Hall AGM - Monday 18th June 7pm at School Please put this date into your diary, we only

had four in attendance at the last date, which was too few for an AGM. It will be short and sweet, and we promise we won’t make you Chairperson (unless you are Clifford). Pow-Wow - Monday 25th June 7ish at Heather’s Place Those who are keen to start their Aprons will need approx. 1m. of fabric (we have a small amount available) sewing machines and embroidery sewing needs. Some people are also keen to make to make Door Draughters. Anyway, give me a ring to check what you will need. Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol

Thursday 14th June

More Reasons why Carol should never go away ...

… I think Marama’s lost it!

“I am learning to learn for life!”

No. 15

Contact Details: Marama's eMail: principal@pukeokahu.school.nz Office eMail: office@pukeokahu.school.nz School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Two: Monday 23rd March - Friday 29th July Hall Committee AGM - Monday 18th June @ 7pm (At School) Taihape Schools’ Art Show - 19th - 20th June Mangaweka School Production - Wednesday 20th June Movie Premiere At The Majestic - Wednesday 27th June Visit To Waiouru School & Swim - Monday 25th June School Party - Friday 29th June From Marama So, Brian Sage assures me that the government’s very quick turn around, concerning its Classroom Cuts Policy, was due to our little old Pukeokahu School Newsletter. Not being one to argue with one’s betters, I shall take that and move on to the next issue … how does everyone feel about Principal Sabbaticals to Fiji? But seriously I must say a big thank you to every concerned parent, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle and one or two worried newspaper reporters for making sure those Suits in Wellington made the right decision. In other Pukeokahu news, Carol has left me to fend for myself for three days while she conducts a field trip to Australia. I had to laugh yesterday morning, when I reminded the kids that Carol would be away for the rest of the week, they all piped up and announced “Yes, she’s on her well deserved holiday!”. I’m not sure if they are all incredibly astute children, or if Carol did some careful tutoring on Friday. However either way I obviously haven’t been making enough morning tea shouts, and I need to pick my game up ;-) Actually, here’s a fun fact about Carol, did you know that the only time she ever calls me Principal, is when she wants me to empty a mouse trap? I’m not sure what that says about our

working relationship, but it definitely gives a strong indication as to who’s the real boss … :-) Help Needed - Art Show Set Up Is anyone available to set up our school art on Tuesday (19th) at the Town Hall. I am teaching that morning so am unable to do it. The Hall will be open from 8am to set up. I have some old election displays which we can use. Art Show and Mangaweka School Production Visit Wednesday 20th June We need help with transport for this day, all parents and preschoolers are welcome to attend. We will leave school at 10.30am to view the Taihape Schools’ Art Show at the Town Hall. We will have lunch at the hall, and if fine head down to the Rec. for a quick play before driving out to Mangaweka for the show at 1pm. After the show, students will be released to their parents. Please let me know asap if you are available to help. Visit to Waiouru SchoolMonday 25th June We will leave from school at 11am (after morning tea). We are expected at Wa i o u r u S c h o o l a t 11.50am. Please let me know if you are coming or if your children will need transport. After our visit we will have a swim at the Waiouru Heated Pools. Pukeokahu School When Carol’s Away!

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