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Then wine, I say! Ill drink to madness! Wine, my girl, to cure my sadness! And tell me no more, theres folly in drinking, can anything equal the folly of thinking!
[ CHARLOTTE DACRE (1782-1841) ]

[ W I N E

F A C T ]

Spanish wine is usually aged in Spanish and French oak.

Roman aqueducts, Islamic Palaces, Gothic cathedrals, beautiful cities and villages are just some of the sites you will encounter on your Spanish wine vacation. Almost every village has a medieval castle with a diverse variety of music that vibrates the streets. Known for its Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, and historical monuments dating back hundreds of years, it is a country with fantastic beaches, easy going people and a whole lot of sunshine. The city of San Sebastian, on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, is Basque Country and one of the most breathtaking cities in northern Spain. The bustling and modern cities of Madrid and Barcelona have beautiful parks, numerous museums and art galleries, as well as a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife. The Riviera is a glamorous spot, with luxury beach resorts and unlimited water activities that attract the rich and famous, as well as those who want to relax near the warm water and stunning beaches. Miles of vineyards, working farms and quaint towns are spread across the gorgeous countryside. Goats, lamb, rabbits and quail are raised for regional cuisine, and a variety of mushrooms, potatoes, fruit groves and vegetable gardens can be spotted. Horses also are a big industry throughout Spain, and seeing these beautiful animals adds romance to any vacation.

[ S P A I N

F A C T ]

In Rioja, the law permits the use of four red grape varieties.

80-percent of the total wine production. The most popular grapes used are Garnacha, Garnacha Blanco, Malvasia, Viura, Graciano, Mazuelo and Tempranillo. Spain ranks third in wine producing countries and has more acres of planted grapevines than any other country.

Spain is the second-oldest winemaking country in Western Europe. With modern vineyard practices and winemaking techniques, Spain is dynamic and extremely diverse in regards to the large variety of grapes that are grown in this large country. But even with all of the wine industrys modernization, Spanish vintners continue to respect the wisdom of the old ways of making wine, and the end result proves to be luscious and full-bodied wines. The classic Spanish wine is red and made from the Tempranillo grape, showing balanced bright fruit such as strawberry and raspberry with just the right amount of toasty oak characteristics. The wine regions of Spain include Ribera del Duero, Jerez, Galicia the Penedes, Rias Baixas and the most important region of Rioja. Spain also has an up-and-coming region called Priorato that is home to mostly red grapes. The wineries in Spain are referred to as Bodegas. There are more than six hundred varieties of native Spanish grapes planted in Spain, 20 of which account for


Spains wine laws are similar to the wine laws of France, which protect the growing region and define what is in the bottle. The four categories of quality are DO Pago Denominacion de Origen de Pago, DOCa Denominacion de Origen Calificada, DO Denominacion de Origen, and VCIG Vino de calidad con Indicacion Geografica. DO Pago, is a small category that is reserved for the finest wines from single estates that are known for high quality. DOCa are wines of consistent high quality that maintain this level of quality over a period of ten or more years. There are only three DOCa regions; Rioja, Priorat, and the sparkling wine region of Cava. DO is the category that is closely related to the French AOC, and represents wines from designated regions that vary in style, but offer a style that is consistent within their region. Finally the VCIG is a new category that was created in 2003. Wines in this category are high-performing wines that compare to Frances VDQS. There are two additional categories; VDIT Vino de la tierra and VdM, Vino de Mesa; both compare to vinsde-pays in France and standard table wine. But never under estimate what you may find when opening a bottle of wine from these two categories.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.


The famous wine district of Rioja is located in northern Spain in the valley of the Ebro River. Rioja is well known and frequently visited by wine lovers of all levels of sophistication. It is often referred to as Spains Bordeaux, even though the wines are similar to Frances Burgundy region. The Tempranillo grape is the districts shining star. The wine produced from this grape is an elegant, very intense red wine, similar to a Pinot Noir. Wines produced in this area are aged in oak barrels longer than any other wine from anywhere else in the world. This creates delicate, but long aged worthy wines.

[ S P A I N

F A C T ]

Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world

Ones destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

[ H E N RY M I L L E R ]

Winters in Rioja are cold and snowy, with warm pleasant summers that are seldomly hot. The soil is iron-rich clay to chalk-rich clay, depending on where the vineyard is planted. The Ebro River that runs through the valley produces many small microclimates, producing a wide variety of grapes. Like Bordeaux, blended wines are very popular with many of the blends containing the Tempranillo grape. Garnacha Tinta (Grenache), Graciano, Mazuelo (Carignan) and Cabernet Sauvignon are other popular grapes within this famous red wine region. The most popular grape in the white wine category is the Viura grape, also known as Macabeo in other Spanish wine regions. Malvasia and Garnacha Blanca are other white wines to look for in this region.

Ribera del Duero

South of Rioja but north of Madrid, is the region of Ribera del Duero, producing almost exclusively red wine. Impressive Alcazars (castles) are part of the rugged background, built by numerous Castilian Kings which seem to guard the vineyards. The wines produced are perfectly structured and deeply concentrated. The climate is warmer than Rioja, producing wines that are ripe, tannic, and contain a higher percentages of alcohol. The wines in this district are among the greatest in all of Spain. The wines from Unico and Pequera are some of the most outstanding wines in the entire world. There are no significant white wines to speak of in Ribera del Duero. The most popular red wines are produced from the Tinto Fino grape, which is thought to be a generic version of the Tempranillo grape. Garnacha and small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon can also be sampled during your visit here. The oldest winery in the region is the wine estate of Vega Sicilian. This winery has had many great winemakers in the past, and today is still known for its high quality and beautifully balanced wines.


The lovely towns of Salamanca and Burgos are also major points of interest in the wine region of Ribera del Duero. Burgos is the birthplace of El Cid, a great knight that once fought for the Moors and became the symbol of Spanish patriotism. Salamanca is a large city with the feel of a quaint village. Built on a limestone Plateau, this city is known as one of the most popular Renaissance cities in all of Europe.

Jerez and its Sherry

Sherry is Spains most labor-intensive wine and has been produced for over 2000 years in one form or another. Jerez, a horse community, named their most beloved sherry grape Palomino, after their famous Palomino horses. The process of making sherry is unique, and one of fractional blending of old and new wines in a network of barrels known as the Solera System. Sherry comes in a wide range of styles. It can be pale in color, delicate and bone-dry, to a deeper colored, powerful sweet elixir with exotic bouquets. The Palomino vineyards consist of white, hard, chalky soil called, albariza. During the rainy season, rainwater is absorbed through this hard layer of earth and trapped underground, providing water for the grapevines to ripen during the hot, dry growing season. The Solera System is a complex tier system with great quality control. Young wines are mixed with aged wines producing some of the most amazing sherry wines. There are two categories of sherry, the Fino-type Sherries and the Olorose-type Sherries. Manzanilla, Fino, Amontillado, and Palo Cortado make up the Fino-type Sherries. These wines are usually light, dry and crisp. In contrast, the Palo Cortado Sherries are rare, exotic and aged wines. The Olorose Sherries have wonderful aromatic flavors and are all long-aged wines that are heavily fortified. The wines from this category include

The good traveler has the gift of suprise.

[ W. S O M E R S E T M AU G H H A M ]

[ W I N E

F A C T ]

R i o j a s r e d w i n e s a r e a g e d l o n g e r b e f o r e r e l e a s e , t h a n a n y o t h e r w i n e s i n t h e w o r l d .

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.

Olorose, Cream and Pedro Ximenez. Pedro Ximenez, unlike the other Sherries, is made from the Pedro Ximenez grape and is generally used to sweeten dry Sherries. It is also served as a dessert wine. Fresh seafood is found in abundance in this wine region. The combination of fresh succulent seafood paired with the right sherry, is one of the most amazing food and wine pairings in the entire wine world. Langoustines, garlic prawns, spicy lobster, clams, calamari, mussels, and even eel are also served with this elegant and delicate wine. Tapas (little dishes), and the salty but sweet Spanish ham is also recommended. Visiting the wine region of Jerez will turn your wine vacation into a wine and food extravaganza.

Rias Baixas
The small northwestern wine region of Rias Baixas located in the province of Galicia, is known for its production of white wines. The Albarino grape is the main grape in this region used for making wine. It has citrus and peach flavors with hints of almond and honeysuckle. The wines are light and creamy, but not lacking any flavor. The Albarino wines are the most expensive and known as the best white wines in all of Spain. Again, the seafood in this area is magnificent, especially the pulpo (octopus), which is considered a Galician specialty, and empanadas made from seafood or pork are also a fantastic foods to pair with the wines that are produced here. The northwestern coastline of Rias Baixas is beautiful with treacherous bluffs and violent seas, located north of Portugal. Visiting this wine region will enhance any wine itinerary.


Penedes and Priorato

Southwest of Barcelona is the wine district of Penedes. It is believed that winemaking in Penedes was introduced by the Phoenicians. At various archaeological sites, ancient Egyptian wine jars have been uncovered dating back to this period. Penedes is also the heart of Spains booming Cava industry (sparkling wine). With different elevations within this valley, the microclimates are a big part of the large varieties of grapes and wines that are produced here. The most popular white grapes are Chardonnay, Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo, all used to produce Cava. But fruity red wines made from the Tempranillo, and big bold Cabernets are also produced here. Just south of Penedes is the wine district of Priorato. This region is definitely a wine region worth noting. Small in size but very unique, this region produces extremely concentrated rich red wines that are perfectly structured and high in alcohol and tannins. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, and Carinena contain bold, ripe blackberry fruit with intense flavors of chocolate and black licorice. Most of the grapevines are Old Vines that produce lower yields of fruit. This makes the wine from this region not only a good find, but also a wine that all wine lovers will remember.

With deep river valleys, granite peaks and secluded coastal coves, this wine region lying next to Portugal is among the most beautiful in Spain. The growing conditions are ideal for the production of fresh, dry, fruity white wines due to the cool climate and versatile granite soils. The most expensive and most important wine made in this region is Albarino. The vineyards are small and dot the steep slopes and areas around the river valleys. The grapes hang below a blanket of leaves, protecting them from the sun and over-ripeness. However, rain is sometimes a problem creating mold and mildew issues.

Most of my treasured memories of travel are recollections of sitting.

[ R O B E RT T H O M A S ]

[ S P A I N

F A C T ]

Some of the worlds most beautiful prehistoric cave paintings were found in Spain.



bullfights can be seen during the months of May and June. Madrid is centrally located in the middle of Spain, and acts as a hub for many day trips into the surrounding countryside. The combination of endless museums, parks, religious and historical sites, zoos, water parks and amusement parks and miles of streets and sidewalks to explore make Madrid the heart of the country.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, has become one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. It is a meeting place of many and an inspiration for artists, musicians, poets and writers. The city is also famous for its museums, classical architecture and nightlife that seems to never end. Watching a soccer tournament in a Tapas bar is just one of the expected things to do during your visit. The city has a population of over 3 million, is rich in history and offers a range of cultural and artistic experiences, such as visiting the Prado Museum which houses the works of Velazquez and Goya. Hotels in Madrid range from budget to five-star opulence with many types of lodging in between. The city is a place of the flamenco, salsa and jazz. Whether you want to dance or just sit and listen, the variety of music styles are endless. When shopping in Madrid, a range of items can be found from arts and crafts to large department stores and boutiques to extravagant shoe houses. It is home of the worlds large bullfighting arena. The major


Basque Cooking Class

Experience the authentic customs and culture in a Basque kitchen. You will create local dishes under the direction of a celebrated chef. Your kitchen will be fully equipped with up-to-date technology for the creation of the very latest Spanish cuisine. Your class will last for three hours and then you will get to indulge in your meal that will be paired with the red Crianza wine and others from the northern region of the country. Take home a souvenir apron and cook book from your class.
Experience the difference with our travel specialists.

Flamenco & Salsa Dance Class

Where better to learn the thrill of the infectious beat of the Salsa and the Flamenco than in Spain? The Flamenco dance is believed to originate from the Spanish-Arabic origin (gypsies), and lies at the very soul of these often misunderstood and misrepresented people. The Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles, having roots in Cuba, Latin and North America as well as the Caribbean. Enjoy a dance class of one or both dances. Lunch and a wine pairing will follow your class. Experience a day of artistic evolution.

Are you looking for unique? Well find it for you.

Spa Holiday
Spain is a country with luxurious spas and spa resorts. Enjoy a day at a 5-star spa, experiencing treatments that have been designed to nurture, pamper and relax tired bodies. Your surroundings will include soft candlelight, relaxing music and subtle fragrances that uplift and rejuvenate. Suites are available for couples and are fully equipped with the latest well-being technology and treatments that are carried out by highly trained professionals. Enjoy a fabulous lunch of fresh and healthy choices following your treatment.
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[ S P A I N

F A C T ]

I n S p a i n , l u n c h i s e a t e n b e t w e e n 1 : 3 0 a n d 4 p m , a n d i s t h e m a i n m e a l o f t h e d a y.



beef, stews, pasta, and rice dishes as well as a great assortment of fruits, vegetable and sweet treats are found for lunch and dinner. Tapas and bocadillos (stuffed bread) can be purchased anytime of day in most restaurants and cafs. The beaches of Barcelona will bring hours of water fun, shopping and are lined with quaint cafs and bars with spectacular views. At night, Barcelona becomes electric with its many international, regional and posh bars and nightclubs. It is also the gateway into the wine regions of Priorato and Penedes, making it a wonderful city to call home while on your Wine Tours of the World vacation.

Positioned on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, and is the Capital of Catalonia. This sprawling Mediterranean city honors its history, traditions and is culturally influenced. The 1888 Worlds Fair became a symbol of the capacity for hard work, and gained international recognition, that marked the beginning of the splendid and modern city that it is today. The two official languages are Catalonia and Castilian Spanish, but English is easily understood. Barcelona is a collection of multi-faceted and diverse cities. Those visiting for the first time may be surprised that such a modern and enterprising city preserves its historic Gothic center with a maze of narrow streets and historical and religious sites. Sightseeing is at its best in Barcelona with hundreds of monuments, museums and the modernist architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. Day excursions are a breeze to the surrounding areas where picturesque villages, exceptional landscapes and historical remains can be found. Barcelonas cuisine is very cosmopolitan and loaded with Mediterranean flavor. Fresh seafood, chicken,

While creating your upcoming trip to either Portugal or Spain, it is important for us to know what inspires you. What are your travel dreams, trip goals, and experience expectations for your perfect vacation? Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts down on paper. We have created this guide to help plan the ultimate custom vacation, hand crafted specifically for you and your companions. What are your trip dreams and desires?

S E L E C T A D E S T I N AT I O N ( S )

O Oporto O Lisbon

Specific Cities: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to visit more than one country? ______________________________________________________________

O Douro O Maderia

O Barcelona O Madrid

O Jerez O Rioja


O Food and Wine O Cooking Classes O Chocolate Tours O Specific Wine Types O Pastries / Breads O Specialty Gastronomy O Picnics O Dinner Reservations O Fall Wine Crush

O Private Guide O Transfers / Airport O Regional Festivals O Child Activities O Historical Tours O Rail O Helicopter O Shopping / Fashion O Botanical / Gardens

O Museums O Cathedrals O Archeological sites O City Tours O Bullfighting O Art & History O Antiques O Performing Arts O Horse Exhibitions

O Painting / Art Classes O Golf / Spa O Boat / Sailing Tours O Hiking / Trekking O Biking O Group Travel O Self Drive O Limousines

W H AT T Y P E O F W I N E S D O Y O U D R I N K ?

O White / Light O Red / General O Red Vinho Verde O White Vinho Verde O Alentejo

O Sweet/Dessert O Bairrada O Dao O Douro O Madeira

O Port O Viura O Syrah O Setubal O Mazuelo

O Garnacha / Blanca O Malvasia O Sparkling Wine O Tempranillo O Sherry


O 7nts / 8days

O 10nts / 11days

O 13nts / 14days

O You Tell Us!



O Boutique Lodging O Coastal Resort

O Villas or Homes / Country O City Property / Central O Vineyard Property O Hasienda

Did we miss something? Let us know and well make sure to include: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City _______________________State ______ Zip _____________Telephone __________________________________ Email ________________________________ Fax ______________________ No. of Travelers ____ No. of children ____ Travel dates (list alternate dates) _______________________________________________________________________ Traveling with any other couple, group etc.? ________ If so, may we contact them? _______________________________ What is your budget per person? _________________________Special Occasion? ________________________________ Do you want us to handle your airfare? ___________ Carrier Preference? _______________________________________


C R A F T Y O U R O W N I T I N E R A RY W I T H T H E S E E X T E N S I O N S A N D O P T I O N S !

Santiago de Compostela
Discover Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the region of Galicia. The old town has a fascinating cathedral and is filled with several monuments and artistic gems. In Galicia, gastronomy is part of the daily culture. There is a spectacular array of restaurants, bars and taverns that feature the freshest seafood, shellfish, beef and organic produce. Santiago and its surrounding areas are outstanding places to visit, due to the happy and jovial disposition of the people living here. Santiago is a city that never sleeps with many terrace bars, pubs and hot nightclubs, while the countryside is peaceful, calm and extremely relaxing. Nature is also an important aspect of the culture, with beautiful parks, gardens, mountains and forest, with luxuriant vegetation waiting for your arrival. It also has impressive year-round events such as local music and dance, theatre, films, concerts, exhibitions and festivals. The land is dotted with vineyards and wineries producing the fresh, fruity, dry, white wine made from the Albarino grape, which is known as Spains best white wine. Come experience magical beaches, enchanted forests and unusual traditions. Select from a whole range of routes and paths to follow as you continue your wine vacation.

Drink Wine, Live It!

Jerez & Its Culture

Jerez, is without a doubt, one of the most wonderful towns in all of Spain. Relax on a beautiful beach, visit an eleventh century Alcazar or an informative archeological museum. The people are proud of their uniquely beautiful surroundings and visitors can see how the town reflects this pride. There are new, modern apartments that surround the old but clean neighborhoods. The friendly people are also at your service to fulfill your every need. The town square has a wonderful central market and the cobblestone streets are lined with adorable, cozy cafes, featuring mouth-watering local and regional cuisine and wine. Of course Jerez means Sherry. This is the only place on earth that you can see the grand Solaris System at work. It is heaven on earth for those with an appreciation for the magnificent wine. Multiple styles of Sherry can be sampled from hauntingly bone dry to teeth-aching sweet. It seems like the local dishes have been prepared purposely to perfectly match the amazing wine. The Flamenco dance made its revival in Jerez. You can catch a glimpse of the dance and hear the music from almost anywhere. It is also a land of horses with incredible ranches that will entertain you for hours with fascinating equestrian, dressage and dancing horse shows. Jerez completes the perfect wine vacation.
Envision your vacation, let us make it a reality, call today!


The Azores Islands

The Azores Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, about two hours flying time from Lisbon. They are a chain of nine islands with a harmonious convergence of majestic scenery that is both timeless and contemporary. The islands have a hand full of hotels, manors, pousadas and inns mostly rated between 3 & 4-stars. Sao Miguel is known as the Green Island, and is the largest and most populated island, with green mountains, rolling hills and grassy valleys. The cosmopolitan town of Ponta Delgada offers a blend of contemporary amenities with historic flavor. It is a town with turn of the century architecture, parks, cobblestone streets, great restaurants, shopping, nightclubs and a modern marina. It also has wonderful golf courses, lakes and beaches. There are endless activities to choose from, including whale watching, swimming with dolphins, a jeep safari, bird watching, trekking and any kind of water sport imaginable. Terceira is the second most populated island with similar things to do as Sao Miguel, but it is home to the caves of Algar do Carvao. This is a spot that is famous for grottoes, stalactites, stalagmites and an interior lake. Other popular islands are Faial and Pico, which can be reached only by plane or ferry. You need to be on island time, as the schedules run as few as three times per week. Visiting the Azores is like a cross between visiting Hawaii and Switzerland.

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Madeira Island
Madeira, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, is an island with unimaginable beauty and pleasant climate year round. As you take a look around, you will see soothing colors that invade the senses with different shades of green, set against an azure sea. It is truly the hallmark of the subtropics. It surprises people who visit this tiny island because there is so much to do, see and explore. There are many historical monuments, squares and streets in the capital of Funchal. There are also enchanting gardens, picturesque villages, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, rugged coastlines, beautiful natural beaches and breathtaking views. Madeira has a wide range of opportunities that will satisfy all who visit, especially those who want to relax. Dining in Madeira is a vacation within itself. You may recognize the ingredients, but the indigenous way of preparing them will tickle your taste buds. The hotels are designed for those searching for rest and relaxation. The majority of the resorts are 5-star and very deluxe, some containing casinos. Madeira wine has made the island famous. While visiting, it is a must to stop in at some of the lodges for a delicious taste of the outstanding wine. And if shopping is want you desire, search for hand-made embroidery, tapestry, wicker-work and exotic fruits and flowers. This is a tropical island destination like no other on earth.
Travel as you like it Anything is possible.

[ P O R T U G A L

F A C T ]

Portugal was one of the earliest colonizing nation of Europe.

Enjoy a welcome wine and Port tasting that is paired perfectly with a scrumptious dinner. Enhance your knowledge on how Port is made and the history of Port as you visit several Port lodges. Learn the history from past to present, including the shipping trade while exploring Oporto and Portugal as you visit historical sites and landmarks. Private wine tours of Dao and Bairrada. Your trip will include a winemaking seminar followed by a private Portuguese cooking class. See the highlights of Douro, including a river cruise and its wineries. Stay in a countryside mansion. Explore Viana do Castelo, Pinhoa and the beaches of Praia, tasting wine along the way. Travel by train to Lisbon where you will have a complete tour of the city. Walk your way through the flavors of Portugal, sampling regional favorites and world famous Tapas.

The Pleasures of Portugal & Port

1 0 N I G H T S / 1 1 D AY S

Romantic, medieval Oporto is a city divided by the mighty Douro River and a perfect place to stay during a Portugal wine vacation. It has a huge range of lodging options and a wonderful assortment of restaurants and exciting nightlife, spread throughout the citys narrow streets. Across the river is Vila Nova de Gaia, home to the Port

lodges and Port firms. Upon entering these establishments, the smell of the sweet fortified wine hits your senses immediately. The sight of the juice resting in its barrels is amazing, and the taste is heavenly. It is a land of incredible beaches, endless shopping and interesting history. Oporto is a place where old features meet new and a place to fall in love.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Upon arrival at the Oporto Airport, meet
your Wine Tours of the World representative in the baggage claim area, for a transfer to your hotel. This evening enjoy a welcome wine tasting and dinner at the hotel.

D A Y T W O : Following breakfast, your guide will escort

you to some of Oportos famous wine lodges, where you will learn about Port and taste the wonderfully sweet fortified wine. Lunch will be a fabulous catered event, paired to perfection. In the evening, you will have a tour of Oporto as the sun begins to set. Dinner will be served at Avo Miquinhas.

D A Y E I G H T : Depart for Lisbon via the Alpha Train,

and then enjoy your day sightseeing all the major points of interest in the picturesque city. This evening, you will have a wine tasting and dinner in your selected hotel.

D A Y T H R E E : Your adventures today will take place in

the wineries of Dao and Bairrada. Enjoy a winemakers lunch and dinner at a prestigious wine estate.

D A Y N I N E : Today is a food day! Take a walking tour

where you will sample the tastes of local and regional cuisine. You will try every kind of Tapas available. You will also taste a variety of hot dishes like garlic grilled pork loin and bubbling stew-pots, including savory meatballs in almond sauce, kidneys in Sherry sauce, sauted mushrooms, garlic fried chicken, potato omelets, fritters and croquettes. Your day will also see the sites that were destroyed by the earthquake and tidal wave in 1755. Tonight a dinner reservation will be waiting for you at Tasquinha d Adelaine.

D AY F O U R :

Today you will be instructed on the winemaking techniques used in Portugals wineries. Enjoy your private tours and tastings with a winery lunch. This evening you will have a cooking class and wine-pairing seminar. Enjoy learning the secrets of Portuguese cooking and preparing a fabulous meal!

D A Y F I V E : Today your adventure continues on the

River Douro. Explore the sites of Obidos, the Alcobaca Monastery, Nazar (lunch), Batalha Monastery and Ftima. You will overnight in a lovely countryside mansion. Enjoy the delightful gardens, wine, and dinner at Relais.

D A Y T E N : You will have a full-day of tasting the wines

of Alentejo and the sweet fortified wines of Setubal. A special winery lunch and a winemakers dinner will be prepared especially for you.

D A Y S I X : Today more Portugal sightseeing. Visit the

quaint town of Regua, where you will depart on a wine tasting river cruise on the Douro River. Then you will have time to explore the beautiful river community of Pinhao, where you will have lunch. After lunch you will be treated to more wine tasting before you arrive in Viana do Castelo for an overnight stay.

D A Y E L E V E N : Your guide will transfer you to the

Lisbon Airport, where you will begin your journey home. Or you may wish to continue your wine vacation with a Wine Tours of the World extension trip.

D AY S E V E N :

See the sites of the beautiful and historical oceanside town of Viana do Castelo and Praia. You will have time to shop for wonderful arts, crafts and jewelry for which the area is famous for. This evening find your dinner reservation at the Esposende Resort.

Other Excursions & Extensions Accommodations

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

Cooking Class, Bicycling Tour, Wine Festival, Castle Tour, Spa & Golf, Fall Wine Crush, Horse Exhibition.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


No matter where you go, there you are.


[ W I N E

F A C T ]

The wreck of the Titanic, holds the oldest wine cellar in the world.

See the magic of Barcelona at night with your private guide after a welcome to Spain wine tasting. Sip Spains amazing sparkling wines known as Cava, as you have a full day in the Penedes wine region. Enjoy Spains most inspiring wines with a full day touring and tasting in the Priorato wine region. Plan, shop, and prepare your delicious 3-course wine paired meal that you and your personal chef create. Stand before famous works of art by Picasso, Goya, and other famous artists with your city and Art Tour in Madrid. Uncover the secrets of Toledo, Spains first Medieval Capital city. Taste your way through the prestigious wine regions of Rioja and Ribera Del Duero. Have a wonderful tapas lunch as you explore the streets of historical and upbeat Salamanca. Experience the art of Spains pastry shops, specialty bakeries and other sweet treats on your privately guided tour.

La Viva Loca

1 1 N I G H T S / 1 2 D AY S

At first glance, Spain will capture you with its size. Separated from the mainland of Europe by the Pyrenees, it behaves more like a self-contained continent, rather than a country. The people who live there will agree. The countrys population is diverse, from Celts to Moors who chose to settle in this western European cul-de-sac. Spains regional differences are embodied in the wines. On the wine road, you will find a cool climate white wine, as well as full-bodied reds. Traveling in Spain is easy, fun, and very educational. In addition, Accommodations are plentiful, the climate is pleasant, and the local food is a culinary treat for all who visit. This itinerary includes the best of what Spain

and its wine country have to offer.



The Itinerary
meet your representative from Wine Tours of the World in the baggage claim area for a transfer to your hotel. This evening, you will have a welcome wine tasting and a city tour of Barcelona by night. Your personal dinner reservation will be waiting for you at a popular city restaurant.

D A Y O N E : Upon arrival into the Barcelona Airport,

D A Y E I G H T : Today you will have a combination of

wine tasting and sightseeing in Rioja. Taste the full-bodied wines of the region as you see the areas most important sites. Lunch will be served along the way. This evening, you will have a winemakers dinner at a popular local winery.

D A Y T W O : You will travel into the Penedes wine country for a full day tasting cava. A delicious lunch will be included with a view of the vineyards. This evening, you will have free time to explore the upbeat neighborhoods in Barcelona, stopping to dine at a restaurant of your choice.

D A Y N I N E : Breakfast at your hotel and then you will

depart Logrono to Valladolid stopping to wine taste in the Ribera Del Duero wine region. You will be guests for lunch at a famous winery along the way. This evening, dinner is at your leisure. Your guide is available to assist with reservations.

D A Y T H R E E : Have an early breakfast at the hotel, and

then its off to the remote, high-tech wine region of Priorato, where you will taste some of Spains most inspiring wines. A food and wine pairing will be available for lunch. This evening, you will have a Catalan cooking class hosted by a prestigious chef. Your 3-course meal will be paired with wines from Penedes and Priorato.

D A Y T E N : Your full-day of private tours and tasting will

be waiting for you today in the wineries of Ribera Del Duero and the surrounding areas. A winery lunch and dinner will be included before returning to your hotel.

D A Y F O U R : This morning, you will board a flight

bound for Madrid. Upon arrival, you will check into your hotel and have the rest of the afternoon to get acquainted with your surroundings. This evening, you will have a city tour of Madrid. A wine-paired dinner will follow in a popular Madrid restaurant.

D A Y E L E V E N : Its back to Madrid, via Salamanca.

You will have time to see the highlights of the golden city and stop for a wonderful tapas lunch. Back in Madrid, you will have a tour of Madrids best pastry shops and bakeries, where you will sample sweet treats, including chocolate dipped churros. This evening, dinner is at your leisure.

D A Y F I V E : This morning, you will meet your guide in

the lobby for your Madrid Adventure. You will visit the Prado Museum, Queen Sofia Arts Center, Retiro Park, and Plaza Mayor where you will have time for lunch and a walk in the Plaza. Then you will stop at El Rastro, where you will have the remainder of the day to shop for bargains in the open air market. Dinner is at your leisure this evening.

D A Y T W E L V E : Today you will be transferred back to

the Madrid Airport to begin your journey home. Or you may wish to prolong your Spanish Wine Vacation with a Wine Tours of the World extension trip.

D A Y S I X : South of Madrid is the glorious city of Toledo,

the capital of Spain during its medieval times. Explore this wonderful city uncovering the many churches, castles, and the life of the master painter, El Greco. Lunch and dinner is included on this full-day excursion.

Other Excursions & Extensions

Antiques, Botanical Gardens, Basque Cooking School, Art & History, Performing Arts, Flamenco & Salsa Dance Class, The Azores Islands.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

D A Y S E V E N : After breakfast, meet your guide in the

lobby for your trip into the Rioja wine region. You will stop at a well-known winery, where you will have a vineyard and winemaking tour. Your next winery will include a reserve tasting and lunch. Upon arrival into Logrono, you will find a wine-paired dinner waiting for you at your hotel.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


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