Michael Andrew Eagan 11702 Easy street Austin, TX 78748 Phone: 512-800-5093 Email: michael.


Country of citizenship: Veterans' Preference: Registered for Selective Service Contact Current Employer:

United States of America No Yes


Job Type: Work Schedule:

Permanent Full Time

Summary of Qualifications
•Skills in critical thought and analyzing complex problems •Familiar with computer forensics, cyber terrorism, and computer forensic research •Familiar with information assurance, cyber security, and cyber crime •Ability to integrate into and work with teams •Familiar with crime analysis, criminal intelligence analysis •Familiar with Geographic Profiling •Able to teach and apply computer, mathematical, and criminal justice concepts •Ability to get along with a variety of groups and people •Ability to communicate well with others, write reports, and work without supervision •Familiar with legal concepts and ability to apply them to real world problems •Capable of working in high stress environments and making critical decisions •Able to work independently with little or no supervision •Wrote reports detailing with operational details •Ability to multitask many complex tasks •Wrote task relate procedures to assist groups using them •Ability to organize, consult and liaison between different organizational groups •Consulted on mission critical problems •Lead small groups


Harte Hanks/Microsoft Microsoft Online Services Austin, Texas US Microsoft Online Support Specialist Microsoft Support Engineer


•Obtain clearance for Office 365-ITAR Microsoft D/F Servers Microsoft Online Support Specialist (MOSSUP) •Obtain clearance to work on Microsoft BPOS (Dedicated) international marketplace (ISO 27001), HIPAA compliance •Microsoft BPOS –F (Federal) US Government data, FIPS 199 Moderate security categorization (FISMA Controlled Unclassified Information) •Obtain training in Microsoft Business Productivity Suite and office 365 •Passed extended Background check to work on financial institutions data Including Exchange, Lync, Outlook, SharePoint, Messenger, AD, Black Berry (BAS/BES), and Microsoft specific tools •Manage, diagnose, and repair services related to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite and office 365 •worked with Rim BAS and BES servers

Managing Cyber Incidents for Emergency Operations Centers •Research for course development Research for Introduction to Security Assessments class. MacB Texas State University-Criminal Justice San Marcos.Security Sensitive . evaluate and produce course materials Created Modules for Introduction to Security Assessments class. legal aspects of computer crime. USAA.Managing Cyber Incidents for Emergency Operations Centers •Technical resource Resource for CISSP Cybercrime. and Forensics •Support Course Delivery Preparations •Preparation for Course Deliveries -Set up internal lab networks and systems -Created network setup and system configuration for Introduction to Security Assessments included Linux. course material and testing material for university level students •Doctoral Student •Consulted with individual at British Consulate in Houston on National Cyber-security resources •Obtained Position of Special Trust.000+ •Notable Clients: Fortune 500 companies. NJ EMS Task Force/Solaris Health System. e-discovery. legal hold. SharePoint •Transferred from Temporary Technisource to Permanent Full-Time Harte-Hanks (12/6/2011) •Customer advocate between Microsoft and various specialized team •Had the opportunity to Work with customers from all over the world •Users affected routinely range from one to 50. Texas US 6/2010-11/2010 Information Security Instructor II •Participate in course development Assisted with Introduction to Security Assessments class. Information Awareness. windows systems and Linux Servers -Created various types of Virtual Machines for class instruction •Course Instruction •Taught DHS VADS and CIAS CISSP classes •Course closeout Activities •Notable Clients of courses: NJ-OHSP at the New Jersey Regional Computer Forensics Lab. and Information Awareness •Create. and legal holds •Familiar with Proofpoint •Provided other companies Security. USAMITC. Legal. Donation. Created Module for Information Awareness: Social Networking Created Destruction. and incident response/investigation •Prepare lectures. Proofpoint searches •Worked with clients and other Microsoft critical situation teams and Technical Account Managers during major critical infrastructure or business impacting events from individual company to multi-national incidents Worked Sev A. and e-discovery units with PST captures. Pri 1 Datacenter down. state. Texas US 1/2010-5/2010 Doctoral Teaching Assistant •Taught University Level Class on Cybercrime (upper level) • Topics include computer crime. NJ State Police Cyber-Crimes Unit. VADS. VADS . Windows server. forensic. and recycling Computers and Computer Equipment flyer •Evaluated various CIAS courses Reviewed Introduction to Security Assessments.•Experience with Recovery for investigations. and Federal government University of Texas at San Antonio Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security San Antonio. Security Assessments. tracing/tracking emails.L-3.

and interact with customers •Tracked computer inventory for various sites •Help students. and advanced Windows techniques to mitigate security issues. •Research Assistant for Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation. hardware. including Statistics for Criminal Justice. and operating system issues.9/2007 Graduate Assistant/Research Assistant/CJ Computer Lab Coordinator •Taught various undergraduate classes. data recovery. Law. WSUS •Increased experience with networking. and faculty with software problems •Planned and coordinated desktop security for ITS OSS for the Clinton Global Initiative and work closely with networking •Data Custodian for CAT-I data (data specifically protected by federal or state law or University of Texas rules and regulations) for various sites •Train ITS personnel for GSEC .1/2010 Services Austin. and Disaster Backup plans •Conduct site visits. vulnerability scans. and made recommendations on minimizing threat vectors • Wrote site manuals. network. diagnostics. WDS. •Experience with AD. Texas US Computer Programmer/Desktop Support Specialist • Diagnosed and troubleshoot Mac. •Advised Center for Society. malware vectors) •Consulted on security issues and policy •Obtained Position of Special Trust.University of Texas-Information Technology 9/2007 . Disaster Recovery plans. staff.Security Sensitive •Lead small groups Texas State University-Criminal Justice San Marcos. PC. •Created instructional and interactive CD for Hostage Negotiation Conference 2007. UNIX. Texas US 8/2005 .GIAC Security Essentials Certification •Presented and trained personnel on site and security surveying •Applied principals of digital forensics. . •Worked on Access databases. and Justice on the drawbacks of National Institute of Justices SECURES (System for the Effective Control of Urban Environment Security) project. security and site surveying •Performed repairs on computer systems Mac and PCs •Consulted on various site ramp up for various sites •Increased experience with virtual machine technology •Improved ability to detect and remove malware and worked on complex issues involving unknown vectors •Performed fundamental analysis of malware •Taught other Technicians how to conduct site and security surveys and site remediation skills (e. and identify hardware issues •Technical Support Coordinator for various sites •Consulted on and helped coordinate site and security mitigation for the DOD/VA site between the Onsite Support and UNIX groups •Advised other Onsite Support Teams on security. applications.g. recover lost data. Linux systems • Conducted site audits. SCCM. Linux. diagnose network problems. and administered tests when needed. and firewalls •Increased knowledge of Windows and UNIX servers •Acquired advanced skills at enterprise level deployment including networking. and SPSS output to provide data interpretation for the Border Patrol Project sponsored by the National Institute of Justice for the Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation.

Management Principles in CJ. and evaluation.8/2015 Major: Criminal Justice GPA: 4. Licensures and Certifications: Description: The curriculum provides for the development of skills in criminal justice program planning. •Lead small groups City of Austin-Aquatics Division Austin. •Webmaster for the Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation website. Relevant Coursework: Digital Forensics. software.8/2007 44 Semester Hours Major: Criminal Justice GPA: 3. Licensures and Certifications: Description: The curriculum is designed for criminal justice professionals who seek advanced education and students who will pursue academic appointments at colleges and universities in Texas and around the nation. First Aid. Advanced Research in CJ. •Advised on software and hardware purchases and configuration •Responsible for computer equipment inventory. and C. Geographic Profiling). and initiated transfer to new server software and updates to operating systems to secure the Department’s computers. swim team coach • Help patrons and answer questions • Night man 5/1993-5/1996 5/2000-8/2000 EDUCATION Texas State University San Marcos. Texas State University San Marcos. Administrative Law. Special operations Units. Advanced Statistics. Administration of Justice.92 out of 4. •Found breaches in network security.0 with 3 of 4 classes Incomplete as of 3/2011 Relevant Coursework. Texas US Master's Degree . TX Lifeguard •Maintained Safety of Patrons and responded to emergencies •Maintained Lifeguard. and diagnosed computers. printers and networks. and C. created response plan. •Setup new print server for the Criminal Justice Department lab. •Secured. and Personal Practices in CJ .•Helped maintain Criminal Justice department website and server. NM Lifeguard III • Maintained Safety of Patrons and responded to emergencies •Maintained Lifeguard. implementation. Texas US Doctorate . repaired.R certifications •Help patrons and answer questions City of Albuquerque-Aquatics Division Albuquerque. provided first response. First Aid.P.P. Digital Forensic Research.R certifications •Taught swim lessons. Independent Study (Crime Analysis. •Consulted on setup of Criminal Justice lab and purchases of new computer systems and peripherals for the Criminal Justice Department and oversaw other graduate assistants assigned to the lab.0 Relevant Coursework. •First Graduate Assistant to obtain title of Computer Lab Coordinator. maintained.

8/2003 33 Semester Hours Major: Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement GPA: 3. Relevant Coursework: Comparative Criminal Justice. (Ret. and criminal investigation.0 Relevant Coursework. Forensic Evidence. Kim Rossmo. Police Systems and Practices. Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement. criminal procedure. Criminal Justice major requirements and Electives. Licensures and Certifications: Description: The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice requires the completion of 128 hours including course work in general education. PhD Phone Number: Email Address: Reference Type: Texas State University 512-245-2174 qt10@txstate. Texas US Bachelor's Degree . Quint Thurman. Crime in America. REFERENCES Dr.0 Relevant Coursework.D.edu Professional Texas State University 512-245-2174 dp13@txstae. The Courts and Criminal Procedure. Advanced Criminal Justice Management. Psychology in the Courtroom. mid-level CJ Management.edu Professional Texas State University 512-245-2174 krossmo@txstate. Calculus I. David Perkins.8/2005 95 Semester Hours Major: Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Minor: Forensic Psychology GPA: 3. Juvenile Justice.5 out of 4.Texas State University San Marcos. PhD Phone Number: Email Address: Reference Type: Hon.) Phone Number: Email Address: Reference Type: Dr. Special Problems in CJ systems. Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Criminal Justice. police systems. Correctional systems and practices. Texas US Associate Degree . Abnormal psychology. Fundamentals of Criminal Law. J. Statics for CJ.78 out of 4. Licensures and Certifications: Description: The law enforcement emphasis includes elements of criminal law. Ethics in Criminal Justice.edu Professional Chair Criminal Justice Department Professor Criminal Justice Department Endowed Chair Criminal Justice Department . Contemporary Legal Issues in Law Enforcement Austin Community College Austin. Cybercrime. Research in CJ. court systems. Crime Theory and Victimization. Criminal Investigation.

•PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water Scuba Diver. Digital Forensics Basics (AWR-139-W). Austin (Summer. ACTIVITIES: •Took graduate level computer science courses in digital forensics and digital forensics research. Information Security Basics (AWR-173-W). 2006) utilizing crime analysis and geographic profiling techniques. Business Information Continuity (AWR-176-W). utilizing crime analysis and geographic profiling techniques. Secure Software (AWR-178-W). 2006. 2008-2009. •Texas Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. •Austin Community College: Presidents List 4 semesters. Cyber Ethics (AWR-174-W). •Awarded Information Security Office (ISO) challenge coin for commitment to Cybersecurity. Network Assurance (AWR-138-W). •Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society Treasurer. •Helped with and attended the 2005-2007 Texas State Hostage Negotiation Conferences.GIAC Security Essentials Certification (meets the requirements of DOD 8570 IAT Level 2). (Professional Paper) •Worked with police psychologists on psychological profiling and law enforcement research. • Graduated with Scholastic Leadership recognition. •American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon. •National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic. •Completed Department of Homeland Security Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense course (DHS Course Number PER256). 2007). CERTIFICATIONS: • GSEC . • Prepared a Crime Analysis Study of Burglaries of Motor Vehicles at University of Texas and Texas State University. . Information Risk Management (AWR-177-W) •Attended SANS 505 Securing Windows course •Criminal Justice Department representative at the Texas State Digital Forensics Symposium (June.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HONORS: •Texas State University (undergraduate): Dean’s List 2 Semesters. 2007). 2003-2006 •Prepared a Crime Analysis Study of Burglaries of Motor Vehicles at Texas State University (Summer. •Attended the Information Security Forum for Texas Government. •Completed CDI: Cyberterrorism First Responder (CFR) •Completed CIAS: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Prep Course •Completed CIAS: Introduction to Security Assessments •Former member US-CERT Software Assurance Group •Member of FBI InfraGard program (Passed FBI Background Check) •Part of FBI InfraGard Electromagnetic Pulse special interest group •Member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) •Attended Act-Online DHS Cybersecurity Course. •Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Order. •Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Completed: Information Security for Everyone (AWR-175-W). •Geographic Profiling Analyst I-Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation and the Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center.

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