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Human Beings, Not Human Doings – Bye-bye Resistance – Enjoying the Ride (LIVE Intro)
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We're human beings, not human doings. Can we please let that sink in? Are you in Heart? It's not only the best place from which to view these journals – for the fullest experience – it's the best place to be and to live. That's my desire, to so totally live from my center as to make this whole life one huge meditation – always connected to Source. Well, always consciously connected, for as Sourcebeams, what else can we be? We simply are That. But do you accept it? If you're in mind you might say, “How can I? It's just too much, too crazy,” but your perspective from Heart will be totally different. Heart knows no limits, no boundaries, and no fears. Heart also knows what you are, even if you don't, yet. We aren't here to learn new things, but to remember and reconnect with old knowledge – only this time reinforced by our own personal experience. We bring our personal experience of Life up to Source, while bringing all we can of Source down into our Now. What a delight. I recently bought all of Nanci Danison's books, and I ran across a short quote today I just have to share with you – it's so beautiful. Try this one on: Relax and trust yourself. Accept that you may not know while

in the body just what it is you are trying to accomplish here. Then all you have to do is open the gift of the unknown before you and enter into the joy of being human.* Sometimes you can only say, wow. Those were the first lines I read, today, and I almost couldn't continue reading, I was so bowled over by the simplicity of their wisdom. It took some sitting and just being with that before I could read anymore. Yet we rail and gripe, we kick, fuss, and moan about things which, for the most part, we can't change. Sometimes we really stir up a fuss – or many we drop into a month-long depression or a funk of some kind. As long as we take the 1st person view of things we'll be limited this way. Yet when we step back, we empower ourselves tremendously. Then we can take her advice, and “...open the gift of the unknown before you and enter into the joy of being human.”* By simply taking on a more flexible perspective on life, on everything, we're in process of taking our power back. Simply knowing there are other and valid ways to look at things is a really great start. It's those who are so convinced of the rightness of their particular view on things it's best to stay away from. Let them stew in it. They'll be ready, soon enough – likely, when they've had enough pain. It's not our job to solve the world's or our neighbor or even our child's problems, my friends. That's not what we signed on for, nor is it do-able, anyway. By reaching out into the world to make changes, we do no more than to medicate the pimple by applying the cream to the mirror instead of our face. We've got it all backwards. Nanci made a great choice when titling her series of books – the Backwards Series. In each one she highlights this backwardness of life in 3D. I don't recommend her work for those still very much attached to a particular religion. You'll likely find it too challenging, not enjoyable enough. It takes an exceptionally open mind to explore religion with Nanci. This also reminds me of something Neale Donald Walsh said in an interview with Eckhart Tolle . I'll provide a link, as it was so beautifully done, and you may want to experience it for yourself. Any-

way, since he is well known for his book series, Conversations With God , he was describing to Eckhart a prior interview he'd had on TV. In the last 30 seconds the interviewer asked him if he could sum up in a few sentences what message God would like to give to mankind, now. Neale's response was so very beautiful. In spite of being put in such a spot with so few seconds to come up with an answer, here's what he said – on behalf of God, of course: You've got me all wrong.** Wow. “You've got me all wrong.” From what I've seen of Nanci Danison's work, I think she'd agree. Yet how many of us have sufficient openness and humility to just consider this? Could we, too, have God all wrong? I think many, even among the Light Beings incarnate here, will agree – we do. We're too much in mind with things, including our religious and spiritual ideas. It's time to drop down into Heart and experience Source directly for ourselves. Of course, this is not something any religion I'm aware of tells us we can do – but so what. We can. The biggest need, as I see it right now, is for simple acceptance – allowing life to be life – to just be what it is. No more resistance. Nanci's words deserve repeating, here: Accept that you may not know while in the body just what it is you are trying to accomplish here.* Can we accept this – just allow it to be so, and quit fighting it? Somehow, for us humans life is never good enough. We're always off chasing the latest rainbow or fad or desire. Not many of us spend any time at all with the Now – unadorned. If we let it bore us, I can guarantee my diagnosis on that – you're in mind. Drop down into Heart for a very different experience, indeed. Try living there for a change. Get out of your permanent spot, your comfort zone in left brain. Leave that one vacant for a while. It will do fine without you. Try it – you'll see. Oh, the Peace that can be gained with simple acceptance of Life! It's truly phenomenal. Yet we're so programmed and stressed all the time that we can't seem to settle down and just be. Instead we're all human doings, most of the time. And when we live life like that, we're missing the point. We're not here to be human

doings – so why won't we cease? Well, why won't you cease? Why won't you let go and just allow? What is stopping you? That would be a good form of meditation or pondering to go in for – “What is the heart of my resistance to life?” There's a great question for all of us. You might ask it before laying down to sleep. Maybe you'll even bring something back with you in the morning. Hey, anything's possible, don't forget. In Nanci's talks that are available on YouTube – and they're quite a few – she shares that our mission or purpose in life is to gain experience for Source. We're extensions of Source doing that. I'm quite glad to find, though, that in her Backwards, Returning to Our Source for Answers, she does go a bit deeper into that. I find us in complete and total agreement on what she calls the path to heaven. To me it's just how to live while we're here. That's to consciously “live our true nature as extensions of Source energy.” Yes, that sums it up. To be consciously God or Source where you are in all situations and challenges. So we'll just naturally shine with unconditional Love. There is simply no judgment in Heart or in source, so being nonjudgmental is very an aspect of this Love. Whole books could be written about each of these ideas. I'm getting drunk on them, packed in here so tightly as they are – such heavenly ideas, such great empowerment. And it's all ours for the taking. Life is actually designed to empower us in these ways. It's all up to us. Life won't do it for us, but will support what we do. Maybe I should stop now – since I'm getting ready to add something here that may just make it too much. Still, I'm going, so let's see what happens. This is an idea that came clear for me just today. You know how sometimes you carry certain ideas or thoughts around with you for years, kind of gnawing on them, as Cliff High says? Most of us have wondered that way about our purpose in life, off and on. Well, I've been watching a lot of things transitioning in my life, and like I said, something clicked for me, today. For those who have pondered what unconditional Love is, you'll

understand this best. You know that beautiful, awesome, even inexpressible Love that people come back from their NDEs telling us about? For almost everyone, this was their first encounter with truly unconditional and total Love. It leaves them speechless. I'll link you to the NDE play-list where you can check this out for yourself. Anyway, here's what came to me. It's very simple, really. It's that I'm starting to feel this for beings and for people, right here while in form. That may be why the tears are flowing so easily these days. I don't know. It was a really big thought when it came. We may think about Source a lot, but we really don't often take on Source attributes and own them – or even consider that we could. This is part and parcel of the lie of separation we were fed and we bought into – that we are separate from each other and from our Source. And since we knew Source was the perfect one in this equation, if we were separate, then we would put all of the perfection on Source. Somehow, along the way, we wound up becoming these miserable sinners who needed to be saved. Not only couldn't we live right – we couldn't even fix the problem for ourselves. Here's the thing – when you see something like this coming into manifestation in yourself – the ability to see a Source attribute right where you are, in your self – then it means you've largely worked your way through the undoing of all the wrong programming that went into convincing you that you were this terrible sinner – and that's a big deal. Truly, the only thing holding us back is our unexamined beliefs. We should celebrate our victories, my friends, large and small. Notice when you've made a breakthrough – take time out and be glad. Simply be happy – rejoice. Gratitude like this adds a multiplying factor, just by its very nature. What we're grateful for we generally receive more of, somehow. But we don't celebrate just to ask for more – it's something that Heart cannot help. It's sourced in the beauty of the experience, itself. It's also all a part of seeing with new eyes – eyes of Heart. Many and great are the shifts that must be made to clear us out from under the burden represented by our programming. Not only is it huge in this life – consider, that you likely have any number of

lives just since Jesus walked the earth. So you've got all of them, the programming from each one, adding to the overall burden – the one that keeps saying that you're just not good enough. That's a terrible lie – one that was never true from the start. Yet we've worked and lived, ate and slept under this burden for the whole of our earthly life. We've gotten adjusted to the weight of it. Maybe that's why you feel a bit giddy and light-headed when a big piece of it slips away – never to return. We can free ourselves, my friends. It takes earnestness and dedication, and then some discernment in what pathway to follow – but we can do it – and get it done in this one life. We do hold the key to the chains and shackles with which we're bound – and we're self-bound, at that. No one is stopping us from going quite free. Many are the times we've wished that it was easier, or faster, or would just come right away. Who knows why it's the way it is, requiring our steady determination? I don't. Still, I take comfort from Nanci's words I shared first in the journal Relax and trust yourself. Accept that you may not know while in the body just what it is you are trying to accomplish here. Then all you have to do is open the gift of the unknown before you and enter into the joy of being human.*

* Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers (p. 74).
** Neale Donald Walsch on behalf of God, Interview with Eckhart Tolle.

And by the way, do notice (especially if you watch from Heart) how both of these men are simply Love walking. Can you see it in them? Now, if you can, please own it in you ;-)


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