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Brief History: In the year 2008 The College of Science -Council of Presidents (COP) was created to serve as a working committee in the Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology (CSMT) and to coordinate to different department based organizations (DBOs). The COS-COP consists of the presidents of the following DBOs: Biological Society Chemical Society DOST-Scholars Association Home Economics Club PNU-Math Club PNU-Pan Delta Upsilon PNU-Philippine Astronomical Society Society for the Advancement of Physics Education Science and Technology Club Society for Information, Technology and Communication THE ADMINISTRATIVE BODY The Administrative Body shall perform the following duties and powers pursuant to the implementation of the goals and objectives of the society: President. The President shall have the following duties and responsibilities: (a) call and preside the meetings of the society; (b) sign resolutions, communications and other documents and create memoranda, order, and others which may be deemed relevant within his legitimate jurisdiction; and (c) perform duties as directive from the adviser or any other higher authority in the pursuit of the societys goals.

Executive Vice President. The Executive Vice President shall have the following duties and responsibilities: (a) assist the President in matters involving internal functions; (b) perform the internal functions of the President in the latters inability; and (c) approve the appropriation of funds prepared by the Vice President for Finance, with the recommendation of Vice President for Personnel, upon examination.

Vice President for Academics. He/She shall: (a) promote academic welfare and excellence to the members of the society; (b) organize quiz bees, and other related activities, in coordination with Vice President for Special Projects; and

(c) take charge of the entrance examinations for incoming Chemistry majors, in coordination and under the jurisdiction of the Department.

Vice President for Finance. He/She shall: (a) record and keep amounts and receipts of income and disbursements of the society; (b) be in charge of appropriating funds from the members; (c) establish a savings account with the President in the name of the society; (d) disburse funds upon the proceedings of the society; (e) coordinate with the Class Treasurers regarding the financial conditions and requirements of the society; and (f) prepare summary of financial reports of the society and endorse it to the Administrative Body before the end of his term as approved by the Vice President for Personnel. Vice President for Publications and Documentations. He/She shall: take charge of the official publication of the society; and take charge of the documentation of all matters pertinent to the society.


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Vice President for Personnel. He/She shall: act as the auditor of the society, whose function is to: evaluate the financial report and conditions of the society; and the financial conditions of the society to the Administrative Body in coordination with the Vice President for Finance; (b) take charge of the Administrative Body elections; and (c) take charge of reservations and accommodations for the societys activities. (a) 1. Vice President for Special Projects. He/She shall: (a) take charge of the fund raising campaigns; (b) organize seminars, symposia, forums, lectures, and film showings, in coordination with the Vice President for Academics; (c) organize the general assembly, and other related activities, of the society; and (d) transact business for the society.
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Secretary General. He/She shall: (a) keep a journal of the proceedings and documents of the society and a directory of pertinent information regarding all members; (b) prepare the working schedules and minutes of all the meetings of the society (c) issue publicity notices/releases to and for the society; and (d) take note and raise whatever petitions the members may present to the Administrative Body. Ambassador. He/She shall:


(a) represent the society in inter-club or in department, college, or university-wide meetings and assembly, in case of Presidents inability; and (b) delegate the society in external or out-campus affairs.

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