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The Battle for Life

The Battle of life is here. There is no other time in history where the mainstream media, the establishment, and the globalist elite have been so pro-abortion in my life. Now, they are more overt about it. These entities of course lie to claim that abortion is just a choice. It's bigger than a choice. It's murder plain and simple. All things aren't black and white, but that doesn't mean that absolutes don't exist in the Universe. Absolutes exists and tearing an unborn baby limb from limb is destruction and murder. Abortion eliminates the choices that the unborn baby makes since abortion destroy its life. Kanwaljeet Anand, a pediatrician even said that a 20 week unborn child can feel high amounts of pain. It has nothing to do with authentic reproductive choice, since abortion disrupts the natural reproductive processes of a woman. Abortion have many risk factors from depression, reproductive organ dysfunction, and even death. Women have died from abortion. Abortion is anti-choice since it ends the choices that a human being in the womb can make. Abortion ends choices. Others claim that people like us shouldn't legislate morality. That's a lying argument because the Constitution is the epitome of legislating morality onto the people (from dealing with perjury, murder, voting, religious liberty, and other forms of morality. The Constitution legislates morality all of the time). Morality is legitimate to legislate as long as it doesn't creep into forming into a theocracy. Abortion destroys numerous possibilities of great leaders from being born to improve the world. One of the new tactics pro-abortions use in promoting their position is to discuss about what about rape and incest. Now, here's the answer to the rape and incest cards. The reality is that you don't murder an innocent baby for the crimes of a rapist or a person who done incest. You punish the rapist and the criminal with the law. It's as simple as that. Pro-abortionists typically complicate matters when they express their points (including outlining extreme hypotheticals), while diminishing what abortion is. Abortion isn't having cold neither is it a disease. It the act of ripping a baby's body limb from limb. Other abortionists lie and say that banning Roe would ban all abortions (or before Roe, abortion was

illegal in America). The truth is that banning Roe would leave the federal government out of the way to support abortion (and laws existed supporting abortion before Roe existed in 1973. I obviously disagree with those laws). Frankly, Roe v. Wade is a form of eugenics. The reason is that Roe defines unborn life as inferior to human life after birth. Hence, this unborn life is worthy of death according to pro-abortionists. That's isn't true of course. The unborn baby is human life since this human being in the womb has DNA, has 46 chromosones typically, it grows, at conception there is the zygote (it's neither an egg nor sperm, but a new creation. It's genetically distinct from both the sperm and the egg. This child is genetically new from the mother as well), many mainstream scientists have outlined that human life begins at conception, and its cell structure is complex.

Other pro-abortionists even agree with partial birth abortion. The problem with placing an health exception on PBA is proven conclusively. Here's examples. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop (who is 92 years old now) has also spoken strongly against the abortion method. Koop said that: "Partial-birth abortion is never medically necessary to protect a mother's health or her future fertility. On the contrary, this procedure can pose a significant threat to both." The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists notes that there has been "zero peer-reviewed safety data" on partial-birth abortion, which the group describes as "a procedure involving overtly dangerous obstetrical techniques on a mid-trimester uterus over a period of two-to-three days." As Chabot explained, partial-birth abortions pose additional risks to women in addition to the normal list of physical, medical and emotions damages. Such risks include cervical incompetence, trauma to the uterus, and lacerations or hemorrhaging. Moreover, Ron Fitzsimmons, the director of a trade group of abortion businesses, admitted earlier in the partial-birth abortion debate that "I lied through my teeth" when saying abortions were needed for health reasons. It's not abominable to eliminate partial birth abortion at all. PBA isn't having a cold. Partial birth abortion is cutting a brain of a baby in a hole, sucking the baby's brains out with a suction device, and using tools to retrieve the baby out of the womb. What's really abominable is the procedure itself. The law doesn't treat the woman as less than a person. It treats the woman and the unborn child as human beings simply. You need to realize that. There are other doctors who aren't in the pocket of any party that have expressed dissent with partial birth abortion. They include Dr. Nancy Romer, Ron Fitzsimmons (a pro-abortionist I might add), and Dr. Curtis Cook. Dr. Cook flat out said that the procedure is so abhorent that it isn't necessary to save the life of the mother at all. Not to mention on many occasion, the health of the mother have been exploited to include almost anything from a cold to a headache. There is a D and E procedure as you say. Regardless of that, there is no escape the horrible risk factors that partial birth abortion had done upon women (many of which I've already mentioned). Also, abortion isn't a holy procedure. It's the intentional destruction of human life by ripping a baby's body parts. Somehow, pro-abortionists don't want people to realize this.

Margaret Sanger is one of the inspirations for pro-abortion advocates. Here's Margaret Sanger's own words about supporting eugenics and other evils: "We prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded." (The Pivot of Civilization Margaret Sanger, Brentano's Press, NY, 1922, p. 263)

"Our 'overhead' expense in segregating the delinquent, the defective and the dependent, in prisons, asylums and permanent homes, our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying—I have sufficiently indicated, though in truth I have merely scratched the surface of this international menace—demonstrate our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism. No industrial corporation could maintain its existence upon such a foundation. Yet hard-headed 'captains of industry,' financiers who pride themselves upon their cool-headed and keen-sighted business ability are dropping millions into rosewater philanthropies and charities that are silly at best and vicious at worst. In our dealings with such elements there is a bland maladministration and misuse of huge sums that should in all righteousness be used for the development and education of the healthy elements of the community." (Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, Chap 12). Here's another source on Margaret Sanger's agenda. According to Canadian columnist Michael Coren:

Margaret Sanger believed in the existence of so-called 'dygenic races' or 'human weeds'. There unfortunates were blacks, Hispanics, Amerinds, fundamentalist [Christians], and Catholics as well as Slaves, Latins, and Jews. Sanger though such people were a 'menace to civilization'. They simply had to 'stop breeding'. Her magazine, The Birth Control Review, favoured immigration restrictions based upon race and published a glowing review of a book called The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy; a fascist rant particularly popular with the later National Socialists in Germany." (The Toronto Sun, Jan. 7th, 1999)
The following is more real history that isn't revealed that much into the mainstream media. Sanger was a drug addict and an adulteress who cheated on her husband plenty of times. She didn't really believe in God, but that God was within man since she was into Theosophy. She created the American Birth Control Review in promoting depopulation under the guise of "birth control." She agreed with the same eugenic principles of Sir Francis Galton (who was another eugenicist and humanist). The American and British Eugenics Societies were based on Galton's teachings. Some accuse Sanger of being apart of the American Eugenics Society in 1930. Galton in his book "Aristole and Zoos" on pg. 87 discussed about people should cease to breed or be considered enemies of the State (to be exterminated). An article appearing at the January 31, 1922 edition of the New York Times bore the headline of "Mrs. Sanger Says Superman is the aim of Birth Control." For eons, occultists, eugenics, etc. wanted to have the superman in society. If superman was Sanger's goal, what type of people would she desire to be that Supermen? In her own writings, Sanger wanted to bash those born on Earth and get rid of what she called the defective race or "human weeds." She bashed charity in her "The Pivot of Civilization book." Margaret Sanger hated to feed the poor and she hated charity. In 1918 Sanger founded the American Birth Control

League, which was the first American organization to advocate birth control, abortion and eugenics in the U.S. For her Board of Directors, Sanger included Theodore Lothrop Stoddard; who is the author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy (1920), The Revolt Against Civilization: the Menace of the Under-Man (1922), and A Gallery of Jewish Types (1918). These books are all favorites of the Nazi Party in Germany. Margaret Sanger (who was Rockefeller funded, she studied Rosicurcianism, Sanger went into a KKK rally in the 1920's, and she received the Humanist Award) and others soon founded Planned Parenthood. Sanger's Plan for Peace proposal called for segregation, theft of homes, and sterilization for those deemed "unfit." This is sick of course. The Nazis referred to those they exterminated as kummerling. This is the German translation of Stoddard's "under-man". Sanger used WEB DuBois and other black leaders including some black pastors (during the early 1900's) in order to support birth control clinics in Harlem plus across the nation. Margaret Sanger lied and said that the black community in America during that time was overpopulated. That justification formeted some of the black elites' support of Sanger. Many African Americans were decieved to follow Sanger's agenda. The good news is now in late 2008, an increasing number of pro-life black Americans are exposing Margaret Sanger (including her nefarious history).

The Smithsonian is celebrating Margaret Sanger (including Emma Goldman, Judy Garland, Gloria Steinem who was funded by the CIA, Bella Abzug, and others) in their exhibit called "Women of Our Time: Twentieth-Century Photographs." The exhibit has a diversity of women though to be fair. It has images from Mahalia Jackson to Amelia Earhart. Violence against Pro Life people are real then and now. Steven Ertelt from on October 13, 2008 described about how Mary Adam (who is an 72 year old woman) was assaulted by a pro-abortion extremist. The deal was that Mary convinced a young woman to not commit an abortion in Omaha. The woman said subsequently that she might be willing to adopt the baby. The next day, Larry Donlan was a witness to the violent incident against Mary. Larry is the head of Rescue the Heartland, which is a pro-life group. The woman return with her mother the next day in the clinic. The mother cursed Mary Adam out as the mother got out of the car. The mother was trying to force her daughter apparently to have an abortion. As the mother and daughter approached the abortion facility from the parking lot, Mary told them, "This is the worst thing you will do in your whole life. Your baby's heart is beating right now." "Upon hearing this the mother, went ballistic. Cursing and screaming, she rushed Mary, shoving her and knocking her down into the street," Donlan said. "Mary fell backwards hitting her head on the concrete. The woman then went inside the [abortion business] leaving Mary lying in the street." Fellow pro-life activists recused Mary and called 911 for help. Mary was taken to the hospital. The mother committing the assualt is charged with a class three felony assault, although she wasn't arrested. Donlan want the person to be prosecuted properly. Mary is the mother of 11, grandmother of 21, and great grandmother of 3. She regularly offers help to abortion bound women in Bellevue. The name of her attacker has not been released. Even Barack Obama supports the radical policy of repealing the Mexico City Policy. That policy prevents American taxpayers from funding abortions internationally. I believe in fighting abortion by advocating help for pregnant women and trying to get rid of pro-abortion laws like Roe v. Wade, etc. Typically, those who claim to pro-choice are anti-school choice, anti-health care choice, anti-gun choice, and anti-choice for being against secret union ballots, anti-choice for supporting the Fairness Doctrine, and anti-choice for not want flaws in Darwinian Evolution to be taught in public schools. Therefore, they are hypocrites in that regard. I want to make it clear that we need to work to stop abortion not just helping women.


Eugenics have a huge history. From the times of the ancient Greeks, eugenics have been an evil problem in world history. Even before the Greeks, eugenics exists. Eugenics comes from 2 Greek words. These are words -- eu (eu) which means good, and gen (gen) which refers to birth or race. Now plainly, eugenics is a social philosophy that believes that differences in human beings equate inherit or genetic inferiorities among their humanities (therefore the improvement of the so-called "fit" man is necessary). While sometimes the disregarding or even the murdering of so-called "inferior human beings" are necessary via abortion, birth control, sterlization, enthuasania, segregration, etc. are key as a viable option to improve the fit. Eugenics deny the truth that All men are created equal. What does this mean? It means that all human beings born on this Earth have equal worth, have equal dignity have equal value, have the chance to and have great achievements (including stunning success in life with great intellect) since they originate from Almighty God. Eugenics readily accept the overpopulation lie and hate charity (which can help the poor to become better their conditions in life). Eugenics is basically a discredited psuedo-science that denies the human spirit for improvement irrespective of their race or creed. Plato was a Greek philosopher who who lived from about 427 BC to about 347 BC. Plato wrote his book entitled the Republic. In this book, he concieved of a more just society being composed of an aristocracy or rule by the "best" people. Plato also believed in a form of eugenics. Plato wanted a perfect society with humans killing infants via abortion if they are birthed from the elderly. He favored breeding humans among superior people not so-called "inferior" human beings. Plato endorsed euthanasia, while Hippocrates (the Greek physician) rejected rightfully infanticide, euthanasia, and abortion. The Jesuits like Jenner also endorsed vaccination and population control in Asia as well. The truth is that there are no inferior or superior races. We're all human beings.

Thomas Malthus was an Anglican clergyman. He lived from 1766 to 1834. His book was entitled "An Essay on the Principle of Population." It promoted eugenics and the overpopulation lie. The book said that if population would grow without interruption (that's impossible since populations are interrupted all of the time naturally), then food supplies wouldn't grow that fast. He used a geometric progression prediction system (in dealing with population growth. In other world, the population would double then add the 2 previous numbers. This is similar to the Fibonacci mathematical series) to predict a population catastrophe unless birth control would happen. He said that a food crisis and starving people would only be a partial evil. Typically, Malthus bashed the poor as not being worthy to be helped (despite being a clergyman and the Bible requiring Christians to help out the poor. It's non-negoitable. Helping the poor is great duty among all true God-Believers). Malthus bashed the poor further in his own words as shown here:

"..Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlement in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But above all, we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders." (Malthus, from "Essay on the Principle of Population", on pg. 412)

On pgs. 411, 430-431, he wanted children to not recieve parish assistance. Malthus also falsley believed that higher wages in an economy will increase birth rates. The truth is that economic development can stabilize birth rates. Researchers have proven that poverty isn't necessarily related to population growth at all. Also, much of our high food prices have been caused by ethanol subidies. Every single food problem is not always a product of scarcity as well. The study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in the United States concluded in its 1986 report that it is misleading to equate poverty with population growth. The study was confirmed by IIRPD (Independent Inquiry Report into Population and Development) commissioned by the Australian government in 1994 said that there is a positive correlation between population growth and sustainable development. Also, Hong Kong population density is at least 6,621 and the Netherlands' population density is at least 484. Therefore, there is no correlation between high population density and poverty plus starvation. There is a correlation between oppressive and corrupt government with poverty though. Malthus is wrong in trying to promote possible population catastrophe in his models. The fact is that modern technology, real assistance, and other means can temper radical population growth in any society. The population growth percentage rates per decade has decreased since 1960 (i.e. From 1960-1970, the population growth percentages were from 22.0 to 20.2%. From 1990 to 2000, the population growth percentages were from 15.2 to 12.6%). There has been consistent declining fertility rates the world over in Russia, Western Europe, Italy, and other nations. According to Stewart Brand, over a third of all countries have birthrates below replacement levels. All humans now can easily fit in the Earth's land mass (in the state of Texas given 1,000 sq ft. each).

Environmental crises have nothing to do with population growth, but they exist either by nature or bad policies done by human beings. Therefore, there is no overpopulation of human beings in planet Earth.

Thomas Malthus is the godfather of the modern population control movement. The founding father of modern eugenics was a man named Sir Francis Galton. He was the cousin of Charles Darwin (who modernized the Hindu-like scientific theory of Evolution. Evolution teaches that nature has the divine power without God to create all species of life via natural selection. Recent scientists disagree with many of the components of evolution including spontaneous generation). Spontaneous generation is the view that life can exist without life. That has been refuted since that contradicts the scientific law called Biogenesis. This law says that life comes from life. Even Einstein said that the Universe has a beginning and an origin. In other words, complex, mechanical systems in cells and organisms don't spontaneously generate from dead matter. They come from living matter. Malthus influenced Darwin (Darwin authored the racist book entitled, "THE DESCENT OF MAN AND SELECTION IN RELATION TO SEX" saying that "the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world."). Charles Darwin wrote another racist 1859 book called, "THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE." Malthus also influenced French Diest Jean-Jacques Rosseau, empricist David Hume, and others. Malthus' views were acted out in the French Revolutionary War. The first French Revolution (headed by Freemasonry and Jesuit-trained leaders) murdered many innocent human beings. This occured during the late 1700's. Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" on pg. 24 admitted that Freemasonry aided the Revolution. The Lunar Society was connected to the revolutionary movement as well. Even Lunar Society member James Keir hosted a dinner to commemorate the fall of the Bastille. Freemasonr and Lunar Society founder Erasmus Darwin (the grandfather of Charles Darwin. Erasmus wrote a book describing evolutionary teachings before Darwin was born. Many Freemasons have been known to have love Evolution. This book was entitled Zoonomia) supported the Jacobin terrorists. The Jacobins according to William Hoar and others were an offshoot of the Bavarian Illuminati out of the Club Breton.

This French Revolution wanted humanism to reign while religious liberty was suppressed (The Legislative Assembly celebrated Athena or Wisdom and rejected God). Robespierre also had a depopulation campaign where about 300,000 French people were murdered. This was called the Terror. Thomas Malthus was educated also by Gilbert Wakefield and Lunar Society member Joseph Priestley. These ideas of eugenics, utopianism, and evolution influenced elites today. Darwin believef in the survival of the fittests in animal species. The elites of the world explioted that concept to develop the bigoted concept of social Darwinianism (that means to allow the poor to die, while solely improving the so-called "fit" in basic terms). Francis Galton (who was Charles Darwin's half-cousin) modernized the biometrics system as well. Francis also promoted an utopian eugenic vision where certain people could make children. Sir Francis Galton wrote about eugenics in his book entitled "Hereditary Genius,." It was a racist book that believed that selective breeding should occur to make sure that the fit survive and the "unfit" would cease to exist. Darwin, Galton, Hedgewood, and Huxley tried to mix their relatives together to promote the lie of the superior gene. This experiment failed when their children became retarded and suffered diseases after their relatives mixed with each other. This didn't stop them. In the 1870's, Oxforrd lecturer John Ruskin told his students like Freemason Cecil Rhodes that the best "northern blood" should rule the Earth. Rhodes developed this Rhodes Scholarship not for educational purposes originally, but to spread the Anglo-American empire globally via imperialism to rule the world. So, any Rhodes Scholar today from Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, and even Michelle Malkin's husband has its originator (of the Rhodes Scholar group) being nothing more than a racist eugenicist. The early Rhodes Scholars believed in eugenics and white supremacy as their dogma. Scholarships were given unto Germans in the early 1900's.

By the 20th century, the Eugenics Society existed (being funded by the Rockefellers and Andrew Carnegie). In 1904, the Carnegie Institution, with Skull & Bones member Daniel Coit Gilman as president, financed the establishment of a biological experiment station related to eugenics at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. In 1910, the Eugenics Record Office was begun there and later received funding from the Rockefeller Foundation after John D. Rockefeller, Jr. formed the Bureau of Social Hygiene. The first International Congress of Eugenics began in 1912. Members there include Druid Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Skull & Bones member Gifford Pinchot, and former Harvard University president Charles Eliot. In that year, Woodrow Wilson signed a brutal, sterilization act to harm human beings. Even Theodore Roosevelt endorse some form of eugenics to improve so-called "racial qualities." Elite families from the Rockefellers, Carnegie, Osborn, to the Harrimans endorsed eugenics. In 1926, Rockefeller money funded the founding of the American Eugenics Society. Next year on May 2, 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court by an 8 to 1 majority ruled in Buck v. Bell that certain "unfit" people could be forcibly sterilized. Regarding this ruling, British Prof. Harold Laski wrote his friend Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Sterilize all the unfit, among whom I include all fundamentalists." Sterilization laws existed even unto the 1970's in some cases. The Nazis followed eugenics to a T with their sick experiments. Josef Mengele was one doctor who performed disgusting experiments against innocent human beings. The Rockefeller family funded the Nazi's Kaiser Wilheim Institute where eugenics was again instituted.

The Nazi's eugenics crimes were so apparent, that after WWII, the eugenicists shifted tactics. Instead of being more overt with wanting extermination, they cloaked their real goal with phrases like sustainability, population control, and radical environmentalism (although real environmental issues that should be addressed are rainforest depletion, GM foods, chimeras or cross species creatures, toxic waste dumping, fluoride in our water supplies, and some corporations like Monsanto promoting poisons in our food supplies globally with GM foods). TH Huxley supported Darwinian Evolution and he was known as "Darwin's Bulldog." Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley were grandsons of TH Huxley. HG Wells tutored Julian and Aldous Huxley. Each of them would support population control and eugenic views. Aldous Huxley wrote a book entitled "A Brave New World." It was an account of a society where humans were made docile by the influence of conditioning and control. It was finished by 1932. It's a famous book about life and the possible future. He outlined the concept of the "scientific dictatorship." The scientific dictatorship is about the usage of science to control human individuality and their liberty to be submerged by the government of an established elite. Some of his writings influenced the Hippie Movement. Aldous Huxley also said that the usage of prescription drugs can make individuals in society more docile, so they can be controlled more effectively by a scientific elite. Aldous said point bank in 1961 that:

"... it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods..." (Aldous Huxley, in a 1961 lecture to the California Medical School) This is very similar to our 21st century world where Big Pharma over exaggerate in over medicating people and our liberty going down (from our own government not by "terrorists"). This has occured on many levels. This action is called benevolent dictatorship or enslaving people while they accept it in a slick way. Now, Julian Huxley (who was involved in the environmental movement as well via the WWF or the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF is implementing an agenda to consolidate 200 ecoregions worldwide and is one of the largest contributors to depopulation efforts worldwide. He was in the British Eugenics Society) was more compartmentalized. Julian was the brother to Aldous and he was the first director of UNESCO. UNESCO is an UN group trying to control US educational system in promotion of globalism, population control, and other evils. Julian admitted to this in his own UNESCO manifesto from 1947. The manifesto was entitled "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy", this document presents the following mission statement: "Thus

even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable." (Huxley, UNESCO)

Betrand Russell wrote about a support of a controlled scientific society. In 1994 Rudolph Giuliani in a business conference praised Rockefeller's population control plans and the United Nations (Giuliani as a speaker praised the U.N. Supporters of the U.N. exist in the Business Council for the United Nations. John D. Rockefeller Jr, used his land to place the United Nations' headquarters). In 1952, John D. Rockefeller III founded the Population Council. The Population Council's stated goal was to witness the problems of population (its first President was Frederick Henry Osborn, who was chosen by Rockefeller himself). Frederick Henry Osborn was an eugenicist and even wrote in a book entitled "The Future of Human Heredity" (from 1968), that: "Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under another name than eugenics." Henry Osborn wrote a 1948 book called Our Planet Planet stating that overpopulation is real (along with using radical means to stop it). Paul Ehrlich made many false predictions of course. Paul advocated the overpopulation lie as well. Erlich wrote "The Population Bomb" book in 1968. In it, he falsely said that the battle to feed all of humanity is over. He falsely written that population growth will be so bad that only 1.5 billion people would exist by 1985. Now, we live in 2008 without that number of people remotely existing in the world. He falsley written that American life expentancy will drop to 42 by 1980 because of pesticides. He's a deciever using half truths in order to promote a radical anti-population growth agenda. He promotes environmental hysteria. Malthus was similar to Ehrlich of course. Another population control activist was Frank Notestein (1902-1983). He was a CFR member, apart of the American Eugenics Society, the American Philosophical Society, and was a leading member of John D. Rockefeller's Population Council. Notestein in 1969 wrote of a strategy to decrease populations (in drastic measures). He wrote the following chilling words: "...even if successful, voluntary family planning programs cannot be expected to resolve the world population dilemma. Even in the more developed countries, and notably in the United States, surveys show couples desiring more children than are necessary for replacement... Thus we cannot rely on the self-interested choices of individual couples to met society's needs. The only acceptable goal is

zero rate of growth because any rate of growth continued long enough leads to astronomical figures. Given existing preferences in family size, governments must go beyond voluntary family planning. To achieve zero rate of population growth governments will have to do more than cajole; they will have to impose more drastic changes on a large scale implies many risks, not least to the regime that undertakes them. The price for this type of population control may well be the institution of a totalitarian regime." (Ed. Hauser, Philip Morris. The Population Dilemma. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1969. pages 145 - 166) Other sick population control extremists have advocated sterilization of people and using coercion as a means to achieve population reduction. Depopulation plans have been written and supported by Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is one of the old elites with ties to David Rockefeller and the Vatican (since the Vatican has chosen Kissinger as an advisor to Pope Benedict XVI). Even members of We Are Change Colorado confronted Kissinger and CFR President Richard N. Haas about issues of depopulation and terrorism. Kissinger supported the National Security Study Memorandum 200. It was only declassifed in 1989. Now, this memo promoted the use of food as weapon to advance depopulation schemes in the Third World nations from Africa to South America. Kissinger was key in involved in the memo from 1974 while he was serving in the Ford Administration. To this day, Kissinger believes in the overpopulation lie of the Third World along with terrorism paranoia. It's no question that the IMF, the U.N., and other groups have been caught using vaccines, forced sterilization, and other tactics as an excuse to use depopulation of the Third World. Haas claimed that the CFR has no power. It is true that the CFR isn't the most powerful group in the world. Although, they still have influence. CFR member staff their people in every administration of the Presidency (like the Vice President, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of State) since the 1950's. Haas wants the CFR to have no oversight. Haas is quoted as wanted to change the circumstance of our soverignity to weaken the ideal of nation-states. In other words, Haas and the CFR want to use political means to break out national sovereignity down. Even Philip Zelikow, who wrote a CFR white paper in Foreign Affairs in December 1998 about the potential for 'catastrophic terrorism' to "divide our past and future into a before and after." So, it's false to believe that the Council on Foreign Relations have no power in the USA. Even recently, UNICEF was caught usin tetanus vaccines being contaiminated with dangerous substances (like HCG). UNICEF have been caught also using a polio vaccine contaminated with sterilizing agents again in Nigeria. This has caused abortions and sterilizations among women. Population control and terrorism are means the global elite (as found in the Vatican/Jesuits, the UK's leadership of the Pilgrim Society along with European bloodlines) utilize to harm the Earth for control.

Eugenics is still going on in Britian after WWII. Now, Britian is trying to honor Marie Stopes. Now, the Royal Mail wants to honor her when Marie was an enemy to society in more ways

than one. Stopes was a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in Britian during 1921. She was also an eugenicist who wanting non-whites and the poor to be sterilization. Royal Mail wants her image on a new set of stamps. Marie Stopes was also a racist and anti-Semite. The reason is that she wrote adoring letters and poems to Hitler. Also, she wanted selective breeding for so-called "racial purity." The feminist also attended the Nazi congress on population science in Berlin in 1935, while calling for the "compulsory sterilisation of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character." She wanted her clinics to be in poor areas to reduce the birth rate of poor classes. She left most of her estate to the Eugenics Society (who wants black people to be sterilized). This organization called for "racial purity" and it exists today. They call themselves the Galton Institute now. Its membership include Charles Galton Darwin, Julian Huxley, and Margaret Sanger (another promoter of eugenics and created birth control clinics for population control). The Galton Institute wants family planning facilities. Family Planning have always been a code word for abortion, population control, and sterilization of not only affecting the Third World (but all of us too). Many voices have legitimately expressed outrage against this proposed policy. Chaplain to the Stock Exchange Peter Mullen, who is Rector of St Michael's in the City of London, branded Stopes a 'Nazi sympathizer'. Marie Stopes have been so pro-eugenics that she cut of ties to her son Harry (from her will), because he married a near sighted woman. Anthony Ozimic of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said: "Praising Marie Stopes as a woman of distinction should be as unacceptable as praising Adolf Hitler as a great leader...Both promoted compulsory sterilization and thereby the eventual elimination of society's most vulnerable members to achieve what they called racial progress." This promotion of evil is still going on. A popular women's UK magazine has an article this year entitled "Young, Single, and Sterilized" promoting women in their 20s being sterilized (hence, the women will never have children. Ironically this policy is promoted by Marie Stopes International who supports abortion and sterilization. Chloe and Jacquelyn Arnold have done the sterilization plan). The Optimum Population Trust movement is a group wanting depopulation under the guise of global warming and environmentalism. Now, this is wrong because genocide is never a solution to help life. You help the Third World with compassion, technological development, legitimate industralization, trade, fighting against poverty, and modernization (not population control or forced sterilization at all). The elite view us (regardless of what class we're in) as scum. They want monopolies to control and harm us. Yet, we are awaken about their nefarious schemes.

*One of the future goals of these scientific dictatorship promoters is about transhumanism. Transhumanism is about merging man and machines into a godlike being in simplistic terms. In essence these goals are the express worship of man instead of the true worship of God (regardless if these technocrats deny it. Many of them hate religion, but they follow the pagan tenets of the deification of man plus obsessive worship of man. A lot express overt hatred of an All Powerful God). In other words, some of them believe in the impossible goal of apotheosis (or godhood). Now, Ted Turner, Prince Turner, Peter Singer, Dr. Pianka, and other elitists have called for the depopulation of 80-90% of the total world population on plenty of occasions. So the anti-population agenda is for real. Even Bill Gates (who admitted to admired Thomas Malthus in an interview) gave given billions of dollars to the Melinda Gates Foundation in promotion of abortion, forced vaccinations (a group called Global Alliance for Vaccines is solely focused on using vaccines on poor Third Nations without using water, electricity, etc.) sterilizations, and population control (especially in Third World nations like Nigeria, Ghana, etc. It was launched by Bill Gates in 1999). Billions of dollars have been given unto the GAVI (or the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization). Warren Buffett have done the same. The deal is that when you improve health in society, populations will improve and grow in a normal rate. The wicked Foundations are preventing real developments and modernization of the Third World, so they can develop. Bill Gates' father was the head of Planned Parenthood in Seattle and then nationally. Gates' father is key in the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation as well. Bill Gates' father is William Henry Gates III and he changed his name at least one time.
In 2008, many other sinister people are advancing eugenics. One supporter of genetics named James Watson. Watson said racist comments which he was forced to apologize for that. James Watson (he was the President of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory during the 1990's. He and others worked on the successful Human Genone Project. This project mapped the entire outline of the structure of a DNA helix) also advocated genetic screening of the unborn and abortion for those deemed so-called "genetically unfit." Now, he's a eugenicist accepting pro-Nazi lies plain and simple. Think Progress from Friday, on September 26, 2008 described on how a Louisiana lawmaker faults the media for focusing attention on his eugenics proposal. He's right people should focus on poverty. Yet, LaBruzzo's policy is nothing more than a promotion of eugenics. Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo (R) advocated a form of eugenics (via sterilization) to decrease the number of the poor. He made the sick point that he doesn't want a massive financial responsibility tied to the state. He wants to pay poor people to be sterilized, while giving tax incentives to the rich to encourage procreation. He said that taxpayers are tired of paying welfare program. I really don't care if taxpayers are tired of that. That is still no justification for sterilization. Decades ago in America, people were sterilized by forced for silly reasons like report card grades or the color of their skin. This lying person LaBruzzo should invest in education, mentorships, and other means to build up communities to fight against poverty not sterilization. He also blamed illegals for the economy loss (when actually it's the multinational corporations like Allyn and Co., the Ford Foundation, etc. that allow illegal immigrants to come here along with the FED's policies creating this economic crisis. The illegal immigrants are breaking the law, but are scapegoats for the real players). The real players (found in the Vatican, the Pilgrims, etc.) exploit illegal immigrants for cheap labor and political agitation. Welfare is a drop in the bucket as compared to corporate welfare, subidies, and the military budget. LaBruzzo rejected education reforms or helping families as primary solutions. He wants this eugenics plan. He should be ashamed of himself. Here's the truth. The Census Bureau has stats from 2006-2007 saying that in Louisiana the poverty rate for adults with kids is 17%. While the poverty rate of adults without kids are 23%. Therefore, in Louisiana, poverty is not greater among adults having children at all. This information refutes LaBruzzo's lies alone. Even Pro-Life Dr. Alveta King opposed LaBruzzo's agenda.

By Timothy

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