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Government of Gujarat has identified SPIPA as the "Nodal Institute" in Gujarat f or the purpose of conducting research and imparting

training on the subject rele vant to the state on International Trade. 17, PM & TA, - Madhubhan - Ask digna to send compatible version of CDR file 16, PM & TA, - JayWeborder - Look into issuse of export order file counter with sunny and con sulted Alpeshbhai - SPIPA - Library:Function of editorial board in Eng and Guj sahred with ST, EDP : Removal of the section in Quantity norms section, Updation of Seminar/Auditori am facility (From the infrastructure page), General:Share first three section we bsite writeup for review to DG & Priyank, RTI:Replacing PDF of BOG and EC, - Madhubhan - Downloaded the swimming pool Banner and shared with Arvind - Misc - Call from redchilli and share the communication to sir - TIT - Share the effort estimate with Amit Sir after getting it from Sandip and Arpit - FES - Adding news "India biodiversity Award" in News section - batransfer - Shared feature list and effort estimate - Hester Web - Updated unaudited results for 2011-12 - by Arpit 15, PM & TA, - NO - Review, lsit out features and estimate the timeline - Elecon - Replacing catlogue of Bucket Wheel Planetary Gear Unit - SPIPA - Sent Tip of the day in English and Gujarati - Hester Web - Request for upload of unaudited results for 2011-12 by Rajiv Gand hi - Anycab - Shared feature list and effort estimate - TIT - Asked Arpit and Sandip for effort estimate - Madhubhan - Contacted Prashantbhai (IT) and Hasitbhai (SPA) for knowing proces s of SPA and Saloon booking. 14, - SPIPA Visit to different departments & Priyank, got CWTO GR, BOG EC details, S eminar/Auditorium facility info, received updated Faculty profile from Bhaktiben - SPIPA ST work completion - Links of sitemap corrected, Budget allocation to sp ipa in guj, Changes in Ahd RTC, Quantitiy norms update, Received GR related to C WTOS from priyank, received feedback on faculty database template from bhaktiben (Priyank), User registration mail sample from priyank, Pobationary mamlatdar re port sent from ST to bhaktiben for upload from server farm need to find who is getting email of user registration and feedback form, - TIT e-commerce website requirement review, visited and - FES CI - Review of feedback by nirali, discussion with sir and sandip, communi cated changes done. - Elecon - Upload of 4th qtr 2012 FR by Arvind - Reqst from Amitbhai. 12, - FES CI - First phase design and implementation completed, Amit sir shared WP t emplates to be reviewed for second phase design - Elecon - Updating contact details in Map and direction page also, Changing the spelling of Stacky Reclamy, - FES - changing file name of A Commons Story: In the Rain Shadow of Green Revo lution in study section - SPIPA - share content for EDP:Quantity Norms, and some of the non working link s

11, - Elecon - Blenzer and redicon details on home page and news detail page - NO - Shared JMC, Hester and Sinsui timelines to Sir - HCP - Issue from Aswathy regarding slide show 3 image repliction in one image (Frist one in slide show) - FES CI - Meeting with Nirali on understanding the requirement and documents pr ovided. - SPIPA - Reviewed the suggestion from Priyank and share some of suggestions to ST for implementation, Send reply of the issues shared by priyank on SPIPA websi te, Shared EDP:report on training of probationary mamlatdar and Mid Career repor t, 10, PM & TA, - SPIPA - Bhaktiben supplied user designation in gujarati for salary of SPIPA em ployee, Sanjivani ben shared Gyandeep PDF, which is forwarded to ST - Only Vimal - Uplaod of SMS and win result and customer form - By Arvind - Requ est from Rakesh Khater - Elecon - Uplioad of new order - BuyTea - Display message "Available only in India" in 4 added Premix products - Done by Sunny - Madhubhan - Received Specs of SPA and Saloon online booking from sir

09, PM & TA, - Mail from Amit sir on verifying VV setups - Get forwarded mail from sunny on Nantucket and Paddlecab bug and changes - SPIPA - Rent for Seminar hall updated by ST, Share campus map to ST - HCP - Received call from Aswathi to revert thumbnail display functionlaity fro m study to dynamic - Ask pulkit for FTP access - BuyTea - Display message "Available only in India" in 4 added Premix products - Request from Kinnary - Venus - Photo upload of Magic event - Jayweborder - Request for change of export XML file path - FES CI Website - Schedule meeting with Nirali,received pending material from N irali 08, PM & TA - FES CI Website - Received CD of CI content - Review of home page layout - disc ussion with Nirali and prepared initial specification and share with FES - Jay Web order - Test FTP access and share the status with Alpeshbhai - SPIPA - Received suggestion (Part-1 & 2) from Priyank shared with Amit sir - S hared EC MOM to ST - Monthly Pay in gujrati to ST - Budget in Gujarati to ST Received Campus map from SIRD - Suvik - Updated Brochure of Voltage stabilizer (Roller Type) - Indextb - Status update - done by Arvind 07, PM & TA, - FES CI - Reuirement Analysis of existing document and Layout - SPIPA - Share budgest allocated to SPIPA info with ST, First Tip of the week i s shared with ST, Shared document for review to Amit Sir containing existing web site content of frist three section. - Misc - Dreamhost server problem 05, PM & TA,

- Elecon - Updates in High Speed Gear box section and replacing logo of Benzlers and Radicon - SPIPA - Exam: Update in register maintained, uploading GRIMCO exam news, Study Center:Shared UPSC result with ST, Lib:Gujarati updates, Priyank shared referen ce websites 04, PM & TA, - On leave after two hrs - FES - request from siddharth on adding contact details of North East sector - SPIPA - Received UPSC result from Priyank, received GRIMCO (exam) material - Misc - Received mail from hiral on different cpanel and support access. 03, - SPIPA - Shared NIAR MOU with ST, ISO certificate - Chetan Trivedi - Work on excel file for getting Contact details of some of the supplier (Examination Gloves) - Venus infra - Upload of construction progress of Parkland proj. - CBCC -SPAC application - Amitsir shared the additional requirement of Masters and Reports 02, PM & TA, - SPIPA - Sharing MOM to all SPIPA staff as well as RTCs, Shared Faculty profile template with Bhaktiben, Received Pay details of SPIPA staff, SIRD contact deta ils with Nazia, Shared MOM of meeting with DG and staff (May 01)to all stakehold ers - JMC Projects - Assigned Updates to sunny - Aashna - Rview the website and existing photograph of detergents and link them , shared with arvind 01 - SPIPA - Meeting with DG and Staff members, writing MOM of the meeting share wi th sir for review - Madhubhan - Reqest for removing tariffs and tequiza slider - Digna patel - Inspiron - Adding one client name in Knit section of Client list - JMC Projects - Updates in Shareholder Info sections - Uploading Shareholding p attern for March 31, 2012 and Updating Profiles of BOD, Adding one more section in Shareholders Info - "Corporate Governance Compliance" upload PDFs from March 2010 to 2012 - WB Corporate site - Design Meeting with director and others, Mom prepration an d sharing with Sandip and Amit sir