Become a Project Florence Volunteer

This summer Wessex Archaeology, Defence Infrastructure Organisations (DIO) and 1st Rifles are running an excavation on Salisbury Plain Training Area. The excavation is part of Operation Nightingale, a rehabilitation programme for soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. Find out more at

What is Project Florence?
Project Florence is a Heritage Lottery Funded Project, which aims to get locals involved in telling people about an exciting army excavation.

Why Volunteer?
Gain skills and experience in any or all of these opportunities over 2012-2013 - Run events at the excavations (June and July only) - Train in archaeological post-excavation skills - Design an exhibition - Lead road show events in your local community - Create blogs, podcasts and film for the web Find out more on our Volunteer webpages
This event is part of Project Florence, a Heritage Lottery Funded project.

Wessex Archaeology

Contact Us To sign up or for more information please contact Laura Joyner Project Florence Officer Wessex Archaeology 07872 419331 Twitter @WAFlorence

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