critical to ensuring FSA can continue to serve its customers as it adjusts to budget constraints," said Nelson. "FSA can only achieve the high level of service expected through consolidation of our human, financial and technical resources." For more information, contact the South Dakota Farm Service Agency office at (605) 352-1160.

Rummage sale - Honduras Mission fund raiser, Saturday, June 16, 2012 at the Prairie Lounge from 9 to 3. Slim Buttes Lutheran Church of Reva invites you to homemade ice

cream and a movie. This will be June 17th at 6:30 pm everyone welcome.

Highlights & Happenings

The Bison Commercial Club will be meeting at 12:00 at Mom's Place on Thursday, June 14. This meeting will determine the fate of the club, whether

there will be future Gala Days and All School Reunions. If you are interested in keeping these activities alive please be sure to attend this meeting. Members are desperately needed to carry on these duties. Kam Arneson Memorial Ranch Rodeo, Saturday, June 30th. To enter call Brad Mackaben 605-484-7286.

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Arrow Transit provides transportation for appointments, shopping & more. Rapid City trips are - 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday for $30.00. Bismarck trips are 2nd Wednesday and 4th Thursday for $25.00. Call for information 374-3189. Hutterite Chickens will be delivered June 15, call Connie with your order 244-5518.

Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012
Kristen Seidel receives degree from Dickinson State University
Kristen Seidel of Bison recently received a degree from Dickinson State University. Seidel graduated with a degree in University Studies. Dickinson State University held its Spring Commencement on May 12, 2012. The university graduated over 300 students from 20 states and 8 foreign countries. The Commencement's keynote address was given by Dr. D.C. Coston, president of Dickinson State University, with Leah Grace Walters as student speaker. Comments were also made by Dr. John Girard, member of the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, and Mr. Stuart Savelkoul, member of the DSU Alumni Foundation.

Official election results

continued from page 1 some janitorial services. The Fair board would continue to pay utilities. The length of a lease may have been negotiable but the costs were not. The Fair board said that they’d barely be covering expenses. Chapman said, “The city is just not interested.” Commissioners have turned the fate of those offices (recently staffed by the Extension service) over to the Fair board's discretion and they encouraged that board to advertise it for rent. Gary Larson, speaking as a Fair board member, said that he thinks that the 4-H/Youth advisor should move back out there and Jens

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I would like to thank election for county commissioner. Brad Besler. everyone for their support in the

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Hanson, another Fair board member, said, “It sure worked good when they were out there.” Gochenour said that there is “considerable expense” involved in having the 4-H/Youth office at the Bentley Building. He said that approximately $60,000 of county money is now being saved because there is no longer a secretary needed (an existing courthouse secretary has taken on those responsibilities) or utilities to pay. Schweitzer agreed that it has “saved a lot of money” having the office back in the courthouse. Ida Schmidt, the new 4H/Youth advisor said that it would be much more convenient for her to be at the fair building instead of in the courthouse because she has storage out there and is continually hauling things between the two locations. Sheriff Kelly Serr was in the boardroom twice during the day. During his first visit, he explained the re-organization taking place for Homeland Security grants. For starters, new regional boundaries have been drawn and, secondly, federal appropriations are down. The new set-up will have two representatives from each of the nine counties in the region and from tribal jurisdictions (one each from law enforcement). That gives Perkins County “as much clout at the table as Pennington,” he said. Perkins County has been administering all grant money but, that, too, will change. During his second visit of the day, Serr discussed 2013 budgeting for Emergency Management, the jail fund and the sheriff ’s department. The first will not change, he said, but he would like to add $6,000 to the jail fund, which is really only a move from the indigent fund where the same amount has been budgeted in the past. He warned commissioners to be prepared, however. He said that there was sure to be “residual” ef-

fects with the possibility of oil field workers moving into Perkins County. Commissioner Rusty Foster commented, “We are not ready for that.” Serr asked for increased funding in his Sheriff department for wages, utilities and repair and maintenance of office equipment. He’s also plugged in a new sheriff ’s car, which he does every off-election year. After the lunch break during last Wednesday’s meeting, the board heard other budget requests from various county departments and entities, as follows: The Perkins County Conservation District is happy to get the same subsidy as previously. “We appreciate you guys giving us an allocation,” said Susan Anderson, office secretary. Tri County Conservation District sent a letter requesting $10,000. Last year, they received $2,850, which was down from $16,000 in previous years after commissioners studied the number of Perkins County acres served by that entity. Charlie Verhulst represented the Sorum/Reva fire department; Bob Parker, Lodgepole firefighters; and David Kopren, Luke Clements and Allen Palmer, Bison’s. Verhulst said that they lost two pumpers this year and that the county’s money was spent in replacing them; he asked for the same consideration next year. Lodgepole used the $4,000 that they received to buy a used tender truck and for CPR training. They also did not change their request ($4,000 plus insurance). However, Parker said, “We aren’t going to be very long on money.” The Bison guys asked for an additional $5,000 over the $20,000 received last year to be used towards their own training but, “We’ll be happy with what we get,” Kopren said. Bison Ambulance didn’t come in but sent a letter requesting the

same amount as last year. Bernice Kari, Bison, spoke on behalf of the Senior Citizens. She asked for the same $1,250, previously received, “or what you can give them.” Bison seniors pay $1,560 per year in rent and have few dues-paying members.. Kari said that when there is no longer enough to pay the rent, “we’ll lock the doors.” Bison Economic Development, represented by Rachel Eggebo, Dan Kvale and Luke Clements, would like to be considered for $20,000. They received $8,000 for the current year but have recently hired a part-time director, Brandi Steichen, who will share office space with the Town of Bison or the Public Library. They’ll need money to support her salary and for project costs. Perkins County Fair board would like an additional $500 (up from $12,500) for increasing utility costs. Loyson Carda, representing the weed board and the Veteran’s service office and Ida Schmidt, 4H/Youth, had minimal additional requests – mostly for office costs, such as repairs, maintenance and postage. Likewise, Register of Deeds Darlene Lockert and the Director of Equalization both asked for increases in their repairs and maintenance line items and for postage. Rownea Gerbracht, DOE, also wishes to increase the salary of her second office personnel, Jenny Glover, by 10%.Currently, Glover is paid the same as the county’s secretaries but Gerbracht would like to term her a Deputy II. “She does a good job, she’s worth every penny and I don’t want to lose her,” Gerbracht said. At this point in the budget-planning process, requests are merely being noted. As the process continues into the early fall, revenues will be considered and an affordable budget approved.

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Williams gives donation to Bison Public Library

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Bison Volunteer Fire Department 3rd Annual Party in the Park
Entertainment by 21 - Twenty Bison Lion' Club Park s Saturday, June 30 - 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. $10 minimum donation per person All ages welcome Come and Join the Fun!

Kay Williams and family presented the Bison Public Library with $300 in memory of son and brother, Jack Roggenkamp. Jack was an avid reader of books on all subjects and the money is to be used for adult reading material in non-fiction, historical fiction and other materials to be determined by the Library. Pictured are Holly Williams, Karen Englehart, Kay Williams and librarian Jan Gossman.

Just what does microclimate mean? A microclimate is a small but distinctly different climate within a larger area. In a garden, a spot which is sunny and protected from the wind could be considered a microclimate, as it will be significantly warmer than the rest of the garden for most of the year. A microclimate could be extremely small, but can be much larger; valleys and hills are classically microclimates, due to a variety of factors which cause their weather to be different from the more general weather in the region. Microclimates are often a topic of interest for gardeners, because learning to work with this type of area can be very important. Gardeners can use such areas to grow plants which are not supposed to grow in the regions they live, and to landscape in a way which will make an efficient use of water. When thinking about microclimates, do not think only of zone hardiness. Your house will cast deep shade on the north side, especially close to the house, think shade plants. Walls and fences on the north side of your garden or yard will capture and reflect sun and warmth, think sun loving marginally hardy plants for this zone and plants these in those sheltered spots. The eves of your house prevent rain from falling directly on beds


under those eves so think about plants that like drier soil and perhaps warmer soil. This is a good place to plant that cactus you brought back from Arizona. Typically in this area, one side of the house will be shady and the other will be baking in the hot sun, plant accordingly, hot drought lovers on the sunny baking side and shade lovers on the other side. Root systems of large trees rob the soil of moisture causing hard dry soil, possibly root filled; choose a tough hardy ground cover for those areas. Areas close to your down spouts create a moist or wet environment so you need to choose plants that thrive in moist condi-

Garden Gate

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. ~ Martin Luther Submitted by Karen Englehart, Master Gardener, SDSU Cooperative Extension Service

tions. Read plant labels before purchasing! You probably have some microclimates in your yard or garden where you can grow something that is rated for Zone 5 or even 6 if you take proper precautions for winter protection. Check it out and do some experimenting!

Seventy five years ago on June 21, 1937, a first born son arrived at the Adam and Laura Vetter home.

Most of his young years were spent in Bison, SD, marrying Marlene Inghram in 1958. They raised five children, Rosa (Herman), Velva (Retzlaff), Sonja (Welke), Arnold, and Jacky (Good). Marlene died in 1997. He has 17 grandchildren, 31 great grandchildren and a great, great grandchild coming in September. Dean and his wife, Elmie, currently reside in Dexter, New York, and his family would love to see him surprised with cards. His address is 300 W. Grove St. Apt. D4, Dexter, NY 13634

Page 4 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14


Lines from the bookshelf
cotton Candy. It just goes to show that not everyone looks at things the same way. All ends well with everyone agreeing on cotton candy. I realize that there probably aren’t a lot of fathers reading my column, so once again I am appealing to you to make dad aware of any of these books that you think he might be interested in. “Fatherhood” by Bill Cosby combines a good laugh along with his unique form of wisdom. His just plain wonderful humanity creates a joyous celebration of being a father. It is a series of vignettes based on his own experience as a son and father. James Herriot was a born story teller and a veterinarian who was probably as much psychologist as veterinarian. While being a vet in England is a bit different than vets we encounter out here in the west, his stories make for great reading. Many situations that he encountered required all the bedside manner, stamina, skill and gift of humanity of the best of family doctors. How many of you remember the TV series on Public TV about Doc Herriot? I would enjoy a rerun of that series. The Library has “All Things Bright and Beautiful” “All things Wise and Wonderful” “All Creatures Great and Small”, “Dog Stories” and “Cat Stories. A quite different book for the “biker dad” is “The Complete Catalog of Harley Davidson” This is a large book with a model by model history of the American motorcycles they have built since 1903. Each model is shown in a full page colored picture with specifications of all 140 models that had been built to the time of publication. I haven’t mentioned magazines for a while, but I would like to remind you of some that might be of special interest to Dad. There are “Field and Stream”, “This old House” and a new one to me “Holmes – From HGTV” This is the magazine to learn how to make it right. Happy Father’s Day!

Sen. Ryan Maher (R) - Isabel, among eight chosen for a new legislative planning committee
The Legislature’s Executive Board on Monday chose eight senators and representatives from a pool of 45 who applied. Whether there even is such a committee remains unclear until June 18. The committee was created in the 2012 session. June 18 is the last day for petitions to be filed for a possible statewide vote on the committee. If the petition drive succeeds, the referendum would be held as part of the November general election. The convoluted process of picking the committee members Monday involved a lengthy debate about whether the board had the authority to appoint the committee members yet, followed by multiple rounds of secret balloting. “This process has become more and more federal-like,” Rep. Chuck Turbiville, R-Deadwood, said. He is the Executive Board’s chairman. Besides Maher, the others selected by the board are Rep. Jacqueline Sly, R-Rapid City; Rep. Scott Munsterman, R-Brookings; Rep. Kristin Conzet, R-Rapid City; Sen. Mike Vehle, R-Mitchell; Rep Susan Wismer, D-Britton; Rep. Steve Street, D-Milbank; and Sen. Billie Sutton, D-Burke. The House speaker, the Senate president pro tem and the chairman of the Executive Board also will automatically be members. Those currently are Rep. Val Rausch, R-Big Stone City; Sen. Bob Gray, R-Pierre; and Rep. Chuck Turbiville, R-Deadwood. None are returning for the 2013 session. They will, however, serve on the planning committee until their successors are selected next year. The speaker and the Senate president pro tem who will hold those posts for the 2013 session will be selected in caucus decisions after the November general election. They will take office in January. The Executive Board’s new chairman won’t be chosen, in all likelihood, until after the 2013 legislative session ends. That would mean Turbiville possibly could continue to serve on the planning committee until late March or April, even though he wouldn’t be a member of the Legislature any longer. The legislation currently is subject to a petition drive that, if successful, would refer it to a statewide vote in the November general election. If there aren’t sufficient valid signatures submitted by the filing deadline at 5 p.m. Monday, the legislation becomes law July 1. When the board finally voted to move forward with the appointments Monday, the board then needed three rounds of secret ballots to come up with five Republicans. The three Democrats meanwhile were chosen first with little debate. Turbiville said he doesn’t want it to be another leadership committee. He concluded after listening to testimony and debate from the legislative session that there should be 11 members, of which three will be Democrats. Wismer and Sutton are members of the Joint Committee on Appropriations. Turbiville said they would meet the requirement that committee have at least one appropriations member. He said more than a dozen members of the appropriations panel submitted applications to be on the planning committee. The Democrats were approved on a 8-3 vote. Sen. Joni Cutler, R-Sioux Falls, wondered whether there’s any legal authority to make the appointments prior to the law taking effect July 1. Cutler is the board’s vice chairman. “Nothing’s going to change between now and July 1. Obviously the election isn’t until November,” Turbiville responded. Cutler said she was uncomfortable voting yet. “It doesn’t as a policy take effect until July 1,” she said. She noted that 45 people submitted their names in hope of being selected. She suggested that a sub-panel of Executive Board members develop a selection process and narrow the recommendations. Turbiville opposed further delay. “If the committee wants to do anything this calendar year we need to get started on it,” he said. Rep. Larry Lucas, D-Mission, said he’s been named to an Education Department committee that is part of the processes established in another piece of legislation, House Bill 1234, that will be referred to a statewide vote this fall. Lucas said it’s time to move forward with the planning committee. Sen. Jim Hundstad, D-Bath, said planning time is necessary. “This law will become effective in July. It won’t be any surprise to anybody,” he predicted. The committee voted to proceed Monday with the selection of the members. The roll call vote was 7-4. Cutler then declared she wouldn’t vote on any nominees. Sen. Larry Tidemann, R-Brookings, nominated Senate Republican leader Russ Olson of Wentworth and Sen. Ryan Maher, R-Isabel. The motion failed for lack of a second. A group of a very few people does the lion’s share of additional work, said Rep. Kristin Conzet, RRapid City. “We spread some of our best people very, very thin.” Lucas said lawsuits that result from legislation, road needs and public pensions are areas that should be considered by the new committee. “We are constantly reacting to problems, rather than being in front of them,” he said. A secret ballot resulted in 12 Republican legislators who received at least two votes from the Executive Board members who participated. Six of those 12 received more than two votes. Six received two votes. The 12 were senators Corey Brown, Phyllis Heineman, Ryan Maher, Russ Olson, Deb Peters, Craig Tieszen and Mike Vehle; and representatives Conzet, Charlie Hoffman, David Lust, Scott Munsterman and Jacqueline Sly. Tieszen withdrew. A second round narrowed the 12. Sly received seven votes and was selected. Maher, Vehle, Conzet, Lust and Munsterman then were put in a third round of voting to select four. Lust, the House Republican leader, didn’t make the final cut. He was prime sponsor of the legislation, HB 1133, creating the committee. The referendum drive is led by Rep. Brian Liss, R-Sioux Falls, who isn’t seeking re-election. Liss has one week remaining to submit valid signatures of 15,855 registered South Dakota voters.

By Vi Leonard My Sunday afternoon nap is over and it is time to share with you some books about Dad and some that he might be interested in. My Dad took naps, not only on Sunday but nearly every day. On Sunday they were longer, but he realized the value of a short nap in refreshing him for the rest of the day’s work. He very seldom worked on Sunday except for puttering around the farmstead, checking pastures etc. He claimed that when he worked on Sunday, he would have to redo it during the week. I found a couple of kid’s books about Dads. I am sure there are more but I found these while looking for something else. “Just like Daddy” by Frank Asch is a warm friendly story for the very young. Little Bear does everything just like Daddy. The story is very predictable, that is until the very end. A cute book. Another is a level 1 easy fiction reader about The Rugrats. “Major League Dads”, by Molly Wigand is about a group of dads who take their kids to the ballgame on Father’s Day. The kids are confused by the baseball lingo that their dads are using. They expect “swings” to play on and the youngest is very concerned about somebody “stealing home”. The dads are so involved in the game that they don’t realize that the kids are gone, looking for the swings and

Brooks Ranch

Registered Yearling Angus Bulls & Heifers For Sale Private Treaty

Rob & Holly Brooks 5702 163rd Ave SW Rhame, ND 58651 701-279-5896 cell 701-440-8952
e-mail: hrbrooks@ndsupernet.com

There are over 600 different pasta shapes.

The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • Page 5 Obituary
Sylvia Steinheuser
ern Star Chapel in Redfield with a prayer service and Eastern Star service at 7:00 p.m. Sylvia M. Kopplin was born to Charles and Martha (Brugger) Kopplin at the family farm east of Tulare, South Dakota on November 2, 1912. She attended rural grade school and graduated from Redfield High School. She attended Northern State Teachers College for two years, received her teaching certificate and then taught rural Spink Co. schools. Sylvia was united in marriage to Milton C. Steinheuser on June 8, 1937 at the Crandon Settlement Methodist Church. They were the first couple to be married in the church and established their home on the family farm to the east of the Church, north of Hitchcock, South Dakota. There they raised their family, farmed and were active in their rural community. Sylvia was a homemaker, a Sunday school teacher and a 4-H Leader for many years. Sylvia served as Business Manager of the Tulare School from 1964 until her retirement. In 1970, they built a new home south of Redfield and busied themselves with an abundant garden, landscaping, tree planting and many flowers, as on the farm. After Milton’s passing, she moved to the Eastern Star Home Apartments, and later to the Nursing Home. She enjoyed playing the piano for a time at Chapel, and later singing the old gospel hymns of her time. She loved the visits from her family, especially her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren right through her 99th birthday, held at the Eastern Star Home. Surviving family members include sons: Stanley and Janice Steinheuser of Tulare, SD; Alan and Diann Steinheuser of Hitchcock, South Dakota and daughter Mary Jean and Eldon Jensen of Lemmon, South Dakota, nine grandchildren: Mark (Shari) Steinheuser, Julie (Frank) Grehl, Jay (Christy) Steinheuser, Derek (Melissa) Jensen, Kari (Kyle) Thomas, Greg (Tonya) Jensen, Dave (Amber) Jensen, Kristin (Darin) Esser, and Kendra (Chad) Huff; twenty-six Great-Grandchildren, one soon to be great-great grandchild and one sister-in-law Harriet Kopplin of Miller, South Dakota, and many nieces and nephews. Sylvia was preceded in death by her husband Milton C. Steinheuser, brothers: Milton and Lester Kopplin and sisters: Mildred Kopplin, Vera Lawson and Carol Zeigler Kluthe.

Pastors Perspective
First Presbyterian Church Florence Hoff, pastor
“The Best At The Last”

Sylvia Steinheuser, 99, of Redfield, South Dakota, died Tuesday, June 05, 2012 at Community Memorial Hospital in Redfield. Syliva is the mother of Mary Jean Jensen. Her funeral will be Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. at the United Methodist Church in Redfield. Reverend Todd Bowers will officiate. After a time for lunch and fellowship, the burial will be in Graceland Cemetery near Tulare. Visitation will be Friday from 15:00 p.m. at Thelen Funeral Home and from 6 - 8:00 p.m. at the East-

(John 6:54) “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.” T live anticipation of something in the future often helps us to deal with the o present. For us who trust in the body and blood of Jesus, given and poured out for the forgiveness of our sins, there is every reason to look ahead. Our christian hope tells us to await the future expectantly. After the troubles of this life are history, there will be pleasures forever in heaven. This is certain and guaranteed by Jesus’ resurrection. For the soul, it promises blessedness with God from the moment of death. The body, death and the grave will be defied on the last day, opening the door to eternal life, because Jesus said, “Because I live, you also will live.” (John 14:19) All the dead will live again on the last day. Every grave in the world will give up the dead, both believers and unbelievers. Those without faith during their earthly lives will face their judge and be assigned to damnation in hell. They did not “eat the flesh or drink the blood” of Jesus. That is, they did not believe in Christ. For believers, the last day will be the”day of days.” At the sound of the trumpets, our bodies will become new. The full details are not known to us. “But we know that when Jesus appears, we will be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” (1 John 3:2) What an exhilarating prospect that is! In heaven we’ll have the same bodies we have now,but in perfection. We’ll not be subject to any discomforts. Death will never occur again because we’ll be immortal like Jesus. Our Lord will be the central focus of heaven. Around his throne we Christians will join the choir of saints. We’ll praise Jesus and listen to the perfect harmony of the angelic choir singing thanks to God for his wisdom, power, and strength. Best of all, we’ll see Jesus! We’ll see him face to face as our gracious Lord! Keep looking ahead to this glory in heaven, for the end of this life is the beginning of that glory in heaven

Prayer: Lord Jesus, keep our eyes focused on you. You give us the best at the last day. Amen

Syble Brown
was united in marriage to Vernon Brown on November 3, 1950 at Millarton, North Dakota. She owned and operated Syble Brown Tours out of Jamestown, North Dakota hosting tours to numerous states. Syble and Vernon lived in Jamestown, ND until they moved to Faith in 1976 where they ranched for several years. Syble moved to Sturgis in 2007 and lived in her own apartment until her passing. She was a member of Prairie Home Church near Maurine, South Dakota. She worked on the election Board and also for the Census Bureau at Faith, SD. Syble loved to play music at jam sessions, church and was called to play for various events. She loved playing the mandolin, harmonica and guitar. She was a member of the group Ransomed, Monday Nighters, and mostly recently would attend a weekly jam session in Sturgis where she made many new friends. Next to Jesus and her family, music was her life! Syble has been a great inspiration to others in sharing her music. Her father, mother, brothers and sister all played music together when growing up and Syble has passed on her love of music to her children and grandchildren. She passed from this life on Friday, June 8, 2012 at the Rapid City Regional Hospital at the age of 85 years, 9 months, 12 days. Grateful for having shared her life are her 3 sons and daughtersin-law, Jody and JoAnn Brown, Faith, SD; Rory and Wanda Brown, Edgemont, South Dakota; Newton and Debbie Brown, Faith, SD; daughter and son-in-law, Marcia and Roy Kenobbie, Edgemont, SD; 6 grandchildren, Jeff Brown (Mandi Braegelmann), Luke, Hanna, Casey, Clay (Brandi Donovan) Brown, Katy and husband Corey Jonas; special niece, Connie (Hubbard) Blasko, McMinnville, OR. Syble was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Vernon Brown, one son in infancy, Jeff D. Brown, four brothers, Austin, Clayton, Lynn, and Bruce Tomlin, and one sister, Bernice Hubbard. Visitation will be on Tuesday from 5:00 to 7:00 at the Faith Area Memorial Chapel in Faith and on Wednesday one hour prior to services at the Faith Community Center. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service - 10:30a.m. Wednesday Prayer Mtg. - 6:30 p.m.

Grace Baptist Church • Pastor Phil Hahn Church of Christ

Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA • Pastor Margie Hershey
Indian Creek - 11:00 a.m. • American - 9:30 a.m. • Rosebud - 8:00 a.m.

18 mi. south of Prairie City - Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.

Christ Lutheran Church WELS •
Pastor Gerhardt Juergens

Sunday Bible Class - 8:00 a.m., Worship Service - 8:30 a.m. Tuesday Bible Class - 7:00 p.m. South Jct. of Highways 73 & 20 Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.

The Funeral Service for Syble J. Brown, age 85 of Faith, will be held at 1:00 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at the Faith Community Center in Faith, South Dakota. Syble was born on August 26, 1926 at Salem, Oregon, the daughter of Joseph Hiram and Amanda Olive (Colwell) Tomlin. She attended Cedardale Grade School and Colton High School in Colton, OR. She earned her GED in 1985 at the age of 59 at Faith, SD. Following high school, Syble worked as a welder in an Oregon shipyard during World War II. She

Coal Springs Community Church Pastors Nels & Angie Easterby

Seventh Day Adventist Church • Pastor Donavon Kack
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church • Fr. Tony Grossenburg
Saturday Mass: Lemmon - 4:45 p.m., Bison - 7:15 p.m. Sunday Mass: Lemmon - 8:15 a.m., Morristown - 11:00 a.m. Sabbath School - 10:30 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.

First Presbyterian Church • Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE
Reva • Worship Service - 9:00 a.m., WMF 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Holland Center Christian Reformed Church Pastor Brad Burkhalter • Lodgepole
Worship Service - 8:00 a.m. Worship Service -9:30 a.m.

Beckman Wesleyan Church • Pastor Brad Burkhalter
Prairie City Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Vesper Service - 6:00 p.m., Wed. Evenings - 7:30 p.m.

Slim Buttes Lutheran • Pastor Henry Mohagen

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Hettinger Theater

Page 6 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kari wins Perkins County Fair book cover contest

What to Expect When Your Expecting June 15 - 18
Nightly • 7:30 p.m. Sunday Matinee 2:00 p.m. 3-D Glasses $2.00
featuring digital surround sound

PG-13 110 minutes

Julianna Kari has won the fair book cover contest. It is not the first time she has won, she also won as a second grader, she will be entering the eighth grade this fall. Keep up the art work Julianna! Pictured to the right is the Perkins County Fair book cover for 2012.

Raising a family is like going down a road without really knowing where it will lead. It’s exciting and scary and wonderful - all at the same time

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Every 1st Wed. of the month Every 3rd Wed. of the month

Lemmon 605-374-3377

Buffalo Clinic

Faith Clinic


The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • Page 7

Dental health Teaching positions filled for the 2012 - 2013 school year
By Richard P. Holm MD Halitosis is a fishy and fancy medical word that stands for bad breath. Years ago I heard it put this way: “The Polish Army must have marched through my mouth last night.” Not only is it socially offensive, a foul odor coming from between the lips can also reflect a serious underlying dental or medical problem. Probably the most significant cause for bad breath is dry mouth and coated tongue, often resulting from medicines like decongestants for stuffy nose or pills for urinary incontinence. Dry mouth can also be due to mouth breathing, aging, or to an immune disease, which affects the salivary glands. No matter the cause, without saliva not only will the breath turn foul, but teeth fall out. Treat this by avoiding mouth-drying medicines when possible, sucking on sugar-free lemon drops or gum, and consulting a physician or dentist. Also brushing the tongue to remove the “coat” will go a long way to improve one’s breath. Periodontal disease with plaque, gingivitis, or bacterial infection in sinuses or the lung can certainly cause the odor of rotting. Regular dental and medical health care can help avoid or treat these conditions. It almost goes without saying that smoking or smokeless tobacco causes doggy breath. Avoid these bad habits. Of course garlic and onion give their odor after absorption into your bloodstream, which is carried to the lungs, and then transferred to the breath. Mouthwash or mints will only cover-up until time resolves the odor by breaking the chemical down that is being carried in the blood stream. You can escape the plodding Polish Army… Remember that bad breath makes a compelling case for good brushing and flossing habits and for regular dental and medical care.

By Teddi Carlson There will be two new faces seen in the halls when the Bison Public School term begins in August. They are Elizabeth Bonacci, she has been hired to teach High School English and Ruth Hobbs has been hired to teach High School Math. All the teachers for the coming school term have now been hired. All other teacher contracts were also approved. The coaches needed for the coming term are Head Boys Basketball, Assistant Boys Basketball, Assistant Girls Basketball and grade boys and girls Basketball. On Monday night four Bison School Board members convened to conduct their monthly session with Eric Arneson as the only one absent. Roxie Seaman, Title I teacher, was present to explain the Parent Involvement Policy recently written. Superintendent Kraemer, Seaman and Michelle Stockert, Sixth Grade teacher, attended a meeting in Pierre to receive instruction on how to do this. Board members heard the First reading of this policy read by Kraemer. The Second reading will be heard at the July meeting when the board members will vote on it. Already it

has been approved by the Associated School Boards. The bus contract with Gene Smith was another item on the agenda. As Smith sat at the board table he requested a 12¢ per mile increase from last year’s pay due to inflation, cost of gas, mechanic fees, driver wages and insurance costs. As discussion developed Board member Brad Besler remarked that students are “valuable cargo”. Included in Smith’s contract is an escalator clause which means that Smith is paid 2¢ more per mile when gas goes up 10¢. Because of that clause Chairman Dan Kvale suggested his pay be raised to 8¢ per mile. After pondering this issue for a time the board agreed to raise his pay to 8¢ per mile which gives Smith a $4,000. raise for the coming school term. Smith remarked that he would compromise with 9¢ per mile but had to accept the 8¢ per mile offered by the board. Redoing of classroom floors from carpet to wood finishing will be done soon, starting July 9. Rooms to be done are the math, history and DDN rooms. The school has hired a contractor to do this at a cost of $6,720. Much time was spent discussing

the budget for 2012 - 2013. As it looks now Business Manager Crow expects that $88,000. of surplus funds will be needed. The biggest project for the coming term is the construction of a new shop building with classrooms to cost about $200,000. Other capital outlay expenses will include ag equipment, windows on the south side of the school, a new riding lawn mower, a new series of books for elementary students and bell repair work. At the last board meeting the music instructor Darren Jackson talked about starting a jazz-rock band of twelve students who would have to audition for their places in the band. He would meet with them for one hour prior to the start of the school day for two days per week. Board member Brooke Hershey agreed that this band would be a good thing for the school. Kvale remarked that students should be challenged intellectually after school hours and not just physically with sporting activities. After a roll call vote Jackson’s proposal passed by a three to one vote with Dan Beckman making the only “no” vote.

Jackson will be paid $1680. for the year for this extra work on his schedule. In other action: •The schools medical insurance of a 2% increase was approved. •Superintendent Kraemer was approved to be the Title Authorized Representative. •Business Manager Crow was given authority to make contingency fund transfers if necessary. •Approval was given to Crow to place $35,000. in the pension fund. • A firm has been hired to audit the school books at a cost of $9,975. •County health nurse services were approved to check the hearing, vision and possibility of scoliosis of the students •Approval was given to hire Tom Harmon of Pierre as the School’s lawyer at a cost of $120. per hour. A public budget hearing has been set for July 9 at 8 p.m. which is also the date of their regular monthly meeting. Angie Thompson and Marcie Brownlee-Kari will begin their terms on the board on that date. The terms of Brooke Hershey and Brad Besler will end at that time.

I also want to thank everyone who voted for me on the Rising Star of the West. For all the votes and positive feedback every one was so wonderful and supportive of me. I appreciate you all. Thank you so much. I placed 2nd with a scholarship of $2000 It was a wonderful experience.I would like to especially thank Kevin Weishaar for helping me with the demo CD that placed me in the top 20. Thank you every one for all your votes. Jessica Johnson

May, 23,2012 8:13 a.m • 7 lbs. 4 oz. • 20 inches long Parents- Rick & Angela Phillips Newcastle, Wyoming Maternal Grandparents: Ardel & Deanna Reder Paternal Grandparents: Jerry & Linda Phillips Maternal Great Grand Parents Donna Larson (Late Duane Larson) Hope Reder ( Late Robert Reder) Paternal Great Grand Parents Neil & Hazel Riesland Dolly Phillips (Late Red Phillips) Bentley joins Big Brother Cayson Phillips

Bentley Ardel Phillips

Page 8 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012
There were no red colored M&Ms from 1976 to 1987.
7th Grade Ross Collins Sara Hatle Jenna Kari Julianna Kari Jacob Kolb Madelyn Seidel

Town Board approves work on East White Street, opens hay bids
By Gladys Jackson The Bison Town Board met Monday, June 11 with all five board members present. President Juell Chapman called the meeting to order. Approvals were given for the May 7th and May 10 board meetings as well as the Financial Report. Todd Fink of Fink Dirtmoving was on hand to present his final proposal for work on East White Street and the street going south to Dem Crary’s. This was an updated proposal with an add-in to widen East White Street from Coleman Avenue to Josh Mackaben’s to match up with the new road being built. The proposal was approved in the amount of $26,303.76 to be completed by August 15th. The Board discussed sloped pans to put at the end of the culverts and directed Mr. Fink to add these into his proposal. The cost for these will run from $300.00 to $450.00 more, but will make it easier for mowing and there should be less plugging of the culverts. Rachel Eggebo of the Bison Economic Development Committee met with the Board to update them on the selection of Brandy Steichen as the new employee hired by the Committee. Brandy will begin working on Fridays as of July 1st. She also put in the request for Committee’s $20,000.00 to be included in the upcoming budget planning for next year. President Chapman declared that the liquor hearings were open. The Board approved a Special Malt Beverage License for the Bison Fire Department for the evening of June 30-July 1. The Board then approved a Special Malt Beverage License for the Perkins County Fair Board for the Fair in Bison August 17-19. A liquor license requested by the Perkins County Fair Board for the Ranch Rodeo being held June 30th will not be advertised for and therefore would require a Special Meeting at a cost of $300.00 which the parties were not willing to pay. Employee Heath McKinstry presented a Status Report to the Board. He reported that Ridge Veal is having problems getting water to his animals near the airport; some of the work needing to be done at the Lagoon is too big for the Town equipment; he gave reports on road work in the Town of Bison, a suspected collapsed sewer main west of Pat Dinkins and a concern on having no way to communicate with his employees during the day. The Board discussed possible solutions to these problems. Heath was commended on the way the tree pick-up was handled with many positive comments being heard. In response to work at the Lagoon, President Chapman will check with Quinn Construction on help as they will be working in the area. Bidding and grants will also be looked into for this project. Heath will check with Rural Water as to new rules on backflow that may need to be complied with. Hay bids were opened. There were two bids for each section. The winning bid for both sections was Ridge Veal of Bison who bid $588.80 for section #1 (60 acres surrounding Bison Airport) and $288.80 for section #2 (28 acres at west end of airport). Old business - Attorney Bogue was not able to attend the meeting, but sent an update on the storm sewer project. He reported that the pre-bid will be going to Pierre by Wednesday of this week. The tractor offered free from the State will also be delivered on Wednesday and the Board needs to get insurance on it. New business included the appointment of a two-man Airport Committee consisting of Mike Lockert and Juell Chapman. Keys to the airport were discussed. In the case of both Committee members being out of town, they would like to check and see if an extra key can be left with the police department. This will be looked into. If you are aware of a certain pothole in Town, the Board has established a “Pothole Hotline”. Please call the office at 244-5677 and leave a message if you know of a pothole that needs attention. Chip sealing the streets in Bison were discussed. President Chapman will visit with Tracy Buer at the County and Matt Busavage will visit with the State. Some of the roads need to be widened; the Board will also look into a grant application from the State for road help as there is a new program out now. The garage on the old Richard and Geraldine Heck place recently purchased by the Town was bought by Sharon Siefken a while back. It was to be moved by November 1st of last year. A letter will be sent requesting removal by July 1st or other avenues will be pursued. Matt Busavage was authorized to attend an Elected Official Workshop on July 24 in Pierre. This is a very good meeting for new Board members. Employee Beth Hulm asked the Board to begin thinking about budget planning and including budget items for large projects such as the lagoon and roads. She will bring a preliminary budget to the next board meeting. Luke Clements asked for $1,500.00 to be used for the upcoming Gala Day event which was granted. Mike Lockert asked for a ruling on campers in the City Parks as he had been approached by road workers in the area. There is a 7day limit to parking at one time in the parks. He will report back to the inquirers.

Dylan Beckman Bryce Graf Nicole Hafner Kimberly Kvale Joshua McKinstry Jacob Schalesky Sydney Senn Rebecca Spangler Gregory Voller Cody Buer Cole Buer Marranda Hulm Reece Leonard Kiana Brockel John Hatle Layton Hendrickson Madison Hulm Kimberly Peck Wrangler Weishaar Kayley Johnson Stephanie Kolb Michael Kopren Joseph Kvale Lenae McKinstry Conner Palmer Beth Seidel Brianna Sexton Dodge Weishaar Wil Kolb Ryan Serr

8th Grade

Reed Arneson Collin Palmer Paden Sexton Tori Voller Tyler Kari Tessa Kopren

9th Grade

10th Grade

Sydney Arneson Catherine Graf Charlotte Johnson Samantha Moody Christopher Morris Tyler Plaggemeyer

11th Grade

Daniel Chapman Anna Hatle Lane Kopren Shaley Lensegrav Shelly Peck Megan Serr Lindsey Hendrickson Jessica Johnson Carrie Schalesky

12th Grade

Tanner Besler Roy Goddard Shawn Klein Kylee Sandgren

People that smoke have 10 times as many wrinkles as a person that does not smoke!

The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • Page 9

4-H Special Events Day------------------------Four Perkins County 4-H Youth participated in this year’s Special Events Day on Wednesday June 6, 2012. The event was held at the Bentley Building. This was Macy Schiley’s first Fashion Review and she earned a purple ribbon on her sewing. The Kolb Sisters each gave a Demonstration or Illustrated Talk about horses. Deaundra Kolb earned a blue on her speech discussing “The Benefits of Equine Dentistry.” Judge Carolyn Hendricks learned about horse anatomy from Chantel Kolb, who received a blue. “Superficial Muscle of the Horse” was the title of Shawna Kolb’s presentation. She earned a purple ribbon. Congratulation to these four girls for being involved in this year’s Special Events Day! Thank You to Carolyn Hendricks for judging and working with the 4-H Youth of Perkins County.

The fastest growing tissue in the human body is hair.

Palace Theater
Shawna Kolb gave a presentation about “Superficial Muscle of the Horse” Macy Schiley with her Fashion Review purple ribbon.

Every day at

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Madagascar 3
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Lemmon, S D

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surround sound Lemmon 374-5107 8:00 p.m. nightly

Deaundra Kolb discussing “The Benefits of Equine Dentistry.”

Chantel Kolb gave a talk about the Anatomy of a Horse.

DENR accepting applications for water quality projects
The South Dakota Department of and Natural Resources (DENR) is accepting applications through October 1, 2012, for projects eligible for federal Clean Water Act, Section 319 nonpoint source control grants. DENR officials anticipate approximately $2 million will be available for projects in South Dakota. The federal Environmental Protection Agency grants require 40 percent local match. Eligible applicants include governmental agencies; state government subdivisions, such as conservation districts, water development districts, counties and municipalities; universities; certain nonprofit organizations; and federally recognized Indian tribes. Other groups may participate by applying through one of the eligible entities as a project partner. Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act provides grants to reduce water pollution from nonpoint sources, such as polluted runoff from urban, agricultural, and forest lands. DENR historically has used the Section 319 funds primarily to develop and implement projects designed to reduce nonpoint source pollution to meet Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). South Dakota water bodies in need of TMDLs are listed in the 2012 Integrated Report for Surface Water Quality Assessment. A copy of the report is available from the DENR website at http://denr.sd.gov/documents/12irfinal.pdf and at libraries throughout the state. Nonpoint source pollution originates from many sources, including heavily fertilized lawns, urban runoff that carries street and pet wastes, agricultural fields, small livestock operations, and natural sources, such as highly erosive soils. The primary nonpoint source pollutants in South Dakota are sediment, phosphorus, nitrogen, and fecal coliform bacteria. Entities interested in applying for Section 319 grant funds by the October 1 deadline are encouraged to contact DENR at (605) 773-4254 or obtain application guidance at http://denr.sd.gov/dfta/wp/319.asp x.

Deadline for the July 5, 2012 issue of the Bison Courier is June 28 at NOON.

Page 10 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012
Archie Goodrich returned to his home in Bismarck Monday morning. Jim and Patsy Miller were Monday Din/Sup guests of Nolan and Linda Seim and family. Kelly LaDue arrived at Tim and JoAnne Seim’s Monday evening to spend a few days. Justin and Jo Seim returned to their home in Belle Fourche Tuesday. Chet and Ethan Anderson were Monday afternoon visitors of Nolan and Linda Seim and family. Bridget and Lil Albert Keller traveled to Bismarck Wednesday, returning home that evening. Bridget Harris traveled to Bismarck Friday evening for Guard Drill and returned home Sunday. Lil Albert Keller spent the time with Grandpa and Grandma Harris. Bridget and Lil Albert Keller visited with Mary Ellen and Bob Jibben and Marlene and Will Morton and Les and Sharon Longwood and Shirley Harris at the Longwood ranch Sunday evening. Kelly LaDue and Boys left Thursday afternoon to return to Sturgis. They returned home to Draper, Utah Saturday. Tuesday, Bonnie Haynes, Sammy Piehl and her boys, Elliot and Asher and her niece Hallie visited with Tim and JoAnne Seim. Delores Seim was also a brief visitor. Wednesday, Tim and JoAnne Seim, Kelly LaDue and boys visited with Chet and Mandy Anderson and family. Sunday morning, Kaye and Andy Arthur and boys were visitors of Tim and JoAnne Seim. Marlene Hargis of Boise, Idaho and Sharon Ankrum of Pahrump, Nevada arrived at Tim and JoAnne Seim’s to spend a few days. Brady and Blair Ham came over Thursday to the Sandgren ranch to check cattle and have treats with Thelma. Jim and Patsy Miller picked Thelma Sandgren up Thursday afternoon and they went to Hettinger to play pinochle. Friday, Thelma Sandgren enjoyed lunch with Gladys Merwin in Hettinger. Thelma Sandgren attended the Grand Electric annual meeting in Bison Friday evening. Jim and Angie Spenny and LaVonne Foss were also in attendance. John Johnson hauled in some cattle Saturday and was a coffee guest of Thelma Sandgren. Tiss Treib called on Shirley Johnson Saturday afternoon. John and Shirley Johnson were Sunday evening visitors of Thelma

Rosebud News ................By Tiss Treib
Sandgren. Last Sunday, Carole Preszler and Leonard Jonas treated Helen Meink, Don and Kathy Meink of Crofton, NE, Risa and Tom Moes and girls to dinner in Meadow. Afterwards they went to the Bison and Prairie City cemeteries. Sunday evening, Kathy and Don Meink treated Helen Meink, Carole Preszler and Leonard Jonas, Tom and Risa Moes and girls to pizza in Lemmon. Tom and Risa Moes and girls returned to their home in Kansas City, MO Tuesday. Don and Kathy Meink traveled to Sturgis Tuesday to decorate graves at the Black Hills National cemetery on their way home to NE. Don and Kathy met Sue and Duane Meink in Rapid City and went out to dinner together. Tiss Treib and Pastor Margie Hershey had lunch together in Hettinger Monday. Tiss Treib, Sharon Longwood and Patsy Miller served on Election Board in Lemmon Tuesday. Tiss Treib visited with Veronica Klein at the WRRMC in Hettinger Wednesday afternoon. Tiss Treib made a trip to Lemmon Wednesday afternoon. Al and Tiss Treib visited with Veronica Klein, Vern, Hope, James and Jade at the WRRMC in Hettinger Wednesday evening. Tiss Treib visited with Veronica Klein at the West River Regional Medical Center in Hettinger Thursday afternoon. Pastor Dan Lindeman was a Thursday evening visitor of Al and Tiss Treib. Gary Johnson, Ben, Ezra and Miles Wiechmann helped Al and Tiss Treib work cows and calves Saturday morning. Tiss Treib called briefly on Shirley Johnson Sunday evening. John Johnson hauled some cattle over to Sandgren’s Monday and

Kylee Sandgren came up and mowed grass for grandma, then planted some flowers. Al Treib stopped in at Thelma Sandgren’s Tuesday and she was glad to see him up and around. The Lodgepole Store boys came over and serviced wells. Brady Ham hauled in a load of cattle and Jerry Vliem, Tony Alder, Morgan and Brady Ham and Rowdy Benson all had coffee with Thelma. Thelma Sandgren took Shirley Johnson to Lemmon Wednesday for a hair appointment and after dinner, to the clinic, they had a full day. Thursday morning, Jim and Patsy Miller stopped in at Thelma Sandgren’s. Later Patsy picked up Thelma and they played pinochle at the Senior Center in Hettinger. Jim Miller had other plans. Friday, Thelma Sandgren made her usual trip to Hettinger and was home by noon. Mark and Linda Sandgren of Golden, Colorado arrived at Thelma’s in the afternoon and in the evening, they were guests of Ron and Brenda Dragoo for the rehearsal supper. Saturday evening, Mark, Linda and Thelma Sandgren attended the wedding of Stephen Dragoo and Kerry Haynie. Sunday, Thelma Sandgren, Mark and Linda Sandgren took dinner to Bison for James and Marci Sandgren and family. Later Mark traveled to Rapid City and on home to Colorado and Linda is staying with her mother for a few weeks until the Sandgren family reunion. Thelma Sandgren called on Shirley Johnson Sunday late afternoon. Tiss Treib was a brief caller. Sue and Duane Meink hosted a birthday party for Paige Marshall Sunday. Helen Meink was among those who attended. Guests included Woody Marshall, Paulo and

Emily Mauri, Rebecca and Kristie. Marlene and Will Morton of Lakewood, CO. Mary Ellen and Bob Jibben of Minneapolis, MN were at the Longwood Ranch from Friday through Thursday. Shirley Harris joined them Sunday. Shirley Harris accompanied Kathy Rook to Pierre Saturday where they were overnight guests of Devin and Rachelle, Sterling, Blaux and Lexi. Saturday evening they attended Lexi’s dance recital. Mary Ellen and Bob Jibben, Marlene and Will Morton and Shirley Harris stopped to visit Duane and Dawn Harris. They also visited with Luke and Trinity Harris of Rapid City who were visiting their grandparents. Shirley Harris was a Saturday guest of Duane and Dawn Harris for their branding. Willie Harris came up from Rapid City for the day. Sunday, Mary Ellen Jibben and Marlene Morton fixed dinner for Les and Sharon Longwood, Luke, Erin and Cora Stadheim, Carrie, Kyan, Kinley, Stone and Rain Stadheim; Duane and Dawn Harris, Bridget and Lil Albert Keller. Saturday, Danny Block pickup up Jasmine, and took her and Anna Block fishing. They were then taco supper guests of Nolan and Linda and family. Nolan and Linda Seim attended the Allen Storm benefit Sunday in Lemmon. Nolan and Linda Seim and family were Sunday supper guests of Larry and Sarah Dreiske and family. They then took Jasmine and Spencer to the movie. Keith and Bev Hoffman left June 3rd and traveled to Glendon, MN and spent through the 9th with Paul, Harmony and Amya Hoffman. Albert Keller arrived home Tuesday from Montana. Wednesday, Albert and Bridget Keller and Lil Albert made a trip to Bismarck. Saturday, the Harris – Keller branding was held. Pierce Keller of Mitchell has been staying with Albert and Bridget since Saturday. Jim Anderson; Horace Seim; Chet and Mandy Anderson, Isaac, Ella, Greta and Eric; Marlene Hargis and Sharon Ankrum were Monday supper guests of Tim and JoAnne Seim. Marlene Hargis and Sharon Ankrum left Tuesday morning to tour the Black Hills and then back to their homes.

Over one million Pet Rocks were sold in 1975, making Gary Dahl, of Los Gatos, California, a millionaire. He got the idea while joking with friends about his pet that was easy to take care of, which was a rock.

The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • Page 11

2012 Perkins County 4-H Ambassador contestants
Sr. contestants Jr. contestants
pates in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping and ambassador contest. Kailyn enjoys basketball, riding horse, reading horse books and school.

Carrietta Schalesky is the 18 year old daughter of Faye and TW Schalesky of Faith. Carrie was the 2009 Perkins County Sr. Ambassador. Carrie participates in polebending, barrels and Queen contests. Carrie enjoys working with horses and show animals, cooking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Kaeli Carmichael is the 12 year old daughter of Bart and Shannon Carmichael of Faith. Kaeli has held the titles of Perkins County 4-H Rodeo, Meade 4-H Rodeo, New Underwood 4-H Rodeo. Kaeli says that it is fun to meet with your friends and improve on your events. Kaeli participates in goat tying, barrels, poles and ambassador contests. Kaeli enjoys riding horse, swimming hanging with friends and family and helping at home.

Susan Wilken, is the 12 year old daughter of Gary and Lori Wilken of Meadow. She is a member of Rough and Ready 4 H Club. She competes in local 4 H Rodeo: Bison, Faith, Dupree, Buffalo, and New Underwood in Goats, Poles. Susan enjoys practicing and Playing basketball, riding horses, church youth group, reading, and helping out at home.

Lexy White is the 10 year old daughter of Jerry and Jae White. Lexy has been participating in 4H rodeos and local playdays for two years, she participates in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tail untying, flag race, yearling riding and the ambassador contest. Lexy enjoys basketball, volleyball, running, reading and baby sitting.

Lindsey Wilken, is the 10 year old daughter of Gary and Lori Wilken, of Meadow.She has been the New Underwood Ambassador -1st Runner Up, she is a member of Rough N Ready 4 H Club. She competes in local 4 H Rodeos: Bison, Faith, Dupree, Buffalo, and New Underwood; in Goats, Poles, Barrels. Lindsey enjoys playing basketball, Church Youth Group and Kid’s Club, helping out on horse back, and spending time with family and friends.

Jr Jr contestants

Miranda Vines is the 10 year old daughter of Jeri Vines. Miranda has been the Jr Jr Meade County. Miranda has been participating in playdays since she was 4 years old and started 4-H rodeo last year. Miranda participates in barrels, poles and goats. Kaycee Groves is the 8 year old daughter of Kevin and Buffy Groves of Faith. Kaycee is currently the 2011 Little Miss Faith Stock Show and Rodeo 1st runner up. This is Kaycee’s first year in 4H. She competed in the Ropes and Goats series in Faith last summer. Kaycee participates in barrels, poles, goat tail untying, flag race and ambassador contests. Kaycee enjoys basketball, riding horse and collecting stuffed animals.

Karisa Carmichael is the 15 year old daughter of Bart and Shannon Carmichael of Faith. Karisa has previously held the Perkins County 4-H Rodeo, Meade 4-H Rodeo, New Underwood 4-H rodeo titles. Karisa says that it is fun to meet with your friends and improving in your events. Karisa participates in goat tying, barrels, poles and ambassador contest. Karisa enjoys riding horse, swimming, hanging with friends and family and helping at home.

Kailyn Groves is the 12 year old daughter of Kevin and Buffy Groves of Faith. Kailyn has previously held such titles as 2010 Perkins County Jr jr 1st runner up, horsemanship, 2011 Jr Miss Faith Stock Show and Rodeo 1st runner up and horsemanship. kailyn has been rodeoing for two years and has placed in barrel racing and goat tying. Kailyn partici-

Tayton Schofield is the daughter of Roger and Gayla Schofield of Faith.

Happy 1st Birthday Jace!
Love Grandma Cheryl & Grandpa Merle

Krista Schopp is the 11 year old daughter of Ray and Julie Schopp of Meadow. She has participated in the Perkins County 4-H Rodeo the last two years. Krista says I love to ride my horse Foxy, play basketball and I love to participate in Rodeo Queen contests.

Weather Wise
June 5 June 6 June 7 June 8 June 9 June 10 June 11 88 57 88 64 trace 88 57 .22 79 47 .20 81 49 trace 71 50 80 49 One year ago Hi 84 Lo 41


2nd Annual Kam Arneson Memorial Ranch Rodeo
Saturday, June 30 Perkins County Fairgrounds for details call Brad Mackaben 244-7522

Brought to you by Grand Electric Co-op, Inc.

Page 12 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, June 14, 2012
Meadow News ........ByTiss Treib

Zimmerman Pine Moths and their Control
first external symptoms of injury are popcorn-like pitch masses at wound sites. The pitch masses may reach golf-ball size and ultimately resemble clusters of small, pale grapes. The injury not only retards growth but also deforms the tree. Partially girdled whorls become so weakened that the tree breaks off. The trunk of the surviving tree may be constricted, crooked or forked at the point of injury. Heavily injured trees may develop a burl like growth on the trunk above the whorl and the wood of the injured trees becomes dense with resin. Description - The egg of the Zimmerman Pine Moth is creamy white, one thirty –second of an inch long, ovoid, slightly flattened underneath and lightly patterned above. The egg turns red then reddish brown before hatching. The newly hatched larva is light reddish brown at first but turns darker with age. The full grown larva is about three fourths of an inch long with a brown head. Body color can vary from light grey to pink to greenish yellow. Rows of dark spots, each with a single bristle adorn the sides and top of the body. They are found within the characteristic popcorn-like masses of sap on the trunks and branches. The adults are midsized moths, with gray wings blended with red-brown and marked with zigzag lines. Adults are difficult to distinguish from other moths. Life History and Habits - The Zimmerman Pine Moth has a oneyear life cycle. It overwinters as a young caterpillar inside a small cocoon underneath bark scales. In mid- to late April and May, they again become active and tunnel into the tree. Tunneling may first occur around the branch tips, sometimes causing tip dieback. In late spring, they migrate to the base of branches, tunneling into the whorl area. There, masses of pitch form at the wound site. The larvae continue to feed into July. Once fullgrown, they pupate within a chamber in the pitch mass. Adult moths are active primarily in late July and August. They are not observed very often as they usually remain concealed in the foliage of the tree during the day and are active only at night. After mating, female moths lay eggs, often near wounds or previous masses of pitch. Eggs hatch in about a week and the larvae feed for only a brief time before preparing to overwinter. Control - Permethrin can be used by the farmer, rancher and home owner to control this pest. Examples of Permethrin insecticides are Bonide Borer-Mine Killer and Gordon’s Bug-No-More. Early April is a great time for chemical control of Zimmerman pine moth because all the caterpillars become active and crawl out on the trunk surface when the weather warms. Caterpillars can be killed by soaking the tree and especially the trunk with a long lasting insecticide before the temperature warms. When they start crawling about and begin to dig deep into the tree trunk they will be killed by the poison residue on the bark. Be sure to soak the trunk with insecticide for effective control. This means using at least 100 gallons of total spray volume per acre. Repeat the spray application in August to kill young caterpillars that hatch from the eggs. My sources for this news release were the Colorado State University Extension and US Forest Service. If you would like more information about “Zimmerman Pine Moths and their Control” call Bob Drown at the Conservation Office at 605-2445222, Extension 4.

Art and Marilyn Christman returned home Wednesday from Annapolis, Maryland where they attended their grandson Evan Christman’s graduation from the Naval Academy. Sarah Lewis of Brookings spent the weekend with Art and Marilyn Christman. Betty Walikainen spent an afternoon with Bernie Rose this week and they played Scrabble. Bernie Rose was among the guests who helped Bob Walikainen celebrate his birthday Saturday evening. Vonnie Foster spent time Wednesday and Saturday with her mother, Bernie Rose. Bernie Rose had dinner at Lisa’s Sunday and visited. Jerry and Carolyn Petik and Mirandi Bakken traveled to Wisconsin. While there they were Thursday overnight guests of George and Shirley Alexander in Sun

Prairie, Friday lunch and afternoon guests of Helen and Diane Everson near Edgerton. They spent Friday night through Tuesday morning with Kurt and Leah Petik and family. While they were there they celebrated Kiya Petik's 11th birthday and Irelyn Petik's "graduation" from preschool. They also saw the play "Beauty and the Beast", put on by Woodworth Middle School. Grant Petik played the part of Gaston. Carolyn Petik was a Wednesday afternoon visitor of Sylvia Johnson. Carolyn and Jerry Petik were in Lemmon on Thursday afternoon. Carolyn was a caller at Irene Young's. Jerry attended an economic development meeting. Jeri Lynn and DeJon Bakken, Leif and Mirandi helped work cattle at Petiks on Monday.

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By Robert W. Drown, Natural Resource Specialist The Zimmerman Pine Moth is native to North America and has been a problem for years mostly in the northeastern part of the United States. In recent years, the Zimmerman pine moth has become established throughout northwestern South Dakota. Ponderosa Pines in shelterbelts have been most commonly infested, but Austrian, Mugo, Jack and Scotch Pines are also reported as hosts. This insect infests the tips of branches and the main trunk feeding on the inner bark. Branches typically break at the crotch area where they join the trunk. Dead and dying branches, most often in the upper half of the tree, commonly indicate infestations. The

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The LIVE Center, Inc. dba Arrow Public Transit, intends to apply for funds under Section 5311 of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act for the continued operation of a public transportation project within the City of Lemmon, which lies within Perkins County of South Dakota; for the City of Bison, which lies in Perkins County of South Dakota; for the City of Faith, which lies within Meade County of South Dakota. This notice offers the opportunity for a public hearing, submittal of service proposals or comments regarding the project. Interested public or private transit or paratransit providers are invited to comment on this proposal or submit proposals to provide service. Requests for a public hearing, comments or requests for a copy of the LIVE Center, Inc. dba Arrow Public Transit proposal should be directed to LIVE Center, Inc. dba Arrow Public Transit, 111 4th St W., PO Box 59, Lemmon, South Dakota 57638, by July 1, 2012. [Published June 7 and June 14, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $21.46.]

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Notice to Creditors of Informal Probate and Appointment of Personal Representative

In the matter of the ) Estate of ) ELAINE M. WILSON, ) Deceased ) Notice is hereby given that on April 24, 2012, Daniel D. Wilson of New Hope, minnesota, was appointed as personal representative of the Estate of Elaine M. Wilson, Deceased. Creditors of decedent must file their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or their claims may be barred. Claims may be filed with the personal representative or may be filed with the clerk of courts, with a copy of the claim mailed to the personal representative. Dated this 1st day of May, 2012. /s/Daniel D. Wilson Daniel D. Wilson 7613 Angeline Drive New Hope, MN 55428

Perkins County Clerk of courts Perkins County Courthouse PO Box 426 Bison, SD 57620

Quentin L. Riggins, Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP Attorneys for the Estate PO Box 8045 Rapid City, SD 57709-8045 (605) 342-1078

[Published May 31, 2012, June 7 and June 14, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $50.70.]

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Sometimes it seems like that wind will never quit blowing. We got just over a half inch of rain this week, but that ten feet of wind blew most of the moisture away. There isn’t going to be a lot of hay this year, but Reub did find a patch of alfalfa he thinks he’ll at least be able to put up 15 or 20 big bales. It took me two days, but I got all the weeds pulled out of the big garden and, if the wind ever goes down long enough to get some water on it, I should get a fair harvest. Thousands of tiny grasshoppers have invaded the garden though, so I’m going to have to find some way to get rid of them, and soon! There is a neighborhood branding almost every day and we celebrated the beginning of the summer fashion scene when the Hackamore branded Tuesday. The Big Boss Man, Doug Doll, was nattily attired in his black tuxedo and this year he got a jump on the calendar with the addition of a brand-new Christmas tie! There was a notable absence of polyester again this year, but there was a plethora of fancy ties, vests, and sports jackets. Jim Evans wore an absolutely stunning sombrero and Missy’s dazzling tee shirt had a message that seemed to be aimed directly at Doug Doll, but I better let her tell you about it... Tuesday was also the primary election and not many folks bothered to vote. We all voted at Ralph after the branding, although there wasn’t much on the ballot. A lot of the locals showed up to exercise their right to vote, but the turnout was pretty dismal across the state. The election this fall should be more exciting, so hopefully more voters show up. I can’t remember if I told you yet, but I and Sen. Jim Bradford kept twisting Liz (Marty) May’s arm until she agreed to run for the House in District 27. Liz was raised on the Marty ranch just south of us and she and her sweet husband, Avery May, ranch and run a grocery store at Kyle on the Pine Ridge reservation. Rep. Ed Iron Cloud didn’t run for re-election this year and it looked like Liz would coast into office with no opposition until Kathleen Ann from Scenic filed petitions on June 5th to run as an Independent. It will now be a three-way race for the two House seats, but my money is on Liz to win one of those seats, even though she’s running as a Republican in a heavily Democrat district. Liz has lived on the rez all of her married life, her husband Avery is Indian, their friends and family are almost all Indian, and they employ a lot of natives at their grocery store in Kyle. Last election, Kathleen Ann ran against Mike Verchio and Lance Russell in District 30 and got trounced, so I’m betting that this fall the winners in the House race for District 27 will be Elizabeth May and Kevin Killer. For the good of the

Grand River Roundup..................................................................................By Betty Olson
state, let’s hope I’m right! Syble Brown, age 85 of Faith, passed away Friday at Rapid City Regional Hospital following a stroke. Her funeral will be Wednesday in Faith. Syble was a very talented musician and a wonderful lady. Folks from a very large area are going to really miss her. Her family has our sympathy. Saturday was the 40th anniversary of the Rapid City flood. Our neighborhood lost two people in what was called a “500 year flood”. Margaret Miller from Buffalo was an attendant in a friend’s wedding and died trying to save the life of a man who was confined to a wheelchair. Wilford Smolnikar from Reeder lived up in Dark Canyon and was swept away in the torrent of water that roared down the canyon destroying everything in its path. The wounds from that tragic flood will live on as long as the memories remain. On a happier note, Greg and Roxie Finck celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this Saturday. A relative was visiting Ellingson’s and Phillip, Nancy, Becky, and Tucker took him on a tour around the neighborhood to show him some of the old Ellingson homesteads. I joined them at the Glendo Cemetery and the site of the old Glendo School just west of the cemetery. From there we drove over east in a vain attempt to find the grave of Ed Larwick, another relative of theirs who was buried on his homestead in Glendo Township. It was getting late, so we had to abandon the search so Tucker wouldn’t be late for his Grandma and Grandpa Finck’s anniversary party! Speaking of anniversaries, can you believe that Pete and Nubby Larson have been married for half a century? How time does fly when you’re having fun. Jeff, Mindy, and Will are hosting an Open House to celebrate their parents’ 50th on Sunday, June 17th from 1-4 pm at the Snapper’s Club out by the fish hatchery in Spearfish. We’ll see you there! These anniversaries remind me of a story I heard about a Norwegian who figured out the secret to a long and happy marriage: At All Saints Lutheran Church they have a weekly husband's meet-

ing. Ole, who was approaching his 50th wedding anniversary, was asked to take a few minutes and share some insight into how he had managed to stay married to the same woman all these years. "Vell", Ole replied to the assembled husbands, "I've tried to treat her nice, spend da money on her, but best of all I took her to Norvay for da 20th anniversary!" The Pastor responded, "Ole, you are an amazing inspiration to all the husbands here. Please tell us what you are planning for your wife for your 50th anniversary." Ole proudly replied, “I'm a gonna go get her!"

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available at www.harrisburgsd.gov . Submit resume to contact@harrisburgsd.gov . Deadline to apply is 06/22/12. able at www.mclaughlin.k12.sd.us) to Keith McVay, PO Box 880, McLaughlin, SD 57642. Open until filled. THE SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT has an opening for an Activities Director. Job description can be obtained by contacting the business office. Send a LOA, resume and credentials to Dr. Stephen Schulte at 516 8th Ave. West, Sisseton, SD 57262. Closed: 6/15/12. EOE SEEKING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR for the United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton. For information and application go to www.yanktonunitedway.org MISCELLANEOUS PIERRE SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking a School Psychologist for the 201213 school year. Apply online at www.pierre.k12.sd.us/employment or contact the Pierre School District at 605-773-7300. EOE.

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THE ASSOCIATED SCHOOL BOARDS of South Dakota is seeking an energetic, talented individual to serve as the Director of Communications. Strong written and oral communication skills are required. Experience working with school boards, media contacts, publishing and webpages are preferred. Closing date June 15, 2012. Application info is available at www.asbsd.org/jobs PRESS OPERATOR WANTED: Operate Kodak 5634 DI four-color press and AB Dick single color press, along with an assortment of other pressroom and bindery equipment. Excellent hourly salary with full benefit package, including: major medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, AFLAC cafeteria insurance plan, pension plan (after one year), paid vacations and holidays. Send resume to Larry Atkinson, Bridge City Publishing, 1413 E Grand Xing, Mobridge, SD 57601 or call 800-594-9418 or 605-8453646 or cell: 605-230-0161.

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Each nosril of a human being registers smell in a different way. Smells that are made from the right nostril are more pleasant than the left. However, smells can be detected more accurately when made by the left nostril.

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