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WE805439 RE SEATBELT CITATION Dated this_____ day of____. WEST JUSTICE CENTER CITY of WESTMINSTER. where I had observed him previously several months prior. CA. Officer Storey was apparentlyhiding behind the row of bushes next to the Pep Boys store. CA KOK. ORANGE COUNTY. WESTMINSTER POLICE DEPT. PHILIP A. CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT Defendant )))))))))) CIT. NO. 2010 John P. 1 [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12 13 . (vander) KOK TRIAL by DECLARATION re SEATBELT CITATION I received a seatbelt citation from Officer Storey on 5/11/10in Westminster. (vander) Kok PO BOX 553 AGOURA HILLS. vs. OFFICER STOREY. Plaintiff.[Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 (John) Philip A.In fact. CA 91301 CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT.

if not solely. & perhaps even (reserve) OFFICER STOREY was making “extra pocketmoney” simply to enforce seatbelt laws.Christian(or antireligious.adams I was wondering if the seatbelt law is more relevant for highway drivers than city drivers. MY E-MAIL to BRITAIN’s JOHN ADAMS. May 14. used for REVENUE PURPOSES rather than TRUE SAFETY me 2 [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 .14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 I was on my way to Pep Boys at the moment & was turning in to the Pep Boys drivewayat the moment he pulled me over. unless your religion is secular humanism)&I also object to the way in which I was treated (see below). I simply OBJECT to primary seatbelt enforcement laws & believe it is UN-AMERICAN & unconstitutional & evenanti. a PROPONENT of the RISK COMPENSATION THEORY & HIS RESPONSE: From: JP VANDERKOK To john.I cite the following material based on my objection & also note that there is REASON TO BELIEVE that the seatbelt law is primarily. Do you know of any studies or statistics that compares & contrasts the use of seatbelts (or lack of) & fatalities on city versus highway roads ? John Adams.

adams@ucl. effect in the latter case is not an implausible suggestion. That the added sense of security provided by a belt might have a stronger. At the other you the long drive on the empty American freeway where I remember having trouble keeping><> [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 “Professor John Adams ofUniversity College Londonwas skeptical of the proponents of seat belt laws His conclusion was that in the eighteen           . where the subject arises.The myth of the efficacy of the seat belt law is so deeply embedded [emphasis added] I ve pretty much abandonedhope of correcting www. no ulterior financial motive in prosecuting "offenders". His findings were published in 1982 and can be found in theSociety of Automotive Engineers transactions of that year[4]. More vehicle occupants killed in non-built-up areas because speeds are higher. More peds and cyclists killed in urban areas .. Most people I meet.john-adams. are astonished/incredulous when confronted by my evidence. It s a statistically messy question. Ratio of slight injuries to fatalities is higher in urban areas because speeds are lower… .28 Dear J P Interesting question. Don t know the answer.I m guessing you are from the more of them. But in retirement I still bang on. and set out to analyze the effect of seat belt laws as then in force and assess how well they matched predictions. Best wishes Johnjohn. In the UK all the fines go to the national Treasury MORE ABOUT PROFESSOR JOHN ADAMS RISK COMPENSATION THEORY 3 <http://www. At one extreme you have urban shared spaces with lots of demands on the drivers concentration.

org/wiki/Sweden><><http://en.wikipedia.countries eers><> [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12   . which were exempt from the law • a reduction in the number of drivers found to be drunk at the scene of collisions • a reduction in overall fatalities between the hours of 10pm and 4am (peak hours for drink-driving offences) • no reduction in overall fatality rates outside these hours. those countries with seat belt laws had fared no better.wikipedi a. Belt laws.[10] According to the Durbin-Harvey report. it has subsequently attributed almost all the benefit for the small reduction in overall driver fatalities to the introduction of evidential breath testing.I relan d andN ew Zealand) significantlyworse than those><http://en. commissioned by the Department of Transport following passage of the aland><http://en.wikipedia. would. accounting for approximately 80% of the world s motoring.[19] Seat belt use is a binary: The belt is either worn or not. cyclist and rear-passenger fatalities in collisions involving passenger cars • no such increase in casualties in collisions involving buses and goods lt_legislation#_note-1><http://en.wikipedia. Although the Government argued at the time that the law had saved eland><http://en. Adams concludes that there is no evidence of the seat belt law having reduced overall fatality><http://en. which tend to lead to substantial changes in wearing rates over very short periods.wikipedia. In order to explain this disparity. an analysis of fatality figures before and after the law shows: • a clear increase in pedestrian.wikipedi a. if the predictions of up 4 <http://en. Adams advanced the hypothesis thatProtecting car occupants from the consequences of bad driving encourages bad driving.and that there is evidence of fatalities having migrated from drivers to vulnerable road><http://en.wikipedia.Sw ed en. and in some cases (e.wikipedia.wikipedia.

and which used theUnited Kingdom and Italyas controls for no-law countries.13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 to 50% reductions in fatalities are correct. http://www.htm DO SEATBELTS REALLY MAKE US SAFER ? REDUCE DEATHS & INJURIES ? “William Rodgers.000 injuries a year. Whether seat belts reduce fatalities. Belgium. stated that: "On the best available evidence of accidents in this country . Spain.wikipedia. a fact widely interpreted as supporting risk compensation theory.3% increase in fatalities among car occupants[6] [7]. No such changes have been observed.evidence which has not been seriously contested compulsion could save up to 1000 lives and 10.Wes t Germany.g. accounting for approximately 80% of the world s motoring. The report predicted that. CAN SEATBELTS SOMETIMES     . compared casualty trends for both those inside and outside cars between law and no-law states. those countries with seat belt laws had fared no better. a UK seat belt law would be followed by a IN ed en.ebionite.I relan d andN ew Zealand ) significantly worse than those without. it is inescapably true that any reductions fall well below the predicted levels. Denmark. Finland. This study. based on the experiences of the eight countries studied.http://en. In response the UK s Department of Transport commissioned a study on the effects of seat belt laws inSw eden. thenSecretary of State for Transport in theCallaghan Labour Government (1976–1979). and in some cases (e. These claims were disputed byProfessor John Adamsof University College London[5 ]."[4]. known as"the Isles report" after its author. His conclusion was that in the 18 countries surveyed. be expected to demonstrate large scales tep changesin fatality figures. the Netherlandsand Norway.

org/wiki/Seat_belt_legislation><><>< t_legislation#cite_note-Isles-5><><http://en.wikipedia.wikip><><><><ht tp://en.wikipedia.wikip edia. lung bruises are amongst the most common causes of death by seat-belts especially for people of weak heart such as the elderly who can also suffer a heart attack and not be able to free from the seatbelt in order to get to help.wikipedia .org/wiki/Spain><http://en. Potentially lethal injuries such as crushed sternum and paralyzing neck injuries are common in high-speed><http://en .org/wiki/Norway><http://en . In neck injury><>< iversity_College_London><http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.htm><http://en.wikipedia. the immense pressure from a high-speed impact can cause a seat-belt wearer s head to accelerate forward suddenly while the body is restrained.ALSO KILL US ?:Side-effects 5 <http://en.w><http ://><><><><http://en. org/wiki/Callaghan_Ministry><http://en. Chest injury may cause cardiac pedia. potentially causing   .org/wiki/New_Zealand><><http://en._Baron_Rodgers_of_Quarry_Bank>< / /wiki/Step_change> [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 of seat belts “Over the years numerous cases were documented of various fatalities and injuries caused by wearing><><http://en. i/Seat_belt_legislation#cite_note-davis-6><http://en.

cyclists and pedestrians.wikipedia.wikipe dia. the total number of road traffic fatalities in Newfoundland went up by 4% but the proportion of total fatalities involving non-car occupants jumped from 21% to e-9> [Pleading title summary] 123456789 10 .org/wik i/Seat_belt_legislation#cite_note-janssen1-20><http://en. with injuries to other road users climbing by 12 to 13% (numerically 7.000 respectively).wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia. In terms of injuries to other road users the prediction was for an 11% increase in pedestrian _belt_legislation#cite_note-StreffGeller-19>< ARE WE MAKING DRIVERS ALLEGEDLY SAFER AT THE EXPENSE OF PEDESTRIANS & BICYCLISTS ? Non-car road users: From the beginning inAu s tralia[11 ] . a seatbelt law had increased casualties among non-car><http://en.wikipedia. The odds of this being a random pattern were 256 to 1 against.wikipedi a.><http://en.[10] http://en. such as motorcyclists.[13] The Isles report found that in every European country>< 6 <><http://en. the province ofNewfoundland and Labrador introduced seatbelt legislation in _note-WildeGS1988-12>< elt_legislation#cite_note-Isles-5><><http://en. InCanada. and subsequentlyNew Zealand[12 ] . InNova Scotia fatalities to non car occupants rose after the introduction of a mandatory seat belt law in 1985 although they had dropped regularly between 1980 and 1984.000 and ation#cite_note-Isles-5>< note-10>< at_belt_legislation><http://en.wikipedia. and that habitually belted drivers will be more cautious when unbelted[20] [21].[6] “…there is good evidence that habitually unbelted drivers will take more risks when belted.wikipedia. there had been research published suggesting that seat belt laws might increase deaths and injury among those outside cars. In the two years subsequent to the law.wikipedia.wikipedia.[6] He predicted that in the UK deaths to other road users would rise by approximately 150 per year in the event of compulsory seat belt wearing><http://en.wikipedia.paralyzing><htt p://en.

http://kenchris tians on. which represents a 13.11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ARE SEATBELT LAWSUN-AM ERICAN? “A BLACK STAIN ON AMERICA” http://www. 7 . and because one is entitled to make their own medical decisions they should also be permitted to make their own decisions about wearing a seatbelt.000 highway fatalities in 1979 44. 1984.646 deaths. That is a net decrease of 6. If the passage of seat-belt laws did anything. a 6 percent decrease over 15 years of rigid seat-belt law enforcement. which he calls "a black stain on America.093 highway fatalities in 1979. with some states claiming 80 percent seat-belt use.257 fatalities.836 deaths in five the year before seat-belt laws began to pass.html] Journalist Scott Indrisekhas strenuously worked to oppose mandatory seat belt efforts. there were 51.9 Five years later. it slowed the downward trend in highway fatalities started years before the passage of such laws.4 percent decline with no seat-belt laws and only voluntary seat-belt use. there were 44.w ordpres s .com/2010/02/02/s eat-belt-laws -pt-2 “Seat-belt laws have also failed to reduce highway fatalities in the numbers promised by supporters to get such laws passed. In 1999.611 fatalities.8 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. there were 41.300 highway fatalities in 1984 (before seat belt laws passed) 13% decrease withno seat belt laws 41.gmu. That is a net decrease of 2.[1] [2] Here are some facts to think about: 51.600 highway fatalities in 1999 6 % decrease with seat belt laws in place for 15 years Just the facts." Additional objections settle specifically around the assertion that a seatbelt is a medical device.

< You must be logged in <http://www.html> of 24 Leave a Comment Comment must not be> Comment must not be -terror-information-page-after-osama-bin-laden-5110660>> SPREEK JE NEDERLANDS ? SEE> for something MORE EDIFYING SEE http://www. < -terror-information-page-after-osama-bin-laden-5110660> ALSO SEE http://newvander.LaPalabraDeDios.php?nid=5192#fn9>< <> Van Der Kok <><http ://!/pages/Click-it-or-Nothing-This-isnt-the-United-Nanny-Stat es-of-America/129199230426542><> GAWIN MO MAGSALITGA TAGALOG ? SEE isek><> this is EXCELLENT reply08 / 17 / 2010 <http://www.php?nid=519 2#fn8><http://kenchristianson.wikipedia.posterous. < You must be logged in <http://www.scribd. <http://blip. Submit Characters: .wordp. <http://www.gmu. <http://vanderkok.TagalogBiblya.. Submit Characters: 400 <> HABLA ESPANOL ? SEE http://www.fee..scribd. <http://blip. TRIAL by DECLARATION: SEATBELT CITATION s ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL b/c they are a MEDICAL DEVICE & NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION IS ALLOWED STAY INFORMED ABOUT THE WAR ON TERROR AT> HAPPY PENTECOST 2011 ! JESUS PROMISED the PRESENCE of the HOLY SPIRIT   ..findlaw....LaPalabraDe..par&invol=2>< court=in&vol=app%5C05130405.<> to leave a> http://vanderkok. http://vanderkok.. (More <javascript:void(0)>) STAY INFORMED ABOUT THE WAR ON TERROR AT> to leave a comment.scribd.

scribd.pdf).this Pentecost. 2010 John P. text file (.if we pray and prepare and keep the FAITH ! EXCERPET FROM TRIAL BY DECLARATION re SEATBELT LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL (John) Philip A. ORANGE COUNTY. </static/help?type=private> <http://www.. Flag document for inapproriate content This is a private document..290 Reads/ Info and Rating Category: /Uncategorized.. Word Doc (.. (vander) KOK TRIAL by DECLARATION re SEATBELT CITATION I rece (Less <javascript:void(0)>) Download or Print /> Follow </login> Download * Embed Doc * Copy Link * Add To Collection * Comments * Readcast * Share × Share on Scribd: Readcast Search TIP Press Ctrl-F F to quickly search anywhere in the document.doc). WE805439 ) RE SEATBELT CITATION ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) KOK.and it was TRUE ! And we will be BLESSED AGAIN with a renewed presence./ Free download as PDF File (. PHILIP A. WESTMINSTER POLICE DEPT. CA 91301 CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR> Uploaded by Van Der Kok <http://www..if. OFFICER STOREY. Plaintiff. NO.scribd. Search *Search History: * . WEST JUSTICE CENTER CITY of WESTMINSTER. CA ) CIT.. (vander) Kok PO BOX 553 AGOURA HILLS./ Rating: Upload Date: 07/20/2010 Copyright: Attribution Non-commercial Tags: /This document has no tags. vs. CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT Defendant Dated this _____ day of ____.txt) or read online for free.

com/doc/89532865/CHURCH-of-the-INCARNATION-GLENDALE-CA> CHURCH of the INCARNATION.scribd.scribd.scribd. <http://www.> Gaga Christmas Special <http://www. L-ADDS-UP> WIDOWS MITE SUPPORTING BODY of CHRIST: IT ALL ADDS UP <http://www. CA <http://www. <http://www. MARY MAGDALENE CHURCH <http://www.scribd..scribd.scribd.scribd. Result 00 of 00 00results for result for # p. CA ¡ ¡ .com/doc/91074342/SUPERBOWL-2012> Next 5> 1 p.scribd. <> 2> CABLE AIR SHOW <> 70 p. <http://www.scribd.> SUPERBOWL 2012 <> 1 p. More From This User Related Documents More From This User 2> ST. <> ELVIS at the -ADDS-UP> ITS my way of trying to symbolically support the Body of Christ financially> Prev Next 1> 1 p.scribd.scribd.scribd. <http://www.scribd. <http://www.scribd. 1 p.scribd.scribd. BENEDICT.scribd. SAN FRANCISCO <> 2> Sound of Christmas <> ST. <> Prev Next 5 p. <> UKRAINE ORTHODOX <> ST.scribd. <http://www. <http://www. GRAMMY MUSEUM <http://www.scribd.

<http://www. < E-2012> Prev Next 1> SEAL BEACH NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE <> 1> Dennis Burke FRONT <> HOLY SPIRIT> Dennis Burke Back <http://www. MAY 2010 <http://www. FR EUGENE. <> 1 p. JUDE.<http://www. <http://www. FR TOM 1 p. <> HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH.scribd. <> ST. POLYCARP.scribd. <> ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ . FOUNTAIN VALLEY.scribd. < TE-2012> VOTE SMART CARD 2 ME FOR PRESIDENTIAL WEBSITE 2012 <http://www. <http://www. CYPRESS. CA <http://www. <> Prev Next 1 p. EASTER 2012 .scribd.scribd. <http://www.scribd.scribd.scribd. SEPTEMBER> Prev Next 1> ST. FR> ST IRENAEUS APRIL 8. < ALLEY-CA> 1> AMERICAN> TYRANNOSAURUS POSTCARD <> 1 E-2012> 1> Prev Next 1 p.scribd. <> PRAY FOR FATHER> 1 p. EASTER <http://www. PENTECOST SUNDAY <http://www. MAY 2010.scribd.scribd.scribd. MANHATTAN> 10 p. CA < TE-2012> VOTE SMART CARD 2 ME FOR PRESIDENTIAL WEBSITE 2012 <http://www.

com/people/view/88356440> Next 58> From Mi Ra < rtance-of-wearing-seat-belts> From Mi Ra <http://www. <http://www.scribd.scribd. <http://www.. <> Seat Belts & Child Restraints <> SA_AmirahSyahirah_FYP1 <http://www.scribd.1> Prev Next 52 p. <> ¡ ¡ .com/doc/60250710/4/Strategy-of-raise-awareness-about-the-imp ortance-of-wearing-seat-belts> 2. <http://www. <> 52> SA_amirahsyahirah_10711201445 <> 58 p. < CLUDING-NOT-WEAR-SEAT-BELTS> From Mi Ra <> From autocontact <http://www. < A> Prev Next 1> Prev Related Documents 228> 52 NCLUDING-NOT-WEAR-SEAT-BELTS> 2SUMMONS WHICH INVOLVED TRAFFIC OFFENSES INCLUDING NOT WEAR SEAT BELTS <http://www.scribd.scribd. <http://www. CA .scribd.scribd. LONG> 58 p.scribd.scribd.scribd. <http://www. <> From Mi Ra <> 7/25/10 ST MARIA GORETTI> SA_AmirahSyahirah_FYP1 <> SA_AmirahSyahirah_FYP1 <> PARE LORENTZ DOCUMENTARY FUND <http://www..scribd.scribd.2Strategy of raise awareness about the importance of wearing> From Mi Ra <http://www.

scribd.scribd. <http://www.May 2010 ¡ ¡ ¡ .com/people/view/17356719> Prev Next 12 p.scribd.. <http://www. <> From utub3abr0 < ng-Behavior> Effects of Mandatory Seat Belt Law on Driving Behavior <http://www. <> 1> From resgatetreinamentos <> 3 p.scribd.scribd.Seatbelts .com/people/view/6270003> Prev Next 2> From socialscienceresearchcenter <> 29 mbly-via-MyGov365-com> HB 1173 .Exception for Law Enforcement Officers From MyGov365 < <> Progress Report <> Healthy Kansas Kids Newsletter .scribd.arc82057 <> B-SAFE Rear Seat Belt <http://www.scribd.scribd.From Mi Ra < g-Behavior> From Filip Wolniewicz <> 9 <> From ipixtlan <> 75 p. < ATBELT-LAW-ENFORCEMENT> The RELIGIOUS RIGHT to drive seatbelt free is guaranteed by the> 24 EATBELT-LAW-ENFORCEMENT> MY ONGOING FIGHT AGAINST UNCONSTITUTIONAL SEATBELT LAW ENFORCEMENT < bly-via-MyGov365-com> Motor Vehicles> 2001 Seatbelt Final Report <http://www. <> From 3top.First Reading .com/doc/67325403/Failure-of-Seatbelt-Legislation> Failure of Seatbelt Legislation <http://www. <http://www.scribd.scribd. From Van Der Kok <http://www. <> 58 p. <> Prev Next 45 p.scribd.Maryland General Assembly via MyGov365.scribd.scribd.

com/doc/28299239/The-Basics-Data-amp-Concepts-of-the-InfantCar-Seat-Base> The Basics Data & nt-Car-Seat> What You Need to Know Before Buying An Infant Car Seat <> Prev You Must be Logged in to Download a Document Use your Facebook login and see what your friends are reading and sharing. From sara_pcs <http://www.scribd.. From Solomon and Relihan. <http://www. From William Cheah <> 2 p. Arizona is one of only three states i.<> 2> The Basics Data &amp..scribd. Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys <http://www. < ar-Seat-Base> This Article Provides Data & Facts on the Misuse of Car Seat & Infant Car> 2 p..scribd. < t-Car-Seat> What You Need to Know Before Buying An Infant Car> Proposal <http://www.scribd.. <http://www. Concepts of the Infant Car Seat Base <http://www.>Spinner_mac_white ¡ .com/people/view/24419002> Prev Next 1 p. <> From elfkinbaby <http://www.scribd. From William Cheah <> Arizona child seat belt law is > Arizona Child Seat Belt Law May Get a Boost <http://www..scribd. Concepts of the Infant Car Seat Base <> From Mi Ra <> 7 p.scribd. Other login options Login with Facebook <javascript:void(0). Plus Baby Car Seats ar-Seat-Base> This Article Provides Valuable Data & Facts on the Mistreat of Car Seat & Inf.

facebook. 2.. Publish Your Documents Quickly and easily> About </about> Press </static/press> Blog < <http://twitter..Signup I don t have a Facebook account email address (required) Sign Up Privacy policy </privacy> Spinner_mac_white Why Sign up? 1. Discover and Connect With people of similar interests 2.scribd. Email Address: You need to provide a login for this account as well.> facebook. Spinner_large_mac_white Reset Your Password « Back to Login <#> Please enter your email address below to reset your </scribd> twitter. Login Submit Spinner_mac_white Upload </upload-document> Search <#> * * * * * * * * * Follow Us!> Partners </partners> Scribd 101 </scribd101>   .com/scribd <http://www. 3.> Login Successful Now bringing you back. Share Your Reading Interest On Scribd and social sites like Facebook and Twitter Already have a Scribd account? email address or username password Log In Spinner_trans_gray Trouble logging in? <javascript:void(0). We will send you an email with instructions on how to continue.

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