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1 Getting Started

2 Basic Language Elements

3 OOPS Basics

4 OOPS Detail

5 Abstract Classes & Interfaces

6 Packages & Applet 7 Exception Handling 8 Some Important Build-in Classes 9 Collection Framework 10 Multithreading 11 The I/O Package .

12 JDBC 13 Advance Java/Flex Total .

Bit wise.Core Java . Relational. Conditional) Conditional Statements (if… else…. Arrays Similarities and Differences with / from C++ Encapsulation. switch case) Looping Constructs (for/each. for. Variables. Inheritance Classes and Objects Instance Variables Access Modifiers Constructor. Compound. while. Logical. Compiling.Training Plan Introduction to Java Truths / Myths About Java (Features of Java) Installing Java Writing. Polymorphism. JVM . Destructors Garbage Collection Static methods and fields "this" Keyword Polymorphism Method Overloading Inheritance Method Overriding "super" Keyword "final" Keyword Other Modifiers Java Object Typecasting Nested Classes Abstract Classes & Methods Extending Abstract Class Declaring Interfaces Implementing Interfaces . Arithmetic.) Keywords Comments and JavaDoc Data Types. do) Var-Args. Running a Java Program Some important terms in Java (like JDK. Servers etc. Constants TypeCasting Operators (Assignment.

Hash Set) Iterator Threads Basics Creating and Exceuting Threads Thread Lifecycle & states Thread Scheduling & Priorities Synchronization Deadlock Introduction to IO Input and output streams Readers and writers BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream FileReader and FileWriter Java Serialization . HashMap.Extending Interfaces Introduction to Packages Create. TreeSet. Naming Packages Importing packages Static Import Introduction to Applet Introduction to Exception Checked & Uncheked Exception The "try-catch" structure The "finally" clause The "throws" clause Custom Exception Exception Chaining Object String StringBuffer Date Math Collection Interfaces Set List Map Utility Classes (ArrayList. HashTable.

JSP . update. Struts etc) Introduction to Eclipse/NetBeans IDE Introduction to WebServers Introduction to Flex . MVC .Introduction to JDBC Connection to a database (eg. MS-Access) Database Opertaion such as insert. delete Introduction to J2EE(Servlets .

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