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CASE BACKGROUND Give a summary of the salient case facts that indicate the firms mission, past and current objectives, strategies as well as its historical growth in terms of financial performance and condition. Discuss the current issues and concerns of the companys top management. II. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS A. General Environment List the opportunities and threats in the socio-cultural, political, legal, technological and economic environment. Opportunities are those favorable conditions that could affect the strategic decisions of the company. Threats are those unwanted conditions that could affect the business environment. B. Industry Environment List the opportunities and threats in the industry where the company operates and competes. And those affecting the competitive forces which are as follows: 1. Intensity of the rivalry among the competing players in the industry 2. The bargaining power of consumers 3. The bargaining power of suppliers 4. Threats from new entrants and entry barriers 5. Threats from product substitutes C. Internal Environment Analysis List the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the areas of marketing, production, organization,and management, finance and management systems. Strengths are those capabilities that enhance the competitive position of the company and weaknesses are the unwanted conditions that weaken its competitive position. III. Assumptions Give your assessment and conclusion from the external and internal environment analysis in terms of the following: A. General environment stability B. Industry growth prospects C. Financial strength of the company an d its competitive position IV. Problem statement State the most unwanted conditions- the companys financial and non financial weaknesses of the company and the threats from its external environment. Support your statement with numbers and other evidences. V. Alternative Courses of Action Formulate corporate strategies to address and take advantage of the opportunities and to minimize the threats. Establish the evaluation criteria such as market

leadership, competitive advantage, financial strength, industry attractiveness etc in order to evaluate each alternative. Note: alternative should be mutually exclusive. a. Description of Alternative 1. Advantages 2. Disadvantages b. Description of Alternative 1. Advantages 2. Disadvantages c. Description of Alternative 1. Advantages 2. Disadvantages VI. Recommended Alternative and Action Plans Action plans component should address the stated problems in terms of the functional objectives and strategies of marketing, production, organization and management and finance etc. Functional Area Marketing Production Org and mgt Finance Objectives -------------------------------------------Strategies -----------------------------------------------Time Frame ------------------------------------------------Budget ---------------------------------------

VII. Financial Projections A. Prepare Five Year Financial Projections Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow B. Present and explain relevant ratio analysis /expected measures of returns C. Other Technical Information

Prepared by: Catherine Kay D. Costa,MBA June 8, 2012