Sue P.

Everirart, Chairman





District RePublicans,

Convention of the Republican 13th Congressional Enclosed is the call for the replacement Georgia the Appeals Committee and passed by the District as recommended by the report of

RepublicanPartyStateConvention.IncludedwiththiscallisalistofallDelegatesand District to counties that iie within the i 3th congressional Aiternates that were given by all of the that w*r govern this replacement convention' RepubliJan party arong with the rules
the Georgia as follows: The Replacement Convention will be held
13th Congressional

District Replacement Convention

TuesdaY, June 19, 2012


7:00 PM

Lithia Christian Center
2548 Vulcan Drive

Lithia SPrings, GA 30122
3 Alternates to the the purpose of electing 3 Delegates and This Replacement convention is for convention' This will be the only business of the Republican National Convention.

Anyonewishingtohavetheirnameplacedinnominationforeitheradelegateoralternate Party either by email to

Georgia Repubiican position must send a letter of intent to the Georgia and Republican Party' PO Box 550008' Atlanta' or mail to the Georgia must be received bY June 14,2012' you in Lithia our Party, and I look forward to seeing Thank you again for your service to Springs!

,L*"Sue P. Everhart, Chairman
P.0. Box SSoooSPatp ron


GA 30355


404'257 '5559


404 '257 'a779 Plx



GEoRGtl RrPust-tc'tN




The Georgia Committeeforthe2012NationalConventionofdelegatedrepresentativesoftheRepublican of August 27,2012,, for the purpose of Party to be held i,. ru*pu, Florida, the week to its Vice President of the United States; pursuant nominating candidates for President and decision of the i"t on April 2'201L; and pursuant to the Rules, as adopted by the State Comori May i9, 21!z,herebv issues this Official Call Georgia State Repul[can Convention on and alternaies in the 13th Congressional (..Call,,) to all previously-qualifi"a ZOii O"tegates Party and support its aims and District who believe in the principles ,i*L" {epublican of Nationai Delegates and Alternates to the purposes, to unite under this caliin the selection iOii n"p,rbiican National Convention'


participationlysuch persons in Party affairs and The GRP seeks the trroadest possible i" tt'i' Con""tio" shall in no way be abridged delegate selection. AJditionaily, partiiifatioo national origin' for reasons of sex, race, religion,-color' age' or
TheCongressionalDistrictConventionshallelectthree[3|DistrictDelegatesandthree[3| National convention' District Atternate Delegates to the Republican

to the2012 Republican National All of the seventy-six [76] Delegates from Georgia Repubtican20l2 Presidential have been allocated according to tnlCgo.uia
Convention in GRP Rule 7'3 (B)' Preference Primary vote as provided

in accordance with the Rules of GRP' as The following procedures shall be conducted applicable: SECTION



District Convention: Tuesday' June 19'2012'




in the 13th District Convention is hereby called to convene ili 1'q- day of Jun 2' 2!12 .at exactlv 7 PM at the Congressionar pistrict of the State of GLIrgi"a;i of electing springs,'Ga.30122-for the purpose christian center, 254g vulcan ;;ir;, Lithia Lithia National from the Dirtrr"t to the 2012 Republican three [3] Detegates andthree [3] ett"rrut",
13th Congressional


2. A copy of this call shall be sent to each congressionaltheir r:espective County Conventions' A Convention at April 14, 2OlZ /,i1oni"rriorral District District Chairman'
io the 13th Congressional courtesy copy of this call shall be sent
by the various county conventions 3. only Delegates and Alternates elected
as Delegates and

Delegate and Alternate eiected to the

District convention, and who timely appear Altenrates to the April 14, 2012 t3thcongressional in such 1-of-this Section B nay sit' act and participate and register as required by paragraph shall be eligible to onfy Oelegates and seated Alternates Congressional District Co,1r"nttr, una vote in this District Convention'
convention three [3] Delegates 4. Trris district shall elect at its Repracement District Convention' Alternates to the 2012 Republican National
and three [3]

2012' shall close at exactly 7PM on June 19' 5. Delegate and Alternate registration




1. 13th Congressional District Convention

convention the chairman of this congressionar District Immediately after the District convention, 2012 of the Delegates and Alternates to the fire a certified list of the names and uddr"rses shall by the District convention' as follows: Republican National Convention, elected

FIRST: Mail one set of the above materials above Headquarters,P.O.Box550003,Atlanta,GA30355,postmarkedordeliveredwithinfive(5)days of the adjournment of the District Convention'
District by the Secretary of the congressional one set of the materials is to be retained SEC.ND:

to the secretary of the GRP at GRP




this cali and the convention Rures attached to this document, Except to the extent modified by the p*ty, n:itert's Rules o7:O"1" Newly Revised 11'h Edition shall Rules of the Georgia Republican be followed.
the Georgia certify that the foregoing was issued by IN ,ITNESS ryHEREoF, the undersigned on the 4th day of June' 2012' Republican purtv


trr" direction ortnJcRp State convention



Everhart Sue F.verhart chairman
/s/John John Padgett SecretarY

/s/Anne Lewis Anne Lewis General Counsel


/s/Brian Keahl Brian Keahl Executive Director

District convention is At the direction of the State Republican convention, this Party (GAGOP) for being held underthe supervision of the Georgia Republican from the District to the 2012 the sole purpose of electing delegates and alternates Republican National Convention' or her designee' 2. All committees shall be appointed by the GAGOP Chairman to the Convention as 3. The Credentials Committee shall present a credentials report soon as practical following the close of registration' 4. Signs will designate seating areas on the convention floor fbr Delegates and and to those areas Alternates. Only those with proper credentials may be admitted to the convention floor. 5. No Resolutions or Rules changes shall be reported or considered'expenses related ;:. il" iir;iriri", Committee shall reimburse the GAGOP for allCommittee 13th District to this convention. The GAGOP shall present the within ten (10) days after the convention' treasurer with a bill and related receipts, GAGOP no later than ten The 13th District committee shall make payment to the (10) days after receipt of the bitl from the GAGOP' or longer 7. No person *uy ,p"uk in debate more than once on the same questionby two-thirds granted than two minutes without the permission of the Convention, vote without debate. for National 8. Anyone wishing to have his or her name placed in nomination the GAGOP by to Delegate or Altlrnate shall have submitted a letter of intent who make timely submissions Thursday, June 14, 20l2.The names of ail persons to all delegates and shall be pia"ed on the ballot. As set forth in the Cali sent floor shall not be permitted' alternates to this convention, nominations from the g. Election of National Convention Delegates and Alternates shall be as follows: right to cast up to six votes' but Each District Convention Delegate stratl have the three nominees receiving the each vote must be for a different individual. The The three nominees largest number of votes shall be the National DelegatesNational Alternates' The receiving the next largest number of votes shall be the the poll watchers shall be the Registration commGe shall count the ballots and highest ranking officer of each County present' may be altered to accommodate 10. The order of n6n-business activity on-the agenda the business of the convention' this i 1. Having been ordered by the Georgia state Republican convention, Convention is deemed not appealable' govern the Convention llth Editioz 12. ^- Robert's Rules of Order Niwly Revised and in which shall are not inconsistent they in aff cases to *t"n they are applicable Rules of the with these Stanaing Rulls, the Ca[ of this Convention and the


Georgia RePublican ParfY.

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