Personal Information:
1. Age:

Below 20 yrs. and above
2. Gender:

21 – 30 yrs.


Male Transgender


3. a.

Marital Status: Married

Un-married b.

If Married, Number of Years of marriage (pls. specify)

4. Residential Status: Urban Semi-Urban Rural

5. Educational Qualification: No Education Graduate Any Other (Pls. Specify) 10+2 Graduate Post


6. Employment Status: Un-employed Businessman Any Other (Pls. Specify) Employed Professional

Brief introduction regarding the Research Work:
It is a socio-legal study about “THE CHANGING TRENDS IN THE DIVORCE LAW” since the inception of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. An endeavor has been made to know about the possible reasons as to why a marriage union came to an end by means of divorce in the modern era.

Questions relating to Research Study:
1. According to you, what is the nature of “Marriage”: Contractual in nature Sacramental in nature

2. Yes

Should the spouses resolve their differences themselves: No

3. Should parents interfere in the marital life of the spouses: Yes No


If any dispute arose between the spouses it should be Out of Court settlement

resolved by: Interference of Court

5. Is the interference of parents, in resolving the differences of

spouses, necessary:


Yes Reason:


6. How is your relations with your Parents: a. Parental side: Very Cordial Good Normal Worse b. In-laws side: Very Cordial Good Normal Worse Bad Very Bad Very

7. Do you support “Divorce” as a way for settlement of a marital

dispute: Yes Reason:
8. If ‘A’ is your friend and he/she tells you that his/her spouse has


an extra-marital affair, what advice would you give to your friend?

i. ii.

To take Divorce. To negotiate the matter. To leave the spouse and file a complaint against that spouse. Any other



9. What should be the role of parents during the early years of



In order to get Permanent Residence of a foreign country, your friend, ‘B’ is going to take a collusive Divorce from his/her spouse. How will you advice ‘B’?

i. ii.

You will appreciate his/her move. You will condemn his/her move.

11. Your daughter was married to a boy of your choice, one day she came to you and tells that her husband and her in-laws used to differentiate between her and her sister-in-law. How will you handle the matter?


You will not interfere in the matter. You will file a complaint against the in-laws of your daughter. Depends upon the situation.


12. How will resolve your differences with your spouse?

i. ii. iii.

By mutual negotiations with your spouse. By calling parents to interfere the matter. By invoking divorce proceedings.



Any other

13. What are the reasons of ‘Divorce’ in the modern era? (you can

select any number of options)

ii. iii.

Western Culture. In-tolerance. Over-possessiveness regarding the spouse. Extra- marital affairs.


v.Permanent residence abroad. vi.Woman Empowerment. vii.Rigid provisions under Domestic Violence Act. viii.Higher education, salary and status of the other spouse.

Any Other:


(Thanks for your Precious Cooperation) Karan Aggarwal


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